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London Standard Newspaper Archives Mar 1 1916, Page 1

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London Standard (Newspaper) - March 1, 1916, London, Middlesex -h.-v. \ a 1 a for tto a it ,.sf�li�bl6 town Subuh Bam Gou a try so aside Fata snit in or po8tpm fat a to Stith Fludy Mowitt to cd Yfim Illek. All letters a in i Kosint a via Hlay Iii to a Bould 1 addressed to the my tip edit. A a the St fld id 132-4, jpi��t4t��l, a Persona Fudy to to a in their a is Rel add Breasia cd a the of Charme in a the a Sbin a a Ndia a to re of to be a it we to at to Tje it warded i Quai it in sufficient to cd vef Poeung of unit be so it with Tiiu a a a a it is Mentse. In lice. One Lidit orial and publishing offices of the Bax Are at 102-5, Sbo-��rs<9, . City office 9, to office and counting he use j.5.- 4vf�o�et8trect, Paris office 47, Bis Boulevard de Courcelles. Under the Post Olby be to Gulat ions newspapers will not be sent on to Neutral european countries unless despatched direct a Vroni Ihu offices of the ubh6�o3�r8 or emits who have obtained or Mission from i i ice Foi this Deis who have been in the habit of sending the Standard to friends in these in Oun ties can have the per so it Diin it by the publisher a Zilie Standard a 101, a Law in pl��t-8l�b�ot to. A a terms of subscription United 9 9 iter or. To Lonks and abroad to cheques and Money orders to he made payable to Lanager to be Standard. / telegraphic address a a Starddard London. Telephone by tonal managerial publishing and thou born 0693 private Brauch a Exchange. City a Ftp a 63�o4 London Wall Back ii Umbers of 1?he Standard can by obtained it cd. Per copy. Applications with re tip in Tancy plus i it Osta a cd. Inland cd. Abroad per cop Fehon old be addressed a he pub Iahn a of a the Standard a 1�4, shoe Jane . A ass it it Jgr a get Mishk i to c01tesw a amp ears. Vhf. Standard accepts no responsibility for manuscripts. These Are submitted at sendet�?T6 risk. All court buttons should be Zacconi pained by the writers name and address. A 0t1ce.�?th� Cha Ftp for advertise men1�ob of do pcs. . And ii five shillings for five Lim Bach i�b1wt10n, had a Williat flt or eve>7 Audilio Haftl Lite theft att Cuitee taets Minifi a Athena Toaty a by the a am Aad add Tou a i the it a i idea and Tjas Melit made by . Of Chi Giusti. Adder to Tubat offices. �os24. F Toutt St. Fil.0. Tel rms. to lib 26th feb., at so Lisbury Southern re Leeia to or. And Ilis. H. O. Backho Oise be Lisanc a Lettish a Dah Goteh a the 27th f�b., at 2�, wet he ath a Rwy. Lahip Steft to he a he mrs. Charlto amp own no a Nina ,iohnrtoin�?4 Boris the 22nd f�b., tit 8, Cedar of a it a Toens vile use i Cubley t�., the wite Nee Tuat us of Ralph c3 St tto a. Of 76, grc6t�iik>r-Strint, a. Of a Dao Shter. C0n7n06�y h the 26lh i it a. At 51, Jet of Larry re. in la Al lib Ute Tont Dwindt bbl Ark. Ihu wt>h6st�lre Iiri of 1, Sarah if in. late Embar in Leila 8.w.of a Maui hts a. Fila do Olphia Iii is plea # copy. Deacon a in the 2sth feb., it 77. Loveday Road Vikung is Vita of c. A. Death of a on the 26th feb., the a frito of 3tfior we. Due a Rikl Mitnit of Here Hite vet Tilini a i a daughter. Eli Iott the 26th fob., at 13. Princee cute h.w., Fie Witt of Lieut. H. Elliott Steitle r.n.ft., of Ciau Ghl the 26th feb., at Leryl Doe Merhar the Wilt of a Vernon 1. A Iuit to a daughter. Or Fri the on the 24th feb., at bom Bathe wife of f. 1. Grub eth Sudiah police of a Daush a a by Cable the 26t,h feb., to or. A Are. J. A. In a Reddrson 6�, Well Stoa i Tiido a Wood. the 26th feb. At. Miloto Hall Stratford on Aton to the lie of Wiltrid Morion Hunter Lieut., daughter. tote 26th feb., at Field View Heddle that re Lii Ici to Sorrit no pay Mieor. Wife a i at Rohmen liout., a Vleeda rides Quot a daughter. Marrupes. .cq3exs->27l0rche2e,on the 26th feb., m All Saibs Norfolk Laie. W., by the Rev. Boyd Lieut. C. R. G. Of okd. son of the late o. U. Covens. Ii.r.c.p., , of 49, ozlond4crr, and mrs. Loosens of 16, Tho Moo Hill Wimbledon to Doris daughter of a. Motley i let Cheri eiq., a i 154, West Hiu Putney. the 26th feb., at Wesley i Hapel full it Ood mid. Sheffield by the re. V. Few non. ., misted by Tho fir. Percy l. Who Hirist b.d., Henry Burrow. A Lumora tiieut., West Riding son or. And mrs. Henry Gallimore of Haltem House Joshef Ikwild to is Hel Mary boo Cut elder daughter of or. And my. T. Ward of end life Vale House. Sheffield. Tho 24th feb., at St. Mary Sfa Hurch Ifo Reell Woking by the her. F. R. Cooks m.a., William Hughes Lynes 2nd Lieut., Royal Warwick dire Slegt. Younger Eon of or. Lya Efi j.p., of Coventry to let it Rotum Margaret youngest daughter of the late Francis Miland Philipe. Barrister of Gaea Deronia. Bor Dighera. And of mrs. Met and Phillips of Hie Anchorage Horsell m 26th february at . Con-fu1�t�.geneial, Aad afterwards at Ghrist is lurch Yokohama John Rutur of the Hon Kong and Shanghai banking it corporation. To Frances Helen Grey Matron of the Yoko Liana general Hospital. 4 a Rnic is rom Man. London wednesday March 12 pages Penny k Amu a Miff a Imtiaz Oto in 1� m Nav aft a Imit to a to my a a in Ima personal. Fall East of London. Sir soul a mgr Ili to la nto aaa to or air amp a i amp la acid a top mob go. But and yes inane organisation a Hata a a need a a a Onist the ple i Tho in things Tempo the Sud i��6�iadr a sad per widows att Elf Ceil i. Dry a tided in their time of need v v a up All a is Wottke is to by a Bdl iat there is a Teiry la Al no it for fax More. A Mayy raised in the ish Itsell. Where theve Cai he a Birs thirty Yean. Will you please Send help it is Gro a no a did. Iii Day cribs contributions a a to Lliott Olixa do a and Sali tila Bank 1. Labia treet. the Rev. Stew Art Smyth the Viea Tage. St. Marks Victoria Bcka Looden. 1 keep a Tommie so clean. Are asking you individually to help us to keep a a i Ommy a a clean by sending him Oisin factors for hib kit and. Baths for Almb tif. Hare already Kint nearly tax Itelia a an c Orer Neeal hate Tilsch 2000 do Sinfu Olow. Help us to help our own tb00p3, so that every unit is kept in fighting trim. E. V. A. A. Empress club 35. Dover Street. A Book for animal levees. Or. A a on a letter to he by. The life Story and Philo Copto it of it jacked a Price l8. Sold for the Benefit of thet re for wounded and sick army hoi to be obtained from miss v. By Ingfield. 170. Piccadilly w. A Oyal Floral a cd Zety. Jav Boyar . Pawn is majesty the of doctor in Frederick Bridge . 8at�orday atnno0i7, my 4. At 3, e dream of go Honius. A mar. My Mai stat Oett Rai. Or. Gervaso a Tiwa. Or. Yet Tivit Irvng a a Nat it of full band and ghz rats. Ohgimi Isth of. A l. Balfour. Stalls 7s. 6d. A ate amp a 6 Balcony 4s. Cd 2s. 6d Gay try promenade la. To diets at Royal Albert Hall and usual agents Pii of the in to 30nb in Volcy pro Wnm i Ltd Fri a a a Ideal stii�ehts.�?46a. Bondii a rd., South Sam a Ftp and. Shiming. St the t a mails the a a. Sydney Aal . Lif Adame Lena Law it i u Utji. Sup nor Manuel Garcia it lesson d�oct1qn and singing mondays mud la society for the assistance of ladies in reduced c1rgumotancb8. Under Royal patronage. Some of my poor ladies a Counte Are very Tae Are entirely exhausted. Please to Kedly �12, e6, or �3 to help me to reply Nisler their Jboob. To enable me to give then their usual monthly Nooney everything being 60 expensive they need our help More Eter. Please do not refuse to Send of these eu�?o5-tsec., edit it via Elwood 192. Lancaster Road. N. Kit ing ton Loh Doh w. In As Tourne College. I will old eat a thou anians. Who the . Afro citation. Kindly Send their a is and or amp sent addresses to h. H. Coke Esq. Claremon a Bem Elan Tbs Unie in order that a Rester May be prepared for the Jubilee of the Coldwe in 1917? the pm mob of Wales a a Jim own p Atrio a a re he Homes a it la a is Bra a words by has old beast the entire profits if this Long will by devoted to the National if fund and the variety Artistes benevolent fund and institution the Forier receiving 75 Pat cent., the latter 25 per cent. The Homes they leave behind. Will you help them by purchasing the song Plica is. Id. Post Iteen band parts Aie published it the nominal change of 2a. Net by the Jobb Visners of the song Enoch and Soha. 14 and 14a, Gre it marlbi3gh<etteet. London. Exilta Lions amused my a amp a. 1jadame tcssaud�?T8 excl Boom a Ltd Baker Reet station. A Laleike Petrait models of general sir Douglas Haig her of the War on 8ea and land. Unique Telios irom German Treigi Cobei. Free pictures i. Dough Tull music All Day. Luncheons afternoon Tom. It amp admin bin is. Children 6d. Open 10 a. Till 10 . I a Stilu 0bibnt a in. Opatril Iii the a atry his arc Tiffa sold ago a Law sea Lake and Tasmania tickets with. Amp o. Line to i. A Bodoh. Teui Dii. A Frau. 5.130 a mar. 4 m�r.6 of amp Terley i2, april t aprils manag of. Green amp and and Robson. Anderson amp a. A Sage apply a the Laicer Flint 5. Fe�6hur a a Enue. a a f the a a at . Oeek8�irttrt 8. A amp o Branch service v Clas Only. For Partica ars to to the manager 3% Lime Street . New zealand and Australia. Calling at Teneriffe. Capetown and Bob . Is at a Chi a a Royal Maui a a of Sti Sames la est in time Leafe i diva ii a ttys Al 6.1c30r1nthig pcs 3 it a Lim telegu or. Jacin a Tod i a Jtj Hedli Linb. Fast Passi Abb a to steamships fitted wit Eleas t ii outside Dereik a a bins. Toe inc fans. Rich Gniaek by it oev6tnm6nt. Karachi via Bomba calling at Gibraltar and Egypt. Elysia a Cut i 18. Scandia about april 4. Ane her line Hwd Erbon brother Jii Ltd., 4, St. Maj axe . a h amp 0 and Jim wish ma1� iad pass Esfi Sest Losa t. East and a Outh Al qua. Tickets 1 twi All Saili Niin Sable Meta a Herat if. With calling at Gibraltar a a cd facts ii to. Sri rear and Oriental sail nil amp Uada a coat get with Hia a Jesef e 4ss- London. Mar7 4 mar. 11 mar. 18 mar. 25 april t my so less mar. 7 mar. 3tar. Mar. Aiu Deatina Tiftz , 11 Postraw Imp a. C8un� la boil bar and Karachi a a gift Lia ind a Chilla 1 Bombay Aad Kaiichi slant no a. Lodi Cauna b Ibby Ine of twin screw mail or Geli Italy Street . _____l0ffice.l7.nerthumberiaad-aveiiuw0., Hankey. And co. Dock House bluster b linked in the War. Many soldiers aft sailors men in the prune of Lile he been suddenly struck Blind by shot or excl. And Are Oon damned Olive in darkness Lor the rest o4 their lives. I by Loright for us and for our Sakes to kist to la two Many consider dearer than life Tseu. Minuto their position the Brave men who in the in a health and St fifth went out to fight. It my to return hip less As Little Rhudien. They a re being cared for at the blinded Bol East a sailors Hostel St. Dunstan in a. Regents re. London and by re Are a a Lear Hong to be Blinda the re Tau pit to read with their Finger tii its to Uso the Ordinary Type Itoi it and each is trained in some int Ere Fulg and profi occupation. Furthermore arrangements have been made to care Lor them after they leave St. Dim stand a. To secure tha proper carry ii out of Thero a Laige Stim is necessary and it is hoped that this Wilum a med by profits Arit Fisic from Tho Cale of retune pm a which ate Tatad with the a refute of any re i in the Aimy. Everyone Quot who wishes to help should a buy of there souvenir rings. They Are to is had it Good Shell pn<�.2s. In 9-ct. Gold at Guinea Ezrh Brauti fury is Nita with any Cress you require. To obtain of the thus hoj the blinded Eold Jers and Sarlote i Quot cuts pm Mosul order to the soc rotary the kind idlers and Sailor so Hostel St. Duff Uii a Stefi Entz spark London . Mark Yout Betel pcs Quot ring. Cut a Hole in a piece of Pai it Erih size of the ring you Requie a Dato what Crest you a wish to be engraved upon it. A Ater jump the a t National horse a How. Roy Agio of Tural Hall. Judging for the King a Champion a Kite cup. Pres rated by a majesty thel4c apr the Best thoroughbred stallion. Based of the Lush go was. Admission 2b. 6d. ? an. To 6 . Art exhibitions Royal Academy exhibition 1916. Rec frag Days. Waited colours panels. Mini to ies blk i and White drawing pc eking savings. Alid acc jute a a Tural i a a. Priday a Tarch 24. Oil painting saturday. March 2i5.andmaiiy. Maha 27. Sculp Tuio. Tuesday 28. No artist is allowed to Send or exhibit More thaa the rib different j All works must be a diverted at the Burl Autton Garden entry . Nonie will be received at Pio Cadley Entrance. Hot fairs for the reception of works. 7 am. To 10 pm. forms and to procured drug tiie iddon of Maach Only irom the Academy. Application is for theim made by letter must the accompanied by a stamped Aind addressed envelope Loir their Eidos us Oyal society of Painter etchers and Egypt. Cellos Bursich Bibby Bros it co. Live Poi and Lor mar Killeb. Southern India i 10. Mincing4a., Jondon. . Cot Leges school a. A Buss at ii Abt he gute Edne ate recently a a ret Row a Frenn Petrograd will give is amp on la the run Ian language terms very so Cre try so Leiofi ter gardens w. Ellesman sixty and Hall lines from Liverpool to Jug Egypt and India. All sailings Are liable to cancellation or deviates with Dat notice owing to the War. Steamer. ��o7 0�z Karachi. A City of Marseilles. City of Madrid. Cite of Birmingham ton Date. 5573 mar. 4 8250 mar. 8 .8j9 mar. 10 7498 mar. 25 from Glasgow dest Natieb. Jalc Tutta a a Bombay and Karachi Calcutta Bombay and Karachi a twin screw. Apply to a meet Romerie and Workman Ltd. 33. Church St . Hall line 9, fench Urcer Avenue . Euer Many a City line Agency or Hall line ltd22. Wate Street. Liverpool or to Geo. Smili and sous. Glasgow. In do i to South Africa Elle an amp Bucl All City of Cairo 10,145 tons tech. 24 italian. 4670 tons Al. 15. F special spacious Siiple and a double berth Cabins. Cuisine firet>cla83 Only a pet own �24, Mossel Bay �25 Algoa Bay �25, East London �26, Natal �27. Weekly cargo set Eek. Is object to can Cement or alteration without notice. Apply 5 and 6. Biu Itear Avenue London. . Japan 0hina, and Australasia i v3a United states and Canada or . . For through tickets and lowest in Tim apply to any Thos. Cook k son. Cd Lief office i4udgateckpus. In Mon. A employ Meir to of partially disabled Sci soldiers and sailors. An Bureau has bin of pent left next in a with Queen Majiyu a Conva Leb a int aulm Leary hospitals flt a soldiers and Sailius who have Lait a limb in the War. A Jargo number of men Are available 1�v�r=ou8 occur �?T8 a ii of will e my Nkum i a n will employers kindly Oom. The Hon. Secretary. Eft ploy Boe Hampton a Lih Osei desirous of ?iig.5e� x a a a ii lib sri can Dojk through Tjie. Ajey readers society. Who employ a Start of Eek a in soldiers Airong the troops for the purpose of distribution of the a Rii Wiaes. Fete. It is hoi ted to extend tie work As Troch a to Amble during the War and pm yer is As Lor the pm piety and its readers. Funds can be sent to colonel a a. Cd a eve Bette Tail. 112 St. Martins Lane . Joseph Pennelly a remarkable exhibition Germany at work a a pict Tab of Krupps. A St Cal works Docke. Zero Jeub Loe. La. Practical Quantity Surveyor above military age with own office is prepared of a a Ever the Ooi Cletion of estate or Emu dog contract ease let references in Well known architects Aud . J. A. 121. Victoria Street. . D Domestic s Ervant p problem. How to obtain efficient and Superior servants consult Quot the stand Allds Reprez a stat Ivy in the restaurant Day at messes. D. H. Evans 290, Oxford-St., w. Deaths. I l f the 26th feb., at Quot Ca Perthun Quot East Dulwich prove. Maty Ann Elizabeth widow of Freto ick Sharp Buck aged 68. Funeral at Forest Hill cemetery of thursday 2nd Mah at 12.30 . Service at St. Bar. A Lucils Church at 11.30 . It the 27th feb., at 3?, Underhill Road. Dul a Irh ., Alfred Henry Chandler 63 Yean at Lloyd a i his 81st year. Funeral at Norwood it it meter on. I urday 2nd March at 3 . Serrine previously at it. Peters Dulwich common at 2.15 . Chick the 25th feb., at Mentone a East borne. I Anny widow of Arthur Prickitt. Esq., and doved Worther of Dorothea Currie in her 70th year. the 26th feb. At 45, Kenilworth Road. St. Naos Iron sea Janie elder daughter of the late John i May m her 65th year. No Llowana by request. the 27th feb. Ralph Flet Dier. J.p., of Ito handles Atherton and Low How. Ambosi col a try proprietor aged 73 years. Funeral at Bridge. Atherton on Ali uranday at 2 of clod. the 24th feb., at Verno Horeham Road six x. Bryan Holme Holmes of poll Home Yor sure. A a a i 95thyear. On the 25th feb., at Bentham Tittl cottage Oci a Borough near Tunbridge Wells. Joseph Bailey Hooper on of the late j. Hooper. Stoke House. St. Marabou Rise. I Over. Hants aged 53. American papers please copy. A the 20th feb. At the Springs poke no Ilija Auckland n.z., Harriet Johnston formerly of , Woodbury. Devon elder daughter of the late Charlesin Aston of Chea bunt Herts aged 87 years. J the 25th feb. Suddenly at 38. Sussex lure. Brit Futon lady Anna France Kemball widow of it general sir Arnold Burrow Kemball. is i i a Ovod Mother of Wilfred Tolle mache. No Ilo Weis. a a audit. A the 28th feb. At Abbotsford bion a a Sbory Park ., Maude the dearly beloved Wile of a on Koppenhagen. Funeral at will Eden cemetery on a it Iiri Jay 3.30 . the 27th feb., at 3, Granville place. A. Mcmahon late major 14th Light dragoons son a that late general sir Thomas Mcmahon. Bart. G.c.b., his 91st year service at St. Mary a Branston Square. A the Issayi interment at Kensal Green. the 28th feb. At 11, Portland Road Oxford Thomas Mallam the beloved husband of Alice Mal Ujj aged 67 years. Funeral on thursday at St. A hiris Chupin. Nihim Merton. Oxford at 2.30 Afler at Wolver Cote Lemetory. the 27th feb., at Eltham Kent Amelia the beloved Wile of William Marks aged 85 j the 25th feb., at a St. Owens a High Park i.w., Hugh Trego lam it Dooley the beloved third a 01 or. And mrs. J. Alexander masters in his Letha i on the 26th feb., at , Maidenhead. Eliza of f. Spiro like of 14. Palmeira Square. Britto youngest daughter of Thomas Sedgwick summer of a Hithe Kent aged 87. I the 26th feb., at the , zealand con yen. Of heart failure six Days alter a ratio for a i and iritis Annie Maria fourth daughter of the Lato to. Stagg. Of Burton Westmorland. monday. 28th feb., at 44. Aubert Park i Kabiry alter Short illness. Rev. I it Ouis Stanham m.a., Naer y vicar of fit. Bartholomew a Islington for 43 Bis 91st year. Funeral. Thursday. Finchley also at messes. Derry and toms Kensington High Stria a w. Adjoining Boot dept., first floor. Charmes and hospitals. Urgent need i cold and wet. Hurch my Ujj recreation juts under fire in Flanders also in France Mediterranean Egypt Salonica British East Africa Mesopotamia India and the United kingdom. Will you Supply hut �300or <5ne portable Section �20 or tent �150 1 equipment a too per hut. Weeks working �5 abroad �2 at Home. In memorial. Fondly resting in my heart is the memory of my by loved and devoted husband. Jack Jolly who passed inti Bromley Road cat lord 1st Mach Quot beyond the River of sorrow there is a promised a i Ris Nadie aaa Anta Snadie i Cairns sub Ltd a a a a a a Aub. Itai Tod. So con Ltd hand Fike and Orif and and Boss a Hali Price list lre�.riffith8 and 45. Canon St est blurs. A phone. No. 5068 Bank. Dally 11 .�?5 pm. Excepting sat., then 11 ajn.�?1 . There is Only Way in which you a an keep yourself informed of the Progress of attain in the world wide British Empire and that is by Reading the special Quot Standard of emp01e�?� supplement in a the Standard a every thursday morning. Inti Erial affairs Are bulking More larg in the attention of the Hoone Public than Ever before. T he Dot a minions Are joining with the motherland in the deter ass of our it common heritage. The investor the sportsman and the Young Man or woman seeking a career Are fast realising that opportunities exist within the Empire far Superior to those uttering in Loreign lands. In Short whether from the Point of View of self interest or of patriotism it pays to keep in touch with the Oversea dominions. Ii you have relatives in any of the dominions or colonies to a cannot afford to miss the Standard of so spire a topple mint in every thursdays Quot you must keep in touch with the attain of these Young British Nati it is across the sea and Iho Only Way to do this is to read the a Standard of Empire supplement in a the standards every thursday. Phe subscription rates to thursdays Standard a containing the a Standard of Empire supplement Are 6s. 6d. Per annul to Iree United kingdom 8s. 8d. Per annul Oversea. Subscriptions should be prepaid and sent to the publisher 104. Lane London. . club. A for King and hand court. High Holborn. Telegrams. . A a Vete Clu Telephone. 6145 Holmbom. This club has been opened on usual club lines in Large and convenient premises in hand court i Holborn. London. ., near chancery Lane and Holborn tube stations. The Chib provides excellent accommodation including a Jarge and handsome dining Hall to seat 150. Handsome lounges Fine billiard Saloon with Lour tables. Reading room. Library i ockers ., As As room accommodation. Good me is and All usual club refreshments Are obtainable at Low charges. Sex members of the Navy. Army and marines and of the permanent colonial forces who have served in the ranks reservists and All who have served or who Are still serving in the army. Post office corps. Militia or special Reserve Royal naval Reserve Royal naval Reserve volunteers yeomanry volunteers and territorial forces who have been on Active service or who arc in Possession of the Long service medal Are eligible Lor election to the club on payment of the annual or quarterly subscription. The committee Hope service men will Avail themselves of the Opportunity offering to them of using the club As a Central Headquarters and convenient meeting Plaez. Sailors soldiers and marines serving Are eligible As member on the same Tenna terms of subscription. Payable in Advance town 5 Miles radius of general Post office. London 10s. Per annul or by half yearly ii told Mente of 5s., or quarterly instalments of 2s 6d country 5 Miles Radina of general la St Oil ice. London. 5�. I it or annul or by Hau a carry instal ments of 2s. 6d. Application forms of membership. Cit Colari ., May be obtained from the Secretary. Veters club offices 47, Bedford Row. Let Ndon. and Ateo if required. Information As to obtaining Emp it Ament to Maroa of the veep Kransz corps which has Benlo ended on a separate Baais 1er Aien Ben of the Veteran so club Only. In avy employment Agency Abbey Man in Siom. 25, Victoria Street. 8.w sex naval men. Of Best character on supplied a messengers. Porters card ers confidential men Cobau Floia Steric in clerks. Valets timekeepers la do keepers and Lor any position of to Secretary a above. Telex no. 6355 Victoria. Telegrand enabling. Vic. employers Are earnestly requested to assist by employing men who have served their Doc try. A Trilhe Standard a will to sent Post free to x any address in the United kingdom for 9d. Weekly and will be delivered at be aside and Holiday Orbi on the Day of Paboue Amiott. Feb Fuld there be any Dlf Bently in obtaining the Standard Readen Are Rene red to i Man Cate Mth Tom publisher. A a the sunward a 104. Shoe Lane London. the soldiers amp sailors help Bock Ety. A 1s2. Brompton it Road Supply men As indoor servant Porten or la Booran. no fee chata ten in it to data. Kitchen and ambulance cars at the Pront. Hospital in North France. Named �50. British prisoners m go Many. 5a/parcel treats for troops. Parcels form at front. Recreation rooms for Soldie wives. Wives and widows in fresh air Homes fri3bnds for wounded in Iii by. Relatives of wounded escorted abroad munitions canteens for ordnance workers. De ques crossed bapcla3rs, a a Church Aimy a payable to Preben Dary Carlile d.d., Hon. Chief sec., h<eadquartez8, Bryainaton-&tre6t, ble Arch w lost and found. Inion Castle line. To South and East Africa. The Cape Natal. Transvaal Rhodesia weekly for South Africa Steamer. Llanstephan Ca it the Tiamu it in a Saxon made it Ipi. A Cluny Castle via Lisbon. Berwick Casle via Gnu it it a casual Castle via Madeira t calling at ascension St. Hgt Lena Ito Union and Mikius $ caring at Libbon. Gibraltar Marseilles and Naptes. St object the Cavic Ellarien or any alteration tac luding Devia Tita without notice. Fer further sailings Teply to the head Offill 5, finc lurch Street. West end age by Thos. Week and Seo. 125, pall mall . Service. Reyal mail. Rovai mail. Extra East coast. Mai mail. Leaden. Mar. 8 mar. 18 mar. 21 m r. 2 j mar 25 a Nchone link Royal Mau steamers a Glasgow to Yor twin screw Juar. 3 a Tuania Turin screw ./.mar. 17. Curing at Liv my the foil Vlug Day. Moderate fares a apply this. Cook l son Paris canard Liae 29 and 31, conf Spur St get 8.w. Or Anchor line Henderson Brothe Ltd. 4, St. Mary axe. London a acadian Pacific via Canada to Japan Manila China. Is pres of Russia from Vancouver april 20 Empress of Japan. Vancouver. May 4 apply Canadius Pacific railway. 62-65, a taxing cobs a. 67-68, King Williajn-St., . New zealand amp Australia via Canada and Canadian australasian mail Serrica Makura. Izoia Vano Orect Al 12 calling Honolulu Niagara a a May 10 and Suva. Apply Canadian Pacl fio railway As Abote. La cd examination to Grill by. Held on june 6th and 7th to elect to at least ten Schb warships varying in value irom �70 to �45 a year. A Tuli oin application to the head blaster. Italian and French taught by Young j. La a Monte tsp Tioy. Grain mar Lite to tire Singen coached in Loreis a dogs deceives and visits at their g. I in Rte a a 2, my Cli mansions Day ing Addis on Road station. Ketsi Niit a. Gools and in Stobs. Patents can Obj a Nires of charge relic be information resp Stiim schools Tuton and Educ Siobal Hoffies for a and girls by a end mini i a ill Jar Siculan of their require. Ii age of pupils locality preferred. Rabie of fees i to Mesan. Truman and Knightly. Ltd., agents. Who Are largely responsible Lor the Teao Bing a to Fly of the most important schools and thus Able to Supply difficult to Ltd it Tain elsewhere. Oboes 1s8-182, ozlcnrdf�t., London w. A phone. 1136 Muse Aab London and Conj try he Tel a . La 1 Roma lacing the sea. A phone 2150. Hotek Oid Stab. Listed in situation Sposito West pier spacious Coffee and Reading Roerts sea. Water service an equalled cuisine gnat variety Lent wines moderate Tarioli. Electric Light in All rooms. Pass Nger lists to All the floors. A phone 43 Brig Toni Telegram Bedford hotel Brighton Walter Mett manager. Queens Highcliffe hotel Margate. Leading . Unique posit it a iitategr6aim 8, 200 rooms. Cinderella dance every Satori by. Grand ballroom and Orch Itra a the year round. Tel Ozone. A Elk 506. Tunbridge. spa Premier hotel grounds 65 acres Gou turkish by Trio Baths. Private hotels Board residence and apartments. Maples Chint Zes and go Etonna is film stocks at half Price sales w Zebio Idiola Sale amp est abashed 1843. Of Essres h. I Foster and Cranfield it of act periodical j3ales of rib i Ionut and cont beat. Life Inoff emacs and an numb. Life policy be. Shans and Disbro Trev Mori be Imuta and Bonds and Kindred Inte Ems. _ on the first and to kurd thursdays in each month throughout the year at thie Mart Toke Hoase Yard. . Offices. 6. Paul try London . Teleg Taitus a invariably Stock. Tel. Not. 2963, 2964. And 2965 Cit it. Messes. H. E. Foster and Cranfield beg to announce the following or Dir of Sale Ait the Stert. ., to by throw Thiu Rad Ayat 2 oclo6fc a lot 1.�? Bevel Ion to about �l600. Lot 2.�?absolu Reive ii amp Lon to about �2000. Lot 3.�?life 1n7ere8t in settled legacy. Lot 4.�?policy of Assurance Lor �5000. Lot 5.-r-b�ver8ion to �4000. Lot 6.�?oontinoent reversion to about �2000, with covering Posiey Jagt to 7.<-beversi0n to Mehold property. Lot 8.�?policy of Assurance Lor �1000, lot 9 a absolute Rev Sion to about �50a lot 10.�?�?�absolute reversions to �2000. Auction to maces 8, Paul dec. . £28� Loe. Of. M _ Harringan in Harri a station gmjt., and gain la a pm a. Motoi a bus routes 21 29. And 2daand within re Ort la ump of of Finsbury pm a Culvy re and cd a. Will Warhanik Road 200a and 202, it it Iii Row do betordro4d, and 7� sni30iirrakl ground renter nearly ail �6 10s. Of. Or �7 per annul each a St Taa toi ack rental values �32 to �36 per axum each a n in about 80 Yean Fae coi Artic Dan win pm and conditions of Sale of messes. A met a Ward. And co. Solicitors 15, a Ltd Street pro Rew ., or of mess. Rawlins. Culver. And co., Moneera cd Surveyor. 46, Queen Victoria it treet Telephone Bank 5311. 12, n and sons auctioneers and sur Goerga Estreet. Bank. and w Kent Road. . Near the elephant and Castle. Auction dates for 1916. Feb. 24. March 16. 23. 30. A 6. 13. A a a 1�, 18, 25. Be 1, 22. 29. Stimson Aii sons undertake tuly 6. 13, 20. Sept. 28. Oct. 5. 12, 19, 28. Nov. 2. 16. 23. 30. Dec. 7 ,. ,. A sales and Lettinga by private Trestyn Vahdat posts Lor a Robt a and All purposes Survis. Negotiations of mortgages and partnerships. Chancery re Civer so ii Radway comp Teatum and other claims Sam of Lurnis Ture Cou Eolk it nol rents assessment appeals . Aso palate lists 01 House property ground rents Lor Sale and of houses premises shops office to be let Are issued Mon by and Jim be he free Oci application or by Post for two_8tunps. Toie Inge list is the Best medium in Lio Iwon for effecting sales inv atoll and Expedy Troudy. No charge for in ration. Telephone. 624 London Wall and 3114 City. Telegrams a a Serabo Stock. furniture works of Art books pictures curios amp a. And f. C. Bonham and sons 65, a 0xf0r&5treet, and to. Soho squad Rob. Establish of 1793. Four spa olt is galle3meb on the ground floor. Open daily for the Recse option of household London and suburbs. Ryphe Road department of the Auto Mobile association and motor Union has received parti Culus of tiie iou owing property lost and found on the roads a lost. Set of motor Cycle tools in leather Holder Between i Wellingborough and Northampton top Road. Oil Weli. From Side lamp Between Streatham and Clarks Lane. Tatsfield. Via Woldingham. I kit of a Cycle tools Triump Between we verhame ton and six Miles beyond Gailey or Between Balaton and Shirnal. A Hood cover in or near Eastbourne Roll of a Cycle tools Enfield near Tibu station j Hood cover drab Between Kingswood and London Bridge via Sutton Mitcham tooting Clapham common and Borough High Street. Oil Container from brass lamp Between guilds Ford and Kingston. Aluminium no. Plate . 5250, Between Winchester and Beaulieu. Fillbr cigarette Case marked Leo a containing photographs on the Cheltenham Gloo Oester Road. Inner tube butt ended in Brown Pai it or parcel in rom ��lord., Lara go . Elba Titio head Light Between London and . Via Guild lord Farnham. Wincheste Romsey and lira Hurst Dunlop grooved Tyre and two tubes wrapped in Brown Satin Between Edgware and Amersham. Suit Case marked a a h. C. Do containing evening clothes toilet articles ., Between Ash lord and Pavenham. Found motoring Glove Beaver at fam Ham. Large piece of Block rubble or near London Colney Coventry roed. Brown leather . Containing tools sparking plugs ., at notting Hill a Jjo ill to tax Rion plate no. H. 200, at Hounslow. Two a Cycle , Crank ., in Stanmore. A Cycle inner tube in Piccadilly registration plate no. . 879, Between and Dorking right hand motoring Glove on Wimbledon common. Plated Hub Cap Between Kirkham and Blackpool Small spare Hueil Cycle oar fitted with Dunlop tire at Queens Gate Black cloth Rug. At Hude Borough. Starting , irom omnibus or lorry near Stanmore motor cars. 0anadian a Orth Ujj Ailway. Through steamship or rial. Bills of lading issued to All important Points in Fia Stern and Western Canada and Pacific coast. Connect him with �11 steamship Ximines irom great 9> Bia Hopedale . Banks Bank of Australasia incorporated by to Al charter 3835. Mead office 4. London. Paid up capital. £2,000,000 Reserve in und �2.750,000 Reserve a liability of proprietors under the charter �2.000.000 letters of credit and drafts issued on any do the numerous branches of the Bank throughout Australia and zealand. Bills negotiated or sent for collection. Tele graphic transfers made. Deposits received in London at interest Lor fixed periods on terms which May be ascertained on application r. Jeans. General manager. Public appointments. London fever Hospital Liverpool Road Are invited from candidates for the poet of assistant resident medical officer salary �200 per annul with residence and Board. The election will be Lor year subject to re election yearly up to three Yeara in All. Candidates should have held a resident appointment. Application is with copies 61 4 recent testimonials to be sent to the secretory at the Hospital not later than 8th Mait 1916. Carlsr major Sec a. Books magazines amp a. times a the Best and a Lex quickest introductory medium Lor All desiring a matrimonial Alliance in sealed envelope 6d.�?editor, 5. Feather Ston buildings. Holborn. Telegrams Quot Amatoru smallholder Library. Belvedere hotel e and 7, Granviue place Cromwell Road. 8.w. Best part of South Ken amp ton two minutes from Gloucester Road stations select and Home like Good cuisine dec palate tables tonns phone 3495 Western Victoria let in a Large w furnished House close to Warwick quates an Ezoel tonally Large Rokib. With hot and cold water and French windows leading to Balcony 30s. Per week also front room sitting rooms and sitting rooms other rooms at l5s. South aspect Telephone Bath h. And cd Addrean m. C. To. 3081. Standard office. Fleet-St., . Deot private hotel elegantly furnished. Exceptional cuisine. Home of Nilorta Queens , Lancaster Gate. A i Ash 3545 Paddington. Tenna irom 2 Gna. Phe a a standards Register of private x hotel a. Boarding houses and apartments is published in a a the Standard Quot every tuesday. Seaside and cd it entry. These books Are Well printed. Luns rated where the text requires it Fine products of the Printer s arts Weil bound easy to read. Cd to forget. May be obtained irom All bookseller. Or Frois the smallholder. 17-18. Hems to Street co ent Garden greenhouses to make and Man of age them by William f. Rowles contains Twenty two chapters of greenhouse lore from construction to critical periods in Plant life and Senua ligation in pro duo Tion. Numerous diagrams Are Given is. At any boo Lueller or Post paid is. 2d. Carpentry and Cabinet making by w. A it m. Oakwood is a practical handbook of a Well known Craft which will initiate beginners and assist experienced members of the Trade. It makes you an expert at the a a Odd for is. At any bookseller. Is. 2d. Post paid. British school of motoring. Largest Inaten Ottoa works a the world. Ladies and gentle bib receive in limited tuition until proficient and sat Lefiad Lor eat a Waii int no attn a ii pm. Cau or write Lor Lall Partt Colan b.8.bl. 5. Lovent amp a Street. Pico Adelly Cibola. T he a a Captain Kettle a a books. Or. A j. Cutcliffe Hyin irs immortal character it tha Central figure a each of these St. Trial Yarna Phe adventures of Captain Kettle. Al a series of vividly written a acid Anta in the Oscear Al the Gallant Little cantata the further adventures of Captain x Kettle. Some equally thriving episodes a which be Captain tuna into and out or Auto Ltd Damasen. Phe Little red Captain. X Captain Kettle at his Best and most Lariat. Paga top of Page of . Nohe marriage of Kettle. X to Ai com canoes. X Romance and the Captain meet under Draa Atie out dough Lully described. Captain Kettle . The Ettla red Captain bean Hla digit pm with flying Coloura Ali rough Barb East la a epee and Parsona situation. Priced. at a Beota Llan or paid 1 8d. Eadi three Veln Mes 1er be. Lod., tha comp la set a i five Tor 2s. Lod. Irom the publishers 17-18, Haar Atta to Tail la Adoa a a woodcraft by the same author is a do a t Light Lully varied volume of perplexing puzzles and their interesting solutions. A treat for every intelligent Reader. For is. Paper 2s. Cloth. 3d. Extra Tor postage. War time gardening by Walter. Brett is a topical Book interestingly written show ing every loot of ground can be made to produce Vega table ipod Vith the least possible expenditure of time and capital. 6d., at any bookseller Post paid Lor 7d. Pra 3tical hints for the holding is of the Lamoue smallholder books and is most Usell in its practical hints to these who devote them Ehrea to husbandry telling them Whire. When and to do things. Is., at any bookseller. Is 3d Post paid. The Market Garden is a Book that shows to Stock and run a Market Garden profitably. It is Lull of thoroughly a Maul information and proves a Boon to show secretaries. Is., from any bookseller. Is. 3d. Poet paid. To natures ways by Marcus Woodward x illustrated by j. A. Peterd treats of beasts and Birds in an absorb Iii style and teaches things concerning tem. Is. Paper. 2s. Cloth. 3d. Extra for postage. A Dairy farming for Salal holders by James Long formerly professor of Dairy farming at the Royal agricultural College is a masterpiece by a recognised authority it has been so acclaimed by the Prees. No smallholder can hold i Iasell Well informed on Dairy matters until he Hae read this Book 2s. 6d. Net 2s. 9d. Post paid. Or asumption. It so us you vegetarian cookery a made sated actor to the male member of the household. La at any bookseller or la 2d. Post paid. Isobel is a Quot a Csefai at Lee sea Iaal oses and to grow them by Viou crr p. Biddle. Is a compre hex the guide to the r of Reeves a and who in t?-7-<laining the manner Al preparing and Borden Prus Une. Combat Liz Rose Eael and treating Rosea Lor exhibition la at any bookseller. Post paid. Is 2d. It to Milito Rabbit keepinq.-thi8 Book is u written by Rabbit expert in an interesting St let. Treats All Rabbit problems As they shot old be treated clearly and concisely from Utah construction to the Market of the be. An indispensable Rabbit Book Lor Begio Nen. Price is., at All boo Killen. Or la. 3d. I it oat paid. I Chiltern residence at moderate terms in private House situated near bit links in own grounds 61 20 acres amidst Lovely scenery private sitting room and every Donven Iwuc own poultry and Gard , Sitwell Henley on Tamea Thone 2 Roth afield Grey boarding establishment Minuto sea electric Light separate tables reduced Winter , Jevington gardens. residence apartments Sci med Rato Central 3 minutes pier near nettle ii 29 Pevensey Road. boarding i jux Estabi ashment Pelham up sea front billiards electric 21s., . Westcliff.�?11, Wilson-rd., Ona minute from sea comfortable Board residence Good table moderate terms. Shops offices. And business premises. 4 la lbs. Of. 6d. 5 loss. 4s, is. Feb Lins a Tab Bakehouse with oven and flour loft use can be had in desired of dough trough. Tables dry ing trays .�?apply we. Cross estate agent. London Ryk Norbury. Fleet Street. First class suite of offices. 4 rooms on the fourth floor old a Standard a building 134. Fleet., . Rent �75 per Ann a App sea file and Searle surveyors. 34. Paternoster Row. I.0. Telephone. Central 577. Rent �100 p.a., on to let Ealing with Good living accommodation situated in Good business Road fitted Lor Baker and a particular apply Cole and Hicks Helena Chambers. Beijing. So o hops at Norbury fitted for Butcher and ice bookmaker first Olaes position rail Tram and a buses rapidly growing Neighbour him Low. Mcl Sive rental be secured with or without upper Filoon which Are let Ott As Flate. A a apply we Gross estate agent Albion Parade. Norbury. Coal and Coke merchants. Rats Conj. Is 6d. Per Gas Light vex and be co. Deliver Coke within any part their District of Gas Supply in que cities of 3 or 5 cwt. Or Mil Tipka thereof at the above Price. Broken Coke or Cru extra. Orden to Hon Elerry re West Mainster . Q /. Household cd South m-Etio-�7/ Peutz i Gas co. Deliver in South London and within three Miles of their Riverside works Coke broken Lor House hold purposes at 9s per six cwt Sacka unbroken 6d. to 709 old Kent Roadt , an Ideal gift Book suitable Lor both children Aud adults is the present Atlois edition olb a a splendid Book. Lyra adventures As a spy. Jtj. By sir Robert Baden Powell. A a Baden Powell has succeeded in giving not Only a vivid description of a number of thrilling moments passed by him when be caring miliary iri formation Lor the British government but also in conveying to the an entirely diff rent opinion of sptes than popularly mail. Adventures As a spy. By sir Robert Baden Powell. Hia Little Book is most genuinely Welcome As the work of a Man who has again and again held his Lile in his handay a punch a by adventures As a spy. By sir Robert Baden Powell. A a a boy will like them and a Man or a woman. And Baden Powell s stories of spy adventures Are Lor us a vexing . Adventures As a spy. By sir Robert Badin Powell. The author has hitherto been known m the Prince of sonata and a first Rato Wier. In is but my he Lor the first time reveals himself in the role of spy. Apart irom the High Pei Nal interest of the Book it Dia Olosaia Lull detail a German Lor the invasion of i Badland a daily Telegraph. Adventures As a spy. By sir Robert . The Book to which re like a first class Romance Aad Lara is not in it which la not of breath Leai Iati Wal Day Idee s inner. Y adventures As a spy. By sir Robin to Bap a a we la the Book is. Quite Lamina Iii with its thrilling reve. Latiera by All that May be Learnt b7 an intrepid info Iga Tor and much May be convened to headquarter a in Appa Row Bann Kaa Fleto to Vilys a Wing or the vegas Al Leatz a Doblin daily leg Psia. The blk a obtainable at Yewitt a for 8a cd. Net. B9t�a Crown 8vo, cloth Gilt with of looked Frostl Fiftena. Imp half tone illustrations and sketch i by anuu�r4 Alia Tor 3a Lod. Nost paid the pub Rikiyo 17-18, furniture and effects. Works of Art pictures Cha wines Silver and 6tocks-in-to. Ii preferred goods purchased and risk of Sale undertaken by the auctioneers. Sales at private houses. I nation Lor probate Transfer and succession. Tel., 5122 Gerard. On View that Day wednesday. No. 65. Oxford-stree7p, and to. Soho Square. And Joii go Superior h0u��2iold furniture. Car diets pianoforte pictures. And effects. Removed from Shirley Park Road Croydon St. Andrewes Road Goldis Green hindi Road Harrow Lynett Avenue. Clapham the army and Navy stores fall Mau Deposit co. Messes. Harrods. Jones bros., and May a Wakeho ivies and e a where Lor con Toni ence of Sale. And f. C. Bonham and sons will sell. _ by auction at their spacious galleries a above. To Morrow thu Rade March 2nd, at 11 of clock precisely 530 lots of furniture and effects comp ruins upright grand a ten Fortea by collard and Cut Lla Ltd. Addicott 3 by bold of Parisi and other makers american Organ by mation and Hamlin a Hejl clocks two carved Walnut irame settees and six armchairs in silk rep. Buhl and or Mohi mount Ltd card and Montro tables mahogany Inhui Coal cabinets Gilt and Walnut Otrin Astels 6ft. Gilt Chi Ina Cabinet set. Elemis so ditto mahogany inlaid ditto Kilt Uon eolo glasses. 5ft. Lumen Oak Dre Mieor mahogany Pedestal writing tables Bureau bookcases Iron safes. Chesterl old settees in Morocco leather silk and tapestry divan easy chairs in suite fumed Oak. Mahogany and Walnut sideboards to of six and two mahogany irame Kairis i i chg Tabius dinner wagons 61t. Mahogany Frame slate billiard table wit ii acres tories. I inert Safe. 3it. 6in, carved mahogany writing table 4ft. And it died costal do., Plush tapestry Ana rep window curtains persian. Turkey and Axminster a a a pet Fakih and Axminster rugs mahogany sat Iii Walnut fumed Oak and Ash bedchamber suites 71t. Walnut and hungarian Ash do., Satin Walnut and other wardrobes Whito on Aniellea and Mah Ltd any chests of drawers Pestal dressing tables and. Marble tra waa stands brass. Italian and French bedsteads and biding electric Light fittings Sheffield and electro plate dinner Tei and Breal Clest service ormolu and Marble clo it it is Mii Sical instr Timons. Cd Tina ornaments table Glass about 400 Rols. Bbb a Ina it Ity Linc us Gazdun imply meets. And a. Large Quantity of a Lul Ette Tiew this Day. Catalogues Post free As above. By direction of the executor of the late fjord Ardi Laun. 11 Catlton House Terrace xxx St. Jame for Yean the Home of the Latort. Hon. E. Glad Stone. Important announcement of the Sale by auction in the premises of the valuable furnishings of the mansion on tuesday the 21st Day of March 1916, and following Days at 1 of clock prompt comprising fenders fire implement Brussels. Turkey and Wilton pile carpets costly curtains by bedsteads and Good Quality bedding Birch mahogany and bedchamber appointments Choice settees couches and easy can. Cabinets bureaus tables and bookcases of Hepplewhite Chlupp Ondalh and Sheraton periods a Fine Early Geo Ian mahogany sideboard a Hepplewhite sideboard ask Hogan Iii ids to Bess and sets of Chippendale and Huple Whito dining room chairs i pair of Toile lyres. A i Uia Xvi Boulle imposing Cabinet two pain of Louis Xvi. Ormolu Chine carved Wood Torchi Eres. A Small collect Iii of antique bronzes. English Eastern to lain a viable ormolu elect and candelabra several Luis Xiv. Ormolu a a Wood be single or a x ointments of the Domestic apartments. May to viewed privately by card Only on Friday. March 17. 1916. And publicly the two Days preceding the Sale and catalo2u68 and orders to tick obtained of Tho auction Enid mess. Trout 25, mount Street. to Barf place Eaton Are w est Halkin Street Belg grave Square and 5, Victoria Street. View to Day. Sale to Morrow and Friday. Merchants ttat.t., Baltic change St. Mary a a axe .-�?T to of Essrow Protheroe and Morris will a a sell by Aucy Tion at the above rooms to Morrow and Day. At 1 of clock a election of pictures. Edgar Bundy c. Napil Hemy . George Claisen. . Tubus Olsson . Funk Branow sir Jay a. Waterloo by a. H. B. Davis t. Sidney Coop a j. , b. Leader. . R. Thome Waita we. Shayer. Send. Hernia Teo Kata Laura Knight i if Aghe Tom nos lot in this Sale is strictly guaranteed. 25. Torrington Square. So Seibold furniture being the contents of 14 rooms. Fina of amp it. 6in. Mil. Wai Obj Chute of prawn 71t. 6in. Son will of clock. View morning of Sale. Auction offices 118, Southampton Row w a. West end agents. Inn his list of estate agents will be useful to a anyone requiring a House or Flat in the West end of London and also to owners of property us the web and desiring to sell or let. Mayfair and St. James a. Hampton amp is. 3. Cockspur St. Pall mall 37 Gerrard. Goddard k Smith. 196. Piccadilly. Teu 1001 May Lair. Turner a. A. And co., 69, South Audrey St. Mayi aur 3275. May and Rowden 27, Maddox St. Tel 1789 Gerard. Belgravia and Chelsea. Willett we Sloane quare. . Tel. Kensington 4680, Portman and Cavendish squares. Tai Bot 0.,and co., 40, Baker-St., w. Tel. May Lair 6824. Harrods. Ltd., Brompton Road Tell Western 85 lines. Goddard it Smith 196, . Tel. 1001 May Lair. co. Ltd. 68, Baker-St., w. 3816 May Lair 3 lines. May and Rowden 27. Maddox-St., w Tel 1789 Gerrard. Sol. B. Clark amp son 8. New Cavendish St. Tel. 1113 pad. Clymo and Ca 78. Baker it. 5601 May Lair 2 Lineal. Folkard k Hayward. 28. York place. 7076 Mayfair. £lu0tt30n, Boyton,6,. Tel.24g8 May Lair 2 Lna. Hyde Park North Side. Towers Ellis and co., 41, inv meds ter. Tel. 4227 Park w. Whiteley Ltd., Queens Road. Tel. Park l Goddard 4 Smith 196, Piccadilly a Tel., 1001 South Kensington. R06ebs.chapman,<tth0.ias.78,gloncesterd.t�l59ken. Taylor Lovegrove k co. 89, Kieter re ,805 kens. Harrods. Ltd. Brompton Road Tel. 1 Western i85 lines Willett. ., 88. Goa Castor Road. Tel 5724 Kena Goddard k Smith. 196. Piccadilly. Tel., 1001 May sir. Marleni. Jno. W.,& co.,2684sarreconrt-rd. West am 1780. Howell.80n.4bonnin ,1 . Tel606 w Stern. Westminster ,59.belgrave-tei1035vio. May and Road. 27, my a doxy to. It a. Tel., 1789 Gerrard. Kensington. Marsh l pay flows. 40 and 42. Church it. Tel. 4740 Park. Howbix30n4nnln.116.czomwell.rd. Tel.606 Western. Marah k Marsh 156. Kena High to. Tel., 4378 Park. La lib a a bsh.aoo.,31,8t>mary Abbotts ter. Tel. 188 Park ohb8tbrtom k sons. 116. Kensington High St. Park 4450. John Baj Etker and co. Ltd. High St. 3520 Kensington. Goddard it Smith 196. Piccadilly. T�l., 1001 May Lair. Regents Park and St. Johns Wood. 8meul and co. 16. Finchley Road. Tel., 2818 Hamra Tead. Talbot of. And co. 40a. Baker it. Tel., May Lair 6824 t. D. And a. R. Peacey. 114, Park St. Tel 6218 he std. Folkard be Hayward. 28. York place w 7076 May Lair. Pm Burton pc olark.44a.w�llingtoa-rd. Tel.6436hmpstd Brif Allsop 141, Park Road . Tel. 6767 pad. Hampstead. Hampton k sons. 3. Cockspur-St., pall mall. 37 Gerrard. Maple and co Tottenham court re. Tel. 7000 museum. Mat<09 and co. Cd 15, College Crescent. To888 lamp. Muiso a Oweby 200. I Mihley Daad w.hiunpstd.meti3ib. Maida Vale. A Kvut and co. A Loffl a Enort. Tel. 4907 3 lines fad. Jas own Farmer 4 ,61,High-.w tel6l7 pad. k Hinds. 22, Lauderdale nans. 1018 Hamp. West Central. May Aad Sowden 87. Llad Dex w. Tda i789 Aanard

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