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London Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Aug 9 1943, Page 2

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London Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 9, 1943, London, Middlesex Page 2 the stars and stripes 1943 3 Jap one a Mikoff Miida jubilant yanks celebrate first anniversary of Pacific offensive Allied Southwest Navy task Force sunk a japanese Cruiser and two destroyers yesterday a Tew Miles from where jubilant american forces were holding a double fall of the vital new Georgia Airfield and the first anniversary of the offensive in the South the american Navy forces suffered no losses in the sea Battle off Kolom Angara Island with the Jap which apparently was trying to run supplies into Vila the next objective in the Island by Island Conquest of the at the same great forces of planes blasted Santa another Solomon Island about 50 Miles Northeast of new with 65 tons of although met by Strong antiaircraft fire but no fighter the bombers scored direct hits on Supply dumps and bivouac Back on engineers cleaned up the debris on the strategic Airfield pre paring it for planes which will be within 450 Miles of Supply base for the South other ground forces continued mopping up Sicily continued from Page 1 mans were said to have dug themselves in in front of san Fratello behind a line Booby traps and time almost continuous Day and night bombing of evacuation shipping in the Straits of Messina was carried out by the air at least one antiaircraft ves an a Barge and a launch were and several 27 barges and two Landing Craft were set on fighters and fighter bombers roved at will Over the nazi and in one attack alone on transport 13 dire i hits were scored on trucks in the Randazzo in a sweep Over shot Down two enemy pilots re ported few enemy interceptors were will ing to Jungle continued from Page 1 plane deporting their position and that they were unable to remain in the during the rest of the Day planes piloted by Hughe of Mil and George of Louis brought clothes and trinkets for the which were dropped to the men in the open space near the planes making daily Supply trips report that tents have been a Camp Esta and apparently the group is rest awaiting the ground Rescue observers say it May be several weeks before the party is brought but they Are not in danger of the country is described As extremely and possible headhunters in the Remote sections of this territory Are raids continued from Page 1 its hammering of communications in Southern the Croton Airfield was attacked heavily by Mitchells and marauders battered railway Yards at Marina i 37 Miles Southwest of Croton on the East and rail Way and Road Bridges at Angiola in the extreme san terminus of the railway ferry to was heavily bombed by Raf liberators and Hal faxes from the Middle East on pilots re ported direct hits on the railway sidings South of the Harbor and bomb bursts near the railway several fires were started in the railway civilian worker decorated highest Honor attainable by a civilian War worker webs citation for production just been awarded Donald final Assembly line worker at Northrop aircraft for the invention of a device to hold and locate control cables during 15 colleges on weeks Roundup of alumni listed on this weeks alumni Roll Call Are Johns Alabama Arkansas Colorado Connecticut Idaho Illinois Kansas and former students of these colleges Are requested to Send their Apo number and class year to the alumni the stars and printing House helps War orphans stars and stripes photo Dave staff cartoonist on the stars and checks Over one of the i Jpe strips which enabled him to give s150 to the War orphan orphans fund hits bomber outfit in seven hours for cute Little girl the stars and stripes War orphan fund reached a total of members of the bomb Squadron raised in seven hours last pay when they brought the Money Raymond of and 1 George of said the Squadron members want to sponsor a cute Little Between five and seven years with the and to earmark the extra for a second orphan they Hope to Ketelsen outfit started out with three other squadrons of the group to raise and was first to top the a birthday present of Sheila the orphan they Are was sent in by men of the signal Dave whose of Joe cartoons appear exclusively in the stars and stripes each turned Over to the War orphan fund a Check for which he received from life Magazine for the use of some of his for military police Charles Roden sent in another partial payment of and the monthly Check from arrived As sponsor anniversary orphan an aah of the air depot group celebrated their first anniversary overseas by contributing to the stars and stripes War orphan fund at a party Here last they took their Cue for sponsoring a War orphan from a group of play acting enlisted men according to Clarence of officer in charge of the pm and officers just a week 12 enlisted men and a second who had been raising Money by presenting a homemade show before american and British added the final coppers to make to finance education and clothing of a War orphan for five sitting at the final performance of the Kimsey said to Why cant we do the same he broached the idea to John of rapid com manding the and fellow they agreed that sponsoring a War orphan would be the Best Way they knew of rounding out a year in foreign they agreed to raise total of with in the next Tew and they flushed with they also gave quite a party last the orphan they wish he could be said Lack entertainment from his godfathers in the in front of a huge anniversary Bertolero formally handed the Check to Charles of special service and Boss of the orphan sponsoring show put on by enlisted who turned it Over to a Star and stripes Cotton cases for Field phones will be no More leather carrying cases for Field the War department has an Cotton fabric just As Strong As will be the new cases were developed at signal corps laboratories at fort Straten Eyer in India new 8 George until recently army air Force chief of has arrived in India to Confer with Joseph commander in India and army nurse gets decorations for prisoner of War husband makes award during broadcast to states the Silver Star for gallantry and the purple heart for wounds received in action were presented during a weekend broadcast to the United states to nurse Helen Page Brown on behalf of her Hus Paul of Youngs now a prisoner of War in italian the presentation of the won by Brown in the North african Cam was made by Jacob Eto and the citations were read by the captains com Paul during the ceremony Devers commended Brown and the women of today who Are fighting on All As Well As her this band for his heroic in and particularly in War the word nurse is a title of exceptional the Eto commander in giving you these two the Silver Star an the purple to keep for your Paul i want to commend you As Well As the Silver Star citation said that Brown personally and voluntarily led a platoon of his company Forward to fire on advancing enemy tanks and cover the withdrawal of american and that As a result of his daring and heroic action three enemy tanks were destroyed and others he removed his platoon Only after the american forces had withdrawn and he had successfully completed his mis the citation while personally directing the withdrawal of his he was and the Agres Sive leadership and Devotion to duly with disregard for his own welfare displayed by Brown reflect great credit upon himself and the command and Are de serving of the highest who is pretty and met her husband at an officers dance in army signal corps photo Helen Page Brown Ireland a year ago and they were married on 8 in in on the Day her Hospital unit moved to his outfit moved to another before joining the her Home was in she has heard from her husband Only once since he was postcard which said his leg was Healing and that he was feeling i she that i was happier about that postcard than i was about the Silver she Doest know whether he receives the letters she writes every Day but says it does me Good just to think i am talking to Brownie when i were going to Settle Down after the War and Lead a very quiet she and were going to have nine 1 cant Cook and i cant i can even if f cant Cook i know my meals will be a Welcome change after c ration and prison Camp battered fort Berlin session attacks alone starts rumours continued from Page 1 got some but there want time to Check on at last we came out into the Clear Blue sky near the european and Only three of those fighters were tailing so i Dove lady Anne straight Down to the Shook them and came on Casse didst add that one of the lady Annes engines was completely another was on the both ailerons were blown besides numerous big what was left of the fortress looked like a All that happened on the second Succes Sive Day of bombing by the lady attacked by fighters Over the German coast on the first Day of her two straight Days of the lady Annes oxygen system was knocked be dazed for a turned Over his ship to the Herbert of later he took and the lady spite of four Cannon holes in one one Hole in and a Gaso line tank knocked on to the the lady Anne added her bombs to others dropped from that which completely destroyed a German fighter plane and returned to base repairs and another Day of among crewmen who shot Down Ger Man fighters were Roy top Turret gunner and Bill Tail others on the lady Anne during both missions were Howard navigator Richard Star Bombardier Edward radio gunner and Charles and Archie Waist Strahm cited 8 lesion of Merit has been awarded Victor of Bowling chief of staff of the ninth air for efficient meritorious conduct since Allied and Neutral capitals speculated yesterday on the possible results of a meeting held at hitlers Berlin head quarters Between German Diplo Matic and Home front leaders and the japanese representative in Admiral reports persisted that the army has taken control throughout Germany to pre pare for a Long defensive and that Powers of enormous magnitude Are now in the hands of marshal other rumours said that a triumvirate composed of marshal Keitel and Admiral As Heads of the army and and Goering As the link with the nazi Are now the real rulers of the other reports hunted that upheavals were Likely to come in that Hitler might be that Berlin might be declared an open and that the civilian populations have shown signs of presence of the japanese representative caused speculation on whether he had been instructed to approach Russia with a peace proposal failing in to threaten the soviet with a japanese in Russia continued from Page 1 umbrella for the the russian air superiority is preventing the germans from bringing up reinforcements and sup the massive blows of our aircraft Are mounting in scale and says red the germans lost men killed in one months fighting on the Orel and Belgorod according to a report by Moscow the russians took Between july the germans took the offensive on the kursk and july 23 the germans lost men planes and tide turned in world War 25 years ago this week retreating German armies in Sicily and Russia made appropriate yesterday the 25th anniversary of the when the allies began the great Amiens offensive which led three months later to the final in the words of Field marshal the Black Day of the German it put the decline of our fighting Power beyond All the massed artillery that opened fire along the whole front East of 75 Miles due North of at am that August morning was sounding the prelude to a whole series of victories Lead ing to three weeks on july the germans had launched an ambitious offensive East and Southwest of had crossed the Marne and had Penetra Ted to 50 Miles from their offensive As quickly As their recent one in in the face of a greater counteroffensive launched by american and italian troops under marshal Foch on july on the front Between chateau Thierry and at that who the German army maximum strength passed and the bulk of its accumulations of Winter reserves used Earl Haig launched his British fourth army and the Canadian corps eastward along the Somme River against the heavily fortified Hindenburg line opposite Quentin and by after a crushing artillery followed by simultaneous in Fantry and Lank attacks that took the enemy completely by More than prisoners were in Allied Between 300 and 400 guns and vast quantities of ammunition had been and germans were streaming East in re first division took Troicia in stiffest fighting nazi elite troops told to defend town to death Allied 8 Ivas Terry Allens first in Fantry division that ripped the Mountain town of Troina from the grasp of the suicidal German it was Dis used German elite troops suffered severe but no italian troops were re ported in the fighting anywhere on the sicilian inhabitants of Troina expressed great indignation against the germans to men of the first the fighting for Troina was so Tierce that Hill South of the was Aken and retaken six times before the germans finally were driven Back by aril Ery and he said the germans managed to get most of their troops vital Point for Central sicilian 8 germans Clung to he Little Hilltop town on the Road from Nicosia to in order to cover the evacuation of troops along the mount Etna ring railway and Troina commands the Road running East towards the German main defences and commands the Simetz Valley and the Road on the far Side of running from drano to the germans were moving troops and materials along this from the path of the canadians advancing on drano further to the after the fall of Catania and it began to take still More because of the Battle for Troina was one of the toughest the americans have fought since they landed on for four Days the artillery poured in ton after ton of at times All Troina seemed to be lifted up to the but it seemed to have no effect when it come to assaulting the enemy 3 Days of fierce Battle this is the record of one set of a regiment which had been in the heaviest fighting since the Gela landings assaulted the town at in pitch the germans counterattacked and drove them the americans attacked again they got so and then were pressed All the following Day they renewed their each time getting in a certain distance and then falling under vicious mortar and machine gun this Type of hard fighting went on for three throughout it the Ger mans had one great their positions were mainly High up on the crags on which the town is the americans were lower they Are almost looking Down our throats As we go said one american last 20 Yards to goal this dispatch was written wednesday Friday night Troina in a inert can with seventh outside 4 delayed German told by their com Manders that they would be shot if they tried to Retreat from have put up the heaviest resistance to the Ameri cans in Sicily so for five Days troops have been hammering at these defenders of this stronghold which is perched on the top of a but without like the last 20 Yards in a football was How one officer described it to you look so often As if youre about to get to the line and then you get knocked the greatest concentration of artillery fire massed by the americans since the Battle for Al Huettar in Tunisia was poured into the ancient Walls of the City this afternoon As the Climax to a particularly vicious attack by at least 70 of our after this preparation the once More tried a final assault on the As this is written they Are within about Yards of the North West approaches to the protestant chaplain holds jewish rites a bomber eng Are no jewish chaplains near this b17 but the protestant chaplain sees to it that the jewish men have a weekly service of their he conducts the protestant James enlists the help of Chester of the 26yearold chaplain is the son of a Van and is known As chaplain Jim to the 1 like to perform services for All he because As Long As they i am Happy to regardless of Creed or there is really no we All believe alike Ive Learned a lot from conduct ing jewish and in learning More every

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