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Lordsburg Sunbeam (Newspaper) - December 30, 1899, Lordsburg, California r Í-T . :    K • > ^ t Vol. LORDSBURQ, LOS ANOELES CO., CAL<, SATURDAY, DEC. 30, 1899 No. If SPECIAL ^ALE Fall Samplr Line of Work 'Shirtít, Ün4erweais ‘Skirts Petticoats, etx?^ etc^ et<j. BOIIChI for 60 CENTS ON THE DOLLAR If % .THIS means. Toma    f .26 50c WORK SHIRTS for.........     $ 66c WORK SHIRTS for......................................... 11.25 FINE EAMB’S WOOL UNDERWEAR*for  ..............78 $1.40 FINE WOOL OVERSHIRTS for BOYS’ PLAID CAPS (worth 5Qe) for. FULL BOWS’ LINE ALL WOOL SWEATERS (worth $1.50) for % .97 PINK TOIIIiET SOA#(worth 10c a har) fnr........^....... 01 AMEJOU THE PROCESSIOJ^ ■ Í, MI AM P0iyy3NA, CAL Leaders in Low Prices Ul W. ^cond St 2d(foor W. ofOordon % - )ot Cash * DEATH 1*0 DISASTEH i ^    '    * t^esolts From a Railroad Wreek on Christmas Eve. WE ARE HEADQUARTER? 6 ' ♦ for eversrthlng in the line*of • * .•* Watches Uewelry Silverware Cu4 Glass Garved Leather Goods " ................ ?r ■' ' * Cameras Kodaks 'and Photo Supplies Violins Guitars Mandolins and Musical Merchandise rilcrjv] 22§ W. 2d St. Pomona, Cal. FODH oeai), thirty ihjored The 6;47 Itoeal Came Doma White Rvenae and * ’- ■ \ heit Cai^ve at Cypiress Stireet, Caus^ ing the Woivst Smash»^Up That Southeirn Califoi^nia Has    ^ (^tnporteá (Dafers ai\<i biscuit n. We chrry the fttíeet line of Wafers ai^d Biscuiti fever brought to Pomona. A large assortment of the Huntley &    ^ Palmer goods, the finest mam ufactured. We will be pleased Co show you these ._ Boston# fniofes (S'Oe Wholesale and RetiUl Groops, Pomonca, Oal. Evep ExpeiTietieed; K piKf Mom&i mm OP POMONA...... . CAPITAL ....    $100,000 SURPLUS    20,000 UNO. PROFITS .    .    14,000 Prompt ond InteUlgent attention glvwLto all the interests of our customers. IN LAW, PM8S. THOS. COATES, Vlon^BS. CHAS. E. WALKER, CashiKB. Lucky Ghance for Merry-^^ristmas ’    will    he    found ip our fine line of the )icesf Holiday Goods litable for all ages and people. E. B. TILDEN TOTS, FmOT 000(0, lOVaTIES, no. 363 W. Second et., Pomona. Keiser and wife and . M.\^ox and wife drove to )ra Christinas afternoon. Jwerdfiger left on Wedpes-ita Fe overland for his old Sabetha, Kan., on a busi-K(e will be away about [m. Lichty and daughter, left Thursday to visit with friends in Los Annan began to run his through the valley ty. itertainment under the ’omona Lieoture Asso-lecture by Robert J. MedloiDe” In the on Thursday even-Thoee who have bear in mind the laT^ not should get ind not fail to hear be good medicine, LXTBRABY BNTSBTAINMENT- ^ The first regular Sterary entertainment of this school year was givon in the college auditorium on Friday evening of last week, I’h^ evening was perfect and the spacious room was packed with friends of this growing institution. The room was tastefully decorated with pepper boughs, ferns and smllax intersperced with roses. The taxidermy specimens of W. R. Horton were also in evidence and added much to the attractiveness of the room. Prof. W. I. T. Hoovej* was master of ceremonies. We giv^^low a program of the participants. Each number was beyond reasonable criticism and the occasion a literary success. A free will ofifering was taken up for the literary libi’ary fupd: Chorua, ‘‘The Lord Is Groat”—Vocal class. Salutatory—Dora Eheresman. Declamation, “The Pint Wld Old Pete"-T. M. Oalvert. Recitation, ‘‘Tommy Brown”—TUlle Salatha Plano duet—Stella Parret, Prot Franklin. Reading—Mr. Valentine. Piano solo—Blánche Shumaker. Reoitatioa, ‘‘Granny”—Miss Gibson. News—Mrs. B. E. Zug. Oration, ‘‘Typical Progresa”—Prof. Kdiser. Vocal duet, .‘There Is a Land of Pure Delight” —Miss Trosle, Mrs. Cox. Debate, ’‘Resolved that education has more influence over mankind than money.”—Afflrma-tlve, E. H. Humphrey; negative, C. Whltmer. Vocal quartet, ‘‘Hall to the Farmer’s Bride.” —Mrs. Cox, Miss Horning, Prof. Qverholtser, T. M. Calvert. Found—Last week, on E st. between tst and 2nd Bts., in Lords-burg, a well worn coat containing a nickel watch. Owner can haye same by applying at this office, identifying property and paying for this notice. Pomona The customary joy aifl'^rriment of Holiday festivities was Shadowed with uudlsguked sadness t^oughout this entire commnnlty on tjiis Christmas day; for on the very of its dawning occurred in heart of the city one of the most distressing^ailroad accidents in the mnals ol'Southem California. Just at the hour when people were going from their faormes to attend the Christmas exeroises of song I and joyous sentiment at the various churches—at about 6:55.p. m.—an awful crash was heard at jb^^unetiou of White avenue and the^outhem Pacific railroad, followed hj^ the shriek of escaping steam and the' piercing cries The trida had jpiaps^Mb track at the curve where the tío^narLordsburg branch of the railroajl turns from White avenue to connec^ith the main line. And there in th^pitchy darkness that succej^ded the^udden extinction of the lights of the train—for the moon had not yet risen and the nearest street* electric light was a block away—amid the wreckage of an engine which had turned^ completely over and was standing right side up, stripped of all projections, with its tender utteri demolished and bottom side up; a bination smoking, express and bag. oar smashei^lmost into "kindling lying on its roof five or six rods ' the track with^ bicycles, trunks baggage scattered _|gpomÍ8Cuou about; the second coach from the front of the train lying almost on its roof ahead of the engine and collapsed so that a person could sparcely crawl through its ruins; the third passenger coach lying still ahead of the second and partly on its side with the rear end on the track and the front end in the ditch and stove in somewhat; and the last passenger coach standing on the track intact except for a few broken windows; and trucks, broken running-gear and debris of the train scattered In every direction;—amid <^v.ch wreckage were several scores’ of people burled in^’im instant, and the only wonder is t^t the list of killed and injured is not larger. News of the wrpok sphjad rapidly in all directions asá help oame quickly with lights and vehicles to aid in rescuing the injured from among the debris and taking them to the hotels and other places where they could be given proper care and medicAY' assistance. Hundreds of people wera soon at the scene of the accident. Thiiteen of the victims were taken to the Pacific hotel and among them the enghieer of the train. Four—all unconscious—were Y^aoed on mattresses spread on the áoor of the upper room of the fire hall, one being the brakeman of the train and another George Shanklin, of Santa Barbara county, both of f horn died during the night. Many others less seriously injured Werd taken to the homes of friends or driven to their, own homes in Pomona, Chino or On- V i tario. The local physicians respcmded fwomptly to summons and willingly rendered all possible medical assistance until the physicians sent put from Los Angeles by the railroad company ar-" rived with the wrecking train shortly after 10 o’clock. Nearly every local physician was on tJie scene within a short time, tele-leones being kept busy summoning them. T. Hardy Smith, the railr(»d physician, has worked unceasingly since the accident, having general supervision of the wounded. Southern Pacific Surgeons F. K. Ainsworth and H. G. Cates came with the wrecking train. Shortly after 1Ó o’clock the wrecki^ train, (n charge    Master Mechanic F, Sheedyv arrived at the scene. With sectioh gangs from Colton, San Dimas and Pomonajo||^fty men in all) they THE OF POMONA J. Brady, President. I B.*CAMPBELL,Vice President. G. A. Lathrop, Cashier. T. W. Johnston, Ass’t. Cashier. We do a general Banking kusineaa and ;t^h^it yonr patroneg&    \ debris. A track was laMnnoer the locomotive in order to ántw it onto the main line. The wrecking train pulled out for Los Angeles at 1:30 on Tuesdhy morning. A section gang was left at work and eve^thing was cleaned up by WednesdViiaon. Early Monday mórning several of the more seriously injured were pift aboard a coach which was on a sidetrack here, and the car coupled to the 7:34 train and taken to Angeles, where eight were put In the Sisters’ hospital. Surgeons .Aloflworth and XJates went with .the wounded. Today there are four woiinaed in town. Mr. Tarride is at th^Pacific hotel. He had not regain^j^nsciousness at noon and there Is no hope for his recovery. Mr/ Denslow is at Mrs. Soper’s, Second street and White avenue. Mr* Ijam-barger is at B. F. Dewey’s, Crow and White^avenues. Mr. Mitchell was removed yesterday from the hotel to the residence of 0. ^ickok,, 362 W. Elev- P years old, lived with Mrs. Libby at 601 West Holt avenue. She had been at Lompoc for several days on businesfl and was returning to spend ChristtnaB at home. I^TON Monroe, died at fire hall at 3 o’clock Monday morning witíiout having regained consciousness. Monroe was a son of W. A. M(mroe, of Monrovia, and lived in Los Angeles with hia wife and ii^fant child.    | GsdRGE Shanklin, died at hall 2 o’clock Monday mor¿ enth street. DEAD. and was on his way to San Bernardino count^ for a little Christmas vacation with his children. David Johnson, of Grafton, engineer, fracture of skull and smashed and fractured right arm. Taken to hospital. He died at 11:45 o’clock yesterday forenoon. His arm had been amputated and he never regained conscionsnees. FATALLY INJURED. Petes TarriS^ compound fracture of left leg, serious concussion and other injuries. He is a partner of E. Tis-nerat in the liquor business at Los Ala-mitos. Was taken to the fire hall at first and Monday night removed to Pacific hotel. SERIOUSLY INJURED. L. Eifler, brakeman, scalp wound and disloca^ shoulder. His home is in Los Angeles. Taken to hospital. Frank DonnaTin, scalp wound and contusion of back. He is the Southern Pacific agent at San Bemapdin|l\^ * Mrs. Rose D. Conner, instantly killed. Widow of Dr. Conner, son of [ L. D. Conner. She and her son, Paul, ii Taken to hospital. INJURED. A. M. I sprained. Thoms, brakeman. Taken to hospital. ankle OoDtlnued on secooU poife. WfinfWfr tf J.O.ENELL&CO. In addition to a fresh supply of CROceRiés we have added, this week, a stock of HKRDWHRE and TINWARE including Orange Clippers, Bags and Aprons, Tieout Chains, Shovels,'Forks, and all kinds of Farm Implements and Kitchen Utensils. AMMUNITION AT REDUCED PRICES Sugar, Beans and Potatoes by the ton at close figures. OUR ICOTTO: *^Quiok Sales and Small Profits.” J. O. Enell & Co. .LORDSBURQ, I
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