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London Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Apr 25 1942, Page 2

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London Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - April 25, 1942, London, Middlesex Page 2 the stars and quot stripes april 25, 1942 the stars amp stripes weekly newspaper of the . Armed forces in the British Isles. The stars and stripes is edited and published by and for personnel of the . Armed forces in the British Isles. It is printed at 52 Long acre w.c.2, London England by Hazell Watson amp Viney ltd. A phone Temple bar 8421. Second class mail permit applied for at . Army Post offices passed by . Army sensor. Subscriptions 13 shillings per year. Officer in charge. Managing editor. News editor. Usanis editor Marine editor. Art editor. Staff. Mai e. M. Lewellyn. 1st it. Mark t. Martin or. .st.sgt. Ben f. Price. St. Sgt. Russell Jones. Cpl. Francis Connolly. Yeoman 3rd class Billie Warren. Vol. 2. No. 2 april 25, 1942 lest we forget in a world at War some holidays lose their meaning their importance but mothers Day is different. Since May 8, 1914, the second sunday in May has been a a Mother a Day a a Day dedicated to the memory of the Best Mother in the world your Mother. It should be observed by some distinct act of kindness visit letter gift or tribute to show remembrance of the Mother to whom affection is due. This year mothers Day will possess an added meaning to those of us who Are thousands of Miles from Home. It will be Well therefore to plan now to remember your Mother with a letter a Cable or cabled gift. President Roosevelt recently issued a proclamation setting the Day for this year stating that a a whereas Resolution of May 8, 1914, provides second sunday in May shall be designated As mothers Day and that it shall be duty of the president to request Observance of the Day now therefore i Franklin d. Roosevelt president of the United states of America do hereby direct the officials of the government to display the Flag on All government buildings on mothers Day May 10, 1942, and i Call upon the people of the United states to express the love and reverence which we feel for the mothers of our country by customary display of the Flag at our Homes and other suitable places and by tokens and messages of Walter Lippmann say colonel. Think the general would mind taking the Parade again done to like this Angle we got on it. Pearson and Allen Check your View War news during the last several weeks has been both Good and bad some of us however Are making the mistake of dwelling on our misfortunes to the exclusion of encouraging reports despite increasing indications that the f01 tunes of our country and of our allies Are becoming better rapidly. On the american Home front War production is beginning t meet and in part surpass the great goals set by president Roosevelt in a message that startled the world. Ships planes tanks guns and ammunition Are being produced As Only huge american factories can do the Job. General Marshall has announced that 150,000 men Are being mobilized in the United states each month for War service. Labor is United in the War Effort and on other fronts Russia is holding. Allied planes Are on the offensive in Many areas and reports indicate air domination Over Western Europe has been won by Britain s Royal air Force that the United nations have at least equal air Power in the Middle East. American flying fortresses successfully have raided the Philippines and Japan leaving a Trail of sinking japanese ships and burning japanese planes and damaged japanese War factories. Allied submarines Are hammering at extended enemy lines of communication. Australia soon will be Strong with Allied troops set to hurl Back any invasion threat. India and Burma remain trouble spots and we will have Many a reverse still before final Victory. But the news today certainly is not All distasteful. Washington . A plans Are quietly under Way for a consolidation of the various government War information agencies into a single body similar to the British ministry of information. The agencies to be affected Are the office of facts and figures headed by Brilliant librarian of Congress Archibald Macleish office of the coordinator of information headed by hard hitting col. A a wild Bill a Donovan the office of government reports headed by White House Secretary Lowell Mellett and several branches of the Rockefeller a committee on latin America. The press bureaus of the War and Navy departments and the War production Board will remain Independent but would be required to work in close cooperation with the new Central information Agency. A state department official quietly packed his bags and left town recently on an errand that has no parallel in the colourful history of diplomacy. His destination is South America and his orders Are to pick up the corralled Axis diplomats�?250 of them and bring them to the .a. All the South american countries except two Argentina and Chile have broken relations with the Axis but a hour to get the diplomats Home Uncle Sam who urged the break is taking responsibility for the shipment. Already the germans italians and japanese from Central America Mexico and the Caribbean countries have been brought Here to share the luxurious lot of German italian diplomats in White Sulphur Springs w. Va., and of japanese diplomats in hot Springs a. The new shipment will be sent to the same resort locations to await Transfer Home. Walter winches live to visit Germany walk against traffic carry a flashlight in blackout note suppose a nazi submarine goes after the ship bringing the 250 diplomats from latin America to the .a.? Irish minister Robert Brennan reports that Rural communities in Ireland have an involuntary Black out every night because of Lack of kerosene normally imported from the United states. The Shanghai Branch of National City Bank of new York has been obliged to close and to surrender 50 per cent of its deposits to the japanese Bank of Mitsui. Thousands of Young men just receiving commissions in Washington and Vicinity Are taking up arms against something besides the Axis namely local tailors who charge $50 for a tunic $15 for Slacks and $80 for an overcoat. Girls Are replacing boys in the Telegraph messenger services in Washington. Love can make you sad but there a nothing sadder than being lonely. Americans should remember that they weren to bom with Liberty other americans had to die for it. The reason we have bores is because they never listen to what they re saying. A Man respects an intelligent woman and runs after a pretty one. The Good thing about having enemies is that it makes you appreciate your friends More. Some people think Freedom of the press Only gives you the right to agree with them. Happiness does no to depend on having a lot or a Little. It depends on having what you think is enough. Doing silly things occasionally prevents us from being silly permanently. It is Well to ignore the detractors who disagree with what you say because they would disagree with anything you say. Funny that its easier for a Friend to remember the one favor you did no to do than recall the Many favors you did. All the comforting talk in the world can to match a kiss from the one you love. 3k the Berlin radio soaped the yellow aryans by announcing that Wotan the Heinie god and the Jap god axe practically first cousins. That kind of slights the italians who must have become diary Aniced when the greeks shot the spots off them. The Best of Jack Benny a stinginess gags was his denial that he forced Dennis Day to donate blood for a transfusion. Claimed Benny a a i paid him $5 a gallon for it a. Almost every time you flip on the radio you re bound to hear some member of the theatrical profession aiding some worthy War cause. But you never hear any of their congressional critics doing that. Army poets new York in the months since Pearl Harbor there has taken place in Washington a momentous struggle in which the Issue has been the efficient conduct of the War. We Are now i believe in sight of the end of the preliminary phase of that struggle at a Point where because the problem is clearer we can redouble our efforts to solve it. The struggle is not Between isolationists and interventionists radicals and conservatives old dealers and new dealers capital and labor the administration and he Public. It is a struggle of energetic men against passive men of the Alert against the inert of the live wires against the dead Wood and it is being waged inside every department and Agency of the government what the Public has been hearing in the Way of criticism of Washington is in the main not the backseat driving of self appointed critics but the reflection sometimes confused and even distorted but genuine of the struggle of the effective men in the government service to break through the obstruction of the ineffective men. The breakthrough May be said to have begun on Jan. 13, when under pressure from Congress from the Independent press and from the Loyal opposition in the person of or. Willkie and no less from within the administration it self or. Donald Nelson was placed in charge of War production the movement then began to gather such momentum inside and outside the government that it now May be said that the breakthrough has been made in the War and Navy departments. Both have been organized in such a Way that the responsible commanders can now begin to give orders and expect to have them carried out under the new organization they do not need to plead and negotiate endlessly with Many separate jealous deeply entrenched bureaucratic chieftains. A 3k a this reorganization though necessary Rould however be inconclusive if it were not accompanied by the Rise of new men to displace those who were for one reason or another be it their age or their temperaments unequal to the occasion. In the army the blockade of seniority has been put aside and while no one can say that the much younger officers Are the finally right Choice for our commanders one can say that the Way has been opened up As never before for the right men to make their Way quickly to the top. In the Navy the reorganization has now been effected. Sea language not so Many Days ago i climbed aboard this ship in a a pretty Good Soldier and i won take any lip. A Sailor looks at me says a they you Soldier bold gather up All your duffle and Stow it in the a the hold a say i to him a a you act so smart. Talk to me in English or else your hair ill a a now done to get Tough a says he. A a do As your betters say. Ill acquaint you with our terms now Stow your stuff a a you la find your bunk amidships the mess Hall is up say Fellows done to you think All sailors must be Daft sgt. Owen p. Rugener. Well see it through we be heard the Call to arms. We be answered pals to fight. We be got to beat the Hun this Hitler blokes a blight. We re out to free the slaves. We re going to set men free. We re on our Way to Tokio this Tojo Guy to see. Well take a trip to Italy. We be some Castor Oil too. Well see the Black shirts Are damned sick before we re through. We re sure to visit India. We be heard the russians Call. We be gotta Date in Singapore. The yanks will see them All. Well make an honest peace. Well guarantee the pact. Well straighten out this mess with a Yankee style of tact. E. M. L. Thus in War production and in the armed services there have been Laid the foundations 01 a proper organization and the obstruction to the Rise of new men has been broken up. In this sense it is Correct to say that we Are at the end of the preliminary phase of struggle for the efficient conduct of the War. For under an organization where commands can be issued with Assurance that they will be obeyed and with the appearance of new men to operate the organization the next things that need to be done have become considerably easier to do. Mary w. Jackson their treasure was their love their adventure All the things of their life together. Richard English his eyes had taken on a Glaze common to Over poached eggs. Quentin Reynolds the sea was As Calm As Cream in a Saucer. Faith Baldwin she would not pose for the camera of her memory. James Street she got up and moved towards them in a. Symphony of Grace. Max Brand Kildare went Back to add a Patch on his ragged hours of sleep. Mary Roberts Rinehart she began to sob and with the sound the Frozen silence ended. Opie Reed the shadows of the Trees stretched Long the after noon was striding off on stilts. Herbert Ager snobs talk As if they had Begotten their own ancestors. Sec a Knox we dare not turn our backs to either front. These criminals Are too Good with daggers. 3k a 3k America can be licked that a not a slogan thought up by this hysterical alarmist. Its a quote from Admiral William m. St Andley new ambassador to Russia. It makes him an hysterical alarmist too which ought to make him a useful Man. Lethargy a another of our crimes Admiral Standley warns. Have a look at the country away from the coasts and you la agree. The big idea there is a a the bombers can to reach to them the Only part of the .a. At War is the part in danger of Siose tribute reprinted from the stars and stripes of 1917-18 there a tumultuous confusion a coming Down the Road and the camouflage done to near ways hide the dust and it ainu to no flock of commons though some a carrying a Load i guess the provos winked or got it Fust. But now its Corning closer you can Tell Mem by the Roar its the empty second infantry a Goin in once More. Of they be met the Hun at the length of a gun and they know what he is and they mind what he a done so that a Why they sing As they slog to More fun you doughboy you slow boys Here a Luck and let her go boys we like you infantry. Now us in the artillery done to live no life of ease nor yet particular Security for the present that Fritz sends us one can t Dodge behind the Trees unless Trees was much thicker than they be. But we know our lot is doughnuts orders Home and Gay Paree to what you March to singing empty second infantry. Of there a numerous Blanks in your company ranks but there a two in the bodies for one in the yanks and All that he guv you returned him with thanks you doughboy you slow boys Here a Luck and let her go boys a we like you infantry. 2nd it. F. M. H. Dazey. Ode to a private Tengei Fri Ori invasion. What makes ostriches think the nazis or japs will hug the beaches they love to travel. Twas the night before payday and All through your tent All the Fellows were broken All their Money was spent. Payday tomorrow now done to take it too hard. You re not going to Belfast you re going on guard. Pvt. Donahue. Just poetry Little Jackie full of soup of. My what a Droop but Little Jackie full of Beer of my what a dear. T. F

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