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Long Beach Press Telegram Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1952, Page 10

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Long Beach Press-Telegram (Newspaper) - December 20, 1952, Long Beach, California Long Beach Calif press Telegram saturday. December 20, 1952 Hollywood review quotes of year include some memorable remarks by Bob Here it is ing career. You can t do both at time to Slart ushering the old note she married col year out with a list of the quo lick Young a few months after table quotes from Hollywood in this statement was made 1952. I Fred Allen when i appear movie people were making Ion to the audience rushes to their usual amount of noise this the movies. When i m in the year. Most of it was just talk movies they Rush Home to to. Hut some of the remarks were. I keep the audience in perpetual More memorable than others. Mot arc some the favourites Mickey Rooney marrying for that i have gleaner from the the fourth time i m really in s happenings. Love. This is for keeps. We waited Roberto Rok Sollini. Announcing a Long time to make sure we that to and ing Rirl Bergman were were right for each he having their second family acid explained he and his wife Elaine lion we both Hope our . Had known each other Ridge will now to taken for the for two months sir Rock. Serious thing it Betty Grable citing a trend Gracio Fields 53, singing about the eyes of the film fan world her . To a 48-Ycar-Oldihavc switched up Trie feminine repairman i m an old form. And i just can t com Oal Bur j in so in love wit i Pete. I be always been Able to him stand on my own legs but there Arlynn testifying on one Are lots of women with bus lines of the reasons Why she was Cli nature did t Lex Barker he Ca cd Jose Ferrer announcing a me a Hiek from Minnesota be 1 couple of years vacation from Ransco i would t drink a Martini the new York stage audiences before can Sec too much of an actor. An Vanessa Brown former quiz actor owes it to hem to retire kid brains Are no a indican to gracefully on occasion. Prof. Likes her books coast to coast keeps them Gary Grant on his newfound a girl if she hidden behind a plunging neck regard for women it s Only re gently that i have been Able to Russell sweaters Are accept women As friends. Now a Laxy girl s Way to i can appreciate Why my exes Joan Fontaine ill n e v e me. Marry again until i quit my act loathsome. I was horrible extra late show tonight both theatres continuous from 12 noon est coast 64209 Ter Iii Mayden Richard Carlson Gorget Huntz hah bowei1y boys no holds barred extra Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer c o i or cartoon open ii 639 7j cont. Sansu Toomal action thrill in John Ford s adventure Triumph Rio Grande action and laughs Brian Donlevy Forrest Tucker Ella Raines e egyptian open 12 noon our great pre Holiday show John tue Wayne b ii my pal quiet Richard Widmark Bay 925.55 open 41 . Gene Tierney Rory Calhoun Way of a Gaucho Joff Chandler Scott Brady Yankee Buccaneer May Mon Roe May attend the Southern California Wisconsin Rose bowl football game but not As a guest of us s librarian or. Lewis f. Steig. Or. Steig invited the shapely actress to be his guest in his Midfield Box but she declined. She told friends "1 think he s Only interested in my miss Monroe has 178 auction purchased books including manuscripts by the late theatrical producer Max Reinhardt. By Gardner Mickey Jelke according to the Grapevine will plead guilty rather than go through the embarrassment of having Miles of taped tapped Telephone conversations aired publicly in court Pakistan ambassador Mohammed am and his two sons Are Tak ing Golf lessons indoors the Peter Martin saturday evening Post series on Bing Crosby also will be published As a Book. And if Paramount makes it into a movie chances Are it la be Brig s Swan song in flick Tures five members of the Mau Mau terrorists in Africa were found in the Clark Gable Ava Gardner Mem company making one of those arrested was Kenai Mitzi sin Long sought As a ringleader in the society. At the lambs dinner prior to a preview of stars and stripes Shepherd Billy Gaxton introduced John Philip Sousa Iii now education director of then presented the. Guest of Honor Clifton Webb. The actor looked around the room nodded to Winthrop Rockefeller Ralph Bellamy Otto Harbach d. A. Frank Hogan and the other gentleman present and said solemnly i Only wish that i were George Jessel under my Webb will remain East until Jan 19, attend the inauguration then return to picture making in Hollywood in stars and stripes or. Zanuck s exhibit no. 1 is a 19-year old Debra. Pager a Brunette Marilyn Monroe who can sing a Little act a Little dance a Little and make wolves whistle a lot. Nicknamed Angel face by the Fox mechanical Crews Debra s got this kind of a when she was 14 she played the Sweet heart Richard Conte killed for in cry of the Here s the latest development in England s socialized Medicine program the British colonial Secretary has been asked How Many Witch doctors Are employed in the various colonies and How much they re being paid James h. Rand and Jim Melton have joined the 39-member crusade of Freedom advisory com Mittee the nativity scene designed and carved by the Wood Carvers among the Oberammergau passion players is so impressive that Luchow s will keep it under the famous Christmas tree until mid january Montes on the Park owner William Lowenstein has offered artist Albert Carlo for the por trait he painted of the late Chaim Weizmann in Israel a year ago Janis Paige who s swoon Erful at the Paramount tells about the psychiatrist with a problem. He has a patient who thinks he s Santa Claus and the Doc has t the heart to Tell him there Ain t no Santa Claus. _ smog Southland s problem lots of fantastic remedies offered editor s note this the sixth and final article of a series on California s smog problem discusses various that have been offered and Outlin a official plans for eventually con trolling air pollution by Jack it Jig los an Indi billion Dollar Industrial expansion cation of the Public s tremendous and a 50-per-cent population gain collector of wild animals will wed sex Navy Yeoman Jaycees to conduct Luminous tape Salt ii Pembroke College Aid visits parents Here miss Alberta Brown repro Glendale Commerce will sponsor a scotch ise Nativo of Pembroke College Light tape Sale dec. 28, ban who is visiting schools West of Steward acc safety is visiting her parents announced today. Or. And mrs. J. Scott Brown. The Luminous tape is applied 2920 e. Third St. Miss Brown is Genevieve along Auto bumpers As a night in the office of admissions o Cuprys 2s, wild animal collector known As Jungle will wed tonight in the presence of some Royalty of the animal collecting kingdom. The Groon is Donald Strong. 25, a graduate of Glen College. They met Back stage at the Ringling Brothers Barnum Baily circus in new Orleans in october 1951. Both had gone behind the scenes to meet or. J. J. Hender son subject of a Book titled circus Armstrong was then a Navy Yeoman stationed at new Orleans. Miss Cuprys was curator of the new Orleans zoo. Miss Cuprys has imported some 5000 animals from India Malaya and Siam in the past three and a half years. She took Over the business when her Foster father died in Singapore on a collecting expedition. He was Arthur Foehl of Williamstown n. J. In the ceremony will be per j formed in the week Kirk o Heather Forest Lawn with or. Jyh Clair Gahagan a los Angeles presbyterian pastor officiating. The Bride will be Given in marriage by George Emerson movie studio animal Trainer. Guests will include Clyde Beatty famed circus Trainer mrs. Belle Benchley director of the san Diego zoo Marlin per Kins director of the Lincoln Park zoo Chicago conductor of a to show called zoo or. William m. Mann director of the National zoological Park Washington d. C., and Henry Trefflich of new York a leading importer and exporter of wild Ani Mals. Miss Cuprys who studied zoology at new York and Tulane universities formerly was Cura Tor of the Cincinnati zoo. Driving safety Aid. Sales the women s depart will be set up by the acc at thelmen of Brown University provi Lakewood Center Norse Way and j Donee r. I. Viking Way shopping centers. I she is a native of Long Beach profits from the Sale will Briand a graduate of Wilson High used for Community betterment school. She has a a from projects Steward said. The red Northwestern in i Versi to and tapes will sell Lor each . From Mills cohere. Kids tomorrow 7 All color Lili after 1st Mortie feature 3 theatres towhee Santa be cabaret late shows Tonitte of both theatres he open Tatje 2727 k catam it to Pine trigger Happy laugh riot she s the single dream of an 3-Man combat team w ill h Bonar Colleano Arthur Franz Leo Marvin Khord Kilby Nick James Griffith Dick Moore Barney Phillips Mory Castle greatest Indian fighter of them All i Caine Mutiny script okayed interest in in getting rid of the number of solutions the Public has volunteered. The los Angeles county air pollution control District has received hundreds Many of them bordering on the fantastic. But each has been Given careful study by District engineers. Each has Bee a discarded As ineffective or too costly. The idea most often suggested put fans atop buildings All pointing toward the desert and blow smog away. This engineers say would take More Power than Hoover dam could Supply. Few More ideas by be the Navy a few of the others. Spray the is assigning a technical advisor with chlorophyll have fleets help film the controversial novel i of pianos drop artificial rain erect huge Hilltop chimneys to pump smog into the upper air paint buildings Black so they la the Carrie producer Stanley Kramer says lie has received an Okay from the department of defense for his script. The screen version makes it Clear Kramer added that the Story is pure fiction inasmuch As the United states Navy never has had a Mutiny. Shooting on the picture is expected to begin in april but can opera Star will sing for troops in Korea Tokyo Helen Traubel. In the last decade. Cites gain be cites these gains a reduction of 600 tons a Day of poll 31 per cent dusts fumes and liquid particles 48 per cent Sulphur dioxide 50 per cent. He has formulated this four Point plan for the future 1. Air pollution zoning. Three meteorologists hired recently to study the effects of weather on smog. Their findings Are expected to help county planners locate future Industry so wind carry contaminants away from populated areas. Attack on Vapours 2. And 3. An attack on gasoline Vapours or hydrocarbons. These come from two sources autos and the Oil Industry. Larson con i siders them responsible f or smog s irritants. He s drafting a rules he Hopes will control Indus absorb warmth from the emissions within 2% years. Metropolitan opera Soprano will leave for Korea sunday to pre sent a series of christinas week concerts. She will. 5ing in Seoul sunday and monday in Pusan on tues Day and in Taegu on Christmas Day. 6-3207 m late show Randolph Scott Donna Reed technicolor j Hangman s knot Carrie opens Moon 50c til 5 Laurence Olivier Jennifer Jones phone 7-1267 heat smog and Send it skyward. Light off Gas Wells so they la Burn holes through the lid of hot air that keeps smog from escaping have a Fleet of helicopters fan smog away build a special sewage system for Aerial waste bore holes in the mountains so Elmont .8i8 01. Open noon Lana Turner As the merry widow technicolor extra Rudolf the red nosed Reindeer a Gene Kelly the Devil makes 3" castings have been made. The novel met with criticism among who contended naval officers that the in competent skipper As portrayed in the Book would never have lasted Long in command of any naval ship. Quick simple or trick solution to some the smog problem. For autos he s trying to interest the motor ear Industry in. Design i ing engines that Burn fuel More completely and in developing a1 reasonably priced device to control exhaust fumes. 4. Rubbish. Larson proposes elimination of the county s 000 Back Yard incinerators and a ban on open burning. He suggests instead rubbish pick up systems estimating the maximum would be a month per Home. More than half a dozen communities already collect refuse. Continuous today from children adults plus fax Cory Grant Scanni Crain people will talk Randolph Joon Leslie Man in the Saddle color by a jul opens noon 50- incl tax i double action and suspense so Richard a. Viveca Al the uni Richard of 7-3904 Santa it Boris Karloff Stephen Mcnally Conte Lindfors color Greene the Castle Chap. 7 action of Santa be h kids today if i is m How a opens noon Robert a Susan m1tchum Hayward 8-2038 Yvonne John the Hent color the Lusty Smith Christmas. To you and yours w extend our sincere wishes for a happiness this season that will Long outlast the tinsel and the tree happiness that will live on in your hearts through All the Days and years to come. A lfc4l Hes Ebva. Long Beach District Chester j. Brownjr. District manager 11 1491 California Beach 13 calif., Telephone 7-8490 representatives Ellis Crandle Paul Shields Robert Jackson John Graham Robert minor Annie Sawyer Albert Scott Complex problem possibly the strongest criticism to be made of municipal officials the control District its first this plan the in Louis c. Mccabe and his Sucre perfection of Community size in Sor Gordon p. Larson is that a iterators. An example is los an they did not realize sooner the Weies Lacy it. Burner Corn complexity of the problem facing in 194g and Stin not work them. Ing after the expenditure of some critics say the District 51300 000 should have spent More Money. Has been done to combat for research in the Early years Ajr As much or More and should not have jumped to be done. But author Hasty conclusions As when agree that with continued gains in research techniques smog Community problem and control As a major can be abated. They agree also that improvement will be gradual a matter of years. No one will say flatly that the Job will take five years 10 or 150. It s a Safe bet thai if it s five or anything less smog officials and the suffering Public too will labelled Sulphur dioxide smog s main irritant a theory now Dis carded. Not until this year did the District launch a study of the effect of wind and weather on smog a Field in which much remains to be Learned. The critics believe this should have been started Long ago. On right track but these same critics believe have cause for the District is now on the right a a ilk j drive in track that Larson has grown in a Rulh rive in stature with his Job and eventually can control smog so it will no longer be a nuisance. No one believes the air can be restored to the purity of a Quarter Century ago. Even if 80 or to per cent of the pollutants were controlled the remainder still would be noticeable. Larson believes smog control is the most important Job in the county an engineering problem that Given brains Money and time can be solved. The District he says has held the b line in the face of a Multi f Radium q phone Metcalf pin mount but. Bettering i Complin Rod Hussey woman of the North country Anlo Dru return of the texan coir by technicolor Beds admission path last Day appointment with danger gangster Palace 30 Pine ave. Tel. 6-4429 starts tomorrow William Holden in Texas 2nd big action hit Jean Arthur in Arizona Mon. Thru Fri Iii All Sears 40c kids 9c any time evenings . Adm. 50t Box office opens show starts be raiders my Conte Mca lid Fqik a n d Thi Buck get acquainted special Barbecue plate Turkey d1nker 5-10 . Longhorn Barbecue Cor. Pacific and Wil of 127 West Ocean open All night phone 65-3143 free parking of fix 12 2 p. M. Ilc plus tax David Wayne Tom emt on Elnel i in prompt funniest a re win Juian Hayward Libot. Pres7on k4 exciting i 1vi 11 c a technicolor Bud Abbott Lou costello Pardon my Sarong prisoner of open Stewart gbhn6er Deborah Kerr Lames Mason performances curtain tick Cut music of Frank de vol with Jave p. Morgan every saturday 9 . To 1 continuous dancing the Lido on i . Adm. 1.25 Tox incl. Strand plus tax kids under 12 a continuous 1 to 12 p. M. Gen. Andrews Laura Cornel Tierney leave her to heaven v 4501 e. Cirion my. 5-ss3d, Dpt Frio. I Chih Firth to extra owl continuous today 12 noon John c Hara to the shores of Tripoli Robert horizons West Elsry thing is yours Tyrone o Hara Ryu Swan the then 3won 5 h o w n i g h t dance Cinderella ballroom opposite municipal auditorium tonight 9 . To i .. Modern dancing Frankie Gould and his 10-piece-orchestra . Is. 00 tax included plan to attend our Eig new year s eve carnival dance Only s1.20 tax incl. Tomorrow p. M. Municipal auditorium grand finals a night at the circus the Horace Heidt ail Star show tickets si.50. S2.00, 32.50 Hump Kemys sponsor Sci by l e. La Tizor chamber of

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