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Lordsburg Sunbeam (Newspaper) - December 30, 1899, Lordsburg, California Msbopg A Fine School • • San ]Dinia¿ Hm -Tlie climate of LorAburg is all that oaabe desired. The temptations are few."— mona Progrm. “Parents máV safely place their ohj Lordsburg College. "—PowMMW TUntt. ‘•Personally we have no hesitancy] lhat children placed in the college oorded all the advantages for their moral and physical training which can in colleges where the tuition is treble i quadruple that of the Lordsburg Coll<j Cotim Argw. For particulars, call on of address Fred Weston was a passenger to the city Thursday.    f* L. W. Davenport spent Xmas with friends in the city. The wreck at Pomona drew many of the San Dimas people to that city Christmas. LSordsburg College.. LORDSBtJRG, CaI.. Everything needed to Fnrnisli your ^ House at Wnight 6m. & Pomona, Oal Miss Pearl Shumaker pleasantly entertained a number of young people Christmas night. Refreshments were served at 10:30. Those present were: Miss# RiclÉrds, of Pasadena, Hattie Teague,. Edffh Teague, Rita Brownlee, Rowena Potts and Pearl, Blanche, Ethel, Gladius, and Clarina Shumaker; Messers. B. E. Brownlee, Joseph Baum, Hugh Jerrard, J. J. Murphy, Richards' and James Humphreys. misóng for months and it snpiMted to have been mnrdered. A caye-in occurred in the lightnei mine, at Angeles, Calaveras county, a few days ago and buried .four miners under tons of rock. By prcanpt and hard work three were rescued alive although badly injured. The fo^h had not been rescued at lalt aooo£ts no hope was entertained for him recovered alive. A project is on foot to construct fm immense beet sugar plant in Antelope valley, Los Angeles county. The fac-.tory will cost f4,000,dft0 to build and equip. Ten thousand acres will be planted in beets in thi^loodity. ty oi the election by which University was annexed to Los Angeles. The plain* tiffs claimed that not one-fifth of the legal voters signed the petition to the councU asking that the election be called. The court held that the council PftYSICIANS was alone able to decide this question a^ that it could not properly come be-15^ the court. There is a 1^ in Oaliiomia which requires all persons ^mnging fruit trees into the state to report the same to the county horticultural cwnmissioners within 24 hours of the arriv|^ of the trees. A failure to make such a report A deal was closed tfecently, whereby the California Cannerg- association will within the next 80 da^ begin building a cannery and installing a large plant in Stockton. w J. Burnham and family spent Xmas A. 0. Webw 4O0. ’ lllf AMUnimMmifUMH ‘ ras Fit- inning.' Plumbing, ting and Ag^nt for Fairbaoki indmiil and Tower fWatei Galvs ibing Goods, inks Made to Order. 443'V/ Se#nd St., Pomona If you wis^ to buy or sell, you war^ to get a loan, IfJ you w^iit to have* Legal with relatives in San Dimas. Mrs. Fisher and daughter, of Loe Angeles, are enjoying the hospitality of J. W. Walker and family during the holidays. • Misses Sitts and Smith spent a few dhyi this week in Pasadena. Ha Vente flotes Dr. Edward H. Wiljtoms of Philadelphia, died at Santa £^bara a few dayi ago. He made millions in railroads and was onoe the president of the Locomotive works. An attempt upon life Johnson, a weU-known yopug sean, was madé on ¿e Shn ^Franciscc road beyond Santa Cl^ recently. An unknown man fired 4svo shots at him from a shotgun at short range, bnt Johnson escaped with only shght injuries. The first cha#ge struck him on the top of the head, tl^ stunning effect dropping hiip to the bottom of his baggy. The second shot went wide. Had the aim been a half-inch lower Johi^n would have been killed instanlly. The offioersj are nnaUe to get anyj clew to the identity of the slKioter m: the motive for his act.^ isa misdemeanor and is punishable as snoh.    ! The mesa lands along the coast in the Lompoe vicinity are ra^ng to* be weU adapted tfi the inod^^on of sugar beets. The crops are ndb large, but the beets are very sweet áñd the land ie easily cultivated, so that the net profits are likely to be ve^ satisfactory. Spot scab on apples am be checked by winter spraying with Ihne, salt and sulphur wash, to be followed by the Bonleauz mixture in the summer, just as >eoon as the spot begins to appear upon the leqves or fruit. There is no particular difficulty about getting clean Fiofa Mo^ison, M. D. A Office hoars 1 to 4 Oor. D and 6th Lordshurg, CaL Tfj^epho: L. JOHNSON, M. D. POMONA, OAL. ours: 11 A. M. TO 12:3Í p. m. 2 TO 5 p. M. 15 Roliert E DDDcan i- !■, I. E, L1. Em- ^ . PHYSICIAN AND SURGEOÍí 314 Second st, Pomona Rea. TeL 61 sub, Lordsburg 3 p. m. daily. Sunbeam oflloe—Free telephone.. OSTEOPATHY Since May 1898 when the army de-A. Swerdfiger left for his old home | partment estaUished a lyrchasing in Indiana on a business trip Tuesday, agency at San Frandl^ fully |7,000,T)0C have been paid to Merchants of San Mr. Wlllis, of Long Beach visited hU; Ranoigoo. The ag^ now spendt sons at this place last week.    from fSSO,000 to 1600,WO per month. Theodore Meyers, R. L.. Sohleider and wife and Moses Flor]^ and wife spent Sunday with friends at Covtnai. . Paped drawn, see Greasei^S Vaicott Oal 321 W. Second St. ' C.ISH MEAf MARKET i OF POMONA. F. W. JOHNSON, Proprietor. Wagon runs throiígh the valley daily. Fresh, Salt and Smoked Meats V Anyone having a Dress to make CALL ON ^9TÍ\í8« (^nyaiiáa (2láan\a V' Lordsburg, Cal. 1/ r4 or Bargains I in. Real Estate see Kendáll i 03 S Thomas St Pomona, Oal To PITEIT Bood Unt may be secured by ^ our aid. Addren, THI PATENT RECORA lM. BaHiiiiorSk TRY. £ig^t SAW OLÉ REPAIRING.... G and LOOKSMITHING A full lii® of Supplies. <)rders taken for Gun Repairs. #Herchel Jones, of Ontario, but formerly of this place, spent Xmas in La Verne, Mr. Culp, of Glendora^^wi in La Verne Monday. W. S. Carson ate Xmas turkey f. iends in Ontario. Mrs.^ E. McPadáed visited in Pasá-dena Tuesday. L. C. Meredith made a business trip We understand that B. E. Zug has become a photographer. All work- a lineman in the employ of the GraRt sti%et Electric Railway company of Settle met death from #e combined e#ects of and electric shock and q 20 foil faU^!rom a, pole, the fall being catuied % the shock. He was formerly á: \ A grand jt«R^ Wned their libel against M^'^ with Having sent afido^< ious per£K)ns iá wJÚi Mrs. Ed. Corad. Gk>vemor ha^ H. Short of Wesno, commissiOMrp vice A ?5e6s&a3ia of Los Angeles, illister, Cal., re-its for criminal Manileld foi letters to she slandered minted Fraith (á.„---  Valley J2au --cy, term apples if this spraying is caref nlly done. Green aphis is readily destroyed by kerosene emulsion. The six months’ truce between the Northern Pacific and the Oregon Rail' road and Navigation company expires on February 5. Promptly on its expiration the Northern PaciBte resume active building operations, while the Oregoq Railroad and Navigi^tion company does not seem anxious rJresnme the contest for the Clear water territory. The prize for which the transcontinental roads are striving is the Oriental trade, and the Northern Pacific is endeavoring to overcome the handicap of the Great Northern’s aUiance with the Oregon RaiÉxiad and Navigation company and the Japan Steamship company by shortening its line and reducing the ¿ades. It plane to build a cut-off , leaving the main line at Missofla, Mont., through the Bitter Rool mountains ^ «way of Lola pass, down the middle frok of the Clearwater to the main stream. This would save 160 miles and Heavy grades. By building down the Snake and Columbia rivers to Portlapd another 100 miles would be saved. The new Ctearwater branch extends np that river from the mouth of the Potlatch, 63 miles being under contract, of'which 30 miles are now operated. The nsmaúpug 33 miles ^¿11 be ready on Jánu¿y IS. A branch office of the Pacific School and Infirmary of Osteopathy is located at the northwest comer of Holland Garey avenues, Pomona, where anyone is-invited to call and investigate this method of treating disease. E. G. CARTER Contractor and Builder Lordsburg, Cal. C. HOSFELT ...SHOEMAKER... Shoe and Harness Repairing neatly done. Sbop In W. 6, Doughty’s store. Lordsburg, Cal. If you want to hire a good horse and buggy you can get it at the VERÍ STABLE guaranteed. PACIFIC COAST NEWS. ITEMS OF INTEREST PICKED FROM THE WEEK'S DISPATCHES. Attempt on the Life of a Tow^ San Josean—Serious Cave-Aih fn a Calaveras County Mine—A Lineman Killed In Seattle. Alaska’s coasts are to he accurately Rirveved.    .    J Raymond, CaL, isyfnmisfiing granite for the new San Pfancisco postoffice. The San Francisco mint produced 168,258,000 gold coin in the fiscal year ending^Jnne 30, 1899. The Pacific Mail Steamship company will extend its line to Manila. The« Nevada mineral exhibit for the Paris expositiou includes over 6000 specimeas. At Dawsoh, on the lst,*^ts were 20 cents a pound; meat 70 cents a pound wholesale. San Francisco to Man% without a stop. The total receipts at the Seattle, Wash., government assay office since its ^tablishment in July, 1898, to date are 118,374,396.29. It is stated that al^tlOOO (áñoí yellow oranges have bpen^^pped from the southern counties for |the holiday trade. It is proposed «5 let the remainder of the crop ripen before shipping. At the meeting in Fresno of the directors of the Raisin-Growers association it was decided to* recommend a combine or association of the raisin packers and to call a mass meeting of packers and growers to be held in the fnture. The idea favored wm th^p the growers be permi^ to take stock in the proposed paSOTff*''‘7Wsociation, so that a mutuality of interest may be ..•stablished. Tesla, Oal., coal mine strike of yes on the wage question is being ro8« ©gts. 443 W. SSOOND ST. POMONA ^ $rd(r for all Uids of -J lob ilrintina ♦ ♦r ♦ ♦ s(^li4ited by THE INBEAiM V emp. settled. The Southern Pacific company wiU develop the coal beds 70 miles south of Ortiz, N. M., and ship to Guaymas. Deep snow in the Sierras and heavy continued rains in the vaUeys and along the coast insure a prosperous year for California.    ,    , ¡^ The Nevada, Oalifomia So * Oregon railread, which began its extensión from Amedee, Oal., last April, has halted at Juniper ridge, Lassen county, Oal., 60 miles from Amedee and 110 miles from Lakeview, Or. The commissioner of railways renewt his recommendation for a transcontinental air line railway from Kansas City, Mo., to San Diego, Oal. Similar routes, the commissioner adds, should be opened between the cities of Ohioagc Shd San Francisco, Ohioagoand Seattle. The Idaho Northern railway north from Nampa, Idaho, is graded seven miles; ooustmotion irork is going on. The body of PeM Lorraine, a wood dK^per, was foui^a in the hills back oi 8tt Rafael last week. Ha» viile as goasdiaii of ^ Marshal monu-! ments.    í    ‘    f    T Oil is .fib he uséd on naval vessels, en abling government trauispmlis to go from'    iílnSted^n 4.^    .    !    oil    feld.    It    18    located    m    Brea    canyon The Sunset Telephone company hat any style, .way, shape or price. fiar .toie.    ▼ The heavlesir oil gusher ever yet developed in Southern California is that NEWS OF THE WORLD. William P. Ladd of Tracy is dead. Dnring early days Mr. Ladd took an ao-^ tive part in the extermination of Mexican l^ds of robbers. A convention is to be held January 15 at Woodland for the purpSse of booming the Sacramento valley. Duncan Weatherby, one of the pioneer residents of Humboldt county, died at his home at Bayside recently. The Golden jubilee of tlÉ fiftieth anniversary of the inauguration of the first state government of California was celebrated at San Jose last week. Albert Ladner was found dead along the banks of Paso Robles creek near San Luis Obispo. He had been drowned in attempting to ford the stream while it was high dnring the recent storm. A proposition to bond the city of Stockton for 1400,000 will be submitted to the voters at an early date, and • the ■ wish of the council is carried out improvements of a most beneficial character will be commenced before the new year is many weeks old. The city council of San Lnis Obispo has refused to sell bonds for $116,000 for a sewer and water system. On December 14 eastern capitalists offered a premium of $4,600 for the bonds, bnt owing to the war flurry in New York securities, bid for the bonds at par, which bid was refused and the Ixmds remained unsold. Judge Trask has initaiped the,valid! and is producing 1000 barrels of oil daily. The oil is lighter than the LbE Angeles product, being of 22 gravity. A, number burglars entered several houses at San Jose one day last week and «tole over $1000 worth of property. The executive committee of the State 'Fruit-Growers’ association is^arrang-mg to hold a convention at San Jose on January 16. 'The transport Bio de Janeiro reached San Francisco a few days ago from Manila with sick and dischaiged soldiers. During the voyage four men died. Eight of the passengers are insane. A. J. Rhoads, keeper of the state archives anddex-pnblic administrator qf Sacram#to connty is dead. Rhoads had been suffering from rhnmatisinand ^dney troubles. He has b«en oft oi nRepuhlicOn leaders of the state for y years. Joseph P. Frenna, who shot and killed James F. Turner in San Francisco some 3po^^hfl ago, was acquitted at his trial whmht has just ended. Frenna had beeá swindled by Tnmer out of considerable money. ^    ^ It is probable that the l^yemment will send a large number oL soldiers to the Cape Nom^ mining distrioi to preste order.    • Everything looks favorable near Pomona to the best brange season in several years. Frost and wind can, of course, do much damage should there be an undue quantity of either, but these are< contingencies with^hances ftut 1 against them. ^ Prices are alKint the Niame as last year. More orhnges are shipped, and some say the market is weaker, considerable fruit going on consignment. Miss Edna Moody,of Long Beach, visited with Mrs. Jacob Horton last Saturday. M. Rothrock took advantage of Wednesday’s excursion to view the effects of the earthquake at Sau Jacinto. J. B. EHGRESMAN & SON, Pit^rietors r.H. 'M. *ECKMAN.!^ fainting Paper Hanging Eals^ining and Lordsburg, Cal. 'FHObnx To CHICAGO f .THE MOST COMPORTABLE WAY ACROSS THE.CONTINENT. PULLMAN PALAlk AND PULLMAN TOURIST cars latest DESIGN LEAVE LO.S ANGELES EVERY DAY IN THE YEAR RUNNING THROUGH TO CHICAGO.    ^ 1 Stations Dally Example'Lv. Los Angeles. •• Pasadena.... 9:50 am 10:18 am Monday, “ San Diego... •‘ Santa^na... •‘ Riverside.... " Colton....... “ Redlands.... 7:06 am 7:40 am 11:36 am 11:48 am 10:80 am • i fti 4i" San Ber'dino Ar. Barstow.... “ Ashfork..... Albuquerque lS:25pm 3:26 pm 7:36 am 10:26 pm Tuesday•* Denver...... 6:00pm 1 Wednsday•• Kansas City. “ Chicago...... 7:00 am 9:00 pm TbursdayIAN AGED BY MR. FRED HAR ARE VEY, AND ARE PERFECT IN PVERY detail.  ___ ’ticket* and full information It atea, ch. erfully futulshed on application to E. B. McCarty, Agent.Lordsbdrg, CaL A- A \ r To cm, the feet, tnd taka. 'V J
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