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Long Beach Press Telegram Newspaper Archives Jun 5 1953, Page 17

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Long Beach Press-Telegram (Newspaper) - June 5, 1953, Long Beach, California Deader e. C. Shaw intends to hang out an american p lag again at his House on Flag Day june 14, but he Hopes practice will be general in his neighbourhood. He had the Only one up in that Section on memorial Day. Three people came up on his porch and wanted to vote thinking the Flag denoted a polling place and that is must be election Day. Alert people out that. Way. Did t want to miss a thing. By the Way d you know any one who would like to have a Flag 53x96 inches and will make Good use of it o mrs. M. G. Chamberlain 2.135 e. Second St., has one that size. She can t display it any More and would be willing to give is to some one. Her phone number is 8-3697. Don t Call unless you really treasure the Flag and will display it. What makes a Good father j Piver body will agree it s mighty important that the old Man must be a Good provider but i be known some wonderful fathers who weren t exactly Whix. Dingers in the Money making department. To Douht each person has his own measurements of a worthy father Ana no doubt Good fathers abound in Long Beach. So Why not nominate your Choice for the title of outstand ing father in the Little contest the Long Beach retailers associated and the Independent press Telegram Are running this week you la find a Blank in today s paper. Do it now i study Oil Cash use for schools still characteristic gesture e. Curtis Clark Stormy petrel of the City Council for eight years prior to 1947, today denied that he talked worst thing that could happen to but insisted he still is a photo and i m no talk title denied e. Curtis Clark by by Vera Williams a lady named Gloria Darnell is Bird sitting this week. Friend of mine who knows Gloria was Over to her House and was surprised to see three Para keets there. Last time he was Over she had Only one. But she explained that she was keeping the two strangers Pancho and Monte for an acquaintance who was out of town. Her own Bird. Dickie was having a great time playing Host. At some local Street intersections there Are so Many signs and gadgets the View of the thing you want to see is obstructed. Traffic signals Block out Street signs or vice versa. Some important intersections Are plastered with All sorts of official directional signs. It looks As if the proper City authority might make a Little Survey of this situation with the idea of making everything visible j that ought to be visible to motor j its and pedestrians. And while i m on the subject i must mention the appropriate confusion on a sign Post at Broad Way and Olive. Some one has stuck up a traffic safety poster so it blocks out part of the Olive Street sign. Put together poster and sign read Speed kills. Live. When Bill Martin went into the cafe business in Long Beach 40 years ago. He set up the eats in a Small location in an Alley Between first St. And Ocean blvd. He called it. Appropriately Martin s Alley cafe. Some 15 years later. Bill moved to 442 e. Broadway but he kept the name Martin s Alley cafe and that s what it s called today. Yesterday was the 40th birth Day of the Little business. Bill Cut a cake and received felicitations of old customers and acquaintances who think his 40 Jears sets some sort of a record for continuous operation of that kind of business in our town. The Eisenhower to show the other eve seemed remark ably effective to to. At our House we weren t fully fore warned. When somebody switched on our set. Sec. Benson was speaking and we Dirin t realize immediately he was a part or Ike s program. Then the camera swung to the Center table and there sat the chief from then on the pro Gram held the rapt attention of everybody in the room and in afraid a Telephone caller who happened to ring up at the moment got Short treatment. What made it especially effective was the swinging from one to another among the Cabinet officials and the president pro Viding variety in personalities and subject matter. It s a mighty Fine Way to inform the people because it s a Way that will keep them listening and looking. Long speeches by one person on to Aren t so Good. It takes a mighty expressive face to keep people looking. One gets the feeling that it s a waste of View ing medium and might As Well be done entirely by radio. E Curtis Clark denies that he spoke the other night on an w o r s t thing that could happen to Lake he denies hint he is a Peren Nial or any other kind of a he admits that he still is a the 6-foot, while haired for Mer real estate dealer has lived in Long Beach 26 years and served eight years on the City Council his own words he was kicked out in made those assertions when he was interrupted this morning Over his breakfast Coffee in his Home 617 Walnut ave. The interview was a run Down on his talk wednesday night before the Lakewood civic Council in Woodruff Community Church. I never said i was going to talk on worst thing that could happen to he protested. I did t talk on it i did t say anything that remotely suggested he added warming to his subject the person that called me a perennial sniper lib eled me. The dictionary says a sniper is one who shoots from ambush. I never shot from cover in by life. I stand out a front when i shoot so everybody knows where i All right what did Clark talk about and what did he say at the ocl civic Council meeting i just gave them some facts and figures. I told them that annexation of Lakewood to Long Beach would be bad for Lake Wood and bad for Long Why if Lakewood came into Long Beach it would lose its benefits from county wide and it would lose its Independence. Independence is one of the m Ost. Precious things any body or any City or any nation can have. That s what our fore Council unit to examine possibilities the citizens committee on Public improvements today ordered a comprehensive study of possible use of City tideland Oil Money for construction of Public schools costing up to Pri Marily High schools and Junior High schools in the Lakewood area. Referred to the committee by the City Council the proposal will be examined by the subcommittee on civic Center culture and education under chairmanship of Kenneth Wing head of the City planning commission. Wing said that Public hearings will be scheduled at the appropriate time. Chairman Eugene Tincher explained to the citizens group that the scope of the program will de Pend largely on the outcome of annexation proceedings now under j Way in most of the Lakewood area. Within City City atty. Irving m. Smith has Given an opinion that the oif funds May he allotted legally for. School building construction Only within the City limits. If the entire Lakewood Section votes to Annex a population of 100.000 will be eligible to Shapic in he school construction pro i Gram should such a project be i approved. The great prepor.der-1 Ance of need for new buildings is concentrated in this area Tincher pointed out. He mentioned no specific Fig i ures or dates but supt. Of schools Douglas a. Newcomb said a Deci Sion must be reached by novem Ber 1954. On How to finance from to in new school construction. The Only alternatives Are a Bond Issue or use of the Oil fund. New comb said. Ma.ioi5itv vote if Oil funds arc used aug Oriza who ran into the Street to Chase Tion must be obtained for release. A Hal collided with a motor fatally Dean Peterson 9, of 11803 Crossdale ave., Norwalk struck by a motorcycle when he chased a Ball into the Street at Studebaker re. And Keeney St., Norwalk thursday accidents kill boy Hurt two after school baseball games Cost i the life of a Norwalk boy and re a in serious injuries in traffic i to a Long Beach lad and a los. Jaia Mitos youth in separate Acci Denis thursday afternoon two of Elhem involving dead is Gail Dean Peterson. 9. Died a few hours later at los Angeles county general Hospital. From the injuries. Mrs. Daisy Hendon 11950 Cheshire ave., traffic guard at the crossing kept motorists from running Over tha prostrate Long i3ka.ch Ress u0ram Friday june 5, 1953 Section b Clemente Clem Back in news again sea monster attorney says sea elephant fish game men strictly from Missouri of a portion of the Money in the Cycle. Public improvement fund. That would require vote in Long _ Gai of m and Lester simple majority a 11803 Crossdale ave., Beach committee vote in Long Beac committee injured at 2.30 and he members noted whereas the Bond did see viral hours Lac in los Issue would majority in the whole school strict. Cash balance in the Public improvement fund on May 29 was according to City auditor John r. A total of was committed for 10 present Rale of accrual in the fund is monthly. The committee s study is expected to extend Over about a year. The present committee s commission Given by the City Council expires in july 1954. Lathers came to this i of the 12 projects approved at the from England for. It s what we be been fighting w a r s for Ever since. And if Lakewood came Long Beach Long Beach would take on a terrific financial responsibility. Trash and garbage disposal alone would be a big problem. Long Beach does t know what to do with the trash and garbage it already what did or. Clark say about Lakewood councilmen i said they had been prom ised they would have one or two com oilmen representing l a k c Wood. No soul on Earth can make such a Promise no soul on Earth can Tell whether that is True or even possible. If Lake Wood came in Long Beach would have to be re distracted and nobody knows where the District would be. Lakewood might have a part of several councilmen. And the new pro posed City charter wants to do away with the District system anyway and have the Council election City wide. That Means All the councilmen might be elected from one Small Corner of the eyes flashing fire the former City councilman went on i Lold them they were being lured by millions of dollars of Oil Money. Nobody knows whether Lakewood would or could get one cent of that Money. It May All have to go for died several hours later in Angeles general Hospital. Mrs. Daisy Hendon 11950 Che Shire ave., a crossing guard at the Lakeside school told officers Gail had crossed the Street to get a Ball that had gone Over the school Yard Fence. He threw the Hall Back and was running across the Street when j the Accident happened she said. Paramount girl Dies of crash hurts a 15-year-old Paramount girl died in a los Angeles Hospital to Day from traffic injuries suffered thursday evening at olympic and Atlantic blvrls., los Angeles. Los Angeles police said he Driver of the motorcycle was Edwin Robert Greenwood 29, of .15222 Harvest ave. The Accident happened on Studebaker re. About 100 feet South of Keeney St. James Gary Robertson 9. Of 6781 Mills Mark ave., was seriously injured when he dashed into the path of an Auto driven by Billy Leon Chamberlain 22, of 3921 Flora Vista ave., Bellflower the Accident occurred on Atlantic ave. South of 68th St. The boy was treated at Seaside Hospital for abrasions on the right hip and leg. He suffered no fractures but was held for Obser vation. A companion told police they were headed across the Street to play baseball. At Lexington or. And Howard St., los Alamitos. Ernest Wesley Delaney. 13. Of 4392 Howard St., was hit by a motorcycle driven by Charles Lee Green 12, of the Thompson apartments los Ala Mitos. The lad was treated at Long Beach Community Hospital for a fractured leg. Young girl was thrown from an Auto driven by Ford Murray 20, of Eastern ave., Bell Gar Dens when it was Iri collision with told officers a group of an Auto driven by John j. Basiel were playing baseball in the 21, of East los Angeles. Street when he approached and a car driven by Piquol fre7.uez. I that the Delaney boy became con 40. Of los Angeles was unable to fused and ran in front of the to Stop and ran Over the injured girl to Cycle. In the Street. Wisconsin picnic the Wisconsin state society annual All Day picnic will be held in Bixby Park sunday june 14. Old Clemontz Clem is bark in the news again bringing with him waterfront tales about a sea monster with a to font and As Lisiel causing Only cursory comment by fish and game officials. We hear about sea Mon sters All the time but we be never been Able to rim one said a statement from tie fish and game Headquarters in Island. The latest report of Clem Nfn Clem conies from the Purso Seiner endeavour. Sum Kan made a belated report to the coast guard about sighting a monster off san Clemelle is land two weeks ago. It was Broad Daylight and we approached within 15 feet of the beast which looked like something out of prehistoric was quoted As reporting. Looked like it could tear up our nets so i fired two shots into it from my so-30 Rifle. We could hear the bullets thud into its flesh. It did not bleed but quietly submerged. It had a neck about 10 feet Long and five or six feet Shiek. Its eyes were Cone shaped pro truding slightly slanted and 12 inches in diameter. Parts of the neck were covered with barnacles. from the exposed portion of the body if would be As big is a he delayed re porting the incident he canse we were afraid of being laughed atty. Jonah Jones Olio was replied several limes to reports about a sea monster in this area and has a weak photo 1o prove his Luis no again announced that s Clemente Clem Albino Bull sea the snapshot Lones has ran not be reproduced. It was taken by ii fellow member of the. Tuna club. Several Al Ali members have seen the said Jones. They agree that on close in Spect Ion it is a huge sea ele Phant Wlinich seems to make. Way to san Demon to Isle not from gain Dalipe every the fish and game agents said the Jones explanation might he in Greet. Along the fishing wharf the report of Clemente Clem seemed to he Good news to Many of the old timers. Vou never hear about a him except on years when have a Good Al acre said Bill Lott. Maybe now we Are sure of Jin Ollier great Ford Plant to reopen Here monday full production of 360 cars and trucks daily is expected to be resumed at the Long Beach Ford Assembly Plant monday when 1300 production employees return to work reports r. C. Armour Plant of paralysis manager. Patient and contacts of a second the employees we re Laid Oft twin Casc Aro about to be treated or. Pora Rily last week because o a Litwack second Gamma globulin Supply received by City a second shipment of 600 cubic i on a one new polio Case was re centimetres of Gamma globulin ported this week bringing the to has arrived at the City health ital for the year to 19. That figure Center to augment an initial Token compares with 12 for the Corre allot Cal of 150 cubic spending period of 1952 and an a or. I. D. Litwack City health of erase of 6 per year Over a five finer announced today. Year period up to this Date. Administered to members of the North Long Beach Driver held in crash fatal to 4 a North Long Beach Man was the couple s four month old son Virld by sheriff s officers in Al Timothy was injured but Hospital Centre today after a traffic crash officials said he would recover in which four members of a Braw Ilcy family were killed. Officers said Herman Bloemsma _ it 23, of 2850 Thompson Lofing North Long Beach was in custody pending further investigation by Tho California Highway patrol. May building Pace lessens but still brisk building activity Here in May i declined 22.73 per cent from the record High of april but volume remained at a brisk level with permits totalling superintendent of building Edward m. Health dept. Clerk athletic latest entry in the miss universe International Beauty Congress is miss Wanda Irizarry representing puerto Rico. The curvaceous Beauty is 20 years old 5 feet 7 inches tall weighs 138 pounds and is very sunday s ads must be in by saturday 2 p. M. Please order your sunday inde pendent press Telegram in classified ads Early for Best service. Classi fied and takers can be More helpful to you during these less Busy Days. Bloemsma s heavy truck tractor and an automobile in which the family was returning from a commencement program collided head on. Killed were William c. Har Grove 24, a county Road District employee his wife. Ernestine. 22 and their two children William jr., 6, and Janice 4. After nearly 30 years service with the City mrs. Hazel Cole , 3529 e. 16th St., is retiring today from her position As a clerk in the health department. She began work in the City engineering department Jan. And has been with the department for 13 years. Other employees of that department honoured her at a Farewell party. O Connor reported today. The april total was residential construction showed a drop of 28.19 per cent the totals in May and in april. Family units authorized last month numbered 372 compared with 599 in the preceding month. Housing unit completions showed an increase however from 196 to 225. Building was off to a fast Start in june As permits totalling in valuation were authorized in the first four Days of the month. Parts shortage caused by a can ton Ohio strike. The monday resumption of full scale activities will be one Daj earlier than originally announced prompt delivery of the needed parts resulted in the earlier sched uling Armour said. Rainbow pier hours posted Rainbow pier will be open to traffic saturday and sunday Only for the next several weeks the lifeguard service announced to Day. This is due to the Beach protective work being done along the West Side of the pier. On week Days Cement trucks must use the pier and therefore other traffic is prohibited. The work being done there is part of the seawall to be constructed Westerly along the Beach to the los Angeles River flood control Channel. The preventive scrum however. Spread of the disease apparently has levelled off the health officer , with but two diagnosed in the past two weeks. Fever hospitalized bridegroom doctors toil so paralysed couple can marry Dan cupid donned a nurse s uniform today and with a hypo Needle instead of a Dart was doing his Best to see that a paralysed Long Beach couple can be married saturday after noon. The Groom to be Wayne Cap son a paraplegic possibly a lit excited about approaching marriage was struck Down by a fever of 101 thursday and had to be hospitalized at the vet eran s administration Hospital. Meanwhile the Bride to be Juanita Cramer who is a quadriplegic and almost totally Par Analysed was As excited As any other girl about to approach the altar and worries about Wayne added to her nervousness. Doctors at the Hospital voice Hope that Wayne can be ready for the wedding scheduled for saturday afternoon at the Garden wedding Chapel 3020 e. Third St. Most of the crowd expected will be paraplegic patients from the a Hospital attending in wheel chairs. Gifts galore will be showered on the couple by merchants and friends. Among the gifts will be a three Day honeymoon provided by a san Diego hotel. Hospital doctors still would t assure the couple that they could take the honeymoon now even if Wayne is Able to be married. He May have to re turn to the Hospital right after the ceremony for More treat ment. That la be decided Satur Day morning. Wayne has been paralysed from the Waist Down since he was wounded in Korea. Juanita a former wac has been Par Al Zed in her hands and legs since an Auto Accident in 1949 in Oregon. They met in the a Hospital. A Home for them is being constructed in Garden Grove. Buy a who shouted buy a horse at daring owners of newfangled horseless carriages never dreamed thit e. M. F., purchased Back at the turn of the Century would be run Ning in 1953. Mrs. Virginia Barnett 3845 Brayton ave., shines up old Dobbin s successor preparing for the sixth annual horse leu Carriage glub caravan which will gather in Fresno next Friday chug their Way to Yosemite. More than 100 ancient can from California and Nevada Are scheduled to make the photo

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