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Long Beach Independent Press Telegram Newspaper Archives Aug 16 1959, Page 1

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Long Beach Independent Press Telegram (Newspaper) - August 16, 1959, Long Beach, CaliforniaSouthland s own sunday newspaper Independent press Fet tam the weather mostly sunny with some High Clouds today and monday but Cloudy late night and Early morning hours. Not much temperature change. Phone Hemlock 5 i a 61 a classified 2-5959 o Long Beach 12, California sunday August 16, 1959 vol. 7 a no. 52 26 pages throng felled after meal at picnic in Indiana Angola. Ind up a a it Ute food poisoning broke up a picnic of 3,000 pharma Cetica company employees s a t u r Day dropping Many where they stood and sending at least 700 to hospitals. Police civil defense and red Cross officials loaded the victims in ambulances trucks buses and commandeered station wagons and took them to the towns two hospitals toe National guard armours and a Public school. Others felled As they drove Horm Ward were taken to hos pit is at Elkhart and la Grange ind officials said no one a pea red not critical condition. A by of have them lying on floors and doubled up two to a bed Elmhurst Hospital resident physician or John Hartman a d a it definitely was acute food poisoning every stomach pump within reach was used in almost per be Ual motion a Elmhurst said it treated 150 persons. Cameron hos Pital said it received 200 an additional 100-150 were at the armory 50 at the Henry pub-1k school 100 at Elkhart 1 n Era Hospital and 100 to 125 at la Grange most of those affected were sen Home following Hospital treatment in olved were the pm Pioves of Miles laboratories i Sikhart who were holding t on need Page a 3, coi. 1� $250,000 looting charged Washington in ply the Senate Salt sets committee will charge in a forthcoming report that Philadelphia teamsters using a terror and brute Force a to enforce their control looted the Union Treasury of some $250.000. The report alleges that Raymond Cohen head of Philadelphia local 107, used a subterfuge i n ? i m i d a Tion threats and physical violence to keep the local in the hands of a greedy and unscrupulous a it was established by the committee that Cohen was handling nearly All of his own personal finances in Cash even expenditures of Manv thousands of dollars a the report says. A a this was during the same period thai the $250,000 n Cash was being removed from the Union Treasury under various the charges against the Philadelphia teamsters Are included in the second Section of the committees formal report on its 1958 hearings. The report has not yet been filed in the Senate but a copy was obtained by United press International. The first Section of the report blasted teamster president James r. Hoffa for permitting hoodlums and racketeers to overrun his Union. Five killed As giant Jet Airliner crashes All on Board Palos Verdes Pilot being checked out one of victims Calverton n y up a an american airlines Boeing 707 jetliner on a training flight crashed and exploded in a Long Island potato Field saturday killing the five crewmen aboard. It was the first u. S. Disaster of the commercial Jet age. The five million Dollar air or. And mrs. Thomas a. Powner and their children Iner which could carry 165 demonstrate How they passed some of the time passen8ers on a co Mercia during the two weeks Thev lived in a Concrete air As making an a ,.a. Proach for a practice Landing raid shelter Belou a Princeton 1 a varsity Labora a Grumman aircraft corp s torn. Hildren Are from left Hilary 2 Scott 5, Peconic Airfield 70 Miles East and tory u2. Test was made for office of civil of new York City when it defense. Story on Page a-5.�? a wire photo faltered and nosed into the a a _ a _ a Field. American airlines said the crewmen on the training flight All were Veteran fliers. There were no passengers aboard. Shelter time Story if 111 by a to h i i a a ill Thi fit 1311.4 a j j it. A a. Of t t 141 t i i i i i i i i i a f f try it a Elji i t f iu14 i u11 Nixon denied look at soviet missiles the dead were identified As cats. Harry Job 45, Ridgewood. N. J. W. T. Washington a vice Are putting he said. A this Swain 49 los Altos Calif., president Richard m. Nixon does t mean they Are spend and Fred Jeberjahn. 50. 936 disclosed saturday the so ing twice As much because via a non Verdes is Viets denied his request to we produce much More than ates calf a and full it look at missile production they do. Facilities during his visit to Russia Nixon Sud he had asked to see a missile Assembly Ine in Exi Hange for a similar inspection made by Andrei n Tupoljev top soviet aircraft designer of Thor missile production facilities in this country. A under the circumstances it occurred to me that re its peace on demo tickets neers Andrew Anderson. 40, Jericho n y., and e. A. Freeman 36, Santa Clara Calif. The explosion shattered the plane so completely that it took 412 hours to recover the bodies. Fire consumed most of Tho wreckage. Only the Tail Assembly of the plane remained intact. State trooper William discovery May reduce smog cause 707 crash scene this Aerial View shows the scattered and smoking debris of 707 jetliner which crashed North of Calverton. N. A. Saturday. Five crewmen on training flight died in crash including cant. Fred Jeb Nahn left50, of 936 via Rincon Palos Verdes a wire photos . To propose new Alligator global loan plan but no big Washington Ltd it a the recommend that the president United states will propose request legislating authorize f in next month the creation of a my member ship. New one billion Dollar Many yep new institution to be new York up it a Sunshine nation organization to lend known As the International streamed in through the bed Money to under developed development assn., us Ould room window of or. And mrs. Countries on easier terms Jencz Money to under Arthur manhat than now Ohta Mahle from the developed nations on Long tan apartment saturday. But 68-nation world Bank. Terms and at reasonable rates that Wasny tall. A Cabinet committee head of interest repayable in full a Wake up dear. There san de by Secretary of the treas or in part in local currencies Alligator crawling in our win Ury Robert b. Anderson made world Bank Loans normally Dow a exclaimed mrs. Holtz this disclosure saturday in a must he repaid in dollars the Man nudging her husband report to the Senate. A copy currency most commonly from sleep was sent to president Eisen loaned. Quot a hmm groaned Holtz Hower. A a Man. Trying to shut it All out the report is the result of los Angeles Ltd it a longed Ards we a Dnn in a cipro it demanded and they Wrangle Over tickets to the"1, cruise about one half believe in reciprocity quid pro i960 democratic National mlle a Way. A when he dear2 quo up and Down the line convention is As Good As set crap. 3j pm that we have an Opportunity tied right now. A co chairman sad a pm to. Field hut could not get near to see a similar line when we or the convention Host com 1 Lic Cipun is me Jesuu of m m a were Nixon said. Mittee said saturday. 1 r Ai because of the Westwood up a study recommended in a 46 a Law ��?�1 dual demand to see los Angeles county super a it a. Terrify he. U. Resolution by sen. A. S. Mike that. We requested the of visor Frank Bon e i. Who just drove me Back port Unity to do so and it was shares chairmanship of the Edwards radioed do a Tommei vat. Mayor Ance and a fire truck from gases that contribute to non Poulson said he would Peconic raced to the scene Southern californians smog has a it und d world Bank m Tupoljev came to no. Even Ai terms of the the Ruck d foam and problem. Members idea Umu country with Frol a Kozlov expected agreement. But on the onto the burning wreck or srinivasa sour iranian or. Srinivasa sour iranian. Anderson reported 1 c. V ,. Resolution by sen. A s. Mike he sad. Saturday reported he to do Monroe which he Back. Covered a catalyst that effect full of i for assist Lively eliminates the to Senate adopted a year ago by vy11101 since then the United states with slumber. Then he shot up in bed and just stared. It was an Alligator All right. But it was Only 12-inches Long. Recalled Holtzman later a a i m scared. I just Lay and shake. Of the claws on him in a shaking too had to kill Dir. T a it Tran m Roach i Call the cops and deput v first Premier but did the basis of what he heard Quot quo Tanasa Sun Rajan Anderson reported. Alfiro it rra7l they think Here s another Call some travelling on his own. Friday during a 70 minute continued Page a-3, col. 6 it it a Ore f a Satorv there appears to be sufficient win of Hup to from a drunk. But it just in the course of this he was meeting with National demo a reaction Amone the 100 Mes an hour kled at happens i do not Hannen taken by air Force rep cratic Paul Butler we swimming resent Tives through the and others he said. A a a. Roro jul c find n no Riis a Iviz in if i vow a Audi i Viv i i ii in a. Reports from the area said a big Box and saturday. Wires. So happen to Douglas aircraft co. Plant at a there is no doubt in my Santa Monica Calif., where mid that a new proposal will the Thor intermediate Range de made that will be a missile is assembled. Septable both to or Butler in Russia Nixon had a look and to the Host committee and at an atomic hydroelectric that 11 unquestionably Plant under construction and keep the convention in los also saw an atomic ice be eve breaker vice adm. Hyman Butler flew let thursday g. Rickover who was allowed a ter warn is that 1 05 an to inspect the ice breaker is might lose the convention in. T unless the ticket dispute was thoroughly Only after a fuss. P a soon solved Butler met with police sergeant loses his stripes aider Iwu years i Jausi Dikiy Jiuu Milf experiments he found that avoidable reaction among Trie East persons and injured a u i us a Rio a a Copper oxide successfully nall0ns t0 warrant pushing hundreds in Southern Brazil of a Quot m tie Breaks Down nitric oxide and the Dea m Resolution form i Southern Braz a basement and he comes with a Vernon police sergeant lost his stripes saturday of hydrocarbons a the major before the world Bank Board contributors to air pollution of governors at their meeting nitric oxide is formed during combustion and hydrocarbons make up gasoline. Lots of Here sept. 28. That will be the storm which was a Wath local officials has said Bonequi and other members parked car Between 1 pm. T e Mac mates is a a o a Hosi committee and 3 . And took his chamber. Gaseous Russia m harnessing atomic pro Jav but no agreement was Blue Short sleeved police from Oil refineries blast fur Energy for sea Power. Reached. Bonelli said at that shirt with sergeants stripes Naces or other combustion done. Companies by heavy Rains Holtzman figured the once the articles of agree and floods struck thursday Alligator had slipped out of a ter noon while swimming they Are released by Auto ment Are drawn for the new night and cd of trued Friday. Pet shop downstairs in his in the Ocean at Belmont exhaust when air and Gas mix institution which would be Parana and Santa Catarina apartment House. Shore. In a cards combustion Cham an Raffl Liaise of the world states were hit hardest. The reported to the pet store Richard c. Post. 30. Who Ber. Bank the cab met group will town of Palmas was partly Man that has Stock was Loose lives in los Angeles told or cur Irain said he now destroyed. Lapes also suf and he said yeah 1 know it. Or sour iranian said he now feed heavily. Hospitals and St Lff Loose at that will put the Copper oxide f of / a a w w via to work in a cards combustion. Female with Long Beach police that someone broke into his medical facilities Nixon said in a television Nikita won t learn much hot opines Independence to. Up a Harry s. Truman said saturday he hoped americans can teach russian Premier Khrushchev something about America. �?o1 doubt that Vve can but Well try a Truman smiling told 85 members of Young democratic organizations who were visiting the Truman Library. Turnan refused to comment on whom he favors for the democratic presidential nomination. Program recorded for Colo come until monday a Rado stations by sen. Gordon Allott a Colo that russian citizens Are working one Day out of every four on military preparedness projects. A a that a about twice As much insofar As production time is concerned As we time a the solution wont two pairs of police trousers processes can be decomposed and a sports shirt. The same Way he added. In both to keep the cockroaches places and in nearby towns no were reported strained in car 1 m nor looking for any ing for the injured. Notoriety a said Holtzman. R a but when you w Ake up faced r fat s o cat e were an a a Crawfor you g0t to Ronco gurus of a a or cd lost or cd far Monk he made of Iron not to / areas Rivers were rising Fate writes last chapter Quarles widow Hurt in assault Washington a mrs. Donald a Quarles widow of the late Secretary of defense was thrown to the ground saturday night by a Man in an attempt at robbery. Stern test of courage for reformed drug addict by Bill Jones his is the final chapter in a the life of the Bead a a earlier this month an Independent press Telegram series of articles with that title told the personal Story of a Young narcotics addict. They told How the Young Man had shaken off the habit and was seeking to mrs. Quarles was thrown to remain Law abiding. The ground and suffered sen they told How he and his Young wife Ous bruises and abrasions of faced the future alone knowing that the one Arm and Hurt her hip. Odds against the addict abstaining Are 9 her suspected assailant to 1 Wallace d. Johnson. 19. Was a the Young Man has a Nice Home a caught a few minutes after Nice car a one article said a the had a de the attack by a passerby event paying Job As a clerk with a los Sidney Epstein City editor of Angeles firm. The Washington Star. A very shortly his note is expected to give birth to the couples first since the appearance of the articles the Young Man has faithfully followed his vow. His head is Clear his arms Are clean. Friday morning a Day after he finished painting the couples Home his wife awoke with pains. Dutifully he packed her clothes and helped her into his car for the trip to the Hospital. A few a hours later a nurse ushered him from the Hospital room where his 19-year-old Bride had insisted on joking with Him Between the pains. Visits Ivi Otner he waited All the Day. A doctor told a Denver a mrs. Mamie him a daughter had been born a fit. Pretty Eisenhower saturday made baby. But the doctors face was clouded her third visit in As Many Days with worry to the Home of her ailing at 5 doctor returned. The Mother mrs. Elivera Doud new Mother a de��4�?z 81. Telegraph lines were knocked Down some reports reached Rio de Janeiro through Amateur radio operators. Rio de Janeiro also Felt the Edge of the storm. One Man arms wearing sheer peach was killed by a falling elec coloured Blouse Orange and Trie wire. Low lying sections were flooded and commuter trains were stopped for an hour Friday night because of High winds. Detroit it a Detroit police issued the following fugitive bulletin saturday a female 32 years old 5 feet 4 inches tall dyed red hair Needle Marks on both Brown skirt with Blue plaid and fringe Silver Ballerina slippers. A also wearing pair of Peerless Chrome Handcuffs serial number 55536.�?� patrolman Daniel Coughlin reported the woman whom he had arrested on a morals charge jumped from his scout car and fled Handcuffs slippers and All. Bulletin new York sunday a Benny Fields the a old soft shoes song and dance Star of the vaudeville Era died today. He was 65. His wife. Blossom Seeley who had teamed with him in vaudeville and Broadway said he suffered a heart attack at their hotel. A where to find it a planning to Send your child to a private school tips for your guidance will be found on pages a-14 and a-15. A on y a Kangaroo can solve the Pooker problem at a nudist Camp a fascinating feature on Page a-8 reveals. Regular i it features follow amusements. .s-7 Mobile Homes .r-8 Beach combing radio to. .s-8 Bridge. W-8 real estate. .r-l-8 classified. .c-l-16 ship arrivals. A-1b death notices. B-3 sports. So editorials. Star Gazer. A i Medicine and you. A-8 women a news a is

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