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Long Beach Independent Press Telegram Newspaper Archives Jun 24 1957, Page 20

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Long Beach Independent Press Telegram (Newspaper) - June 24, 1957, Long Beach, CaliforniaPage c-4�?independent l0"fl a Oeh it m�., Jun 24, 1957 balloon propaganda Campaign Given i p its usefulness at least for the time Munich Germany a do free Europe has stopped bombarding Iron curtain countries with leaflets from bal re officials feel that loons it was disclosed sunday the internal situation in Hun re officials said the plastic Gary since the soviets crushed balloons which carried some 300 the revolution is so bad that the million uncensored newspapers airborne pamphlets would Only to the captive Peoples of Hun aggravate repression Gary Poland and czech Oslo in Poland which succeeded in Varia have been grounded swinging away from Moscow perhaps forever. Somewhat the situation is so one authoritative source said delicately balanced that West the balloon operation one of Ern agencies do not want to do the most ingenious of the cold anything that would push War War. A appears to have outlived saw closer t0 the Kremlin in formed sources said. Anyway a certain number of Western newspapers now arc sold in Public in Poland and the need for uncensored news is not so desperate according to the informants. They said they believed radio misses a prowler shoots Slu it it in Wall. Hits wife Seattle bal a mrs. Esther Franeke 45, of nearby Vashon ,0� Europe and free Europe Island May think twice the next ass Uhic l actually carried time she believes she hears Outi Walloon project did not prow cars. Consider it worthwhile carrying she awakened her husband 0n,e news for czech Oslo about 2 of clock sunday coming Vakula and told him to investigate noises in their garage. Franeke ,. A Eulas appear to be grabbed a pistol rushed out and the East restive of the pp1 found the prowler was a Rac in communist nations bordering Coon atop his car. Death a notices Mayflower s London express Smith mrs. Ruth Esterie ii .,./j. A lit raises Truman 75, of 930 Redondo ave., died to to Fri f i t if if i p As 1, Rea i example Friday. Surviving Are son Ford a a Lynch sister mrs. Laura Shaul. F a it f if j service tuesday 10 30 a. M., in the Christensen Pino Chapel. London 0w the Independent sunday express praised Plymouth mass. Us a an Harry Truman sunday Lor his Mason mrs. Effie of 18 a Slish crewman of the May decision to hand Over to the Maine ave., died saturday. Surf Ower 11 has changed his mind . Government gilts he reviving Are husband Barney Aku being married aboard the Cei Ved w Hile president. Granddaughter Marianne Maz 00ta1pi1� r6pl�?~ca a Jipp a emr. Truman behaves with Zoli. Service in Washington Caf alai1 Vius to said sunday. Extraordinary c0z s7n%e d. A. Mott Ellis amp peek funeral rho marriage ceremony would and an editorial said directors in charge of local a exploited Asa publicity stunt Range ments. Villiers said and Quot the May Flower is not meant for publicity of that Villiers added that a a ships not reserved for Royalty for George Radford a $25-a week Railroad Porter in Swanick England the dream of a lifetime was to own a Roll Road Porter in Swanwick England the distinction. Radford a dream came True when he bought his 1932 Model for about $450. Crewmen in the cab of a locomotive in the Railroad Yard where lie works watch with amazement while he polishes his1 dream up photo on the free West. He fired three shots. The third ent room Franckey a shoulder. She a recovering at a Seattle Hospital. Burst of bullets Western observers believe went through the garage bed i a tar it Ever use against.-. Wall and into mrs communist masters the i u czechs will time it to assure Success. Algiers Bdl terrorists fir How much the balloon opera eng machine guns from an Auto >r�4.zzz Ion actually Mecom dashed is. Paved Day it ten. Ship arrivals departures planes Aid Farmers pest fight Santa Maria farm ers and Highway engineers Sun. To a Day conducted an Aerial Battle car York thurs against a horde of hungry grass a .1s_e-xpected to leave for hoppers which invaded a 7.000 y 3 or acre Santa Maria area in what Aiwas called the worst outbreak Villiers said that Warwick in recent years. Charlton one of the two pro Highway authorities joined motors of the Santa Barbara county a pro Jet bad Given permission Ricu Tural department in the Tor the Eclov cards wedding. Fight when the Grasshoppers a not Content with stripping Corn bean and Alfalfa Fields started chewing on More than $100,000 he was a great president and As an sex president he is quite As great. An example of what sex presidents ought to be a Fine and splendid encouragement not master cannot marry Only to the whole american ships officer Frederick de Community but to the wards 26, had planned to wed 7t7 Jocelyn Price 25, aboard the�?0 n�t8< _ Mayflower according to pub n0tice0f non responsibility listed newspaper accounts. Villiers said sunday that neither he nor Edwards want a any part of a shipboard wedding. Edwards will accompany the v 11 \ h vessels is port mm�44 a pm i berth operator due to sail Tor african Monarch lbs. L.B-33 84a carriers in june 21 Yokohama Alessandro Volta it. 230-b italian line june 23 Cristobal Cay mom by it. Anc bermudas a co. June 26 Yokohama 190 Holland America line june 2a Antwerp 107 Richfield Oil corp. Indefinite notice is her by Given by the in at of r2pers residing at 4.,b e .,19th St. Torrance Cah srniqs7 a i afr the Date of june 22, 1957, he will not he responsible Tor any debts liabilities or obligations incurred by any persons other than himself. Rated june 21. 1957 Jimmie Rogers pub june 22, 24, 25, 1957 to l b i. Notice of nun responsible Lity notice is hereby Given by the undersigned Kenneth e. Jira Bik residing at 4828 Brayton ave., Long Beach California that after the Date of june .1. 1957, he will not be responsible for any debts liabilities or obligations incurred by any Persona other than himself. Dated june 20, 1957 signed Kenneth e. Hrabik put june 21, 22, 24, 1957 3t Al b i. Quakes show Worth of plants placed along to ii t t by . Hwy. 101 for erosion con on Fordham i Fenc to Seismograph tool. District Highway Nash closed the notice of non responsibility notice is hereby Given by the undersigned water o. Jensen a formerly of 22023 embassy Long Beach. California that after the Date of june 24, 1957, he will not be responsible for any debts Hab lit ies or obligations incurred by any persons other than himself. Dated june 22, 1957. Signed Walter o. Jensen or. Pub. June 24, 25, 26, 1957 <3t la prays Hinds son dead to most experts. Tion actually accomplished is a one j one person anti Patent Oulu �07 gut foil co indemnity while planes up raved a 10-mile impossible to judge according. 111 Ana f e. Joey Haeuser. 145 Weyer Haeuss 8 s co. June 29 san frnj___4s_ Quot wounded six sunday night As Limerick England o a one gauge of its value was a ctr is a motion Pic mrs. Mary Burke 70, joined the storm of angry reaction Ture theater 111 a suburb hundreds reciting the Rosary on from the satellites and Moscow. Meanwhile military head Quad the Banks of the River Shannon the operation after some ters said 35 rebels were put out near Here sunday As Rescue preliminary tryouts began on a 0f action and a Large Quantity workers sought to recover the full scale in May 1954. From 0f and supplies seized body of a Young Man. That time until the polish and saturday in the Tlemcen area Aki Adire Tor lib ten. Mrs. Burke collapsed from hungarian rebellions last fall of Western Algeria. A rebel in Ila do Maru Jap grief when the body was re the balloons were launched every fir Mary with 50 Beds drugs and a Mma Hwy. For a Short time saturday new York by a Earth notice f 4"52 -.232-b Weyerhaeuser is co june 25 san fran Section Between Here and los tremors in various parts of the no Tipp ,w1b ?�t32xtsell lb-5, a a a a co. A so Fri a am it s we h insecticide. Word. Including a a he Ruby i Quot Quot 171 Maersk line k s. Bel hard anger non. Huida matrix Idani. Hoegh Silver Spray nor. 180 Java Pac amp Hough june 24 san fran 1 Onstein it Ger it a 53 North German Lloyd june 29 san fran Japan Bear. A �?lb-7 Pac far East line june 26 san fran b p Luc Ken Bach. A a Lucke Barb line june 25 san fran Kokoth Maru Jap .231 Daido line june 23 san fran Korsholm finn Lompoc ten. Malayan Prince in Marine snapper Ocean Carrier Pam states were reported sunday the infestation was de by the Rev. Joseph Lynch scribed As general in this area Fordham University Seis the United to the provisions of sections with the worst invasion involve Mol Ogist. Father Lynch said that the University Seismograph covered. It was her son Chris two weeks from four Sites in surgical equipment was Quot found so my nil nors Jam Gopher 24. Southeastern Germany. In a Cave. No matter what 4 yol r Samos Kirk. Theodora pan Verague Vigan i Yon Wachata. 4 Rusel h. Rth found Ria 164joseph Feuer lb-29 to it it a Lykes 97jap. �?z.o.176 hanseatic Vaasa line june 28 san fran Anc Pac coast transport indefinite 230-b esmits. Lin Juri Quot,2 a Quot 25 to 30 farms around Santa a i Ana Gary Sis Xuoc an Ltd a of. Lb-10 Isthmian line. June 24 san fran Alamos. .lb-69 klaveness l Ine july san fran 5 no Niimi Lin Jun in 25 8an fran the wife of los Alamos farm Anc Pac coast transport"23.indefinite or Carl Jensen said the insects of clock est both apparently lb-5 a Kline. June 24 in stupa a inn Dom. Shippy amp chartering inc june 26 0.� Tea attacked a Jiuu acre 3440 and 3440.1 of the civil code of the state of California that a w. Brooks Vendor of 3225 Lemon Avenue Long Beach California a tends to sell to Carl Stoehr Vendee of 2161 Rincon Road Corona. California ail that certain personal property consisting Gener Satur Aily. Of air Stock in Trade fixtures Day night recorded tremors at ten were time Uin Lily a a on a 7 09 46 of clock and 7 12 08 Brooks wire line co. Located at 2954 t Herry ave., in the City of 136 Shippy amp chartering inc june 26 Osaka a Xiv Aure Field of originating in the Deltch East a it fest so Jim of a task Sis Beans and "cl<>an�1 them Clear indies. The tremors were quite 232-a Pac Orient express june 23 Manila june 23 new York .101 Waterman line vessels def. Sunday from operator Stockton Waterman line. San fran states is co. Galveston Lykes line vessels due t �1>4y Long Beach California and that the Purchase Price thereof will be paid at 10 00 o clock . On the 5th Day of july 1957, at Hall escrow co. Inc., 12035 Long Beach blvd. In the City of Lynwood county off heavy father Lynch said. Hezrha7wnne�?zv,e�ntkj�0�vha a 10 35 08 a c 10 c k n d of los anir.li.-, a a a a a planted there 1049 18 of clock saturday night dated 17 b 57 tremors were recorded from a due to sail for w v Une"25 hmm i Tiu Var s,1 i tremors wore recorded from a curl a Stoker Vendee june 24 Hon Kong agricultural inspector James m about 4 500 Miles Hall escrow co Jones said damage in some Fields hot a ,12035 Loffl Beach Elivd. From operator la us to a a ail for ran a it As apr rent Quot it the direction Collid not be Lynwood Calif. Kawasaki Orion Shippy j be 24 san Juan Peru cent. Determined escrow no. 0425 authorities declined to make a a pub. June 24, 1957 it a la i. At 1 38 . Sunday there san fran North German Lloyd june 27 Hamburg vessel berth , Gorki Ana. Bodenstein Geri 187bougainville nor 232-e san fran klaveness line. June 26 Manila a trader lb-17 free Deport w. Chamberla co june 25 Coos Bav Esso Montevideo pan tort 150 i a Cruz pfc Nama transport co june 26 la Cruz Elent v pan no. Norfolk Orion Shippy co. June 24 Yokohama emancipator pan Anc new York Lemos Bros. June 24 Yokohama Intai Ornac a Nink pro Hawa m 160 san a learn Matson Nav co june 25 san fran local areas involve a hawaiian baiter 199 Honolulu Matson Nav co june 28 Honolulu Magnolia Mariner 154 Nagoya american pres line june 27 san fran Pei seus lb-1san it philippine transport 187 Sokna nor 168transporter lib Anc a a Vassilis I Anc san Diego Coastwise line san fran Pac transport line june any damage estimates until they 1 aun aay Mere had a Chance to inspect the was a tremor a somewhere in this country he said. Farmers in the los Alamos father Lynch said the Indef san fran area unofficially estimated dam tremor in this country appear Ine 27 san fran. _. ,. Sakaide state Marine Une june 24 sen Jua Niage to their crops at Over Entov was hut Strong enough to Vancouver Arrow. Is co june 24 cristobal$100i000. Furnish additional information. Philadelphia a Lusi Ltd june 25 Osaka vital Sta births Corona naval Hospital Hen amp Haw mm-3 a mrs. Harold a Lomita boy. June 17. Petroff Marine t. Sgt a mrs Carl Santa Ana. Boy. June 17. Schroeder Marine Cpl. A mrs Richard a. Orange girl. June 19. Holley ad-2 amp mrs f. D. Los Alamitos. Boy june 20, Slavin Marine two amp or. Leo of Santa Ana. Girl. June 20 Home nibs the answer real estate Section of the classified ads Telephone Hemlock 2-5959 births knotty or. A or. Geo i ohm ave Norwalk Bov j carpenters or. Scr William. Manzanar. P.,Vera, boy june 6. 10843 Une 6. Marriage licenses Harriman Jones Hospital Belmert or. And mrs. Quot hares a. 6715 Dane land St., Lakewood boy june 20 Seaside Hospital Smith or. And mrs. A. 1981 Salt Lake St., boy june 13. Lewis or. And or. J. R., i960 cellar ave., boy. June 13. Peerson or and mrs. A. 2310 Granada ave., sri. June 13 Husk a or. And mrs. L. A. 2147 Charlemagne ave., boat june 13. Fabish or and mrs c a 5157 Vista Hermosa St. Boy. June 13. Campbell or. And mrs. F. K. 4s Neptune place boy. June 13. Waym1re�? or. And mrs. C. E., 3463 Volk St boy june 13. Kehry or and mrs. K. A. 6916 san Alto Way. Buena Park girl june 14. Gamble or. And mrs r. A. 175 East 51st St. Bov june 14. Chubb or. And mrs. K. A. 3125 Carfax ave., boy june 15. Amstutz or and mrs c d 1462 pase Del mar. San Pedro triplets boys june 15. T Meyers or and or. J. W. 1 it 12 j a Lomoy or. Twins boy and girl. Sr., 2080 h. 3181 West Burnett. June 15 Smith or and mrs. C Monitor St., boy june 15. Ishimine or. And mrs fashion ave girl. June 15. Maloney or. And mrs. J. D. Or. 4902 Lincoln. Buena Park boy june Neal or and mrs. W g. 9942 Bev Erly Lane. Garden Grove girl. June 15 jacks or. And mrs. J. A. 4546 Lomina ave girl june 15. Corona naval Hospital Scearse Navy bm3 amp mrs. Bob Anaheim Bov. June 11. Huffman Marine s. Sgt. A mrs Nolen Ray Garden Grove boy june 11 Hanley Marine Cut. A mrs. Gerald Orvil Costa Mesa. Bov. June 12. Long Marine sgt. A mrs. Bart Philip. Costa Mesa Bov june 13 Kelly Navy two ret a mrs Frank Theodore. Long Beach girl. June 14. Gudenkauf Navy a Man ret a mrs. Godfrey August. Torrance boy. June 14. Barden Marine t. Sgt a mrs. Robert Warren. Tustin boy. Fine 14. Dawley Marine t. Sgt. A mrs. Frederick Merv Santa Ana. Bov. June 14. Garule Marine sgt. Amp mrs. Luan arthure Toro. Girl. Jeftie 16. Harriman Jones Hospital Burts or. A mrs. Robert a. 504 Terrane ave. Girl june 16. Mrs. St. Mary 1� Hospital Dillon or. And mrs. L. D744 Linden ave., boy june 19. Gregovich or. And mrs. Fred t. 2078 w. William St., girl june 19. Gill or and mrs. Jack k. 12313 e 194th St Artesia. Boy june 19 Mccusker or. And mrs Robert p. 8782 Cypress ave Cypress boy june 19. Juarez or. And mrs. Frederico 1902 canal ave girl june 19. Folsom or. And mrs. Willis m., 1114 1st i Hermosa Bear boy june 19. Tiegs or and mrs Ralph a. 14703 Terry Noil dr., Whittier girl. June a Adamson or. And mrs Donald l., 2202 w. Williams St. Girl. June 19 Pflaume or. And mrs. Loren o. Or. 6712 Dane land St., boy june 19, Newon or and mrs Robert to a 6629 Centra a St., boy. June 19. Seaside Hospital and mrs. J. 1326 e. Rubidoux St. Wilmington girl june 16. Sherwood or and mrs. Joseph 19902 s. Corby St., Artesia girl. June 16 Leve or and mrs. 2409 Dollar St. Lakewood Bov june 17. Birdsall or. And mrs. R., 4701 e. 14th St., girl. June 17. Miller or. And mrs. A. A. 4632 Banner or. Boy. June 17. Post or and mrs. Milton 222.23 Ravenna ave., Wilmington boy june Smith or. And mrs. F. A., 857 tru Man Boyd Manor girl. June i. Bennett or and mrs j. G. 22.4 Daisy ave., girl. June 17. 26 19 18 39 Rath or. Amp Leroy a. 93 Temple ave. Boy. June 18�?T. Zanze or. A mrs. Nicholas a. 1314 St., san Pedro boy june is. St. Mary a Hospital Sharon or. A mrs Robert l 11861 Robert Lane Garden Gro a Bov june 18. Peters Captain a mrs. Vern a. 1861 Roxane ave boy. June 1s Steward or. A mrs. Wilbur d 12039 Lemming St. Artesia. Bov june is. Gambles or. A mrs. John a., 750 Truman Boyd Manor girl. June 18, ook or a mrs. Kenneth a. 1736 w. Burnett St., boy june 18. Wood or. A mrs. We. B., 11570 t,h.�pn.av� Norwalk Bov. June 18. Thompson or a mrs Arvid a 2612 Jackson St., Bov june 18. Cochrane or. A mrs Olen a. 2522 Jefferson St. Girl june 18. Julian or. A mrs. Johnnie c., 1738 _ w 25th St. Girl. June 18. Tirtle or. A mrs. We. A. 1875 ave a al5t 8iri june Scarbrough or. A mrs. Sherman 1005 e. 16th St. Girl. June 18. Louie. 3250 and Steeley or. A mrs Tia tie ave., Glria june is. Malkusz or a mrs. Charlesj �T�538 Banner or. Bov. June 18. Calloway or. A mrs. Neil a. 2207 e. Broadway boy. June 18. Iii. Downey Community Hospital Saathoff or. A mrs. Wayne 13167vg Paramount blvd., Holly Dale boy. June 1. Breit or. A mrs Carl. 12716 Stan Hill dr., la Mirada girl. June 2. Pen Tico or. A mrs. Arley 112 Coronado ave., boy. June 3. Linsteadt or. A mrs. Charles. 12012 Julius ave. Downed twin boys june 3. James or a mrs. Ralph. 11506 Belcher St. Norwalk girl june 3. Hicks or. A mrs. Thomas. 9637 Cedar St., Bellflower girl. June 4. Tebbutt or. A mrs. Charles 7192 Luxor St., Downey girl. June 4. Williams or. A mrs. Dewitt. 12705 Woods ave. Norwalk boy. June 4. Dockings or a mrs. John. 9103 Priscilla St., Downey boy. June 5. Reyes or. A mrs. Salvador 10600 Lyndora ave Norwalk Giri. June 5. Grace or. A mrs. Charlesjr9533 Nemoran ave., Downey Airl jutf#5. Pulliams or. A mrs. George 14545 Watkins dr., la Mirada girl june 6. 25 marriage licenses los Molles county Milan k Pakiz. 1722 Locust ave. Barbara j. Harris 1949 Lave ave. -4 Engelbert Barrett. 120 Esperanza 61 Mary g. Black. 1010 e. 6th St. 48 Charles f. White 849m, Newport ave 19 Nadine Holt. 1905 Stadley ave. 19 Harry e Lister. 5727 los Alamos St. 3o Shirley g. Boyd. 1149 e. Carson St. Elmer r. Ford. 7501 Monroe. Buena Park a a a Doris Sherman. 7051 Monroe Buena Park. 18 Philip Beck. 1424 Laster ave., Anaheim. 26 Eva h. Brown 6068 Coldbrook ave., Lake Ood. 21 Edward a. Dowis 1186 Hercules St., Norwalk. 19 Billie j. Shores 11750 Park Mead it mar Wollk 18 Rusell r Beland Quot 4331 Galeano St. 23 Mary e Hinkle. 4111 e. Third St. 19 Fred e. May. 3"19 Studebaker re. 39 Clare tekely Huntington Park. 37 Teunis de Vos. 18324 Devlin Artesia 36 Celia s. Ruinard 17718 Jersey Artesia 29 Glenn Johnson 2142 n. Pacific ave. Santa Ana .25 Carolyn r. Brittain. 371 e. Ocean ave. La habra21 Ruben Gonzalez 711 Bay View Wilmington. 2s Guadalupe Hernandez. 914 e. A to Quot Street. Wilmington. 21 Frank e. Holmes. Newburyport 1�&s8# 23 Shirlev it Britt. 17 South Daisy 26 George e. Vance. 2094 easy ave 29 Betty e. Norris 219 e. 10th St. 33 Donald Long. 3548 Wise St 23 Nancy Fotz. 13381 Wynant drive Garden Grove. 19 Ralph f. Meinhardt 1534-a no. 38th St., Milwaukee. Wis 32 Marilyn Lawson 11262 Bowles a a ave. Anaheim. 26 Melvin N Eison. Worland Wyo 2 Gertrude b. Bowen 37% South Daisy ave. 28 Roy Lee Ferguson Granda Hills. 19 Carole Jackson 145 w. Mountain View. 16 Fred a. Robinson. 10901 Chestnut los Alamitos. Kathleen Saville 626 Walnut Harold e. Frazier. 9129 Borson downed. Iola Mae Collins. 12s0s Coldbrook. Downey. Robert a. Lucas 86 Bennett ave Joan Noel. 40 Ximeno ave. Eusebio b. . 1237 by. 15th St Trinidad Gonzalez 1237 15th Ray h. Johnson. 197o Cedar ave Patricia Dwyer 500 w. 20thcorwin h. La Kin los Angeles Jean e Cronk 2120 West 134 i Gardena. Albert e. Frame. 742 grand ave. Santa Ana. Evelyn k. Erie s. South Gate. Fred Craven. 330 Ellis St. N. Long Beach. Lois Vagner. Los Angeles. William s. Wagner los Angeles Jacklyn Beitzell 3401 Valier or. Manhattan Beach. 18 Robert Hammock 709 Al Redondo Beach. 64 22 25 is 18 2923 35 31 31 30 26 21 53 49 43 37 19 Madolyn h. Hammock. 709 Al Redondo Redondo Beach. 55 Otto t. Stiefel. Jr., a Monte. 21 Judith m Warren. 3528 Rickie Wood St Torrance. 19 William r. Hoover los Angeles 30 Bettie r. Frye. 15628 Cordary Lawndale 29 Joe h Clevenger 1020 Amanda ave. Torrance. Mary a. Essner Hawthrone. John r. Kirk los Angeles. Elinor i. Moore. 125-b Rose crans Manhattan Beach. Bobbie j. Hooper 14759 s. Florita rd., la Mirada. Janet Sutton. Los Angeles. Carl Reed 12712 Piuma ave. Norwalk. Dorothy Birch. North Lilly or lev f. Norton South Gate India Reeder 805 n. Crane Compton. Earle. Melloway. 5402 Coldbrook Karen Whitfield,"4354 attn Moor Lakewood. Lawrence h. Parker. 509 s. Painter we wittier. Gloria g. Willey. Monterey Park Richard j. Laliberte. 3310 Cedar Lynwood. 19 Judith Child. 4044 Josephine Lynwood. 17 Haskell h. Graves 440 e. Redondo blvd. Gardena. Is Jerry sue Voeger 18616 s. Figueroa Gardena. 17 Donald a. Bergeron 2931 Oakwood. Lynwood 36 Margaret p. Lefner 3111 Euclid ave i.vnwood28 Robert Hester. Los Angeles. 27 Mary k. Sciortino. 850 w. 157 St., Gardena. 24 Robert d. Arnold. 1638 w. 145 St. Gardena. Leah h. Stucke. 14917 la Salle ave. Gardena. John a Rowell los Angeles. Nancy Ann Taylor 5164 Sharynne , Torrance. A Joseph Clark. 4002 strand. Manhattan Beach. Judith Mckirby 345 33rd St.7 Hermosa Beach Whittier Muller 11431 Bexley or Helaine Robsahm Pacific marriage licenses Donald William Jacobson. Lu2 court St. Garden Grove .19 Lajuana Luck 721 Utica St. Huntington Beach. _ 17 Paul Joseph billow. 844 s. Lemon St. Anaheim. 23 Sally Mae Olding 313 s. Euclid ave. Anaheim. 19 John Campe. Oakland. 72 Emily Amanda Mueller. 374 s. Pix lev St., Orange. 65 24 William Ray Winters. 350 Avocado 20 St. Ltd Osta Mesa 22 Carolyne Annette Patterson 2270 3 Orange Avea Osta Mesa. 17 Gavie a Ugene Duke. 221 s. Kellogg ave. Fullerton. 24 Lydia Celia Lopez 616 Avon Anaheim. 22 Richard Reed Ormsby 126 n. Yale ave. Fullerton .45 Thelma Ueen Beal 107 e Santa be ave. Fullerton35 official City printing notice of filing of assessment notice is hereby Given by the City clerk of the City of Long Beach California that the City Engineer of said City did on the 19th Day of june. 1957. File with said City clerk the assessment with attached diagram for the improvement of tin alleys in blocks East of Long Beach Boulevard and Elm Avenue be tvs e e n Twenty seventh Street and p a t t e e so n Street in the City of Long Beach As described in Resolution of intention no. C-16098, adopted by the City Council of it aug City a Long Beach on the 13th Day of 24 22 26 17 23 20 26 Santa Ana office John Edward revnolds 10901 Allen dr., Garden Grove. 23 Karen Rae Savage. 9961 son ave Garden Grove .20 Harold Paul Johnson or. 7415 9th St. Buena Park. 20 Helen Joyce do key 225 w. Sky november. 1956, to which Resolution intention reference is he Rev made a or a description of Saui work or improvement. Notice is further Given that said City clerk does hereby fix the 30th Day of july 1957, at 10 30 of clock of said Day. At the Council chamber of the City Hall of said City As the time and place when Ana where All persons interested in said work or improvement done under Resolution of intention no. �?T-16098 or in said assessment will be heard by said City Council. All persons desiring to be heard shall prior to said dare App Alt it the City Council by briefly stating in writing tie grounds of Appeal. It by objection not made in the manner herein above provided shall be deem gtd voluntarily waived a and any person entitled to Appeal shall he deemed to have consented to the proposed assessment. Seal line or. La Habra Margaret Heartwell to clerk of the City of Long Beach la. Jur a a. 19 june 21. 25. 1957 2t . Joseph Patrick o Hara. Hgt a Angeles 25 Lenore Antoinette Rigney. 1237 s. Parton St. Santa Ana. 21 Albert Arce g Utierrez 2417 Evergreen St. Santa Ana. 19 Concha Pena Valenzuela. 615 e. Emmett St. Santa Ana. 17 arca Dio Carrillo 3901 Carolina St., Placentia .34 Esther Flores 526 Ramona terr., Placentia is Linn Clemens Shelden 1115 s. Rosewood ave., Santa Ana. 20 Carol Jean Canavan. 806 n. Olive St. Santa Ana. 18 George Morgan Thurman 7542 10th Buena Park 86 Maggie Belle Hukaby reseal. 68 Howard Eugene Dozier. 1029 n. Parton St., Santa Ana 26 Joann Childers 13911 Verano rd., Garden Grove. 16 Oliver Eugene Newton 1205 Chi err or. Orange 23 Darlene Esterie Kyle 8331 e. Sec Downey. Call. 10001 Anaheim. 21 Ond St. Down Joel Neid Call. 17 Judith ln., Palisades. 22 Carol Lee Williams. 9322 Stanford William e. Cundal. 29040 clevis re a ave a a Arden Grove. 18 route 23, san Pedro in Van Hosking Kenison san Marino _ 20 Holst err 531 by Tom Dibble 729 Santana dr., a 1 Corona Del mar Eleanor Maple St. Compton to p 37 19 Richard p. Miller 9310 Stoak St Quot a James Florian Brandau Encinitas 24 Bellflower Alice Pererson. 15431 Lime St., 25 Paula Tizuko Hartman Encinitas 26 Michael Frank Ojemann. 124 a s. 22 Pomona St. Brea. 47 Bertha Agnes Plazzo. 2854 Fullerton rd., la Habra. 43 divorces filed Schwartz Ellen g. Is. Myer _ Arasimo Lorraine f. Is. Edmund of 331 Ellis Quentin r. Is. Katherin h. _ Compton. Frank w Fowler. 3596 Sanborn a _ Apt. 1, Linwood. 20 b a or it a a a Sld Well 24u5 Torrance r. Red Torrance. 20 r Loy 11322 Maune ave Garden Grove. 21 Alberta r. Spunt 6825 Coachella ave. _ Roy Kitano. 15602 s. Washington ave. Compton. Dte1 her 1 �?z10 s Loridan thoma8�?cornelia j. Is Ross a Kur run tip 7/ 7ar ,-31 j ruffing Ruth Is. Andrew b. Thu Josl 4396 Johanna ave Waggoner sue $ is. Lester t. Tny a eth so. 36 Hall Carmen i is. Jay a. Or. Rand % or ? Hollywood 36 Morris Dorothy Is. Joseph p pm to. A it Kolke or 455 West Dishman Gloria a. Is. Robert f. Tohol Vav 7.ttptorl -c22 Dyer Betty is. 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San Luis obis no. 21 Frank Dewight Titus jr., san Gabrie. 46 a a i Hix it 11 Lydia Jane Kirchheiner. South �r.a4 h Pasadena. 34 Ripa Judith From Giuseppe s. Clarence Oscar Baumann. 14842 s. Hoover Aliene e. From Herbert e. Biola St. La Mirada 26 Hod a l Helen From Robert t june Chandler. 6992 san pasqual veneary Edward c from Ethel s Circle. Buena Park. 23 Rattelman Nita From John f. Phillip Marshall Rosenberry 523 w. Jar lbs Ltd or Suella From Lawrence d. Notice of filing of assessment notice is hereby Given by the a City clerk of die City of Long Beach California that the City Engineer of said City did. On Hie 19th Day of june 1957, file with said City clerk the assessment with attached diagram for the improvement of the Alley East of Gardenia Avenue. Between Roosevelt Road and Marshall place in the City of Long Beach As described in Resolution of intention no. C-16054, adopted by the City Council of said City of Long Beach on the 9th Day of october 1956, to which Resolution of intention reference is hereby made for a description of said work or improvement. Notice is further Given that said City clerk does hereby fix the 30th Day of july 1957, at 10 30 o clock of said Day at the Council chamber of the City Hall of Aid City As the tune and place when and where All persons interested in said work or improvement done under Resolution of intention no. C-16054 or in said assessment will be heard by said City Council. All persons desiring to be heard shall prior to said Date Appeal to the City Council by briefly stating in writing the grounds of Appeal. Any objection not made in the manner herein above provided shall be deemed voluntarily waived and any person entitled to Appeal shall be deemed to have consented to the proofed assessment. Seal Viar Garet Heartwell City clerk of the City of Long Beach pub. June 24. 25, 1957 2t . Divorces granted Vermont St., Anaheim 29 Carol Louis Petterson. 6433 8or Rento or. Long Bea h30 Gar Allan Craig los Angeles. 18 Donna Drummond Darrow Jos Angeles. 17 Grahame Marjorie From William a Ross Linette a from Vincent Kattengell Nancy from Eon e. Browning Carol f. From John m or. Sharon from Bill m Wolf Elizabeth k. From Clarence e. Notice of filing of assessment notice is hereby Given by the City clerk of the City of Long Beach California that the City Engineer of said City did. On the 19th Day of june. 1957. File with said City clerk the assessment attached diagram for the improvement of the no rth so l1 in Block East of Junipero Avenue Between seven Fri Street and eighth Street in the City of Long Beach As Rte a. Listed in Resolution of intention no. C-15939. Adopted. By the City Council of said City of Long Beach on the 24th Day of july. 1956, to u hich Resolution of intention reference is hereby made for a description of said work or improvement. Notice is further Given that said City clerk does hereby fix the 30th Day of july. 1957. At 10 30 of clock ., of said Day at the Council chamber of the City Hall of said City As the time and place when ,1 who re All persons interested in said work or improvement done under Resolution of intention no. .59< i in said assessment will be heard by said City Council. All persons desiring to be heard shall prior to said Date Appeal to the City Council by briefly stating in writing the grounds of Appeal. Any objection not made in tie manner in rein above provided Ahall be seemed voluntarily waived and any person entitled to Appeal shall be deemed to have consented to the proposed assessment. Seal _ Margaret l Heartwell cite clerk of the City of i Ong Beach pub. June 21, 25, 1957 2tj�?l.b.i

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