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Ludington Daily News Newspaper Archives Jan 31 1926, Page 1

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Ludington Daily News (Newspaper) - January 31, 1926, Ludington, Michigan Int rate volume battered and Keeling trom terrific storm vessels Call for Shore with anti noes Crew two vessels Are wrecked near Palm Beach by Gale new a the Paw of the at antics week Long turbulence has slapped at nine More sending them reeling and calling for a sailing was being towed to port with her sails gone and her sides two other sailing ships Hove to until the storm let them another was Drifting with the a a German was being sought in reply to her another had patched her injuries and was Limp ing into the Crew of still a Little had been transferred to another a Schooner and tug were wrecked near Palm and part of the Crew of the Schooner was in life Price three be Barbara Lamarr Dies on saturday Altadena up motion picture died at her Home Here this miss Lamars death resulted from complications following it nervous breakdown several months her her death came unexpectedly and ii mail yesterday she seemed rapidly thursday she was Able to leave the Home for the first time Many miss Lamars breakdown was in july while she was completing three pictures in new she returned to Hollywood to make the fourth and it was while she was engaged in this last october that she suffered the second while miss Lamars condition be came worse yesterday it did not seem her father until three Oclock this she died about an hour nears the president with the rescued Crew of 25 men from the freighter anti Noe was hearing Queenstown reports a tremendous ovation was waiting the five masted Schooner of cried for help today when she was 120 Miles off Ambrose Light and the coast guard Cutter Seneca went to her All her winches Hall been smashed in by the High seas so that the Crew could neither raise nor lower her the winds had stripped her sails away and she was Drifting helpless when the Seneca took her in the ships which Hove to were the red Cross liner Rosalind from and the City of Melbourne from both Are bound for a German ship giving her name As the but believed to be the tug sent an giving her position about 100 Miles off the tip of the Spanish Penin she said the storm was in no ship Caulus appears in the shipping the car us is owned by the and her Home port is men the freighter Erington bound from to new York with a Load of re continued on Page column fist Iii ice ferry grand Haven searches for missing sister grand answering the Dis j Tress Calls of the fishing late this the grand trunk car ferry grand Haven continued its search for its miss ing sister with out communicating its activities to watchers on the Shore of Lake Theodore whose son was the first member to leave the ice locked fishing tug Helen himself came ashore leaving two members of the Crew the which has shared the Helen is Fate for two held fast by Drifting ice toes had changed the direction of its Drift to the southward late to it was apposite White Lake at g the grand Haven Lay alongside the Indian for Mearly an but was not known if a towline were cast to her or if the grand Haven resin pulled her since she immediately proceeded in search 01 the it could not be ascertained de that a speedboat equipped with ice and manned by newspaper men had gotten a line to the Helen but Graham came in Over the it was with the assistance of a latest meeting adjourns until tuesday still tied in Greasy garb of sailors conceals rough looking specimens on Roosevelt beg to Man Rescue boat new the Joseph Wilson pastor of the american Church in one of the passengers of the will perpetuate memory of dead new up the memory of Ern est Heitman and unit seamen of the liner president Roosevelt liner president who lost their lives in one of the first attempts to Rescue the Crew of the ill fated British freighter anti Noe will be Perpetu ated by two seamens rooms for the Annex to the seamens Church it was announced miss Elizabeth Les of Philadelphia is the Marshall with a donation of is among other to the building the Annex is now under con Steamer president Roosevelt which rescued the Crew of 25 of the Brit ish has sent to the associated press the following despatch in continuation of his re Cital of the thrilling incidents at tending the desperate Battle which Captain Fried of the Roosevelt fought against the 99mile Gale and snowstorm to save his fellow sea men aboard the president Roosevelt by wireless to we Are a Happy ships company the mood of exultation and moral excitement still runs the card game has restarted in the smoking room and a few couples have tried to dance but most of the passengers Are Busy writing Home or sleeping off the effects of their emotional remember heroes a committee appointed at Praise service has collected about a thous and dollars As a gift for the famil ies of the two lost american the shaven and shorn and arrayed in clothing Are the Center of eager groups listening to their details of the Dis rugged britons they with Ruddy and Clear said the first mate to big fellow with a Yorkshire accent its the Fortune o the be never can Ive been Fol lowing it for 26 years with never a wreck till now and heres coming 16 his Maiden voyage catching it the first we have seen a marvelous thing hidden courage of the these men who Coil swab Oil engines and carry lug Gage in Ordinary times Are of continued on Page 8 column failure to reach agreement plunges Anthracite Fields into miners and operators adjourned today until next tuesday with their negotiations tied in a As was expected the two latest one presented by the miners and the other by the were voted Down before the week end adjournment was deadlock brings tonight there was Only Marks the begin Ning of the sixth month of the in Austria struggle involving mine workers with its attendant paralysis of business in the 500 Square Miles of territory in North Ern As the operators and miners left the Bellevue Stratford hotel to night to catch up state trains to their no Ray of Hope was apparent that the suspension would come to a Quick while the joint conference has in its Possession More than 500 plans and suggestions for ending received from All Over the All that have been considered worthy of discussion have been before the voted reconstructed and and Down the table was Clear tonight of any proposition susceptible of be ing a basis of negotiation and unless something is thought out to the Gap Between the two there will be no program to work on when the conferees again assemble at tues arbitration Stu Militig the Gap that separates is still the miners will take an agreement at the present rate of wages for a period of two and a half years up to the operators Are willing to sign an agreement at the present wage rates up to five years but with the proviso that each Side be Given the right at least once a year to Call a conference for the readjustment of wages if economic conditions warrant and if the two sides can not agree on such readjustment that the matters in dispute be settled by the miners Are willing to con Sider readjustment of wage rates but want the workers and the employers to Settle the question them selves and not leave it to arbitral switchman will demand More pay the executive wage committee of the switch ens Union of North Amer Ica announced today that an agree ment had been reached to make a demand for wage increases average g approximately a the exact demands vary the class of the committee is also preparing a uniform schedule covering working rules which will be presented to the Railroad managements at the same time As the wage the wage committee has been deliberating Here for several a statement issued by the com Mittee said that the request for wage increase and differentials Between Day and night service was the same demand that was presented by the switch ens Union in All general chairmen will be notified to present the demand to their respective Railroad Man age cents and to report Back to National Headquarters the results of conferences natural assets Are the bed Rock of Progress Why not save them to give entertainment Simons wednesday miss Selma Lenhart will give an entertainment at 8 Oclock wednesday evening at Simons miss who comes Ludington through the Redpath lyceum is a successful exponent of dramatic this will be the last number on the lyceum presented in Ludington through the efforts of Simons patrons Michigan student is killed As Auto skids Ypsilanti a student in the University of Michigan was killed and William Moebs and Daniel were slightly injured to when their automobile skid ded and overturned one mile East of All three students Are from dramatic Reading by Selma Lenhart at the Simons auditorium at last number of the red path lyceum admission two actresses Are overcome in fire at theatre Butler in play Calm directs audience to leave new Jant actresses were overcome by smoke this afternoon from a fire which started under the stage of the fifth Avenue playhouse during a of Romance of the House j the fire was discovered during the Climax of the first act of the the for la Ivington and Vicinity sunday with Snow and possibly rain colder fresh to Strong winds becoming the Sun rises at and sets at mean temperature for the past week at Ludington is degrees this is 4 degrees below total precipitation of an i Days were partly Cloudy and four were highest wind velocity 42 Miles from the South on the the disturbance that was trial Friday morning Over mani1 Toba moved eastward and gave Odd Fellows celebrate their 36th anniversary of or charter Strong South and Southwest winds during the Day on Lake Michigan but it weakened Friday thought it was Only a realistic William the Lodge Welcome song followed by acting the role of the Butler Are decidedly a Proton no the stepped before the cured disturbance was Central sat Tain when it was rung Down and inlay morning Over Western Kan reviews history of calmly told the audience to leave that appeared to be moving j Georee with toward the Lake Region Charles is the Only charter meanwhile stage hands and members of the cast were fighting the Blaze beneath the miss Rosalind Fuller and another Mem Ber of the cast were overcome by the smoke which filled Back stage part of the the damage was estimated at crazed lad shoots Springfield men barricades self in Home and fires on everyone j who terrorized the North Ern Section of Springfield night when he barricaded him self in the Home of his Par ends Here after shooting at members of the was captured shortly before 9 Oclock tonight when police stormed the tonight were firing volleys from revolvers and rifles into the House of Clinton Hollings who shot and killed at least two persons and wounded several others Early the known dead Are patrolman Al Franklin and Joe who were killed when Alt available police reserves of the City and a score of citizens sur the Hollingsworth Home the Nome too Aana liquids was where the youth had when police n Jovi i himself after shooting members of his three ambulance Drivers who attempted to remove the bodies of Franklin and Nargund were seriously wounded by Hollings later reports from police stated that six persons had been wounded by the fire of the crazed l Beach crosses ice in wednesdays storm and Lowell Beach with their Buttersville neigh Are shut off from the world As far As travel by the Road is took perilous risk to attend the Community Church sup per at the Parish House wednes Day they walked across the ice wednesday morning to Aid during the Day in preparation for the the storm increased and the cold grew More intense As night came on but feeling that he must get Home to look after the children and their who remained at walked Back Over the same arriving Home at fortunately he was Able to keep his bearings and make the strenuous journey without getting lost in the storm As Many others have Beach walked Home thurs Day afternoon while the storm was still raging and the trip a severe test of first methodist Church to have musical recital special musical numbers Are planned for the musical to lie held from 6 to 7 Oclock this evening in the first methodist episcopal the recital will be Given under the direction of George those who will take part in the miss Velma Lloyd Scottville to arrange for second caucus at the mass meeting Friday even ing Pirtle and Frank Hipley were chosen to re present the first Ward and John Rozel and Floyd ranging for a Union motion picture stars Are wedded saturday Rubena and Ricardo Cor givp5 uiv6s review of upwards of 150 were present to assist Felix inde Tho seeing this Low pressure to the North smoke Curling from a fireplace Ward caused a big temperature Izue comprising part of the stage set Rise in All Centra and Northeast Pentlen order of Odd to Tino it a Nitro on amounting to 20 to celebrate their 36th anniversary j i i tilts n 4 i opened by singing still a member in Scoti gave a splendid review 01 the history of the he told How in five men from different Kinnie of Baldwin Charles Gowen of a Canadian Wilson of Allegan Shelly and Reader of Ludington to Gether with Eugene Cramer of n Southern Michigan Lodge Ana Lewis Ostrander of West who came Here about that organized the new fire destroys financial matters were the first father and five children perish Mother May Call but applications for Maniber the mysterious illness helped to solve that problem t and for More than a year every meeting saw new members a fire in 1891 destroyed the building which the Lodge the old Reader store on the Corner where the Peoples state Bank now but the Fine spirit of cooperation new quarters were found and a new outfit secured to carry on the 91 members in Good several years ago the Lodge Pur chased the now being from the grand army of the Fine improvements have been made and the Lodge will soon be out of debt in the matter of dollars and cents but not out of debt to its membership who Haye stood so nobly by and brought it to its present during the 36 years the Lodge hns had for its membership about continued on Page column hears of death of miss Schenck was teacher of manual training in Ludington schools for h yesterday of seven members of the family of Arthur a which resulted in the death of the father and five Chil was due to monoxide according to the report of chemists who examined the bodies to the body of the father and those of four children were found in the Home yesterday afternoon by police who had been called by a neighbor whose attention had been aroused by faint from the Gas tapping on a the list of dead was increased to six today when aged sent to the Hospital with her passed physicians believe will re the dead Are Arthur and these five children 14 10 8 6 and the family had dinner thursday according to remnants of the Foo Dand liquids was still on the first were that the tragedy might have been a Poison plot and liquids and food were kept intact for examine the conclusion of the was police by the fact that Victor an other who had partaken of Snow is in receipt of a message from san v a Tivit Kyj cell the food and drink at the family telling of the death there meal and who went to spend the j of miss Bertha night we Fth his Euf feed no ill effects Coroner Hammond an Nonnce that results of his tests As to the cause of the deaths will be made known formerly teacher of manual train ing in the Ludington Public the tax reduction Bill was subjected to a dozen new Amend ments some on vital pro As the Senate spent a four hour session wrangling Over the first controversial Section to be reached in consideration of the while no rate sections were reached senator opened the promised fight against repeal of the inheritance and gift tax rates now in considerable support for the amendment from Western senators of both parties is anticipated by senators whose move would not Only Block the proposed repeal for the inheritance Levy voted by the Senate finance com Mittee but would negative the reductions in this tax provided by the with the Bill now cleared of All noncontroversial Lead ers were confident tonight despite threats of a fight against several vital rat reducing pro limit us plug of i program Are Edith Ray a final vote could be of Arnond Forta ined by 10 which would assure tax reduction by March 15 Fred Myrtle when first tax instalments on Alida Nel 1925 incomes Are Helen Herman Jesse Kenneth Erv ing George Hollock Clara Alberta and Georgia Gray and Ruth and Edith Grunde Spanish airmen Complete longest leg of flight Ferando in Noronha is or a continuous flight of approximately 15 hours the Spanish sea plane plus in command of the noted air Pilot completed the longest and most per Ilous leg of the flight from Spain South Corn off this Island Down in 8 Oclock commander Franco at first girdled the Island in search of a Oze an of i h Dodge the second Ward in a Landing but found none for a of the heavy he again flew out1 to and alighted later to be towed into Safe Harbor in distance traversed was came to Lud the introduction of manual training into the schools and for More than 14 years did notable work in that achieving remarkable results with the meager equipment then for 13 years of that time she roomed at the Haskell miss Schenck had been an in valid and a great sufferer for Long months but she sent Mes sages to Ludington friends expressing her appreciation and thanks for the Christmas gifts and messages sent her and her dear remembrance of All those tries to Rescue Little brother and both drown Benton proposes to Block efficiency plans William son of the hard Ware has joined his Sis ters in a plot to beat Henry efficiency in his attempt to systematize the Brooke hedge represents the Economy and efficiency Corpora which has contracted to put the Brooke Home on a business like be sure to read the new Nea too much every Day in the news starting Coolidge and Peru executive talk on air As tests new radio fans tonight heard two presidents talking on the air As the third broadcasting tests came to an one was president Coolidge addressing the Bureau of the budget at its semiannual the other was president Augusto Leguia of who sent a Mes Sage of greeting to North Coolidge talk president Coolidge address came a Short time before the hour set the beginning of the zone broadcasting which marked the end of the his together with that of general lord of the budget was sent out from station and new the chief executive of the South american Republic spoke just be fore the silent hour observed by overseas stations Between 10 and 11 Oclock Eastern while Amer ican broadcasters tried to reach across the seas with their the last session of the test was closed with another program of zone moving this time from North to South to overcome the effects of the Blanket of blot overhanging the United states and which absorbed most of the last new York the the radio week committee interfered less Vruth radiation in this direction thaa when it is from East to West As was the last Canadian stations Canadian stations were on the air for the first 15 a Baute zone Braxl casting Hoult Altey were followed Fri order by City commissioners to Hajj or vote on proposition Mori Day construction of would Cost i calling for Concrete drawn up by City continued on Pajtl plans for a drafted by City Al Lou were tentatively Apt loved by the City at a conference in the City Hatt saturday afternoon at which Caswell was the calling for a 50fdk Concrete will be submitted Job a vote of the City commissioners at their meeting monday would necessitate Bond construction of this Bridge the Bayou on Washington would necessitate a Bond Issue it would not rtt tse Issue would probably be place before the people at the the City engineers plans conformity to the permit the City by the government Date of april Over signature of Dwight Dav Fafe rotary of the existing Bridge la end to the permit was a 50foot Concrete Arch across the the one Elevation of the to nine and eight tenths feet the mean water stage Elevation the Pere Marquette the government proved of the plan to 50foot water opening across a the balance to be construction Miller the news last plan must be strictly adhered l my plans follow the restriction the government permit in Alt 50foot Concrete the As outlined by is As follows the proposed Bridge 50foot Concrete Arch Crete abutments each 30 feet making the length Over allo Concrete 110 of the 16 feet Belott each of continued on Page greyhound bus makes trip through drifts to Mani Ste Ellis sey Mour first to travel North after a wild night ride Over drifted roads to Manistee was the experience of Matt manager of the Dahringer bus taxi and Ellis greyhound Friday the two started from the Dali Inger station at 8 when they stepped out of the bus at Manistee the Road Between Scott Ville and Manistee Tyas open to traffic after a three Day passenger service wednesday nights blizzard filled up the cuts Between Scottville and Dahr Inger passenger service was halt All attempts of the county Road commissioners to open the Road seemed the Dahringer company was doomed to idl until Hopes Rose for Matt Dah when Over Lon distance Telepo came an offer of assistance de Ekstrom of v we hear you Are there asked the hefty Pioneer Western Michigan m coach line very i nun replied offers in sending my with shaped the came Over the i pretty bad on the Fremont but you Cam have Shi open the Road to Manistee for All thanks Matt exclaimed ill try to open to after a time the big sky bus moved up to the station continued on Page column my Carlton 11 years and his Small Richard Wendell were drowned in Paw Paw River Here today when Jim my went to Richards res after the Little fellow had fallen both bodies were drawn beneath the ice by Strong currents and have not been prices on farm crops Are lower than in 1925 farm prices on a crops with the exception of Hay and potatoes were lower on 15 than for the corresponding Date last year according to the department of potatoes were More than three times As High As last year and Hay prices showed a gain of five per livestock prices were higher than last hogs showing an increase of 18 per Milch 13 per and beef cattle 12 per eggs were much cheaper than in december and butter showed a slight los about and the span1 u motion picture director killed in Auto wreck los Secretary f aviators now Are Only about i of the motion picture directors As Jivu Zoub Tau it icarus Are ony about o the motion picture directors As motion picture stars were Miles from the was killed in an Auto ried Here Mobile Accident Here theatrj7 today Lew Cody and Renee Adoree Man and maid a girl of provocative a woman of sophisticated and the Man they exciting youll love every thrilling the air plane Over War time Paris is one of the greatest scenes Ever and Pathe matinee at first evening show at admission Loa and tomorrow Tom Tyler the Cowboy musketeer a bashful Cowboy posing As a bad grateful Bandit helping him unsuspecting rival of the real torrent of twisted nations landslide of a typhoon thrills i and episode 10 of i sunken Silver matinee at childrens matinee at admission Loc and i

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