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London Times Newspaper Archives Sep 12 1812, Page 1

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Times, The (Newspaper) - September 12, 1812, London, Middlesex At Ike exhibition o Tower Lull 64 the whale of Tow parties ump command j the formed Scad near not fian Jin o or hit Binning courses Chr silence of midwifery on Mon hoi or surges Katia Dinar to i Lii it and surge l hit i in a to the the cd of the 1 will r i a Vicil on ii e 1st of or at nine in the mar known of or medical end of or St Bigshot Seate Siept 8 court of the of this institution Fae Here on the Imp instant by farther and it from at ii o clock at noon to the of tar House and on Secretary to chair be i at one f i Hill using tie at for hides Are requested u Jerk in to like into Romi to be t it n i and to fir the Lor Ilie or skit Liis go and infirmities a be the of to the n vac a n and from candidates the be received previous at court of assist 1st Day f october not at ii o clock pit it at the clerk s office it Hill f in e dunes of office and the emoluments attached to r All sept 7 Law and next of heir at Law and of Kin of spinster of to Hill Street tier of Road and late of no 9 Turin i in to John Woods of Spring Garden Esq Palmer of Doughty f Esq they will hear of something i a of issued William of Cambridge Woollen receive a further of at the 1 1 men a each week Mukka n that the in a a under and a of and executed to ram i v of the q 1 in Chr by i f r 1 e be the the said in no to the terms thereof will on new re i mad n ind and of inv i of f said thorns and notice is f Aither gown nid i lodged it the f or of new Street and As Emit to accede to the terms thereof and in to the Slid i sum will be excised the dividends made or to be made under to order of the i rupees Kew m j Hartley is of St Bartholomew the go defaced or Kroken and m e i end vault the Only led in in a Terr Minim any pet run or a leapt to the Tomb and Are Ore month from Date to apply to the of the said perish and put the in a state of they be 1 1311 j a m is i a Iso x j it Tow duties in Kent a pleasant and about w from 4 if by letter to or Wie waited no 6 t x the a Hunt clergy a Curacy to of in a Rel 11 and 4 if letter Tumi we 6 to 1 to r of a applications for vacancies it is most r l Cura cies become on in o in f the particulars h 1 a effected t Ulm i in a to m 11 Henri a i May be i v with travelling the better r can ruin in b select school Unciul Trie fits a a 111 n my is wanted t Hie Domestic of lir and can command and bring or the concern find this a Laust f setting herself ii Ine ii same a Udy Way brascom with a hands and Board am agreeable or annul Post p t or North tide of St i classical a x an Academy near an assistant o teach the Brtek and Appl by letter Post paid directed to x y it or w 10 classical Man x respectability Good murals and s nue in scholar tic May of an eligible a Well m u so by or by letter Post paid no Ai Lada of in wishes to herself at Junior teacher in a school Ary no object address Post paid n u no 8 Tho a x Ulins a general Kun of the and to part apply at 95 r in commercial pursuits and in within to minutes Wall or less of lie end whose hour it 5 o clock Ai i would out Ollie common Terras must be to a v a to Lerate want old by a Parent Lor Young ladies under u years f age Board and in a family of a few Miles of London with advantage of education by Manors or a governess address to a be in a where there is an i a of acquiring a general knowledge of business r writes a Good to e Lor live As no Premium is no Alary u Given for farther particulars apply if by letter Post paid Treel Tod who understands the of address at Willi j and it occupied i a at specimen of the As Well us the name age of party applying and to state situation last o with any which will be Dak answered a at Bailiff to a or with a Large concern in the a Middle aged married Man without who understands Hie business having been brought up o it from his infancy references May be hid address Manor Kallum in be Sou by the latter end of october or beginning of november at the spread Eagle inn n Rugby in the county of Warwick the Manor with the in the said com f 1 together with a and of awards at 400 acres of arable Meadow and the whereof will appear in a future paper Royal to be let two Light counting houses most situated for a merchant two minute farther known by applying mean Hoggart and Phillips h old a situation a Man As Footman in a As servant to a Tingle gentle Man travelling preferred can have a Good character from his last lace direct id Hilly 39 and near uld a r or to it sold of a doable lofts Over the Possession to be viewed and particulars known of Anil Phillips it old publication those having any the following the Wink and Active and m person who travelled some years wishes for is traveller to a respectable in Tii boar upon salary or by can introduce Many valuable and give ample reference Security to any amount if address paid to a b c no 8 to tha shipping department of a House a Yoong Mai who has keen in d m p h Birt 1.0 c i Mattas j c w woman Are to Pic at Board of e Rire months from this o Merck c recorder n of a certain inf january and i in the i 1 l and g m j All Are and the t i the March 1811 will he sold marshal f the said River at Public to by of Justice in tie Plantation in drapers nah a Situ Ai Ion u Foreman a aged either in town or country has been fireman for years i the trades Westward of London when from sold 30 men were particularly uniforms end regimentals which has of can in undeniable d i to t y it or no 9 will be attended in friends of a Young about 19 years of age who been decently e in the Are of her in a Amily in of she is a Good Needle w and has knowledge of is and and her presume would Render herself and to any lady who May think proper porn Gate Irr references if be Piren and letters in d in the cure of or Haynes Hungerford Berks to Telo fint Active Man who has been regularly brought up in the surveying business end for hid very practice in the profession wishes to an being by much fully land and umber Ami the of estates in begs to offer his service in any Nobleman or gentleman in abbe or to receive rents in London or would wish in n collecting clerk to any extensive concern tie advertiser on enquiry will he a rain of to of treat will be riven and Security to Trie amount of ins Trust address to a b no 31 a n and to he original for re null r to her no 80 most for the i fur upwards of 30 year in the in and have Rand pit of the 01 i Chalk w to the my Wile Mary Carter Lias separated Froia me this is to persons to Trust her on my As i will not be tie or e fur any the alter this As my Hanl this 9th of witness Carter i Street Stepney Sesi new invented and Murli admired criterion razor strop retail for t y i and 144 new bund g 1 lower Street Bow May or had of most rhe real made 97 Many of the counter its Lay As by Marrin having out the worn High and Hare a Small or the original number also that address it Clear and distinct b Japan of the cakes Reg leave Public thai numerous prepared a Japan blacking which the Block and highest Lustre hold by and Price is the pint bottle where Patent Gates now greatly improved be told Frier Pem in Chr of England live end fragrant circassian it preparation t f if the skin of a most rent Ann yet while it Dous t pre serve inn i re is no a particle Jarvi or any Oiler in this thai cd Chr Kin to he had in h i 5s at Jeri ii Brand f1 r highly As the adapted ind invented for Venison wild fool and Gane in it u likewise with All kinds of Roan Superior of q once sauce Royal and a great variety of Rich for fish cold meals oct Casat of sauces Small Haras in condition from 8 Loio weight pickled and dried Wane Frith various Lor to at or Lof o Corner tour very Superior Claret Ireland for la uie of j and 1 Ignac i f j Penon using a few of the House to Cote t u 01 the and an Oil r grow r and is j i r in a full and improving will not pol or n i 15 for no 1 Corner of Char is Street St Georgi of Stock cases Iii cation is near one of principal the in a Patt the City for aply to or ill Surveyor 4 in the prime part lease Anc or non in the of a it is i Lor any description of of publicity of situation at m ii sold by private contract a neat detached cottage use and Large Harden in a High stale of p it and part cop hold por farther ulars enquire of or Carpenter build r Crouch and f tickets May he had for viewing t from h to 3 a clock sundays to be u most respectable private a Lively at the end of cily fitted no and it a and in most lies sesnon May be held Lor a Long Premium 100 and which Are not but to be taken none but cards of names and will be attended to direct to k k at p the Well a peculiarly tilter up and in Pri feet order with two n Large Garden and numerous held for a term of 18 years at a moderate rent mid immediate May lie had for b letter pad to or South be sold and May be entered immediately a very Sigrer handsome end three rooms each the dining and each 87 feet Long by so fee Kitchen and offices double coach stable detached and a Good apply for particulars it or b upholsterer he Church Kensington and at or Ebers bookseller 33 old 1 to be let genteel rooms and neat gardens with every com Mence to every hour and within four of own likewise decent furnished apartments suitable for n Man and wife or single gentleman who has business in town situation with Large and pleasant walks lot or Ancel Stratford h ouse land u a Tahoe from town from 8 w 31 Miles lie Able for the accommodation of a respectable family in a god halt of repair with a Good Garden and from 15 to 40 acres of land if Lear a Church m a sociable would be preferred addressed with particulars to m l Hill will be attended to and Milu Cantile be sold by contract by messes family the City of London for 44 so per annul immediate May be had to Brand farther known t old Villa gardens and Rich land Basoli by contract by a convenient r desirably situated part of Low with a Beautiful Lawn and gardens ornamented with and Timber Trees double stabling excellent a ornamental Dairy and free ten acres with tickets which with farther particulars a he had of Boggart and Phillips it old an with Garden and paddock in Surrey Fin Miles and an half from by contract by Missin and Chilli is the of a in repair in a most respectable neighbourhood Wilu bees and Uble and paddock adjoining the Freehold May be purchased if to be viewed with tickets which with mar t had of messes Hoggart and Phillips old near he Koval j gardens and Twenty nine of land six Miles o be three Bridget in the county of Surrey be sold by contract an situated in a most delightful part of county of Surrey the of a family will of Ever v on three of Rich pasture and about Twenty nine and to b with tickets which with farther May be had f Hoggart and Phillips it old Freehold Holst and Eres of ground Ani four for labourers adjoining the the House contains on the ground floor 30 by and 14 feet High a set by 18 with Heigh a Library and Nom Hall Large Kitchen end other offices in for a family on the floor Are it a and the con am 4 and there is also a Reading up from tie Kitchen to two moms Abow Gor Lent Well stocked Ore walled round a and shrubbery a double coach House with stabling ten hones and of Good water a Prospect from the Iii of Wight More ground May be had m the of Ion the purchaser May be any sundays the ii and 3 by apportion at House Coal and Al be disposed of by an Jold Coal situate on the Basin at in together with in established and which Wen earned on in All its branches by the proprietor during the last i Tow premises consist of a Good no upwards feet of water in from built trim tilt led rhe enter with solid and finished wit i tone roping i Here s a substantial Brick gardens and almost other convenience to the Fame far a Large family n Deal had that easily holds a cargo with a doable a Good and Oren with irritable lied joining to each also a Large divided into bins for Orn and flour for the Market two stables tar the Rade Hortet where so May feed at one time a very Good two tall with and adjoining and Over the whole All rhe have been erected new rom the ground in coarse of a few years the Stock is not and be taken by the or not such an happens to persons wishing to in such a May he Hal of Corder w Mill re noted to be incomplete Rood first s heels Are to be Lent to a b 10 Holzkam life a chaise head and life not built made of the very Best materials the Patent and very richly plated with brass to be told less than Lull i Cost owner no farther use fur it enquire Al f repository t sold v Al order of the of the late mrs a a Chariot in tie first style of Fashian of tie Best town and will he by the builder be the i left o be sold the a late a y elegant hire harness with t and bars for 1 h Carriage i Brais pot up in a very Cost 1 will would make a neat elegant a Ivile guineas and has not been Tut five limes May be see at great p it be sold a very Villa with and offices near the Wilts of m r House to be let a with Large workshops behind each 60 Leet Long and 30 Teet wide enquire a no 37 old x be House 7 1 Haa a front and Back Garden with Side Entrance from apply at to t t and offices in red i Jan with immediate Sam apply at or Hardwick s office is be let an excellent convenient family with two longer furnished i neat with Garden in the front to the Road and possessed of every convenience for s Small at Green in he Village let the principal part of private House in Brent of free rooms on the with a three on uie or with attics Kitchen an at no 5 As above he let for a term of most desirable Roomy in the the wholesale marm tear Well adapted for the silk hosiery Muslin containing a Large and on with other conveniences for a p 16 j 10 the and that on the at one o clock Litey will be ready to treat such persons n mar be willing to contract fir supplying majesty s Yard at with a a of the tender May be sern it his n be after Ore o clock Ori the Day u r lie or an fur him attends tender Mast is accompanied Fry a letter to the Uram and by a ing with the ten in the for the due of the f of 9 the and of fits give 1 hit t the in lie up to Sai t in Yard loll stores of us me junk its All lying in it Lii Yard to apply to commissioners of Lor n note of admission to the and it Sale be bad Here at of sept the of an ordnance do hereby Wim be at their office in or before the instil Icli May be willing to undertake the of r horses in the following to to delivered at uie of the contractor Var Bruin of Lile of Wight us Northamptonshire be let Tor five or sex a nid neatly House Rith every for Trull genteel family two four two Good the Hack Large and of to which b eligible Lor and Cardi of Addre ii apply to or Freeman near the Loath elegant Villa with and Trout be let for Oiw year and completely it singularly Villa with for walled with in the highest order a the a with fishery of extent Tow whole about 16 near the tillage of n 10 Nile London he known of Dunmow Essex u healthy plea want part the county let for a term f 7 or 10 years the House and premises the of Wlate Sim 9 in the a a 7 Bud with Kail Good Kitchen cellars with at inched there h Beth at the Bottom of the from hich thera 11 a of the country May be obtained it by inters fair on to and or to s and h Glutton jewellers Al cutlers Hatteras Lay and let and May been ered inon a House and shop most eligible in one of the greatest Roand it is Well adapted for several named As none of kind in Kent and will not amount to exclusive of a Mill and at coming in for particulars at 14 by a of a furnished with a few acres of land in by cheap and healthy port tha country not Les than to Miles from London a moderate scale of Domestic upon r any person inclined to no a tenant of the abuse description May depend upon us care being taken the premises and furniture letters and terms to to Henry the of h be bold or Luj for or twelve j very comfortable with Garden and to be viewed and farther particulars known of by and son my v in be sold by private contract by and on the death of a in and to a very Vanable in and in the county of stiff ilk of two Arns stables and sundry of very Rich Meadow Pas arc and arable Hud in a Inch mate cultivation containing to Ether near 290 on lease to a most respectable tenant at a rent farther particulars May known on application to and son near of 40 acres of very Rich he Soli he auction Hon it the Mart or wednesday at in nne lot n and very improbable Freehold comprising of acres of Irh of Adow arable Laud in a very slate of cultivation into six of nearly lying within a ing Fence Well and fenced Anil is a most or the erection of a cottage residence c and views of unbounded on the verge f Barnet adjoining to to Distant about a one and an Tiili from and twelve from London Immor late Possession May be had be viewed by to or Illey at Barne of whom May bind it the red lion Green Man mid at the m d i Bun s at Mart and f and son w sold by auction by John and son at a Rose and Crowni in on the Lay at three in the after noon in several lots unless sooner disposed of by private con ran a very desirable with Ieni and an Orchard and two cottages situate at in Saffron Walden in the i 1 hot Are near the line of the to m by Cambridge and rat and Are for and for on r and pulling to a Veri considerable eaten Alto and parcels of being part Freehold and part cop hold by mation 61 or thereabouts situate in Saffron and lying near and adjoining town of the lands t lying in the of the intended canal upon the Borders which Lee on Ike or other to aay extent the Amral j to on the North Side of liter on and near he premises comprehend a internal Duck with to Iny red of River frontage end also a considerable line it wharfage on the several for the building and of lories warehouses Etc on an Woolwich with its cies Warley Ami for a period of Sis i ninth from the tit of 1 he i be Vood dry and clean without any of Nail must not less than Stib per Winchester the Hay to and dry and delivered in trusses Al Agib s raw to to Yogi and dry heat or Rye Straw and to a delivered in be prices to be paid for tie respective of each article which mar be delivered to be at tic at per Hundred Weicht tur tha Hay at per Hundred and twelve pounds for the Straw it per Handrea pounds 1 he proposals my be delivered separately or jointly tur two of of the said and it it Ibe receive which during the period of his contract Moy accumulate Ai for the same after the rate of per hone per week May be known upon application to officers the Royal artillery in each District and at the in pall mall aforesaid any Day Between the Tours of to and four where the Mart by Vered sealed up Aad endorsed hat no proposals far forage f proposals can to admitted hirer the 151 at to o clock at noon of tame Day neither will aay tender be noticed unless party making it or an agent in his shall attend Fly of the Hoard Dank of it court of of the and company a if die Kauk of England rite notice that general court will be the at 11 in the to of e dividend will Law be out of the quarterly Central count by the charter Best he of Al the Parish of Richmond in the of that they intend to contract for six ing the of september inst for Well and sufficiently f cleansing and in repair the lamps of the said Parish the c to find two spout burners to each lamp con not less than twelve threads or twists of each or wove Cotton at tha election of the said any willing to c in the above contract Are requested to Ziair in up and directed to the Tail vestry men at at Richmond on or before lit Day of Jept inst where a form of tie contract to entered into May be seen and the number of lamps and All ther requisite Lars previously known by order of the vestry men Richmond 7 w s Mitu c w trolls to be u hereby Given that Al the tolls it till open the leading irom a called Harlow common in in the county of to stomp Cross in the of great in the said county and Denim nor called or known by the names at the and Aud the Palmer s Gate will be 1st by auction to the Best bidder at the House of or Roger known by the sign of it at to county of Hertford on wednesday the 3d Day of september next Between the hours of one and two in the afternoon in tic m inner directed by the act raised in the 13th rear of the reign of lib Haseny George the third for regulating the 1 fur the term of three Yean from 12 o clock at noon of that h Day of Neit the subsisting lease deter mine nod then be declared Tow bidder or dolls must an agreement to take then accordingly and at the aame lion produce two sureties to be approved by the trustees for the punctual payment of the rent agreed at such time and place As they stall direct and for the of the in the least which will be prepared in Tho won clerk to the tracers of the Tad near Herts aug 19 1812 to let to farm on the and Al half is hereby Given tolls arising at Thaun the Laid Mads oiled or known by the names of Tottenham court Gate Gate a Gale on the Back Road Islington St Gale ton Gate Sottoway Gate Gates East the West Bell Gates Side Gale Side gala and at the end of on the will be let by Public auction on lease Terra three year to from Day of september next to the bidder at the in Day Street Bedford Row near Holborn on wednesday the of september next Between 1 1 o clock in the Loreno m an and i i in under the directions of the act passed in the 13th year of hit reign of his majesty Ivr regulating the the tulu and lulls will be put up at sum being the annual produce the i Ruiten Clear of the same and paid by the present Farmers 1 the person Whu the Mer pay of the rent shall b agreed fur 1 y equal monthly payments the first monthly to be on the of the lease and to continue payment in hand until tic Slid rent shall or paid and satisfied i Security will be required with to the of Tut rent times and in aforesaid and for the Doe of the in the said lease Fly order Joseph a Deposit 100 be made Guildhall sept to be to be put at wre a appointed to carry into a in the his Tor Etc the Acta of for and lighting the City of London and liberties do fire notice that they will meet in chamber of the of the said Pilj on the Day if september at 5 o clock a the afternoon to let by Lic auction a far three Yean from Day of the tolls directed by the said act to be paid Lettre any Entile or Carriage Hall be permitted to pass on a through my of the turnpikes hereafter mentioned or through any Turnpike to be erected by virtue of the said act or any other act or acts of near tie Vit Turnpike at mile end or Pond neat Islington St John s Street gov and on tha Road called the is to Sav for every coach Berlin chair or other Carriage drawn by six hones or mules sum of Nee Par every coach Chariot Berlin chair Calash of Boll soft and and to erect drawn by font hones or mules the inn of Gines affording rarely met within or coach Chariot Berlin chair of the metro Tensive Conn i Here Are to be let a of buildings with a engine with a variety of for the of Alio per for two competent to to considerable of and son Freehold Wilu dime and great arising Iron acres of arable and Meadow land with extensive rights in Parish of lbt by sealed tender for i term it ten years by order i the proprietor 1 retiring into the North unless in acceptable ii made for the Purchase of whole by private contract on the of september estate land redeemed eligible situate n Hecks Only Miles from and u a Ira with Yard r Orchard Boras stables of every description together with statute of ankle am also the valuable great from near it Lent arable and the the and of Wuch the u the All taken in kind and Hadt Are to Leaden for Aad Aad or carnage drawn b three or Twu Honea or mules of Tot chaise chair or Carriage drawn by one hone or mule the my of and for every Bone or an nut to Ibe of tue Laid act thai persons shall not be liable to the payment of the said Mare Thau once i with the Tome Cate or the u in Down As a Deposit in port of rent which is to be paid in before the of the lease and to Par one the of the sold lease Thi of which May be seen at the we Kunu Derk philosophical Modem by the Royal philosophical kit bit hat the fairest in most extensively Lew to Cost the that of by to at fish fowls compact oven Wum bread
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