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Long Beach Independent Press Telegram Newspaper Archives Feb 15 1959, Page 1

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Long Beach Independent Press Telegram (Newspaper) - February 15, 1959, Long Beach, CaliforniaSouthland s own sunday newspaper Independent the weather a sprinkles today and 75 per cent Chance of showers tonight and heavy Rains at times monday. Cooler with today s High near 60. Phone hello Csc 5-1 161 a classified 2-5959 Long Beach 12, California sunday february 15, 1959 vol. 7 a no. 26 156 pages Dulles Ganger stuns Europe Lakewood youth in 500-foot fall Terry Mcewen fall victim . Spies nabbed. Say Russ a 13-year-old Lakewood boy on an Outing with fellow Roosevelt Junior High school students tumbled 500 feet Down the face of a Cliff in Angeles Forest saturday afternoon. The victim Terry Mcewen. Of 5853 Whitewood ave., was rescued by Montrose sheriffs deputies and taken to Glen Dale sanitarium for treatment of severe Shock a broken ankle and possible fractured ribs. Deputies said the boy lost his footing in the rugged ter rain of upper Tujunga Canyon while hiking with his school basketball team. The boy was halted in his fall by a ledge about 700 feet from the top of the Cliff and 500 feet below the hiking path from which he fell. A score of regular deputies and reserves equipped with Walkie talkie radios ropes floodlights and stretchers worked into the evening to retrieve him from his precarious position. His parents or. And mrs. K. K. Mcewen met him at the Hospital. After dad London sunday up a i it g Phe soviet Union claimed to Al 1 of Loq Lay its Security forces have a rendered harmless several groups of american and Turk she a spies found in soviet territory. The government newspaper 11 of Al Izvestia carried an announce i will9 nent by the committee of Tate Security claiming six a 40 year old sex convict intelligence agents were Cap was booked by police Satur ured and one killed near the Day on investigation of Mur soviet turkish Border. It gave Der following the death of turkish names for All seven his father in a family quarrel it it did not say when the Over a parking spot reported incidents occurred. Police said the elderly Man the announcement Broad collapsed As he asked officers ast by radio Moscow said to jail his son for hitting him Jne Man was killed in an sex dead on arrival at Seaside Hange of fire with soviet Hospital was James Goddard hards. It reported the Cap Ryan 68, of 934 Lime a a. Ure of weapons cameras the son James c. Ryan who aboard two master binoculars compasses and lived above his parents Home arge sums of soviet Money in an apartment with his wife Jean 34, was held by police. According to Izvestia the quarrel lust began. Between the Mother of the critical policy delays feared London a it a the news that John Foster Dulles has cancer sent Surprise and dismay through Western european capitals saturday night. Statesmen suddenly contemplated the Prospect of dealing with a new u. S Secretary of state and possibly one with different views at a time when Western Europe faces grave issues. In West Germany particularly there was foreboding that Dulles disappearance might lose Chancellor Kon Rad Adenauer a Strong ally. Bonn officials were reported thoroughly dismayed at the possibility of a time lag in unifying Western policy on the crucial Berlin problem. Only about three months lie ahead before expiration of the soviet ultimatum for a Western withdrawal from Berlin. Government leaders issued expressions of sympathy for Dulles As soon As news of the medical report arrived. The news was telephoned to prime minister Macmillan at the Chequers country House where he was in conference with foreign Secretary Sel a a a Wyn Lloyd on their fort com i pm 0 _ i fing trip to Moscow. A w a they received the news with great regret a a spokes a a j to undersecretary of state cons Man reported. They wished \ Tian a. Herter mentioned As Dulles a speedy recovery. I a possible successor to ailing French Premier Secretary of state John Fos Debre recalled the excellent pm Hes fax a.,would accept the Post if 1 Orcsi relationship established with. It. A a Christian Herter ready to serve Herter willing to take Job Washington up a _ undersecretary of state Christian a. Herter mentioned As a Dulles when he was in pans he state Security committee claimed younger Ryan mrs. Melissa. At Ryan 80, and his wife Jean american intelligence a a Over the younger Man in ears taught agents methods parking his car by a carrying out underground a is. Home Ork against the soviet Union Well As How to use fire Ryan joined rms for action against soviet citizens who might attempt to the argument and his wife r a Corr Ino asked the neighbors for help. A event them from cml ugly cac j police it their spies work. Officers Jim Johnson and it asserted two of the so Delano Sheely said the elder filled agents told inter Roga Ryan accused his son of strik Quot thh2t.v a min my so i Quot him y?u1k Rya Quot denied motor boat a Al m7m�d off had examined their hitting his father. Was when Robert Florian Long Beach and Jeane Murray Lakewood began dating two years ago they found they both liked motorboating but saturday they were wed aboard 70-foot Schooner Swift in what was planned to be a a a quiet ceremony. A Nosy noisy helicopter and roaring Small Craft drowned out most of the spoken nuptial staff photo by John Neagle avast Belay but n rain Jeff. I i i in Prospect pair t Akes off in Thyl Lloud for tonight Dent Eisenhower offered it to him. Continued on pm. A-4. Col. 1 Herter made the statement a in answer to questions on arriving Here to take Over As acting Secretary of state pending the outcome of Dulles second cancer attack. The illness raised serious doubts that Dulles would Ever again be Able to resume full time duties. But Herter emphasized he had a not been sounded out As a possible successor. A asked whether he was Busy trying to erase More Wou a accept appointment on than 100,000 negroes from a permanent has a assuming vote registration Rolls the Secretary is unable to re c ,. ,. Sume his duties Herter re segregation leaders have Aumic a Enlis cd legislative executive cont Nulec. Page a.4, coi. 1 and judicial branches of state a a Ai government in. Seeking rigid enforcement of voter regts Pill Chic stration Laws. They said the Quot hurry Cut of negro vote Roll Baton Rouge la. Ltd put a Louisiana defiant of possible Federal intervention saturday u. S. Civil rights commission Quot to tonight s the night for More we have no basis for action act Costis / in ski Cabin Ien by Ben Zinser some in a Light Gray suit a was playing the a bridal o. P t Stah writer handsome and nervous. March from w Agni s to Newport Beach a the he had boarded the vessel Hen grm. Nip a few minutes earlier after judge Christensen handed Moio Pooai Sei Nia Neu none a a having headed a procession of Down a Quick decision. Uip ment to make sure it the body was taken to of its most popular couples motorboats through the la a never he said it re no u. S. Factory Marks. Patterson. Snively mortuary Here saturday yielding to the Goon the committee said invest pending an autopsy. Past for the Sake of senti thai a we a a a died Many would be negro Vot he Carbon monoxide Ilion of four of the men police said the younger ment for f 0rian. He a a member the guests q u i c k 1 y expected monday and the ers would be eliminated for a stove that heat id been completed and they Ryan was discharged last. The we Tom outboard. Fumes from a wove Inai Cai rain the Weatherman pre of the Laws Are enforced in Dicks. Partially. There a a 40 per cent Chance state sen. W. M. Rainach never mind he said �?o111 of Sprinkle. Today and a 75 Louisiana segregation chief. Never Mina be Saia. 111 said some White voters May say i have it. Don t per cent of general showers he a a a he a a a a a a a Lake Arrowhead up a a. A seven Southern California by darkness. Heavy Rains Are any would negro Vot skers War overcome Early w h h with is Quot to scar up Fihn the colourful wedding was of the Western outboard flocked to the starboard Side storm is also expected to set each White person Rafiet de. De a tightly closed five room to be charged with is week from san Quentin Assn. And has won Many Tro for a better i Mdse of the ,. A u f a y Ion age. A Orison where he served time conducted aboard a two Mast ship it in Stork outboard aces. La a a Quot Muse up 18 inches of Snow Bungalow. Free youths and teat Man i prison where Las an Escapee from the longed sailing ship anchored far Beach Honor farm. On Mountain slopes above a a Youdong b to it is asphyxiation of. Kidnap and lurch official beat and ribbed him then threatened tour pies in Stock outboard races Bride. Ui1 Maui Siam of updo f i out in the Lagoon of upper the couple met in jail. The so of a �"c6j my 4,000 feet Criminate Gamst no goes seven became known at Bay at Newport dunes. Florian is a los Angeles Gney s or Jay Gan Small Craft warnings were old Rainach c v130, 0 10 10 . When a Young woman t Ger Syz ass s v"i11.,."�?T.,. Quot a a a re. A. I stomp a in. For he a of the 70-foot Schooner Swift on one of their Early a tales were predicted for this them. Ski patrol members applied before about 40 guests on they went boat Riding. The Gallant Swift skipper noon. Croes just can to Dass to Santa deck and a dozen or two More now two years later a capt. Paul Ilsley �?o1 just Days will be cooler this a registration the tests Are 1�u u it Bounri in Toboco new ctr nag i a a a it n tax rec for registration. The tests Are Anita Hospital Here. Identified the Catipo and intelligence is seven As Betty Jean Decker something that is bred intoj3o, owner of he Cabin and people through Long Ber brother James 14, Bald win Park Phillip Wood 29, staff director Gordon m. His wife Nancy 28, and their Tiffany in a recent Louisiana son Mark 2, Duarte mrs. Visit said civil rights com Cecile Desforge 36, and her Mission agents would be a son Dennis 12, of la Verne All were in satisfactory Aid of science _ deck Ana a dozen or two More m0w two years later a to Apt. Maui nisey i i Jusi Days win de cooler mis Palo Alto up a three Paris i d a. Science in motorboats anchored near tiny Organ on deck was play sewed on these new stripes week with today a High near or r res a ioij1 1.anita Hospital Here Luths kidnapped a Sunnyvale tabled Gen Charles de Gaul e ing love yet truly this morning moved swiftly 60. I based on t at its of nil a a Frisi heat and to take on y a a / Ual Munct pay Well deck to the iut tips. And intelligence is seven As Betty Jean i no if Kph in both Maior tie br1de�?T 21-year-old a am Christensen of Newport foot of the mainmast where adj a Burn him to death. Palo Jeane Murray of 2837 Dane Beach whispered to Best Man Organ Organ Bench and Ora i t _ i i _ a. I a a. A do Dell Wila Picu to Utai _ _ to police reported saturday. T leave land St. Lakewood looked William Cruz of Rivera. Vanist were sliding. He placed. Yap officers said meanness a. in. As she walked up the the marriage License Quot he a suck of Wood behind the 111 Ali enter i in trently prompted the youths inner thanks to propane Gas gang Vav m a thin angina said i . Fac�f1c charges a attack Berton l. Wilcox sprayed along the runway. It0 Chantilly face. Florian heard and paled. I it was 12 30 and judge j 1, who was set upon while turned the fog to Snow and the bridegroom Robert a a it so its in the he Christensen stood on the gaily a emf up a the animal Tive in the state although no. _ stering his car after buying cleared the atmosphere Long Florian 30, of 4607 Banner said. A on decorated Quarterdeck White protect on society saturday hearings had been scheduled condition late saturday. Is wife a Valentine. A enough for Takeoff. Dr., Long Beach looked hand now organist Hazel Dell stocks and ribbons facing the penal charges against a a a Bride and Groom Best Man of Neo fascist maid of Honor Darlene Hill of he Achu Ted Ive mice a Downey 4 year old Flower Jown in a theater audience girl Colleen George of Costa watching an anti fascist play. Mesa and 4-year-old ring. Bearer Mervyn Reavis of police detained 10 Musso. Arcadia. Lin worshipping youths for by Ernest b. Vaccaro saturday night. Burke chief a you can guarantee that an on the other hand. Burke standing in the Well deck questioning a Ler e Inci end. Burke testifies Russ submarine attack highly possible to saturday night Burke chief a you can guarantee that an on the other hand Burke a Quot a we cd caused near panic and Washington up a the of naval operations said that attack will not get through said the russians have an wearing Lovely Pink gowns performance of is ability of a Surprise rus a we have forces at sea All a there is no equipment that even tougher problem since were bridesmaids mrs. Joe l a Romagnola a an submarine attack on the the time searching up and an guarantee that there is not the United states could cover Reavis of Arcadia mrs. Do United states is very great Down both coasts for enemy a submarine at a particular a fall but a very Small part of Mcghee of Sierra Madre and a a mice id is causing the Navy great submarines. His testimony spot in the Ocean except in Russia from launching Posi Peggy Fhi hips of . Arleigh a. Was Given before the Senai e a very Small area and even Tioy a a. Sea Quot nearby were the Bride s father joke says disarm am e n t subcommittee then you cannot guarantee he added that Quot the free and Mother or. And mrs. A. A i in a censored version of be on Jan. 30. That you have got he. A t�7 if re i n a Alvs Nasonal 2s it testimony made Public Burke said there is no Way added. Continued on pm. A-2, col. 3 continued on pm. Where to find it death was the Valentine for the Moran gang. On Page a-10 appears the Story of the underworld massacre that wrote a bloody Page of Chicago a history. A a anything with wings will fall victim to missiles an expert says in an interview on Page a-12. Regular i it features follow amusements .d-5 Beach combing a-11 Bridge w-9 Classifiedc-1-14 death notices b-8 editorials b-6 radio to. .d-6 real estate. .r-l-8 school menus ,w-10 ship arrivals. A 7 sports. .d-l-4 Star Gazer .b-7 women a news. W-l-10 i i

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