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Long Beach Press Telegram Newspaper Archives Jan 23 1953, Page 8

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Long Beach Press-Telegram (Newspaper) - January 23, 1953, Long Beach, CaliforniaLong Beach Friday Jon. 20, alone at last editorial beware of red causes1 Back in 1939 when Hitler and Stalin clasped hands and in 1941 when Hitler stabbed Stalin in the Back american communists indulged in some propaganda gymnastics which remain classic examples of How commies around the world Cleave to the line Laid Down by the Kremlin. In both events the commies in the u. S. Were consistent with Moscow or at least became consistent in the time it takes to shift from High gear to reverse. The reds Are following the Kremlin line today unswervingly As they did in 1939 and 1941. Read the reports from Moscow. America is a warmonger nation a foe of peace they say. Retrieve from the Gutter a copy of an american communist Organ. The Echo is perfect. The pattern the relationship is Clear to most americans. They know How to identify the propaganda and they scorn it for what it is. But some get confused in the web of words. The commies try to prey on the con science by mouthing the word although they Haven t the slightest interest in True and honorable peace. They Appeal to intellectual although to them no thinking is intellectually honest unless ius against our system and for the communist system. Innocent people Are caught up by the propaganda and become enlisted in which Are nothing but red Booby traps. Saying something a communist has said does not make a Man a communist of course. But saying and doing the same things consistently and at the same time saying Only those things which support the Kremlin propaganda and never things which coincide with american policy switching automatically with every change of the Kremlin nearly always Are the tokens of a red or a sad sad dupe. Let s not be fooled by the red hot air. Let s think our own thoughts and draw our own conclusions. If we enlist in a cause let s. Make sure it s an honest worthy american cause not one which serves the purposes of the Kremlin. Our archaic system of tallying votes county registrar of voters Benjamin s. Hite says he is renewing a study of More modern methods of balloting and ballot counting. He is in Contact with a business machine corporation which makes mechanized counters. We Hope something comes of his exploration. The need for More rapid and efficient vote counting was illustrated again in the recent general election when delays for periods up to 4s hours occurred in ballot tallying in certain precincts. The people who do the counting in the precincts deserve Praise not criticism for their service but the simple fact is that they Are working with an archaic system. Hite visualizes a system in which punch card ballots Are used. After the polls close the punched ballots would be delivered to a Central counting office and counted by machine swiftly and without the margin of human error now involved. Instead of waiting several Days for an accurate and Complete count we would know the results very shortly after the Clos ing of the polls. At present returns float in throughout election night and for a Day or More. In a close election we Aren t sure of the outcome until the tardy precincts Are in. The Situa Tion is compounded by the delayed count of Absentee ballots which is another prob Lem that should get some study on the state level. The punch card system sounds Good to us. If it does what Hite says it will do we think the Board of supervisors should lend an attentive ear. A question of nothing As usual the air Force s prose proceeded cautiously but an undeniable tone of conviction pervaded the report regarding mysterious flying objects which airmen sighted or at least thought they sighted Over Northern Japan there Are too Many indications of the presence of something to be considered an observation of in other words the objects really did t look like Mere reflections of Light but were something you could put your Finger that is if you could get close enough and weren t afraid of burning your Finger. No body had got close enough the report. Added. So the flying Saucer Story goes on in serial form. It is the most tenacious mystery tale of the Century. Old women who used to detect leaks in the Gas pipes in the dead of night now spend their restless nocturnal hours scanning the sky for flying dishware. You Seldom slip into the Barber chair but that the Barber inquires As he pins the bib see any flying saucers last and our pilots Chase pinwheels that Regis Ter on radar. Whether these flying objects really exist or whether they Are mirages is a question we Are not prepared to answer. We know what we Are inclined to believe. But then there was a time when Many did t believe there could Ever be such things As air planes radio Nylon stockings and mar tin and Lewis. But there they Are. So our Rind is open. Meanwhile just on the off Chance that the strange objects May be visitors from another planet we Are going to tidy up our desk a bit Marquis Childs men eligible for office hard to find Washington by general agreement one of the Ablest men nominated by president Eisenhower to the defense department is Robert ten Broeck Stevens to be Secretary of the army. A Success u 1 b u Siessman Stevens had government a 1 experience in the Early Days of the new Deal in Washington and later during world War ii. Childs yet when his nomination came before the Senate armed services committee there appeared to be an insuperable obstacle to his confirmation. He owned the committee was informed one third of am ily corporation and that corporation had approximately in defense con tracts. Stevens made a Good impression on the committee he seemed much More aware of the need of the senators to in quire into his financial relationships than did Charles e. Wilson designated Secretary of defense or Roger m. Kyes to be Deputy Secretary. A Way May be found to con firm these men that will at the same time erase the doubt cast Over their fitness to administer the vast spending of the de sense department. But the controversy illustrates once again the difficulty of finding men sufficiently neuter in ideas neuter in career and ownership to be entrusted with the vast responsibility that the executive Branch of the government must shoulder. One May Sec Here a reason Why increasingly military men whose careers have been pre scribed from the Day their higher education begins Are named to Touchy top positions. One thing however should be unmistakably Clear. Wilson is reported to have said that whatever is Good for general motors is Good for the country and vice versa. Now if he meant this in respect to the Prosperity of the largest corporation in the. Country reflect ing a general Prosperity it. May be True. But it cannot be said that what is Good for general motors is inevitably Good for government. Rightly and properly the executives of general motors Are concerned with profits for the stockholders of the company. Rightly and properly the men who spend the Bil Lions appropriated to the de sense department must be concerned with getting the most defense that can be bought for each Dollar of the taxpayers Money. Two functions these Are two quite differ ent functions and to confuse them is to invite a confusion jeopardizing the Independence both of government and of business. Extensive documentation of How the interest of profit can conflict with the in Terest of Economy in govern ment was provided in extensive Echo portraits by Metcalfe an Echo is the Mirror that. Reflects the smallest sounds it is the voice that strikes a Rock and instantly re Bounds it issues from the Mountainside or from a hollow Hall the Valley of a deep Ravine or some acoustic Wall. Are echoes that can explain but also there no science the echoes of a yesterday in Sunshine or in rain the Echo of a Happy song that glorified the Day the Echo of a lonely soul that never goes away there Are a thousand echoes and each Echo plays its part but none is greater than the one that Speaks the human heart. Hearings conducted by a House subcommittee under the chair Manship of representative por Ter Hardy or. Of Virginia. Hardy s committee was investigating reports that government 1 methods of purchasing Auto motive spare parts were result ing in excessive costs of hundreds of millions of dollars. Much of this excess committee investigators alleged went As profits to the companies sup plying the spare parts. The group came up with some findings on favors passed out to government procure ment officers. These made headlines at the time. But they were not nearly so important As the study of the profit relationship in the spending of government billions. On this score the committee failed to come up with any definite recommendations. Nevertheless the 937 pages of printed hearings and Docu ments going into contracts with general motors Chrysler the other big automotive firms and their subsidiaries and suppliers is a revealing textbook on How decisions by government can affect the profit pattern. Committee investigators re ported for example that in some instances the government was buying spare parts that had been passed along through a Chain of three or four companies. Each of these companies was making its profit on the transaction whereas Purchase from the original sup plier would eliminate a consid Erable share of this cumulative profit. In reply others both in Indus try and government declared that even if some of this profit were unjustified it would be recovered by the government either through renegotiation or through the excess profits tax. But the staff experts of the Hardy committee pointed out in rejoinder that in Tion of contracts each firm involved in a transaction is Al Lowed a reasonable Public forum must not exceed 250 and Mutt Haft bans Tigna Turet and Addre set. Letten May edited in the food Tatte or to Tava space. David Lawrence new regime accuser of old must keep own record beyond criticism Washington a lesson in politics for the new administration is revealed in the latest Gallup poll figures. Interviewing Cross sections of voters since the november election to find out what were the principal things that swayed them to cast their ballots for Eisenhower the poll shows that corruption was Given by the greatest percentage not Only among Republican voters but among democrats and in dependents too who voted for Eisenhower. The question itself was Well phrased. It asked the voter to say leaving aside the Candi dates themselves just what is sue or issues had the most effect in deciding him to vote for Eisenhower. The next highest percentage Point in All three groups was Given to the korean Issue. Communism was a close third among regular republicans among voters generally and but was not quite so High among democrats. Korea big Issue the fact that Korea was so definitely an Issue will come As a Surprise to Many people including europeans and Many democratic officials Here who never saw the matter in its True Impact on the electorate. The corruption Issue has always been a decisive one in american politics though the exposures and crusades do not in every Case result in an immediate defeat for the party accused of wrongdoing simply because the Case sometimes is not proved or made Clear until a subsequent election. Some readers have written in to question this correspondent s appraisal a few Days ago in which he stated that across the Truman administration just As across the Harding administration s record will be written the word despite the fact that each administration had a Secretary of state who made notable record in various phases of foreign policy. Clear sign what the Gallup Survey Indi Cates is that much As the de lenders of a particular party May dislike it the voters As a whole do not relish corruption and usually vote it Down in Federal state and City elections. The significance for the Eisenhower administration is Clear. Here is a regime which comes into Power As the a own record there fore must be beyond criticism. There can be no ambiguities about or apologies for anything that remotely suggests a Lack of ethical standards. Thus Charles e. Wilson is rightly indignant because of the suggestion that he might if he held on to his general motors Stock do something As Secretary of defense that would Compromise himself or the government. But the rules of politics demand that the occasion shall not even arise where there could be such a question As it is there Are Many friends of the Eisen Hower administration who won Der Why the matter was Al Lowed to Drift for two months without being Given careful consideration and a solution found much earlier. Drifting the episode has caused More talk and More argument than would have been the Case if the subject had been taken up earlier and opinions sought Long before inauguration Day. Particularly harmful from a political the ten Dency to Drift while the Public talks about Lack of ethics in a new administration. The Issue should have been disposed of promptly As soon As it arose and Long before or. Wilson went to Congress to testify what it All indicates is that while the Eisenhower administration has picked a lot of Able men from business and from other walks of life it has not yet brought into the executive staff men with the political knowledge and awareness which comes out of experience and familiarity with washing ton ways and customs. Business men As a whole cannot on this account be criticized for there is no standardization among them. Some Are Public relations minded and some Are not. Some Are keenly aware of political and some Are not. But there is no excuse for an admin Stra Tion taking Power nowadays having at its Elbow always a Little group of Politi Cal advisers. Congress is the place to get them. They Are artful and re Are sensitive to All the conflicting currents. Yet it is understood that no body from Capitol Hill was called in to discuss this very explosive political Issue before or. Wilson went before the Senate armed services commit tee for his informal session last week. The lesson will not be lost on president Eisenhower. He profits by mistakes. It prob ably is a Good thing the Epi Sode occurred now instead of later. States tideland claims opposed press Telegram As i remember the status of the tidelands was clarified by a supreme court decision stating that they belonged to the Federal government. In View of this fact How could any reasonable person say that it is spite to respect a decision of the highest judiciary Council in our land i have not read any of the opinions that formed this decision but is it not traditional that the Cost of protecting All coasts of our nation is shared by All states whether they have a coastline or not does t Federal Law supersede that of the states regarding admiralty Law dealing with maritime affairs ii so Why an exception in the matter of Oil rights in the tidelands surely these states with Shore lines would not wish to defend them Independent of help from the other states of the Union. The reciprocal nature of the present concept held at least by the majority of the Mem Bers of the supreme court should warrant its acceptance by everyone. Of course where your inter est is dollars there is a ten Dency to forget principles Hon est concepts and to disregard everything but Means of pet Ting those dollars be they fair or foul. We Are having Many examples of this kind of objective thinking in the present Day of which the so called de sire1 of the states to gain control of their seems to be one. Mervin d. Ranagan. 543 w. Broadway editor s note ownership of a Shoreline by a state and de sense of that Shoreline Are two different flies tons. Would or. Ranagan argue that Pennsyl Vania s Coal mines belong to the Federal government be cause Pennsylvania would receive Federal assistance in the event of a Parachute attack by a foreign requirements too rigid for dentists press Telegram a recent article in your paper said dentists need the reason dentists and physicians too Are not Able to give adequate dental service is that the profession through the permission of the people the legislature have had Laws enacted that make it harder and harder for a Young Man to det a dental education. They do not want More dentists and More physicians. In order for a Young Man or woman to enter dental school he must graduate from High graduate from an other school with an . De Gree arid then spend four years in a dental school. That s non sense for the people to allow the legislature to enact such Laws to prevent dentists from coming into the state from other states and to have to spend so much time becoming a dentist to enable him to put in a filling fifty years ago a Young Man could become a dentist from a reputable dental school with two years or 16 months instruction that would enable him to properly fill a tooth. There Are elderly people m Phil Newsom fear psychology shapes Kremlin acts the Kremlin leaders Are afraid for their own per Sonal safety afraid of the United states and even afraid of their own shackled Popula Tion. A psychology of fear would seem to be the Only explanation behind Many other Wise hard to u n Der stand Moscow moves. However it does t m a k e them any less dangerous. Nor does it Newsom make it easier for their oppressed people. And finally it does t mean that we should be any the less wary of new aggressive moves by the russians. Nonetheless at least four major recent moves by the Sovi ets May be ascribed to fear. They May be listed As 1. The anti semitic anti zionist and the anti Catholic Campaign. The hate Campaign against the United states. 3. The continuing peace Campai irn designed to Dull the suspicions of Western Europe and to split the u. S. From its allies. 4. New oppressive measures at Home. Communist attacks against jews and catholics serve Possi Bly three purposes. The godless communist state can tolerate no loyalties other than to the Kremlin and communism. The catholics always have been under suspicion be cause of their religious ties to the Vatican. As for the jews anti semitism is an old old. Story in Russia but today apparently headed toward new fury because of the jews suspected loyalty to the new israeli state. Persecution of both catholics and jews serves a second Pur pose in that like the old roman it takes the mind of. The populace off its own hard ships and provides an easy Scapegoat to cover the reds own failures. Finally there is the attempt of the reds to win to their Side the Oil Rich Arab states by unceasing propaganda attacks against Israel. Through the whole Kremlin Campaign of fear both for it self and the one it attempts to impose on the outside world runs its hatred for the United states. Wrote a Moscow directed newspaper in Paris Eisenhower entered the White House yesterday where he plans to put Liis program of fascism and War into so too russian citizens who fall under arrest Are accused of ties with u. S. Espionage. Completing the link in the hate Campaign is the fact that most of them Are jews. Long Beach who had Gold fill Ings hammered in their Teeth 50 or More years ago that Are still in Good condition. How Many Teeth today that will last p. O. Box 301 cattle drainage problems deplored press Telegram there should be Laws prohibiting cattle being kept within a Quarter mile from any Resi Dence and out of towns proper. There should be Laws prohibiting anyone from having cattle unless he acquires suitable ground Well drained say along. The Foothills. Today transportation is no problem therefore dairies do not have to be maintained in the Center of town. This and the drainage prob Lem Are tied in together. Let s improve the drainage and get the cattle out of thickly populated and fast growing communities. Lillian Mcclean Artesia Rosenbergs Aren t Worth publicity press Telegram i have just read the letter from Morris and Lillian Anto pol wanting clemency for the Rosenbergs. I can t help wondering what All the excitement is about the Rosenbergs certainly Aren t Worth All the publicity they Are getting. They Are getting what they deserve. They surely knew what the penalty would be before do ing such a terrible thing. I wonder if they were Given a Choice of the death penalty or spending their lives in rus Sia which would they choose. I would say the death pen Alty mrs. Chas. R. Woodcock 8246 Gay St. Cypress. Questions answers Missouri was scene of big quake by Haskin readers can get tale answer to any question of fact by writing Long Beach press Telegram information e u r a 1soo St., n. A. Washington 8. A c. Please enclose 3 for return postage. Q. When and where did the most violent earthquake in the United states . A. The series of shocks at new Madrid mo., in 1811 and 1812, were probably the most violent in North America Dur ing the period covered by historic records. The largest one produced vibrations in the ground Strong enough to be Felt in Boston 1100 Miles away. The quake was Felt throughout an area about one million Square Miles. Q. How Many varieties of Trees grow around the Wiite House . A. The White House Trees represent some 80 varieties. Usually each president plants a tree on the grounds. Andrew Jackson planted magnolias from his Tennessee Home president Harding a Beech president Hoover american Elm mrs. Hoover a California Redwood. Q. What is the height of the Mountain on which Noah s Ark is supposed to have landed . A. It Ararat is it. High. It is situated where the frontiers of Turkey iran and . Meet. Henna u. Harold m. I Ike to Saranel c. Oral manager h. P. Bur Cater Malcolm Epley Cieck uting editor National Woodward. Lac. Comic advertising representative metropolitan group inc. Just folks by e. A. Guest Long ago in Long Beach duty of grandparents life s a term of obligations and if old enough we grow and have children who have there is one Well surely know. When the kindergarten teacher plans a Day for children penned it s the duty of the grandpas and the grandmas to attend. After All the preparations of the costume making Days and the. Training and rehearsals for the role each youngster plays. It s a solemn obligation on the night of the affair for the grandpas and the grandmas to be seated Early there. They May say their joints Are aching and their bad for the hearing aids they re using that new batteries must be had but despite their protestations with a show it s the duty of the Grandf oils to bestir themselves and go ten years ago of Guadalcanal maj. James v. Edmundson 27, addressed staff officers of the California group of the air ferrying com Mand at the Airport on his exploits in the South Pacific theater. To expand its facilities for servicemen Long Beach asked for in Lanham act funds according to a recreation department statement. Twenty years ago the City Council was considering a suggestion from the Long Beach Academy of Medicine that the City charter provide for the creation of a health and welfare commission. John f., Prahl local resident was just named vice president of the Security first National Bank Here. Thirty years ago the City Council heard demons rants against the widening of Atlantic ave. From Hill St. To Wardlow re. The City Council announced that it would ask the California state legislature to enact a Law which will Check the waste1 of Gas from Wells on signal Hill and in Fields of the state. The neighbors by George Clark i wanted to Trust my whole future to Finis had my Toda while i was on the phone

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