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Lubbock Morning Avalanche Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1924, Page 4

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Lubbock Morning Avalanche (Newspaper) - February 10, 1924, Lubbock, Texas Mali a Dur the Lubbock morning Avalanche. Sunday feb to 1924 Lubbock morning a Valan Jie a bathed every morning except monday by the Avalanche pub ushing co. Incorporated is l. and general manager it meal Douglas editor j., e. Griffith a advertising manager sintered at the Post office at Lubbock Texas for Wims Nissi thru the mails As second class matter. A Quot. Subscription rates 1i�z Lubbock by mail t .70 i of do to. 1.76 b to. 1.60 to. 8.6g 6 to. A 8.00 11 to 7.00 12 to. �.00 outside Texas Oklahoma now Mexico per �i.00 per year. Subscriptions payable in Adrance. Remove the barnacles notice it is not the intention of the Avalanche to a ast reflection upon the character of anyone know and gladly Correct any Avalanche publishing co. Sabbath Observance at the u. S Capitol. The Christian advocate published at Nashville tenn., Calls attention to a condition that we dare say but few people in the Union have really thought about which should have the attention of the people of the land. The advocate says that the americans Are justly proud of their Capitol City its physical features Are Beautiful and it affords shelter for Many of the rarest treasures of the Earth. The Genius of our National in a Sti Tutins there wonderfully embodied. And yet Washington City furnishes some strange situations. No other City in the world is governed As our Washington. The citizens of the City have no voice in the framing of its Laws. The Congress of the United states has that Power. Voters in Oregon along with voters in All the states in the selecting of their National representatives provide the men who shape the ordinances at the capital. All of us therefore need to know about the City a government of our proud capital. It has strangely come about that there Are no Sabbath Observance Laws at Washington and All of us american citizens Are to blame for the Lack of them. We can change the condition by arousing our Congress. Or. Sam Small Well known throughout our de non ruination has been calling attention to this matter he says a i am amazed to learn How few of our Well informed Christian ministers and people know that there is no Sabbath Observance Law in Washington City our National capital. David Lloyce George the great sex Premier of great Britain on recent visit to this City expressed profound astonishment Over the fact. W hat better Christian civic work can our 1 70,000 Minista if of in America do than to inform their congregations of this deplorable condition and scr a their to petitions to the Congress to speedy remedy this sole ism of our boasted Chis Tian civilization Many thousands of our Chil Dren from schools and colleges Are annual visitors to the historic fanes and treasures of this Superb capital. What must be their conclusions in regard to Sabbath Observance at Home when they discover that the seat City of their National govern ment is the weekly Arena of a Pagan Holiday instead of a Christian holy Day every Christian voter in the Union can powerfully help to abolish that evil condition by protesting against it to or her senators and immediate congressman. To the work to the work a women democrats have been holding 24 schools during the year at which it is said 1,000 women speakers have been trained in democracy. In addition to this the National Headquarters carries on an intensive correspondence course according to Washington newspapers and a special representatives the end of the Oil lease scandals is far from being reached and no one can Tell what or who May next be enmeshed. It is broadly asserted that influential political leaders and financiers in All parties Are quietly bringing pressure to Bear to Check further disclosures on the ground that the people Are losing Faith and respect for their government and Faith in their officials. J it is True that a crisis in Public opinion has i Arisen and will Long endure. The disclosures have been a staggering Shock to people More or less indifferent to affairs of government and it is too much to expect that they will pass it by lightly. Reports received from All parts of the nation indicate that revelations of a High finance involving bucket shops and Cabinet dignitaries and a Sharks a a have already created More so called a a radicals or political independents than All other combined causes have done in a generation. When men ranking High in Industry and in Public office Are discovered in shameless traffic for their own gain it is something More than partizan polities for it justifies and stimulates a resentment that has been smouldering among agriculturalists and industrialists for some years. Any attempt to suppress or varnish Over or condone or excuse any Man in any manner connected with the prostitution of Public Trust will be the greatest mistake political leaders Ever made. The Only Way to restore the Confidence of the people is to hew to the line and eliminate the barnacles by a in Ami if Teddy were Here. Money in satchels. Evolution embryology Lenin a Good brain. The Wise British. Can you imagine what Theodor Roosevelt would be do intr about now if that Teapot dome can do in were uncovered in . Stratton he would have All the Liberal of Cash before he personally their Satch to would have a battleship on its Way to France to bring Back Sinclair if the Law would let How. A and whether it would or not. His Teeth would be snapping and hi.? to air bristling. There Woald be real fireworks and to would Vinjoy it. Telephones indicate growth of country the growth of this country and Genera Industrial activity is shown by the continued demand for the service furnished by electric Light Power Gas and Telephone companies. A specific illustration is the american Telephone and Telegraph company and associated companies. 1923 was the record breaking year for the system when it expended Over $240,000,000 to enlarge and improve its service. The 1924 program for the system will require about $270,000,000 for Plant additions. These expenditures will be approximately $45,-000, 000 for land and buildings $95,000,000 for Central office switchboard and equipment $35,-000,000 for telephones and other equipment on subscriber so premises and $90,000,000 for outside Plant facilities. These enormous expenditures Are to take care of new business and will be distributed Over every Section of the country in line w Ith the uniform policy adopted by the Bell system. It is expected there will be an increase of fifteen per in Beil telephones Over 1923. And or. Fail Secretary of the Interior who leased away valuable Oil lands that had been ro.�?~3ervff for the Navy testified that he got .?100,000 from or. Ned Mclean of the Washin Irton Post. Then on second thou rats he testified As did or. Mclean that the grave a Check for $100.00 1, but he did t Cash it. Now a orcs or. Doheny one of the Ablest business Inen of the country who testified that be Lent old Friend or. Fall $100,000 which he gave in Cash in a suit Case and Sinclair Lent or gave or. Fall $140,000, some in Bonds. A easy Money a yes. Very. Or. Fall says a i am a sick that Isnit because he a tribute to Alai Brocic. By Kathleen Wright. Rhc strings of my heart they Are taster the love that binds Thorn More free my soul is stronger my heart still pure since Lubbock has called to me. Do i chafe because a sandstorm has caught me unaware does there Lurk one tinge of re fat one sign that i should care if All the elements spot me. Bid me leave this town of hellish mocking windstorms that laugh As they hurl me Down a god in glory who knows me May search me thru and thru and Fri e in Book what i m think info As i write this Praise to you. Go go to the towns i Tell Yoa and publish her. Glory there a glory that never fade the a glory wondrously fair. Yen Tell tie truth i ask you and Tell it with never a Una Al the truth of this town of our the truth that can never fail. Keep your eyes on the glorious Sunset your face to the beauteous West in your thoughts i Tell Yoo keep a pictures the very bests the of this wond Ewul country Lubbock and All she holds dear and re Densber in the midst of the picture the hand la in that a always Here. Boost Lubbock and see that your boost inst Wax never an Ace too far .411 Texas the East Waits breathless. , dazed cynical of you pair of Lubbock a flt sons would no to hire a doctor apparently company will make one Hundred one Hundred thousand dollars in million dollars of profit oat of that Cash in a it Atchel that or. Doheny 1 a Lent to or. Fall without taking a a not or receipt had nothing what a a a a Hus Mesa Man. The no lever to do with the fact that a few i time the United states needs weeks later or. Fall As Secretary of the Interior member of president Harding a Cabinet leased 28,-00 acres of Oil lands in California to or. Doheny. Or. Doheny says he believes the Secretary of the Interior it i gift hire or. Doheny. He knows to to make a Good bargain More to bad can be said tor some of our be my fam a where is the property you buy buy property in Texas but watch Yow step or Ryan upholds thl democracy bib of and now tacit the eyes of the Woolri lit Crafty a Pei King arc upon the Plains Texas it i Imper Itic that the a Quot lid substantial citizens who nor seek South dec to Pernt Tki territory to watch the Many a pro these Are trying times a one touch of nature makes the whole world Kin a wrote Shakespeare and he wrote True for when we from our hobbies Stop our speeders and stand on level footing with our Fellows we can see that we Are Kinfolk and must admit whether we will or not. Seme times we Don t like to admit it and yet we always feel a lot better when we do. True we get stuck up sometimes and have a sort of grand gloomy and Peculiar feeling which for the time is very satisfying but it is Only for the time for when we Lay aside our Fine clothes and special airs we realize that we Are merely men just human beings beset by common frailties and liable to common ills and failures. These Are trying times trying the theories and methods and manners of All men. And you depend upon it that those which Are found wanting will be Cut off even at the expense and inconvenience of those who have acted unwisely. Judgment Days come from time to time whether for men or states or nations and come they will As Long As Man needs to be judged and that will be until he has Learned to do right for right s Sake. There is no judgment for the righteous nor for Ulrie just but Only for those who act unjustly and fail to live rightly. Those who have lived justly and rightly have no cause for alarm in such times As these for during the Long period of Prosperity through which our country has Conne every a Nan has had 1 Opportunity without violating the Law or Trust re to nosed in . Nor can they Kim that they were blinded Iby the Glare of Prosperity for Good men like Noah of old were warning the people and yet like the people of old Only a few a Mere handful of those who heard the warnings heeded them v ent on their own Way. The fault lies with them. William Jennings Bryan the great american statesman and orator who made a recent trip South and delivered a number of speeches in i exas delivered two speeches in Nashville last week. Tiey were heard by Large crowds and were broadcaster and thousands upon thousands of people throughout the United states heard this great Man by Means of the radio. Or. Bryan has As subjects on this tour a is the Bible True a and a the democratic Campaign of 1924,&Quot he was heard by Large crowds. His vigor of mind and voice is not abated. He had the two topics that never grow old nor fail of a hearing religion and politics. He eloquently defended the scriptures against evolution and against those who discount the Virgin birth or the resurrection. He rightly advocated the Protection of our children against those who we Ould disturb their belief in the supernatural and the miraculous. Japan demands dem0c racy Japan is the latest european nation to make a decided stand to break from the grip of an outworn and deeply resented autocracy. The parliament is dissolved and the impending election if the Liberal forces can present a United front will undoubtedly result in overthrowing the Rule of the House of Peers. The Issue in the election will be a straight one Between the bureaucrats on the one hand and the liberals on the other the former seeking to perpetuate autocratic government at the expense of the Constitution the latter determined to shake themselves free from the political clutches of the elder statesmen and establish Universal suffrage with a government that will be in fact democratic pint Trees. Dont wait we have talked about the Trees and we have found out the kind that do Best in this country. There Are plenty of people Here who know How to Plant the tree then what is the matter Widi pudding in a few Hundred this next week. There is no use for Tom to wait on Harry for Harry May be waiting on Bill and if this is the Case there will be no tree planting. Wade in Plant All the tree that you can and then see to it that they grow. A few months prospecting for Gas around Lub it Bock might mean a great Deal to All of a. Alabama s new plan of employing convicts is a to Lea in them to the state and the state will mine a Given Price per ton. This will relieve the Coal Imp Anies of any responsibility to the convicts or Farn Ilies a the state will have absolute a a be com Yiett inside and out de the of the Pum will by watch Bull dogs in town Are just about As useful at a steam ship on the Sahara desert. The cow the sow and the Hen Are three things that Are necessary on the farm. Build a Railroad West from Lubbock and tap one of the richest agricultural sections of the South Plains. In spite of bad Trade condition British pub a 7� 9.246 new books and new editions of 3,028 old books during the year. Twa k about the Normal of it War business. Of i in the not Ion Sale ? that Are n our int Dpi an i this any course. People Are wanting to buy Plains Fand now As they never did before and this is right but Becatti a of this orca demand these people who Are now by. In Many instances will find later that they were a duped into making a bad Purchase. By making a Brid Purchase of amp mean what they bought As compared with what is on the Market at the mine time they bought near by. There Are some Beautiful additions being added to the City of Lub Bock. There Are instances though where promoters have shown their work by giving an a a addition a Beautiful High sounding name altogether opposite the real descriptive name of the property As compared with that obtained at similar or less prices. Now the people i�i4�o buy lots in additions to the City of Lubbock people who believe in the future growth of the town to the extent that they buy on the strength of the High sounding misleading name who never knew the actual facts in the Case before they bought Are going to be people who will Knock Lubbock the most in the future. It is High time that the commercial organization of Lubbock publish the facts on such promotion schemes. 7 o one and to cause one to suffer materially from purchases made in Lubbock will create a Bunch of knocks that can to be stopped for years. It will eventually if not stopped re act and the people who Are living in in Jobock will feel the effects of the reaction to a greater extent than will those who were stung by Stich schemes. There Are Beautiful additions to the City of Lubbock offering except tonal opportunities for investment speculation or for Home building. Mom ing Side addition announced by or Bush is restricted and sold in such a manner that it will be a credit to the City of Lubbock no doubt a valuable piece of property to those who buy therein. But every addition offered for Sale is not nor has not been a a morning Side addition. The same is True As regards the Many ranch lands propositions offered for Sale. Even though the Topography of these lands the soil and water Corr pared favourably with that of others similarly priced As they there is the consideration of evident development of the territory wherein they Are located to be considered. The possibility of Railroad extensions the bringing of conveniences of Many kinds to that territory. Many ranch propositions will not stand this test. So anxious arc the people to buy Plains lands that when a Quot certain kind of curb Stoner Quot and it Isnit always necessary for it to be a curb Stoner gets hold of a Chance to sub Divide a Large acreage he plays on the Low first payments and the Long time payments and not the total Cost or value of the land. No doubt there Are such lands offered for Sale right now in such a manner that it is , demonstrated time and time again or Over to make a living and pay the principal and interest High priced land a old for one tenth of a cent per acre Down and two Thoi Huid years on the balance is just one Way of saying somethings that the Man who buys it will be working for the owner seller the rest of life. Up to $50 an acre land anywhere on the Plains is a Gouni value but not when compared to land that is Selling at the time for less $35 per acre land situated where development is quickest most evident and possible is a great Deal cheaper and easier paid for and sold than $15 Sand it Hilb where the like Hood of railroads or any other kind of development is mighty limit will do the prospective purchaser of lands Good to stances at this. After making a living farming off of these lands and the Contentment of owning your own Home the possibility of creating individual wealth Liet in the Laiture Advance in land values caused by development to make a striking example of the above statement the writer refers frankly to the lands offered for Sale now by the South plaint land com. Pany of Lubbock. These lands Are striking examples of Good buys from every angles mostly from the present Price the terms the rate of interest and from its location. Anyone acquainted with West Texas development after investigating this property will readily recognize the locative value the Money to be made from development Railroad extensions conveniences proximity to markets Etc. There Are other such tracts. Some just As Good and Many Many others not near so Good. It would be a great thing for the Plains and for the people who with to make their Hornet Here if there could be Tome Way for the prospective purchaser to compare the proposition made by a Slick Tongue land Leller wit i to to of others who have land for Sal it is by strict coi Parison ohly Skalt irk Valusa be Delann Iliad. Lands Good to read this paragraph Over again. There Are Jutt Tuch in it

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