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Long Beach Independent Press Telegram Newspaper Archives Nov 1 1959, Page 1

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Long Beach Independent Press Telegram (Newspaper) - November 1, 1959, Long Beach, CaliforniaSouthlands own sunday newspaper Phona Hemlock 5-1161 a a unified 2-5959independent fvess�eu0taiii the weather partly Cloudy today and monday. A Little warmer to Day. High today about 78. Vol. 8 a no. 10 150 Page lost plane mystery deepens Fate of 27 unknown blast heard wrong direction Complete installation of the mural in front of the Harbor department administration bldg. Has revived controversy. Right to left progression of history from discovery of the Harbor by Cabrillo to modern times has been criticized. A mural should a a read left to right these critics staff photo 2 Little goblins Are felled Pomona u Pic two co it turned boys were wounded one critically saturday night in a a trick or treat a police ordered an All Points search for a 27-year-old male suspect who fled immediately after firing at the youngsters left right reversed mural dispute revived by Lee Craig a Long standing argument has been revived now that workmen have finished installation of the huge mural in front of the new Harbor department administration bldg. Aircraft slashes expected missile spending to Rise Washington u p i a the defense department has completed a tentative budget calling for a reduction of nearly a half billion dollars in u. S. Military spending next year informed sources said saturday. They said the proposed spending figure which still must get White House approval was close to $40,-�500,000,000. Military spending now is running about $40,945,000,000 a year. Almost All the cutback would be accomplished through reduced aircraft purchases which would More than offset an increase in missile spending. The military services Are spending $6,265,000,000 this year for planes and $3,825,-000,000 for missiles. The new proposal also was said to Call for a slash of a the Navy and Marine corps proximately 50,000 men in combined saturday night on authorized military strength. 2 services unite to save boy capt. Lavrinc Pilot of lost plane witches robbers a it s halloween by William Jones the Witch got into the Pic a himself at a Corner to Dis a mercy Mission via los Ala this would boil Down Ture saturday As Long Beach Pense Candy to passing Chil on pier a. Mitos naval air station to to an actual Cut of 25,000, save the life of a Little Yuma however since the services ariz., boy. Already Are now 25,000 below observed halloween. One store owner thought it Dren. A property owner set up a searchers climb Range to Check wreckage report c h a r l Ottsville a. Apr authorities worked feverishly saturday night to determine if an unidentified object sighted in the Blue Ridge mountains was a Piedmont airlines plane missing for More than a Day with 27 persons aboard. But near Midnight a civil air patrol official said no one had gotten close enough to identify what a Park Ranger spotted 45 Miles Southwest of Here. Later however it was reported that the object was probably not plane wreckage. State police parried unofficial reports that the wreckage of the dc3 was seen. They said earlier reports concerning possible survivors appeared to be unfounded. Nevertheless Rescue squads and ambulance teams from localities in the Buena Vista area stood by ready to move in if needed. Authorities said they received a dozen Calls from Mountain area residents who said they heard an explosion Junior Andrew Mitchell a authorized manpower allot-4-Pound, 9-ounce baby Wasj ment. They have a current a joke until two bandits made a be Ween g an 1 9 Friday front Yard to t e Feught top Ane was Jast heard youngsters. The mural is a symbolic portrayal of Harbor history born to or. And mrs. Joseph a total of 2,494,99 men. A 15-year-old witness said the from the time of Cabrillo to the present when varied car Mitchell in Yuma Friday night suspect wheeled and Drew out a gun in what appeared to he a mock a a draw when the two halloween garbed children shouted trick or treat. But the gun discharged striking 6-year-old Joseph to Bra in the Abdomen. The Bullet passed through his body wounding Michael Robert roes from exotic lands Are unloaded Here from modern freighters. With a Small intestinal Block which required surgery if he was to live. The proposal was said to provide about $18.100,000.000 off with $1,000. A woman was doused with gasoline. A i4-year-old treated him enthusiasm was cooled by late from at 8 24 ., minutes be and police said pranks were Ore was due i0 Iancy at at a minimum. Trick or treat Charlottsville. Big difference of opinion when the mural was planned was whether the earliest slice of history should appear on the murals North or South end architects Warren Dedrick and the late James Friend argued that since traffic to the $3,000.000 building would Mueller 10, a neighbor in the approach from the North the sequence should beam from 1�?~�?~f, that end. Immediate for the air Force compared Elton a a Muc ,alc.?1 0. Quot a Quot Avenir its showers. Had to be carried to the Cruis to $18,670,000,000 this year. ,. Or. Paul Johnson specialist the Navy would he trimmed or 11 Arr stuns pm iceman at the children a Hospital in less than $100,000,000, while los Angeles was the Man the army might get a Little another citizen was a George Havelind owner of Havelind Market 1600 Loma ave., complained to Park rangers themselves reported hearing an explosion. Well informed sources said a the new Center of the search about 45 Miles Southwest of needed to perform the opera More than the $9,300,000,000 rested for drunkenness when police that two bandits was in a direct 1 allowed for the ground forces be marched into the House of. Jne with the missing plane�?T.5 that Var a 50-year-old woman. A wrong continued Page a Wash Glon House a said he. A the hallo upper left leg. The Tabera boy underwent surgery in an attempt to save his life. Tion. Capt. P Teague Navy this year doctor at the Marine corps air station in Yuma took Junior aboard a twin engine a a Beac Craft flown by Marine seer 1 s Fet the was nonsense. People majors l. F. William and k. J. Are accustomed to read trom left to right they said and Smock. They flew to los Ala the murals progression should be in that direction. Police said they received conflicting stories about what happened. But they reported the Man believed accompanied by a woman in his flight had been arguing with or. And mrs. Edge. Jesse Sanchez the parents of j the Tabera boy. Arthur Delado Stepmother of the younger victim told police that Joe and his Friend came up the Steps As Sanchez and the fugitive stood near the architects won out and the argument was forgotten until last week now with the mural in place the dispute blooms again. The right to letters. However have one indisputable the mural is up their Way. Mitos air station near Long Beach. The plane landed at 5 15 Saturday and an ambulance sped the boy to children a Hospital where or. Johnson was waiting. Navy doctors said later Uhey believe the boy has a a Good Chance to recover. Spit "n1 arguers1 Leader Dies John Jeremieh Riordan 88, Riordan came to Long insurrection. He was a port dad faints 6-year-old drives car Litchfield 111. 0p>�?illinois state police said a 6-year-old boy drove a car for 6 Miles on Busy a. S. Highway 66 saturday after his father fell unconscious at the wheel. The Hoy Jackie Heifer said he climbed on his unconscious fathers Lap to steer the car. Police corp. Darrell Quad Ween party must be some finds own Light where on the other hand citizens observed examples of Good will As countless hundreds of sack carrying masked children relentlessly rang doorbells for trick or treat. One Blind Man stationed burglar takes $503 at Church to Charlottsville. A furthermore the radio beam on which the Piedmont flight was travelling continues Down the line and passes Over the sum of $503 was the Mountain area stolen saturday from the As a reliable source theorized a sumption of the blessed Vir that the Pilot George Lav Gin Mary greek orthodox Rinc could have missed the Church 1643 Pacific ave., by Charlottsville Airfield and a burglar who broke a stained then Over the in stains tried to gain Glass window trance. The burglar used a Church in to turn Back but instead a smashed into the Mountain. It was noted that the freed shooting suspect jailed As user of dope an 18-year-old Norwalk steel filing Cabinet and an14,000 feet youth free for two Days from offering Box were pried open earlier saturday night a jail cell was Back behind police found Wax drippings darkness had brought a Tern Candle to Light his Way while Mountain was taller than the he ransacked the offices. A Piane s Normal Altitude of ton said the father Jack Hel bars again saturday i from the Candle throughout Horary halt to the search in the front door. He said when one of the founders of the Beach in 1920 after operating watchman with the Richfield Fer was apparently into i a Edward James Lafay of the Church the boys shouted a trick or spit no argue club died a Saloon in Alliance neb. He Oil corp. Prior to his death rated Heifer was brought to w4iu a non Minnott n a 1 _. L 1 a a to ii a. I. It la Orliw a in Anitol in i Itrich. Treat a the Many seemingly in jest pulled out a gun and fired. When the two Small boys fell the assailant fled in an old Model Coupe. Noted doctor Dies Providence r. I. A a or. Albert h. Miller 87. World Leader in the Field of Anaesthesiology died saturday at Rhode Island Hospital where he had served since 1900. Friday at his 1440 Warren served in the first Nebraska regiment doming the Spanish ave. Home. A resident of Long Beach for 38 years Riordan helped found the club which today is known As the University by the sea in 1920. A we got together to talk business and politics and took up chewing to keep the women away a was the color Arne rican wounded St. Mary a Hospital in Litch Field and later to the Mont the Charlottsville area. War and in the philippine and a member of William Mckinley Camp 323 Uswa was holy name society Claret an Gomery county jail in Hills Guild and a Parish member Boro where he was held for of St. Anthonys Church surviving Are a daughter adequate warning London up it the daily Telegraph saturday reported that a polite american Driver on Britain a left hand roads 8 Today in Mottell s investigation. The boy drove the slowly moving car from the june mrs. Mary Rita Webb sons a on 0f Highway 66 and High Paul and Jack l Pioneer blvd., was arrested saturday on suspicion a of narcotics Possession. Deputies said they found Lafay a passed out in a Bowling Alley at 11459 e. Imperial Hwy. And found Needle Marks on his . Lafay had been released Way 138 to just South of thursday after the District Rosary will be recited at Litchfield where two truck attorneys office refused to amp Drivers Wilbur Pieper of no Issue a complaint against him a where to find it a signal Hill voters continue to do All right by a your Nelly meaning councilwoman Combellack. Story on Page b-3. A beatniks have invaded the Library an article on Page a-14 reveals. Regular i it features follow was spotted at w an with peek mortuary Chapel. Mass Komis 111., and Robert Webb in the shooting of Marine pvt. Ful Riordan a Way of describe a Metal tae on the j of his of requiem will be offered at of Pana 111., managed to climb Fred t. Durkin 18. Of Camp ing How the outdoor forum Ca Reading Damion a a j came into being. A can -�9 . Tuesday in Thonya a Church. St. An in shut the ignition off and Pendleton in Santa he Springs a bring the car to a Stop. A last saturday. Amusements a-12 Beach Bridge .w-10 classified .d-1-16 death Noticesb-8 editorials b-2 Medicine and you a-4 Mobile Homes .c-7 radio to c-8 real estate r-l-6 school menus w-10 ship arrivals.b-4 sports. C-l-6 women a news .w-l-10 s500 million Cut seen in arms budget Optimist of the atomic age by staying prepared we can buy time or. Teller says in this article written for the associated press or. Edward Teller physics professor and a Hector of the Lawrence radiation Laboratory Livermore tells Why optimism is critically important in this perilous atomic age by Edward Teller Livermore up a in Livermore we Are working on weapons with one very serious purpose. To be prepared and stay prepared. We believe that As Long As we Are prepared for War a with big weapons and with Small weapons there will not War. I should mention a property of the russians which i respect. They Are patient and they Are taking the Long View. As Long As they knew that we Are Strong i believe and i Hope there will be peace. If we stay Well prepared we can buy one thing. We can buy time. And whether it is worthwhile to buy time depends or the Way you Are going to use that time. I will Start out by reminding you of one excellent Way die world has used this time which. I claim our prepared Ness has bought. At the end no world War ii Europe was destroyed. But i have seen Europe recently. The ruins Are cleared away. The people live better than they lived before the War. These Davs it seems difficult to have Hope and yet a Here is Hope and there is Enterprise in Europe and they Are going Forward More rapidly than any other people in the world. There is a firm determination this time to work together to tear Down old barriers and to forget the hateful aspects of the past. The hatred that has divided Europe for centuries seems to have been a Viper out As if by a Miracle. We have helped we have helped by providing time and we have helped by he Marshall plan. But this reconstruction and this spiritual revival is to my mind infinitely More than any help could have come from the outside it is a Symbol of what one can get if one buys time. It is a Promise of a brighter future. It is a rebirth of Freedom and humanity for hundreds of millions. But i want to Tell you about something even bigger something which As yet has not been accomplished which is More challenging More difficult and More frightening. The Industrial revolution has made our world Small. It has brought extensive contacts it has demanded readjustment Between the nations and Between Peoples. Perhaps the first thing that the modern age has brought to the continents of Asia. Africa and South America is a feeling of injustice a feeling of unrest a Clear knowledge that a Good life is possible and that everyone has a right to it. This irresistible movement of the backward people has been called the revolution of rising to we ourselves started this revolution a Long time ago when we declared that All men Are created equal. To my mind it is Clear what the people of the world want and will have is a fulfilment of this Promise All Roen should be equal in dignity and equal in Opportunity. This is a tremendous Challenge. In our declaration of Independence we have issued a Blank Check which will be filled out for More wealth than exists now and for More wealth than we can imagine that anybody could possibly create. Yet it so happens that our forefathers did write this Blank Check and All the world is aware of this fact. Our credit our Type of society our very lives depend on whether this Promise can be converted into reality. Obviously we cannot change the world by our unaided efforts. But we Are deeply and irrevocably committed. 1 am asking myself what we can do to Honor this great this magnificent Blank Check and i cannot Tell you. I do not have the imagination even on the technical Side much less on the political and organizational sides. But what Little i can think of i will Tell you it r let me Start with nuclear reactors. Today nuclear reactors Are expensive and Are impractical because we have not yet Learned How to maintain these machines continued Page a-4, col. 3 \

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