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Lordsburg Sunbeam (Newspaper) - December 30, 1899, Lordsburg, California S'S,- ' K: lor4ftlmrj locfjis For SiUJi—loo htad of ctttk in k)te to suit purchasers, coi&sii^ingof cows'and young stock. Highgrade Jerseys and Holsteins. W. Gar- fam- diff. San Berdardino, CaL S. D. Noel and his Nod, both of Azusa, spe mas with W. H. MclWl ay.    - “Mayflower’* $i a sack.^ Guaranteed the best flour in the state for the money. Calif on your grocer for It Paul E. Doughty and wife wiil occupy the McDonough {axjperty on north P St. on their return. Mrs. J, W. Metzger k sBghtly improved since last week, but is still in a critical condition. W. G. Doughty sells flour—try White as Snow or Mayflower brands. We indeed wish all our readers a happy New Year—a |«08perous one. '    ^ David Kuns received a telegram on Thursday noon^that his daughter-in-law, Mrs.* Henry L. Kuns, of Ingomar, Cal., lies at the point of death. Mr. Kuns and his wife and Mrs. Warren Williams left ^or Ingomar on the 4 o’dock train. For Salb—loo head of cattle in lots to suit purchasers, consisting of cows and young stock. Highgrade Jerseys and Holsteins. J. M. Car^ diff, San Bernardino’, Cal. Wm. McAlfresh, of Pasadena, spent Christas with Frank Williams and family. The best bread is made from “White as Snow’’ flour. Purity, strength and color are its character- 11 and Second Sts. Manoah Masterson, of Redondo, visited his sister, Mrs. R. L. Lemon, early in the week. H. M. Eckman is paintfrig the house recently purchased by I. Daniels. James Nations and \^e will occupy the house. Dr. Moitison, dentil eor. Maip A. A. Torrey had a bam built last week on the place onto which he moved recently. E. G. Carter did the carpentering. Found—On Sunday evening, Dec; 24, at L<Jrisburg livery bam, aV.rhcrse, weight 1050 lbs., age about V    *    Owner can have same by paying alT^penses. Mrs. A. Bnssey has-been sick several days with la grippe. Mrs. C. D. Nelson was a passenger to the city one day last week. See that northern seed barley at Geo. A. Carter’s before you buy. James Thomas and wife spent Christmas with their son at Inglewood. Dr. Morrison, dentist, cor. Main and Second Sts. ^ Christian Dout arrived in Lords-burg Friday evenmg of last week. With sadness we note that Mrs. Sidney Smith has been consigned to Highlands, i We are glai, however to note that the physicians expect a speedy recovery. The family has the symp^hy of a host of friends here. Wm. R.". Horton, TaxMermist, Lordsburg CoUegef' Class Monday. Christmas was a perfect day but mor^like spring than winter. Our Eastern vkitorswere somewhat lost. The editor accompanied Prof. Beahm to Los Angeles on Friday of last week and to Inglewood Sunday for the latter’s health. We are glad to note that he is steadily im-iro ’ Paul E- Doughty and Miss Irpne Ingram were united in marriage at the home of the bridei^mtoth^Mp Newniin,^ CaL, last Sunday evening at 8 o’clock. Mr. Doughty is the son of our genial grocer and has a host of friends in this vicinity, who will join with us in wishing him and his accomplished bride many happy years of wedded life. Miss Ingram attended the college here and 4i|s many warm friends who will welcome her to her future home We hold this young cotiple in high esteem and with all our heart we wish them well* Emmet Rodgers is at home ^ain after spending some weeks in Los Angeles. Excursion to San JacinS today, on the Santa Fe. One fare for the round trip. Return-this evening. Mrs. A. A. Neher visited'^ith friends in Colton last week. For sometime many of those having wells have been short of water; but J. D. McCoy has had an abundance all the time because he has a “Fairbanks’’ mill put in by A. C. y Weber & Co. of Pomona. Dr. Flora Morrison and Miss Irene Muir spent Christmas with Dr. Blanche Bolton at El Monte. F. G. Kimball spent Fkiday ÍT last week in Azusa. Genuine Black Diamond coal at Carter’s feed and fuel store 240 to 248 S. Garey. H. M. Rothrock and G. P. Bucher returned Monday evening from a wheeling tour to Hemet. They saw the results of the earthquake at San Jacinto. I We have for sale some fine alfalfa faiad near Lordsburg at $i55 per acre. Mrs. Jacob Horton was quite seriously ill this week with pleurisy. Fran|| PeodUton of Los Argeles, vis-ilRd his brother Warren Wednesday. Miss Eva Tooker, of Santa Monica, vfpited frieods in San Dimas and North Pomona this week. Miss Avis lUiiS left for San Bemar^ dino Wednesday where she will visit friends fof a fav days. The Christi^iB exercises at the North Pomona chnitfli were well rendered and the childr^ were delighted with Santa Olaus. Mr. bpenqer has just completed a nice new baira on his place. much needed * improvement on between Pomona’ and North is in plif^ress and we are all g^roueett ^ z' Mr. Themik, son-in-law of Mr. Lemuel Purdy, Icft-ilhesday for Galesburg where he will mi months. lain for two or three Mrs. Welch is still laid up with her sprained ankle. A lot ki* fine...... Eaetern Oysters ■ CHEAP For New ¥ear% Dinner 1 f to Pootofrioo, Pomono PC with a clean record. President Hoover has been instrumental in havRig the beautiful drives raked and swept, the flowering plants hoed, and the orange and lemon groves cultivated. The special entertainment given in the college auditoejum on fiuit Friday^ evening was enjoyed by a large audience of students, teachers, friends and visitors.    f ^ The college now has on^and a neat line of first-olass supplies at reasonable prices, such as rulers, pens. Ink, stationery, etc. Some of the students sÉid teachers last week were debating the question as to Whether the twentieth century^NcW. begins next week or in one year ñxim now. flow do you decide the question, reader? NEW ; ; ONA : BAKERY Weight, and the Best. ves for 26c-kets Oiven |Ve orden for Cakes, Pies, e DoluGBÍTY’S URNITURE SOpOBS FBOM L0BD8BUBQ OOL-LBOB. The students of Lordsburg Ckillege, as well as the professors, are enjoying this holiday weft. Many of the students ha^ gone home, some are visiting, wbue othqys are working at various occupatkms. President HocPiier and fapiily spent a most delightful Christmas at the home of Elder J.^W. Trostle of tjlendora. Midsummer wQ^er in the midwinter season is a new treat for him. tpEspe-cially is th^ooutrast the greater for he has just learnoL of ihe snow and zero weather at his home in Dayton, Ohio. Prof. Cline also ate his Christmas dinner ^ the lugne of Elder Trostle. Prof. Gibsqn iQient her Christmas in oopipany with Beahm at the sea shore. She says she did not know how much she had become attached to Lordsburg and the college until she was absflBlii^A^the place for a few Geiltime Black Diamond coal at Geo. Carter’s, Pomona. Miss'SaPah Horning went tb Covina Tuesday to visit a few days with friends there. />• Mr. and Mrs. Klercker spent Christmas with the latter’s parejjiH, A. J. Rodgers and wife of 'this place. Dr. Morrison, dentist, cor.. M^fl] and Second Sts. Many of our people viewed the wreck in Pomona Xmas day. Harvey Brubaker was in Lordsburg Sunday. We notice he comes qjten.    t Misses Flora Atkinson and Alice Mil® rettpmed from their trip to Pasadena on Friday of last week. No end to the wood at Geo. A Carter’s, and it must be sold. ^ J. H. Gilbert and family were visiting with friends at Inglen^ood early ii^^e week.« Miss Laura Barklow spent Xmas^ with W. A. Moomaw and family. A number of cars of oranges are being shipped this week from the association packing house, at San Dimas. Seven will be shipped in all. The farmers are busily engaged plowing and sowing. E.' G. Carter was in Los Angeles Sunday. M. Rothrock and wife and J. M. Wyatt and wife drove to Covina Sunday. S. L. Klingaman, wife andneice, Miss Minnie Klingaman, all of Waterloo, Iowa, visited with Mrs. Klingaman’s sister, Mrs. Wm. Lichty, and D. L. Myers and family last week. They are spending the winter with Z. H. Weller, of Los Angeles, who accompanied them here. dayst Prof. Overholtzer and family are visiting in Pomona,, at the home of Mrs^ Overholtzer’s parents. Prof. Cox aLá family took their Christmas dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Martin in Lordsburg.    < Miss Harkins, of the dining depart-men%spent Christmas at Covina with Mrs. Isaac Overholtzer’s family. Our^m^^on, Hkiss Early, has been CHINESE COURT HiItORIANS They May Write tke Tr«tliL,Far Their f    Worh: !• feeret. There aro éonrt historians in China, as there ¿te In other countries, bat there iS one stl^lng difference, and it lies in the fact that the work’ of the' Chinese court historians does noKeee the light until the reigtitpg dynasty comes to an end. In this way these Celestial historians hc^e an opportunity to describe most truthfully the virtues and vices of the valorous rulers and the real signifl-cance of the events which take place during their regime. They can write what they please without fear of censure, for they know that their work will not be pub{lshedi as long as the reigning dynasty lasts. This has been the rule for morejthaif 2,000 years, the first court historian having been appointed by the imperial house of Han, which reigned ffom 206 B. C. imtil 25 A. D. The duty of these hlstoriaps is to write plain accounts of all the events tuat occur during their tenure of (ff-flce. At regular Intervals their completed work is taken from them and is locked'up in an iron safe or vault There it remains until the first member of a oew dynasty ascends the thnme. lae^B New Styles lowest Prices Ol a new We solicit share of your patronage F. E, Noard & 5oij. 429 2d St., Pomona BREAD eight. S ,25cts. CKET8 « e at ^ NEHER’S dsburg. IRECTO E. PRT FÜNERAL ; VhdertaMng Parlón, les W. ^eond st Telephones:    Residence,    E.    Holta Office m BeMence m    Pomona. Cottah Syrii spenmng her vacation in Covina. Prof. Franklin and Mr. Metkser are spending the week at San Diego. Prof. Beahm is steadily improving and is able to gd about considerable. Prof. Keiser a|id .wife and Prof. Cox ánd wifmook a d(|ra CbristmaaRfte Tíléb^*^etrWltif histories in the vault to the court historian, who is then living, and from the mass of documents he is expected to prepare a truthful history of the dynasty which has jus: expired. The present dynasty has been reigning since 1640 and consequently no court history has been published since that date.—St Louis Post-Dispatch. HARMACY PoMONi^, Cal. ,-The Sunbeam would be a nice Christmas presetik \    $1.00    a    year. m Opening uptoday ples|ure trip to Glen-1 ftfte^foon.    I A number of students and teachei^ attended some of the services conducted by Elder A. Hutchison in Covina. Class work will begifa on Tuesday morning, Jan. 2d, 1900. The college grounds are putting on a new appearance this week. They are desirous of beginning the new year ^    A    Car    of    Extra    fine    Eastern    U(ade    Bijggies,    Surreys and Spring wagons. Shall be a pleasure to show this complete assortment to ou^ many friendf. There are a lot of New-style Buggies in this car, havirl» all the latest improvements known to the trade. We have also some Handsome Rubber Tire Buggies in this assortment. Come in e^rly p make your Holiday selection.    • 102-104-106-108 EAST SEOOVD ST. IMCORPORATtO OAL. ORANGE GROVES . , In the Famous Orange Belts of Coviiia |i|| AABCC as a wlioleV in Tens or Twenties. Almost solid in Orates. f#V All IIC W From* |6oo *to $i 100 per acre, varying with the age of the tfees. The above figures include the present heavy crop. Some of the trees are 15 year/ old. FINE SOIL AND WATER RIGHT. CROP ON ONE TEN ESTIMATED TO BE wilRTH $8000 NET. OTHERS AO GOOD.    / 10 ACRES in 4-year-old trees  ...................-.......... M300 Other bargains at Covii^a and Lordsburg. For other information call on or addrfess IVERHOLTZER LORDSBURG, ¿h}.. -V 1 ' 1 y . ■.1 'V yr i ' i
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