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Long Beach Independent Press Telegram Newspaper Archives Feb 22 1959, Page 1

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Long Beach Independent Press Telegram (Newspaper) - February 22, 1959, Long Beach, CaliforniaLove Russia hate America code of China this is the last of a series of articles by a noted Indian social scientist summarizing his impressions of red China based on a six week tour behind the Bamboo curtain by or. Sripati Chandrasekhar co a rim 1w, Fey Ftp Man intriguing if disconcerting aspect of the contemporary chinese scene is the tremendous nationwide political propaganda concerning who red China s friends and enemies Are. The whole nation has been taught that there is one great socialist Friend of China the a a selfless soviet Union and one irreconcilable a imperialist enemy Quot a the United states. The first is understandable for Russia is the Leader of the communist Camp. It is also True that this Friendly soviet Union whether selfless or not. Is responsible for 90 per cent of the heavy machinery an overwhelming majority of All technical experts and almost All the blueprints of China s Industrial Progress. In fact the russians Are almost exclusively response ble for such industrialization As has taken place in China in recent years. It is no wonder that russians receive special preferential treatment All Over China. The c his Ese Are now building special hotels for russians so that they can Hae their own life without meeting or mingling with other foreigners from within or without the communist world. At every hotel in which i stayed during my six weeks in red China from Canton to Harbin in Manchuria i found that my fellow guests belonged to some soviet delegation or a a the Only foreign language recognized in China is russian from menus to theater notices from directions at stations and airports to travel information i found Only two languages chinese and russian. Today russian is taught at most universities in place of English French and German. The English language was fairly widespread As a Means of instruction before the communists took Over. I have heard chinese speaking russian but i discovered that English speaking chinese preferred speaking in chinese rather than English. I have seen students using russian textbooks in medical colleges and technical universities. All libraries that i visited were filled with russian books mostly technical. In every factory i visited i was told the same Story of the a selfless help of the soviet Union in giving technical Aid and machinery. Whether it is the heavy machine tool factory in Harbin or the Iron and steel Complex at Wuhan or the great new Bridge on the Yangtze River linking the North and South of China with the triple cities at Wuhan a All have been accomplished with soviet assistance. The russians draw up the plans bring the machinery and raise the Plant with of course the help of chinese engineers and workers. But the russian engineers stay behind the scenes. Russian literature russian Ballet russian teaching continued on pm. A-3, col. 1 Southlands own sunday newspaper Independent press jets ram phone Hemlock 5-1 161�?classified 2-5959 Long Beach 12, California sunday february 22, 1959 vol. 7 a no. 27 the weather a partly Cloudy today and monday with Little Chance of rain. Not quite so Cool with a High near 90. High saturday 56 Low 46. 136 pages die Highway crashes Kennedy Camp evaluates demo candidate threats Symington Humphrey on top of list by Robert e. Lee of i it capital Bureau Washington sen. John f. Kennedy scamp now considers sen. Stuart Symington of Missouri its biggest threat and the most Likely democratic presidential nominee in 1960. The Kennedy people staging one of the earliest and most frankly aggressive pre convention campaigns in history already Are sizing up the probable Competition with a realistic Eye. Friends of the 41-year-old Massachusetts senator have great respect for the vote getting ability of sen. Hubert h. Humphrey Minn and despite the twin handicaps of a weak heart and a Southern background that of Senate majority Leader Lyndon b. Johnson Tex. But they Are waiting off Adlai Stevenson except As a deadlock breaking californians of head tickets says Hosmer by Bill Broom of i it capital Bureau Washington a rep. Craig Hosmer Long Beac who claims to have no special inside information came out saturday with a California parlay for the 1960 presidential races. Four californians have a Chance to be nominated fori the presidency or vice presidency Hosmer said. To the names of vice president Nixon and gov. Edmund f. Pat Brown both of whom have been mentioned As candidate material the congressman added the states two . Senators Thomas h. Kuchel r and Clair Engle d. Hosmer predicted there will be a californian at the top of both party a tickets because both republicans and democrats a see californians Large presidential electoral vote As Washington up a the decisive in i960.�?� sen. John Kennedy also watches gop of plans airborne a missile Compromise nominee. They air Force is planning to foresee no serious Challenge bolster . Retaliatory Power a to help swing the from any of the several Able with a revolutionary ballistic state both Are eyeing Cali democratic governors stand missile that can be fired from Fornias for the no. 1 and no. Ing in the wings. A bombers it was disclosed 2 spots on their tickets a he a a saturday. Said in a report prepared for Kennedy a closest and a highly placed official said his constituents visors think Humphrey has the first of the High Speed if the democrats do not the next Best Chance of get nuclear tipped weapons May select Brown As their presiding the nomination i sym be ready by late summer dental or v i c e presidential in ton misses. This is the Way i960. Nominee they will pick Sena top Kennedy aides Are report they will have a Range of tor Engle for the vice presi de private la rating the Field More than 1,000 Miles and Dency Hosmer predicted. Enin the current Winter Book. Will zoom from beneath Thel was elected to the sen the democratic nominee who would get the most votes a Kennedy Humphrey Symington Johnson Stevenson in that order. Brazil okays envoy Post for Clare Luce Washington up a rotary James c. Hagerty said three men killed in car mashup at Westminster ten lives were snuffed out by two shattering Highway accidents in the Southland saturday. Seven persons including five members of a Garden Grove family died in a five car pileup which critically injured four others on rain swept Highway 101 near Oceanside. Three men died in their car when it crashed at 17th St. And Swan ave. In Westminster. Killed in the Oceanside crash were Arnold Boatner 34, of 9071 Timothy Lane Garden Grove his wife Lois 30, and three of their four children David 11, Becky 8, and Eyvonne 4 months Bernard w. Patterson. 36, of 2317 Sycamore ave., Anaheim and mrs. Carmen Carsilla 45, of los Angeles. A still in critical condition sunday night were Danny Boatner 9, sole survivor of his family Harry Caspari. 11, of 12172 Aero St. Tommy l steel 11, of 12151 Ditmar St. Washington at a. S. Learned on what he terms a and Tommy Weden i2, All of officials look Forward to a reconnaissance trip to mos Garden Grove. All four were tragic Accident victims a five vehicle pileup on rain swept Pacific coast Hwy. Near Oceanside killed seven persons including five members of a Garden Grove family. They were or. And mrs. Arnold Boatner shown at left in recent party picture Eyvonne upper left4 months and David 11, above left and Becky right8. Danny 9, shown standing Between David and Becky in recent photograph is sole survivor of family. M Millan to visit ., report on Russ trip Washington visit by British cow would be made to presi prime minister Harold Mac Millan about mid March to report on his 10-Day visit to Moscow which started saturday. No special arrangements photo on Page a-8 win a a Iii Nuiji urn Cheui uie a a a a a _ _. A Rev a a a a _ a _ wings of the launching bomb ate last november after serv brazilian foreign ministry reports that president Eisen have Fereen made a washing. Trauer of West Germany a a Mam f a a a 1,4 a a n i t i it if a Tail in. Riding in the Back of the Boatner pickup truck with Becky and David. Boatner his wife and the infant were in Dent Eisenhower president Ca Charles de Gaulle of France. They were headed for a and Chancellor Konrad Ade continued on pm. A.3, col. 3 ers. Of As years. The project is known As Bluff. Bold Orion. So far it has been a congressman for 14 sources his Home is in red said saturday mrs. Hower is considering the a and no f c a e has a a a a to the Clare Boothe Luce is accept ointment Are a news to Quot a in Rook Able As u. S. Ambassador to White House. Hosmer said Nixon Robab mrs. Luce a Secretary in Tucson ariz., said a a no Corn limited to studies and missile by will be the gop presiden Bat coun re. The most Likely nominee launching by three Compa tial nominee. If new York a f o r e i g n governments Symington Humphrey Ken Nies which have demonstrate gov. Nelson Rockefeller gets acceptance of a prospective Mentz when asked about the Ledy Johnson and Stevenson. De the feasibility of the Radi it he predicted sen. Kuchel ambassador usually is a pre matter. Bonn. The Ablest president if elec Cal new weapon. Will be in the no. 2 spot As Lude to the formal announce hrs Luce is the wife of s eds Johnson Kennedy and authorities revealed that 24 Bis running mate. Humphrey tied for second companies participated in an Stevenson and Symington. Air Force conference on the As for a fifth National the Kennedy forces also Are weapon this month. They said by known californian sex sen. As a guest of the Krem been set officials said. But British prime minister they added they expect Mac Macmillan saturday night challenged the statesmen of Millan to come to washing the ton after visiting Paris and the world to reduce the danger of War that might arise what he through a miscalculation or a la. Man killed by hit run car editor in chief Henry r. Luce de of time and life magazines. Total drops account of i Mac i nip my whip i ment of appointment of individual in question. The word from Rio _ Janeiro that mrs. Luce for she served As this country s watching the republicans a Choice would be narrowed William f. Knowland. T h e Mer u. S. Ambassador to first woman ambassador to of Man Fly closely a for signs that Point to not More than a half dozen congressman said he a is out Italy was acceptable to the Italy from 1953 to 1956. She v a companies from which air of the brazilian government of stepped Down to recover from my a i continued on pm. A-2, col. 3 Secretary James h. Douglas Browne a chances Are a bet Lowed word from informed an illness which was traced a flogs Aioli in so far rated a hos sources Here Friday that the t0 arsenic poisoning from of a. Hmm it no particular because he is a appointment was imminent. Paint flaking from the ceiling the third Pacific storm this be a 8 p Seaside Hospital. President Ial press Sec of her embassy bedroom. Month passed Over Long us Jec boy swept Viz mlle by . River los Angeles Ltd it a an 11-year-old boy fell into the storm swollen los Angeles River saturday and was swept More than half a mile before two policemen saved him. Martin Betancourt tumbled into the water near the seventh St. Bridge. A Friend tried to save him but failed. Police were called and a dozen officers rushed to the River Bank downstream. Officers John Sparkenbach and Edward Kenny saw Martin struggling in the water near the olympic blvd. Bridge. One held to the Bridge and the other holding onto him plunged into the River and pulled the boy to safety. The boy was treated for Shock and exposure. Continued on Page. A-2, col. 5 Gen. Ter than Mer said governor. A Middle aged Man was the first British prime min struck and killed by a hit ister to visit Moscow since and run Driver on Wardlow the War Macmillan arrived re near Pacific ave ate wearing a Light Gray fur hat. That delighted the russians. Saturday nig i Macmillan made it Clear to 3 be Man identified As John soviet Premier Nikita thru e. Vickery of 406 w. 35th Sychev at the very outset that St it was dead on arrival at 1 i particular the Berlin 151 levies on loaf of bread taxes take i of average family income by Robert g. Shortal new York up a Joe Smith is a typical american. He works full time for a company which pays him $4,500 a year and part time for the government which takes $1,393 from him. The sad fact of the matter is that Joe Smith spends More of his working Day earning his taxes than he does to pay for any major item in the family a budget. A a a the tax foundation estimates that the average worker toils 2 hours and 29 minutes each Day to earn his taxes compared with 1 hour and 39 minutes to earn his food Money 1 hour and 25 minutes to pay the mortgage or rent 37 minutes for clothing 42 minutes for transportation 24 minutes for medical care 20 minutes for recreation and 24 minutes to pay for his other purchases. It has been estimated that direct and hidden taxes Siphon off one third of the family a income. Everybody is painfully aware of income taxes which Range up to 91 per cent on individual incomes and 52 per cent on corporate incomes. Most people also Are aware of the excise taxes they pay when they buy cigarettes liquor or furs. However not Many americans Are aware of the number of taxes hidden in the Price of things they buy. The really hidden ones Are the excise taxes which must be paid by manufacturers. Manufacturers of refrigerators for instance must pay arrival of the next storm has tween. A to a _ a a a i i i a. I 1 act Over Long Suu Cui such As Beach saturday dumping .98 crisis on which he wanted to inches of rain but the weath-,ne80tate. I truck he a or Bureau forecast it was a Kremlin Palace dinner re. When he was struck by a lost Over today climaxed his first Day in mos car travel my a. High Speed almost Over Loamy. The Impact knocked the Vic although a similar storm is a tim a shoes 0ff emptied his again moving in on this area he said Brita n d is no sets of Money it Bil fold and from off the Oregon coast fear a cts of Ca knife and threw him 40 feet the path or Bureau said Sion and i Hope that Vou do will be Only partly in this Day and age he fragments of an automobile Clouds today and monday added a such aggression be Windshield were found near y a the great Powers at the scene. Police said there a five per cent tax on each unit they sell to retailers. A1 though this tax does no to appear in the Price tag it is included in the Price the consumer pays. The tax foundation estimates that there Are 151 taxes on a loaf of bread 116 on a Many a suit 100 on an egg 150 on a woman a hat and 600 on a House. Taxes direct and indirect account for 25 per cent of the $2,000 Cost of a Low priced car. A a a the Plain fact of the matter is that Only people pay most of the hidden taxes. Business from the giant corporation to the Corner grocery store collects them. The foundation Points out that companies Large and Small stay in business Long if they had to pay All these taxes out of their own pocket. Taxes Are a Cost of doing business and Are taken into account when setting prices. The foundation said practically everything a consumer buys a has a hunk of tax hidden in the Price. Least would be suicidal were no witnesses. A where to find it not yet been predicted. Precipitation from sat a uto u ton�bthei2h�00-tart a bullfighting without bulls a writer level in the Hills Back of Bur Saul Pett in an amusing article on Page a-4. Bank Glendale Montrose and a How a old masters Are being produced on the Assem la Canada. Many Mountain Bly line is reported on Page b-7 by staff writer George roads were Slick and Slushy Eres. And chains were needed on # George Washington was allergic to peace pipes an several major traffic arteries. Frequent showers brought Long beaches total rainfall for the season to 5.29 inches somewhat less than Normal. In other Southland communities Torrance had 1.32 inches and san Pedro 1.02 inches. Anniversary Story on Page a-5 reveals. Regular i it features follow amusements a-10 Beach combing.a-9 Bridge w-9 Classifiedc-l-14 death Noticesb-3 editorials b-6 radio to d-6 real estate.b-i-8 school menus.w-10 ship arrivals.b-5 sports .d-l-5 Star Gazer id women a news. .w-i-10

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