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Lowell Sun Newspaper Archives Mar 24 1903, Page 14

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Lowell Sun (Newspaper) - March 24, 1903, Lowell, Massachusetts The Lowell run tuesday March 24 1903 the Sun latest 5 of clock town captured Chelmsford votes no la drones killed constabulary inspector and others by Gatior lated press to the Sun Manila March 24�?the town of us Togao in the northeastern part of tin Island of Mindanao wan captured yesterday by la drones. Who killed constabulary inspector cd irk and aet Era other. A detachment of so men belonging to the 10th infantry under the command of aleuts. In Atterson and Brown is hurrying from ill Gan. On the Northwest coast of Mindanao to Surigao. On a transport with orders to recapture that place. Brig. Gen. Sumner commanding the department of Mindanao has been ordered to Send two additional companies of troops to Surigao. It is reported that the Are holding the town but details of the fight have not been received. The Fate of the other White officials and foreigners is not known. If they have been captured vigorous pleasures will lie taken to Rescue them. This is the first time american troops have been used since Pence with the Moro a declared gov. Taft and Gen. Davis Are going to join for a conference with the Sultan and leading moms of join in the Hope of averting trouble. They will leave Here wednesday on Tho transport Ingalls. No advices have been received from Jolo since a turd a. The situation there s regarded As being critical although gov. Taft and Gen. Davis Hope to pall the unrest and to succeed in making the Moron understand tile int Miens of the americans. The town believed. By associated press to the Baa Manila mar. 24. The town of Burin go in the northeastern part of the Island of Mindanao which was captured sunday by la drones was relieved today. The american officials and foreigners were found to be Safe. Temperance Victory by majority of 430 votes her own infamy told on the witness stand by mrs. Burdick by associated pres to the Sun Buffalo n. Y., March 24-at to o clock the inquest into the murder of Edwin l. Burdick was resumed in Pollee court with mrs. Alice Hull Burdick who furnished sensational evidence As the first witness. It is probable now that mrs. J. D. Hull mrs. Burdick s Mother will be recalled before the inquest is finished. At an Early hour today men and women began to As Sembrie in front of the police court and when the doors were opened a Rush was made for seats May women seeking places. It was 10.20 o clock when Justice Murphy took his seat on the Bench. Or. Coatsworth arrived at Tho same time. A few minutes later mrs. Burdick walked into the court. She appeared quite Pale City solicitor of Lowell what he says in he Pep Tiron. The Nelt a Iron and pepsin tonic restoring health and strength to men women and children. The City solicitor of Lowell mass., Francis w. Qua Esquire expresses himself concerning Pep Tiron in a Way that should convince everybody of the Sterling merits of Liis new preparation which is doing so much Good in curing paleness nervousness weakness indigestion dyspepsia and sleeplessness. He says u my own experience with Pep Tiron Lias been so satisfactory it gives me pleasure to recommend this excellent preparation to persons whose systems need toning and invigorating. A a it has done to a great Deal of Good making me feel better in every Way. I am sure it will substantiate every claim that is made for if your system needs toning and invigorating if you Are Pale weak nervous suffering from indigestion dyspepsia or sleeplessness if you Are overworked mentally or physically and run Down do what Many others Are doing take Pep Tiron and it will do you a great Leal of Good making you feel better in every Way a As it has done or. Qua and All others that have taken it. It will put Iron into your blood strength into your nerves make you look better eat better sleep better. Pep Tiron is Mads in two forms in a liquid an aromatic cordial elixir at is per bottle also in Choco ate coated pills at 60c. Or $1 per Box. By c. I. Hodd co., proprietors Hood s Sarsaparilla. In a u. S. A. Men and women. Us big a i for unnatural Duc barges. Inflammations irritations or ulcerations it Tau cons membrane. Painless Aud not astringent or poisonous bold by bran Lola or Mot in Plain wrapper. By Asp Rete prepaid for is of. Or s bottles s3 76. Circular Goat of runes Rind wan us if the ordeal of yesterday bal told upon her. A there was an occasion about two years ago when you and or. Burdick had Quito an altercation it your House a asked or. Coatsworth. A yes and after thai it was necessary for him to Wear a piece of court plaster on his head a Quot no Quot did not you at that time strike him Over the head with a chair a a i did Quot did you at any time leave your family after you returned from Atlantic City in 1901 Ami prior to december 1902?�?� Quot no Quot did or. Burdick a Quot no Quot done to you recall a time in 1902 when or. Burdick left Home and lived at the Genesee hotel a a no sir. He went out of town Early in 1902 but returned Quot you received a letter from your husband from Indianapolis in january last year a a yes a i will read it. Received a letter from a. R. P. Of the contents of which you Are familiar. I shall decline to have any interview with him Quot in that letter or. Burdick said he would not come Home again. Mrs. Burdick wrote a letter in reply in which she pleaded with her husband not to persist in his determination to sue for divorce. She made an Appeal on behalf of the children declaring that the divorce proceedings would crush the children especially Marion. Quot you cannot he so >1 in backsliders Day out of jail into court they came Rule at today a court. Session several jail sentences imposed Bishop Rogers this was backsliders Day in police court for Many of the 14 drunks in the Corral had Only left jail or other places of detention a Day or two ago while it was Only the second offence for Rodney Higgins the officers were of the opinion that the Community a Best interests would be better conserved were Rodney to disappear from Public View for a Brief period and the court consigned him to the jail for to Days during which Rodney will Endeavor to recuperate. James Murray pleaded guilty of drunkenness and Deputy Welch upon taking a Good look at him recalled the fact that Murray was in last november under the name of Maguire. In explanation Maguire said Quot i was pretty full and did no to know any it Cost him $6. Terence Meltire who recently got out got in again for three months. Thomas j. Brown was sent to the i state farm. 1 Theresa Moran. Jennie Taylor and John Carroll were arrested on Central Street for drunkenness by officer Brawley last evening. In court today Theresa through her Council. D. J. Murphy em., pleaded not guilty and received continuance until tomorrow As did Carroll who also pleaded not guilty. Jennie Taylor was released. Jeremiah Driscoll since he came out of jail six months ago was on the water Wagon until yesterday when he fell off with the usual sad result. As he had done Well for six months the court to encourage him placed him on probation. Sarah Lafrance was let out of jail to attend the funeral of her husband yesterday. After the funeral she proceeded to drown her sorrows and when arrested had them and herself Well soaked. She was sent to the poor farm. John Kenny got out of jail Day before yesterday and it took him but two Days to get in again. He was fined $2. Terrance a Doran landed out last Friday and in again last night. He was placed on probation. Most of the courts time was taken up with the trial of an assault and Battery Case. The defendant being Joseph a Fibula and the complainant Varech Toovy. Lawyers Fay and Hamel appeared in the Case and it was quite Long drawn out. The late it. Rev. James Rogers Bishop of Chatham. Lowell people knew the saintly prelate the beverage which Chelmsford Beer. Voted for instead of town meeting ratifies vote by appropriating $500 for enforcement of liquor Law question As to legality of meeting Quot my god. Ed., this must not he. You cannot be so cruel to us. You have been generous continue to be so Quot Tho letter concluded. Mrs. Burdick Auld she remembered having written it. It was dated january 27, 1902. Mrs. Burdick said later she had an interview with her husband and he promised to return Home. He did not begin divorce proceedings at that time. Liquor Bill opposition to the District option measure. By Ann Orlatti pres tothe Sun Boston March 24�?the legislative committee on liquor Law heard yesterday afternoon the remonstrance to the proposed District option measure which has been in hearing for several weeks at the state House already. Counsel William e. Weld appearing for the wholesale liquor dealers association made a lengthy argument in opposition. The speaker summed up his opposition us follows this legislation is unnecessary and uncalled for it would unduly reduce the Licensee if it became Law it embodies no definite policy and is special legislation it is a general attack on the whole License by stent. Because there was no demand for the legislation on the part of the Temperance people of the state and Berain the mutter had been thoroughly threshed out by the people last fall. Or. Weld said he trusted that the committee would speedily report leave to withdraw. See Rose Jordan Hartford a adv. She has something of interest to All the ladies in the City. When mrs. Hartford has her millinery opening display the ladies will surely have a Rich treat. The voters of Chelmsford in annual town meeting yesterday not Only voted no License but also voted $500 for the enforcement of the no License Law. Then to add to the Gayety of the occasion they voted $250 for a Public town pump. Last year the Quot yes vote was but 20 votes behind the Quot not total and the i town was placed in the doubtful col i limn on the License question. Whatever doubt May have existed was completely removed yesterday afternoon when the tellers read the following vote Quot yes 58 Quot not ish majority for no License 430. In a Lively contest for selectman e. Herman Shaw Defeated James i. Dunnigan who ran on nomination papers both representing the North Village. It was discovered when the meeting got under Way that no provision had been made in the warrant for the appropriation of Money to meet town charges and expenses. These recommendations provided for u total appropriation of $39,372.98. George a. Parkhurst was re elected town clerk and starts on his 31st year in that capacity. The largest individual vote of the Day was polled by town treasurer Ervin w. Sweetser who received 511 votes. The total vote cast was 583. Officers elected. The officers elected by ballot were As follows a town clerk for three years George a. Parkhurst Centre. Selectmen or. Wilson Dix East John j. Dunn West a. Heady Park. South Walter Perham Centre e. Herman Shaw North. Town treasurer Ervin w. Sweetser Centre. Auditors pc Frank Butterfield North Martin Robbins Centre George f. Snow West. Constables Warren Berry South William in Corrigan North Thomas c. Mooney East John j. Quessey West Melvin Walker Centre James s. Walton North George m. Wright. Centre. School committee for three years Ernest c. Bartlett Centre. Trustees of Adams Library for three years Albert ii Davis Centre a. Heady Park South. Cemetery commissioner for three years Hubert Ben Roe North. Highway Surveyor David Higgins Centre. Tree wardens George b. R. Wright Centre. Shall licenses be granted for the Wile of intoxicating liquors in this town a yes 58, no. 488. J. Adams Bartlett was chosen Moderator and the following election officers previously chosen by the selectmen were sworn by the town clerk tellers Howard s. Adams. Daniel e. Haley j. Arthur Mallallel William in Quigley William e. Martin Edward j. Robbins ballot clerks Arthur e. Reed John p. Seo Borla. On motion of or. Parkhurst article 16 w As adopted w hereby the town accepted sect. 336 of chapter la of the revised Laws which provides for the election each year of a Highway Surveyor at the town meeting. Under article two taken up in the afternoon the treasurer was authorized to borrow Money in anticipation of taxes under approval of the Board of selectmen. The selectmen a report was Laid on the table As it was found to contain several errors. Grave omission noted. A. H. Perham brought to the notice of the meeting the fact that no article in the warrant provided for the appropriation of Money for town charges and such being the Case the town could not transact the business for which it was assembled. Ile said the committee on appropriations had a report which they would be pleased to present. He then there being no objection read the report. The question of the legality of the meeting was discussed at some length or Stewart Mackay moved that the report of the appropriation committee be referred Back to the committee then proceed with the business and afterwards submit the whole to the town counsel. This. He thought would cover the grounds of legality. Or Perham explained that in Case Tho town counsel decided in the negative the Only thing to do would be for the selectmen to Call another town meeting. The motion was carried and on motion article 23 was Laid upon the table an appropriation of $100 for memorial Day was voted under article la. It was voted under article 12 that the selectmen ask the county commissioners to take a strip of land necessary to make a needed Entrance to Riverside cemetery. Under article 17. $500 was voted for Edge stones around the school House lot at the North Village. The next article or. Which James Totton asked amp of for land damages was dismissed despite the fact that sir. Wotton was present with counsel to defend his claim. Article 19. Appropriating $150 for the care of the Rifle Range was accepted. Article 20. To see what action the town will take in relation to the Observance of old Home week was on motion of or. Mcmahon dismissed. After a heated discussion $700 was voted for the collection of taxes. The bouquet. J. E. Burbank wishes to inform the ladles that his grand millinery opening will take place Friday and saturday of this week when the grandest display of up to Date Spring millinery will be seen. All Are cordially invited to attend. Traffic resumed. By associated press to the Bun Memphis tenn., March 24�?general superintendent Taylor of the Iron Mountain Railroad announces that his system will be running to nuns to the West from Memphis tonight. Train service was stopped because of floods. Castoria for infants and children. The kind you have always bought bears the signature of it. Rev. James Rogers roman Catholic Bishop of Chatham n. B., who died sunday was known by a goodly number of people in this City. There Are Many Here who knew the genial saintly Man when they were children in that Section of the country where he did the masters work. His responsibility was great and the demands upon his time and Energy were sufficient to have broken the Constitution and impaired the temperament of a less vigorous Man. The venerable Bishop Rogers enjoyed an acquaintance and was loved respected and esteemed by protestants As Well As catholics. He was a True disciple of Christ and his fortitude was so great and he was so unselfish that on his death bed he was praying that god might spare the life of a woman who was seriously 111. In this City a woman who had been a Pupil in the Convent school at Chatham. Bishop Rogers was a close Friend and a great admirer of the late Rev. Michael of Brien. The latter met the Bishop in the provinces and invited him to Lowell. Previous to extending the invitation father of Brien had told the Bishop that he had a Nice Church Here in Lowell and that it was All paid for too so that when Bishop Rogers made answer to father of Briens invitation he said a a it is very kind of you to ask me to visit you in Lowell and i thank you sincerely but i will not go there until i can say to you that my Nice Church in Chatham is All paid one of the Bishop s most intimate friends is j. Bunting snowball now governor of the province of new Brunswick. Place for Clark head of labor organization to assist Cortelyou. By associated press to the Sun Washington March 24�?the Post says or. E. E. Clark of Cedar rapids Iowa president of the order of railway conductors is slated for the place of assistant Secretary in the department of Commerce. Or. Roosevelt told a caller recently that he had practically decided upon an assistant Secretary and a Western senator is authority for the statement that or. Clark is the appointee in View. Tin roofing Cutter and conductor work of ail kinds at Carroll bros.9 36 Middle Street. Telephone 838-6. Rose Jordan Hartford John Street near Fler Rimack Street Spring opening 1903 Friday Anil saturday. I 21-28 we will show not Only a Fine collection of hats and bonnets from our own work room but several French models. Fla Dame Jossens latest creation a pc rained besides this Beautiful hat there will be others of Susane Blum Esther Myers Caroline re beaux and Camille Roger. Pub deist of Elsic c. F. Dempsey manager. This afternoon and tonight. East Lynne by the Gorman company with or. John Owens a former Lowell Man leading. Tomorrow afternoon and evening. The convict s revenge bargain prices at All matinees. You cannot ask for anything in the electric line that you cannot get at Derby amp Morse s a orders promptly attended to. It Middle Street. Telephone 463-4. We cordially invite your inspection of the coming Spring styles. Rose Jordan Hartford the Washington savings institution deposits oct. 81, 1892. $49,024.10 deposits oct. La 1902. $ly052000i00 a gain of Over a million dollars in in years. A 19 265 Central Street Geo. M. Harrigan trois

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