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London Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Aug 9 1943, Page 3

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London Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 9, 1943, London, Middlesex 1943 the stars and stripes Page 3 americans Gei new Redcross club Sichester Mostyn to hold Mardy Louisiana state night one of the oldest buildings in this erected in is being transformed by the red Cross into a club for american the located at 12 Eastgate tentatively is scheduled 10 open after according to William arc executive in this the club will be a Day club and will in clude a a snack a lounge and games and writing Mostyn program for the week at the Mostyn 17 Portman i tuesday two and is wednesday horseback Riding pm lbs glee club pm informal visit of 8 pm Ping Pong Challenge fran Rte conversation 6 30 Friday volunteers award in Friday the i if pm Louisiana reunion in London Mardi 811 1 1 am 4 Rainbow Corner program for the week at the Rainbow 36 pm variety open 36 pm Western 8 loused pm p 25 Grimsby program for the week at the red Cross club Here tuesday games reception and Tea for to Ward 35 Sam in clans s Friday Tea Kingston 8 program for the week at the red Cross club Here tuesday secretarial 79 secretarial 79 Friday flying saturday bicycle 4 Huntingdon program for the week Ai the red Cross club Here monday grammar school 8 wednesday 81 1 thursday Friday dancing 8 Kettering program for the week at the red Cross club Here House committee 8 dancing 8 36 pm sightseeing picnic 5 pm 9 Shrewsbury program for the week at the red Cross club Here monday string 410 pm classical Trot pm tango and pm 1011 pm sightseeing Sll pm sunday open 510 Manchester program for the week at the red Cross club 36 Ann monday dinner 68 dinner 68 pm recorded pm pm Spaghetti 7 sunday costume Manchester regiment Columbia program for the week at the Columbia Seymour w2 monday gym 1012 noon 12 noon1 pm Soldier Talent tuesday gym 1012 noon 12 noon1 pm pm 8 wednesday gym 10 am12 noon 7 pm nos agility thursday gym 1012 noon swim Ming 12 noon1 pm gym pm Liberty versus pm dancing 8 pm recorded classical con 8 Friday gym 1012 noon 12 noon1 pm musical pm Moonlight 7 saturday gym 1012 noon picnic to Kew gardens or Hampton 11 am 8 Charles program for the week at the Charles red Cross club for women 10 Charles we 8 wednesday pingpong 8 thursday Jessie Gros Venor House 711 sunday Buffet 711 pm Amateur Hans Crescent program for the week Al the Hans Crescent Hans sw1 London 10 am Golf 12 noon Golf 25 pm dancing wednesday London 10 am lunch and outdoor swimming 12 noon Golf 12 noon Golf 25 pm table Tennis 8 thursday London 10 am Golf 11 noon Solf 25 pm Friday tour of 10 am Golf 12 noon Golf 25 saturday tour of 10 am Golf 12 noon Golf 25 pm meeting of club sports pm pm night owl sunday tour of 10 am swimming am 3 Northampton for the week at the red Cross clubs Here monday Franklins Market Market thursday trip to round Friday Trie to wards Model locomotive Market 10 saturday trip to Northampton cattle Market Market sunday bicycle plough sergeants show King new carbine gis say Royal shoe Shine out Dazzles Best in Eto two american sergeants went to Buckingham Palace last week to show the King of England How the new j Caliper carbine j Harry and Harold j both of accompanied Jacob j Eto and John sos to the where Devers presented two of the new Gas operated rifles to King the sergeants stripped one Rifle and explained the function of each we stayed up half the night taking one apart and putting it together Foreman said so we didst have any in the Palace we put the velvet lined mahogany Case containing the carbines Down on the tables were so shiny we were afraid we might scratch said King George asked about the functioning of the and we stripped it and explained each King George first saw and admired the new carbine when he inspected the fifth army in North Africa in two of the weapons were sent to his plane at that but he took off for England before they one Model presented by Devers is the Type used by which has proved its accuracy and firepower in the Sicily and North it has a special heavy wire Stock that folds against the and takes a clip of 15 Small sized Caliper the King said hed heard a lot about the car and asked How Many rounds the Magazine Foreman a dazzling Shine on King Georges shoes was something of a Handicap to the sergeants during their explanation of the they said the sergeants belong to a Security company in London army signal corps photo Harold Foreman left and Harry Patin examine a Caliper like the ones they demonstrated to King George at Buckingham Jacob Devers presented the King two of the weapons As a gift which has the reputation of being the shining est and press ingest outfit in the the sergeants Arent hardened to seeing a pair of shoes Shine better than just before presenting themselves for inspection the morning of the visit to Buckingham the sergeants noted that even their buddies were impressed at the state of their the shoes Glit but King Georges were even Foreman recalled i had to try hard to keep from staring at the sergeants get the shoes off their minds there wondering whether that polish is a Mili tary huge increase in foods efforts toward increasing its food Supply in the last six months have been so successful that the Supply of Dairy and potatoes should be enough five years from now to feed More Secretary of the Interior Harold Ickes announced to that will be americas contribution to the postwar world food he gains during the six months have been nearly pounds of edible through an adjustment of Clam Canning regulations and utilization of certain fish not usually marketed pounds of veal and Mutton through a four pronged program of controlled regulation of construction of Range and stepped up production of fertilizer and pounds of Mutton and horse meat through regulatory measures on Western am Sulgrave Manor bus plough 10 am Tea Market 3 Liverpool for the week at the red Cross club Here 7 of 8 8 811 cabaret show dreams come True Victory program for the week at the Victory 15 Seymour we 7 Frank Rodatos 811 7 pm Community Jack Maney at the Allied Good neighbor Dis 8 9 and am open 36 pm 8 new Aero club open an advanced air red Cross Aero club has been opened on this base in quarters formerly used by the naaf1 under the direction of Arthur of new who serves As Field the executive staff includes Minerva the club director Frances her staff and Patricia club formal opening was tentatively set for August 6 to coincide with a years overseas service of the group they Are Milestone program for the week at the Milestone 2 Kensington 2 pm panel Kensington 3 11 am official birthday party commemorating the formal open ing of the 11 am army engineers band Kensington 5 pm open 69 Marsham for the week at the Mars am red Cross club Here 9 811 9 and swimming trip to River 2 pm 811 horseback 2 pm red Cross variety 812 and swimming picnic to Swan 11 am 9 Eagle broadcast to the radio feature started by the Eagle club two and a half years returns to its original borne next thursday after a three months Dunne the period of renovation and reconstruction of the Eagle the weekly feature was transferred to Rainbow after an uninterrupted run of 117 fort dives on shoots Doton three a bomber dear pulled a Maybit Esdor act on a formation of German fighters As they returned from a raid on Ger Many last the Bernard Nayo after whose Mother the plane is was forced to drop the bom Ber out of the Clouds at feet to about because of damage done to the plane Over the As he pulled out of the Steep dive he saw that dear mom was bearing Down on a formation of with the Speed of the dive they roared up on the tails of the German fighters and the fort gunners opened before the two engined fighters could turn and run the Saaf gun ners had destroyed strike averted by plea for coworkers in forces Appeal last week by Charles president of the tank and body builders Union reminding 350 employees of the Quaker City Iron works who were about to strike for ten per cent wage increase that 98 of their former coworkers were and that one had died at the controls of his sent them Back to All of you have husbands or Brothers in the and the work we do is vital to he do you think we can face the boys if we go out now not Only did every worker go but output has steadily discharged get buttons undersecretary of has announced that service Lapel buttons would be awarded to men and both officers and enlisted per honorable discharged from the the design of the which Are made of Gold plated is an Eagle within a Circle with wings extend ing beyond the Styer reports Liias setup weeks after cables requesting special equipment were received by army service forces the occupying 22 Large freight arrived in the Mediterranean and made possible proper completion of much of the important arrange ments for operations scheduled to follow the North african this was revealed Here yesterday by Wilhelm chief of staff of the army service forces the ordered by Brehon ask immediately after the Casablanca included Towanda Halfton trucks of lesser 20 Locombo 40 Flat cars and great quantities of lighter the order was shipped mostly in parts and assembled on arrival by ask Styer has returned Here after a tour of inspection which took him to the North the Middle Central Africa and he described How forces in Many instances have to be supplied from cargo materials being dropped from Low altitudes by sometimes elephants Are required to Complete the an example of ask resourcefulness he quoted was How the persian Gulf service command completed one built and now maintains supplies to Russia Over roads it 3act go comedy scheduled Allgai three act musical the colonel will have its premiere Here producers of the comedy Are Joseph of new York Joe of minnea and Saul of Sioux airmen get movies an air depot opening of a theater which will show believed to be the first on an army Post in is scheduled Here sunday at maj Charles of is responsible for the w a a takes Bath on stage As truth consequences penalty bomber command Virginia Rosie of the took a Bath on the stage during a get together dance Here the waterless per formed in class a was a penalty for failing a truth and consequences Robert of grand master of Cere the dance was Given by he and he Squadron to Welcome Saacs who Are relieving waifs at secretarial and communication As the Saacs entered the Hall they were Given identification cards to pin on their blouses in order to remove the necessity for formal soldiers wore similar music for the dance and an hours floor show was Given by the Raf bom ice cold cokes and Beer were provided by mess Welty of and his the floor show cast included pics Martha Elsie Wash Mildred san and Mary Floyda Sam and Harold chairman of All committees was Paul of Central with co chair men Robert and Joseph others who helped to arrange the dance were Charles and William John and Rick Yvette to give her last Uso show tonight after so performances 4gi gang goes on blonde Singer from new Yorks night clubs and radio who came straight from the Lisbon Clipper crash to entertain american troops in the gives her Farewell us Ocamp show performance tonight at 7 pm at London Adelphi with her go 12 soldiers who have appeared with her in most of her 150 the Adelphi performance is for lbs officers and men and tickets May he obtained from unit special service officers and from Ward lbs special service during her five months officials of the theatrical Section of the entertainment special service Sec said Yvette refused to take a she appeared even when she was giving sometimes four shows a her go gang will carry on As a unit and open in Essex this seven shows on Road seven other shows Are on the Uso Camp show one a new unit Star ring Diana English another Uso troupe which has been playing in Iceland for the last two months is expected to open in England it will be the first unit to come Here from is composed of four women and two and has Given More than 100 including a two week Jaunt to isolated Diana wards which also features the Lowe and the three Donna will play Points around Adolphe Menjou and Grace Drysdale take Hollywood time to the Bedford area Hal Leroy is in the Newbury District with Broadway and High lights and Hank ladds goes to Don Rice takes fun marches on to the Bury Edmunds George Freems is around Plymouth with Bally and Willie shores band featuring an eight piece Soldier goes to Points around Queen Mary asks encore from Field artillery band Field Mary likes the Way that a pennsylvanian military the attached to this plays deep in the heart of at a Tea party her majesty in this the statesmen received a request for an encore from Queen Mary after they played the Texas the statesmen have two Mili tary and and work under the direction of Harold of when it plays As a dance combination it is conducted by Charles of Axis shipping losses listed a total of Gross tons of German and italian shipping was Cap sunk or damaged by Allied surface aircraft or mines during the 46 months of War ending june the British admiralty announced this figure does not include losses inflicted on japanese rus Sian victories or the tonnage immobilized in ports of countries not at War with Touhy gangster film Okay judge William Holly has lifted a temporary prohibition against exhibiting or Adver Tising the movie Roger gang judge Holly ruled that the gang in his suit to prevent showing of the had not contended that the film portrayed him Touhy is serving a 99year term for american forces network operated by radio special service on your dial All times listed Are pm 9 on Lack Teagarden and Albur Larry har Monica supper Ball As presented by your stars and stripes radio 7 Toby Reed and Merle Evans and his 7 30 your Broadway and Walter Benny Good Oscar Levant and Morton Goulds g from Roundup of the news from the As presented by your stars and stripes radio line Case if the air tight with Tommy dorseys Peerless As Sung by an 18voice army coloured Mcgee and final As presented by your stars and stripes radio Millers off until 10 at

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