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Lowell Sun Newspaper Archives Mar 24 1903, Page 11

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Lowell Sun (Newspaper) - March 24, 1903, Lowell, Massachusetts A a i a a a a the Lowell Sun Magazine Page mrs. Maud b. Booths Hope Halls and lady Somerset a farm for the blacklisted Uhlig attention has of late been drawn to the Noble work of two female philanthropists one in the United states and the in a other in England mrs. Maud Ballington Booth f yep Roqui and lady Henry Somerset. These two women. The first the daughter of a Clergyman and a Leader in the volunteers of America and the other belonging to Britain a titled aristocracy Are giving their Best efforts for the uplifting of suffering humanity. It was shortly after the Ballington Booths seceded from the salvation army and organized their volunteers of America in 1896 that mrs. Booth became interested in prison work and instituted the great scheme of Reform which she is carrying out today and which has j been extended to include prisoners in and sex convicts of nearly All the Large prisons in the country. It is said that she had her attention called to the forlorn condition of these unfortunates for the first time on the occasion of addressing the inmates of san Quentin prison California. Filled As she was with a desire to Lead them into a better Mode of life than that they had pursued both in and out of prison mrs. Booth spoke so touchingly that Many of her hearers were moved to tears and More than 200 Rose at her request in Token that they desired to Reform. Firmly assured that these apparently hardened criminals at least Many of them were Garden As incorrigible a desire for re of those who became habitual criminals susceptible of Reform she appealed to form. She inaugurated the Volunteer did so from sheer Force of Circum them As individuals and finally con prison league next As an association stances. The world is against them timed that a great work Lay in this i for assisting discharged prisoners to and there Are no avenues of escape from Section the Little Mother As the Pris obtain a living it having been the re the penalties attached to the Crimea owners now Call her resolved to enlist suit of her observation that immedi they have committed the co operation of the volunteers and lately after their discharge from prison hence she conceived the Volunteer other religious people and to devote to the sex convicts were in greatest peril prison league organized for the exit All the time and Money possible. From their old associates and modes of press purpose of assisting those who her next Appeal was addressed to the Lif-1 and most Likely to get Back into cannot assist themselves for extending inmates of sing sing prison in new the ruts of clime. No one is willing to a helping hand to fallen men and to York and there also she succeeded in employ a Man whose last Home was a men. A look up and Hope is the Mot stirring in the breasts of convicts re prison and mrs. Booth found that most to on the Blue and White badge which the farm for the blacklisted. The 12,000 members of this league Are wearing today and it is no meaningless inscription As thousands have already found who but for mrs. Booth and her help might now be Back again in misery and crime. A Way has been provided to a class of criminals hitherto regarded As under a ban and a Chance relearning an honest living that otherwise would never have been open to them. In the furtherance of this great scheme of Benevolence mrs. Booth and her friends have established places of Refuge for sex convicts where they Are received on probation in veritable j Homes. The first of these Hope Halls j As they ate termed was established in new York in Hie midst of spacious grounds and there a cheerful Home i was maintained during the five years. Lease of the establishment. The reel 1 dents and landowners near protested against having a Home for criminals in their neighbourhood and Hope Hall was removed to Flushing. N. Y., where a Fine mansion and ten acres of ground were secured. Here also the philanthropists met with the same protests from householders and landlords their fear being that these sex convicts would ply their nefarious practices in the Vicinity. But mrs. Booth and her hand of workers persisted in the work another Hope Hall has been established at Chicago and altogether about too men who were at some time in their lives inmates of prisons Are comfortably housed therein and being led in the Way that leads to respectability. At least 76 per cent of the 1,400 men who have passed through Hope Hall mrs. Booth estimates have done Well since they were taken in hand and but a Small proportion of them have returned to their evil ways. Across the Ocean in England another woman lady Henry Somerset is carrying on a course of treatment for certain of her country women similar to that which mrs. Booth is conducting for sex convicts in the United states. Lady Somerset is devoting her time to reclaiming the vast number of female inebriated that her country produces. England stands she says Quot in the unenviable position of being almost the Only nation that has a Drunken womanhood a and it is for the Reform of these inebriated that she is strenuously working today. She has established what she Calla a Quot farm for the blacklisted Quot or for Tho unfortunates whom nobody will employ owing to their Drunken habits. Her farm Home similar in its alms and scope to the Hope Halls in the United states consists of a a Colony villagers it Dunhurst built on the Hill slopes of Beautiful Surrey where the air is bracing and the scenery attractive. Here in the country lady Somerset has erected a Row of what she Calls the prettiest cottages in the world with every convenience inside and gardens attached in which the reclaimed women Are encouraged to labor. Open air employment a quiet country life and Good food Are relied upon to effect the greater part of the cure and the fact that the women Are constantly surrounded with Loving care and urged to habits of neatness and Thrift has a stimulating effect upon their morals. So successful has this establishment proved that More than 3,000 cases had to be turned away last year and since the Colony was opened More than 10,000 women have been refused admittance owing to the Lack of accommodations. The cottages at Dunhurst Are Exter orly attractive but simply furnished neat. Dainty and models of cleanliness so that Many a once dissolute woman returns to her people when cured with a desire for a similar Home of her own. She is trained in housekeeping Basket making gardening and floriculture All the Flowers and vegetables for the Colony being raised on the place. As in the Case of the sex convicts of the Hope Halls uprightness of character is inculcated by individual Appeal by encouraging self respect and by directing attention to the advantages of an Independent country life As opposed to Arf unhealthy existence in City slums. And so these two women assisted by other philanthropists Are carrying on a work that has already had an effect in changing the character of hundreds perhaps thousands who would otherwise have slunk Back to their lives of crime and bestiality. All Honor then to these two women the one dwelling in a Humble american Home and the other in a Castle who have done so much for the helpless and unfortunate. Frederick a. Ober. A lady and her pets. A parisian lady has been compelled by the police to break up her Happy Home consisting of Twenty hens fifty corks thirty pigeons a Goat four cats eight dogs. A Parrot and a dozen Small Birds. Her neighbors objected to being kept awake All night by the eats and dogs and to be roused up at an unearthly hour by the crowing of the Grosscup a novel plan por taming the trusts it Pill bks 832 in of t is too soon to pass an j the people in Masse have been left out opinion As to the eff in the cold. It is quite natural that the Cacy or innocuous Ness free and enlightened people of these of the antitrust Laws United states should desire a partner recently enacted by ship in the great combinations that Are Congress but it is not absorbing the country a capital to them too soon to promulgate j selves and clamor for a distribution of theories As to Trust re the profits. Human nature has been striation some people i the same Ever since the world began Only at this stage of its Progress it is More acute and highly trained than when say the Ark Trust was formed by Noah or the first Cave Man discovered the Efficacy of Shin Bones As weapons and cornered All the visible Supply for his own Benefit. It is one thing to want a thing hut quite another to get it. As Many have seem to think. Some others have arrived at the settled conviction that curbing the trusts is about the same As Lessoing a locomotive rather easy to do but hard to hold on. The latest theory so far put Forth is that announced As coming from that eminent lawyer judge Peter s. Gross cup who advocates it is said the a peo ple izing of these vast aggregations of j discovered to their sorrow. However it capital and rendering them harmless by j is Patent to All that the trusts Are Here turning them Over to the people. A peo and it looks As though they were Here Leize the trusts and you will Render to stay. This being admitted the ques them innocuous a he declared quite re Tion before the country is How to make gently a for thereby you deprive them them beneficial to the masses without of the very principle that makes them destroying their usefulness. It is very obnoxious to the general run of Man Well to suggest a people izing them and a is a word coined the sentiment accords with prevailing so far As we know by the talented jul opinion but when they Are Quot people Zed list and up to the present writing can j will the wealth per capita of this coun not be found in any dictionary of the try be any larger than it is now ? that English language but what is meant is is the real and burning question and probably the popularizing of those use j w whatever tends to its settlement will be Ful institutions in their very widest welcomed by a Long suffering Public sense that is they Are to be removed j now there Are at least two Defini from their lofty perches and made to tons of a a Trust Given in the diction Roost among the people. J Rte and if they could be More nearly but will they that is the question t reconciled the millennium would be that agitates the commonalty. Will within hailing distance before the end they take kindly to any measures that of the Century. The first and usually divest them of their a exclusiveness and accepted definition at present prevail make them minister to the wants of the i ing is a an organization or association Many when the very essence of their of Industrial corporations a majority being resides in the fact that they were at least Quot of the stuck in each of which created by and for the few Echo alone answers and the answers of Quot Echo Are usually unsatisfactory. In the first place who will Quot Bell the cat a various Laws have been framed. Is transferred to a Central committee or Board of trustees who while issuing to the stockholders certificates showing their interest in and right to dividends exercise the voting Power of and Many solutions of the problem the Stock in electing Hoard of directors have been advanced hut hitherto the for the various associated corporations trusts have flourished after the manner and in other ways direct their policy for of the historical Green Bay tree and the common object of lessening Competition regulating production and lowering its Cost and increasing the second and old fashioned definition is Quot a confident Reliance or practical resting of the mind on the integrity veracity Justice or other sound principle of another person or upon his Friendship or upon his promises As involving Quot people zing the trusts then w Ould be merely combining All the trusts for the Benefit of the world at Large and introducing the humanizing influence of pro Bono Publico. In Point of fact the trusts themselves Are composed of individuals but the real objection to them seems to be that they do not in i elude individuals enough in their i schemes. Corporations Are combinations of individuals some Wise Man has said and trusts Are merely combinations of corporations. So there you have it in a nutshell. I throw open the trusts to an increasing number of people and eventually include All the voters of the country and the a Trust evil will Abate As rapidly As a rough sea at ebb tide. The chief evil of the Trust is that it makes the Rich Man w to is inside Richer w Hile the poor Man on the outside pays the Billa let the poor Man in and give him but a Small share of the profits and he will cease to complain. It does no to take much to satisfy a poor Man because his desires have not been expanded by self indulgence. It is the Rich men and women alone who Are the really unsatisfied ones. In Short if the millionaires and the Trust magnates would Only apply the Golden Rule in their dealing with their fellow men and do unto them As they w Ould like to be done by instead of Quot doing them All the time the Trust problem would soon solve itself. So this is the essence of judge Oross cup utopian scheme of Quot people zing the trusts. The trusts will be Quot people Zed Quot a that is Given Over to the people about the time the lion and the Lamb lie Down together without occupying the respective positions of Jonah and the whale. If judge Grosscup can bring about such a condition of things he should be honoured by being elected perpetual president of this country for he would have clone More toward bringing capital and labor into Accord than any other Man who Ever lived on Earth. There la no doubt thut this Learned judge has the inclination for reconciling the people and the trusts now patently travelling along divergent lines Lor his record goes to show it. Born in 1852, lie is now in tilt very prime of life. Educated in the Public schools of Ashland and graduated from Wittenberg College Springfield o., he began professional life As a lawyer after obtaining a degree at the Boston Law school. Removing to Chicago in 1883, he entered the Law firm at the head of which h was Leonard Sivett a former partner of Abraham Lincoln and built up a reputation second to few in the country. In 1892 he was appointed to the United states District Bench by president Harrison and two years later sprang into prominence when together with judge w. A. Woods he issued the injunction against the participants in the Debs strikers of 1894 and in favor of the government. His charge to the grand jury assembled immediately after gave him a National reputation which Many of his decisions sine have fully sustained. Since january 1899, he has been judge of the United states circuit court and one of his not. Able issuance is bus injunction against the Quot beef Trust Quot in May of last year he is a Republican and has invariably supported the government s course in Porto Rico Hawaii and the Philippines. Judge Grosscup May be utopian in his latest scheme but he has at least taken a step in Advance of other doctrinaire and in the direction of right and Justice. His Well known ability to grasp a subject in its entirety and his wide Range of information together with the judicial Blas of his Learned mind would seem to preclude the idea that the subject had not been thought out carefully. Elbert Woodson. Startling Paris. A certain French Beauty is said to have formed a project for startling Paris by entering that City in a balloon towed by a motor car. The police however interfered and no More has been heard of the scheme. Nevertheless mme. Rejane succeeded in creating a very distinct sensation when one Day recently she came spinning Down the champs Elysee behind a pair of magnificent Snow White mules. These mules travel As fast As horses and step High. They were presents to the great actress from the King of souvenirs. There is an old Castle at Oakham. Rutlandshire. England which contain a museum of gilded horseshoes and every peer of the realm who passe through the town is expected to contribute to it. Both King Edward and Queen Alexandra have contributed pm Ilar relics tokens of their interest la the Lundelius Puzzle for the scientists he latest Puzzle for the physicists to Ponder Over is presented in the person of a charming Little girl who weighing less than seventy pounds is yet Able to increase her apparent weight to such an extent that no person however Strong can lift her. Her name is Stella Lundelius and her Home is in port Jervis n. She is Only twelve years old is fragile in appearance fair of complexion with Pink Cheeks Blue eyes and Golden hair and the embodiment of innocence itself. Ever since she was a babe or As Long As she can remember she has possessed this Power of making herself Quot heavy Quot or Light at will or rather at the will of her father who is always resell and apparently controls the mysterious influence during the process of experimentation. The problem that presents itself for solution in her Case is As to the won j Kerful affluence from this frail Little body that makes menus strength of no 1 Avail and seemingly overcomes the Laws of gravitation that govern Ordi f nary bodies in a Normal state. Does the 1 mysterious Force reside in her or is it exerted through her at the will of her father who is a hypnotist and devout believer in mesmerism the question i seems As diff cult to answer As another which has agitated the scientific world i since natural history became a subject 1 of study a which was first the egg or j the Hen a the explanation when it comes will probably be found As simple us any Ever Given but As yet it Hasni to i arrived. Home Light May be thrown on the sub j j act by reference to other cases of Sirn i liar character that have now and then appeared and the one that excited most interest at the time was that of miss Annie Abbott who created a wonderful furore about a dozen years ago As the Quot Little Georgia this lady was also slight of build and seemingly 3sbl Lam i53 Stella Ujj Nellu the infant phenomenon. Fragile though More advanced in years than Little Stella Lundelius. But the experts said her Small face and the manner in which she dressed favored the illusion of fragility while in fact she was muscular and Strong to a wonderful degree. A woman a muscular development they declared is not so apparent to ii superficial observer As a Many a especially in her arms. An Stella seems to abnormal development of the biceps. It is not Mere strength however that is exerted As was proved by the experts who examined the a Georgia Magnet a but at the same time they did not satisfactorily determine what it was. That is the reason the appearance of the Quot infant phenomenon at this time twelve years later excites the same interest As miss Abbott excited because they cited the example of a Victorina j of the mystery in which the Force is the Strong woman a who lifted heavy still enveloped. Cannon As though they were feathers miss Abbott was born in Georgia the but whose arms were models of syn youngest in a family of thirteen cell Metry and showed even in action no it Dren and discovered herself possessed weigh a ton. The a Georgia magnets lifting feat. Of this Force when she was seven years of age. Without this Force it was said she could not lift too pounds but with it she performed wonders. For example. Seven men tugged at a billiard Cue she held in her open Palms hut wholly failed to either move the Cue or herself though at the time she was balanced on one Heel. Five men held a chair in what they thought was a firm grip but at her touch they All went sprawling on the stage. Six heavy men seated themselves on the chair one atop tile other and she lifted the Heap with ease. The biggest Man of the committee seated himself in a rocking chair which he rocked Back and Forth easily until the i Quot Magnet Quot touched it with two fingers. When Quot it was fixed As firmly As though set Reed to the a Small boy was made to stand on the stage facing the lady who. Holding both his funds in her own imparted to him the Power she herself possessed to such an extent that two very Strong men failed to move him a hairs breadth though they apparently put Forth All their strength. The foregoing Are some of the feats performed by the Quot Georgia Magnet Quot several years before the Lundelius child was born and while Little Stella has rot Jet gone into the subject so elaborately raving confined her efforts to resisting simple lifting experiments she doubtless could accomplish As much As her predecessor has done. So far she has confined herself to doing Quot straight stunts in Pond Rosity without affecting the part necessarily taken by the person on the stage for As yet she has not appeared in Public to any extent. Ail the experiments have been conducted in the privacy of her Home or before a select reporters or scientists and by special request. In fact her father who has trained her to respond to these Calls with a qualm a try seems averse to publicity and has resisted All attempts thus far made to exhibit his child As a Freak she has been tenderly reared and As an Quot altruist a the father says he has gone to the extreme of indulgence never having scolded or whipped her in his life. He believes in Quot mental suggestions a in the training of the child and also entertains a profound belief in his hypnotic Powers and it is doubtless by Means of this Quot suggestions from him that the child performs her wonderful feats. She has a brother and two Sisters but they do not possess this strange Power though the elder sister is a musician of great ability and also a composer. Quot she did no to seem to weigh thirty said a big six footer who lifted Stella into the air at the request of her father but at a signal from her Parent the child placed the tips of her fingers on the Many a neck and he Budge her an Inch from the floor. Others tried it and gave it up on i after the other for it seemed to them i As though the girls body had suddenly Quot turned to Jelly a and slipped through their hands while they tugged and strained until they were red in the face. During it All the Little girls face wore a Placid innocent look and she seemed to regard the discomfiture of these Strong men As exceedingly amusing. But All the time it was observed so never allowed her gaze to wander from the face of her father who seems to control her with a glance and to turn the mysterious Force on and off at will. The same trick was performed year ago by the Quot Georgia Magnet Quot who allowed a Brawny pugilist of great strength to make the Experiment. So covered her arms with her sleeve placed them close to her Side and the pugilist lifted her High into the air. Smiling As she descended the lady Quot Magnet bared her arms again placed them close to her sides and the big Man strove his utmost but he could not lift one of her feet from the floor. The same Force doubtless imbues the child that worked its will in the woman but the latter was Quot Auto suggestive a or Independent of the will of another. Thl Force without doubt is magnetic exerted by Means of hypnotism or mesmerism through the child upon the experimenters. But this does not account for the operation of Tho Force. It hag been ascribed variously to gravitation to animal magnetism mental suggestion to electricity etc., but still the actual moving principle seems to Evad the experts. The latest theory is that by the exertion of her will Power either Auto or secondarily suggestive the child exhausts the will and Energy of those trying to lift her and so deprive them of strength. Ralph n. hit Back. Londoners Are laughing Over a Story in which lord Roberts is a Central figure. It concerns a prominent Man of great physical proportions who on being introduced to lord Roberts shaded his eyes in a would be funny attempt to simulate difficulty in seeing the Small person of the Earl and remarked Quot a lord Roberts delighted. I hav frequently heard of you but i hav never seen you to which his lordship calmly refilled a and i hav frequently seen you. But i hav never heard of you

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