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Lowell Sun Newspaper Archives Mar 26 1903, Page 53

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Lowell Sun (Newspaper) - March 26, 1903, Lowell, Massachusetts The Loay Elt Sun thursday March 20 1903 Grange be eting at Tewksbury town Hall yesterday Mill situation continued mule spinners met. The Preat Mills spinners Union met last evening and voted Unali Noummy to Force the Issue in so ordered by the textile Council. Every member of the Union in fwd health present and the meeting in session until 1 1 o clock. The question of forcing the Issue if ordered to was carried by a Lutr of 175 to 15. And the Vole was info Muhly inn do Xiem Olmous. The National of nerf. Mess a. To Navy and Hibbert. Were present and Rocel Vort a Welcome. Noah to narc speeches on the situation though each Khulmi uhly retrained from commuting himself for or n against forcing Trio Issue. A Nior Nink papers i n los that or. Tansy urged Niou. To strike mid not. To feel disturbed Over the mention of financial support. This slut Numil is branded us a Dellib Rulo Faliti to Oil by of the textile to Council. The ballot till ten was n. Secret and none knew. How his voted so that there Mim be or Alth hour . As so Kirns Hie result of the ballot wits hindi known in user it Lar to Brief remarks to Licul unit Lead voted would a non unanimous. Amid great n Eli Lac. But now that the into be Imeln motion carried also voted. The nearly Soo at tended meeting of that Union in to Init Lxi re Hull Nuil took similar action in the evening. Secretary Rubbi i i Wuh Prce enl and Niaudo a speech. Took a Neutral All Hoigh morning paper Kuya fairly to a strike. Other speeches were a inc by local members who an Ull Irei y in the a Tennal luomnxers1 association Corgo Desse Letle Jului Hawley mid d. J. Morrow. The might Well to Jubi Lant for last year when they left it to the Vii Hines men to hand in tin1 Mailer Mui tin Rik nth. The first step Tho tool Xvi in to Jill Emit to Uick. The loonillxoms1 by posting obnoxious notices and doing no in their Power it Incillo them to strike when nil was to Javed not to strike and the committee or Hur Nosk men afforded them no Protection from i to attempt of the Mill Lila your con Ali Bush the Stum t Ion is and trouble is ahead the trouble la common to All there in no particular drive against tills one body and nil wll Liln Tho in inn is Kotrc Ngoh Horn of it acc and the Outlook. The textile will this evening and it Seuss the Tun lion for the last Elmo before talking final la Tun. A the six unions in Tho a Mac voted is individual unions to Force the Issue if so ordered by be Central body there seems Little Ilmi lil As to what Tho Council will do mils Eveni Iier. Of next monday. In the event of the unions remaining out on next monday the Mill Owen 13 state that Hoy will run Thole Mills if they have help enough left in them to in like it possible to run them. If any to out however it la very that till will go Ami the Milta in that Case will be forced to shut Down. Drawing-1n hands. A meeting of Ali i marts will to held in Hall this evening. The meeting in called by a Pommel tree of the Craft. Welles Hall the Headquarters of the loomf1xers, with the local Mills. Types of operatives is unions and Nipton Lutr of inc Ono Cutlo 1 Couill Locc of the textile Council and to Sny. They nil tic Rcd that the in it ural Tolk Erpf had not Side tack or in la Ennd a lieu in any Way. It Tho new Bedford carders to mass minting Tomor Row night. Prasit Otho in new he Foko mobs., much the executive con Utec of Tho card ers Union met in tit evening and listened to a report of the recent con heretic a with str. Knowles incl also a a civil of the United textile workers Council. Decked to Call r meeting card Era oni played in the yarn Mills in this City Oti i Ridney evening in 1 ii nil , when report a of the Coli for Eilt Fei enl inc Tiik of United textile workers will to Peru lured and addresses mite in King Lush Anil in allot will he out Antl in in formal vote taken on Iho of favouring a strike or not. Lawrence Union ill Givi Aid to Lowell operatives. By 1 to t tie Sun , muss., in Cir Ziccon Lemco with the vote of the Law the Art of living discussed was by miss Anna Barrows of Boston the Middlesex North society Lickli tha third Farmers inst to f Tho year at Tho town Hall in towns Bury yes today afternoon. Tho Aff nor us usual was a Giand a Occas Iho Anco was very Large. Another Roa Luro 10 meeting was Tho delivery of a no address by miss Anna. Harro ivs of Lios on Trio subject Bohrig Educ Lluu in the vat of dinner was served by the . N1 Aid society of conbre8atlonal Clin Roli in vestry at and flit this a Nur Noer vols Etcil the in go Grcic Zihni Isab of m. A. In turn. At 1 o clock the Virti non Jelalon wag opened by Jesso . Who Ivinno Ancert that in of the Teiml cities ton hox the at Ter Tiona be devoted to a Denu Stratch lec Ture on cooking Liy Ella m. Keith of Wor Cester City and county superintendent of work among Railroad men Nna City hospitals or the c. T. U. Her lecture in overt Raulte inter Schig. In in acc remt of her own work off the rail incl men. A work which has Hoe ii ninja used in voluntarily for the secant any of he i Jowill Union tendering financial and moral aug port. Tie impression which rot abroad Flint the local Union had vote to Nak for in and Vince of 10 yer cent is erroneous ire riling to null oils of Tho Minji. Thu Lowell textile workers naturally have the nym Patby of their of this i Fly. And Tho situation Thero is followed with much interest for it if believed that the out come will have important bearing on the conditions in other cantors. The local Union la made up of repro of Tho mule. Spinners weavers loom fixers dress Era and Wool Hortert unions. The next meet tip will be held tues april 1t Ted May develop into a Shu has r limited in Vonni Girlly Foi 12 years. She Tel l Ninny stories and Many interesting and Verv dub Cha which she Ordla Tineil As Pho Norng. And Hen parsed for his Pechoki among the audience. The whole i in Ilce null enjoy thle. Slip Denci hied the foods to by wheat eggs and milk. Usi containing the proper amount of nutrition for Ilic Roll Ferent parts of Tho Belv. Her wan done in a Chufi Iff . Incl i speaking of this she soul in was it a new utensil As Many supposed big old one brought into new use the chafing dish Sho sol cd. Was Seil outer. Sylvely in Tho 15th Ceil try incl was a very desirable utensil for Tho fact that the a null Lio it Jit much More von Thui in any Oiler was. It the after Nikon lecture How Ard poster Tif read the f the committee at the last to look into the matter of la Orfil Baldwin App tree in this state Rise report us follows Tom Rorri jilt leu Tamvu visited Tho foot n which Iho Baldwin tipple to grew we Liy ancient record As of Back Ari 1770. This tree was introduce Ity lol. Jal Dulu a progressive . H. Siw he Fiu Allty of the fruit was Eti Thithi a and distributed the san ii to . Thoy came to name ii talk a cillers it the Tinl Dulu. In having pc the name of 1 Cockcr Apple c account of the holes that the Wonsil Pecci s Luul Ineacie in search Iii Inutile Trio Pini ail lao the Lutt lors Apple. Tho Stone is about eight fee tall two Anil 15 inches thick of in is engraved Ati Apple Nimit s inches Wilck. On die Mem is a the poll or reeled is by Trio rums did in Tyrl civil association. Incorporated apr i 1stv. Ami Marks the estate Sybi i 17w Samuel Trio Lipsou while. I turns the. Ibid of the do a covered the it Ker Unnue tree Alvr Rameil Ilic the land i a Herb Tho Trio grew t coarse grave la with Lilyea to sight n Many places. The Bali flu Ira was destroyed in 1s50. Ronce textile Union the Secretary has session of much importance. Ten per cent. Of nothing. Will have ten per cent or Avil have nothing it is in cd Preston thai was freely in ado at Headquarters last no rat Nind a hours the of Lerg of the con null tire More careful in the they use it is Plain their sent menus arc the e same. Neither or. Tansey nor or ill Hert speak Lor publication in Iho situation. Or Tansy sol cd Marc reseal lives of the United textile workers of America Ive oame Here that it is no of ours. If the operatives in in Nell Vole to strike the United textile workers will Klvac them inc in support. Hut Are not bore Loupin Iona or give or. Tansey s words were in keep engr what the presidents of the told judge Hadley he s Iron Iron hns been Given for the cure of anaemia or paleness from a very Early Date in medical and has always deserved the High Praise it hns received. I in no other preparation has tron Over been so effectively and agreeably combined is in Pkt Rhon a specific remedy for All form and degrees of a Conjia curing not Only the paleness but also the Nervo finals and dyspepsia from which anaemic patients to commonly suffer. Pepic Iron a a blood nutrient nerve and stomach tonic beneficial to All Pale nor von 3, people. Or. Cons. Din Wootie Kast Islington ilass., writes that Ilia daughter was pole Nurt Haa of not wanting to move g about and o Pepron not. Then she began to Ftp no pc it Iron and it gave her color and a or xxx appetite. It leaves no inky or metallic flavor in fhe Mouth is narc Eagle. To the taste does not injure the Teeth nor cause constipation. Pet Iron is mate to two forma in a liquid in aromatic cordial elixir at is per bottle also in chocolate coated pills at soc. Or is per Box. By c. I. Hood co., proprietors Hood s Saraa Pabilto Lowell. U. A a. Did not a j Iner know name order with breaking three panes of Glass in a Hon pc in rear if la Queen Street pm railed not guilty to the Charco. Hov to ii witness part Toji titled to see i lie her put her through the Glass but when placed Oti the stand she said that it wms an Ai cadent As Tho Whitlow broke while she was trying it. To put Glass in the window and she in the sum of for her appearance before the court tomorrow morning. Of Chanco for jail inmates to join Twenty five minutes time was Clent to dispose of the costs in police court this morning tie session being especially Short for a thursday. John ii. In inn decoupled a seat in the Dork and i1 Best thrown out Dis played n Imdorf a Jarl coloured rih hons which he Bald is Chr of of the Gre Tost in the but lie refused to Tell order his mysterious badge Patrick o tlrler., a second offender was sent to the workhouse for at months. Timothy Mann Nav i also in nil g ills for the second time and lie Itile . Joseph a offender sent to jail for months. One drunk Wpm Rolyn cd lir Capo of Antonio j. Cowan charged fraud Nii Tinnil until to Morrow to Beans held in Rialto gossip has Cissy 7.0ftits and Jar rid. A Pron loth Sun v01sk, March miss car ill Lof Lvis is about to cuter or Lias Ento incl lie matrimonial state Tho Soi Oid is an open for Infante and children. Tia kind you have always bought bears the . He pleaded guilty to the run pc of drunkenness Ami Tho next four Mont Lis will be found at the work Rorr lunch to to enter House. To Tho mount Leo he May Pel if a cd on the Anbjorn. In Bart a. Number of the other in Mars of. Liat i i alar Tho party of the Pecord part Inott Sutlon to join his mysterious clan pcs in emphatically order. 7lnt Iho rear ans that twin non to yester Driy was Wotli prophesies of in Immediato help on the pair to any nothing of dark hints Ahjit Tho wed Funk a Roady Plai e under Iho Rose Tho Litrich and Home Gram Cru Only end of Iho Wen son to it their friends. reasons rare urged As lie fur a Crecy. Fred . Lills find Ken no port. Me., blew into Lowell a few flays Aco Wii i a Roll of and was hard a inc re ups when to count led by one of he guardians of the Pence. While i hip a Turk for his to Etmo to he in or nil top it my ind to be prot ipod Whon asked if he waa Pulley or not Rully to the charge of Dru Kennt a. Tie shouted where do you ask Chi i a Honor. In ant were. Tho it isomer. How Long have you Beon in Low three or four did you Rene Here i came Here for Itile Flold with in air of Era Van. You Nan to to jail for in Days for said judge Hadley. Of i Itin l the Jirl ponor paid but. He Koi no farther with his conversation for Iho court Cut his by Inch Short. Mary e. Howe who was charged you Peel run Down and in need of t tonic. Most everybody does in the Spring. Take an occasional Doss of the bitters. It a will purify the blood tone up the system and cure Mca Diche a Carthurn incl Keflon Pip Twila and kidney Talbot s opening afternoon Tom o Row k re 1.1 evening1 no Kofod the Drorit store a i the pub lie. Cluj from 2 to 5 i american Orch per Rector and Trio of c be rendered Avtar. 1. Overt n c Rry 3. A pct to calf b Spanish Dar. 4. Dun for flute unit Carfly messes. Bishor. Soi action from 0. Of Orui r containing to r n in a by meet Atul Olio. Vlot. Unpi for Friday afternoon and Aid in the evening to thrown open to will be furnished m 7 to 10 by tie e. J. Borea rating selections will Oon. St. Vivi 3 of Windsor no Coll a quiet us Natl a n re t .1. Rue my clarinet. Tho find jct Imholte. E dec nor. Nud to a. To la following Rem i by Var Ber Engen Tol from ural s i d Iuni Ili l Rny Lur run a. Sheldon. Mips Hii Ici in part kill Catling lius it Lipil con ii cml to a few mid it la Only wet Kiln the Century that tcnehhig1 and have re coi Iii to be classed among the Yho real of living Baa received the Vivy attention in our a Chook our dead customs discarded an. A w ours and although the Dittli Iii Hani Lod town by on mothers in count for something As in but yet they would not be accepted a whole. Trio inc Reneil study in Sci a Landon of Hygiene is lengthening the average i Man lift. We should discern botnet a Ilia Nercess ties Lulu los of hip. Knowledge and sole Linn of foil cur of the House. Lol atom ii Ute on Are a included in Tho Ait of living. Home co no Mica Lor Moi Lorn n. Supt no ton u r Liy of True Letlon. Also for 11 Dumyn Ilisco of slip Lac Liy in the Homo. Schools of Domestic sri once agr culture Al tools and Tho like arc no a Tro Sci nitty and Aro Dilnyj much Fohn further arc of Tho idea of Homo clo Ami Tho Art of Levi apr. We get the idea that the o a King school of nothing but rial coot i no. Hut the iroc a is All wrong a ours Cuno a Lali Orato dishes Aro com founded. But the Grent mass of etude re Tan Plit in Pine foal conking in n Ihu proper nil lip of the ingredients. So of ult train Chol Cyren Logout every Hizir and Jiny think that is nutritious an i Holesome. And not allow their up Otic o Furrow capricious. On motion of Nearon Clark she of cred a vote of thanks. At. That afte1 Loon meeting Howard a Oarr yen i richly interestingly and was up lauded. Rel polka can nets. Crry Maidens Tho Iiona selection fro Motley Over fir Uyco. J. T1 Iclyn Cir me Nin thro the von Tolzer Anler Onu Noj and nolo. 3, ally Ide Koven a comic air and Vyrl nylons 1 Hurlow 7fr. Or. i Lei music i Tretio. Selection . Kov trombone act a Hirl v i ind. La the an album i on link from Paull xylophone a. Concert Galon Lon a lobby or. I c is Locklon Fror a Tang Dodo tudors our i fed Emblem. Brown fas to fort. All discharged of City of Pitt Bukur get notion. By pitt3buro. Pa., mar. A Var employee of tie City from the neat of Down to the Vonieta. Except those in the offices Tho comptroller and the City Cler who arc not directly under inc Recor will today receive a copy of the Etter owing to the change in and mini ration and consequent Reorg Aniz Alro if Llie City employees you arc hero notified that your services will not 1 required on and after april 1, ulc. Are otherwise this was signed by h. Have City recorder. Altogether about 30 cup Loyola Are affected. Serious charge against Young Stratton hear of canted Presa loth Sun Colorado spu1no9, mar. Hearing of Tho Strait on will ise. In which j. Harry Stratton. Only on of a s. Stratton. Is suing for his i her b estate valued at. Holch was left to Colorado Springs for memorial Home for ill Kent poor. A begun in the District court yes Edny. Hurry c. Berry a dote love filed an fluid unit two Days ago alleging that attorneys for Young Stratton Hud me real with the jury men who Are to ear the Case. Berry was on the stand nil morning my was subjected to a fierce Exa Inin Tion by Sonntog Wolcott who forced in to a Milt that la was first pm Toyei by v Repi Ese Nativo of the and who Iro lighting the son us that while to employed he went to e attorneys for the son and entered eur employ thus obtaining1 Luslie formation which he handed Over to he administrators. Berry in to member of the elks Lodge i City and sri order to create an stun thai be favored hurry Tratton introduced the latter into the id go. This admission under oath Ica Ted a decided Sospiz Givus fire j n Hill Block on Tyty Street i Ames Jones arrested As a suspect but pythian Field Day o by held in Boston on May 6tit. Arrangements for the eld Day of the i Rigac j. R. K. A. Have been partially com by . Harry g. Winsor f this oily and the orders regarding he same will soon id issued. The Leld Day is to be held in Hoston. Relay May a the Driy previous to he opening of the Grain Lodge ses Lon. The program for the Day will i Robaly Roi Menro a.1 1.30 when the eneral Assembly will take place Anil commands will report to take put in he Parade which will to the Petit arc the stay. This will be at ailing Street or Copley it is expected that the Painda will o or View it at the state House by 3ov. John a Lea and staff and at Ity Hall by mayor Collins and Mem hers of the Boston City government he brigade will act As escort to 3rand Chancellor a it. Herr Nan of and the grand Ufa leers ant after dismissal a brigade review wll o on Host on common and 10 by . Winsor and Iliff and grand Chen Celver k. H. Her and the grand officers. Among the grand officers to be pres ent Are v. C., George b. Howes Worcester g. A. Rev. George m Ige. 3c. R. S Irles a. Cross Lowell g. M. At a t. S. B. Clark fall River g. I. G., w Ramsdell Lynn a o. G., Benjamin Reed Whitman. Knolls and u bal later in the afternoon May h arranged and plans Are being Nuudi for a. Pythian night at one of the the Pelham s boast the ii 13 residents Over so yeat1s Opark. Mrs. Estelle Hyde hag compiled a us of Tho Octove Narlins in the Ottlo twi of Poham tvs sch has a total Popup lion of Only 402. The list contains 1 iams. In 1soo there were 75 people1 in tin town were to years of age o Over. Several have Deil and sour Pavc moved since that time h. Mark i Yeara of. Age formerly of Fulham now lives in Low cell. There arc residents who a Over 20 years of age or. John cloy and or. Jonathan Whitehouse. Mrs Hyde s list follows mra. Jucas Jones so Iris. So mrs. Jonus Hobbs s4, mrs. Eltz Abc Tyler s7. Or. Joseph Pearson s7. I Daniel Pearson St mrs. Lav Tiia Auric 62. Miss Sarah s4. Mls j Soihl Jane is having been confined t her Heel for 17 mrs. Sybil hich Arlson 80, Randall Burts s4, Josep Farmer s5, mrs. Jesse Wilson s5. Sewe Devol so. Mrs. Abner Kittredge so Norris Emerson is mrs. A orals Emer son Leach so. Personals councilman John j. Pinder of War two Lias severed ills connection wit a. Pollanz co., to accept a Moi lucrative position with the Talf cloth info co. On Central Street. Or. Dinette has resigned As treasurer of the French protestant to Hiiro and or. Albert Mertrand Hus acc chosen to the place. . Alice Phelps Lias returned fro a visit with friends it Newton i mrs. K. Short is visiting at the Bone of her daughter. Mrs. John Covillo in aval Thain. Mass. Horse ran away two Pelham men had a Nar Row escape. And ado plus Precley of a Jinni had a narrow from serious injury while out Riding Yos Torday afternoon. To men started from their Home in Pelham to go to Lawrence but when they reached Kent s Corner and attempted to turn to the right the bridle broke and the horse dashed Down Tho Roud toward Roth Young men were thrown from the Wagon and received Severn Fra trios and Hui pcs. The vehicle smashed to sell leis. The horse was caught some distance Down the Road. Short pleasant sea Voyace via in Liliy prism Glasa has born is tried in . at Talbot co a store and see the Bene fit derived by a b. Colburn co Florida and other Southern Winter resorts. Three fall legs weekly from new tort Low rates Antl Ouper Lor service. For further information illustrated and fir to nine mutter Etc. Apply to Dennis Murphy 13 Appl Clon St. . Or b. R Price. N. E. A. 20 Atlanto avc., Boston Max no charge is lodged against him a suspicious Firo in the Hill Block in Yler Street shortly after Ink might last t resulted in the arrest of James ones by Oll Cor Wilson. Dories is now it g police station mid no Phonph hero is i Clerge is yet to Nazlu against him sonic Iii in the Case is expected to result fare Trio any is out. The fro in que stun occurred to the Tver part of sink in a i Ahvay and i3 Tho third lire in this building Wittlif week. Upon the arrival of the Firo in in tent there a merry Blaze i Rogl Cas. Though it was soon placed _ or control tie flames were i Tail lower part of the sink and to i will be flight. A fro occurred in this building on s i a morning Ami another one on Mon in morning. Tie three 11 such paid succession looked Anu of tar us firemen bad the bin so Una Sci on Trul an investigation was , resulted in Tho arrest of Jones by file it Wilson. I Jones a a Roomer in Tho Block incl alleged thai to left building Short fior o clock. Caught in gears injured at on . Try ins to remove a place of waste from the bearing of a rom blog a chant in t tin Hamilton card room his morning Katie o Cronnell of 103 Jar him Sti act got two fingers of her Eft hand caught Between the gears Rushing them badly. The ambulance was summoned and he was removed to the Lowell us or Here i t Rivtis found necessary to nip into the two in embers at Tho Sec ind joint. Don t cafe drunkenness la a Vaia to or Fol by Iho Iho coddle Iii of tic organ9 of Iho to Way Btij All Normal Etc to of Taco of Moina Cli to fam n More to a n to 111 Power to o t n cd to shrine will port Velj destroy All crat ing and it Bro for Uii for. That Lvi c 7 y. A., , Pulilli mod Are . "okhth3c" id Odo Closi Anil wet Lieut i ii effect Neil can to Ron without t111j to tint s in water. Willt. Tes. Or Coffre. In fart it Tonra up tic to incl old or Tea a Mcarty and Dlce Stalna. By cad nerve a cd or Riim Scon full or its use. Anil tilt crav1.nu for urn pm or Van no runs. We Eaarl of. The and vim it fund the Toxey "02r.i1ijc" in log to Ilc Struy All desire it nor. Spell cd too let free on request. s. Hope Josh. I ast of Tho g. A it. A , d. A Ivr Lars por porn has Poutoa to m of his Cut i Limo habit. I i Bank nil Tho to in Tho country a Boule Tako it up Ltd per bos. Or 1 Troici for j5, by Mill Post Ltd. Co. Al Ling Wood barristers Hall Lowell mais. A f. Dempsey thursday Nigist Friday and saturday matinees Friday and saturday. A q. Scammon s co. In the Delic loudly droll comedy drama Vuil of mirth and , is lint ii 3 and sen Sal effects pm i Cottri Prius of Clr Var i Ihn Nonga nil Dacca the of comely anal Tho leaders of All. Any indy this i Ripon will to Mitt cd for it cents y the reserved sent Tho Avail my of music thursday Nasht you Aak for in Tho electric like that you cannot got at Deb by Morse s i All orders promptly attended to. 14 Middle Treel to phone 4cj-l John w. So Scevoy counsel or at Law and Public administrator 127 Central cattle raised on our Are Sorton Nick. They thrive incl Grov fat we handle inferior stuff. Can sundly nil your wants in feed and Cral i at Foo very lowest prices. Now is Tho time for Stock Hay. Fiva carloads on track. Must be sold at once. Prices Are Low. 241-245 Moody Street Telephone 433-2

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