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Lubbock Morning Avalanche Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1926, Page 1

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Lubbock Morning Avalanche (Newspaper) - January 17, 1926, Lubbock, Texas I largest circular ton in Lubbock and South Plains gub bark or mtg Quot a -5 a a 4� t 1 i �.�. She Only Fame printed every Day on the a Labo by vol. 4. No. 78.twenty eight pages Lubbock Lubbock county Texas sunday january 17, 1926. Full leased wire United news dosage King to enter plea tuesday a Ltd a a a a a a Ltd a Ltd a a a 4�zi a a v a v v v v v v a go a a i a a a a a a a a a Lockney woman kills child with razor assailant and baby daughter thought dying suffering delusion someone trying to steal children Lockney Texas. Jan. 16�? up mrs. Essie Moore. 3&. Living several Miles South of Here today slashed the Throat of her two a mad daughters killing on of them almost instantly a rid than attempted to commit us cide with a a or i believed in of on Dancy drove mrs m oot temporarily insane s or. Moore and Dorothy is killing of millionaire s family arrest of cattle Baron draws nation s eyes to Oklahoma s a murder conspiracy a a a ,. V or Jpn Quot a a a or or renin after a Quot to or. For . A try of a f the. F r near death tonight eight died a moment was attacked with the Edward Prat. Or a Hgt Morf. A a a a a i h he i1 or. T he a he of a und a erred a in.1\mr. Met a h iii a pm to n i a i fat f if hot of s. I jm1 he re r or a the Ltd of 1.� a Felt r kit a la a. He who a. An if Al d n a i treatment. M a Moore a by in Iriani Ria Ltd for a a a time Nde in de to Uff a Dalanon ska Mil going be her children Ewey from i Alf cart Harris a f a i not Iphil com lev hot a Pratt a and i de this mown �&<1�. A or a his a with cd Prtt while the iwo men were talking or. Moore tank out of the he a pm m�5<t i i Ottar d of them if they i of diff to take or Way from they Fin Tuy of coh had her due us us the a had convinced her the i a Himi wag Gin Jef i Ltd Tiv a a a �1 re n. Later v a n i rat a a work a a in to Field tny Traisi by Hsy d. More strict dry enforcement planned the state of Oklahoma has been stirred for weeks by the investigation of what officials term the murder conspiracy which has resulted in the killing of 17 Osage indians for the alleged purpose of obtaining Possession of a ?2 ak0 too Osage Fortune. The of the Home of w. E. Diniel millionaire Fairfax Osage nation Oklahoma which caused the death of Smith i wife and a servant has added impetus to the probe of this conspiracy. W a Bill or Hale called a Skof of Tow Osage Holh Quot wealthy cattle Baron has been arrested in connection with the Case As has blk Hsihe i photo a Hows the wreckage of the Smith Home. Inset is a Billy Hale. Be la in a a of Martin jury a is flu epidemic now he beat her in face Ohk to. If. Jae. no in sind to he t not the Ink . Irv unable to make any agreement f had -���?��?��?��?�re1 a i in ult if with i i a Uii i a Vogt in by i a a a is i five a thu n tory Vav. A in ii to div hath in a Dekinjr i her Hii Shiju a . A w. Advertis info Ajo Chi �?o1 a a pin Vina for v a in said a a rent Rcd a the to a in Ltd a m tip dear Don a a a think you re mid your Quot Thon Judi. He a iriss k no hard and a i a a Ornesto a join in a Chc so a in r Oil ? find hot ups Ltd pc ii Utu d. A a won and Cave my a Hiapek Eye. A a shortly sifter or Marr Iare. I was who Winji him ill not cd in a Bridge Quot amt when he by me. 1 who brim a Fri he fully. A a a us re Sabath Indira a a i hot would Jurant her a divorce. Hopelessly deadlocked is word Forman sent to judge byi08f.pi p. Was nov Washington Jam. 18.�? prohibition tilt la birthday w4 my pm a tiler in to cd Pitol by my a iii if the prohibit to Board of a nth a to Drift a pro Fermi Imp ii Iru Teit dry drive ilk history and a duh a two in scr try of Tiiu try Wurr Mel j Ion and a Prno a Gifford Piaf j a hot of pm nne fun nil. A a a tru ral. . An Irown first mar Shalt of the. Treasury dry corps Nemble bin lieutenants to Hia office i to work Oil to fur the a for making j America Rafti. Between the Wela and Drys in director of prohibition James e. A he Senate had another flirt. Up Hift Jone. Prohibition commissioner Roy toasty on the sixth anniversary of Haynes. Jat new a Britt in Rohi Hixion i pro Nhi Tion. Wets am Drys to continue fight Washington Jan. I. A the fort Worth. Vivas Dan. 1 Oludu f George k. Honey Tonij ild Dii charged tin jury in the Case of w. A. Martin on trial Here charged with robbery with firearms in connection with the hold up of the Krum Bank last june. The jury had been in deliver. Action All Day and a few hours last night. The Foreman re ported there was no Chance to j reach an agreement. Fort Worth Texas Jan. 1 <5.�? the w. A. Martin jury was still out 5 o clock this evening and a note sent to the judge midday indicated wan hopelessly deadlocked. A we see no Chance to get together on an agreement a the note read. Trial of Martin who Wjk charged with robbery with firearms in connection with the Krum bunk Holdup last june ended late yesterday and the Case was Given the Iury following defense Ami Date arguments. raging in City of Dallas Dallas Jan. 16.�?with 21 Jaq can he since january 1, a serious pneumonia epidemic a threatening Dallas Accad diff to or. W. N. Andrews City health officer today. A total of 27 Cain of Png a Monin have been reported since the first of the year. Influent has been fatal to four of to a afflicted with the die . Fifty five per cent of american families live in rented Homes. Robbery Story was hoax lad Tell officers murder of Tulia garage Man is denied by prisoner �?o1 did no to shoot nobody. Those were the words of per try Wilson 2 i year old lad held j in the Luchock county jail w Hen officers late saturday i asked him a How Many times did you shoot Conner Conner tul a a garage Man will be remembered was brutally murdered last August and so far officers have been unable Ito locate his Slayer. I the arrest of Wilson is almost in-1 exp lha Nabb. Hosing As a victim of i hijackers and crumpled up the Side of the Road South of Slaton he i was picked up thursday night by two tourists who carried the supposedly j i Limp form to a Post sanitarium several hours later he a a regained con Aci Gunness and succeed in explaining to his physician he had Boen a y of m of foul play. Sheriff suspicious. His statements were not question de and when he told of being robbed of $5l�?T.0 and All his clothing a Tripathy went out to him. But herein lies the tale. Sheriff Stewart of Garda county i came interested in the Case. He was going to help locate the men who had so roughly handled the lad. But once be glanced the youth he i became suspicious and instead of j trying to locate the alleged As j saunters he turned his attention to i a a. The victim. He wanted to identify him he fitted the description of the Man who murdered Conner. Saturday the sheriff brought Wilson to Lubbock where he was viewed by j. F. Frye local filling station owner who talked with Conner the night he j was murdered. He also saw the Man Parsee High priest sad because yank a edding is barred be prosecuted in state and Federal court Hale charged with the murder of wealthy oklahoman Jal c. Parry 26, for Bur years a student Columbia University new York is on Bis Way Home to become High priest of indians parsers heartbroken because his sects traditions prevent him from marrying one of the u. S. Women he so much admires. He succeeds his father As spiritual head of More this a a million hindus. Two prisoners to be granted Freedom in Quot Austin. Jan. 10, Guthrie okla., Jan. 16�? w. K. Bill Hale Quot King of the Osage Hills and John rancher wer arraigned before Federal judge Cotteral Here to Day and Given until next tuesday to enter their plea the grand jury indictment charging them with murdering Henry Roan one of the wealth in Indian victims in the of age a reign of terror a were read1 to Hale and Ramsey alleged priv cd pals in the Osage plot. When judge Cotteral asked if they were guilty or not guilty attorneys for the two men to Quested they be Given until tuesday to plead. No reason a Given for the Wila granted. Roy . Lewis United states Quot Djiji Triet attorney has requested the a dosage King and his alleged right hand Ninn will be tried in Oklahoma City Federal court the last of february. They will not appear in court again before their trial is attorneys indicated they would file their pleas. . Lewis declared that government and state were working. In perfect Harmony on the Case acid expressed belief the state will a act j attempt to try the men on state mar Der charges until the Federal att a thormities have finished their Case i state attorney general Short in governor i Oklahoma City issued the following Miriam a. Ferguson saturday Grant continued on Page 5 wheat and Money gone too bad United press Oklahoma City okla., Jin. Id. A k. L. Raybeck Farner or ought a Load of wheat to to in today. He cashed a Check for $1,002.85. Raybeck then entered a 10 cent store and with his wife made a Purchase. Reaching into his pockets he discovered them Hare. Police Are searching for the pick pocket. De one conditional Pardon one fur Louth and ordered three furloughs extended. The conditional Pardon was granted to e. J Agueret convicted in Potter county of burglary and Given a term in the Penitentiary a Ertith not stated. Clemency was recommended by the District attorney who sex crossed doubt As to his guilt the sheriff and entire jury and a Large number of citizens of Potter j county. A ten Day furlough was granted to w. 1. Wright convicted in Maver Jick county of theft and sentenced to two years. Furlough granted that to May attend funeral of his father j Extension of furloughs Herbert Fogle convicted in Mclennan county of a felony offence not specified granted 30 May visit Bolger convicted in Elpaso county for swindling january term 11 25, 30 Days Extension to look after in ,.portent business. Earl Busbee Eon ships by air planes had to be partial in vto1 1&. By abandoned. Thirteen of the Craft Dan Ola Quot count Ana a in d.i________1____________loul Sci statement a january 4 the county attorney1 of Osage county filed a complaint charging w. K. Hale Ernest Burk Hart Bert Lawson and a. M. Bloyd with the murder of w. E. Smith. Quot this complaint was prepared by Edwin Dabney and j. Berry King continued from Page 5 30 vessels held in ice Jam in the Baltic i Pineil in a Berlin Jan. 1 5.�?the situation of 30 vessels ice bound today is precarious following wave which has interrupted Rescue work. Temperatures fell so Low that the work of carrying supplies to then a in a a Ebony of sense Noi Spei in the or length of punishment Grant Winier i Days Extension so that he May a a 5f. A a his wife who is ill. John g. But negroes killed by passenger train Are russian ice Breakers. They had succeeded in freeing the other Craft temporarily but were quickly caught in a fresh ice Iamb. Years for automobile theft 30 Days Extension. Counsel Frank Dow . To the dry tsar attended the Confer enee. Pimp la Rob control of a let a a pitting Bootleg drug in Titi out a Kun Jiuu a a etl Lisi permit i kid by ill a a operator and stricter control of mod Cinat we Nikiti warm Duc mod. The strategy conference was he la after governor Piti hot called i on Secretary Mellon and Dema Divi Thath i alcohol situation in Pennsylvania be cleaned up without delay the meeting Between the two took a political a when the Bogan when senator Jones Republican Washington attack a the Edge 2.7s per cent Beer Bill. He Beld 2.7s Beer waa intoxicating and contended that manufacture and Sale would be violating the Isth amendment. Senator Edge Republican new Jeriel author of the Bill maintained waa discriminatory to allow cider and win to Ini wifi for Home Cori Tiiu lion up to the Point where a intoxicating but not to allow the manufacture of Beer up to that Point. Edge offered to Amend his Bill if j 2.75 per cent Beer is found to be test Wells will be studded in near Lubbock next month if there a liquid Gold beneath the surface of the Earth in the Vicinity of Lubbock Ita whereabouts will be determined and value ascertained before Many weeks have Nassed James e. Watson Lubbock county land owner and. Associate with a group of Oil poor Nora declared yesterday. To Lubbock from fort Worth a to install the equipment will lose no time in getting everything in read ire a for pudding in. will be neveral Days before this event is celebrated Here however. is expected that plainsman from n More than one Hundred _ Miles of Lubbock will gather Here to be in attendance the Calebra governor charged that w. L. Mellon intoxicating Nephew of the Secretary prevented j senator Sheppard Democrat Tex dry Law from passing to the state As i tvs the b Quot a Leife Laturo. Lellon Toast a s but he Araette if a Sinue Tensil m the governor a Hargo As an he Sid his Nephew was be Cwm Segedin bulb so in Pittsburgh and Sis was no reason to him in the Fluer a a \ new Law of the witty. An he is the of the a ii is Watson Points to the fact that Al a tin. I ready two carloads of Oil Well a the possibilities of developing a Chicory have been moved to the to great Oil Field on the j cation three and a half Miles North j trotted such widespread intact that a West of Lubbock and that the Rig operators throughout the Cim try come to the Nart Fdl 1 Arrivo i Ore rom fort Worth have taken decisive action toward through Irish finn he country a Tuest by win by freighted to. Throw a prohibition. The location and an experienced Rig Crew will Start work erecting . A Telegram. Was revived Here yesterday from my Ocaris operator associated with a Watson in the test proposition stating that the Rig had been shipped and Shoum arrive Here not later than tue by the Rig Crew that is Heidi Brught i the Wrather West Texas partly Cloudy a order in a to a Witis of Man i Waue promoting the drilling of text Wells. Leases that were made in the pro posed Yoakum county Field several to paths ago came into Light again last week when the time tor expiration of the contracts found the operators holding the original leases mor than stud to make Rattal. Of. Thi?.t a a v. C. Iv6y of the Barr Ivy Yeti to company of Lubbock yesterday stated that he and his associates have renewed their lease contract on a body of 20,000. Acres of land 10 Miles North of Plains with goo Gina Tarot As Well known operators of . Worth who own 20 sections of land in territory adjacent to their lease the renewal was made for a period of ninety Days and Googins Brothers have promised that within thirty Days drilling equip ment will be moved to the leases and a location established. Favourable geological reports on All of this territory have been made and the operators seem anxious to get the drilling of test Wells under Way. According to a. Ivey a Roswell new Mexico drilling company has announced that will to on the r. With Tat or Luis Outt. Former comma of Texas held in Utah 11v l tiled part a a saut Lake City. Utah Jan. 16�?john Dresser Bollow de to be an sex convict Frem Dallas Texas is under Arrotti Bere with a companion in Eon Section in a bold up of a drug store last Wheelu Dresser a a of Ferina Frisi a gun shot wound believed to Havo Boen Reea Ved in the gun Batti a bib followed the robbery. A police office pm of guard when the a Botary was a Tompt de and is fight followed. Polio a say the let Quot a Bave. Confessed to the robbery Man ills we pc by in ital plea j Panda Kpor Jan. Firing three shot in the body of us wife Sam an Oli Fly old Mbom today to Vuk his own life a of a a in Var i a to Niti in frs a West Jan. unknown negroes a Man and a boy presume ably father and son the boy apparently about 15 years old were instantly killed a mile and a half North of West 12 30 noon today when the truck in which they were Riding was a truck by the second Section of the South bound Katy limited. is believed that moisture on the wind shield of the truck prevented the negroes from seeing the rapidly approaching train As they netted the track. V the bodies were mangled almost recognition. They were viewed by Justice of the peace e. H. Imltr., the truck in which til tw�1 negroes were Riding was p Ray tip ally demolished. The negro f were passing through West he i lived they came from,.. New Hea has reduced Highway Ai a tip m by unil Ltd tres Austin. Tem thorts to the state i meat from various a Tate continue to oras1ii�?T automobile ill ism via Ami

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