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London Standard (Newspaper) - January 17, 1911, London, Middlesex The Standard tuesday january 17, 1911. Court news. By tie King s Cost nand tie anniversary ser non on Tbs death of be dieral Gordon was preached at Sandringham Church on sunday last by Trio Bishop of Norwich. The offertory at the close of the service which amounted to �154, was Given to the Gordon 3oys�?T Home. The Princess Royal and the Duke of Fife with the Cir Haugli tors the princesses Alexandra Maud arrived at Khartum yesterday. Sir Gerard Lowther British Ambo Lisador to Tjie Ottoni Aii Empire a compared by i Ady lip other has left i Ondon to resume his a Utilee St constantinople. Tiie Duke of Montrose is i Ted this week at Cap Martin where the King of Wurtemberg has arrived. / Louise Duc Liess of Devonshire is now s Ying at Cannes. On in sturday Slie gave a dinner part at the Casino . Her guests included in re and lady Wolverton Ednam major Carr Glyn d.s.o., and lord Charles Montagu. The Earl of Moray and lord Douce have been staying at Doune Jodge Perthshire for Somo Covert shooting. The countess of Carrick is staying Ith colonel and the lion. Mrs. Lindsay at Glas Nevin House Dublin. The counted of Pembroke gave a children s Danee yesterday at Wilton. Her Little Gir ests numbered about one Hundred to and included the children of lord and lady Herbert and c Tain and lady Beatrix Wilkinson who Are now on their Way Home from Ceylon. Lord and lady Desborough gave a Ball at talk it a court last night for Tho do but of their daughter the Hon. Lionica Grei fell who is to be resent Ltd at court this spa. The House party at tap Loiis includes the Duke and Duchess of port Lind the marquess of Litchfield and Victoria Cavendish Bentinck the Cou Tass of Derby and lady Victoria Stanley the hons. Betty and Angela manners the hons. Charles and Diana or or. Guy and Daisy Benson the marquess of Anglesey the marquess of Stafford and lord Alistair i Teveson Gower the marquess of Granby Eari Winterton ., Earl Conpton lord Vernon in re Desmond Fitzgerald in re Hugh Cecil the Hon. Clarles Mills the Hon. George Brodrick and the William Ormesby we , Many parties were Given in the neighbourhood for the Ball. Lord and lady Carrington were entertaining at Daws Hill lord and lady Grenfell at butlers court lord and lady Boston at Hedsor or. And mrs. Seymour Greir fell at Eli Bank House and or. And mrs. Waldorf Astor at die Eden. Lord Egerton of Tat ton has left Tatton Park for Mcquie Carlo. Ideal weather conditions for ail kinds of Allitto sport prevail in the upper Engadine this Wint a. St. Fiorita has been very animated during the holidays. The i amp url of by tto ii who takes mucin interest in slating the Hou. Walter and lady Lively guinness who have since returned Home tiie Hon. T. Vesey or. Aud mrs. Wisdorf Astor colonel c. Herbert and Baroness Yon Schry Der Are some of the More recent visitors from England. Mies Muriel f Froin Beaulieu for a fortnights late Loki a Swaythling. Simple funeral ceremony at Edmonton. The of a Izral of lord Swaythling took place at Edmonton yesterday amid Many tokens of esteem and respect. The place of burial was the cemetery connected Wiki the federation of Small synagogues of which the late peer waa the founder and one of the chief supporters and the principal mourners were the for sons of lord Swaythling the Hon. Louis s. Montagu the Hon. E. S. Montagu Under Secretary for India Tho Hon. Gerald Montagu the Hon. Lionel Montagu and Hia sons in Law or. Ernest l. Fran Din or. Henry do Arcy Hart or. Reginald a. Myer. The remains were enclosed in a Plain blk cd covered Coflin. Bearing no ornamentation and no nameplate said were conveyed to it it a Chin every in a Plain heart. Among those who attended the ceremony were the chief rabbi for. Adleor. Herbert Samuel ., or. Solomon j. Solomon 11.a., or. R. A Sebag Montifiore or. Edmund a a g Montifiore colonel Francis Lucas or. D. S. Schloss Board of Trade sir Adolf tuck or. Leonard l. Cohen president of Ilia jewish Board of guardian sir Herbert Cohen or. Louis Sih Olair sir Israel Hart or. Meyer Spielmann or. M. H. Spic Linann or. Percy Spiel Mann or. Bonalis Hart or. Walter Hart or. I e. Beddington or. Louis Davidson or. E. L. Mocatta or. B. Elkin Mocatta or. E. Kami in ski manager of the cry Dit Lyonnais. Walter Gohen Board of trader. Joshua m. Levy tie Rev s. Maizels the Rev. G. Prince a in Rev. Jul. , or. W. , or. G. Rosenthal the revs. Bayan m. Hyamson a. E. Eisen Berjer or. A. Wolff g. Friedlander s. Levy m.s., a. A. Green. D. B. De Marquita h. M. Lavanw a Stoloff b. N. Michelson by. J. Koch Man r. Samuel j. F. Be Stern and g. Prince messes. A. H. L. Langdon k.c., h. H. Hyams j. M. Cast Elk Denzil a. Mcyr b. H. Halford a. H. Woolf Secretary of the jewish religious education Boarland Felix a. Davis . Treasurer of the United synagogues. A a Der music of Strauss a new opera. Leading themes. Canadian notes. Business prospects Fob 1911. To the Courte of messes. Kiistner of a we Are Able to place the Standard some it to obituary. Fleet surgeon j. M. Rogers. Fleet surgeon James Macdonald Rogers of the orontes Whoso death is announced from Malta entered the Royal Navy As a surgeon in 1884, and was promoted to the rank of Fleet surgeon in 1900. He graduate id at Tsie University of London As a Bachelor of Medicine in 1880, and was awarded honours whilst in the following year to Bocane a member and in 1884 a fellow of the Royal College of surgeons of England. He was a a indent at Middlesex Hospital and was a senior House surgeon at the institution. In 1900 he was awarded the sir Gilbert Blane Gold Navy medal for a distinguished proofs of skin Diligence and learning in the exercise of is professional Rev. J. E. Large. Tie Rev. John lid win Large of Atwo Rili with South Wraxall Wiit Ajjie was lir own from his horse and killed at Bradford on Avo yesterday. Or. Large became Deku a in 1898, and priest in Uio following year. To was Curato of St. Phiilips Birmingham in 18s8, Ami of so. David a Biriki Ighani 189�o-90 St. Matthia Birmingham 1900-1 St. Glen Eula a Bristol 1901-5 and Higl Worth with. Sevenhampton Wiltshire from 1905-8. He was vicar of kor Timoor Green Somerset 1903-10, and in the year last named became vicar of Atworth with South Wraxall. Neither a a Salome a nor a Elektra a can claim to have excited such world Wido in Terest As does the forthcoming production of or. Strauss a new opera a Der Rose Kavalier the Rose Cavaliera the Dresden Royal opera House on the 26th of this month. The reason of this special excitement is not difficult to for the situation is analogous to that of sir a Kinard a Ilgars a name being found attached to one of or. George Edward est a productions. The composer himself is alive to the curiosity Slown Towai Xis his comic opera and has taken some pains to feed the to me by beeping All important information respecting the work. Thanks however the Public skiers Berlin an Ltd Paris before readers of hitherto a secret a features of the music would by impossible in a Short article enumerated much less illustrated the Many and varied characteristics that make it so unlike anything that Strauss has Ever done before. Nevertheless a a Salome a and a a Elektra a theft selves to say nothing of the great orchestral tone poems that stand to his name give ample proof that Strauss could be As a a popular a and captivating As Leo fall Lehar and Oscar Straus if to Willied. In a a Der Rose Kavalier he has wished and the few extracts printed in this column will show How thoroughly he has for once thrown aside the of tragedy. Though in a Light vein there is nothing trivial about Tho workmanship and it is said that the vocalists have never been treated so unkindly by Strauss before and the orchestra have a no less difficult task than that set them in his More serious works. As the Story was related in these columns by our Berlin correspondent a few Days ago it will Only be necessary to retell those incidents a at give Rise to the chief musical features. The spirit of the Waltz pervades almost the whole opera and by this Means the composer has avoided echoing the Mozart Ian feeling of the text for it is the Valse and not the minuet that stands for modern Vienna and the modern View of old Vienna. Een the a six four a have a Waltz lilt about a hem and the common time by the free use of triplets carries on the mood. Sit Urmosi h Bow get. Ii to j a. Ocam 9i6to Wilson went Froid Beaulieu Tor a visit. Lady Wenlock a party included the Hon. Irene Lawley b. Jekyll and Ashton. Talk Colin ties of Scarbrough a daughter a Quot a Mizii Stuart Wortley was with or. Charles Stuart Wortley. The Earl and countess of Lindsey and lady Muriel Bertie live been Anion the guests at Campfer and Many sports Meir Are making Celerina , or Sai Naden Tiv air Headquarters. The Ctm i it Ltd general has been staying at is amp Baselia a Charm Irig Village in tie Engadine Valley. At in the Canton Grisons the president of Ilie Boru of Trade or. Sydney Buxton ., and his Ivio and Chi Kleu Haye been among Ali Toj v1k also Inch Lod the Hon. Cecil Rarrer Mii a Kenyon and . Alfr ruling Hilyard. To it avos is per optionally full of visors. Aid servants who Are looking for Ivard to Trio International skating at the end of the a Ionti Arosa a rival of Davos is likewise enjoying o season. Staving there Are major the iton.x�?T. H. Guest ., or a. E. Hardy and Captain and mrs. Spencer Holland Amo re others. Sir John Gorst has left London for Switzerland. He will stay at beaten Bei. Sir Edward and lady Hope in Ivy returned to town from Sheen Falls of. Kerry where to feel were the guests of the Earl and countess of Kerry. Lady Menzies of Menzies and her daughter. Lady Marjorie Dalrymple who left Scotland directly after the funeral of sir Neil Menzies have arrived at Mentone. Or. And a. Crawley Bovey leave town this week for the Riviera. Or. George Henry Harmer the done i of Gloucestershire journalists died at Oivo Cester yesterday in his eighty first your. He had been associated for sixty years with the a a Wilts and Standard a which journal he had conducted for Over forty years being editor and managing director up to his death. He was held in High respect in Tho cotswold District. Bequests to London Chari ties. Or. And mrs. Rube Are giving an evening party on wednesday february 8, before the manage of their daughter Rube and major Webb Gillman. A marriage has been arranged Between Captain Aubrey Nelthorpe Beauclerk 2nd Bat Teli Ltd the Prince of Wales a North Staffordshire a Ament and of Little Grimsby Hall Louth and Vera Eileen May Only daughter of Captain w. H. Francis late 28th regiment and mrs. Francis of Ras Bank Hounslow. A a Znober of interesting weddings take place week. Or. Francis Charles Fuller c.m.g., if com missioner Ashanti son of the late pain Fuller 12th Lauwers and Elf Rida a amp no got daughter of or. William Ireman Ger of Wherwell priory and 30, Selbourne Hove will he married to Day at Mitcham Surrey or. Geoffrey Bertram Hall of or. Bertram Hall of Blun Lodge we Toft marries Margery de Enish of or. And mrs. Weston Dei Enish of Willfield Mitcham at bran some Bourne major John Deane the Hampshire a gift Winchester son of the late or. W. , j.p., of Fairfield Fareham a a a Shire is to marry Iris Nedham wite of Captain c. S. Nedham ., of him doom bran some Cliine Bournemouth or. Gerald j. Hardman of Birmingham jul mar Barbara Young of Richmond Rwy Sheffield. To Morrow at holy Trinity Oato Street there will be the marriage of i son of sir Charles and Agar More Perthshire and of Rwy Pene loto Rathborne daughter of a Nel and mtg. Rathborne of Don Abate a Denham. Other weddings arranged for to Pnno include those of at St. Andrewes a Jar Droit or. Charles Gordon Devitt of Gunstead and Ida Mary Banwell in Ter of the late William Banwell and of Apperley Nottingham or. Royal Marine Light infantry wami Nina Renouf daughter of or. E. Jersey at the charter. Go damning or. Stafford 14th Prino of Wales a own West Yor a toe a unsent son of the late or. W. Green Green of Upton House Tunbridge Wells and Winifred Isabella Daugh a of or William of charterhouse and at St. Mary a Beddington a Launcelot John Cockroft Riley sort of Putley court Ledbury a Reford Shire and Mildred Elizabeth a daughter of the late or. Simpson and mrs. Rostron of Riverside bed Surrey. Carles Rushworth Watson and or i. Daughter of the late Mno of Cartwright of Edgcome North Tomii ire will be married quietly at thursday when at. The Rio Sedbergh colonel Boix m.v.o., marries Upton Cottrell Dormer the will has been proved of Captain Charlea William Andrew of Rutland House Kenning ton tax rate Kon Ivington Park s.e., builder end sanitary Eai Ginger a former mayor of Lanibeth. In his will he <11 reeled that his body should be cremated ii the eighth Day after his de cease and that previously his jugular vein should be opened by his medical Aci Viser or Soh a other will know and competent a a hrs Roii. Who is to receive a log of sgt. Ilk refer. Several bequests to Rola tired friends he left four houses in Viceroy Rovid South , two in Devonshire Oad. South Lam Beth and tvo in Brixton to his wife for a in a with Renia Indor to his daa Guter for her life and subject to these life interests Ilie said houses to the Smiith London As amp Ohio tin for Assiz tiny a the Blind to be applied by the Cornu Utec primarily in the provision of Furth i pensions for poor Bli Sid member 3 of the association. He also left a Riouse in Brixton it Row id and one in lordship Lane Dulwich to his daughter Minnie Ethel Fenn for life with remainder to the Lambeth pension society sums on mortgage amounting to �4203, to Lainily Frances Tye for life with remainder to her is Ter he a a. For life and subject thereto to the a in both pension society. To a of bequeathed a sum sufficient a when invested in Consols to produce �5 per Anir in to the Oomen Landing officer of b co Iii buy 4th battalion the Queens of a hich Hovi As one of tie founders and for Many years Cao Iai such �5 to be Preis edited annually to the Winner of the Silver cup presented by him to a Fiat oomph Jim. Chir first extract Fig. 1given above which opens the opera is associated along with other themes with the hot hearted Octavian Sung by a Mezzo Soprano Tjie sixteen year old Gallant of the title. When we first tee him to is making violent love to his mistress. Princess War Neuburg who in her husbands absence is by no Means indifferent to his advances. In fact her amorous behaviour and lick fear at the sound of heavy footsteps suggest something of a Compromise Between them. But the newcomer intr Luces u5 to Baron Ochs Sung by a Bassan insufferable of Fop who so Morous Folly is fully expressed in the w Altz time Fig. 2thou Gli this when worked out later with Lively spirit seems almost too Good Tor him. To prom Pill make love to the princesses a a Nugid a who is none other than Octavian who has quickly disguised on Tho Bai in s approach. He is uni Waro of cd Uit be that Liis person is hts whom the Princess has Prinie Ltd shall be the Haron so a risen Kavalir a a a that is the _ in potted youth who a Hall present a Silver Nwe to the former a lady love. For the wishes to Nicarry Iho pretty Young it Laivo Tor of a newly made a Nobleman a but he Lias not yet any Ono willing to act As his Rose Kavalier an Ltd prese Jit the customary offering. Of course the Young people fall in love at first sight and sign Alise their Mutual love in a duet Fig. 3in which they give expression to their feelings. From the a Standard of an important St Haa been towards linking up our secondary schools with the sea University by Stein. The he mastered a Fotene at their re out meeting decided to accept the invitation of Mcgill University Montreal to conduct its Entrance Examina Tina in this country. The occasion for this action or the headmasters conference already reported in the a a Standard of Empire a is the recognition that numbers of our Publio school boys Are intending to spend their life in Canada and Are anxious to have the advantage of Canadian training at Tho their school Days rather than at the end of their University your partly to doubt because they can obtain University education at a much cheaper rate but chiefly because of the great value of training under local conditions and among Tho Fitt with whom they afterwards will Hove to work. A further advantage will accrue to our secondary schools in effecting such an arrangement now that the headmasters conference in concert with the incorporated headmasters have established a Public schools emigration league to facilitate the passing of the boys to their various vocations in the Oversea states and their satisfactory settlement under the auspices of the leagues organisation in different parts of the Empire. Tie league has Given a Good account of itself during the first year of its life. Its Sei vices at present have been called for mainly in connection with the placing of Public school boys with selected Farmers in Canada who after a year of training Are to pass a further course of one year at the local agricultural colleges after which time they should have acquired sufficient experience to enable them to Estah Lish themselves on to Ioir own account. There can be no question As to the usefulness of such an organisation which can Only increase with time. The Outlook for general business during 1911 in Western Canada is very Bright indeed. The further settlement of farm lands by in Cream emigration is a foregone conclusion the completion of railway extensions already staked out will distribute much More Money in the current year than was spent during 1910, and there is every Prospect that More building and More factories will result from the further prosecution of of Ojo native a torts by Western Ooma unities in advertising their resource and opportunities. No year Ever dawned on this Canadian Dominion says the Toronto a a Globe a with brighter prospects than those of civil and no year Ever brought larger Opp it yet unities to the people of any country. Men like Strath Cona whose Knowle Fig is of the fullest Are Eer in their enthusiasm and convinced in their Lope for Canadas development. Experts in finance and Commerce have no fears except Tho wholesome fears of and which Prosperity always begets in thoughtful minds. Gold in Northorn Ontario land in the Prairie provinces and coi Mereial activity every a Here these Are features of the Canadian situation at the opening of 1911. Correspond . The mod pm to voter and the a Ordo to the editor of to sir a before Amnaj week have aped Thia Comus will if the government attempt to make Good Oft repeated threat a be plunged info an a air Erima on the question of the veto of the heart of Load. It is Idle to attempt to palliate or Dis gee Tkv Gravity of the main Issue or the Impo Tanoai of Tiiu underlying issues with which it a i Neep a my a a heated. Under a single do Malm government the insidious attacks upon Liberty and property hitherto oblique will become direct and immediate and tha socialist Wing of the Radical party now in will to Realise its avow object and to Pat into practice its schemes for the ultimate Quot privation a of property of every description. In the Circum stance it would be the height of Folly to await the attack without making any adequate provision for the defence. The Centre party Union Haa decided therefore at once to Aig Anifla a Campaign for the defence of the dual system under which alone Security and Justko can a ensured and it is preparing to the Best of Ita ability to hold meetings throughout the country and to educate the masses in it on the True Satura of the questions at stake. It behoves All who desire to preserve the go Viola constitutions bequeathed to is by centuries of Dom and statesmanship to rally to the help of Tea Union and to Aid its endeavours in enforcing tha Point that whether a Liberal or a conservative government were in Power it would not a to tha interest of the nation to dispense wit ii a second chamber with authority reconstituted so to Boas non partisan As possible. The expenses of such a Camp sign will Aeo Eastily be heavy and i Appeal to you readers to support the movement anti to contribute in proportion to their Means to the end in View. I am. Sir your obedient servant s. Clear Biyer Secretary Centre party Union and Middle classes defence organisation. 14, great Smith Street Westminster . British Tynda. To the editor of a a the sir a if tie voters will not vote for fiscal Reform to enable British manufacturers at Home to compete Wilh foreign manufacturers Why should not Brigidi mgt Tombino and open stores in a taiga towns where no other goods than those of British manufacture will Bri sold ? individual English firms have retail Shopa in Many Large towns and thus obtain sales direct to the Home Consumers but Many articles manufactured by English firms will not admit of special shops brag opened in provincial towns but a combination of manufacturers could sell to Tho Consumers through a provincial stores. Surely English workmen can that it is to their own advantage to promote the Sale of Homo Noaim fractured goods and thus increase the demand for English labour i am sir your obedient servant Racoby Grantham. H. Pywell. Festival of Empire. Coming pageant at Crystal Palace. The Earl of Plymouth presided last night at the Savoy hotel Over a complimentary dinner to or. Frank Laseelles who has just returned from organising the Ca Joetown a stunt and who is to be the master of the forthcoming London pageant which the will has been proved of or. James Robert Haworth aged 90, of Dean court old Bailey e.g., retired compositor who although he had lived in extreme poverty had Montvi Butch regularly �100 per an Mun to the Printer so pension corporation his total beef fictions to that corporation amounting to about �3000 one of the oldest Bellringer in the country having rung for Over 50 years at St. Sepulchres Holborn. He left his property to the printers pension almshouses and of Phan Asylum the institution which he had supported to liberally in his lifetime .�?�382. A influenza of the Art presiding at a dinner of the authors club last night or. E. Wake Cook said it was customary for us to sneer at ourselves As an i artistic nation and a nation of shopkeepers. As a matter of fact we had produced a Galaxy of great artists and two were of superlative Genius Shakespeare and Turner. We had a glorious record and while we had received much from abroad we had Given More. We had received in return anarchy and Post impressionism which was the influenza of the Art world laughter. Sir. Alfred East president of the Royal society of British artists who was the guest of the evening a remarked that the Post impressionists had not been worthy of the excitement they had caused. He should like to have heard or. Hyslop the chief of one of the great asylums describe the Why and the a wherefore of that expression of human idiocy. Art was the presentation in one of its aspects of nature to another Factor Man and thei Ore it be in sympathy with its ideals. The moment it was out of sympathy with the intelligence of Man the Art was bad. Engagement of Zbina dare. The news of Zena dares engagement to Captain the Hon. Maurice Brett of the Coldstream guards the second son of Viscount Esher was published some time ago and was confirmed yesterday. Miss dare one of the prominent of actresses in musical comedy was bom in 1887. She a the daughter of or. Arthur Dones of the civil service. After several appearances in the i province dare first played in London in Quot sergeant Bruey at the strand theatre in 1904. Her next part was that of the heroine of a a the catch of the season at the vaudeville in the same year. Since then has played Many important part in musical Phiys in London and the country including that of Peter pan in or. Barriers work. Sedbergh Yorkshire a a a John. L. Rogers son of s Rogers late r.a., of pen j Cornwall weds Evelyn to Matt of in. Edmund Ford of pen Hyde Park Square British Emba a in Home Coni of Artenay Stewart Will marry Jjo Dolyn Story. On Satui Day Captain Olland late 6th Ennis killing to marry Louisa Duncan l a a Shter of the late or. James Dun of 18. A j and of mrs. Campbe to Carde Gardelis at Carbt Church under the auspices of the University of London unionist and conservative associations it has been arranged to entertain sir Philip Magnus ., at a banquet to celebrate his return for the third time As the representative in parliament of the University of London. Sir Edwin Duming Lawrence will preside Over the dinner at the he Tel Cecil on thurs Day february 16. An informal conference prompt by the sleeping sickness Bureau at Burlington House was held yesterday at the foreign office for the purpose of ascertaining what measures it would be Best to take to prevent the introduction of sleeping sickness into certain parts of Rhodesia and portuguese Africa where railway extensions Are contemplated or in Progress. Or. Thomas i. Brittain who has been Secretary to the Belfast and co. Down railway company for Aii hcs to Twenty years is about to retire under medal advice and or. H. E. Mel apr of the Lancashire and Yorkshire railway has bin appointed his Suo Cesar. W Hen the Baron finds out the True Stato of affairs he is consoled for his Young a a Bride will have none of him now Only on receiving a note from the princesses lady a maid alias Octavian in disguise arranging a Clandestine meeting in ii Cabinet partic Ulier in a Favourite dining resort. Quite a Long orchestral interlude full of the liveliest rhythms and Clever thematic tracery occupies attention while the table is being Laid and the guests Are expected. Conspicuous in the music Here is the phrase shown in our last excerpt Fig. 4 a 51 utter 4 .�0. P this Waltz accompanies Octavian Smock love making hut the Barons More Earnest amours Are supported chiefly by his own Waltz strains As Given in Fig. 2. Three four rhythm now dominates the score till the end of the work carrying along with it the exposure of Octavian a trickery his Pardon and Many other incidents too numerous to mention. But with the final declaration of the lovers Sophie and Octavian the music returns to the More determined measure of a a four in a the music As Well As the Story is full of detail and Side issues. Among these May be mentioned a Little Waltz that keeps company with the love scene of Octavian and his Princess a minuet also in the first act and the Lively bustling prelude to the third act while there Are duets Tri it and quartets without stint dispersed throughout Hie work. Is to be the feature of the festival of Empire at Tho Crystal Palace during the summer months. Amongst those supporting the president were the Duke of Norfolk lord Strathcona sir William Hall Jones lord , sir Abo Bailey sir Melvill Beac Croft sir f. Pollock sir l. Gomme sir r. Solomon lord Hill sir Godfrey Lagden or. Sigis Mund Neumann sir g. Frampton sir c. Kinloch Cooke ., or. F. Hall ., the mayor of Southampton colonel Homolle Quot sir Jamos a nil son sir Nindel t. Arundel Captain Muirhead a Oil inst or. Walter Crane sir a. Webb or. Sidney Lee or. A. Brereton and or. C. Free Nan Mun a. In the course of so Weichee by Tho chairman Tho Duke of Norfolk and sir Bichard Solomon reference was made to the patriotic it endeavours of or. Laseelles to portray the empires in pictorial and dramatic Effort and to Uio Succes that had attended his previous work. Or. Laseelles in reply said that at the coming festival of Emp he a Vidd idea would be Given not Only of great Britain but of her pos, acros8 Tho seas and the love of their inhabitants for the Mother country. Bishop Welldon on Empire. Bishop Welldon at the Royal institution last night spoke to a Large audience on his impressions of Tho British Empire gained during Many years of travel. In wandering about the Empire he had to said Learned Tho lesson that the first article of True Imperial policy was to knit the colonies to the Mother country by every a missile tie. If he Wero a statesman and he had no desire to be one laughter a he Woodd sum up his policy in two articles of Faith bind the colonies to the Mother country and the latter to them and then bring the Empire As a whole to hear upon the other nations of the world. In regard to India the policy should be to Leep order at All costs and then subject to that essential condition give the natives As Large a share As was possible in the conduct of the affairs of their country. But at the same time he Felt that no greater political or religious mistake could be made by the government of India than the enforcement of a Western secular education system. He believed in the British Empire because it stood for Freedom Justice Progress and True and pure religion. Read made farms in Rhodesia. The question of organised agricultural settlements in Rhodesia is on the eve of solution and certain preliminary arrange Niento have been completed ensuring the establishment of ready made Homes for european att tiers. It is understood that some of the principal landowning companies in Southern Rhodesia will of operate in the formation of a go neral farming and pastoral concern which will subdivide and prepare several million acres for immigrants. Among the features of this scheme is an improvement on the ready made farms offered now by the Canadian Pacific railway. Settlers Are to obtain special facilities in Aid of emigration from Europe each plot allotted to them is to be fenced the Gro Imd broken suitable housing Azoona Madation provided and but Scimeni native labour Stock and seeds will be available to cover the initial be of Farmers. London tube extensions. Sir e. Elgar a concerto. The conspicuous features of the concert Given at Queens Hall yesterday afternoon were the performances of Beethoven a and sir Edward Elgar s violin concertos by or. Kreisler and the Queens Hall or Diestra under the direction of sir Edward Elgar. In both cases or. Kreisler As is his wont played with that fiery strength and crystalline clearness of touch and tone which always reflects his masterly control in such an admirable manner. Although in interpreting Beethoven a Woric the conductor perhaps lingered a Little needlessly Over the larghetto movement yet the skill with which he kept his forces under restraint and thus acquired the subdued tone so essential in orchestral accompany ing was wholly pleasing. To his own concerto which followed sir Edward allowed himself More Freedom with the result that the Solo instrument did not always stand out with the same distinction As in the former work nor was the profusion of colouring with Wahidi the composer has so richly adorned his music As easily to be distinguished As it has been on other occasions. Nevertheless As regards the expressive Reading Given by or. Kreisler and the orchestra of the andante and the cadenza nothing More could have been desired the other numbers included Mosart s andante from cassation a bears a Lullaby a and Saint Saenso so a introduction and Rondo Capriccio my a for violin and orchestra. It is prop aed to extend the a a two Penny tube a from its present Terminis at Wood Lane Shepherd in a Bush to Ealing Broadway a distance of four and a half Miles in order Ito bring the great Western. Railway company a main Lino into direct communication with the Central London railway and the entire a a tube a system. A Bim will be into Parji meat during the coming session. The Cost of the Extension is to be borne by the great Weston Rai Hray company and when the Extension is it Xii Pilate main Laie great Western trains will Call at Ealing Broadway which will thus become an in por Cuit Exchange. Hie a two Penny tube Exten sgt no Noah the Bank to Liverpool Street will be completed Early next year and this will eventually bring the great Neatam i Ito touch with the great Eastern railway. The palladium. Large audiences continue to attend the palladium where this week a notable addition to the programme is Loie fullers a a Les Petite for the space of a Quarter of an hour twelve children execute an exquisitely Attr Ive dance to an unpublished Ballet by Mozart. It is the first time that children Hare appeared in London in spontaneous natural dances and the novel spectacle presented by the Little Queens made a great impression upon the houses yesterday. The Young artists who appeared to enjoy themselves equally with the spectators were recalled again and again. Or. Martin Harvey and his company in a a the conspiracy a Are still playing at 4he palladium and Jack and Evelyn in their Conedy Quick Lundi Are distinctly amusing. King Alfonso attended by a or Ca Alejaa the Premier has re ironed to it Madrid from Memon. Death to tha spa pow. To the editor of the sir a the formation of an original kind of Sparrow club at Stockbridge Hampshire appears to have Arou cd a considerable amount of interest. The truth is that Farmers have had pretty Well enough of his depredations while the Public generally Are i la on the Side of the Bird Bat the damage which he Doss to crop no is not half realised. Virgil in admonish Iii the Husbandmen of his time amongst other , wrote Sointu Ter Rebis ave a but How Are we to frighten away Birds by making a Clatter when they take no More notice of it than the sluggard Dees of his alarm clock the Birds want Corn the sluggard sleep and they get what they want. There is hardly a thing that this mischievous mail auder will leave alone. From Sunrise to Sunset in Tho summer to is in the Garden or the Fields working his wicked will and in the Winter when he is nod Busy in the stockyards picking up seeds and Grain he delights in making holes in every description of thatched roof. All the same to is a general Favourite. "i4 i air if tit is a Book which published Long ego May to referred to with deep interest by lovers of the Sparrow to Well Are his Good Points set Fortis by a French author. Even Tei Myson refers to him a with a the sparrows Chur up Caa the roof Siag one of the monotones which erred to make a a Mariana a trifle tired of life in a the moated apart from Tho agriculture a Point of View i should have some res pts to for him m a self if he would but let the Martins alone outside my window. In the Early summer Nioni ing his perpetual chirping acts As a pleasant reveille and he is sult a a Hardy daring and robust fellow that he reminds one or Servos As an example of Trio Anglo Saxon race so readily does he a it tape Hia Esfir to Nav climate Cir Otmis causes and conditions All the world Over. Of i All the feat tiered tribe porn he has friends yet least det res his position. To leave Bird life for a moment let us a look at the Little Rabbit with his so engaging under favourable circumstances and congenial surroundings such As he finds in the Antipodes he Haa in or eased in ? u h coi Intoci a a timbers As to be a positive Check to Advin coment Piid civilisation in Australia ail elsewhere. And Nuiya not those of the kill nothing school be asked would have happened had our ancestors been equally squeamish As some of the prct30ht-Day a lists would not the whole from John of groats to lands end by now Liao in nothing better than a Hunting ground for packs of ravening wolves then Why spare the Sparrow Richard Jefferies said that a nature had taken Good care that no Farmer should make a Fortune a and it will not do to Loave them to nature. That Weil know naturalist the late or. Tegetmeier repeatedly warned Farmers to keep Vliem Down because of the vast amount of damage which they do in ajl agricultural districts. Thero Are excuses for killing him off for he is a Coni Astral Gran Vorous Bird whose food is principally seeds and Grain besides Wahidi he easy gets the better of the Martanz a Inse Otiveros Birds being extremely Hardy pugnacious and prolific rearing several Largo broods annually. And one might just is Well expect Martins to Clear a Field of Corn As to Hope that sparrows a will get rid of the insects which trouble us. When driven to it sparrows May condescend to eat a few caterpillars just As besieged Citi Sens will eat rats or anything Ken when it comes to the Pinch. I think therefore that after a Little thought people will agree that it is Only fair to leave the Sparrow to his Fate. I a. Sir your obedient servant Ogbourne Marlex it rough. George Long. You can insure your Home against Winter chill by instal Hng our Modem healthful economical and cleanly system of Deal a warming with which banish draughts with their attendant ills rheumatism deut Nokia a warm every Nook and Corm a Emoiy Abd Geni Auy Rob passages bedrooms ., of their icy chill reduce Jious work 50 per revoke Miniman attention Only two or three tones daily a save Wear and tear of furnishings by freeing to in living Rock is from the dirt and dust of open fires. The Cost of no Nisi a Only Orny a tatty per my per remm a the a Tiai Natl air raq red is very moderate and Tom benefits ensured axe equivalent to a Handa Ama annual Bonus a it win pay Yon to alanine this Gilt edged to vestment. Our Booklet a a hoites halt Ahtl Gratis and Post free on Sequea it pres full details a visit to on showroom is also or diddly invited. Address Deal Shanw Oear 437�os�qfd san Leadoah to smoke St. Julien tobacco Cool and fragrant Paris Elysee Palace hotel Avenue Des champs Elysee. No he to to inclusive terms arranged. _ astute on High ground Midway Between in arc de Tiloi he and de if Paris. Specia ii pba.tur1�z5.�?sngliah-Speaklqg 3tal. Ftp by Comfort. Afar Otakar Poao Lac be a Gea a a French cutello. Gnu melted Bath a Booklet from sleeping car co cockspur Street or St Sodard coating vital Spart to 114, w. Telor Anhlac address a Tel Palaca a a a be to portrait painting. University news. Scholarships awarded Oxford. At from our Corra Pondant Oxford Jan. 16. The following awards were announced to night at Jesus College a to Opal scholarships a a. R. M. Croft Christ a Hospi Uil h. W. T. Armst Roiff Dulwich Courgis. To Welsh Cla Sukul . 11. Wau Juii la rom school. G. Deeper Len Tatry cold Sej. To classical . U. Harrison College liar Bado non co Liegi to. �60. A. H. Milbourn Obrikat he. Data in classic of inhibition we Laii a a. B. I. A nicer dul wifi colleges. A. V. Powr University 11. Aberystwyth to Tho princ pars in Buiar to. B. Hughty Prius amp Bool Bangui. I of open my them tidal Reubi Kitiona o. J. King Kalwara a school birmingham�50 Henry of Foini High school. To Hathen Tiam exhibit oils Welsh a. R. Jones Lampeter school. To an Topcu Modem. History amp Hora in a a. F. In Lis Liverpool Imti tute Bligh i Hool. A Tural Lic Wace Soho in a High. U. A a a a a Pinawa gym Uci Tensity. To English Lang Aga in Are of cum tons wish a. 1>. A Nousias i University urge Borri m. Thomas private a Wythe. Griffiths Scholf Tiship in ath Rhead. Further elections next. O. Study. To the Cla Adla Jamea St Joban a a Choc. May be announced in october Queen Alexandra has renewed her annual subscription of �10 10a, to the funds of the Orp Immi working school and Alexandra orphanage. By applying to the Standard Continental department 134, Fleet Street , intending visitors to the Winter sport resorts of Switzerland e.�., Adel Boden chateau do sex. Engelberg a stand Kander Grin Elwald St. Lilo Ritz Eta. May obtain free information As to travel and hotels on stating their requirements. Sir w. B. Richmond professor of painting in the Royal Academy waking yesterday afternoon at the Royal Academy of arts on a some great idealists a dealt with the work of leading portrait painters including Raphael Frans Hals Titian Velazquez Holbein Vandyck and Rembrandt. There were he said few portraits by Raphael in England but one of his finest was Julius ii. In the National gallery. Frans Hals was perhaps the facile Painter in the history of Art. The Genius of Titian As a designer and As a poet in Colour found Echo in his portraits. Velasques although devoid of invagination had amazing Powers of portraying what he . Holby in was a Fine draughtsman exceedingly sensitive to character and he an amount of i Ric in his Short career which testified to his training Industry and swiftness. Van Dycky a work was an antidote to the Sloppy smear painting so Mueh in Vogue and Atu Danka might Well take leak it is from Thia Savera master. Wit ii a agave to Sam i a Dot they Law in his Young a Tea Parent of the later. A asked students to study Rembrandt not Only in iia Braadt and depth but in his imm Taiin Power of and detail. Latest shipping news. San Sebastian Spain 1 comparable climb a the Yaar found Aea and Mountain air com Blind Tom Hotd a the mails. African. Baas am left Malabar for continent 14tb. Luis Nukka us Cau Faar Tat us Pool Ostli. Starac Negbo arrived ska Leoa Isth. Ali Ian. Go Marian sort twi St. Jobs . Fms Zim Pogl lib. American. Bat Ford arrived Pilade it Pkim Consi Didiw Fessl Ittak. Booth. Dto8ctk left a myth Tot Imam Iau it. _. Hub but arrived Philadelphia from Mew to in Ibok. Jeb01i� kit to. Vincent just i. Marco Anivay Lisboa few Lave Laad a soda Isth. Sra Raen Sandved Laboa Ion Vomm 15th. Be1ti8b India. Quot Sinisi Sisfa amp Gray As can Adlaf Pacific. La Ipsas or by Eitam it haul a in a Wostl 7 �.�. Pins of India arrived the Tatara Tom a too Onset la the. Lot Pinta anti 11h0uk8 non Paiit Dorwar 20 Man Tea from tha Paneh Frontier Hadaya Satra at sports a so visions grand ca5in0 open during the shots year Sara att Raatika a a a Ika Kiara Pigeon Stie Tinq 100,000 Fromnes in a portly Siuta Witter pm Milway Kek. Baby lot Ata to do a Modem a nut a 1 . Loth. Beachy Saint Foutt. Fit. John in3. Iat loader Bead i pea. 15th. Domlin Lor. Of Kara my pts Iland 9u�o lib Ftp so la to. Bambmo-amptlka., Vaoia Active Teneriffe from Rosarie Isth. Lamp Bif Aud Holt. Bel Laolo Anil we lira Pool Fiona Quilao. Via Aat went Maui . _ Aust Aijen left Coanabo for Bombay Aad Marwit pm a knifed a Reeines from a a i Ete. Itch. Ke140n. H1ghla27d Labo arrived motto tides Sussi Ute Val Obi Brt. Otway arrived Gibraltar Iran Bombay Isth. Pacific 8team Havi Oatson. Of Duma left la Fallice Tor Cuzo Ihk. Boasa left St. Vinceet . For liver 14�. Bonsa left Pera Abanco few Osao la. A Bega left Moat video for liver tool 14th. Peke Isula Abd Obj fatal. A opt United Gibraltar Fra bes Ibay Laik. Uin0�0aara of offs is Tonji tar Harrt a Rind a Neaon a Rae 15th. In serine trim ube Hutar Unity of of wow to Wiki to my Thair Ani a oaf Arama in football matches Colf teems fac inc chess competitions Bull fish tsp the teat in Spain. Wum Soba fatal Fioti Siimes and in oblation pm Sec Staby. By a Kano Casino. San sea stun state dinner on Magnesi in Lton Ubol in Matt if is Al mme la Abt in Goat

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