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Lubbock Morning Avalanche Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1924, Page 3

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Lubbock Morning Avalanche (Newspaper) - February 10, 1924, Lubbock, Texas Teapot dome scandal completely changes democratic situation on eve election my ado stranded by Raymond Clapper ignited news staff correspondent copyright 1924, by United news Washington feb. 8.�?revela-Iions in the Teapot dome affair have Ihan Gred completely the complexion of the democratic situation. The line up of candidates has been ii set for one thing. William g. Mcadoo romping along toward the democratic presidential nomination Bias been hit in the leg by a stray bul vet. He was just an innocent by stand Liiv having been engaged by Doheny to handle some mexican mat hers in no Way connected with the Oil Jea Aing a Candal. But Mcadoo was of the ticket is heard. He stands at the moment As one of the Moat potential of the democratic figures. Change stir party turning from the matter of candidates to the situation of the party As a whole the outstanding change is the sudden life which has stirred the democratic ranks since the Teapot dome scandal broke. A month ago the Mellon tax plan had just about sold the Colidge administration to the country and there was keen discouragement among the democrats. They had been out mane Vered by the republicans who leaped in with their tax reduction Bill be farm lands and a textile department which will include a minature textile Mill of two thousand spindles. The buildings will be heated and lighted by a Central Plant and the institution will have two thousand acres of rolling land at its disposal i or. Horn did not comment at great length upon the Kun flux klan. He declared however that there Are More klan members in the Northern states than in the South. In regard to mexicans he stated there were eight Hundred thousand in the unit Jed states and half of that number reside in Texas. A the mexican is a regular fellow and is peaceful if j you handle him right a added or. Horn. The architects with or. Horn and or. Carpenter Are William Ward Watkin formerly with Cir am amp j Ferguson l. W. Robert jr., and J c. Hedrick. Hope Hampton has Fine cast in big feature an dog too close to the Melee and Hen they allowed the republicans an erratic Bullet hit him he is jilt propose that be applied As lame now is if he had been hit while in the of the scramble As previously planned. A combatant. Fought shy of lease. Point cal a tragedy. A Teapot dome affair Haa smeared itself Over the whole politics for no one believe that me j ado has done one thing off color. Individual democrats May be the Public mind rarely draws me i distinctions and however unjust it is Cabinet. But to Mcadoo the hard fact in that his democratic administration vote Pullig Power has been desperately against leasing Fields and held out to its last find 732 delegates at a new York inaugurating the policies which Convent us who wih. Be willing to quickly adopted by the re take a Chance on trying top do eth the present disastrous lawyer in the White House i j democrats Are eager Mcadoo has hit Back n Hia own defense but at the name tune he an. Splattering of loan pcs that he has quit Dohony and a Neil dual democrats with Oil this will be seized upon by Many j who will ask Why he quit now if his connection has bin prop her Ito. A j. A a a a a eked that Dohl by Avi Isble candidate. John N t the a a in a trn Cisco of w.,t Virgin i., a Man of re cog so t Clarencel Brown director for Hope Hampton production has assembled a powerful cast for miss Hampton a forthcoming first National feature Quot the Light in the dark a which will be Shon at the Lytic theatre on monday. 1 in support of miss Hampton will be found such film celebrities As Lon Chaney e. K. Lincoln Dorothy Walters Dore Davidson and Edgar i Norton Chaney who Many regard As the Best portrayed of the Crook Type of character in the silent drama Par trays the part of a reformed Bast Side Crook of new York giving him ample Opportunity to display the Genius and ability which has made him famous in this sort of role. He will be remembered Best for his work in a the Miracle Man a a the trap a More recently in Quot bits of Lincoln has appeared in so Many successes As to make further mention quite unnecessary while Norton so Butler Inge on the stage and screen has won him considerable renown. One of s Best contributions to the Silver Sheet was his portrayal of the father in a humoresque a and again he registered a big dramatic Triumph As Isaac in a the Dorothy Walters has appeared in a number of Constance Talmadge a productions and As mrs. Of dare in a a Irene she appeared nightly in the eighty five weeks run which t his play enjoyed on Broadway. A the Light in the dark a which was filmed at the Paragon studios in fort Lee n. J., is declared to be Hope Hampton a greatest and most elaborate production to Date. Its adapted from an original Story by William Dudley Pelley. Read about professor Pep. He will be at the High school auditorium again monday night. Be sure and read the and and go. 89-1 new Standard roller bearing windmills Hyatt roller bearings Ball bearing timetable roller bearing Pitman self tightening wheel self oiling Light running noiseless Hyatt equipped we Mills never squeak nor bind standardize on the Standard it brings water very time the wheel turns around made in All sizes 9 it 10 it. 12 it 14 it 16 it 18 it 20 ft., 22 it for Sale by Axtell co., Lubbock Texas Ai to open its Oil re winning the Notni nation. Al bmitn.�?�. ,. J a i words grow More confirm tit daily. A a a a a but there a. To things which will a a Quot Quot Quot of make him m poor a candidate in the Campaign i conc in. A a a sch of rials Are of the seeing Boston tech Viero of Iho Teapot dome a andal. I a cont Nuell from Pagi 2- a pm h he Sci Rit in Etui dilate sex ept that he like Smith a re pay i5latif>n and it a Avo to i i eople Igioia Affili Aliou i it High Cros hcs be native born Devil part Jiudice. Of Tho Mon who of our Nati iral rest arc Ltd. For it i have been prom ii in in the Dini if a eng to have. Fat the need of rat pictures senator Oscar under a . Of . Our la a Vood is the strop seat at the moment tie Indus try is growing in ii port find i or offing by Mcadoo s to Luck a Ince. Concerns in new England but he Hai considerable of it osits ii Are Osta blushing Mills in the South dry which probably Wil and Southwest and Texas is Gettis in of Dpi my a c a Nore a Tiv a hot Luj her share of that Industry. In fact for4 Bett can it it a j the trend of the to Tiu Industry is Henry Ford would stand right j to this am As the Best possible candidate or. Carpenter who evidently tor the demo mite had he not Cote moves his state is general manager met uni himself for co Hodge a few of the Texas Power amp Light com Vera ago. A Fate Herbert Hoover h6 Pany which sup lie a More than one a a Jrew away a Good democratic now Hundred cities the rate being lower Narf it no Gay cast Rig he lot with the according to or. Carpenter than St Public cites when thai own those in new England talk of bringing him the Nomina-1 the proposed institution will be Tion on a Silver Platter built in a series of , or patois a Sam Tennings Bryan and his after the Spanish style. In All there a a a dilate or. R. Murphey Genii will be a a in Souris with four build tor James a. Red of Mia Ouri son Ings to a court while there will be r or Aston of Indiana and sen three buildings separate making a a tor Robinson of Arkansas a Al in total of Twenty seven buildings. Tie the picture some More prominent administration court we contain the by than others. One figure now re Library Assembly Hall and a Gyton training in the bae Gro find who Naium. The women a court will o he Wati hed Elosey is senator comprise a dormitory coking arts Soyal s. Copeland of new York and crafts department. The men s Copeland is sawing Wood and he will court will naturally have a Dormi have a sure resin a big pile ready tory while the other three buildings a a Hen the convention meets. Hrs will be devoted to civil mechanical nomination a senator from new and electrical engineering. The York was a Surprise to every one. Science court will be Given Over to he May to Nair a about july chemistry physics biology and met i. He had been slated to run Asey urology. The agriculture court will a ice president with Mcadoo. But be used for soil analysis and and my a talc of Putti if him at the head Hua Handry. In addition there Wil a is a a mile is a Miles but a gallon of Gas is some Liing Pep Power Gat has the a get there Power and it reduces the opem iting Cost of your car. There is Only one �?~1&Quot m my leage a that s Pep Power gasoline. It will pay Yoi to of Riib an extra Block to get a me Power Gas. We Are distributors of motor gain oils a too per cent paraffin Oil. 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