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Long Beach Independent Press Telegram Newspaper Archives Apr 19 1959, Page 1

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Long Beach Independent Press Telegram (Newspaper) - April 19, 1959, Long Beach, CaliforniaA what s a beatnik answer on p. 6-7 Southland s own sunday newspaper Independent = =�clc9ram phone Hemlock 5-1161�?classified 2-5959 Long Beach 12, California sunday april 19, 1959 the weather a night and morning Low Clouds becoming sunny in the afternoons today and monday. Slightly warmer afternoons. High today about 70. Vol. 7 a no. 35 158 pages 20,000 rally to protest segregation students obtain pledge of help from president Washington up a thousands of students staged an anti segregation rally saturday at the foot of the Washington Monument and obtained a pledge of help from president Eisenhower. The Rev. Martin Luther King Leader of a civil rights movement in Montgomery ala., and Roy a. Wilkins executive Secretary of the National association for the advancement of co loved people were among the speakers. The rally was sponsored jointly by the a act and the National student association a federation of College student organizations. Delegates numbered 15,000 to 20,000, the a act said. A delegation of four students visited the White House earlier and received Assurance that president Eisenhower a will never be satisfied until the last vestige of discrimination has Gerald d. Morgan Deputy presidential assistant issued the special statement on behalf of Eisenhower who is vacationing at Augusta a. The president expressed re Europe welcomes selection of Herter allies warm in approval of Secretary a walkout p38 lightnings dropped depth charges yugoslavs snub reds Belgrade a yugoslav diplomatic representatives saturday walked out of red China a National Peoples Congress in piping tan Jug reported. The official yugoslav news Agency said chinese Premier Chou in Lai insulted Yugoslavia during his address opening the piping season. The Agency did not elaborate on the remarks but it said yugoslav charge do affaires Nikola Milicevic and first embassy Secretary Vlada Sestan got up and walked out. Vacation surprises police chief after 28 years on the Job by Lou Jobst Seal Beach anyone who thinks cops Gold bricks by nature ought to meet police chief Lee nomination goes Howard 64. To so a e tuesday a it caught me Imda by Bead m a High school football i c f a a said the Ama ugly 8ame�?T tor Ontl mation appeared to recover and then three years later was bedridden and London up a the a of Christian a. Mystery still veiling japanese submarine sunk off san Pedro continued Page a-4, col. 1 army lets 17-Mii lion contracts los Angeles up a the u. S. Army ordnance District saturday announced the award of More than 17 million dollars in contracts to eight contractors. California Institute of technology Pasadena received a $13,266,720 contract for research and development work to be performed at its Jet propulsion Laboratory. Other contracts included a Douglas aircraft co., Santa Monica $1,680,603 for Nike Hercules missile adaptation kits $116,500 for rocket Airframe components and $44.981 for Nike missile repair parts. By Bob Wells off it. Fermin where the Palos Verdes Peninsula crouches against the Pacific like a weary Dinosaur there is a buoy in the sea. Seventy five Yards West of the buoy and 60 feet Down six members of the Imperial japanese Navy sleep forever in the disintegrating Hulk of their submarine. Since late in 1941 the sub has been there practically on the front Doorstep of san Pedro. Divers have investigated it fishing boats Anchor Over it plans have been made several times to raise it. Yet a minor mystery still exists about this submarine. The air Force Sank it. The Navy put divers aboard it but the u. S. Defense department denies that it exists. A the Story goes Back to december 1941. Everywhere the japanese were advancing. They were on the philippine beaches they were besieging Hong Kong their transports were moving on the Netherlands East indies. On dec. 16 a Tanker was attacked and sunk off the Washington coast. On succeeding Days other submarine attacks were reported off the coast. Each attack was farther South than the preceding one As if a single sub were cruising Down the Pacific slope seeking targets. The attacks were always within 20 Miles of Shore and most of the time the enemy Craft insolently surfaced for the attack. At Santa Cruz watchers on the Cliff saw the submarine Shell a freighter then casually sail away still on the surface. Ships were attacked off Santa Barbara. On dec. 23, the lumber ship Absaraka was torpedoed Between Catalina and the Mainland. The afternoon of Christmas eve residents of her Surprise Spry Howard scratching _ _ was bedridden and partly a White clump of hair. Paralysed m a tragic after pm nement a a person gets out of the math. Herter As new . Secretary habit of making vacation Edward has been bedridden of state was warm a and Una a plans. I done to think i la be Ever since. Conditionally welcomed sat leaving town a just did no to appear possible urday by America s he showed his grandson seem right a chief Howard european allies. Gary 5 a nine Iron a sub tip said explain my How the Western european capitals a Jot together we of Ossed off. As an experienced Diplomat of wife Montie that two decade finally last week the sex Long standing with a first stalled plans to remodel the cases ran out. Band knowledge of Europe Kitchen and give the 226 7th City councilmen passed a and its Complex problems. St. Home a repainting inside pair of resolutions 1 firm Confidence was sex and out might be delayed a chief Howard will take a pressed that Herter would bit. 16-month vacation terminal stand fast by the policy of ing in the fall of 1960. Close co operation with the Lawman Howard Hasni to then he�?T1 retire. European allies that was pro had a vacation in 28 years 1 guess they re right a said noted by his predecessor nor a sick leave nor a soft the former professional base Foster Dulles expenses paid junket. Ball outfielder who drifted he always found an excuse int0 the Cal Fomia Oil Fields British prime minister to postpone it. Lin 1927� har0,d Macmillan quickly to a. A vol timers slow up consid called his congratulations and h g 5�?T Vav Erakly and this is a Young Best wishes to Herter. Brit sep run end and he Man s business 8 ish foreign Secretary Selwyn chief should look after has. Loyd he was a de men first. Then son Edward. Howard became a to now 42, was kicked in the 1 _ lineman in sort of a routine i am confident Lloyd fashion but he honestly added a that he will maintain Hadnot expected a Job out of the close co operation and in his electioneering efforts to Tim ate consultation Between i put some a fellas i believed our two governments in the line on the City Council in Field of foreign affairs on 11932. Which so much the peace officer is a re the same note was voiced Wicent Man. In Paris. Bonn Rome and asked to recount the other european capitals As brightest moment of his Long soon As the designation of career with a pistol Belt Chat Herter by president Eisen Mosa Beach Redondo Beach and Palos Verdes estates watched twin tailed p38 lightnings of the 4th interceptor command sweep Low Over the sea within a few Miles of Shore. Water spouts and muffled explosions marked where depth charges had been dropped. Christmas Day the army air Force announced in Washington that planes had sunk an enemy submersible off the coast of Southern California. William Kable served As a hard hat deep sea diver at the Long Beach naval station during the War. After the War and until last year he was a veterans service officer for the disabled american veterans at the Long Beach a Hospital. In Bull sessions with patients at the Hospital Kable often related an interesting wartime experience. # Early in 1942, he said he and another diver were detailed to explore a japanese submarine on the Bottom a few Miles off the Cabrillo Beach end of the breakwater. He was familiar with the reports of the earlier raids on u. S. Shipping along the coast and he presumed that this was the sub that had made the attacks. I m to. Waukee a the i Hower was mad know he was surprised he said to find the enemy sub to Allis Chalmers manufacturing to. Al. R be a Small one of the Type usually used for coastal de co. And United Auto workers it f i or a announcement of the a sense. It was manned Only by six men. He commented on reached agreement saturday 1� # u to moment of Herter. A tall the valor of the Crew that had taken the Small Hnat in far on settlement of strike at car a be on so Bol arly new Long landed Chalmers strike settled the valor of the Crew that had taken the Small boat so far and inflicted so much damage before it was finally sunk. The Bow was torn off he said. He and the other diver entered through the conning Tower. They took identification off the Crew and removed the log and other papers. Some armament also was removed from the deck. He believed the sub might be profitably raised for continued Page a-6, col. 1 a so a amp a mass escape try i ngg Erea consolidated w e s t e r n n a q i Cunion members Are expect steel los Angeles $685 970 f.so/7 Kov Oit Vav a ref a tvs pm l f Quot for design development fab of % w of a Wpm w a j Hast rate at a a a a a to part it baby sunday. R t it a and possibly can return to Ohn m i ssi 1 e motor Case As Deer l0dge�?T Mont up tear Gas gelled the angry principal r i n g 1 e a d e r a and Azusa cons a a 5-Vear-Rk next week sembl�1ssi 6 my or Casc is Warden Floyd e Powell convicts and sent the weary Deputy Warden Ted Rothe 0id boy was burned to death e. F. Ohrman Allis Chal a North american aviation disc used saturday night that hostages out to their loved whom smart admitted shoot saturday in a Flash fire and mers executive who headed aut Onetis division Downey the 35-hour rebellion at Mon ones m on a minutes. Jing a the Back at the outset explosion in an automobile. A tie term s bargaining commit $187,483 for design develop Tana state prison was Trig two other hostage include the Mutiny thursday. The Coroner identified thee called the a8ref-Jr, on a j r i a a a ing a hero of the revolt.,inv a bpm i rom that a i am sure will be Well ment and fabrication of a i gered by a mass escape at i t i a hostage guard Robert it it As Danny Glass of 5oui re vol to National con Well st., Azusa. A a to a Way. Whose diplomatic career be ii inn Prau 1 a?1 the texan failed to recount Gan 43 years ago was made Itaf feb 2 s he Days when the sea Beach a Urda a Morong by Presil Ocean front was a wide open Dent Eisenhower. Spokesmen for the com Row of Honky tonks with sea Hertert a nomination will be puny w he h manufactures men surging along the Gaudy sent to the Senate Early this tractors and heavy duty a Neon lighted Boardwalk look week. The Senate foreign re Chinery and the Union an eng for trouble and finding it lations committee will begin bounced agreement on All issues at the conclusion of be continued Page a-4, col. 1 continued Page a-2, col. 6 got nation talks late saturday. A 1 Quot a i 11 Gital analog computer. Red orders for spying published gered by tempt. Steel helmeted prison sociologist Walter Jones 24, got out earlier. The riot claimed three lives hostage Guai Wyant 29, and a guard lieutenant Russ Pulli received by our employees the _ Community and our Cus Nilola. Mon,., in Juliu ecu Icham x a. Police say the child s Moth-1. The not claimed three lives 28, were wounded by or 38-year-old mrs. Pauline crashed into the ancient Lee smart a 19-year-old Mur convict gunfire. Hostage Glass purchased a gallon of prison before Dawn to free 16 Derer and Jerry Myles 44 gasoline for cleaning and set. Prison guard hostages and year old six time loser. The cont med Page a-4, col. 2 he can on the foor a the West Allis Plant five captive a Stool Diego no a front of the automobile. J Rose to. Ping in. To pure Phuoi Pigeon. La Porte and Terre haute convicts. Both prisoner Rin air Pyrro Ara Lomu i 11yutyfomen, f f a and the car in the lot of the Azusa the strikes have been at the firms plants at the Home Allis Plant Here la Rome up a italian newspapers published photostatic prisoner ringleaders died in the final assault. Warden Powell said air Force Academy luxury items rapped by auditors Oakland calif., Pittsburgh pa., Gadsden ala., and Cedar rapids Iowa. Shopping Center and went into a drug store. _ the a a ���9# two of her children. 10 _ _ # copies saturday of a a comm was n0t a Root bul Washington up a the was spent for other purposes. It it it a cd David Gene and --300 sir visors a general accounting Agency some $2 200,000 was j Danny and her 2 a a a 1,1 a when the tunnelling out has criticized the air Force spent on facilities which con Al an son Erry it ols of. S Grof e s to spy out the exact to operation failed and came to adversely for irregular spend Gress has not approved. These pc a c. 111 110 car cation and other details of an end the ringleaders de eng in construction of its include is missile Squadron bases cited to kill All the hostages new Academy at Colorado and a Bank Hobby shop and Springs Colo. Expenditures for such things As a Golf course a theater Quot a Quot Quot a a Quot a can and splashed the contents quake and fire saturday in a Jav into the rear seat then it a Macarthur Park As 300 sur a a $134 000 cemetery Danny was in the rear seat que a Mark of the car and the other two a a in Italy. The alleged red last night a Powell orders a they tunnelled to the Wall but were published by ii message got no further. Upon learning Gero Rome a leading inde of this i saw Only one course Community Library. �?$3,479,866 Worth of construction items were a him boys were in the front. To los Angeles up it a there lice say that one of the boys were Many reminiscences of removed the top from the Gas the 1906 san Francisco Earth pendent newspaper ii Tempo of action which was taken Racks a cemetery Bank. Pyrce the Catholic action newspaper ii quotidian and most other non communist Hobby shop and Community successfully. _ Library were questioned be Powell husky 46-year Cre it but hot fiscal Quot alb a the simultaneous Publica old Reform Warden of the Oft do a gency in a report t0 Tion of the photostat made troubled Penitentiary person 1 g it appear they had been sup ally led the blazing assault s general procurement niatcj1 and operation and maintenance funds. / i s we pfc a some things in mind after 28 years grandpa Lee Howard and grandson Gary where to find it visors held their annual re % an explosion resulted and Union on the 53rd anniversary included $122.417 d Flash fire burned 5-year-old of the holocaust. These Worth of stage equipment for a Cadet theater a $293,393 Danny beyond recognition George hot foot Haley 85,i a recalled How he covered the r a a _. To quake and fire As a photog phed a a unofficially by some by 300 guardsmen Highway available to United press in for do Spray models 0f the Honolulu 6pt�?gen. By rather for the san Francisco a copy of the report made wind tue Anneli $9g560 ends far East tour a poor Little Rich City with problems is Beverly Hills profiled in a special feature on Page a-8. Does and fonts for secretaries appear on Page a 7 in Honor of secretaries week. There Are also a few pointers for the Boss. Regular i it. Features follow vigilantes. The attack Force using a italian government Agency patrolmen and old West styled Ternau onal saturday Aii eged Aca Jemy $9,219 for cadets Man l. Lemnitzer arrived chronicle. Adolph Sutro 67, a communist party spokes vigilant is that Man said the photostat were a a Patent a Tookas machine guns and provided for family housing officers quarters. The far East. Shoe Racks and $64,451 for from Okinawa saturday com son of a former san fran about six million dollars built in Kitchen equipment for plating a two week tour a Tookas machine guns and provided for family housing officers quarters. Of Cisco mayor added Sonal memory of the disaster. Amusements. Radio to. D-8 Beach combing. A la real estate. R-l-6 Bridge. School menus. .w-12 classified. C-1-16 death notices. B-7 Star Gazer. A-9 editorials. .d-6 women a news

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