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Lowell Sun (Newspaper) - March 24, 1903, Lowell, Massachusetts 12the Lowell Sun tuesday Matich 24 1903 amusements tonight Academy of music Tho Boston theatres. Limerick town music utile outcast country mouse colonial. The sleeping Beauty and the beast museum. The Tuttle Princess Crist the Stork Vau Devoll of 11 Den grand opera House Alphonse and Gaston Ca Stuk Square. Then a mog�1alen Bowdoin set Shamrock Pepperell fire trains to and from Boston Southern div. Western Liv. To Tram poet on. Poston. Ive. Arr. Five. Arr. Is 6 60 600 707 6 22 7 0 6 40 7 85 so 89 730 8 00 pro t 42 7 53 e8 30 9 06 f-7 04 802 e9 of 9 up i is 27 Pio Elo of 10 37 7 is 851 to 17 la 34 7 45 r85 Ell 30 it 07 850 940 18 of 12 56. 9 4� 10 40 Al of i sell on 12 03 206 8 of et>11 42 12 is Eft of ass j Sis 14 too 3 47 Roo i i 40 2,50 4 14 so eel 66 2 39 Eft of Asp 3 08 4 20 88 6 26 err 47 4 30 5 47 6 54 4 25 530 6 14 7 27 e5 05 a to e7 it sop it 44 7 to Efto 9 of e6?3 7 06 to 15 la 19 is 19 6 Roll 20 12 82 sunday train -.6 39 7 so 9 of 10 07 727 8 to i of r57 8 45 9 49 800 5 59 9 �?~#0 to 12 e7 so pos 4 25 580 Eft or 90s �6 88 7 00 900 10 02 to from Poston Boston. I. Re. Arr. Lve. Arr. 6 50 800 7 30 ps4 Poi 8 54 9 26 10 32 0 35 10 39 10 45 la 41 Ioro 13 02 la 50 i 0� 12 or i r 2 15 s 19 12 45 i 57 8 so 4 55 so 3 44 4 25 5 45 3 to 410 6 14 620 sri 5 04 6 of 7 05 5 17 6 42 6 is 7 4p 6 15 715 9 up 10 40 7 00 she n ii is 12 is Pas to so sunday train p is 9 271 8 of 917 1205 i 261 1200 i of 4 5 in 6 00 6 25 it so Orr 800 9 0ft trains by Western division leave unwell from Middlesex Street station. Exp req from Middlesex Street station Only. R runs to Lowell wednesdays and saturdays Only. Local news Printer of. A. M. Tob Lnu a Printery. Finest wedding Hacks at of Donnell a stables 84 Jefferson Street Tel. 439-4. Need Coal order of d. T. Sullivan and get the Best at lowest prices. Maltby prism Glass installed at Talbot clothing co. By c. B. Coburn amp co its cause still mystery in plenty of hard Coal. D. W. Horne amp son have plenty hard Coal for All Calla. Of wanted. A Good Strong boy Between 15 and 18 years of age must be strictly honest and fairly educated graduate of evening High school preferred. Address r. H. My a Sun office. Grahan r. Whidden fire insurance 40 Middlesex Street Lowell Telephone 175-2 established 1884. James f. Of Donnell amp sons undertakers 318 to 324 Market St., Eor. Worthen. Night Calls promptly attended. Chapel also morgue connected with our establishment. Telephone. By associated press Toth fun East Pepperell. March 2i. The total insurance loss involved in the big tire at East Pepperell thursday morning is $167,500, and insurance men consider themselves Lucky to escape so lightly. The building which was insured for $18,000. Was valued in the neighbourhood of $100,000, while n. C. Griffin with $149,500 insurance est i mates that he is fully $100,000 Short in insurance of his loss. The Plant was one of the lowest rated risks of los kind in new England being rated at to rents per $100 in consideration of its being equipped with sprinklers and having the services of a night watchman. There was no night watchman in the building. Last monday the old watchman was discharged. Aldert Jewett Engineer at the factory mates that when in left on tuesday evening his fires were Low As usual. Two men who saw the outbreak go into the engine room and tried to blow the Whisle. There was not steam enough. An attempt was made to Start tile Fores pump hut failed. Less than 30 pounds pressure was on the boilers. There were two Large tanks on top of the factory. One held 20,000 Gallons and was connected with the automatic sprinklers. The other held 8000 Gallons and was connected with the Force pump. The Engineer states that the tanks were full. One question in the town is Why did not the automatics work these sprinklers Are placed every eight feet and the heat of a match will set them of. If the tanks were full on tues Day there should have been water enough to have checked the flames. The flee started on the fourth floor in the packing room where no chemicals or combustibles Are used. The theory of spontaneous combustion is not credited. There is a general feeling that the lire was started intentionally. Very Little Stock is taken in the Story of Arthur Lazelle 15 years of age who says he saw a Man smashing or. Griffin a automobile Ai the time of the fire. The boy was discharged from the Griffin factory last september. Or. Griffin is highly incensed Over the condition of things. He will not rebuild in Pepperell. The factory employed Over 30ft hands. He told selectman Charles Miller that he would not appear against any person charged with starting the ire or destroying the automobile. Or. Griffin said that it was the duty of the town to prosecute Ami they should do it. You ask what Sarsaparilla and All the doctors answer or. Flint s Sanatorium Daniel j. Sully. Tue new Hotton King. Who has advanced the Price of Cotton and made a Fortune. Rev. A. J. Dixon says he married Many divorced couples j have been invited to marry More divorced people during the two years of my pastorate in Boston than in the previous 15 years of my said Rev. Or a. A. Dixon who is to conduct evangelistic services at tile first Baptist Church in this City this week. In his Are 0 a Donnell amp Kilbride co. A great Stock of coloured dress goods it holds Many designs and designers have our exhibit of new Spring goods is interesting and effects which readily show that manufacturers outdone themselves. Women who desire exclusiveness should see this exhibit now As Many single length patterns Are embraced which will not he duplicated. Prominent among the most desirable of High class weaves show n Are French voiles and their wide collections including Etc mines mistral Canvas. Twine cloth. Wire cloth and a score of other filmy transparent and Semi transparent weaves. Some Are Plain and they Are popular. Others Are sprinkled with contrasting colors dashed with dots heightened or lightened with stripes. They rival the Plain. Close meshes Loose airy meshes. Not one misses the Roll Call. Prices 75c, is $1.25 per Yard at Dracut Centre one and a half Miles from Merrimack Square admits All classes of invalids except insane and contagious cases. Telephone 25 2. Address Mon or the buggies Street Baptist Church o. A. Flint. M of. Dracut Contr. Mass. morning in Roxbury. He chose for his subject Quot the ethics of marriage he said Quot the Ideal Home is based upon marriage. Marriage is honorable. Divorced people should not remarry until one or the other flies. Marriage is for life for better or worse. There la Only one thing equal to death Ami that is adultery Quot secret marriage is an abomination. It should be Public. Marriage should he for love. Where the married life is unhappy there is unhappiness everywhere. The wife should reverence her husband. Let her marry a Man whom she can respect. Let the husband marry a woman who is All that she should lie. Next to Jesus Christ. The husband stands supreme or. The Home. The scriptural teaching is that the husband is the head of the family. The husband should love his wife As god loves. I ovo with a desire to make another Happy. The husband is commanded to love ids wife. Of he loves As he should there will he no discord in the Home. Quot the children should be trained according to the Bent of the spirit. Train the child along this Bent and he will remember it when he growls old. Children should listen for the desire Ami will of their speaking of ideals in married life the preacher said Hie husband believed lie War marrying an Angel before marriage and tile wife thought she was marrying a Prince. The Man Only married a woman and the woman a Man. The secret of married life is tile love that intensities Aud is such As Jesus Christ gave when governments will pass another Victory Lowell took the indians into Camp in a close and Well contested game Tho final score to four was six would not agree Manhattan railway men refuse offer by associated press tothe Sun new York March 24.-by a practically unanimous vote the newly organized Manhattan elevated railway employees last night refused to accept a proposition made by the officials of the Road looking to a settlement of the grievances of the men. The scale of the company on which the men voted is Motorman to remain at $3.50 per Day conductors from $2.30 to $2.50 per Lay turnstile men $1.50 to $2 ticket choppers or Gate men $1.25 to $1.40 per Day for the first year and $1.50 thereafter Telegraph operators to remain at $2.25 per Day switchman $2.10 to $2.20 per Day guards $1.85 per Day the same As now agents $2 per Day Tower switchman $2.47 per Day. They also want a nine hour Day or As near a nine hour Day As the schedule of trains will permit. One of the officials of the menus organization said yesterday that while the demands will be insisted upon As far As possible the convenience of the Public will be considered. Jimmy Briggs received decision Over Fred Bryson. By associated press to the Sun Boston. March 24�?jimmy Briggs fought 15 rounds and was Given the decision Over Fred Bryson in Chelsea last night. This Battle places Briggs Rev. George Ide noted Wisconsin Clergyman 13 in precarious condition. By associated press to the Sun Milwaukee wig. March 24�?Rev, George h. Hie. D. A. For 20 years pastor of the grand Avenue congregational Church in this City is in a precarious condition at a sanitarium in Kenosha from at the top of Light weight fighters in i an attack of apoplexy. Or. The is a new new England although no championship was fought for last night. Englander and luring the civil War served in an Eastern regiment. insure him because Back ached Small pox aboard at 500 persons quarantined Halifax. By associated press to the Sun Halifax n. S., March 21�?five Hundred passengers Are held on Board the Allan Lino Steamer corinthian which arrived from Liverpool with British mails last night because of two eases of smallpox discovered in the Steerage. A Young Man newly married made application for life insurance at one of the old established companies. To All outward appearance the Young Man was in perfect health and it was thought that he was a Good risk. The medical Examina Hon was a thorough one his family history was very satisfactory in All the usual tests his record was a i. But his application was rejected because he told the physician that he was subject to a severe backache at times. Three months later the Young Man was ill with Bright s disease and three w weeks after he was taken ill he died. Certainly there is a lesson in tills we should not pass lightly the first symptoms of disease the Young Many a life very Likely might have been spared had he Given any serious attention to his backache. Do you suppose that you have kidney trouble a prominent new York specialist has cured a great Many cases of kidney affections by treating them in their first stages with a wonderful Medicine of his called Vitone tonic. This Medicine prevents the formation in the stomach of the Poison which destroys the kidneys by creating a perfect and natural stomach action the kidneys Aie called upon to act As a filter for nothing hut Normal healthy quid if they Are diseased the general toning of tile system is so far reaching that they receive their impetus and strength along with other organs. Vitone tonic is a wonderfully helpful Medicine for weaknesses of the kidneys., of you have a backache use Vitone and you can be cured. For Sale by one reliable. Reputable druggist in every town and City in the land at 75 rents per Large bottle for Sale in Lowell by Ellingwood amp co., Corner of Merrimack and Central streets we. I. Pearson. 301 Central Street. Welch amp Danahey practical steam fitters pipers anti plunders 1024 Central Street. Wilfred Kershaw organist at St. Johns Church Placher of piano room a7, associate bldg. Wednesdays from 2 till 7 p. M by associated preps Toth pan Muncie iud., mar. 24.�?in one of the fastest games Ever witnessed in the local rink the new Muncie Tram last night scored a decisive Victory Over Indianapolis by a scare of 6 to 4. This was the third successive win for the Eastern team and the manner in which the quintet played the game opened the eyes of the most ardent admirers of the sport. Lewis and Hart on the Rush line worked like whirlwinds while Joan a work at Centre was what could Only be expected from a Premier Polo player. Holderness feet were in the Way of a Good Many drives while Tibbitts was like a Stonewall in front of the Muncie Oge. For the visitors Eddie Nippon and Higgins were the Star performers hut despite the fact that they played a fast game the team work of the sex Lowell team was too much for the indians. J. F. Rogers undertaker office--316 Central Street residence�?29 Cedar Street Telephone connection. Hack furnished for All occasions. Run Muir it v Basket Ball i wll i writ n i a Huntington Hall p. Burkes a. C. Is. Burkes for entire net receipts and 8ide bet p. It f Donnelly i Allard Ualey Lew Matthews Healey 3 Lynch Tighe Devlin Kelliher Harrington Regan Mcfarland referee p. Hehir of Worcester. Box office open this afternoon at 3 of clock. Unable to sleep to lilt Plain and mixed suiting Orlando suiting i fleece with the Silky Wool of the sturdy Cheviot sheep 60 inches wide. Nub Canvas mesh tweeds Green a and White Blue and w hit brow n and White Black and White. 50 inches wide $1.25 per Yard rain proof and Cheviot suiting we show them All in All the desirable mixtures 60 inches wide $ i of per Yard he died for us Awny this Earth will to it consumed the Quot Nome life is immortal. The Beauty of tile Home in gathering for the beauties of heaven. Club Tea eel skin suiting is a colors 50 inches wide tailor suiting of the latest mannish effects in Hest colourings setters in Paris and London Are using them liberally 56 inches wide. O Donnell amp Gme co. Merrimack Palmer and Middle streets. Given at Middlesex women a club. A a a club team and a delightful musical treat by miss Leslie Kyle Soprano. Of Newtonville Aud miss Caroline White pianist of tills thy was the is a Vowel i attraction at the Middlesex women a i a Vij r i i cd i cd club yesterday afternoon and Al though the weather wits anything hut favourable the affair was largely attended and a highly delightful time was enjoyed by All present. The musical program was without doubt the most pleasing heard by the club thus far this sea son and the efforts of the entertainers to please were met with Well merited applause a to All sides. Miss White played on the piano in a pleasing and Graceful manner and rendered several difficult selections. The ladles under whose management the affair was conducted were mrs. Plunkett chairman. Mrs. K. Dylan mrs. T. Mcgannon mrs. W. A. Dickerson. Mrs. T. Young miss Amy Mansur and miss Fannie Plunkett. The Tea and refreshment tables were under the direction of mrs. George if. Richardson mrs. William Brazer mrs. Charles coolant and mrs. George rowers. Those who assisted in waiting on tables were mrs. C. M. Forrest miss Frances m. Webster miss Jennie i., Allen mrs. Harriett Conant Spaulding and miss Helen Vav. Noyes. The lemonade table was in charge of miss Fannie Plunkett miss Helen Coburn i miss Julia Stevens mrs. P. Brei in Mertian miss Murkland miss cd Aliff and miss tuck. Woman yawned herself death. By associated pc to the fun Oshkosh Vav is., mar. 21.�?after yawning without interruption for three Days despite every Effort to relieve her mrs. William Henry Fenner is dead. Physicians decided that the woman was suffering from obscure lesion of the brain producing laryngeal spasms. Remedies and aesthetics were administered without effect. Mrs. Jennet unable to sleep yawned until she could do so no More from Lack of strength and then died. Doh Wiste who time and Money planting poor seed. Buy your Flower Plant and vegetable seed from a House Long known for its reliability. Bartlett amp Dow 216 Central St. A letter from or. George m. Harrigan president of the Lowell Trust co. Silk finished Broadcloth in All the newest Spring $1.25 and 91.50 per Yard . Mass., March 21. 1903. The e. P. Andrews co., Lowell mass. Gentlemen a your tablets. The Andrews Only dyspepsia cure immediately relieved the writer when suffering from an aggravated Case of nervous dyspepsia. Would not he without them. Very truly yours George m. Harrigan. Note when such a clasps of men As or. Harrygan or. Hickok chaplain of the grand army doctors and other Bank presidents who have previously recommended our dyspepsia cure and we have published their testimonials the Public ought to be convinced that there was never a dyspepsia cure compounded that equals the Andrews Only dyspepsia sure. 25 cents at druggists warranted to cure or Money refunded. A. G. Pollards co. Special offering in Spring dress goods remnants we Are getting All the remnants of one Mill making the most popular fabrics for this season and we offer today in our basement department the mohair brilliantine that Are made in this Mill. Plain brilliantine 27 inches wide in Black and Grey. Regular 25c Quality 15c Yard Plain brilliantine full Yard wide in Black Navy and red also some in same widths and colors with a Small Snowflake figure in White. Regular 39c and 50c qualities 25c Yard Plain brilliantine and sicilians. 48 and 50 inches wide in Black Navy and red. Regular value 75 cents a 39c Yard figured brilliantine Black Navy and red 45 in. Wide with a Small polka Dot in White. Regular value 75c, 39c Yard style $1.50 per Yard do it now mohair brilliantine As dress goods is one of the most popular fabrics this Spring in All principal metropolises and these Low prices must Appeal to our friends As they Coburn a represent style and Economy. Basement prevent disease promote health use the King of disinfectants for cellars privy vaults. Stables swill barrels. Kinks drains and markets. 20 cents quart c. B. Coburn amp co., wark., St. 6. Pollard amp co. Merrimack. Palmer and Middle Street

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