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Lowell Sun Newspaper Archives Mar 24 1903, Page 13

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Lowell Sun (Newspaper) - March 24, 1903, Lowell, Massachusetts It is very easy a to Teal the news from a live paper and print it in a bunco Sheet from four to Twenty four hours later but it is not so easy to make the people buy such a Lowell Sun compare them a a compar the Sun with any news paper printed in Lowell at the tame time or several hours later and note the difference. You know a news paper when you be it and you also know a fake Sheet when you see one. Established 1878lowell mass. Tuesday March 1903 12 pages one cent Stute Board here83�. Latest will try to Settle local by arbitration Quot Suall watch Lowell bloody fight strike sentiment does a four meetings rapidly textile not grow very tonight National officials Here today loom fixers could not take final action the state Board of conciliation and arbitration consisting of three members Hon. Charles d. Palmer of this City Richard p. Barry of Lynn and Warren a. Reed of Brockton were in conference with Charles h. Tenant president of the Board of Trade and mayor Howe in the latter a office this Forenoon. The conference lasted about an hour and a half and at the end of that time the Board said there was nothing for publication As yet. The Board members had a Carriage in waiting and after leaving the Hall proceeded to the textile councils Headquarters in old Odd Fellows Hall in Merrimack Street. They found the rooms empty Aud they left word with the janitor to Tell president Conroy that they would Call again at 2 of clock. Mayor Howe said he did not care to talk about the conference that was held in his office this Forenoon. He said that the situation was talked Over and that another conference will probably be held. Arbitration May succeed. One of the members of the state Hoard in speaking of the conference said. A we had Tho situation outlined in an impartial Way and from unbiased parties. Or. Cornut of the Board of Trade and mayor Hgt we. Quot we have heard both sides and while it would he premature to talk at any length about the conference inasmuch is it is no really Over for we will meet again. I will say that the Board will use its Good offices in in Endeavor to bring about a reconciliation Between the textile operatives and the Mill agents. Quot i think that the matter can be Arbi of i ated and if thought Best we will work the textile Council committee and later tile Tov tiie Council committee and later we May have some news for you. Quot we came to Lowell As you know. By request of Tho mayor and we Hope that we will be Able to help out the situation in some Way we will ask the executive committee of the textile Council to meet us this afternoon at 2 o called on Conroy. After leaving the textile Council Headquarters the state Board instead of going directly to dinner drove to president Conroy a House in Lily Avenue and asked him to arrange for the inference this afternoon. Agents last thursday and finished by placing it on ale. It was stated by the president at the meeting last night that a report from the United textile workers meeting in fall River yesterday would be made tonight by a committee from fall River to the Lowell textile Council. The textile Council will meet at 7.30 tonight to hear the report. No strike talk. No action of last night would reveal the sentiment of the association on the question of striking. In conversation with the Sun reporter three members of the Luconi flyers Union said that they believed the Union would vote to Force the Issue. Quot now what do you mean by the words a Force the Issue a a asked the reporter. Quot Force the Issue Means to vote to strike a said one of them Quot but a he added Quot there was very Little strike talk at the meeting National officers. Secretary j. P. Mcdonald of the textile Council last night received a Telegram from fall River stating that the Offut Era of the United textile textile workers of America had decided to come to Lowell today. Upon receipt of a Telegram a Call was sent out for a special meeting of the textile Council tonight. Will be reported to the convention of the National spinners association which will meet in Boston april 7. After this the Joes spinners Union will take hold of the matter for decisive action. Wednesday evening the carders executive committee will hold a meeting to Fiji upon a Date for a meeting of the Nelp employed in the yarn Mills to discuss the wage question. The local unions Are in favor of aiding the Lowell operatives in Case of a strike. Five Ock anticipated affects strike Cotton seriously Trode Mill men say they May As Well fight out the wage question now As later on Fatall River form meetings tonight. There will be four meetings of textile bodies tonight All special these being As follows textile Council at carders and pickers Hall carders at carders Hall nappers at same Hall and beavers at Bay state Hall. It is understood thai the nappers will declare their position at the meeting tonight. One of the nappers said this morning that the nappers will vote to strike. No lock out. In an interview with a reporter yesterday one of the agents said Quot no lockout is contemplated. You can keep right on maintaining the fact. Or. Conroy told them that it would j if a lockout was intended the matter he impossible for the executive committee of the Council to meet the state Board officially and that he would have to refuse to talk with the Board unless would first have to be referred to the Mill treasurers for their Sanction and no meeting of treasurers has discussed this. If the Cotton Mills of Low the full committee w As present. Quot do i Ell shut Down it will he because of not said or. Conroy Quot that of we meet you this afternoon it will be As individuals not As representatives of the textile executive Council. The officers of the United textile workers of America who Are coming Here from fall River today for the purpose of consulting with the textile Council were expected to arrive this Forenoon but they had not put in an appearance up to so this afternoon. The representatives of the United textile workers will go to the textile Counell s Headquarters As soon As they arrive and will be met there by the executive committee of the Council and they will also have an Opportunity to meet the state Board of Trade. Force of circumstances. By Force of circumstances i mean because there will be no other alternative. This is no revenge movement on our part. We Bear no malice against the operatives of course it must be understood that if the loom flyers and mule spinners quit work we would practically be obliged to shut Down our works. Then. If a shutdown followed it be said that it was our fault. Last nights meeting. The loom fixers Union at its meeting last night did not vote to strike. The president of the Union allowed that the strike sentiment is Strong with the loom flyers hut of it was ten times As Strong no vote could have been taken at last night s meeting because it was a regular meeting and there is a clause in the by Laws of the loom flyers Union that prohibits action on a strike question except at a meeting called by a special summons. The loom flyers will hold a special meeting tomorrow night at which action on the strike will be taken. Most of the time at last night s meeting was occupied by the president. He read the stenographic report of the conference of the delegates of the textile of Knoll with the Mill or Conroy misrepresented. A morning paper states that or. Conroy refused to meet Charles h. Conant president of the Lowell Board of Trade in conference. The fact of the matter is that the Constitution of the Council would not allow or. Conroy As president of the Council to Confer with a third party without instructions from the Council. Or. Conroy could meet or. Conant and the mayor. In conference As or. Conroy but not As president of the Council. Ayers hair vigor Only 35? you look at least t>0. Restore color to your Gray hair. Why not no need growing old so fast. Lowlife Board of arbitration. The state Board of arbitration arrived in this City shortly before eleven of clock and immediately made its Way to City Hall where the members went into conference with mayor Howe and Charles h. Conant president of the Board of Trade. Aid for Lowell new Bedford unions in favor of giving it. By associated pres to the Sun new Bedford March 24�?the action of the executive Council of the United textile workers in fall River in promising financial assistance in Case of a strike in the new England Cotton yarn company s Mills is thought will have the tendency to make the operative Here More fierce than Ever to try to get the Advance of to per cent that has now been refused them twice. Preliminary meetings have been held among the help of these Mills in this City when the labor lenders urged that United action lie taken in Case of a refusal of the demand for the increase which demand a been refused and now the question of getting the sentiment of the help a to whether they wish to work under the old condition of strike for Thio per cent increase will be decided at once. Tonight a meeting of the spinners employed in the Mills of the new England Cotton yarn company in this City will to hold. Whatever the decision the matter United textile workers of America met yesterday by a san coated prs to the fun fall River. March 24.�?the executive Council of the United textile workers met in this City yesterday and voted in the event of Fhle Lowell operatives going out on strike to give All the financial support possible. An assessment will be levied on All members of the local unions affiliated with the United textile workers throughout the country. President James Tansey and Secretary Albert Hibbert went to Lowell this morning. The meeting of the Council began at 10.30 yesterday Forenoon pres. Tansey of this City presiding. There were present Sec. Albert Hibbert treas. James Whitehead Thomas of Donnell Joseph g. Jackson and Thomas Taylor of this City. Samuel Ross John Waldron and Matthew Hart of new Bedford Maurice Noonan of Lawrence Joseph Grabowski of Chicopee Falls. James Cliffe of Pawtucket and j. S. Car hedge of Augusta. Me. The Council was in session until 12 o clock and met again at 1 30 yesterday afternoon adjourning at 6. Many matters having no connection with the Lowell troubles and the wage situation in the yarn Mills in this City new Bedford and Taunton were attended to. The discussion of the situation in in Well and in the yarn Industry lasted for More than two hours yesterday afternoon. There was but one opinion among the members of the Council As to the Justice of the demand for higher wages in Lowell and in the yarn Mills in this City. New Bedford and Taunton. The Only question was whether it was advisable to have the Lowell operatives and the yarn Mill operatives All out on strike at the same time. The yarn Mill operatives who Are in the same position As the Lowell operatives. So far As not having participated in the general Advance of 19 per cent which was granted in other Mills a year ago have made a demand for a to per cent. Advance and had a conference with treas. Joseph f Knowles of the new England Cotton yarn company last week at which he refused to Grant the request. The executive Council of the United textile workers at a previous meeting endorsed the position taken by the yarn Mill operatives. This was before there was any demand made in Lowell. Hence the Council yesterday was in duty bound to stand by the yarn Mill operatives. Beside voting to give All assistance by As ocl a Pronto the fun Hoston. March 24�?the prospective strikes in the Lanvell Cotton Mills and in the yarn Mills at new Bedford fall River and Taunton together with the j friction in several other manufacturing towns Are having an effect on the goods and yarn Market Here and elsewhere. In the local dry goods Trade the feeling has existed for some time that a strike of Lowell operatives was probable and that if Radical action was taken a struggle of Many weeks duration was in Prospect. The firm position of raw Cotton was sufficient of itself to strengthen the finished product which on Many orders is behind in delivery. The jobbing Trade is Active and manufacturers Are still taking orders subject in the Case of the Lowell Mills to a possibility of a strike. Jobbers considered that the threatened shutdown of Mills comes at a very Inopportune time although it is said Lowell manufacturers from their own standpoint would not be averse to it goods promised the threatened strike appears As almost a calamity. They express no doubt that it will interfere seriously with Trade owing to the uneven condition of stocks. A strike is expected indeed it has been expected for three weeks by the goods Trade Here. Of late the developments at Lowell have led to an increased activity on the part of the agents Here to take care of their customers and to assist them in examining their stocks. It is feared that the efforts that May be used to arbitrate the Lowell Issue will not be of much Avail As neither Side had not openly expressed an opinion that there is much to arbitrate. The suggestion which has been made that the Massachusetts legislature appoint a committee to investigate the whole Mill situation in Lowell is not taken seriously Here for it is not Clear what authority the legislature would have to investigate anything outside the hours of labor or the hygienic conditions. It is True that the Mills Are operated under the Mason Elo ing their plants. The report Leeks j Ehu setts Charters but Liq question of vell cation however although it is evading the conditions under which they were granted or of violating the Laws of the Commonwealth enters into the wage controversy. Buyers of yarn in the Market Are not ordering to any extent for future delivery. The demand for immediate delivery is Strong but there is no difficulty in procuring All the yarn desired. It is thought that a strike in the yarn Mills would have a far reaching effect in the Trode. Japanese and mexican la liners in fierce Battle by associated press to the Sun Oxnard Cau March 24�?two Hundred shots were exchanged in a labor fight Between japanese and mexicans. The trouble arose Over an attempt of Union labourers to put a Union sign on a Wagon occupied by nonunion men. Perfecto Ogas and l. Vasquez will die of pistol wounds. Two japanese and another mexican were also shot. Six Hundred japanese and four Hundred mexicans Are on the verge of a bloody fight. The men Are connected with the set sugar and ust by. Clouds of smoke understood that some Mill men take the position that the whole wage question May As Well he settled this season once and for All. So that Trade need not again he disturbed As it was to some extant last Spring and is the Rase at the present time. The jobber Are More alarmed than anyone else outside of la Well. To those that have sold heavily and Are experiencing great difficulty to procure the no shut Down Moses Joseph Peter and Ernest Morin. All Brothers of deceased. Burial was in by. Joseph cemetery where Rev. For. Diss. O. It. I., officiated at the grave. Undertaker Albert bed charge of the arrangements. Contemplated by any the Mills of will shut Down Only when compelled by crippling of important departments agent Southworth speaking for the Mill agent association today said he could assert in the most positive manner that there is no idea of stopping the Mills except under compulsion. It is Well understood that an immense majority of employees want no strike and the Only possible to the Lowell operatives in the i danger of a shut Down lies in the posse event of a strike Beebe the funeral Aero Lea of mrs. Evelyn 8. Beebe were held yesterday afternoon at the Home of her sister mrs. Henry Parker 137 Pine Street. The officiating clergymen were Rev. G. M. Smiley and Rev. F Allen. The body will be forwarded to Fitzwilliam n. H., for burial today by undertakers Young amp co. Feature of eruption of the Hou Friere. By annotated Brent to the Hun London March 24.�?the colonial office yesterday received a dispatch from the governor of the Windward islands. Hit Robert Llewellyn from the Island of grenade which says the features of the eruption of the souffle re on the Island of by. Vincent Are the immense Clouds of smoke and the comparative absence of lightning. No injury has been done to Georgetown. It. Vincent beyond a heavy fall of Sand atones to the depth of two to three inches. The governor adds that the Volcano Quot quieted Down during the of the Date of this eruption is not Given but it presumably refers to that of March 21. Fire broke out big Blaze in furniture store origin of the file known not or. Lyman Abbott Kelly the funeral of James Kelly Nook place yesterday from the Chapel of James f. Of Donnell amp hons. The bearers were Thomas Garvey Edward Cox John Gilley and James Murphy. Interment was in the Catholic cemetery Rev. For. Walsh of St. Patrick s Church officiating at the grave. Undertaker j. F. Of Donnell amp sons had charge. The Council also voted to do the same thing for the yarn Mill operatives of this City new Bedford and Taunton should they too finally decide to strike. The members of Tho Cornej Felt that before the Yam Mill operatives should get ready to enforce their demand for no increase the Liefl situation would be cleared up somewhat and it was thought that both strikes of it should Coin to that. Could be handled. Every action so far taken by the Lowell operatives was endorsed unanimously by the Council. The mule spinners who Are already out on strike in Manville and Woonsocket Whoso position was endorsed at a previous meeting were also promised financial Ald. A the Council voted As stated above to Levy an assessment on every member of every Union affiliated with United textile workers of the strike in Lowell and in the yarn Industry take place. This assessment will be a weekly one. And the funds thus raised will be used to support time who go out. There was a Long discussion Over a proposition to Levy an assessment of la per member to raise a fund of $2o.\j0u to be held As a defence fund to handle difficulties which May arise in the future but no action was taken on the proposition. It the strike should come in the yarn Mills of the new England Cotton yarn company nine Mills in new Bedford four in Taunton and four in this City will he affected. These Mills operate a total of ring and mule spindles and employ about Moo open halves no strike will take place in these Mills Unm after the National convention of the mule spinners in Boston. April 7, be cause the mule spinners will not come out Mill the National convention has hotel a in the matter. The members of the spinners Union employed in the yarn nulls in this City will meet wednesday night and the members of the carders Union who Are employed in the yarn Mills will meet Friday night to take a Ulm. Ability of the crippling of single important departments which cannot he happen of the numerous Union members who Are known to be opposed to a strike will continue to work. Funerals Hart the funeral of the late Catherine Hart took place this morning Al r.30 of clock and was largely attended by relatives and friends of the deceased. A High mass of requiem was celebrated at St. Peters Church at 9 of clock by Rev. W. George Mullin Ami the choir under the direction of or. James e. Donnelly Sang the Gregorian mass. At the offertory the a Hie Jena was Sung by miss Moville g. I vers and at the conclusion of the service �?�1 love to hear my Saviours voice Quot was Sung by or. Donnelly. As the re Inath wore leaving the Church the choir Sank nearer my god to alls. By i Kennedy presided at the Organ. Among the Many Floral offerings the following were the most prominent Pil Lowb Aring the inscription from the family of the deceased Crescent on base inscribed Mcdermott family standing Cross inscribed a a Atherine Barden Wreath of Ivy leaves. Or. Ami mrs Meehan Spray of Pink and roses. Annie Shea. The hot a i s w Ere met Sam. Patrick Thomas and John Brady. John Donnelly. James h. Mcdermott Aud John a Uldrick the interment was in the to ath Olle cemetery where the committal prayers were read by Rev. For. Mullin the funeral was under the direction of i undertaker Thomas j. Mcdermott. Lacourse the funeral of mrs. Mary la course was held yesterday from her resident e. 34 Ward Street and a funeral mass was celebrated at St. Jean Baptiste Church by Rev for. Piss o. M. Assisted by Rev. For. Amyot o. M. I., As Deacon and Rev. For. Marion o. M. J., As sub Deacon. The bearers were Alexander Paul Devine the funeral of John Devine. Whose body was found sunday afternoon in Dracut Woods took place yesterday from the Chapel of James f. Of Donnell a soil. At 4 o clock. Amon the Floral offerings were a Large Pillow inscribed. Quot father Quot from the family Large Cross from misses Annie and Mary ror Klutt Palms and roses with ribbon inscribed from the grandchildren and an Ivy Wreath from miss Moran. The bearers were Patrick Daley. E. Lewis. Patrick Kennedy and John Mylott burial was in the Catholic cemetery. Rev. For. Callahan Reading the committal prayers. Undertakers j. For Donnell amp sons in charge. Startled hearers at Metho dist ministers meeting. By Asery lated piss to the Sun new York. March 24�?Rev. Or. Lyman Abbott somewhat startled his hearers at a methodist ministers meeting by propounding some of those religious theories that he has elaborated in his Book. Quot the theology of an eve deaths of a Wykry Mary of Dwyer. Aged 41 years. Ated last night St her late Home 4 Butler Avenue. The deceased is survived by s husband. Andrew five sons and three daughters Farley Jane Farley widow of the late Michael died last night at her late Home. 202 Concord Street. The deceased was an old and highly respected resident of i his Ralty Ami a devout and constant attendant at the immaculate Conception Church being one of its oldest members Artlie leaves to mourn her loss three Sisters. Misses hate and Bridget is a Ter Sun and mrs. Josych Purcell three daughters. My a. Patrick Kane arid misses Bridget and Hattie Farley and one son Hugh f Farley. Donnelly the funeral of the late Margaret Donnelly took place this morning at s.39 o clock from her late Home 1409 Middlesex Street and a High mass of requiem was celebrated at St. Patrick s Church at 9 o clock by Rev. William j. Albert. The choir under the direction of or. Fred g. Bond Sang Schmidt a muss and at tile offertory the Quot pie Jesu Quot was Sung in an effective manner by miss Helen a Mosca. At the conclusion of Hie service or Bond Sang Quot i love to hear is Saviours voice a and As the remains were leaving the Church the choir Sang Quot de or. Michael j. Johnson presided at the Organ. Among the Many Floral offerings was a Pillow bearing the inscription Quot wife a from the husband of the deceased and a Pillow inscribed Quot daughter a a from the parents of the deceased and a Large Wreath from or and mrs. Joseph hand. In he hearers wore messes. John and joints Harden James Smith William Johnson Timothy Scanlon and John i. Roi Irke. The interment was in the Catholic cemetery where the committal prayers were read by Rev. For. Colbert. The funeral was under the direction of Len piter la. Savage. Lynch Helen Lynch infant daughter of Daniel Ami Anna Lynch. 207 Parker Street died last night. Hollands riled at her Home in Winchester Friday. March 20. Louisa la Holland wife of Florence Holland formerly of this City l i t Ell j. W. Pucell a prominent member of Lowell b. P. O elks died last night St his Lata Home 128 Lakeview Avenue aged of years. Nallye a Mary Nailer. Aged 75 years. Died last night Al her late Home lift Lewis Siree she leaves a husband. John and two Sisters mrs. Michael Riley and mrs. Thomas Tju Eenan. The weather. The loss win heavy be very by associated press to Thea a Plath by he mar. 24.�?fir broke out on the Lexth floor of the Mcelveen furniture company a building on Penn Avenue and Cecil Alley today and quickly spread to the fifth and seventh floors. The building is nine stories High and valued at 1150.000. While Mcelveen places his Stock at nearly a million. The loss will be heavy. The origin of the Are is unknown. Against Pool rooms. My a a of Tat press to the Sun Austin tex., March 24�?the ant Pool room i amended so As to prohibit betting on Horas races even at the tracks where the races Are run. Has been parsed by the Senate and signed by the governor. The House has refused to Amend the anti Trust Bill so is to exempt the labor unions from its provisions and it passed with Only two dissenting votes. Is Otice there will be a meeting of the loom fliers a sedation Ai their Heil Cor. Kirk and Merrimack its. A full attendance is requested tonight and tomorrow evening the 24th and 25th per order of the Secretary. Meeting called St 8 p. M. For Bales barred Gas. 75 cents per 13. Plymouth Rock 8ft lied Ley Street. Udo Cash for my cres Mobile Fine condition. Box 95. Nashua. N. By associated press to the Bun partly Cloudy to Cloudy weather tonight and wednesday fresh to brisk Southwest winds. Wanted girls at Cord works Allen building Corner Rock and Wuu Street. For Salk at half its Cost a nicely furnished lodging House. Inquire 63 Tyler Street. To let a pleasant up Etal tenement of 7 rooms with Bath room pantry and Piazza separate doors. 339 Fairmount Street. Junction of Rogers. Apply at 341 Fairmount Street. Wanted a Kitchen girl at 179 Middlesex Street. For Hale desirable House lot. 71 54 Square feet on car line Corner Wentworth Avenue and Laurel Street Murt be sold at once apply at 94 Oates Street. Notice to my customers and the general Pic Public clean Coal and dry Wood we have plenty of both and Cap make prompt delivery As we Are now Clos up to our orders. We have decided to close out All our Gas radiators and Beautiful Gas lamps St less than coat Call St Welch Bros 143 Middle St. Stove no. I nut egg and broken $8.50 per ton no extra charge for half or Quarter ton lots. Dry hard Wood. 12 1-2 bushels. $1.00. Dry coarse or Ane kindling in Oft and 12.0ft loads. Wool sawed and split any length or size desired. Orders by mall or Telephone will receive prompt attention. John p. Quinn Cor. Gorham and Dix its

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