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London Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Apr 25 1942, Page 1

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London Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - April 25, 1942, London, Middlesex The stars a weekly newspaper of the u. Tripes a a armed forces in the British Isles general Marshall inspects troops in Northern Ireland Gen. George c. Marshall chief of staff of the army watches an infantry unit March in review during his visit last weekend to Northern Ireland and the american troops stationed there. With general Marshall As he visited the troops were a number of High ranking army officers and other officials of the British Northern Ireland and United states governments. The officers included. Maj. Gen. R. P. Hartle commander of . Troops m Northern Ireland it. Gen. H. E. Franklyn commander of British troops in Northern Ireland and maj. Gen. James e. Chaney commander of american troops in the British Isles. General Hartle stands next to general Marshall while general Chaney is at right. Story Page 3. Associated press photos dear mom in be met 2 heroes Kansas City police sniff breaths for traces of liquor somewhere in Northern Ireland dear mom let s forget about the sights in a seeing and the things in a doing this time mom. I want to Tell you about some of the things in be been thinking since i first landed in Northern Ireland. I guess maybe its because in be been a Little ashamed of myself and telling you about it will make me feel better. You see mom americans and especially american soldiers Are a queer Breed. We like to think we re rough and Tough and we like to a a take i remember Reading somewhere that America is a nation with a thousand mothers and a thousand fathers. Maybe that a the reason we want every one to think we re the original a dead end but too often mom we get the idea that we be got a monopoly on the worlds Supply of courage. X suppose we have our share. You can Tell a Yankee Soldier anywhere. If he. Came into a store dressed in Only a Sheet you could spot him for a Yankee by the air of Confidence he wears like a coat by the look in his Eye. You Seldom see a Yankee not perfectly at ease no matter what the surroundings. Tbone Steak but Here a what i mean. At St we got a big kick out of going into a restaurant and asking for a big Tbone Steak with fresh Green of ans celery mashed potatoes tipple pie and All uie trimmings. We knew dam Well the chances were pretty Good we get it but we wanted every one to it now that a what we were used to before. Well mom we done to do things like that now. And we done to go into dime stores and ask for three bars of soap. And we done task anyone where we can get a a some Good american nobody told us to Stop doing those Nasty Little things. We just came around to it gradually. And its because whatever and heroes a continued on Page 5 Kansas City to. Special Cable from associated press a Kansas City police Are halting City bound cars Friday and saturday nights and sniffing Drivers breaths to determine whether they have been drinking. Police assigned to sniff must prove they Haven to head colds which would impair their smelling 3 weeks holds Burma a Fate chunking China a the next three weeks May Seal Burma a Fate. They will decide whether the japanese can reach the High and dry ground of the upper valleys in the race against the monsoons due by May 14. They will reveal Japan a capacity to maintain her already overtaxed Supply lines during the rain season and to keep up the pressure necessary to expel the allies. Tokyo raid upsets japs see . Blows at nazis Tokyo a by Drew Middleton associated press staff correspondent radio program the first of a series of radio programs for american troops will be broadcast monday from 6.30 to 7.30 . By the British broadcasting corporation. The program arranged by the War department will feature guest stars. News from american shortwave stations May be picked up at 6 ., while a number of commercial programs now Are being sent via shortwave from the United states. . Rations gasoline in 17 East states Washington . Up a a temporary gasoline rationing plan is to be put into operation in 17 East coast states May 15, the ration is expected to allow each Motorist Between two and a half and five Gallons per week. Boys will be boys Washington . Up a japanese diplomats interned at hot Springs va., have discarded Western dress for the Kimono and a fan. American bombers flying High wide and handsome Over the supposedly sacred islands of Japan hammered Tokyo Kobe Yokohama and four other cities last saturday As the United states began sure repayment for Pearl Harbor. By japanese accounts Only schools hospitals and a a cultural establishments a were hit. But the japs have admitted damage by fire and there is no doubt that the bombers battered the heavy industries entered around Kobe and Yokohama. This bold raid which hit the body of the japanese octopus Feas its tentacles Felt southwards toward Australia and Westward toward India was the Climax of a week of stirring Allied air successes. It followed closely brigadier general Royce a dashing attack on the japanese in the Philippines from Australia and occurred almost simultaneously with the Royal air forces Gallant and damaging blow at the great German factory at Augsburg. Damage the United nations still await details of the raid on Japan. Thus far there has been no official word from Washington. The associated press has heard unvarying Praise of the raid Here in London most British officers believe considerable damage was done. Nazis a by Edward w. Beattie there Are Good reasons for an official silence in Washington if the raid was made by planes from an aircraft Carrier the ship must maintain radio silence until she is out of the cruising radius of japanese submarines and patrol bombers. Moreover it is obvious the japanese have no idea where the raiders came from or what was their destination. The japanese High command therefore cannot make tactical dispositions to meet Tokyo continued on Page 3 Library 0 govt a a quot a n to United press staff correspondent As Spring wears on toward the Halfway Mark and the usual Spring Hatch of rumours reaches a late april Peak Britain and Germany Are dug in on two sides of their narrow sea each prepared to defend itself against invasion. As is usual during periods when the chief problem is a a what that Man is going to do the chief focus is on Adolf Hitler although nazi Field marshal Karl Rudolf Gerd von Rundstedt and sir Alan Brooke British commander Mav be pardoned for their considerable interest in each others specific plans for the months before the weather Breaks sometime in late september. Rundstedt who is hitlers commander in Western Europe probably would like to know too. What sir Alan and Gen. George c. Marshall United states chief of staff talked about because according to All indications German defences along the great occupied coastline Are going to have a very Busy summer. Amp a the coastline on both sides of the Channel can be penetrated by commando raids and pounded with bombers during the next several months but invading either with heavy forces and making the invasion stick is a problem which must be measured in scores of divisions and thousands of guns and tanks not to mention ships to transport the troops and then keep supplies rolling to them. There has been unmistakable evidence recently however that the germans Are worried seriously by the growing aggressive spirit on this Side of the Channel. They know it will not be Long before United states bombers begin to join the Royal air Force in battering Germany and they know too that Many thousands of United states troops soon will be perched in the British Isles ready to jump upon any weak Point in the nazi defences. In Norway where the Normal War continued on Page 3 a a Ess Cdv it my t Lidia a y i l i Idi in i u la l a 1 a a a 1 i w Tell pass plan trips to London leaves and furloughs for a limited number of american troops in Northern Ireland will be granted after May 1, maj. Gen. James e. Chaney commander of United states army forces in the British Isles announced Friday. Nine Days will be the maximum time for which either leaves or furloughs May be granted but those having passes will be permitted to visit England Scotland or Wales. Of the total number allowed to be absent from their duties no More than 50 men and 10 officers will be Given permission to visit London the remainder of those excused from duty being obliged to spend their Holiday in other parts of the country. Individuals May not have More than one leave or furlough in any three month period and not More than 7 per cent of a command May be absent at one time. Men going on leave or furlough must 1. Have sufficient funds to cover All travelling expenses during their trip and must Purchase return trip. De tickets before departure. 2. Have a furlough certificate or leave order. 3. Have their identity card. 4. Have British embarkation forms. Fri have British leave ration Book. 6. Have identification tags. 7 have Gas mask and helmet. Other equipment will not be carried and hand Luggage should be limited to what the individual can carry and maintain supervision Over. The route selected for travel of troops to and from Northern Ireland is such that meals May be obtained in route and personnel therefore need not carry luncheons when leaving their Home stations. $ $ a arrangements have been completed whereby men on leave or furlough who May become ill will be treated at the nearest British army naval or . Station and at the railway transportation offices in various Railroad stations. Personnel becoming ill in London May visit a special army dispensary which has been set up. The american red Cross Field director will make arrangements for men wishing to Avail themselves of invitations to visit private Homes. Pay boosts near vote Washington . Special Cable from associated press a Bills to raise the pay in soldiers sailors and marines Friday were approaching final action in Congress. The Johnson Bill providing for an increase from $21 a month to $42 a month for privates and for corresponding increases through All grades and ranks to include second lieutenants already has been passed by the Senate and now is being studied by a special military affairs subcommittee of the House. At the same time the War department is sponsoring another measure which would provide subsistence allowances for All men in the services. This Bill also would Grant additional funds to dependents of service men whose allowances Are insufficient to Meei living expenses. Several other measures of interest to the armed forces also Are pending including one which would defer income tax obligations until six months after termination of . Doom

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