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Lordsburg Sunbeam (Newspaper) - December 30, 1899, Lordsburg, California le Lordshrs Sobean LoRDSBURG, Cal. DEATH and DISASTEIt Continued from first page. ^BUSHED Every Saturday. Entered at the poetoffioe at Lordfibur^ as second-class mail matter. J. OVERHOLTZSR, EDITOR terms: One dollar a year in advance. Single copies 5 cents. SATXJBDAY, SL- DEC. 30, 1899. Important. Those sending & matter for publication, or making changes in their adv^isements, should have the copy jn by Wednesday evening of each w^k, and not later than Thursday noon. THE EABTHQT7AXE. a At 4:25 Xmas mpming the hardest earthquake experienced for years was felt in Southern California. No damage of any character done in our town, yet clocks were stopped and top heavy articles of various descriptions were upset, and the populace shaken up in geiieral. Many who had never felt an earthquake before were considerably frightened. The quake lasted about 30 seconds l>ut it seemed much longer. Other towns did not fare so well, and Hemet and San Jacinto in Riverside county seem to have been damaged the most severely. Hardly a chimney is left standing in these two towns, and ma*ny\fine brick buildings are utterly n™ed—some having the walls rowAdown entirely and others ked-srbsdff    íl¡[5^cKéR,~of    stlglrcfy ¿lem unsafe. No lives were Ibst in these places; but six Indians fvere killed and a number were wounded by the falling of the wall of an adobe building a few miles away. The damage to property Will runup into the hundreds of thousands. Some idea of the unseen power beneath our feet is obtained by these occurrences. Xmas day was made unusually sad by the frightful wreck at our very doors. The sympathetic chords of each heart were touched at the sofrow of others. s. ' M. V 4 Proctor & Gambel Soap—27 bars for 25c at Doughty’s. W. A. Johnstone was painfully bimied last Monday evening while acting as Santa Glaus at the Xmas tree at the M. E- church. A long false beard which he wore became ignited from one of the candles and in a few seconds the flames had sprefcd all over his body, being fed by the cotton which adorned his costume. By rushing out and roU-in the sand the flames were ex tinguished. He was taken to Pomona for medical treatment, but was not severely burned.—Later— ■ The burn has proven more severe than was first thought and he is now confined to his bed. WiLLUM Robinson, druggist, of Riverside; scalp wound and contusion of back and arm. W. L. Garrison, of Covina;Jip cut; scalp wound; contusion of leg arm. John Stolz, fractured riband collarbone. He worked in the Oinard sugar factory and was going to Chino with his wife and child. He sat with Mr. Tarride, one of the fatally injured. D. E. Mitchell, of Redlands; severe contusion of back. J..E. White, of 1150 Twenty-eighth street, Los Angeles; agent for’transfer company; was bruised. Taken home. E. M. McClure, brakeman, of Los Angeles. Sustained a scalp wound and fracture of clavicle. H. M. Denslow, miner, of Ontario; severe contusion of left shoulder - and scalp wound W. E. Collins, Santa Fe fireman; contusion of head and back. Roy and Robert Staples, sons of Mrs. H. Ber^iman, proprietors of Star hotel in Chino, were in smoker in front of Stolz and Tarride. Legs and other parts of body badly bruised. Monroe Thurman, • of Pomona, right arm badly, perhaps permanently injured. There is a compound fractuie just above the wrist and a serious dislocation at the elbow and his left side is bruised; taken to V. Debrunner’s residence, 538 West Center street. The physician hasr hopes that the arm will retain its use. Mr. Thurman was with Arthur H. Hebbard in the fourth seat from the front t>f the second car. Directly across the aisle sat Mrs. Connor. Mr. Hebbard escaped without injury. Mr. Thurman was one of a party of Pomona baseball players returning from Los Angeles, where they played with the San Bernardino team on Sunday. Arthur Sunday, who was to have right fielded for Pomona Monday, is‘able to be around on crutches, but his injury (a bad one of the left knee), will partially lay him up for some time. Charles Lambarger, of Santa Paula; cut in back of head. Was com- senoe of sig Anoa Debri A ing to Pomona to spend Christmas at the home of his sister-in-law, Mrs. Ernest F. Dewey. jured; was driven home in a half-dazed condition. G. W. Evans; engineer, of Los Angeles, on his way to Colton. Left shoulder broken and right side injured. C. O. Wines, of Los Angeles, fireman of the train; right hand cut and leg bruised. E. H. McClung, baggagemaster, slight bruises. His was a miraculous escape from either death or serious in jury in the combination car. ^ L. F. PATTEÍtsON, back sprained; taken to hospital. Henry Monahan, of Chino; several minor injuries. Taken to the home of his brother^.^W. Monahan. A. G. Kkídall, assessor of San Bernardino county; wrist cut and hip wrenched. • Taken to residence of John L. Means. Went home Monday night. William Soott, colored, of San Bernardino; injured in head; recovered consciousness at 1 o’clock Monday morning and was taken'to the hospital. Several others sustained minor injuries and got away before their names could be learned. There was no such man as August Lafourcade, of North Cucamonga, injured. P. Tarride was identified as afourcade by a friend, but it proved that he was wrong. burg. Tesámony tending to show the train’s rem irkabie speed and the ab-tals was given also by Miss nner,%Will Thurman and Charles Laiibarger, the latter having been travelng in company with deceased Georjge Shanklin. W. H. Poston testifie4,to having assisted in carry ing dead an^ wounded from the wreckage.    ^ E. H. Mcíílung, of Crafton, bfsggage man on the itrain, swore that he was not aware éf any unusual sbeed and was busy gistting baggage ready for Pomona stalfion when the accident occurred. He’had no knowledge of cause of wreck, but thought it was the result of a broken wheel. Reverring the en gine or applying air brakes would not in his opinion cause a train to leave the track. A broken wheel might cause it, even on engine tender. Edward Fitzgerald, the conductor, testified that the train was five minutes late on leaving Lordsburg and that the ratq'Sfcpeed maintained up to time of accident would have brought them to Pomona station five minutes late. He believes the authorized speed on White avenue was fifteen miles an hour, and thought they were not exceeding that speed. He had no knowledge of cause of accident, but he thought the broken wheel did it. The train had been inspected before leaving Los Angelps and nothing Whatever was wrong with its equipment- Had known Engineer Johnson for twenty-five years as an exceedingly careful and vigilant mabHBOber, and one in whom the company and all who knew him imposed every confidence. Had talked with him just ISiefore leaving Los Angeles and found him in usual good spirits. 1 Their runnin¿speed between stations was something like thirty-five or forty miles an hour and to bring the train to a stop a quarti^ of a mile would be covered. The brakes were working all right and applying thehi would not have a tendency to lift the engine from the track. The wheel which found broken appeared to have a in it. T. Hardy Smith testified to being in attendance <m both of the deceasec men just befwe they died. Ex-justice of the Peace, ^ William Youúg, of Los Angeles, identified the remains of Mrs. Conner as his niece, returning from a visikat $ BAt^GAlHS $ $ m Souse with Lot #• 7- 2 Lots ..............................525 Lot  .....     600 2Lots^ne residen|e........... 900 A • X Other town property and «oice ranch property for sale. Rouses for rent.    » $ Sunbeam $ $ CALIFORNIA CUR OS Orange-wood Plaques, .Béautiful Novelties in Shell and Yucca, California Calendars—a large line. Come in and see what we have. You will find our^rices vei^ reasonable. McKeodrick’s Book 5tore Pomona, Cal. # Ml J a|^ now offering a large stocky of beautiful pat-terns ati vei7 low prices. Don’t fail to beelthem. of bes ,ti vei7 'ail to Í i; £. ]D;il3ra(llej^ o    .    t    Pomona, Cal., j  f ^  ...............^' "■ 0. H.")GAÍ!RIS6w •f for Painting and Ppé .-•Hanging. 258 W. SECONO#T. • • POMONA F. H..pSLER 9Sa W. THIRD ST., PoMONA Pumping Machinery all kinds. WellTesting a Specialty Finest Lubricating Oil. 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Holland, accompanied by Stenographer E. F. Strubel, reached omona Tuesday on the 9:21 a. m. train : rom Los Angeles and at once impaneled a jury consisting of the following: H. Paine, C. B. Messenger, J. F. Jlery, J. F. Bowen, A. J. Fry, L. R. Matthews and John Gould. 'The first witness called was Arthur Hebbard, on the ill-fated ony as to the decided was i^ry "rate, for een Lordsburg next witness. who was a train. He train’s ipeedi far in excess half the dista and the place o Fred Palmer He was impressed with the unusual speed of the train as it neared the place of accident and heard no signals after leaving Lordsburg. Arthur Sunday had ridden on fast trians all over the country, but never at such speed as the/ train made coming over from Lords- The case was given to the jury at 12 o’clock, and iat 3:3(1 o’clock the following verdictjwas rendered; “We, the jury, find that the cause of death was a railíQad accident on the Southern Pacific railroad in the city of Pomona between White avenue and Cypress stree|; and our belief is that in accordance with the evidence as introduced saij accident was the result of exceptional hiigh rate of speed, which was not only cingerous but illegal.” wKeck notes. Charles B. Hutchinson made an un-, ceremonious |)ut fortunate exit from the ill-fated l^in. He was sitting in the head passenger coach that was so badly demoUg^^ and raised the window to put his bead out to look ahead, when the car gave^ a lungeUsTE left the track and shot him out through the window. V' A Chinaman with numerous cuts about bis'faca snd head was asked how he got out of Ihé "irreck. He replied: ¿‘Smash go Jrlndow; me shoot out; light on head.” Edward Fitzgerald, the conductor in charge of the» train, is one of*?he most popular conductors on the line. His many Pomoaa friends congratulated him heartily] on his escape without serious injur^ for he was tn-xthe passenger coach just back of the c^^ina- tion car. >    '    \ Special Soujthern Pacific Officer Miles Bowler, of Angeles, and Claim Agent Bagley, of San Francisco, are in Pomona looking after the railroad’s interests. C. E. Donnatin, m^ ter car builder, came out from Loe An-gelesf to be \itith his injured eon. A fire alarm was sounded and the department turned out and reached the scene quickly, it was thought for a few minutes'^hat their services would be needed. Bad as this catastrophe was, the horrors of fire were escaped and the appa^’atus was taken back. Seeing the report that August Lafourcade, of Cucamonga, was injured in the wreck, E. L. Hutchison came out from Los Angeles as Mr. Lafourcade is a friend of his. Mr. Hutchison found that it was Peter Tarride, who was wrongly identified as *Mr. Lafburcade, and he is also a friend. In conjunction with Claim Agent Bagley and Special Officer Bowler, Attorney D. R. Sessions, head of the claimtt department in San Francisco, is attending to damage cases. 0 At the Pacific hotel and the depot «rc 14HI|iiiiii taken from the cars. It iH\It!prÍ8ing that anything whatever was recovered, judging from the wholesale pilfering of “souvenirs” indulged in by people afflicted with morbid curiosity rather than a desire to render assistance. The remains of Milton Monroe were taken to Monrovia by his cousin yesterday afternoon. Postal Clerk M. L. Finch, of Redlands, reports that several rubber stamps, of^value to him and nobody else, weire on the combinajt^on car and are missing. He would like to have them returned. Very likely the stamps ^fCHVRCH DIRECTORY t‘VV'WSA,VV\A.‘\.'VX‘VV‘WWS/V'\.'WX'N,WWW\AA.'V*V'\.*V^-'W%.'Wl Lordsburg M. E. Church:    Rev.    J.    C. Go wan, pastor. Order of service:    Sunday school at to a. m. Sabbath; preaching at 11 o’clock; class meeting at 12 o’clock. Evening service: Christian Endeavor at 7 o’clock; preaching at 7:45. Prayer meeting on Wednesday evening at 7;45. GBEiMinrBfflPHBriRlll88IPlM|KBPH- ^un-j ,y school, 10 i. m.; Fkeachlng,|^l a. ing service: Youhg Peoples meeting, 6:30 o’clooli preáNhing, 7:00 o’clock. I^ayer meeting ea< Wednesday e^^ning at 7:0|^    / North Pomona Union Church: Sut^ school, 3 p. m.; preaching, 4 p. m. Pras meeting each Wednesday evening at 7 o’clc San Dimas Baptist Chijbch; Sundj school, 10 a. m. Prayer meeting each Thursdj evening at 7:30. were taken as “reffcs.” ilfci ‘How to Kül Them. Although everjr housekeeper may be a member of a band of mercy or hx ma^e society, she can help on the work if she will prac^ce some of society’s rules. For example, let Lowell IT. Shanklin, brother of George Shanklin, killed in the wreck, came to Pomona from Ballard last evening, and Mrs. C. G. Crowell, mother-in-law of the deceased, ar- bear in mind that crabs to be propiw] killed should before boiling he tl through the month and body with] sharp iteel at one blow. rived from San Bernardino with one of the little girls. A toy trunk with a doll inside, found near Shanklin in the demolished car, were at the Pacific hotel yesterday. The unfortunate man was taking them to his children for Christmas presents. The three left for San Bernardino with., the body yesterday morning. The “thirteen” superstition received another knockout blow in this casualty. The last coach contained thirteen people and not one was injured by anything more severe than fright. H. A. Gruwell, of 808 East First street, who has been here from Santa Barbara county only two weeks, had fnown the late George Shanklin since boyhood. The late Mrs. Conner was another friend of his, and her husband, Dr. Chwles E. Conner, was Mr. Gru-well’s family physician while in Lompoc, and Mr. Gruwell is also á friend of Charles Lambarger, one of those injured in the wreck. J. B. Morris, of Ontario, was another slightly injured victim. G. Clifford Egan, E. C. Bichowsky and F. C. Bowermaster were slightly njured in the wreck. Messrs. Gunning and Wilding, of North Ontario, -are also reported slightly injured. When a lobster is required, insert] nanow blfMed knife into the third jo^ of the tail, severing the spinal This will canse instan^ d^th an^ much less cruel than"to put it ii water alive, especially if it is not' ing, as the lobster then suffers a s|j lingering death. Terrapin also should be mercii killed before being cooked. / J The eel tribe is said to be a snfferer from man’s inhumanity So difficult is it apparently to that people have even ceased to kill them at alL If their heads w< off before they were otherwise they would at once be out of mil Buffalo Express. Heat of the Harth. It is well known that a effort has been put forth in a! the world where mining is to a great depth, to determi: isfactory average the earth’s temperature with defi Iv/J Roy Smith, of Pasadena, visited friends in Lotdsburg this week. years ago it was commonly be 1 degree for each 90 but more recently dee]^ der other conditions have lief that it is someth for each degree of incr< tore. It is admitted, ho depth to whic^ minin/ been carried is so shall^^ with the great distance the earth that it is n what the average inc^^ ture with depth is. Q. at the various pla the surrounding co ferent that the tes tory, as, for exa the Lake Superior i_r\
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