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London Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Aug 9 1943, Page 1

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London Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - August 9, 1943, London, Middlesex The daily newspaper of armed forces 3 238 in the european theater of operations new England 1943 allies take 4 key towns in big Advance soviet tanks drive wedge to Ukraine russians push 38 Miles toward Kharkov take 70 communities columns of russian tanks sweeping Over a 43mile front have driven Spear Heads 38 Miles deep into the German defense before Kharkov in another push to recapture the vital already the soviets threaten to out flank the great Industrial City and rail following the capture of 70 inhabited heavy losses have been inflicted on the desperate German it was on the Bryansk front the russians hurled Back 30 nazi counterattacks and killed a reported in a single Days this soviet move May open a path for entry into White Russia and even threaten the German Headquarters for Russia at general withdrawal harassed by the swiftly pursuing the germans appeared to be hastening a general Westward fighting bit Terly As they reports disclosed that the germans ordered the civilian evacuation of Bye Gorod six Days before the knockout blow for the City by the on both the Kharkov and Bryansk sectors the germans Are fighting a rear i in Bye co Zolo Chev Khapko Daib express Mao guard and when these they mine the roads and carry out demolition they Are trying to hold every position and Hill that is favor and heavy losses Are being inflicted upon them As the soviets surge smashing air attacks Are being made on the railway junctions at Kharkov and russian bombers carried out a concentrated attack on German military Supply trains in both while russian assault planes Are mercilessly strafing the routed enemy forces As they flee West and apparently with the idea of taking up a new defense line on the West Bank of the River besides maintaining a constant air continued on Page 1 keep up search forl4drowned american Home guardsmen and units of the Royal Navy continued to search the Waters of a Western England Estuary yesterday for the bodies of 14 soldiers drowned in an Accident during a night River crossing Man Euver the toll of first reported As included 13 enlisted men and one who were throw into the water when their Barge capsized during the exercise held in pitch the names of the victims were not pending notification of the three other Ameri can soldiers saved themselves by swim Ming to a raft downstream and while the fourth Clung to the overturned the involving the use of Pon Toons to transport vehicles across the was nearly completed when the last carrying 18 capsized in the rough the 18 were in full equip no official report of the Accident has been pending an investigation by army general dictates peace terms a worried italian discusses peace terms Laid Down Ivy Thomas after forces commanded by the american tank general captured Sicily capital and largest leaking near fort goes off alone to target a Saaf bomber the battered fortress of Leo be of was leaking Gaso he thought it might blow up in thet ight flying so the lady Anne pulled out of the flight and went on alone to bomb the the lady Anne knocked Down nazi fighters before and after blasting the and returned safely to Pilot be Casse told about the Job flak was then at one Well Over 100 fighters jumped they came from All and we fought like he a Shell went through one tearing through a Gas of Eto Waters Catalina Squadron flying in cooperation with coastal command a coastal command airmen Are patrolling european Waters in Catalina flying the air ministry revealed the first indication that fliers were working in cooperation with Raf coastal command came in an air ministry Bulle tin which told the Story of three american officers who were rescued from the Bay of Biscay 20 hours after their Catalina was shot Down by the one of an american squad Ron serving with coastal headed for the protective cover of Clouds when the Pilot spotted three ju88s the Cloud was too thin to afford Protection and the Catalina was attacked by eight or ten of the twin engined German we were Able to put up a Good show until they knocked out one of our gun said Robert but after that the enemy was Able to close to within 100 hitting us with Cannon and machine gun we dived to sea level and were just about to land on the water when the knocked out our Bow gunner and wounded the we were rescued 20 hours later by the Royal Navy and we cannot say enough for the men who picked us Bedell the air ministry revealed that the two other members of the Crew were a Tan of san and a Patter of no names were be Balkans Are told greeks and yugoslavs were asked to be patient a Little longer and were counselled not to allow the enemy to sow confusion in the ranks of the in a special message from Allied High broadcast by bbl to the two countries Over the Raf bombs Rhi Elaml Raf mosquitoes bombed targets in the Rhineland of Western Germany Early while intruder patrols of fighter command attacked enemy air Fields and railways in ministry the air to leave Berlin German radio said last night that More than women and children were to leave Berlin in the evacuation preparatory to the expected raids by the Raf and gasoline was leaking All so i feathered the prop of the nearest but there was still lots of danger of our blowing than risk the necks of any of the others in our we decided to leave and take our chances alone with those that was when we started playing peekaboo with them through the every time we came out of one a Bunch of them were so wed tussle a then go on to the next so it was till we got to the we dropped our bombs and knocked hell out of that German then we headed fighters still chasing us All Over the it was some the Ball Turret Ralph blew one of the fighters right out of the and i think he might have continued on Page 2 will Rogers rides piggyback in a p3b a fighter eng Rogers California congressman visiting the had a ride in the on the shoulders of Cass Over the the plane was the one in which Hough went to feet and dived at an unrevealed Speed of More than 780 last the p38 has a cockpit designed for one and in order to get the Rogers had to sit on col houghs main line nazis face Prospect of another Tunisia j fall of drano and Bronte and heavy air blows at Randazzo threaten to Cut off German Retreat the German defenders of Sicily appeared doomed to the same Fate As their comrades in Tunisia last night As the British eighth army broke the nazi line to capture four key towns on the Highway circling mount Etna on the and Allied forces elsewhere moved steadily ahead against bitter the were moving stubbornly into the last Corner of before and the front has been narrowed to less than 45 capture of Junction of the main Road from Troina with the Cir Cular Road around threatened to Cut off the Only line of Retreat left to the German forces still fighting the seventh army beyond which fell to the americans Friday after some of the toughest Uphill fighting of the sicilian steady Allied advances were reported on All fronts with the help of relentless air attacks and continuing naval bombardments along the North and East Navy forces kept up Day and night shelling of Axis positions along the North British vessels again bombarded the coastal railway at a single thrust by sir Bernard Montgomery eighth regrouped after the fall of knocked out Italy is bombed from England and Africa Lancaster raid Milan and Genoa Naples hit again Italy three biggest Industrial Milan and damaged heavily Early yesterday in a predawn attack by Strong formations of Raf Lancaster from the following up the fifth raid this month on Naples from bases in came As Allied Headquarters in the Mediterranean disclosed that virtually All rail transport in Southern Italy has been stopped by the growing Allied air reconnaissance photographs officers that no traffic has passed through Littorio depot at Rome since the july 19 raid on the eternal that bomb craters Block most of the tracks at that East coast traffic through Foggia has and West coast trans port through Naples has been reduced to a Rome an open City reports from reputable sources in said that Rome soon would be declared an open the sources said Sadoglio was organizing measures for removing from Rome All military organizations and key defence As Well As War Industrial the air ministry did not disclose the specific targets of saturday nights three pronged raid on Northern but Rome radio admitted heavy damage was done to it said a an orphan a a museum and a theater were two Lancaster were one at first listed As missing later was disclosed to have gone on to Africa because of engine instead of returning to pilots expressed Surprise Over the Light defences of the three there was Little they Only one or two night and the searchlights appeared to be in inexperienced Genoa was last attacked on Milan on 14 and Turin last july the West african air Force kept up continued on Page 2 rescuers fight Jungle to save a Irmen in headhunter land new 8 thrilling Story is being enacted today in the Northern Burma involving a radio an american a Washington some chinese army a Parachute jumping doctor and a headhunter and the Story is com plete with a Rescue party slashing its Way through the steaming Nineteen of the 21 passengers and Crew of a four motored transport plane safely baled out when motor trouble developed Over wild nage headhunting territory in Northern the party landed near a tiny 100 Miles from the nearest Allied among the group Are Eric Columbia broadcasting news commen Tator William member of the Board of economic and John Davies second Secretary of the Ameri can embassy at the rest of the which was Enro Ute to China from Are except two a few hours after the men made the Parachute jump for lift into the Don 37yearold flight surgeon and Holder of the of Long with two enlisted jumped from the Rescue plane with medi Cal with Fluekinger in the mercy leap were Richards of and William of Back at the american 100 Miles ground after a few hours of began the trip into the almost uncharted nage american army authorities made con tact with the men on the ground and sent the Fluekinger party Only a few hours after receiving a message from the ill fated on Page 2 Biancavilla and Bel daily express map largest of the four towns with a population of lies 13 Miles South of Bianca Villa is two Miles Southeast of and Junction of several is 12 Miles of further at 12 Miles North of Bronte on the Etna Loop High wave after wave of medium attacking More than 50 times in a few blocked this vital Road Junction for the escape of the germans and has so paralysed High Way traffic through the airmen that the nazis chances of salvaging most of their heavy artillery and transport Are roads leading North from Randazzo to the escape coasts were reported blocked with German frequently snarled in Long traffic airmen said cease less bombing has made the roads Here almost completely along the North coast american troops were meeting terrific resistance from the germans at san 12 Miles East of san reports to Allied head quarters said the enemy was carrying out extensive one place wreck ing nine Bridges in 12 the Ger continued on Page 2 strike urged in Italy to end War 8 italian socialist party appealed to farm ers and intellectuals to join in a general strike to Force an end of the War and the abolition of the a Chiasson dispatch to the Swiss news paper Volks Recht said big italian budget deficit the italian financial situation is very italian finance minister Bartolini told the Sadoglio Cabinet at wednesdays Rome radio the minister stated that if the increase was not checked the situation might be come total bringing with it incalculably dangerous social germans and italians Confer Ankara turkish radio last night quoted unconfirmed reports that italian and German military leaders were con Ferring in Central Ribbentrop and Bado Glits foreign were said to be taking

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