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Madison Capital Times (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Madison, Wisconsin American family of Dane county to win free trip to new York worlds fair by the contest editor somewhere in Dane county there is a typical american Mother father and two children who will spend a whole week at the 1940 worlds fair in new York and it wont Cost that family a cent the capital times in cooperation with the worlds fair management today begins the search for the typical american family in Dane county your family May be the one selected so get Busy today and enter the typical american family contest no there Arent any strings attached nor is there i sell All you have to do is to be entered set this May be done by yourself or a member of your family or by a relative or Friend a filled in entry Blank accompanied by a letter describing the family and explaining Why it should be selected As the typical Amer Jinan family of Dane county will make you eligible in this Competition the entry Blank and letter i must be mailed or brought to the typical american family contest editor at the capital times office Madison not later than Midnight of thursday aug loan entry Blank and the Complete rules of the contest willbe found on Page 5 of this Issue of the capital times and worlds fair management to provide free vacation including transportation meals and entertainment the capital times read the rules carefully fill out the entry Blank write a letter of not More than 500 words de scribing the family and Send the letter and Blank to the contest editor that All there is to votes to get no tickets to sell no coupons to Send in after the contest closes on aug 15 All of the entries and letters will be turned Over to a committee of judges consisting of five prominent men and women of Dane county who will be selected for their qualifications to pick out a typical Amer ican family their judgment will be based on the information j Given in the entry Blanks and in the letters literary merit1 or style of writing in the letters will have nothing to do with the selection so dont worry too much about How you write it describe the family in your own Way yes its that simple and heres what you get if your family is selected As Dane county typical american the trip will Start when a shiny 1940 Ford v8 deluxe Sedan Rolls up to your door on the morning of aug 29 a paid chauffeur provided without Cost to you will drive your fam ily to new York and Back and the car and Driver will be at your disposal throughout your week in new York from the time the family leaves Madison until you return on sept 12 the whole expedition will be just one Surprise and pleasure after another on the Way to and from new York the paid drive will be in Complete charge the trip will be made in easy stages along a Scenic route with comfortable hotel accommodations and meals provided you will be on the Road four Days each Way and York imagine a full week of fun and entertainment in the worlds largest City sightseeing Tours galore shows transportation any family could possibly want and it wont Cost one red cent to live in Model Home in new York Dane county typical american family will live in a Model Home on the worlds fair grounds the fair management and the Federal housing administration have built two modern american Homes near the town of Tomor Row at the exposition the houses Are new thoroughly mod err completely furnished with Thebes of everything one of these Model Homes will be turned Over for the exclusive use of Dane county typical american family Ai this Home is located on the fair grounds it is secluded and the family will have Complete As though it was their own Home every attraction at the fair will be open to the family free of charge and with no limitations in addition they will be Given a visit to Coney Island by boat automobile bus or sub Way whichever will be guests at a major league baseball game in either new York or Brooklyn they will also be taken on a sightseeing trip through new York City and will be invite to attend an outstanding stage hit and other forms of entertainment of course the family Doest have to do any or All of these things they May accept or decline any or All of the trips or entertainments offered because the family enjoyment will not be hampered in any Way they May spend the entire week on the worlds fair grounds if they please now the question is a typical american fam ily any family might be a typical family who knows May be you Are a member of one yourself or perhaps you neigh Bor some relatives or friends May qualify the principal requirement is that they be average wholesome of Dane county family life family must have children kids sure the typical Dane county family should have children there May be two four or a half dozen in the fam ily any family with any number of youngsters can enter the contest except that there must be at least two children but because of limited space in the Model Home Only a Mother and father and two children can take advantage of this vacation of vacations the two children who make the scrip must be Between the Ages of 6 and 19 inclusive if a family of six or seven persons should win the title or Dane county typical american family and if All the Chil continued on Pace 5 column 1 w e a t d e r showers thunderstorms warmer in Rast portion Sunray monday partly Cloudy cooler in Southeast the capital times associated pro telephoto associated press leased wire Nea feature service Home edition Xet paid circulation yesterday was the largest net paid Dally circulation of any newspaper in Wisconsin out Sam of Milwaukee vol 46 no 2 Madison wis sunday june 231940 Twenty eight pages Price five cents 1b551925 Congress quits for week votes 4 billions in appropriations t Etall repo tax Bill for billion also sent to for Man drop Ned in county 21 saved from Mendota streets flooded in storm state progressives Honor old Bob at rites today defense Levy shorn of War profits tax in creases debt limit Congress quit last night for a one week recess after sending to the White House a billion Dollar tax Bill and Over of appropriations legislation a scattering of noes came from the Republican Side when the House adopted the Resolution which closed a 10 hour Day for the legislators and recessed Congress until july 1 acting swiftly on one item after another tile Senate and Riouse sent to pres Roosevelt a score of Bills during the Day including a 908 emergency defense measure and annual appropriations for Relief Good morning everybody roaring sounds i to Kerville Brig iams Cave Fred t Holmes memorial services at for est Hill cemetery for the 15th time since the death of u s sen Robert m la Pollert i or on june in 1925 Wisconsin progressives will pay annual tribute to the founder of the progressive move ment who is still know affectionately is old Bob at his grave in Forest Hill cemetery Here this after gop declares race is wide open no deals Taft predicts Victory Willkie to refuse the vice presidency by Richard t Philadelphia leading contenders for the Republican presidential nomination arrived in this Carniv Albent convention City sat urday denying fast flying rumours of impending deals and looking for Ward to the party first wide open contest for the nomination since 1920 Wendell Willkie the new York utilities Man risen from dark horse ranks Thomas e Dewey the Young now York District attorney who swept m preference primaries and sen the labor department and the Federal Robert a Taft of Ohio Fresn from the firing line in Washington reach seek nearly million from 120ilfirms five jobbers 6 Consumers base suits on anti Law charges t7leven civil suits demand ing in damages a Utji inc Tauilo Iju Iii Lake washed out j from 12 major mid Western roads Street Sand buildings flooded Oil companies were filed in traffic is hampered by downpour pavements Are damaged one Man drowned in Dane county wife and two companions res other persons rescued from arms Plant at Essen Britain amazed As France accepts hit Ler italian bombers beaten off in Egypt French Fleet aids by the associated press tattered France capitulated finally to triumphant Ger Many last night with the signing of an armistice in the gloom of ancient comping be Forest but the business of fight ing and dying continued for the soldiers of both sides the Stern German terms were not disclosed but the French radio reported that France had made some counter proposals to them the radio announcer added that 100 Mem Bers of tie French Senate meeting in Bordeaux voted con ing in damages i Tidence in Premier marshal Henri Philippe Petain who had t n h i j tit a j 4vm ovyy11 to Telephone and electric service disrupt flattened that was the toll of 3 inches of rainfall a Strong wind and a Sharp drop in temperature saturday Frank but tutis 28 Rockford i is the Man who lost his life he was companies u s District court Here sat urday by five jobbers and six Consumers of gasoline the suits Are based on alleged violations of the Federal antitrust Laws by the defend s e m drowned in fish Lake town of Roxy ants All of whom have been Bury about saturday night and of Sherman act Vio in addition to the direct appropriations Congress also granted authority for various government agencies to totalling almost de town to join sen styles Bridges Frank Gannett and gov Arthur h James of Pennsylvania contenders who had previously taken up their Luli Ivi Quant is Ivicic the purpose of this High Speed a with them came a Rush of delegates Tion was twofold to allow an in and party Camp followers who Lamm de hotel lobbies bars and restaurants talking excitedly of this Rumor or that and arguing endlessly about platform planks and candidates Dewey holding a press conference said flatly that there was no truth in reports that his forces were team ing up with Ter Lude for the Republican National convention beginning monday at Phil Adelphia and to get vital appropriation measures enacted into Law Well before the new fiscal year starts on july 1 in addition to giving Quick approval to Senate House compromises on the tax and defense Bills the two branches of Congress accepted and sent along to the White House a com his body had not been recovered at a hour but tutis wife was rescued after she seize her husband in an attempt to save him the High wind and thick Weed growth dragged her husband from her however mrs but tutis and two companions h e Irving and miss Sarah Hoelzel also of Rockford were rescued by Thomas Sullivan 25 Chicago the Illinois persons had been staying at matl anl1liuab Tus Vuu the f j Gaukel resort at the Lake by Ayi of the complainants Are com the four Rockford residents had muted on the triple damage basis been fishing they lost an oar of their boat and the wind drove them across the Lake the boat was overturned by the wind when about i5o feet from Shore but tutis left the boat to which he and his companions had been cling ing and announced he was going to adits these violations the complaints 4blitz peace for Europe is hint by nazis say Hitler h Duce have program Britain will be left out by Louis p Lochter hitlers Blitz Krieg May be followed by a Continental Blitz peace this predominant impression i received in the Forest of comping be France Britain will have no hand in this peace in the contrary once this peace is that the various plaintiff firms were Germany and Italy can damaged As a result of the violations j of the Sherman act by the defend lations in u s District court Here the convictions have been upheld by the u s supreme court one of the jobber the Sinaiko Bros Coal Oil a Madison firm the Sinaiko company asks damages totalling 531680 which is the amount arrived at under the triple damage provision of the Sher Man antitrust act damages asked conspiracy is charged All of the of the Consumers and of the ceremonies will begin at chief Promise sl157711357 Relief a Propri author of alluring Wisconsin and Badger saints and sinners Wisconsin has revealed an of her natural wonders this time it is n subterranean fairyland in the Hills of Blue Mounds on its Cave Walls Noflin its formations Are written a fascinating Story of Earth Makins sculptured masses in grotesque and fantastic forms lend enchantment along its domes h a p e t passageways mar Lin a Toni uni it Horeb attorney while in Madison this week indic Dij my Law associate p d shuttle Worth and myself to be his guests for a trip through the re c e n 11 y opened b r in hams Cave frankly i w a s sceptical having visited the famous caverns in Ken coi Tinucci on 8 column 3 speaker will be u s atty Gen Robert h Jackson who is expected to arrive Here late this morning from Washington d c Jackson will be guest of Honor at a luncheon at the Loraine hotel today at in the event of rain the ceremonies will be held in the Assembly chamber of the state Capitol instead of at the grave la Folly ties son and name Sake u s sen Robert m la Pollette or was also expected to arrive in Madison this morning from washing ton to attend the memorial service also present will be sen la Pollette second son former gov Philip p la Folly Etc Herman l Ekern Madison attorney and former lieutenant governor will preside at the memorial services col John Hannan in Alison chair Man of the committee on arrange continued on Pace s column 1 action Bill of sen Taft in an Effort to or he we nomination he said i Trust the question is academic at the same time platform sub As finally passed the defense tax committees were at work behind Bill was shorn of a Senate approved i closed doors including the group at proposal for a War profits Levy it work on the foreign affairs Plank continued on Paje 8 column 8 continued on Page column 3 swim to Shore he had covered about half the Dis Tance when he shouted that he could make it his Inife swam to his Side up will i k3tu Miu a not a narc it his Wile Ujj Winil w Civ Ort to Stop Willkie asked seized him but could hot hold him he would accept a vice presidential shortly alter mrs but tutis lost her declare constituted a combination agreement and conspiracy in restraint of Trade and Commerce pursue the War with England More remorselessly than Ever naturally i am not at Liberty to re veal the names of the men with whom i talked during the historic hours at Trad and Commerce comping be they Are men in the Federal court officials Here said this f ver they an agree in be probably the first time in history Rowman strike voted by workers of Kroger firm Here where to find it daily to accords Pae 24 editorials Paje 24 Kallio program spare 10 society pases 13 11 15 16 sport news pages 17 18 13 theater news rage 11 sunday serial Story parc 19 music news Page 20 Union balks at 10 hour Day in previous contract a strike of employees in the local bakery of the Kroger grocery and baking co was voted by the Al bakery workers Union saturday night according to a representative of the Wisconsin employment relations Board the Ilion to continue a present contract calling for one 10 hour Day each week without payment of time and on half for the two hours overtime the present contract executed last August was an experimental one calling for five 8hour Days and one 10hour Day the nirm insists Udod Elimina Tion of the 10hour Day the company offered three counter proposals 1 that the present contract is continued with either the Union or company having the i Jolt to terminate it upon 30 Days notice 2 that the present contract be continued for one year 3 that when the local bakery costs Are reduced to the average of the 13 other company bakeries 5 per cent of the local bread department payroll will be set aside for distribution As the Union desires negotiation meetings were held thursday and saturday after a ses Sion which began at 4 saturday afternoon the Union members held a continued on Pafe 4 column 2 hold on her husband Sullivan who also had been fishing on the Lake took the Rockford residents into his boat and rowed ashore the survivors of the Accident suffering from Shock and continued on Page 4 column 5 Hoan quotes editorial in times before Fly Daniel w Hoan former mayor of j Milwaukee keynote speaker at the state convention of the Farmer labor progressive federation at Appleton saturday criticized gov hell for his statement that some state employees dont do an honest Days work in criticizing Heil Hoan quoted at length from an editorial appearing in the capital times thursday the was headed Why font you the Job governor Story is probably the first time in histor that a consumer has stalled a civil suit to recover damages under the Federal antitrust jaws William a Nathenson Madison one continued on fare 8 column Milwaukee Road club meets for kiddie Camp fete gov Heil was office yesterday win vow the executive out kiddie Camp fund previously reported 15683 a Friend 500 c l Mueller 500 or w b Noe 500 mrs Erwin Schmidt 1000 fish hatchery mothers club 504 Madison a Merchor 500 v Madison Bui co 2000 total i1u18s by Harold Roche of the capital times staff a Pep meeting of member of the Milwaukee Road service club has been called for monday night at the woman building to compete plans for the combination dance and Coney Island Benefit which will be presented by the club Friday night at the w Washington ave depot for the Cap ital times family welfare kiddie continued on Pate 8 column z Lieving that some Southern German City already has been chosen for re making the european continent these men feel confident that hit Ler and Mussolini wifi not demand a peace which will Lead to new wars but one which will assure a Long War less period to the continent these men Point out that the Ger Man thesis consistently even before the outbreak of the War was that England has no business mixing in Continental affairs they say that with Frances defeat she last great prop for Britain influence on the continent has been knocked Down the Way is now open they say for the Axis partners in cooperation with All Continental Powers to rear this War weary continent on a new foundation British amazed As French prime minister Winston Churchill express ing British grief and amazement at Frances acceptance of German armis Tice terms appealed today to All frenchmen wherever they May be to Aid the British fight against Germany As the Only Hope of Frances eventual restoration to Liberty declaring that the British govern ment could not feel that a free inde pendent and constitutional French continued on fare 4 column 7 requested the armistice Frances ally great Britain gave proof of her determination to fight on alone and unconquered by announcing heavy Aerial attacks on Ger Many great Krupp Arm Ament works at Essen and on air plane factories and storage plants at Bremen Kassel Rothenburg and Gottinger actual combat Between the Ger mans and the French is not to end until six hours after the French sign an armistice with Italy the so newly belligerent ally of Germany will Meel monday to hasten that consummation the French plenipotentiaries flew immediately toward Italy for it conference with Premier Mussolini they Are expected to have their first meeting with the italians monday Exchange news a British ask nay reported from Bordeaux Early sunday Only when n Duce too has been satisfied will there be an end to the deadly struggle which in a Little More than a month has put half of France and substantially All of her Rich Industry in German hands at a Cost of untold casualties on both sides Italy took a More Active part in the War yesterday by sending four Waves of bombing planes against the British naval base at Alexandria Egypt and also bombing Jib uti French somali land damage was described As slight continued on Page 4 column War convention news broadcast schedule Wila today gop convention european pickups h v Kaltenborn gop convention convention War night news edition european pickups gop convention and a monday h v Kaltenborn gop convention european pickups pm european pickups War commentary gop convention Al rat news edition convention and Yutt news a

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