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London Standard (Newspaper) - March 26, 1910, London, Middlesex The Stan part saturday March 26, 1910. Japanese As colonists. Tomk random notes on Formosa. Native problem. From an occ�io0�l Corrm pendent 11 Trio it Hicks in the next Coop. We have a a business to attend to Deal Uli �1 it. And the claims upon oar Atten for a cod Tii of i of our own colonies do not Home in a or i Nink. Oike established Semih a charter or a Constitution r a Quot i10�. They must look after themselves interests Peculiar to themselves in a a y i if \ cannot expect us to become nevertheless it is not unit testing i it it Gli Noe at what our Neighbours it Iii Ini in their colonies having by a 1. A in instances spent a few Days in i 1 have Ted Down a few random concerning it. Us would i think be puzzled to i it try Whit Smital impression the Iiames in Iii in a up. For Homo nothing More. A i it it is one of the Many Rocky islands v 11 1 i it it i turn amp was somewhat me a a ofe Jav with which England How Littie concern. Nii it i have journeyed in those seas have a Lection of a certain Channel wherein the r exceptionally bad remember. In in of Relief who they heard the vessel a privileged few who have i More adventurous course have seen ii ugh Nous it diffs which form its Eastern some doubtless will place with Vii. V i lie a a head Hunters a among its la i i inhabitants others May be Able w it Liin a year or two the Date of its juin the hands of the japanese he first of their colonies. But what i ,.p� a doing with it few know or care it a. It <he<�?~hick8 in the next Coop for sex Lii ring a die Tea season the harbours of the l i i ii Ltd off the track of great steamers it to few. Those who go up Down melt oaf to on business spend a Day or two r is 1 did get away again As fast As i a. Ill. Yet there Are Piea it places in the i of Otic in fair abundance in Taipei. Ii it Al a a Tairoku a of the japanese to ziment has utely built a commodious to the railway station which it is a kit pm will Attr tour Isis a Resmen Kiv ii Gay o4itrival the hotels of Macao As the Iommi Sioon resort of those who wed in the a t do not mind thirty six hours sea. In Miil. Favouring to give some idea of the Exior Oil i it Peot of the country i shall do no ii to Tii in note what the honeymooners would. Iof the sport lies some distance to the flip a i of the capital which is but a Short Vimr s a Jirney by train from Keelung or Tad Bui the two Northern harbours. The City of Taipei. Tift coi try in some things is not unlike Japan you do not find splendid scenery but Jii ii Itiat quiet restful Beauty which does not but Only appeals to you which the a it a themselves so much love. It has , in All languages been a a form Bra a i�1t since its christening by the portuguese in the Middle of the sixteenth Cen tin it is not to be wondered at that the i have preserved the tradition by Ull Iii it a a Takasago a that is a a Beautiful i a Sii l a the City of Taipei lies in a vast Plain a much above a a level surrounded by Hilife ii i lain almost wholly Given up to the Paddy tril. Rice encroaching even into the suburbs. I Ili old City Little remains the Walls have til i ii of Only the handsome gateways Ifill n mind the formosan of its some a i f Iii a glorious past. The Walls numbered Fli i round hindering expansion like tie in Oats of Tokio they be been Sac ced to ill necessity of Broad Street i the i Iniko it to demand for air for the City a lungs. Temples Are fast falling into ruins grass grows luxuriantly in the court-uv-l.-, though some few priest still cling to i architecturally they Are interesting i hid in their palmy Days must have been on account of the pro Jur shaped i Kif free which though essentially chinese in a a a in this form to be Peculiar to Formosa. The modern City shows the influence of the l a panes who have transformed it into a Tokio it in Laid out in wide a running for the most part at r Cut Anglem to one another. Tjie houses Are m v usual one Stor eyed buildings common to the Kii it but modern architecture is becoming 11 m icon blk Sonie handsome houses in Liin Opean style the inevitable of japanese Rule Are being built. 1 i n ornament House is spacious Well a the residence of the a a civil governor a Inore modest but it is commodious is noted t a very charming hospitality to the foreign v ror. And above All it endowed with a Library of books of Reform nce in Many air tapes got to Geilier i Bolive by the first Iii governor the present Baron Goto. A Short lived Republic. I a i s of scr is More correctly described As it Iii of the civil administration Bureau a a in a l Ilus title requires explanation. The office is r. Nova relic of the time of the military i i Isi ration of the Island a sign of pro a jul i Vil colonial government. The reign military official was inevitable at the n lit i Tlle japanese took Over the Island a a had no easy task before them were necessary to enforce their position t immediately after the signature of the of Ltd a Sion a pretentious but Short lived i Liv sprang into existence. It is said to a i in of aniseed by a chinese official of Landing its Obj tit being to prevent the n from taking effect. The acts of this in Man who of course assumed the title t Ros Dettt included the adoption of a i Flag a magnificent Seal the Issue i l r Nion it thu of postage Stamps Wing of contributions from the people. Pm promised a parliament the members of Quot i wore to be paid the princely or rather i ratio salary of one Dollar a Day. No 1 was the Republic Jot out of the Way a the trouble appeared in another form Alko required summary treatment v uni Koment bands of insurgents known i history As the a a Rose in ii it it parts of the Island these were us pressed without nuke a bloodshed. Apart these sources of trouble there were the a Iger a tie him tors of human Heads who till with them creating a problem of sex big Dilk ult. Bit this was so to speak a a institutional Ooi plaint. Audi the troubles red More directly with the cession having overcome the necessity of severing the Troia the military government became re int. Hie territory to to administered was i Fie for the work to be done Efly actively by under the control of military men not Quot la versed in tie Art of peaceful govern Viscount Odania therefore de to withdraw the military from the civil is of the state created a civil Nitor who while directly responsible v governor go Terai controls the civil to of the Colony. The det Ision was a Olio approx by tie Home govern Olio he Vve invariably sent out most be officials to fill the Post. To return to the streets of Taipei. A tricks one most about them is that the Fuis to have caught not merely then a Hinti but also the inward graces of a j cum town. It is not merely that the have introduced their own methods building that the Small policeman i lad Soldier Are much in evidence a m s Trothi the fact that the chinaman him iia a yielded to the spirit of order cleanly general tidiness which is characters a a All towns in Japan this not Only House but also Iii his person. Being a h in his coolie state the most untidy a creature in the world Liis a a s any one who is familiar with him in inv Denis As a most remarkable achieve i he unsympathetic will of course Sav j it has been accomplished by brute Force. A a truer to say that it is the result of strict a Ltd lat in of rigidly info rid so that even that Ai i reputable being the Rickshaw coolie is in a uni Kunu hardly distinguishable from his brother in the shafts. 1&Quot Law courts arc the courts of Tokio Are conducted with the same it icon a those adjuncts of the courts in i Riso is Are excellent in every Way. They built on the wheel plan All Anions Radiat-5�?~iir from a Centre which is the Centre of All i authority is Ina Eair of so my in oms of Tho a Irabor in Prood of tha system he has inaugurated Bierey that it is one which Western nations might copy with Advance. The chinaman whom <7uel of ii Way for some offer of Macunat what he Dotts an alien Law is really in Luck so. To Ope Rienes for the first time in Nis lire the meaning virtue of cleanliness he seems not even to resent Dis Iri whole room of prisoners Rise a to Ock work at the command of the Gaoler to the visitor Bow a second time then resume work almost cheerfully. The prisoner has to work hard at regular Lawlur but a chinaman does not really Mand that much so Long As it is not accompanied by any condition which will make him a a lose More Over this time is not taken up by those peculiarly exasperating forms of hard labour which we think so beneficial for the criminal classes. 1 doubt whether there is really any a a hard labour at All in fact though it probably exists m theory for a penal be could hardly be devised which omitted All reference to that time honoured phase of punishment the prisons Are run on self supporting lines unhindered by the lamentations of those who prefer the interests of local Trade to the beneficial influence which a rational prison system must have on a prisoners after life. All the prisoners i believe without exception Are taught remunerative trades the heavy shot is not handed round in a meaningless degrading Circle the result of a Day is labour being nothing to anybody. Some of the trades Are developing into flourishing industries one especially the utilisation of a species of pampas grass which nukes an excellent cheap Sun Tiute for the expensive Panama hat. But life in Taipei is not entirely Given up to the Grey Monotony of go vending the formosan the chinaman the japanese settler. At the foot of the mountains on the extreme Edge of the Plain some seven Miles from the City Are the hot Springs of Hakuto n Here a Hamlet has sprung up where the japanese can have their much loved hot Baths. There also the officials of higher rank have built themselves a charming Little gun club for pleasant resort in sunny weather peaceful occupation on sundays. I must confess however that i Sho Tild have preferred to see the Clay Pigeon in flight rather than the spa.r-rov/. But i heard per Contra that the Sparrow is a nuisance eating the Rice too freely in the Fields that this pastime helps to keep his numbers Domi. The head Hunters. But your readers will expect to hear some thing concerning tie head Hunters there is expedition which even honeymooners or business men can undertake to Tok Oham a desolate looking Village on the conf face of the Savage country yet come Back with their Heads on. The town is now used As a police outpost. The policemen who enlist for this outpost duty Are Brave Little men literally carry their lives in their hands. It is honourable service to the country is cheerfully undertaken As All such service is by the japanese. The Region round Tok Oham has been the scene of More than one of those murderous attacks of the Savages which it seems almost impossible at present altogether to is press but the foreigner who seeks a mild adventure is carefully looked after his feet it in Safe tracks he really runs no risk. The journey is interesting two hours by train throw ii a Fertile country into the Hills by easy gradients where the water Buffalo leads his Placid useful existence to a town where the traces of Bush japanese administration abound. Thence two hours by trolly across an a undulating Upland Given up almost entirely to Tea plantations ending with a precipitous Rush Down the Mountain Side into the Plain but Confidence in the skill of the two chinese coolies in charge of the very Small vehicle is quickly engendered the Swift descent is accomplished the rather startling curves negotiated without much perturbation of nerve centres. Thence to Tok Oham looking across a Panorama of Hill Valley Field winding River of a singular Beauty so to the police outpost where Twenty men were Busy noting the events of the Day such doings of their Neighbours the Savages As they had been Able to get hold of. Two reclaimed Savages live Here very peacefully sometimes looking Back with regret to their Homes among the camphor Trees to which Hoa Vever they dare not return for fear of the retribution which would fall upon them for deserting their tribe but otherwise quite Content with no innate objection such As the a Linnaman possesses to being photographed. Then to a jetty on the River where a Sampan is waiting in which we make a not too Long nor very perilous descent of the rapids Back to the railway m Homo to Taipei. Problem of the aborigines. At Tok Oham having duly photographed the Ideal Savage his wife i gleaned a few facts concerning their comrades of the camphor Glades which it May not ice uninteresting to record. A head Hunters a accurate name for the use of t Hose those business it is not to have anything to do with them that is How they would be classed generically in the perspective of a Brief Survey of the islands politics. But when they Monte into the foreground of the picture As one sees it in the compound of a police guardhouse on the confines of their country in chaps secs something formless covered by a Blanket carried on a Stretcher coming from tie direction of that country if. Is Worth while pausing for a moment to Consi it Ler Trio magnitude of the talk which has set itself Benoro the administrators of the Island. One May thereby come to Realise that it is a to it it so which cannot be got rid of by any hastily generalised theory of subjugation or of . The .s�z1 Vages Are not supposed to number More than 100,000 but the area which they inhabit is some 7000 Square Miles in extent practically half the Island including nearly the whole of the mountainous districts. 700 distinct to i bes it has been computed that there Are some 700 distinct trib who Are said not Only to hold no communication with one another but to in it in Blissful ignorance of each others . In hey Are All supp used to be of Malayan origin but Are divided Sofii Riahy into eight groups each of which has distinct racial qualities As Well As tribal language customs tie ouly common Bond Between them a Kently being an inveterate hatred of foreigners in general chinamen in particular. A it Noe the Days of sir Henry Maine Many Iive pursue to their quiet task of making a comparative study of Village communities. I do not know if these formosan Savages have been brought into the Purview of Quot it assuredly 1 shall not attempt it. But the material is ready to their hand in the pages of the reports which have been made by japanese officials who have investigated them on the spot one of them the most Complete under tie personal direction of that most Able administrator Baron Goto. It was a task of much danger undertaken in the usual intrepid fashion of the . In the Inonu pints of reflection which come to every traveller even though he be on business not pleasure Bent this perhaps hot very original Hought occurred to me that the code of civilisation still to Laws some of its strictest canons from the Laws which the untutored Savage has framed for the Well being of his tribe. It is True that we come across that primitive method of kindling fire by rubbing two pieces of Wood together which seemed so great a Miracle to our childish ears yet the Law which enables the hereditary chief to nominate his successor if his heir is an idiot has something of mature Wisdom to recommend it. And this same chief has the Power of inflicting chastisement for quarrelling or theft of condemning adulterers to death. Another tribe recognise that primitive source of a a Supply a the right of the governing family to tithe of Harvest Hunting they inculcate virtue probity in their Young men by maintaining a Public Council Hall which serves As a lodging for All unmarried men above twelve years of age. To Ere these youths Are hardened their courage virtue fostered by severe training discipline. No women a re allowed to enter their quarters nor May any Young Man bring wit ii him any article used by women. I have culled this information from or. Yosa buro Takekoshi a interesting Book entitled a a japanese Rule in Formosa a in which also 1 noted one Point of particular interest. Many of the tribes have abandoned head Hunting have into the official category of a a Semi Savages so that if a policy of extermination were adopted the government would be acting like a human Tower of Siloam fauns upon the just the unjust with ruthless Init criminal lion. Wasted labour australians Golden Opportunity. From a tie stand of the latest Newra Aper files to hand say n.., contain some noteworthy criticism of conditions at Home under the Southern Cross. To take the former first the australian a a sunday times a comments editorially on the letter from lord Roberts to or. Easton of the British immigration Leagie of Sydney which appeared in the a a Standard of lord Eberts said a he question of employment for our sex wed in is a Ummat so Ricas one. Day by Day i receive the most distressing so counts from men of Good car Acter who have served their country in toe Field yet Are unable to obtain work in civil life am i am powerless to help them. If emigration is to be the solution a would we Femme it for though the loss to the county of Stiim of her but most valuable citizens would be great anything is a Ter than that such men Shoum be walking toe streets seeking for work which cannot be found Tor them while their wives children Are Star veg at Home. This seems reasonable criticism of waste of precious British Man Power in the Mother country. We come then to some very serious criticism of equally cruel wasteful methods in Australia. The text round which much of this criticism was written was a widely published letter from or. Easton of the immigration league which read As follows pm veral cases have recently been brought under our notice of highly desirable immigrants from England with Idi Ildren Esperi ending great difficulty in obtaining situations in the country the reasons assigned being that on Man of stations Fis there is no housing whereby a family could be provided for in such a manner As would enable the husband to obtain work independently of his wife. The general system is to engage to in services of a marked couple to reside in their employers House. Children in such cases from an employers Point of View become a encumbrances a frequently prevent the services of the parents being engaged. Some system 18 wanted whereby it will be immaterial to the employer whether married couples have one or More a a until a change is made it is apparent that Many Young married people who otherwise would come to Australia will Drift to other countries. With the handful of people in this sub continent can we afford to risk losing them their so called a a encumbrance a example of Canada. It is pretty generally admitted that in the buckling up of a nations most precious assets Man Power the Eki minion of Canada has set a Good example to All the Oversea states of the Empire. Canada reserves her warmest Welcome for the Young or Youngish married couple with children with potentialities As a Arents. I attribute that the two causes. 1 immigration is in the hands of the Dominion Federal authorities. 2 the Canadian nation is intensely practically patriotic. From those two facts we arrive by a process of logic at the other fact that Canada Weka Mes encourages parents potential parents. I believe it would be Safe the say that the Dominion government by Means largely of advertising other forms of publicity accomplishes More in one month in the Way of building up the nation of Canada than our government in Australia accomplishes in a year. I think the go no farther the pages of the a Standard of Empire a would Bear me out in this. The in sults All men know. It is futile the talk of the difference in distance from Europe. The difference in passage Money can be reduced the a minimum or to vanishing Point. And that is what counts. There is a very real difference in the land systems of the two countries. That is important. But the great difference the thing which tells most is connected with the dominions Active tireless policy in the matter of giving wide publicity to her claims. And that difference a lows very plainly in the relative Progress of the development of the two countries. It May Well be that this disparity May be lessened now that we have a fully accredited High commissioner. Sir George Reid a appointment May Well strengthen the voice of the Young Commonwealth is a Federated nation with Good results. All patriotic australians Hope it May will watch interest edly for evidences of this Advance. But to revert to the particular aspect of wastage of Man Mower which is dealt with in the letter from or. Easten which is quoted above. We May take first a very sedate conservative australian critic a a the Sydney morning Herald a which May perhaps with some advantage of seniority be said to Divide with the a a Argus a of Melbourne the honour of being the a a times of Australia. This journal says in its editorial comment upon or. Easton a letter a the expert enc not Only of the non official Immi ration bodies but also of a government Bureau 16 that it is almost impossible to a a place married couples upon stations or farms if these same couples happen to be a encumbered a even to the j extent of one child. Rie first effect of this i is to Aggra a ate what is perhaps the meet portentous moral evil of our generation. The second is to most seriously retard the immigration movement hamper the work of spreading population in the country districts in so operating weaken both the developmental defensive Power of Australia. The landholders should provide House accommodation at least enough land for the growth of vegetables or fruits the keep of a few Domestic this is done More or less Canadian notes. The United states water Power. Contrib Utah to tha 8tandapd of a Melva. A practical illustration of the usefulness of the Federal commission on the conservation of natural resources recently appointed is to be found in connection with the attempt that is being engineered by powerful United states interests to acquire Power rights on the St. Lawrence at the Long Sault rapids about forty Miles above Montreal. The propel to throw a dam across the Canadian Side of the River by which 650,000 horse Power can be guaranteed More Power in fact than the Waterways treaty will permit to lie taken from Niagara Falls for which privilege nothing will be paid whereas the Power comp anime at Niagara will soon be paying �60,000 a year in dues the the Ontario government for similar privileges. It is suggested that one half the Power developed shall be allotted to Canadian uses but the plans do not provide for that contingency in any Case when once the industries dependent on Power have been created on the United states Side it would be difficult to recover the Canadian Moiety. The arrangements in question Tako no account of the rights of Ontario to control Power rates distribution. Shippin interests also assert the Enterprise will seriously prejudice navigation. After careful exam him Tion the project is strongly condemned by the Canadian conservation a miss it a. In their report they Point to the possible total Stopple of flow the ensuing damage to existing interests that navigation apart from the Corn Wali canal would have to follow an inferior course that there would be no free hand to deepen the River Channel carry out other improvements. A a moreover the proposal contemplates giving away a most valuable asset without any consideration to a pm Spany for its private financial advantage. The Plain duty of Canada is to maintain her right of ownership jurisdiction unimpaired untrammelled a that Only the most urgent unavoidable necessity could furnish any justification for diminishing in any Way the natural attractions of the River. The Rise of Saskatchewan has been by wonderful. The production of Grain during the last ten years has been As follows a 18999,000,000 bushels. 190437,000,000 bushels. 1909 208,000,000 bushels. The wheat crop alone of 1909 was just under 90,000,000 by Els or ten times the total Cereal crop in 1899. The municipal statistician of a Aton has calculated the Valuo of the Sain crops of the province in 1909, based on Al values at �22,300,000, or nearly 60 per cent of the total value of the Grain crops of the three Prairie provinces. The Money yield from other Field crops exclusive of live Stock would bring the Gross value of last years Harvest in Sauskat Dewan up to �26,600.000, or �326 to each of the 81,303 Farmers in the province. The question is being raised in Canada As to the position which the georgian Bay canal when built will occupy As a Public work not subject to the understandings which exist Between the United states Canada in Rard to navigation on certain internal Waters common to the two countries. The minist of Justice to whom the matter was submitted states that he does not believe that this line of navigation Zouki come under the International j Waterways treaty which is not yet ratified by Canada but that it might be found to be subject to the treaty of Washington which is held by the United states at any rate to give free equal use of the St. Lawrence other Canadian canals to the United states vessels. Insurance notes insurance report amp this is the season when insurance reports pamphlets come a a thick As autumnal leaves that strew the Brooks in excluding the on panties which transact a world wide fire Bunney the majority of important insurance offices have already published their statements dealing with last years operations. The creditable tendency towards Early publication which has Obar Alterisi recent Insu Ianos history continues except a cases of offices Havivi Distant foreign agencies there seems no reason for postponing statements relating to a particular year As used to be the Case till the ensuing year has half Way run its course. Marine insurance. Companies of fining operations to Marine insurance Are amongst the most prompt to publish their annual statements. The Book keep my arrangements in this department Are Peculiar to itself. Marine insurance companies Coo tits Are arranged As it were in water tight compartments relating to aparte years of underwriting. Thus for example in the underwriting account Lor 1908 the premiums received Are entered in that year Ai Tjie balance of the account after payment of claims usually described As a first year Zeitle Mentse expenses is carried Forward to 1909. In 1909 the Daims settled in the 1908 account Are deducted from the balance referred to at the close of 1909, what the account has been Twenty four Mouths in existence a. A a a a a _ am a if this were so the Dot minion gov Ramant an estimate is made of claims which May still be expected to come in. If any balance remains after such an estimate it is tinted As profit if the balance is on the wrong Side it is considered As loss. Most Marine insurance companies seem from the last annual reports to have lost Money from the winding up of their 1908 accounts the majority of those which have made a trading profit have not made very much. But. On the whole the trading has been less unprofitable than for some Yean previous end a decided improvement is shown in the proportion of first year s settlements to Premium income in the published underwriting accounts for 1909. It Seema evident that the business is being gradually placed on a sounder basis the in Flamboe of Tom recently introduced voluntary audit system Lloyd s is clearly making itself Felt in a general toning up of the Marine insurance Market. Change will be welcomed by Marine insurance shareholders some of whom during an unprecedentedly Long period of generally unprofitable underwriting have had to be cof tent with reduced dividends list others have found the a maintenance of their dividends accompanied with an impairment of Che reserves which Are desirable As a Protection to uncalled capital. Fire insurance. Only a few of the leading fire insurance Companio have published their accounts for 1909, but if these May be taken As a fair Sample it would seem that the operations of that year will generally show a very satisfactory proportion of profit. There May not be Many increases in dividends on fire insurance companies shares but the majority of such companies will probably be found to have earned a Good Deal More than is required for dividend purposes. Since the san Francisco conflagration of 1m Many of the leading companies in this department have found it not Only desirable but necessary to apply by far the larger pro Porti Ltd of their profits towards the enhancement of reserves which had been largely depleted through that catastrophe. But for this Abu Tomal occurrence there can be no doubt that very substantial increases in dividends would have taken place. It May be estimated that in most cases it will be found at the close of 1909 that the reserves have reached the pre san franciscan Standard in the absence of any heavy conflagrations in the next year or two some general addition to dividends increase is Likely to take place. The Liares of the great fire insurance companies seem therefore worthy the consideration of investors particularly Liose descriptions which Are Beutling increasingly popular were the Idi ares Are fully paid Accident Busin is. The reports of the leading Accident companies which have been published show a Small proportionate profit in trading on the transactions taken As a whole but it is evident that in some sections of the business there have been a Good Many losses. Personal Accident business Well selected is always a very remunerative department proportionately to Premium income but the difficulty is to obtain it m sufficient Quantity. It bears much the same relation to miscellaneous Accident business that the in Surnce of House property does to general fire insurance. Other payable sections Are Well selected Fidelity burglary insurance. The rates for workmen a compensation some other forms of casualty business such As motor car insurance have not yet apparently in All cases got beyond the experimental a stage there Are few companies which seem to be Able to rely on these sections for consistent profits. The remarks of the chairman of the Ocean Accident guarantee corporation which probably transacts the largest Accident business in Tula country at the annual meeting Isert tuesday a legs ads the present., position Taxt Prospect a of employee air liability insurance Are worthy of attention. Achord ing to this authority account relating to this Youw not impose discriminating tolls on United Asp Tow which he puts the blame on Quot undue Competition. A states traffic usog the canal of any part of dams have a Strong tendency to increase whee its Cost maintenance. All the advantage that Canada could derive from its construction would be the handling of the traffic at Canadian ports the cheaper Carriage of National products the use of the water Powers along the route. On the other hand it must be admitted that the georgian Bay canal occupies a different position from that of the other Waterways which Are governed by the treaty of Washington in so far As it will be constructed entirely through Canadian territory. It therefore May be held to be a pure a Domestic work. Since the opening of the Branch of the Royal mint at Ottawa in january 1908, the operations have resulted in a profit to the Dominion of Canada of Over $,857, Aiter allowing $131,100 As interest on the Cost of building Ete. The profit or Sei forage upon the coinage of Silver was $172,244, on Bronze $21,565, miscellaneous $1148, giving a total Gross profit of $194,958. No Canadian Gold coinage has yet been struck the question of the Issue of Gold coins of $5 $10 is under consideration. No profit accrues from the minting of a Gold coinage. Save Europe Ana America the Stockman or agr labourer has the use of a habitation of some sort with a plot of land where he can live with his family. Polley. The a a australian Star a is a great Deal More severe emphatic in its comments upon the Sanio Issue. It quotes a striking individual instance of the hardship of the a a encumbrances theory advocates legislative compulsion the overcome it. The a a australian agriculturist a is also very emphatic on the subject. This journal says a if there is one e a it res amp Ion which we australians have reason to be ashamed of More than another it surely is that abominable a no we have a continent which we have to people or to lose no Man on Earth can say How Long we have left to us to fill up its empty spaces. We ought to know that a nations greatest wealth is its sturdy men women Wildren. To the writer at All events it does seem that there is Good solid ground for this australian criticism both where it touches wastefulness where Man Power is concerned in Australia wastefulness in England. It puzzles me Here in England How Good Loyal patriotic citizens can be Content week in week out while they Are faced with All the bitterness of starvation unemployment among the masses to go on spending a very Large proportion of their outgoings m supporting employers , on the continent in the United states elsewhere outside the British Empire. Year in year out English fathers englisis housewives Are by my foreign made goods foodstuffs which do not approach in Quality the native made or grown article. And English workmen walk the streets starve while looking for work. In the lodging i have just left there were numbers of harmless unnecessary articles of a bigotry virtue a labelled in each Case a a souvenir of underneath in smaller lettering in every Case was the interesting legend a a made in then As to the waste equally cruel stupid it seems to Mon in Australia. This a no encumbrance a business is surely the height of parochial Folly anti patriotism. Australia needs every one of those Little ones would be enormously the Richer better if a million More were to by born to the parents in the country. Even in the cities the coming of children hundreds of thousand More of them would be a Blessing. Apart from anything else it might Send some More parents out upon the Rich undeveloped land of the country. Australia must stamp out at Onoe this fut anti patriotic talk of a a employers in the country must build cottages a Ven Gunyah would be bettor then nothing ape Fine sturdy australians have been reared under stringy a re roofs the Chicks must be welcomed. This is no age for sleepy backwardness. Australia has her High commissioner now one of her Ablest cities ens she must develop forthwith like her big sister up North by West a a a National she has All the resources a Fertile land a climate in which a Man might sleep under a tree the year round. W hat she needs is a strenuous put icily Campaign Here in the old country like Canadas an open door to her undeveloped heritage of Fertile land at Home. There should be no More Dalliance. Quot .�s=s==9s=s= on account of the brisk demand for Hapl Atols South Wales factories were working As him Yei urday. Public school notes. From our special correspondence Clifton Coll Effie. During the first part of the term the bed weather made the ground very heavy for the Tum but during the last fort it it has been very Good. The Short pen pole was Irun last week won by Thornton Jones in 42min. 5sec. Fourteen runners a came in within four mum by of the Leader. The Long pen pole was run on tue Day in Salem weather. No fewer than 80 started hed the experience of apparently very Widie jumps. The take produced an excellent finish was won by t. M. James the a a Holder of big Side bags a who passed b. C. Waller coming Down the Avue time 67min. 46sec it is noteworthy that the third to come in was the head of the school j. E. Soott while the Winner is the fourth boy in the school both have taken of scholarships at Cambridge. Thirty a even a came in within the ten minutes limit which secures the honour of having a a come in in the the sports take place next wednesday Thui Aday. The corps numbers 276, of whom 224 took part in the Western schools Field Day on Salisb itry Plain. The corps was inspected on wednesday by major e. H. Stafford r.e., in Drill in engineering. Klaer a school Canter buy. The numerous occupations of the easter terms food a. Fives rowing gym optics sports All fail usually to keep out the omnipotent influenza. This year however we have been Lucky enough to escape a so far. The sports Wene to have been held on March 11, but the weather caused a postponement till March 28 29. All times Dould be faster than at those last held in 1908. A. M. Geletis Tirpe has already in practice beaten record with a Fine Long jump of 21ft. 3in. The sports against Dover Collie Are fixed for Mardi 31, the lost Day of term. The River has attracted a very Large number of people ten fours entering for the annual races on March 22 24. The 6<ool congratulates the headmaster on a double distinction honorary Canonoy of Canterbury the degree of doctor of divinity of Oxford. Hop Aford Bechool bowing occupies most attention during the sent term the school regatta trial fours Wera held at the beginning of March. The Crew have been in training for four weeks in preparation for the annual inter school races the first of which the Monmouth race was rows at Monmouth on tuesday. The school won by 2j length is. F. J. Williams is Captain of boats this year. The Dice of Herr Goetz who died recently been filled by or. E. Wilkinson formerly of Heidelberg. The athletic sports Are fixed for april 9. We noted with Sistis fiction the Victory of or. H. R. Rogg o.h., in the inter University 100 Yards. The term ends on april 14. A Aat Bourasa Collaras Hie following have been elected to boarding scholarships at Eastbourne College pc. S. Coombe Craven College Beckenham. V. Godfrey Ehn House school Surbiton. P. I. Mead St it me Gate school Leicester. F. J. Whaley Edburgh prepaid tory school c. M. Wingfield Streatham school. D. K. Finnimore Eastbourne College has been elected to a Day boys scholarship. Hie King has Aop ept a copy of the Rev. Pem Berio la Gay it div new Hook Quot Tim months of the some recent decisions of the Law courts have widened the liability of employers increased the Inadequacy of Premium rates. Life offices valuations. Life Assurance is a department which is much less subject to fluctuations in results than other sections the chief anxieties of actuaries relate to matters affecting the investment of funds such As variations in prices of securities in the rate of interest the pressure of taxation. The most interesting reports Are those which include periodical valuations for the purposes of profit. It is satisfactory to observe that notwithstanding the Peculiar difficulties of the year in relation to a continued die citation in Stock change securities the apr Ewd condition of the property Market an increased. Income tax those he offices which have As yet announced their periodical valuation resulta have been Able to maintain their previous rates of Bonus distribution. Some of them in fact have increased them. Thus the Bonus declared the Prudential Assurance company the largest life As Well Industrial company in the kingdom has been increased in its Ordinary department from 32s. To 34s. Per cent in simple reversion form. This company makes annual valuations. The quinquennial valuations of the a Law Union Rock of the old equitable Assurance society a have also led in some resists to an improvement of Bonus results which had previously been on a generous Ecale. The a a Law Union Rock Bonus on policies issued by the company As the a Law Union Crown a since the Kusiba with the a Rock a have been increased from 32s. To 35s. Per cent per annul in a a compound reversionary form which is a most excellent declaration. The equitable society a quinquennial valuation report announces the maintenance of its former exceedingly High Standard of reversionary in anuses on whole of life Poh cies which Range from �1 6s. Per cent per annul on policies of to years standing or less to very much higher amounts As policies increase in duration averaging Over All its a it participating policies of this class More than �3 per cent per annul Over the Quinque Ennius in simple form. The equitable bonuses in endowment policies have been increased in compound reversionary form from 26s. To 30s. Per cent per annul Over the Quinque Ennius. The equity i a society announces increased bonuses As compared with the previous distribution though the exact figures have not yet been published. Itie abstainers general insurance company a triennial valuation report shows an increase of Bonus from 18s. To 20s. Per cent per annul Over tie triennium. This company a rates of Premium it May be Home in mind Are considerably below the average charged by British life offices particularly in its a a Temperance a Section. The Marine general company maintains its excellent Bonus in simple form of �2 per cent per annul. Depreciation income tax. It must not be forgotten however that one reason Why life offices have generally been Able to maintain their Bonus rates is the fact that their previous valuations have been based on very stringent methods of finance. Their profits have been in Many cases drawn upon to some extent in past years for the Puit Jose of strengthening their reserves the time has been reached when they Are Able to devote a larger proportion of the actual profit of a Quinque Ennius for the purpose of Bonus distributions. Soms of them notwithstanding their Fine Bonus records have had during the past few years to apply a considerable amount of profit to writing Down securities but on the Oiher hand the rate of interest earned on their funds has generally increased. One unfavourable feature of some recent valuations has been the Extension of depreciation to securities of other descriptions than Stock Exchange investments. This is particularly noticeable As regards Cound rents end undoubtedly legislation fears of its further development As regards the taxation of land have had an Adverse influence in this respect like temperate Analy amps which the chairman of the Prudential Assurance made in his speech at the annual meeting of that company of a die effect of the taxation of the proposals made in last years budget upon the Prosperity of life Assurance companies is Well worthy of the serious attention of those who Are responsible for the National financial policy. It should surely be considered Tjw interest of the state to encourage our great Thrift institutions rather than to Penalise them. The harshness of the incidence of the income us which is imposed not on the profits of life offices but on their interest est Rigg is another crying injustice that Calls for take a single instance the amount of income tax paid by the equitable society during the last Quinque Ennius is equivalent to about is. M. Per a i of profits. Thus the society paid More than half As much again in the form of income tax a it is reasonably contended should have been levied. In most other cases the injustice of the present system of assessment is even More strikingly apparent for in the equitable the amount of profits much More nearly approaches the amount of profits than is usually the Case. A new Tramway at Bioh Gate. The new electric Tramway constructed on the conduit system by the London county Council up High the Hill from the archway tavern to the old Gate House hotel was opened for Public traffic yesterday. The cars Are smaller than those on the Ordinary London county Council lines Are fitted with powerful brakes which work on the Slot rail in addition to the Ordinary brakes in order to ensure Complete safety in descending the very Steep gradients of the Hill. 1 he new line forms a connection at 4he archway tavern with the London county Council lines to the City Holmbom eos too Road also forms a Junction at the same a with uie metro pohts by metric Tramway company a line to Finchley High Barnet. I i Metal Mitef in few Royal Bleb each. Leaden. It Bead office of the corporation fire bur6lary. And accidents to Domestic servants at l0wmt to Mable rates by the is Imti of Printe but Komit Royal Exchange . 172a governor sir Nevile Lubbock . Tie corporate Iii Alse tra Odicta life. Sea annuities. Mel its Quantee. Meter car. Plate class Executer amp trustee business. Send for prompt Eta to the Seck Taky. Haj i files l�jalizehai4i,, a. West end Bemnet 44, pah Mah accidents of All kinds sickness employers liability burglary amp Fidelity guarantee risks insured against by the railway passengers Assurance co. Capital fully subscribed 64, Corn Hill London. Claims paid �5,700,000. A. Vian seen Lcuy. Cleroy Mutual Assurance society a it 3, the Sanctuary Westminster . Founded 1829. This society a Liili Lias completed eighty years of successful development Grants life assurances on his Bly favourable terms to the clergy their Lay relatives connections. All profits belong to the members. Funds �4,439,825. Bonuses divided �4,256,464. Zagt a premiums. Large bonuses. Bonus year 1911. All writ profit As Eureaneas in Force on 1st june in that year win share in the distribution. No agents Ara employed no commission paid. Aktar tees eat be effected by direct with theoflice 2 3, thu Sau stuary Westminster . Ans Bible a Rem re Mph of the Bible by which every verse is re grouped trader the subject to which it More particularly refers. It is at an opportune moment that the originators of the analytical reference Bible place the result of their labours on the Market. This magnificent volume of 2200 pages beautifully printed on the thinnest but stoutest of paper contains not Only the authorised version 120 closely printed pages of a helps a to say nothing of Cruden a concordance Complete but nearly 700 pages devoted to an entirely new original a a analysis in. This a a analysis the texts Are arranged under Twenty seven headings or books such As a the family a a mediums methods of revelation a Industrial employments pro ducts a other each of these books is subdivided into a number of chapters a other nations a for instance into chapters on the a origin of nations a a Mutual a ovations a a a Gentile nations a so Forth. Yet again each of these chapters is divided into sections so that in the chapter devoted to Gentile nations we have sections devoted to Nineveh Babylon the �as4 Over 100,000 copies of this new analytical reference Bible have already been sold showing that purchasers Are Well satisfied that they gel value for their Money. The leaders of the churches Are loud in its Praise. Archdeacon Sinclair considers it a perfectly admirable a Canon Scott Holland a most intelligent serviceable a while the Kev. Or. Horton sums up its service to the cause of religion by giving As his verdict that it a should certainly promote a far Fuller Richer know a de of scripture in Church Send for a Booklet Coyi gaining full details Apeci ram Paget Lesii Monias from leading prelates of All . Terms. The new analytical reference Bible May he loud in qualities. Applications to Geilier with cheques or postal Oiler should by Udd Roi Secl to Thomas Hawkins 50, Baker Street Portman it quart l j it Lon a. Quality. I the of Back stamped in Gold. Net Cash. A. Best Levant. Fine leather of great Hitren Ali Liivi nity circuit lined with Cross grained calf , Roii Iid Corners red under Gold edges with milk Marker Tii Umb x Carriage i gift to to b. Limp Seal. A Good durable leather lined in Lealier wit i kid finish round Corners red under Gold edges w Atli ilk in irks i it o Cani Ayi free the instalment plan. Quality a. One Pound with order six install cents of 10 each. Quality b. One Pound with order Iivo monthly instal meals of 7/0�?�each. Cut out this applicant Iii form Forward it with Cheque or postal order for �1 to Thomas Hawkins so Baker St., Portman sq., London w. Date. La i Earlom �1. Flesse Send me the new reference Bible. Stick heat oae of these Zoei. A. Bert Levant for which i agree to make a you or aay Ltd a too May Eppo tac six payments of 10/ Esch. B. Limp Seel for which i a set it make you or Sayyae Yea Aisy appoint Fly farther monthly pay meets of 7/6 each. I Acree to Nake my Aea pay Amat oae Eato adar Moab from to Days Date a a Reeed Ina meats of the Eoerge speeding Day of each month Folloman. Until Payta Eom m depleted this veloce Saudas year Peeper to. And 1 engage not to dispose of it by Sale or otherwise. Sifted a a a a eee Keeae a a of a a a eat a a Eek be Blok. Mr., mrs., or miss. a a a a a a be be Eek a a Seebe Yeeee a 12 Carrafa paid the emf Rai Raj station Iatha Uaita kingdom

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