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Lowell Sun Newspaper Archives Mar 26 1903, Page 51

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Lowell Sun (Newspaper) - March 26, 1903, Lowell, Massachusetts All alive Tho people Are a la to to the foot Thouc the Sun i produced by it newspaper men and la therefore a it newspaper. It la known a Lowell a greatest newspaper. The Lowell Sun Tom aun. Is steadily growing in favor with the people. Why ? because it Oak is relied upon so give the Best and latent news seek by Tims. Established 1878lowell mass. Thursday March 26 1903 12 pages one Cen night edition six of clock to t. K a a pfc f a # a a a. A w a s t a a j-4aiffy. L w a a a a textile Ssue final order a to nights meeting conference of National textile officers and Mill agents fruitless six unions have already voted to Force the issues general strike seems inevitable unless the unexpected happens Between now and the closing of the week next monday will usher in the greatest textile strife in the history not Only of Lowell but of All new England. The six great unions comprising the textile Council which handles the affairs of All have voted without dissent to Force the Issue and tonight the Council itself will take final action upon the matter. It Only remains for the textile Council to say the word and on monday next the great hives of Industry will cease to hum and the worlds greatest City of noisy 8pindle8 will become a City of Industrial silence. And tonight the members of that Council each appreciative of the great responsibility will meet the great question before it discuss it manfully and finally and take the vote that will determine the course of 20,000 operatives in this cri8i8. Then the Mill agents will have from Friday until monday to reconsider their refusal of the demands of their employees and if they so elect they can Avert the calamity by granting the Mill operatives of Lowell a 10 per cent. Increase in wage8. The last diplomatic card was played by the unions yesterday when the of-ficer8 of the National textile associate an of America met the agents in a fruitless conference. The last Appeal to the agents at yesterdays conference. All morning a persistent Rumor has prevailed Down town to the effect that the agents had offered to Compromise by giving a 5 per cent. Increase. The run reporter ran Down this Rumor in Short order and Learned that Euch a thing had not even been suggested. That the store keepers Are greatly worried Over the Prospect was evidenced by the fact that they Clung to the report of the 5 per cent increase As a drowning Man would to a Straw. The wish was father to the thought and in All cases they were confident that the Compromise offered had Bee made and accepted. Such an offer has not Boon made at this writing and the situation remains exactly us it was All awaiting with hated breath the action of the textile Council this evening. Corporation boarding houses j since the indication have pointed so strongly to a general strike Many have been asking How a strike will effect these celebrated institutions the corporation boarding houses which in yours gone by were numerous and thriving on All the boarding House keepers or fifty years ago. Actors took right id of it. Keep their id yet. The oldest it Sarsaparilla Eros. Good for All the family. J. C. Ayer co., Lowell sum. To this Day maintain that they never made any Money by running them but their general appearance their Bank accounts real estate and reluctance to give them up Belle their words. Of late years Many of the corporations have abandoned the boarding House schemes but they still Are in Vogue on the Tremont it or Suffolk Lawrence. Merrimack and Hamilton corporations. A corporation boarding House is one in w hich Mill operatives live the keeper of which in paid five cents per Day for every woman working in the corporation who rooms at the House for every Day she works. The Price charged for women is str for room and Board and this the woman must pay out of her earnings. While the corporation pays 30 cents additional to the boarding House keeper for her support making >2.05 per week received by the House keeper. If Tho woman remains out a Day she must pay the five cents out of her own poc k it for As great As the Mill is it does business along Fine lines and pays the five cents Only for Days in which Tho i beneficiary works. In the old Days when men boarded and roomed at the corporation houses the charge for men was >2.76 ppr week for room and Board. Of late men have not been permitted to room at the corporation houses and they Are charged >2 00 per week for table Board. Of a strike takes place one of Tho corporation boarding House keepers informed the Sun reporter Tho Mill authorities will withdraw their payment of five cents per any toward the support of the women employees and the latter will to forced to inv 30 cents extra per week for Board on the Merrimack corporation alone 300 women will be affected by Tho change. Heard in assessors office. A citizen who was in City Hall this morning while in the assessors office said Quot i have been Reading with much interest about the fight Between the Mill agents and the Mill operatives Over the Onen Tion of higher wages. I done to i blame tile Mill agents for not granting the 1 operatives n to per cent in create. They could not do it and be consistent. They should not be made to give tip anything they done to believe in paying taxes and when they do pay them they immediately run to court to have their taxes abated. Of the City does t compel them to pay n Good stiff tax they should t he compelled to pay increased yesterdays conference. For three hours yesterday afternoon the Mill agents the two representatives of the National body of textile we ohlkers and the members of the local Council were in conference though nothing new was brought out by either Side. The purpose of the conference was to j enable the National officers to hear from the manufacturers themselves their View of the situation. The textile coun ii representatives did not go there to introduce any additional facts and figures but merely As a matter of Courtesy to the National officers. Messes. Tansey and Hibbert. Present at the conference were National president Tansey National Secretary ill Bert and messes Conroy Duggan Ashton and Mcdonald of the local textile Council and agents Southworth Moulton Bowen Connell Tourso feud and Thomas. The local representatives took no part whatever in the proceedings the National officers alone addressing the meeting. The conference availed nothing. Messes. Tansey and Hibbert went to Boston this morning where president Tansey made a report of the proceedings of the conference to the state Board of arbitration at the request of that body. Both will return later and or. Hibbert in All probability will locate Here. Talfy the opera Ives under them to be at their looms on monday As usual and that failure to comply with this order will mean prompt discharge. To is probable that similar orders will to Given in All Hie Mills i it a else that notices of similar import will be ported saturday. The Mill at lits seem to believe that enough of the operatives w ill disregard the strike order to warrant them in keeping the Mills open. Claims of both itt Mills. By associated i�?T4 totes Sun Boston March big Cotton Mills in almost entirely by ton roue of the made any statement leading up to the to create Ned strike of operatives. Some of a the stockholders since the demand wages was formal the Lowell Mills t wages and that or 2# although the trowel i Are owned residents of bos of trials Here have on the conditions for an Advance in Ted have said that Ere paying Good or two of them at least were a. I g on the average As much As is a Milf in fall River or new Bedford or in other place in Southern new England and Western Massachusetts where a ten per cent. Advance was mad loaf Spring. A Man connected with the Roott Mills of Lowell state that his corporation pays higher wages than the average of new England or Massachusetts Mills. These claims were denied both by the lows Ell Union officials and by the officials of the National textile organizations. In Mill circles it is becoming More and More apparent that the trouble at Lowell is More than an Issue local to that City. The officials of Mills in Northern new England outside of Lowell and the 60,000 or More operatives employed in them Are intensely interested in the outcome of the Lowell struggle which is considered inevitable for it is admitted that the Lowell Standard largely governs the sche tile paid North of Boston. Last Spring when m. C. D. Borden the owner of the fall River Iron works made his spectacular movement in the print cloth Trade and by advancing wages practically obliged All Southern new England to follow the manufacturers in Lowell Lawrence new Hampshire and Maine Mill towns did not follow suit. They Felt they said that they could not afford to do it. The Inlet huh which control the Lowell Mills largely control the Mills of Manchester Dover Nashua Lawrence and elsewhere. The president of one Lei Well corporation is the leading Factor in certain new Hampshire Mills employing a total of nearly 16,000 hands it has by Ien stated that the employees in the Cotton textile Industry of the North will largely rally to the support financially of their Lowell Brethren but just How Strong this movement will develop is not Clear. The strike of the employees of the new England Cotton yarn company in fall River new Bedford and Taunton which. If railed out As now seems Likely will it is thought divert no Small proportion of the funds of the mule Sumner National Union the most powerful organisation financially in the Industry it is pointed out however that organised labor in general May contribute to the strike fund in Lowell. According to the statistics of a Publio official who hits been investigating affairs in Lowell the total number of operatives who would to directly affected by a strike is about 1ft,. About 5000 of whom Are Union member. Tills statement was a Surprise a it had been understood that the unions were much weaker. A Large proportion of the skilled help is said to be in the Wilile Many thousands of weavers mostly women nod Many employees in Tho a flow wage a class Are not. Nothing Lias developed to indicate that Ain Advance in wages will be made. Tho state Hoard of conciliation and arbitration were waiting patiently today the outcome of eve it lits in Lowell. Their visit the higher unions. To that City wednesday was principally for tic put Post Quot i looking Over the Slami Ilion Ana consulting factors in the Case. It a the Bourd will not discuss what has bean done. National textile officers Tansey and Hibbert called at the stats House today and were in consultation with Charles it. Palmer and Richard p. Berry of the Hoard. The conference was secret and nothing could to Learned As to what subject Wai under consideration. Continued to Page two Pennell inquest will follow after Burdick s if closed by a moola t of plus to the Bun Buffalo March 26.�?it is the understanding this afternoon that the inquest into the health of Arthur r. Pennell will be Hel Ltd immediately and that Tho verdict in the Burdick Case will not be rendered tinfoil after the close of the Pennell inquest when both verdicts Nill be Handel Down simultaneously. L this indicate to closely Allied the two tragedies Are it the official mind. Naturally there re been considerable speculation Ai i to what the verdict is Likely to be a the Burdick Case. Under the new lad the police Justice has the right to i a in warrants at the close of an inquest ii i a murder Case in the event that the evidence brought out during the investigation is Zuffi cent to indicate the guilt of any particular person with a sufficient clearness As to make an indictment by the grand jury reasonably certain. It is Incon Vellable that lie court in this instance will name it any one in the warrant which he in it is possible Howe sue warrants for the and Jane Doe. In i strict attorney will to the whole Case to tile funerals in see fit to Issue that he my Lares of John do t event the Dis jul gtd to submit and jury. Anti strike orders Given. It is reported that the Bosa pm Oil the Hamilton Wear rooms wer instructed yesterday to no p. Id meeting. The overseers of the monthly meeting Tonto the pity farm. I it a will hold their at 6 o clock at Fari Eye the funeral of the late Jan Farley took place this morning at l Ift o clock from her late Horn. 202 Concord Street and was largely attended by relatives and Friend of the deceased. The funeral cortege proceeded to the immaculate Conception Church where a solemn High mass of requiem was celebrated at it o clock by Rev. Lawrence j. Tyghe o. M i., assisted by Rev. John j. Duffy. O m. I. Of the Tewksbury novitiate and Rev. James Duffy. The choir which was augmented for the occasion was under Tho direction of or. P. P. Flag Getty and mrs. P. P. Haggerty presided at the Organ. The Gregorian mass was Sung by the choir and at the offertory or. David p. Martin rendered the Quot pie Jesus after the Elevation or Haggerty rendered Hummel a a to salutary a and at the close of muss a rest spirit was Sung by the choir. As the remains were being borne from the Church the choir Sang the a de prof Undi. There was a profusion of Beautiful and appropriate Dot Al offerings in evidence. The following being the most prominent Pillow of lilies Aud roses bearing the inscription a Mother a from the children of the deceased Wreath of Ivy leaves Sud White roses from or. And mrs. Patrick Kano Wreath. Miss Gertrude Smith Spray of Calla Iii ice or and mrs. Conners splay of White rises. Mrs. Stocks and family Wreath Little Bessie Keyes and a Wreath from or. A. J. Hatpin. Tho bearers were messes. Patrick and Peter Karn Thomas Mcdonald. Jam Cox Challa a Connors und James Riley. Tho Ushers ii the House and Church were messes. William Purcell Hugh Duggan and Michael Quinn. The interment was in the Catholic cemetery where the last sad rites of the Catholic Church were elem Laed by Rev. Patrick j Mcgrath. O. M i., assisted by Rev for. Tighe o. M. I., and Rev. John Duffy. O. St i. The funeral was under Tho direction of undertaker Peter Davey. Pucello the remains of the into Joh a Pucell Wen consigned to the Fine. Resting place in the Catholic cemetery w Pucell Wert consigned to the Ana resting place m the Catholic Cornetet this morning the funeral was very largely attended by relatives and Friend of the deceased and member of the elks of which the deceased wee a prominent member. The funeral took place from i late Home 128 Lakeview Avenue at 8.39 of clock and the funeral cortege proceeded to St. My Cheair a Church in sixth Avreet where a High mass of requiem a celebrated at 9 of clock by Rev. Dennis Murphy. The choir under the direction of or. Thom p Hou Igor Sang the Gregorian mass and miss it a olym a White presided at the Organ. At the offertory til Quot pie j eau a was Sung by or Boulger and at Tho close of Mase mrs James a Murphy rendered a come in nto As the remains wore leaving the Church the choir j Sang a Lead kindly among the Many Floral offerings the following were the most prominent Pil Low hearing the inscription a i owl Lodge 7. B. P o. Eft no the Lowell Lodge of elks Ivy i Calli. Or. And mrs. To Kelly Spray of Palms. Or. And mrs. Michael Roach Spray of pinks. John Coughlin and a Somaf or wheat and roses from miss Margaret m Manus. The following delegation from the Lowell Lodge of elks was in attendance exalted ruler James f Lyons Secretary t by. Boucher and messes. F. K. Gray William h. Grady James j. Hanley p. F Mcnulty John t. Sloane and Thomas h. Boyle the bearers were messes. Patrick Kelly. James cauda Michael Mcquald John Mecluskey. Henry keyed and Michael Mccourt. The interment was in Tho Catholic cemetery where the committal prayer were read by Rev. For. Murphy. The funeral was under the direction of funeral director Thomas j. Mcdermott. Grocers and butchers to close thursday after Noons this summer. The grocer a and Butcher a association held a meeting at the Merrimac House last night. Or Alden Gerow in the chair. # the purpose of the meeting was to take action on the closing on thursday afternoons during the summer. It was voted to close every thursday afternoon at 12.30 of clock during the month of May june july August september. Five Delegate of the Trade and labor Council were present at the meeting and promised to give their moral support to the movement. The weather. By Hun fair tonight and Friday froth Watt to Southwest wind. We have decided to Clote out All our Gas radiators and Bea Ful Gas lamps at lest than coat Call at Sklom 143 Middle St. Killed hens police Are looking for sew Kral boys. The police Are on the Lookout Tot several boy who they think reside in Lowell who called at the farm of mrs Burke in East Chelmsford monday and killed and maimed about thirty hens. After leaving the Burke farm they went to a form owned by a or. Devin and there stole two or three hens. Fell on sidewalk. William Linton. A Pupil at the mood of grammar school w Hole returning Home yesterday fell on the sidewalk and received a bad out on i right Knea he a carried to his Home 868 Concord Street and or. Mcadams summoned. The latter found it necessary to take three stitches in the wound. a rite

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