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London Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Oct 14 1943, Page 1

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London Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - October 14, 1943, London, Middlesex The daily newspaper of armed forces 3 295 in the european theater of operations new England 1943 Italy declares War on Hitler air Armada covers soviet push to Kiev sky duels Over dead Gay rage like never nazis fight desperately 13 the greatest air umbrella Ever put up on the russian Rokos Sov says troops today began their final attack on a dead sacked and practically air Battles the like of which never had been witnessed before on the rus Sian front raged round the Kiev area As the germans tried to stave off the crushing weight of forces being pushed endlessly across the Dnieper at Many the new drive to take Kiev was launched As the first snows of the russian Winter began falling in the far As these creep so will the fight ing conditions for the in the far South russian guns began to Shell kerch from across the kerch Paris radio forecast that rus Sian Crossings of the Straits were Immi the frontal attack on launched from the islands in the Middle of the particularly Only 300 Yards from the was apparently the knockout blow to take the already menaced by drives from North and the attack was preceded by a terrific Day and night bombardment from russian guns and according to russians who escaped from the is a dead the germans have apparently left the probably leaving Only a covering screen to try and hold Back the As they they drove ahead of them thousands of murdered Many thousands More and then set fire to the main office buildings and monuments of the Ukraine everywhere a pall of smoke hangs Over the for a 20mile radius round even Orchards have been towns exist in name to the big German losses were reported in the Gomel where a series of flanking movements Between the Prokot and the soph Rivers has been started by the about germans have been wiped out in two Days on this while the rus sians have captured Large quantities of German piles of arms and ammunition and whole train loads of salaries of screen stars Lead americas payroll 13 for the fifth year in Louis head of has received the largest salary paid to anyone in the his salary last year was the Treasury department announced the six next biggest salaries were paid to of Bethlehem Ginger William Ronald col Marlene and William Randolph Eto task units to get waterproofed matches amphibious task forces based in Britain will be supplied with water proofed strike anywhere Eto Headquarters announced tests have proved that the matches will ignite after being submerged in either fresh or Salt water for four Law to support 4th term eighth convention of the United Auto a Cio voted to support president Roosevelt for a fourth term if he took an aggressive position against the foes of the new Deal of pro Gress and of labor within the democratic party As Well As volunteers sap factories recommendation to the los Angeles War Man Power Council that All recruiting for the women military services be curtailed in this area was made by Roy of the employment said that War plants had reported the Joss of too Many women to the armed no evidence of nazi air Power falling fighter chief says warns of Over optimism on p47 successes As escort plane by Bud Button Siars and stripes staff writer German air shaken at the base by continued blows against the production lines which feed still shows no evidence of decline in the planes and pilots it sends into the air against the Day Light blows of american bombers and their p47 William eighth fighter command revealed when the Luftwaffe it is going to disintegrate rapidly unless there is a decided change in the manner which the Battle for Mastery of the skies above Germany is Kepner the fighter commander spoke in warn ing against Over optimism which might arise in View of the mounting successes of the thunderbolts As Long Range escorts for the fortresses and liberators going deep into in his second month As chief of Ameri can fighter forces in this Kepner summed up results of the first phase of operations in which the equipped with auxiliary fuel tanks which Are jettisoned in have been pushing close on to 300 Miles from base with the raiding right now there is no evidence of appreciable decline in the Quality of the Sadoglio denounces germans Breaks with Reich declaration handed to nazi ambassador at Madrid nation now becomes co belligerent Navy May Aid allies Italy completed her International about face yesterday by declaring War on her old Axis less than three months after the fall of Benito by King Victor Emmanuel declaration of announced to the world by marshal the allies acquired a co belligerent which meant Italy was not an an enemy or a but merely a military the allies were Quick to Point out that co belligerency would not affect the armistice j the Kings War declaration was handed to the German minister in Madrid j almost at the same moment Allied Headquarters in Italy was announcing new advances on the Central and Eastern William Kepner Luftwaffe planes or he said yes damage to nazi fighter factories is Only beginning to show a very Little in the front lines of the air when the Hun he is going to split wide open in a the general explained that the More frequent appearance of twin engined continued on Page 4 president criticizes charges by senators on world tour Roosevelt sharply criticized allegations made by five senators who recently returned from a tour of the world against War policies of the United great Britain and a joint report made by the senators constituted in one sense a damned because it created the president declared during a press Allied troops near Padang 400 japs killed in fight near Fin Chafen p47s bag eight zeros Allied and australian troops drove the japanese from their out guard positions of new in heavy fighting and observers predicted the base should be reached within a few Days if the push continued at its present most of the vital positions along the Ramu River 50 Miles from now in Allied transport heavily escorted by fighters and patrol Are pouring in supplies daily of the troops striking for Padang along the islands Northeast in the Hills above 70 Miles East of the River Battle 400 Jap dead were counted after skirmishes with the in the new Guinea the 13th air Force blasted targets at dutch new at weak and new at p47s engaged a Jap forma Tion of 44 aircraft and shot Down eight fighters without loss to Arkansas counties go dry Little 14 townships and five towns voted to ban the Sale of Beer and wine in local options under a new Arkansas enacted after a drive by the anti Saloon an election on the liquor question can be held in any township or county by petition of 15 per cent of the big Fleet in Mediterranean 13 big Allied including the battleship King George the aircraft carriers formidable and illustrious and several As Well As an american battleship and entered the Mediterranean Accord ing to reports reaching Madrid from la Santa will swing it 13 army censors have approved the shipment of phonograph records to men overseas As Christmas soldiers recently polled had said they preferred recordings of the latest in swing hits As Yule in another he it was a Good because it made for publicity and Public the globetrotting senators were Albert Chandler Kentucky Henry Cabot Lodge Massachusetts Richard Russell Georgia Ralph Brewster and James Mead new commenting on the senators recommendation that american lives might be saved if Russia would permit the to use her far Eastern the president implied that if Russia did Japan would probably attack her just when the allies were ready to Deal a knockout blow to strongly criticizing the allegation by the senators that British Oil supplies in the Middle East have been while j a heavy Strain has been placed on j the president said that it was better to get Oil to the Battle areas with i possible Ralph Deputy Petroleum Adi pointed out on 5 that the shortest distance to transport Oil to the european theater of War had been from the and the Caribbean when the number of tankers was since the opening of the Davies More Oil had been drawn from the persian and substantial Relief has already been president Roosevelt said that in the senators which implied excessive lease lend Aid has gone to a statement that trucks had been continued on Page 4 allies Advance in Southern Italy Allied armies broke a Lull in the italian fighting yesterday by sweeping Forward nine Miles on the Central through strongly held enemy to capture the town of san Croce and dominate the vital Termo Dinaples while the Advance North and West from Ponte Landolfo menaced the important Road and railway Junction of the eighth army further East moved for i Ward along its entire occupying the towns of Bonefo and san both South Southwest of Strong German resistance was encountered at and exceptionally Tough fighting ensued before the enemy was driven from the Only four Miles from the Termo Dinaples operations along the Volturno front were confined to supported by a tremendous artillery barrage that hurled hundreds of British and american shells across the flooded front line reports indicated the germans were rein forcing their already strongly held positions in preparation for Mark Clarks heavy and medium were grounded because of bad but fighter bombers scored direct hits on a train loaded with motor transport North West of and other fighter bombers blasted enemy gun positions around Cerce while Light bombers kept up an Aerial hammering of Road junctions and communications behind the Raf night Welling tons dumped bombs on railway Bridges and Yards at Civita Vecchia on the West War declaration on nazis 13 Gressmen welcomed Italy declaration of War on Germany As Good news for the Allied Sam Rayburn speaker of the House of said i am glad to see the Liberty Loving people of Italy have lined up with the other Liberty Loving people in the Robert Reynolds chairman of the Senate military affairs said this should put a crimp in and probably a considerable number of italian soldiers will join with the american and British troops when the Battlefront in Northern Italy finally 855 Eto men in fridays for says Roosevelt disclosed yesterday that 855 eighth air Force planes and Crew largest Force Ever to engage in an air attack on part in the heavy raids on Bremen and last pointing out what the raid meant in terms of War the president said that the Britai based planes carried or of bombs 800 pounds of maps and rounds of flying fortresses and p47 thunderbolts were included in the he also that the planes burned Gallons of gasoline and Gallons of they flew a combined Dis Tance of in Landing and taking the planes travelled More than the aircraft were Over German territory for from two to six the War department revealed that bombers and fighters of the Northwest african air forces and the ninth air based in the Middle had flown offensive sorties in the six weeks ended in these it was 544 enemy planes were 119 were probably destroyed and 172 damaged in Aerial the Ameri cans lost 187 while dropping tons of on when Allied planes flew More than sorties against communication targets almost immediately ahead of the Battle line in the Salerno nearly All of the bombers made two sorties the report decision announced to Eisenhower Italy declared War on Germany yester the declaration of War was handed to the German ambassador at Madrid at 4 pm British summer this by marshal stated that Italy considered herself at War with her former ally because of repeated and intensified acts of War committed against the italians by the armed forces of at the same time Sadoglio sent Dwight Eisenhower a note declaring that by the declaration All ties with the dreadful past Are broken and my govern ment will be proud to be Able to March with you on to inevitable simultaneously with Italy declaration of War the White House issued a state ment that president prime minister Churchill and marshal Stalin had accepted the act of cooperation of the italian nation and armed forces As a co belligerent in the War against Ger the most immediate effect of Thede caration was to place the italian Navy in the Battle against the this Fleet had already been cooperating to a liar listed extent with the allies off some Balkan but it was presumed that its Lull weight would now be thrown into the thus relieving the Strain on the Allied Fleet in the Mediterranean and the Sadoglio announced the King Hafl declared War in a proclamation asserting that there can be no peace for Italy until the last German Soldier has been expelled from her Sadoglio denounced the barbarism of the German hordes who Laid waste the italian Countryside and turned Naples into a we had already seen some examples of their behaviour in the abuses of robbery and violence perpetrated in Catania while they were still our he even More Savage incidents against our unarmed populations took place in in the Puglia and in the area of but where the ferocity of the enemy surpassed every limit of human imagination was at the heroic population of that which for weeks suffered every form of strongly cooperated with the Anglo american troops in putting the hated germans to italians there will not be peace in Italy As Long As a single German remains on our shoulder to shoulder we must March Forward with our friends of the United of great of Russia and of All other United he pledged that when Germany was conquered the italian government will consider its Mission and gave the Assurance that after the War the italian people will be perfectly free to choose the government it Laguardius italian cant be understood Allied North 13 asked one italian general if italians listened to Ameri can one italian general you have some very Good italian but this fellow Laguardia mayor of new such bad italian that we cannot understand him on the Short

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