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Madison Wisconsin State Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 11 1950, Page 1

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Madison Wisconsin State Journal (Newspaper) - August 11, 1950, Madison, Wisconsin Out of season Madison weather fair and unseasonably Cool today and tonight. Saturday partly Cloudy and turning warmer. High today 76 Low tonight 54. Sun Rose 4 59, sets 7 07. W 7 a Wisconsin state journal dial 6-3111 Section i. Madison Friday August la 1950 a a a dial 6-3111 morning final Price five cents 2$ pages two sections vol. 173, no. 32 111th year la. S. Troops fight to save policing reds near vital american Airfield 383-12 House vote gives Truman free hand Over controls pastor says germans dread War but would help allies Price wage ration Power ready Senate debates similar measure by United pres. Associated press by Helen Matheson state journal staff writer in Germany today a we germans look at Korea and we wonder next May be for i Mosa next May be Germany. A we have had enough of War. But we know w e must help defend i Western Europe. Our life is in gods that a the report of the Rev. Julius Kelber of Treuchtlinge to a u v. V too to a Bavaria a lutheran minister w to a Hington the House by a smashing 383 to 12 vote has seen More than a Lecade of late thursday passed a Bill to give pies. Truman a free hand War. Dictatorship and the trag to Clamp on sweeping Price wage rationing controls if he Dies they leave behind. Is no Essav fifteen Days Here a pastor Kelber was selected by the measure approved by a bipartisan majority also our state department to visit this provides for consumer credit curbs and makes hoarding a country end help interpret Ameri Erime punishable by fines up to Ca and Germany to each other. In 10.000. And jail sentences up Madison for a 15-Day visit at the \ r lutheran student Center he has to one year. Following the War news close Senate debates similar one in it goes to the Senate which i he knows what War is like. Besan debate thursday on a a a a Quot Germany through Murk hum ans similar Bill. The Senate is sex last War a a i a Juicy a peeled to Complete work on the a we a permuted or Issue sometime next week . The House went far beyond in 44 a banished by the Oen Upo from my Parish and Powers or. Truman had requested Zombie charge russians sold arms to Korea earlier Malik says to control production and credit. Family a forever. A in april. 1945, with the March ing in of the american army i and voted the extra stand by aug Hority As insurance against go Home to our destroyed Lake Success n. Y. A u r a Flatiron. Own became Besses pastor. Russia refused thursday to end the House left it entirely up to director of Relief work in our its blockade against United a the president when to invoke the Deanery with 10.000 refugees and tons in work or Korea and Price wage rationing and other exp Ellees to care control Powers in the Bill. Why be afraid Taft opposes plan today he says quietly but sen. Robert a. Taft a we have not fear we can do appealed to Congress to keep for no More than work and Pray and itself the right to invoke such live from Day to Day. All other drastic powered arguing that it old the Security Council it has not supplied arms to the North koreans since it pulled out its occupation troops. Soviet Delegate Jacob a. Malik Council p r e s i Dent denounced Western a a hints that Russia is arming the red korean invaders As a slanderous communists reach port on East coast North koreans trapped near Schinju launch desperation attack in South from United press associated press would be a completely abdicating continued on Page 2, column 6 1 this photograph of pastor Julius Kelbert a Church in Bavaria was made recently by Dorothy Zimmer a sister of the Rev. Roy Zimmer of Christ presbyterian Church Madison. Austin its authority and its duty otherwise. Or Truman himself at his news conference thursday was reminded that he had said a few weeks ago that wage Price controls would not come until there was total mobilization. Asked if such Broad scale mobilization were in sight the presi storm blamed for one death and unfounded a he insisted All material used in Dent said no not yet. The red assaults was a a sold to the however the administration is North koreans before the soviet anxious to begin using some of the army withdrew Industrial controls or. Truman did Malik s denial that Russia is Aak for particularly the Power to now arming the red koreans a a Quot be Matenas to War came after the United states called a a overexertion kills Koshkonong cottage judge slashes Arthurs colleague s Legal fees a la Ken main Etc the in the bil1 passed by Hie House storms that splattered Southern Vlin by .h2 North korean would Wisconsin darkened Madison Vasion by the North korean one give the president club thursday a Zombie regime. 1 Bills submitted by foist. Atty. Robert w. Arthur and atty chinse1111 and mortar tire. W. Curtis Farmer for $2,407 Legal fees in a county court estate fight trap ease were slashed nearly in half by county judge George the North koreans attacked the Black theart of a Thunder Rono a jr., thursday afternoon. Savagely to tight out of the storm one of several scattered a the practice of Lawings to the last drop of the clients Trp closed by the Junction Tokyo Friday a communist attackers in a lightning thrust out of the mountains smashed into the port City of Pahang today and swept within sight of the big american air base nearby. American troops raced to the defense and fought the North koreans through the streets of the burning City. Slashing southward some of the communists were within 2 Miles of the Airfield where the fifth air Force commander was personally directing . Fighter pilots seeking to Stem the red Advance. Reds attack at Schinju at the same time North Koj Roan forces launched a desperation attack against american ground units surrounding an estimated 1,000 red troops in the blazing Schinju fighting j the communists hit the la. S. Dine near Chin Dong about la Miles East of Schinju. Fighting raged behind the american i lines about 5 Miles to the rear j of the farthest u. S. Penetration in the mounting see saw Battle. Three battalions of the army a fifth regimental combat team were Cut off from each other by withering a blood or Money is no longer can essay of units of the in the closet authority to impose the death in a blast countering russian propaganda on Korea Point by continued on Page 2. Column 4 Point american Delegate Warren a r. Austin assailed Russia on its u. A refusal to invite the South Koreva Inoc Guo Juh Lei us s ans to the table unless the North a Fri Brino is of Fine koreans also Are invited. A a a 51 a a physician said death was Doe been notified a to represent a people should much Aell by ase and kit a heart attack caused by Over Quot Dar Ned Madison. Canz Ortilia considered to be justified a fish regimental combat team afternoon and caused army denies concealing ,. Irr Onci a j in i. To and the 3>th regiment of the of a Milwaukee tavern we a la a or. A cd to Osth division we owner at Lake Koshkonong. Korea War casualties vision which reduced Arthurs a a �?Tjj1 division. Peter Igler 64, collapsed and Washington up defense and Farmers fees to $1,300. The enemy jumped off in the died at his cottage after rowing his department officials reiterated involves $21,036 estate new attack at Dawn. By mid Motorboat to Shore during one of thursday that the army is not con j the r _ which a non i. Morning the first battalion of the the thunderstorms. He was a for ceiling and confirmed korean War a. Quot quo fifth up Pimintal rom hat team had Mpr port a up in tip pm Prater in a a y a in Irmey. My for nearly two years involved Rii a regimental com oat team Naa rarer Portage note operator. Casualties whose next of Kin have the administration of a $21 036 sent an or ent radio Call for More a estate left by Albert Holzmann machine in and mortar Ammund the Pentagon spokesmen made town of Bristol Farmer who died 11.rvt-a a a re a a a user of the Chicago Rod and gun exertion ithe Pentagon spokesmen made Lown 0 hear the slave Driver the secret a b f Minocqua was fined a fishing the assertion when asked for com in 1948 iceman or the puppet governor. Vigier Ana is wife Mere ii song in ont in a Rio Olbrot inn he Qon ,. A policeman or the puppet governor <.inn. Iri a Quot. Liger Ana is Wile Mer who governs because his master j Oneida county about three quarters of i governs decay e n s Masse court thursday afternoon after has riven him tanks and runs continued on Page 2, column run i Nursaray afternoon Aires from their cottage when they no i a Quot a Nom in Frame repress four Slot machines at the club Jwj the storm unities a Are being and j. Veith. Sun Prairie of 5, Mere seized by investigators of the he tried to Start the motor but nat01? Wil. S6 show la heirs and also the admin i. A. J a. A a a Mahon i to urn a i a f Ruth a Nimit Tho it legion executives urge support for amt state Bonus and t society elects. Story. Page 4 Green Bay a a the executive committee of the Wisconsin department of the american legion will recommend resolutions favouring Universal military training and a state veterans Bonus to its membership at opening business sessions Here today. The committee endorsed a proposal to pay state veterans $10 a month for Domestic service and Tion. / the so a was answered by american twin engine c-47 transport planes which parachuted the desperately needed supplies administrator of among the munitions were a Chin gun barrels. The americans losses becomes known. Arthur asked for $611 fees. Had been firing so feverishly at the the defense official explained while Farmer asked for personal onrushing reds that the barrels mile i?6? on a declaration Quot by in Arthur and Farmer the latter styles Bridges a no Cas-ifr0m Sun Prairie represented Art i i a i i i a a a a a Quot a my Alamaa a1 a n in 4 a _ _. One of the state tax department s division of when this proved futile he rowed i whole truth about the the estate beverage and cig Aret taxes. The Craft to Shore it fighting High Long was arrested by i Vestiga winds and Waves. A a. A a -------1b. G tors after a raid at the club earlier eight years ago Igler operated that there has been a lag of two fees of $1,756. And $40 for their of some of their guns burned out. Stop Selling surpluses. In the Day. The Globe hotel at Portage. He is or three weeks Between the time investigation fees. The threat to take Pahang was a a r a j warrants were obtained from survived by his wife two Daugh a casualty occurred in Korea and settled out of court 1,7�?77 Achico forces Tomco Forest Rodd. Oneida county Dis a a a a a publication of the information in a Large part of their Bills was n on Page 2 a Jurann 2 american troops rushed to the Aid of South korean forces defending Pahang 3where the communists had smashed into the outskirts of the City. Along the Paktong River line in the West 2the reds were massing five divisions for an expected thrust toward Taegu. In the South . Infantrymen and marines i attacking Schinju were within 2 Miles of the City. Strict attorney. Continued on Page 2, column 8 5 the United states George a. Kane 37, Dies As car hits train at Waunakee crossing Washington a up a the Senate War investigating commit tee warned the armed services j thursday to Stop peddling plants for their participation in a circuit in a court action which concerned a Wos other Driver right of Way across adjacent farm a a a properties owned by or. Holz nil i of Drut Wyr Mann and his Cousin the late Green Bay up Julius cae expo Nfn and Etui patient that May Henry Holzmann the dispute was Sar was Cut and bruised wednes a t0 expand the nation 8 settled out of court. Day when his car was involved in n8htin� forces. Arthurs and Farmers fees were a crash with another vehicle. The committee held a closed called a exorbitant a by a try Caesar 28, is a paper Mill work door session with the secretaries or. Iof air. Army and Navy. Continued on Page 2, column i a George a. Kane 37-year-old Madison heating Engineer was ?�ov7a7duty with a limit aimed thursday afternoon when of 500 per Veteran. Has or crashed into a North West pm passenger train on a High and it would like to see any Way 113 crossing just North of veterans Loans owed by men Eli Wasima. Gible for the Bonus taken out of their payments an express car of the Minne the committee will also present a�11 7�?o braided a Resolution that asks for raising but none of the train passengers a i Tsujii Iurii unav Oasis i i. J the Price limit on Veteran housing a a n. O t Loans under the state Law from Lite. Tel 7 $10,000 to $15,000. F Buh a a pm a Appa entry at a ,. Tempting to reach his Home at 9 to. Groups endorsement of the Spring Creek before thurs amt Issue coincided with a predict a afternoon s rain torm it to Tion by High defense officials police said thursday that Congress would soon he struck the express car of be asked to pass sult a a Law. The train which a the first car behind the engine tender and caused the derailment of its front to our subscribers when ordering Back copies of the Wisconsin state journal state definitely the Date of the Issue wanted and enclose 10c per copy daily and 20c per copy sunday to cover the Cost of paper plus postage. Madison newspapers Ino. Passenger cars continued to min a no Lar i in i Neapolis by switching on to a Llyl South bound track to by pass the lines us of re Dot derailed express car. R new York Ltd a a disillusion Young Warren came to race by Warren r. Jollymore state journal soap Box Derby editor wheels. Or. Kane was thrown to feet from the crossing county traffic officers Emil Schmale and James Daggett reported. His ear was demolished and parts of it were thrown As far As 466 feet. It was Dane county s 19th tray Ker Sparta was the trains con of chief warrant officer. Fie fatality this year. Ductor. Surviving besides his wife is his William s. Hinz 931 Spaight the crossing hts no audible or father George Kane sr., Evans can t get near his car with huge wreckers removed the rljato1 derailed car from the tracks by la of. J.,1russia the a drat about 5 he us after re i is clearly the the former vice president said in Akron Warren Slightam. Madison a 1950 soap Box Waluch trw�5 were flayed Broadas tem Quot m"�u1 a Champion. Thursday experienced the thrill that come to every by the Accident North Western Wallace said that up until six Derby Champ when he was whizzed through the streets of Akron officials said. Months ago he believed Russia behind a sire Ned police escort and took i place among the j49 boys or. Kane and his wife the wanted to end its conflict with the who will bid for National honors on Akron a Derby Downs sunday former Bernice Walters Evanston. Western world and added afternoon 111., came to Madison in 1941 now believe Russia wants to. Shortly after their marriage. Continue the cold War for its own Warren. 14-year-old son of or. And mrs. Francis Slightam. 427 w. He was employed by the Pii or a Wilson St., stepped from a Plush Brico sales and service co., a in a Jill Quot Iii a a a ii i it convertible Coupe into the ban heating installation firm at 155 e. A journal features need lobby of the Mayflower George a Kane a served in Navy or. Kane enlisted in the Navy Seabee in 1943 As a warrant officer and served until december 1945, after advancing to the rate St., the train Engineer said he saw the Kane car approaching but could not Stop the train before reaching the crossing. Hugh Hilli moving warning signals and Iii ton. Marked by Only stationary Cross funeral services will be a i bar signs county police reported. Ranged today at the Frautschi after the crash the engine and1 funeral Home. Blond. Rift i. Soc. It Bride. Cut t. Sec. Ii Calendar. Fat it. Ste. I com Pas i so. Ii crossword Pue a so. Ii editorials. Pas c. Soc. I markets. Pas s. Lee. Ii obituaries. Pat a soc. I radio Pace it Sec. I records. Pace i. Bec. Ii society. Paces soc. I Uncle Ray Pace a. Lee. Ii women a pact Pas t. Soc. I hotel As the official Derby band played a on Wisconsin in his Honor. Came Early his sleek Wisconsin state journal racer had arrived before him and was awaiting his arrival atop the storied Derby Hill. I the cheers of Akron a enthusiastic thousands came second to Warren his first thought was of i his racer. I i want in get in the inspection continued on Page 2, cold in 3 pita a he said a to work on my car. Here to help him ready his Low Black racer for sundays test were his brother. Pierre Madison a 1949 Champ and his chief Mechanic 16-year-old Larry Mccormick son of or. And mrs. L. Mccormick 215 s. Broom St. Did no to make it but try As he May. The Freckl faced kid from Madison a fourth Ward reach his racer to War news at a glance Tokyo a u. S. Troops race into Battle to defend East coast port of Pahang against reds smashing into City communists drive to within i Miles of vital u. S. Air base 5 Miles Southeast of Pahang. Story Page i Washington a House by 383-12 vote passes Bill to give president free hand to Clamp on sweeping Price wage rationing controls if he deems necessary Senate opens debate on similar measure. Story Page i Lake Success a u. R. Charge that North korean regime is russian a a Zombie stings soviet Delegate Jacob Malik into reply of a islander a As he claims arms were a a sold before War. Story Page l Oak Ridge Tenn first War production strike since korean crisis pulls nearly i,-700 men off vital atomic projects at Oak Ridge Tenn. Story Page 2. Washington a pres. Truman accuses Russia of filibustering in action in Korea suggests she is Only hurting herself. Story Page 5. Washington a aide to defense Secretary Louis Johnson says Congress will a asked for a Universal military training amt Law soon. 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