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Lowell Sun Newspaper Archives Mar 24 1903, Page 15

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Lowell Sun (Newspaper) - March 24, 1903, Lowell, Massachusetts The Lowell Sun tuesday March 21 1903 8 5 of clock riot at read then police fired on mob loved Pennell non Union men he had tired of mrs. Now take a hand at thirst blood. Of War Manti of High biota satiate a associated press to the Sun Portland ore., March since the fierce High Binder fight to years ago when several chinamen there killed in Chinatown has the chinese Section of Portland been in Uch a state of unrest and excitement. Two of the leading High binders associations of the City have declared open warfare and two More of the leading societies Are fast being drawn into the trouble. A a thirst for blood has Arisen among them a said a conservative chinese last night a and not until the Cannery chinamen Are All Back again at their work will peace be the to bin Tong and to on Tong societies Are the leaders in the fight and Are making preparations to contest their disputes to the bitter end. Latter attempted to Burn government buildings Severas of Tho rioters killed Many claimants ask damages from the City Treasury Merrimack paving company wants interest on Money held up by in. Junction the committee on claims aldermen Burns and Gallagher and councilmen a mounted police officer. He was sending in a duty Call upon the 6th of november 1900, when the horse with one of his Forward feet hit him a powerful blow upon the leg just below the knee. He wanted damages. George Al. Flint petitioned for damages on account of the building of the Humphrey and Williard Street sewers. He stated that it injured his building on Williard Street by drying up his Well and he has been unable to let the premises since. Thomas Fitzgerald was injured on Middlesex Street while in the employ of the City a pick breaking and a portion of the steel entering his left Eye because of this Accident he lost the sight of the left Eye. He wanted damages. Treasurer robbed try associated press to the Sun Kingstown St. Vincent March 24.�?a serious riot was in Progress at 2.30 yesterday afternoon in port of Spain Trinidad according to a dispatch received from that City. A mob attempted to Burn the government buildings there and the police had to fire on the rioters killing or wounding several among them. The British Cruiser Pallas at the time the dispatch left was Landing Blu jackets. The rioting was due to the refusal on the part of the government to withdraw an ordinance concerning the new water works to protest against which several meetings had been held. A demonstration was made during yesterdays meeting of the legislative Council and finally the Moi stoned the government building and set fire to it. The riot act was read and the police fired on the mob. The City is in a state of great excitement. Ambassador Herbert declares he is not a roman Catholic. By associate Presa to the Sun London March 24�?ambassador Herbert has written to the Dally news of this City from Washington denying a statement which appeared in that paper to the effect that he is a roman Catholic. Sir Michael says he is a devoted adherent of the protestant Church. Burdick by a sedated press to the Pun new York. March 24.�?today s american prints the following interview with mrs. Seth Paine a i am sorry for mrs. Burdick. I do not doubt that she told the truth in every line she uttered. She loved Arthur Pennell if Ever a woman loved a Man. But of it is too horrible to think about. She not realize what every one else seemed to know that Pennell had already tired of her and was trying to get rid of her. Or. Burdick knew it Well and that was what made him most bitter toward a Fine of $100 rejecting tenants because of children. By Assoc ated press to the Bun Chicago mar. 24.�?alderman Rux ton in pursuance of the scriptural commands As Well As of the expressed policy of president Roosevelt has introduced in the Council an ordinance subjecting to a Fine of Hoo every landlord who rejects a tenant on account of children in the family. Or. Ruxton has eight children and More than once he has been turned from the doors of a desirable Fiat because heaven has blessed him with progeny. Striking eligible list Day of revenge by prom Totsc Sun Pittsburg March 24.�? More trouble broke out today in the structural Iron workers strike on the Wabash Bridge. The non Union workmen imported Here by the american Bridge company went on a Little strike of their own and refused to go work when the whistle blew. The cause of this strike is the discharge of one of the crowd by the Foreman James Mcguire. The Union strikers Are quiet. They Are patrolling the streets in the District but Are not making any noise. Secret ballot general strike passengers detained Roommate gets away with about $3000. By associated press to the Sun Milwaukee. Wms., March 24�?treasurer Harry e. Nirdlinger of the Marge Barry Hayes and Braden devoted Rita Silva opera company was robbed of three hours to hearing claims against Cash and notes amounting in All to about the City last evening and when they j $3000 Here Early yesterday the Money Aud finished the hearing it was too late having been taken from beneath his Pil to hold a meeting and the committee adjourned without taking any action after voting to View the Sites mentioned in the different petitions on March i. Among the claims presented were the following Bertha l. Howe for compensation for injuries to her limb received at the Day Nursery festival last year by the falling of a ventilator. Waiter e. Howe a brother of miss Howe said that his sister s clothes were almost entirely destroyed which would amount in value to about $60. Drugs $15. Crutches $2.50 and doctors Bills $78. William h. Spillane for compensation to the amount of $60, because he was damaged to that amount by the change of Grade on Howard streets. Thomas f. Quinn for damages on account of injuries to his Little daughter sustained in december 1901, in the Central Street school. Charles e. Mcdermott was injured last december at the Sand Bank upon Riverside Street and through Ilia attorney John Joseph of Connor he presented a i do for damages. The injury consisted of a compound fracture of the knee and he was Laid up for seven weeks in St. Johns Hospital. Fisher h. Pearson esq., appeared in Low while he slept. It is asserted that he was drugged. A member of the company who roomed with Nirdlinger is missing and he is suspected of the theft. Vasquez expelled revolutionists in control of the City. By Asroui Atud press to the Sun Paris March 24�?the foreign office has received a dispatch from san Domingo confirming the yesterday s advices of the associated press saying that two revolutionary generals have taken Possession of that City and add Westford and in amp that president Vasquez has been expelled. The dispatch is Brief owing to the fact that the revolutionists have Cut the wires but the officials Here construe it As meaning that president Vasquez a government has been overthrown. No information has been received at the foreign office regarding the reported revolution in Nicaragua. They could not get their passports. By associated press to the Sun san Francisco mar. 24.�?eleven passengers booked at san Juan de Guatemala on the Kosmos liner the Ben which has arrived Here from Central american ports were detained As the government would not give passports. Colonel Clemens who joined the vessel at Valparaiso mysteriously disappeared during the run up the coast. He once held a commission in the French artillery but for the last five years has been drilling and organizing peruvian recruits. At Corinto he heard of the impending War Between the Central american states and left the vessel to visit san Jose de Guatemala. He has not been Hoard from since. His baggage is on the Theben. Ordered by advisory Board of building trades. By associated press to the Bun Chicago mar. 24.�?a general strike of the building trades was ordered by the advisory Board of the building trades last night on All structures rut which members of the International association of Sheet Metal workers Are employed. This step was taken to support 5000 Sheet Metal workers who went on strike March to. Because the Sheet Metal contractor a association had signed an agreement with another Union. Four Hundred bricklayers and their helpers employed in the erection of a new building in South Chicago have gone on strike. The trouble came about when it was discovered that some of the men employed upon the structural Iron work were not Union men. Is Catarrh your life a Cloud eminent nose mid Throat specialists in Dally practice highly recommended or Agnew s catarrhal powder As Safe sure permanent painless and harmless in nil cases of cold in the head. Tonsi Litls hoarseness and Catarrh. It gives Relief in ten minutes and banishes the disease like magic.�?16. Bold by eur logwood amp co a and fall pc Burkinshaw taken by men on Brockton division by anociatr<3 press to the Bun Brockton March 24.�?nearly 390 members of division 235, amalgamated association of Street railway employees of America held a meeting in Campello last evening and voted on the questions of striking for a Fiat rate of 25 cents an hour or accepting the sliding scale offered by the old Colony Street railway company. The voting was by the australian system and the ballots were not counted. They were sealed and will be sent to the Headquarters with the votes taken by other divisions. The result will first be known at a convention in Boston which will he held when All the divisions have voted. This will be a considerable time. It is claimed that the majority voted in favor of striking and insisting on a recognition of the Union. The division also voted for delegates to the International convention to be held in Pittsburg in april. The meeting lasted until after 4 of clock this morning. Fatally injured general Clark knocked Down by a cab. By associated in Chicago. March 24 general William Thomas Clark of Washington to it. U., was knocked Down by a cab while attempting to Cross Blate Street last night arid probably fatally injured. General Clark has the distinction of being the Only surviving adjutant and chief of staff of general Grant s army of Tho Tennessee. He served two terms in Congress from Texas. Merchants association. By associated press to the Bun Schnelt a Tady n. Y., mar. 24-a merchants association is being organized Here As auxiliary to the citizens association one of the results of the labor troubles in this City. For carriers and clerks at Post office the list of those who passed the civil service examination for positions As clerks and Carrier at the local Post office has been received by postmaster Thompson. Those who passed Are eligible from today for the ensuing year. The list is As follows clerks. We 11 la in in Giblin 87.15. Patrick we Kerwyn 87.05., Frederick b. Reed 85.30, Harry it Sprague 84.65, George f. Of Dwyer 84.10, James j. Egan 82.20, Walter b. Edgell 82. John f. Adams is 30, John h. Murphy 7s.75, Louis n. Pheneuf 76.36 Thomas f. Golden 73.50. Carriers. Charles j. Mcquide 86 20. John w. Kennedy 84.15, Patrick e. O Neil s3.ro. David m. Gillis 83.75, Arthur Mccann 82.20, Arthur Brown 81.70, George l Hunt 81.55, Charles o. Stevens 80.85, Zephyr i. Bisson net to 80.10, Thomas a. Mcnamee so Hazen g. In Ellsbury 79,70, Dennis a. Donohoe 79.30, Bernard i. Riley 79 15, William g. Morse 77.85, Albert e. Willis 77.sr,. William a. Barry 76.95, Michael j. Nestor 75.80, Matthew j. Mcnamara 74 40, Fred n. Tilton 74.35, James j. Kelley 73.35, Jeremiah a. Daly 72.90, William l. Keegan 72.65, William in Looney 70.90, Elzar j. Larochelle 70.70, John f. Hallo Wood 70.io, Timothy j. Sullivan 70.30. A race arranged. By associated press to the Sun new York. Mar. 24 the Larchmont yacht club s regatta committee Han made arrangements for u race Between the yachts Reliance Constitution and Columbia. The Date of the race has not yet been fixed. Came to girl after two years by associated press to the Sun Weston. We a. March 24�?miss Jennie Waggy the pretty daughter of William Waggy. A prosperous Farmer near Here has hot Ralph Mcdannald a son of the late sex sheriff Addison Mcdannald. Or. Mcdannald is a medical student und come from Louisville ky., on a vacation. Miss Waggy fired five shot at Mcdannald two of which took effect in the Back either one of which the doctors fear will cause death. About two years ago miss Waggy sued Mcdannald in the circuit court for $6,000 damages charging him with deceiving her. The jury gave her a verdict of $2,000 and it was thought this had ended i he matter but she says Che has been patiently awaiting her Day of revenge. Fewer gallon wears Long a. Fewer Gallons takes less of Devoe land and Zinc than mixed paints. Wears longer twice As Long As Lead and Oil. A great Slaughter Sale of trunks. Dress suit cases and All kinds of leather goods will take place at Devine s trunk store. 88 Merrimack Street. Our former Price will Cut no figure at this Sale. Every article i marked Down almost below Cost. Remember the place p. F. Of vines trunk store to Merrimack Street. 60 per cent. Of All headaches Are caused through defective eyesight. Delays Are dangerous. Optician i. G. Ropers 145 Merrimack Street. Iti one flight. Spring styles latest patterns of Wall papers we Are prepared to show you Tho by St and Low St priced Wall papers in the City. Come now before the Rush is on. We also give estimates on House painting. Remember the place. P. A. Howard 487 Merrimack St. You ran save Money by purchasing of us. Established is 7 a to in Iizumi up to Date i Tea m 1903 5 Stok a / Quot let the Golis Dost twins do your work a done to break in c. J. Gorman s company playing that old and popular play a ten favor of the petition of the Merrimack nights in a bar room was the at Academy of music. Valley paving company for interest Money while the Money due this Eom-1 any was held up by injunction pro Celt dings brought by Jerome f. Manning. David a Bowron presented a claim for the loss of a horse which As he traction at the Academy of music last night. Weather conditions were unfavourable but the audience was Well entertained. John j. Owens a Strong favorite in the music Hall Stock company of some seasons ago. Was very powerful As Quot Joe Morgan a for the loss or a noise a Man As no a y7, a t Liege Ira kill by n defect in of school Street last december. I a i. A wracked a Michael h. Rogers presented a claim on account of injuries received by his boy a Pupil of the Butler school. John r. Mckenzie told of the injuries he received while upon duty As drunkenness is a disease Quot will Power will not cure it. Prink is the greatest curse of Mankind. Many a Young Man of greatest Promise has Lund Tho dishonoured grave of a drunkard instead of an honorable plact in society. Physicians have Long recognised that continued indulgence in alcoholic stimulants causes Tho stomach and digestive organs to become diseased. Iii the vast majority of oases therefore habitual drunkenness is a physical Dis ease Aud no amount of mental resolve or a Faith euro a will cure it. Quot Orriner Wilt. Positivity and Peh id an in stay i us the Prink habit. We guarantee this and will refund the Money should the remedy full. But it never does fail a Job Hines la tasteless odourless and color Lens mid can be Givin without the patients knowledge til Tea Coffee water or in ilk. It tones up Tim diseased Atonia cd Aud gives a Hearty appetite and Good digestion. Mero Liers of the w. T. It., clergymen pity a to ians and Public men All Over Tho Luud endorse this wonderful remedy. Rev. Thoa. Eaton d.d., 027 e. Capitol St., Washington la ct., writes a i can safely of Furni from oases under my personal observation or Tnp is a marvelous and permanent remedy for chronic $1 per Box it boxes for $5. Securely sealed i tit paid. Sealed Booklet called free on request. Address Obbink co., Pope building washing ton p. C., of Call on Ellingwood amp co., barrister Hail be Well Mats. Cancers no cure no pay of you or your friends have a cancer i wily nut in Vee Ligate our record we 1 take Yon to our Home and remove Tho cancer before Auk Tig you one cent for Board in die be. Room or cure. Stud f it a our Hook on cancer of is free for Tho leg int the by St of reference Given. Address Riverton Cano it Home. Lorene m it a. N ii. Appointment made by letter. Lope was effective As a a Simon Slade and the remainder of the company filled the parts acceptably. Between the act there were diverting specialities. De. Gallagher Irish comedian pleased with his comical ties win j. Bryson and Maud Hazel gave an entertaining sketch and j. H. Of Donnell gave an excellent musical number. This afternoon and evening the company will present Quot East miss Westlake is said to be very Strong As Quot lady Isabel and a a Madame Vine a and the company is Well adapted to the favorite piece. East Lynne at the Academy of music this afternoon will be presented that Ever powerful drama. Quot East the Gorman company is the presenting company with John Owen As the leading Man and Lowell people Are assured of n noteworthy performance. Quot East Lynne Quot is not new it is old Quito old but there Art some plays that Wear Well and a East Lynne is one of them. Tomorrow afternoon and evening a the convict revenge will be the attraction. The women of Lowell should enjoy these performance the matinees Are especially for women and children. Mcclusky orders to his detectives. By associated press to the Pun new York. March 24.�?inspector Mcclusky yesterday ordered a raid on a Pool room in West 28th a a deet alleged to be run by or in the interest of Quot Shang Draper. He detailed five of his detectives said to be his most trusted men. The inspector told the detectives not to Bre to in. They went to the front door several times but were denied admittance. Just about the time the last Hennings race was coming Over the wires when the detectives made the last demand for Entrance again being , they stood by and saw More than too men file out of the front door Anion them a Shang Quot Draper. The officers vent away after saying no gambling was going on. Late in the afternoon the downtown police raided an alleged Pool room in Broadway near Cortland Street. Three Wagon loads of paraphernalia were seized after the police broke in a door on the fourth floor. Seventy five men were in the room of whom six were arrested. �1at Bennettville cottages being erected to Settle strike. By associated Presa to the Sun Schenectady n. March 24�?it is expected that a meeting will be held tonight by the builders Exchange to secure a settlement of the leather strike Iii this City. _ anniversary mass. An anniversary mass Tor the reprise of the soul of the late Catherine 81avin was celebrated tills morning at 8 of clock at is Peter s Church by Rev. Michael Ronan. The choir under the direction of or. James e. Donnell Sang the Gregorian mass and mrs. J. Vav. Mekenney presided at the Organ. At the offertory miss Mollie g. Lvcas rendered the de prof Undi. Cotton futures. By associated press to the Bun new York March 24. Cotton futures opened steady. March 984, april of 918may 990, june 972 bid july 973, aug 945, St i. 889 bid get. 856, nov. Pis. Dec. 847, Jan. 84 4 bid. Vav a t or s r dec e Ding. By associated press to the Sun Bohen Etta by x. Y., March 24�? the Mohawk River is going Down today considerably hut the water is still four feet above the Normal level. With nutria working overtime. Eight hour Law Are ignored by these tireless Little workers or. Al g s new Jle pills millions Are always at work night Ann Day curing indigestion bilious Ness const Pat Ion. Fit k i Lea Nacho Ana ail stomach. Liver and Bowel troubles easy. Pier rant. Rote mire. Only 25c at f. Cd ii i e s Amir store. A def when you Wake up without an up appetite you can always Wake up an appetite Hooton s Cocoa. And there s All the ment necessary for a breakfast just in a cup of it. Hot on a Cocoa always Usi Hooton i Cocoa Unju risking Satis we. Premium slip in each can Hootch i co Asci Toto it of to i or j or to be placed on Sale on the possible terms _ Bennettville is situated in Ayers City Only a Short walk from Gorham St. The Street cars will run directly through Bennettville and a new four Story Brick shoe factory will be built at the Corner of Plain Street and Boston Road. This factory will employ 500 people. The Transfer of the site for this new shoe factory has been made. Bennettville is nicely located on High dry land and will make a Model residence Section for working people who desire to own their own Home. So a a a n.j., la. S. A. The terms Wile be the easiest Ever offered buyers of Homes in new England. The houses will be built As customers May wish. A number of cottages were built at Bennettville last tall and every one of them has been sold and is occupied. John j. Gray. At office Donovan building Forenoon. At office St. Pater s cemetery afternoons

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