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London Standard (Newspaper) - August 25, 1910, London, Middlesex If pop Sauk a a cd Eidlia food Feroz Al it die Best for ill which to admin bitter the Bone phosphates so Neces shirt to quickly growing delicate children in it Wald not a glob to diff my Ander two hymn the under Raed enl Adele i in it in Squire amp sons the icings chemists emf add Aai 4,3. Oxford Street London. Notice. It a a rial and Pii blitzing office a of to sv4�dabb/ a k2-105, show Lane. Of 120, Biz i pc att Street within . F it offs we counting-Luni�e->132, . A. Rue do i Petite pm to. . 01 us Cripta it no i Ute a kingdom 9 9 per or. Be not Oigt k abroad 13 0 Mcney orders to let a made payable tothe to Rio and Reese Standard up Jar a edit rial a amp nag Public bin 15� air a 154. Of mitral a Iii intr. 77, Holborn. I i k9 6514, London we. A at ions for Back number of the a Taota Abs i Drc Sod to the publisher 104, of Lake in Rompa Nied by a remittance incl thing a postage. Charges for copies other than c Al and under one month old. Per copy it nth and under three months 2d. Per a. . Tji furry in i apr Irce months under six months m. Per or six months under 12 months 6d. Per a Vrr 12 Nio Nuss is. Per . A a Thoft a the Sale of Tun Stamand m err rns aut Tris. And Holland Are a re ache a mews Kohanow i Hosp Drici office is at Mainz. Notice to advertisers. A Orris enclosing advertise Wnenta should be i to the advertise mint Mava Gek 132-4, to Fps. . Re so Viii hrs in Tny Stan baby can have Rii a tvs addressed free of Diago to a the ?. A of Lico 132-4, Fleet Street London v in hers Are to to forwarded Stamps Suffi or Vor the postage must be sent with a die a by Fri Cmunt. To correspondents. Fran dad a Koepli no re Ems ability for Asan f in is these Are submitted at senders risk. A f should be accompanied by the Irr Yiirs name and address. N Motife the charge for advertise Vidito of �o1rths. Maut Itagia and Datto is Jive Fri a is for a Tab infer Patlon one a it or in a Virv in it ution Une. it it. It a ninth stir of try Tojo Nunn a Iki address of tas Iri l made by . Or a Jim Rene. Hurt a offices. 1s2-4, elect Stree. Zyl a births. Or Init on hot it 22ni1 instant sit Holm tire Bowdon. A . Of Charles e. R. Abbott barrister i a i 1 .1 t. .k-n.av. On ibo 22n� Ati. St Quot beat Cloee or no n wife of Harold by a spec a t.s.a., of re we. A Quot a a Ltd and. A a. A a to lib Peak in a r k Milf wife of hater Hancock of a son. Knit it in Tho 22ikj and at mat Snyr Japan uie wife it Rev 0 it r h Knight. Of a we. I i Lite on it a nut. Int a a. Nain i us India the wife i it in in Ltd Milord South Sisofo Debite regiment if .1 it to. On Anc. It re it Nway s5, Ama Road , �.k111 if of in Ali Nick Fletcher Norman of a rank. On a via 22nd Anc Ai Effing bin a mid 8nt i ton. It to win of Erbert George band Banister St Law of in a. V n. Of the 22 magic. 1910, to pane a Koala Isler born. Omi wife of Hnry i Issup Avaian of a Sofi. Wpm a i. On Ihu 22w�o a uff., at Gor lands Harpenden . But w1�p of Liona id ii. Hal re of a Eon. a or Ltd it. a in. To Quaty Hoose. A Ivury. Trio wife of Robert l. Whittaker of s a i it or. of Felt i 2lst aug., at. Ald Soroush Honre tha Zied i it wisc 0� Thomaa Wright m.b., of a i kill i. Re i a h . i. Nth 20th Ang., at it. Peti to a t>7 ret. Arthur e. Smith ., Thomaas. on of or. And mrs. Chari w. Mike 1 Gladys Mary Gwyn Only laughter of or. A a in or lev u. Dewing of Homsey. A a s in f n the Isth Ang. At the Presbyl Ianke it a in Tai Arr London by the Bev. J. Macartney1 a. N Mim Knox eldest a la o the late k Ai Bir Thwaite Onn Oberland and mrs. A worn my. To Kate Edith Yonn Sest daughter of m unhurt Henry of Dublin and its. Henry 1, i Xcvi it res nth a Park London. Ifo Munson. On the 20th aug., w. Found peek. A Sou of the late Tohn Peck and i Quot it til late honorable Robert Peck of Lough a in or. Vincent Rob Neon Ada Lincoln of a , a cd orly Wood. Tim. Van trait. On Thi it 22nd aug., at. 8t. Ikehara sign Juny. By Tho ret. H. Neales. George Quot a trefly in to Ada Grace daughter it the 1st� Quot , of Brejc Kheth. No. 26,894. London thursday August 25, 1910. Twelve pages one Penny. Person air. Is. Pub Lim four Lina Takasi adits. Nose Quot a Brosal a i. 6d. Feb Ltd. Ici Mioux form Linn Oue Ekin my tenderest True hearts lore a Omet to you my a ring. My life is yours for always. Your Deu letters sri snob heaven to of Sweet wife a. Ecu. A loft am missionaries 4 Xvi As they Risu from a As they visit from House to Eouse and room to room Are rendered subject to serious impairment of Bealton of Tbs in too Amonte of the work. _ too help is pleaded for earnestly. My 10. Will pontide a City missionary with a Seaside Holiday. Its will a scare the same for a missionary with Bis wife. Secrets Rev or. James Dunn London City Mission. A bridewell place . Backers Barclay and co. Ltd. College Hospital. 1/ hits splendid Hospital the gift of a Aen Erom Benefactor Montaina 305 Beds Only s3 of which Are endowed. For them Tea inc of the remaining 273 Beds the committee have to rely entirely upon Folon tary contributions. Annas a sub Sci ions a annal donations or Moftey for endowment Are earnestly solicited. _ vibe so aia for delicate children and it invalid. Fcnd8 greatly seeped to Jet Ivy a 3 weeks Chasae and rest to our ailing child Row and Tell Ltd Motot ebs in this Dock District in Liaqat London at oar a Conra Lecoent and to lids Home at lion Bend. The a re attention and Good food work wonders upon these mothers exhibitions amusements amp of Japan British exhibition 1910. F Apan British exhibition. I9ia Shepherd s Bush 10.30 . To 10.30 . Admission is. To Day. Reunion of shop as8if?tant8. 6pecul concerts in Coho Besa fall. I a acres under cover Atli the largest �i8play of British mach1nlr.v at Wobu. The finest co British films a elections of japanese and Kab a of Ativo and Applit grand concerts by pour military bands. Q.rbate8t attractions. Mgt a cd Hotea a tar in the Staj at this Home fronting the kindly craps Ekenes and postal Odeis. Union of London and Smith i Lombard Street. a so Kart Smyth Tab vice Job. A a Mark s. Vio Louif. Dock. K. Cihmond8 a dbtective8.�?the Only a oooni8ed association in London for divorce com May Cirii a a a Presa. we. Aaand30. King at. Oie Paide. I Xref. Pie Bepo or inquiry agent to the a v Nom Lity sad entrusted with pit orce and do Leaie Moroti allows in All parts of the world. Mac s3�-�?o�?� ackma1l�d Oren diff cd to la. �?~0.972 Centre to solicitors. Kirn to blackmailed or in diff Len Ltd is Cha Oett I.N.. . I.n., 10.972 references to leading London Solk a Barclays a detectives and private in Niri old Stab. Private matters confidentially conducted. Vorone ., shadowing information. Barclay manager. 359, strand look it a. Large Bath 2 toilets 1 motor 1 pantry sponge 5 Tor 3s. 6d., pm free Carriece or Nwator sponges los. 6d., 18s., 36s. Per Dosen or 3 samples for is. parcels for 8a. 6<1. Spirov on receipt of Cash Send for our illustrated Supply co. , Victory buildings. Manchester guns two for Sale Central fire 12-Bope, to. 1 Nalitt highest finish one by bom and co., other by ote Gibbs late the property of the hobble. M. <9>etwynd this rare it port Unity to get two sir tended guns at one Quarter their cd a to p., 1490, sunward of acc. Fleet-�t., . Navy employ Brent Agency 16, Craven Street str Sod . Sex naval men of Best Rhar Arter Only supplied As pcs Myers porters. Can takers confide tial men chauffeurs brokers clerks. Valete timekeepers Loddeke Capri. And for any position of to Ratay As Abow. Jul one no., 12.032 Central. Teleg Cama a a a in employ Era Are Jaime stay requested to assist by employing men who have served their country. Enabling a Vearly one voter in every twelve in 11 favour of the confiscation of property. Are you doing Anyta inc to Check this growth of socialism ? the unkind is in need of Funcy and your Oasis Noe a a meaty invited. A fall should be addressed to the Secretary 60, Viktori Mareet 6.w. He Standard will be sent Post free to any x add rsm in the United kingdom for 9d. Weekly and will be metered s Seaside and Holiday resorts on the Day of Public Ostia. A should there be any diff culty in obtaining the 8ta Nard readers Are requested to communicate with the publisher not 8tsn<lm&Ltd,04. Shoe Kun London . The soldiers and sailors help society 122. Brompton Road Supply men As indoor Serrante. Potters or is Bonera . No fee characters up to Date. Pro Morrow the Standard of Empire will x be on Sale at All Bookstall and newsagent. Shop throughout the country. Price one office. 104, shoe Lanez Ndon. The journal of Empire. Tbs Tran wagons extent oms and Power of the Bri Tiili Espita Only one newspaper ran be said to be truly a Journa Empire and that the Pau Pouoa a a the i Tandazo of to ova Neas k ent Risi news of Home and Kindred states. Tto these at bum it tails olt tvs Usi Oty sad Pra teas of the on Poats of Empire. Ostini Naea Talas of sport sad adventure. Specs so Ruidas sad a splendid Swiss Story Quot the land of a no re it St help to for britons every whats a link aet ssi the. Mighty seas a newspaper with a Orect a solidification of the brith race. A specian copy of this Jomal of Empire will a sent to sigh aay Law Seebt or direct Tosi Tea Pak Libsch was Mill the 104. Boa Java London. A a by of our bade Bis who intend visiting the continent or Hebe abroad Are a Eomme Oded to sons not the list of hotels which Appam and thursday flu gladly tar its a the. Announcement a Furnitta the in Lasi a to in come cases As will be noticed in the to pamphlet a relating to the Sotel can be obtained St the offices of a a the Standard a and a copy will willingly be forwarded to any applicant. A a Nie Standard a is taken at All the leading hotels abroad and May be purchased wherever English Jon Mals Are on Sale. It will he sent to Addrena on uie Ohio Tinnent at the rate of is. Per week Post free to deaths. It on the 2inl Insl. A. Bermont a Weston fill Elizan a. Sklow of the site Edmund Barnes f Quot i by. On the a viral close Chichester a up Iler of the 1st.� Crawley of Fritock a Ori . Tome at the Cathedral at 1 of clock a Day. P \ the 31�t aug. At Quot Hazi it liner a College Ter. Motif hand Plon. Iolite Pixon. . Let it dorks and i no . London and South Scitern rail a his c-9th year. Intermont at Satim a. In on 15th Ang., St it Ulona a of heart failure a Dufty. Aged 59. Ate jul and 4th North Rapton Ugi ment retired. . F on the 22nd aug. At the resident re of her or. Mrs. William Way Quot 13, Helena Road a t. Limits Foulk ii widow of Tho late John ecu Lucca �sqrc., formerly of Sutton Lodge West a he to. Or f i it he 22nd Insl. At Stanton he Osc Park Hill Amelia Eunice Hall. Widow of the late n Custus Hall in her 69th year. Quot of on the 22nd aug. At routers Heathcote widow of sir we Illiam permit so. Agod 81 Yean. . Top 19th aug., at Redlands Sidmouth. God1.1 on of the late John Jobson j.p., of in Rhy. 111. On the 20th inst. At 27. , a Dublin sir James Langrish. Bart aged 87. Quot i Luy 12th, John Herbert Latham. ., and i Vahia Auckland aged 78, eldest Eon to to Canon Latham sometime fellow of Clare it a and formerly resident Engineer of the a co. I Quot it. On the 22nd aug. At Rosei Torquay i Brown of cotswold Leamington spa a Ipin dirty magistrate of Birmingham and to ret. A. Morton Brown. of i at Leckhampton chinch Elten it. Friday. 26tb. 20th aug. At 6, Alesandra Terrace Dor Viry Penny beloved sister of mrs. Penny u. H. Penny late viral of Abbotsbury a ii year. 22, at Tytherington George Henry driving Bon of the re. G. F. S. Powell.1 lion any Wilu retired Captain in the a iranian co. Aged 53. A if 14th inet. Frilen Harcourt Quintey of the late William Quincey etqre., of Rii unil Jorr of Tho late Burton Brown. Her 87th year. Re. At Hal. Dyserth. North Wales or j Youn a Ett daughter of Mic Fasel a. V a. A a t in.-t., at a it. Carlton Road Brockley. A i. A of the isto Joseph Blade in her Quot h i it. At 35. Norwood venue South-lie.,it failure the but. Bobert a Edith. It i 7��r i f his age. The i9ih aug at Buenos Ayr from a Quot a i suit Pher Tho j a arly lored a on of Capon a in Friston a Iory Bose it a. Cable a a 2ut aug. At 31. Of. Fit re a Man Ion. A a i following info Irinza Olire Stuart. It us Iau Khlar of Edward and Bianche a play -i.t. Arquit 12i.h. Al Santto be. I econ the. It of Tir Ltd a to Quay aged 61. Lot cited a vaie.ury., a Emoriah. Or ii ii of our dear and a 1 i Kofi a eel aug. 34th. If lot Henry 16th, 1887.-s. C. A., . Charities and hospitals. Chelsea Hospital for Wolfen Fuldain Road 1.�?T , . The Cju Een and Queen Council gratefully acknowledge receipt of subscriptions mrs. Incledon Webber and in. Hutchings �1 is. Each. Ini dressed work renders additional Eup Pott try b. Wright treasurer Herbert h. Jennings Row colonial and Continental Church society the Bush to the West. Have you a relative out there the mesh of Emic Raats to the North West of Canada in or eases Bias Idle. Scores of Little towns Spring into existence every Yosr. No Sands of homesteads Are settled out on Tom Prairie. To minister to All beae Peeple is the problem of the Day. He colonial and Continental Church society Ary Peau for it North Wist Canada fund by which 13 clergy and go Lay Jeraiw lists have been sent out. The archbishops aay Quot it is vital that this work should be strengthened both with men sad Money. It lies in the vary Centre of the Foremost need. A contributions should be sent direct to the Secretary the Rev. J. D. Mul ins Office. 9. Serve ants inn Fleet Street London.. Fresh air. The Chubch army s fresh air Lomes give change and rest Quot by sea and in country to weary and mothers and Little ones from the slums. Ailing the mothers pay what they can Pray help them. £2 gives 3 a it Ksn Holiday to Mother and 2 clip Lenin. A <1 also earnestly requested for our 120 labour Homes . Reclamation of and vagrants. The last Hope of thousands. I old Clothea for men women and children firewood orders 3s. 6<1. Per 100 bundle Sand Wate paper for sorting needed. Cheques crossed Barclays to Preben Dary Carlile Hon. Chief sec., or or. F. Hamilton k.c., Hon. Treat. Headquarters Marble Arch w. Thresh air and convalescent fund. Up for providing rest and change and life by the sea for pick and weary poor of s. Maiyo a Plaia Southend or 3. In our Seaside lamp Fob boys it Dymchurch. Is for Thoa auda the one Bright hone of Tow year. Doctor visits Homes. A Besnea and Ora to the Ber. T. Given Wilson vicar of Plaistow. London. A. Crossed Union of London and Smiths Bank. So Cornhill .__ fair Japan japane2se theatres Uji Village ainu Home japanese wrestlers formosan Sha a boat of Unfall railway. Flip Flap witching Waves wiggle to Golb. Submarine railway Scenic ra1lway.�?z Irish Village yachting cruises spiral motor Boob Brennan Mono bail . Paints Superb firework display in the great stadium. Crystal Palace. A a a Pompeu a a at 8.30 . Presented by Mears. J. Pain and sons a Pompeii a 500 Artistes. Wondrous spectacle of Beauty and Art. Vaudeville 3.15 and 6.30. Onan bands. 20q acres of gardens. Retarn bail and admission is. 6d., from All stations. _ a Madame Tussaud a exhibition. Ill most inter Otto instruct Tyi and Bouse of Eniet aliment to London. Lifelike portrait mod Feib of Tho wobia�?~8 most famous Man and we Igor. _ table att scenes and Omot Anzac Tomk cinematograph performances throughout to Bedar. All to be seen for one shilling. Open 9 a. Till 10 . Of a6kelyne and Devante a . If. Georges Hall , at 3 and 8. Holiday programme. A a psycho a or. Mask Elyner Samotis automaton. Tie scarab. magical ii Roc or. Archie Naish. Humour at the piano Memora the human encyclopedia or. Own Clark with magical problems . Seats is. To 5e. Phone 1545 Mayfair. Zoological society a gardens. Open daily from 9 a. Until Sunset. Admission on sundays fellow ? and Fellows orders Only. Mondays 6d. Other Days. Is. Children 6d. A military band will perform on saturday the 27th. From 3.50 to 5.&0 ., for the last time this season. Concerts recitals amp a. Queen s Hall. Promenade concerts. Nightly at eight the Queens Hill orchestra. Conductor or. Henry j. Wood. Tonight. At 8. Over tire Quot fidelio Quot Beethoven. To. J i without words Mendelssohn. Quot the song of the Shulamith a Albert Mack. First performance Suita for strings Arthur Foote. First performance in England two hungarian dances Brahms. Harp soum a a air Nade Quot Eastnor b Quot Nocturne Quot Liszt Schnecker. Bad Ilott music Quot be Cid a Massenet. A a a lung Dicter Irh Quot Hentchel. Elegy from serenade for strings Tchaikovsky. Overture 1812 Tchaikovsky. festival overture Brahma. Overture Quot in memory amp my Sallie in. Mrs. Foster Salmond. M. Gerard Zalsman. To Harp or. Alfred Kastner. Is. To 5s. Seasons. I to 5 guineas. Robert Newman manager. 320, Regent St. Picture galleries. Archt to tooth and sons annual sum Btl Mer exhibition of pictures including works by j. B. C. Corot v. F. Daubigny to. Dnepr it j. Maris cd. Jacque j. Israels c. Troyon. J. C. Cazin a. Schreyer e. Van Marcke and Othos artists is open at their galleries 155, Bond Street w. Colleges schools amp a k University of London. Ing s Gol Leifi. Complete courses of study Are arranged a Tho following faculties for degree in the University of London students May also join for any of the subjects without taking the Tom Plch the course. Facilities for research Are Given. Faculty of arts including secondary Tea Eners train ing coarse Day i raining College and Oriental studies Nib vision of _. Faculty of natural Sciens div upon b medical science division c bacteriological department d Public health department. Faculty of . Mechanical and electrical engineering. Kings College. Theological Dfcia Artmont. A school of the University of London courses for degrees in theology or for Tho Associateship of the College. Day and evening classes. For full information and prospectuses apply to the Dean of the faculty or to the Secretary King s College strand. Shipping. But he Australia Orient Lini. A under contract the Earry his Psi Eaty a Malleta Fremantle. Adelaide. . Sidney a id a Kismann. Gibraltar. Mar8eillki.kaple3. Post said. Colombo. Thru cd ticket to zealand and Tasmania. Ormuz. Orontes . Orso a . Otranto tons. 8.486 9.023 18.058 12.1m London. Sep. Sep. Sep. Marseilles. Sep. Sep. Oct. 8 22 6 Naples. Aug. 27 sep. 10 8ip. 24 oct. 8 Many ers of. Grien co. And avd Ebson. Anderson. A. Co. Head of idea. Fenchurch Avenue. Lonrlon. For Nassau a anal tothe latter firm at 5. Fence urea ave us. ., or to Branch office 28. Csc spar Street. . The Aberi ebb direct line i _ next sailings from London. To Natal Delagoa Bay. Beira. And Bast Africa. S Inanda. Sept. 1. . A Kronka. Sept. 12. Is. In Mizwa. Sept. 23. Flisrand a a a cond class Only. Every up to Ltd the convenience. App to John t. Rennie it ten and co., Bast India Avenue �.c., West end agencies 21, cockspur-St., and 11, face. . 8u1nd1a 5108 tons text. 17 Liverpool to Calcutta. Bavaria �711 Tona a. 27 Bohemia. 3190 Tona sept. Is Page Engroa carried to Gibraltar. Port said. Cairo and sues. Beco Gnisia by Indian Ovora Merit. Exee Lient accommodation. Specially Low line. Ltd., 4. St. Mary Are. Bibby Stea lib of twin screw m ail is. A univ fortnight by for Marse Illbeg to bulb Bacaris and Hall links Jorr a bbl Job Egypt and India. Autumn fast passenger 8tbambr9. Steamer. A City of Glasgow City of corinth., Sci air of Calcutta cd re of Vienna City up paws. Strafford Hall Citi of Karachi. Cityofathbk8 City 0fbbnabe8 tons. Date. Destination. 6528 sept. 17 Bombay and Karachi 5445 sepn2i 7il2 sept 22 bom birr and Karachi 4672 oct. 1 Karaum direct Sago Doc. Is Colombo and Calcat 9000 oct. Nib May and Karachi 5321 oct. 28 to nabs and Karachi 566 / oct. 27 Madras and Calcutta 5s84 for. S Job Imaad Xara Rhi 6973 nor. Is Bombay Aud Karachi via Mars Sites. T via Naples. Special faculties have been arranged with the nor Deutscher lloy Ltd allow ing passengers to embark by . Steamer at Mars it Illes or Naples. Joining Ellerman Steamer at port said. Apply Tom jiit4 of Eric and our Maii. 36, Gracee Hurch Street. Hill , 9. Fench Urdi Avenue. Geo. Snaith and , Glasgow Ellerian s City line Agency. 22, y. At a Street. Liverpool Hall line. Ltd. 22. Waier Etrest Lim Pool e Deutsche Ost afrika Linie. Ast and Gouth Africa. Via Suez canal every 21 Days from Southampton Marseilles and Naples. Splendid steamers with passenger accommodation especially arranged for this route. Coi Haining state rooms in suite and single berth Cabins. Fares from �33 1st class �28 18s. 2nd class. £16 10s. 3rd class. Additional s a slings every 4 weeks via Suez canal from Rotterdam or Antwerp and Naploi. By inter mediate steamers carrying first claw jux sengers Only from �33. Gouth and Joast Africa fares Dan bus. A a boil fares for voyage round Africa. Ellis Kislingbury and co., agent. 4, St. Mary ass . 3. Northumberland Avenue ., London. Illi jct Ockle bated passenger Sobvick. From Mundon Japan direct in 4� Days Singapore and Hong Kong. Kamo Maru sept. 3 a mi8uima Maru 0< 1 Aki Maru sept. 17 Kaga Maru i it it 15 to Japan from �54 1st class �37 10s. 2nd cism to other Porta at equally moderate rates. Round the world. £107. For freights fares.,., apply Nippon Yusen Kaisha 4, to yid Avenue Shire , China and Japan. Direct regular service from . Docks. London. . Breconshire 5713 tons amp a. 18 . Denbighshir�5, 3844 tons oct. 1 carry log first class passengers can Quot Colombo. Apply Shire line of steamers. 153, i Kluball by. Eaj., 57, Moore Street and 20. But eth St. Liverpool. A pain summer Tours and cbu1se& Portugal. 12 to 25 Days �12 to �20. In i by magnificent mail Lin Sra mad Piira. Every 10 Days. Antony . 6400 ton from l Pool 30 aug. L Don sep. 1, Booth line \ 11. Adelphi Terrace. Strand. London. Tower building. Lite Pool. A Choice of schools and tutors Prospectn. of English and Continental Sci tools and of army. Civ service and i University tutors sent free of charge on receipt of details by a Mith Powell. An Ltd Smith schoo agents est. 183334, Bedford St. Strand. Telef., 7021 Ger agricultural College trained for Home or colonies on farm of 1000 acres Smiths work carpentry Riding shooting. Ideal life for youths requiring maximum of open air occupation. City of London school for girls. Car Melita Street Victoria Emi Bankmon . Close to Ludgate Hill. St. Paul a and Temple stations. Private omnibuses at Liverpool Street. Waterloo Ami London Bridge. Accessible from . And . Suburbs by Means of electric Hud Mistree a a Blagrave . London late scholar of Newnham. _ this school established by the Cor ratan of London corresponds to the City of London school. Girls Are admissible from the age of seven. Several scholarship a awarded annually. Next Terra. 20th Sepu mix. Prospect uses ., May be of burned fron a Cwiek the Secretary. C civil service y at Kings College and postal . Bragino it a ., r. Hinks a. J. Comr barrister. Miss Braginton. Apps. Recently gained a second division clocks sept .-16 of 50 offered. Stud. Inter. Chins sept., 08�?All the spots. 8. Excise april 10 .�?4 5 of 150. Jun. Admiralty Uoc �?12 of 33 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th. Women clerks sept., 08 .�?14 Apps. 1st. Girl clerks april 10 .-7 Apps. 1st. 1st in 4 of inst prospectus of Secretary King s College London. Ecol sup Mieure de Commerce do Neuchatel. Classes specials i it our Demoiselles our i tudo Des Molt scr ii a. Section pour a la ves in trip Tiona it Examens do admission Jeudi 15 septembre 1910. Tou Les a la ves ancient it Nouveau Proue of non divent be Senter a 8 heres do Matin a Bureau de is be direct ten de. Beb Geb. East London College University of London mile end Road. of arts Sciacc and Engin Cerince. Session commences 26tl september calcnd.4? Post free. Principal of boys a drool at Deal Kent is anxious to obtain one or More Houlday Pupua Good sunny school. Deal. Private tuition or classes Giten by a lady with Honoura Degrea in Talent Oxford in history. Literature latin . Refer Acea and other Urtin Lars a �?�pplicstion.<-. Middleton. 40, Marl Borough kill . Nehb Rev. Osborne Jay holy Trinity vicarage x shored Teh a. Very earnestly Asu for help towards in a Mon a it Besford a much needed Holiday. A hopeless. Homeless. Helpless. British Home and Hospital Fob incurable. A Bown Lane Streatham . Patroness . Queen aug Xandra. Help is urgently needed to cabby on the work of providing a Home or pension for the Many belpl�8s and suffering incurable or the Middle classes applying for Relief. Cheques and Jestal orders should be crossed Quot Barclay and co.,�?� and made payable to the Secretary. Legacies Abe earnestly solicited. Offic���?72. Cheapside. London . Edgar Penman Secretary. Factory girls country Houlday fund. Under the patronage of . The Princtiss Christian the Duke of Norfolk Bon Twark. And Many oui Era. Funds urgently needed. Hundreds of Giru it ill hoping to be sent in August and september. Subscription and donations a had by sent the chs Man. To Rev. E<1 Ward Wincy or the body. Tre Haarer Bendel. Esq. 8. Peters rectory Saron Hill. schools is England or abroad for boys and Gila messes. J. And j. Paton having an inti Sta knowledge of the bust schools and tutors in this country and on the continent will be pleased to Aid Parent in their selection by sending lire of engage prospectuses and full particulars of reliable and Hinly recommended establishments. When writing plea to state the age of Pupil the District preferred Ano give sea to to . And , some idea of the Ednus Tionel agent 143. Tea Job strut . Tegegne 5053 Central. Loads to fill up unexpected vacancies head master of a first class preparatory school will Sceiva two boys at reduced fees recent successes at Oab orae Aad Public school scholarship b. B. 7386, and sri office. Fle�t.St., Coal and Coke merchants. Lowest Eummer Paige amp Herbert Clarke Ltd. . Coal dept., Kings Croaa . a elected. 25s. Best 2ss. Bost Silkstone 24s. Liew silk Siona 13s. 6d. House for All purposes 23s. Beat Derby the sets. 23s. Best Kitchen 22s. To nuts 2as. Brighi i a gobbles. 21s. Hard cobbles 20s. Stove nuts 17s. 6d. Per i m. A other sorts at current prices. A it household South metro of o Politan Gas of. Deliver in South London or Wilthia Loh. I Ancer Hospital free. Fulliam Road v y do 8.w. Incorporated under Royal charter. Patients seen dais of their own application at two o clock. Pin funds urgency a for general sex mum a for tha research department. Secretary Fred w. Howell a Biel the rat Northern cow trial Hospital m. -C.V&Gtiif?-har.d fi1�ze and Busti a a "1 by Orioli Ina i it a it Miako i if to a a it a f. Lit . In. Ltd �4 a Fri. O with nonatian8."8ub�ctt�frtoj<8 and be Cacieb. Holloway. K. A total web Hospital a the a a he Best Holiday beading _ a be Tugnon Riff a Peak sons by. 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Is newly introduced miniature grand for email rooms Vert grand a grand pianoforte in upright form. A St Uway balt lower Seymour Street. W., Aad York. Cast off clothing. Lady m. Writes 1 recommend them. They give tha Bast Priess. T Eft off . Aud mrs. Salmon 50, i j Bishops Road Bay amp water wait on a Swiss gent Tanen and give 30 to our a than Ourien Foo Dong a Lorma. Jewellery. Old Teeth Fern stare . Parcels sent . We a. Vans of cent daily. Banksia fecs. Tetele. Llsms Yasir. Gentlemen a. Ladies left off give utmost value per Retarn for Loans Saits Over costs. Boat. Drew. Dinner Viu. . Bags indies clothes. Us . Pavcek and Tomb any condition of cloth Jln Alee arted a nals Central Stoks 34. High Holmbom a r found the Cook s thirty ninth annual conducted tour8 bound the world. Visiting America. Japan. China Straits settlements Java Burma Indis Ceylon. Egypt with facilities Tor the Nile and Palestine. Strictly 8rst�lsas Taro Ogbon. And a Oom Laniad by qualified representatives fully experienced in world travel leaving London As a Noer August 27, �o7lottatellins West Wank. October 1, 1010 november 8. eastwards. November 28, 1910. A a a a january 27. 191� a a fully descriptive Graibe with coloured illustrations free from office a Thos. Cook t son. Chief office. Ludgate circus. London Aud branches. Ylan t Ine to Anada Lii Liess Royal mail s Vick. Triple to beings. Liverpool. Tunisian. Aug. 2p old personal escort. Lira Pool. Muktha Finlan. A. £7 Kilas Gow. Pet Chian. Aug. A Loudon. Sah donian. Aug. 27 Sel it Ich and . Lowest fax a wireless daily Pap a Steadi Ziesk combo to. For Lia i books. Her., apply Lixe 19, ja.ves-61�?T., Uve Pool 14, Cuck Spur St., s. 103. Iliad Lin Hall St. .25jtotliw�u-sil�sg and at Paris. Shipping. Put mail and passenger sertice8. E Egypt indu. China. Japan Australasia a to. Conveying passengers and merc Bardisa to All Eastern port. Amp 0 pleasure cruises. By . Vecitis 6000 ions. and . 8, sep. 9 to oct. A. Turkey Athens .-no. 9, oct. 13 to nov. 5. A t rom London t from Marseilles. Fares cruise 8, from 25 guineas no. 8, from 20 guineas. P. Amp o illustrated handbooks on Appl Icson. A offices 122. Leaden Hall Street. . / Northam Briand Avonte. railways Tours and excursions. A Otway and the Baltic 13 13 Days for guineas and the famous yacht my 8teameb will leave Grimsby 27th aug St forja cruise to Bergen. Gudvangen. Odda. Chestia a. Got Burg. Copenhagen arriving Back at Grimsby 9th september Aad London awards. Loth september. _ write for free illustrated Booklet to Orient fee navigation company. 5. . Lon ., and 28. Cockspur Street . Managers of. Greek and of. And Anderson. Anderson Rand co. B England Root land. And us blandly a act Odowd Gorsd pay afro Isaias Landsa Bootland or in Eland. Inclusive fames from 11 guineas providing Traval tie Kalil hotel accommodation Carrisal drives sightseeing hotel and railway servant a fees an the scr Ioe of a competent representative not in uniform. Write for programme no. 64, Post free. Thos. Cook it son Lodato circus. London Aad branches. third annual conducted Toub to eaves London nov. 2, Marseilles nov. 12, Naples nov. 14, 1910, Visitin Mombasa. Nairobi. Nai Vasha. Nauru port Florence. Jinja Ripon Falls the source of the Nile. A to i eluding a Ernise round the Victoria Nyanza and ten Days on safari. Ill if. Programme with full Dot us. Fre Ltd. From any office of Thos. Cook k son. Chief office Ludgate circus. To on. Notice to . Cook and son arrange to insure the baggage of passengers travelling with their tickets incl iding fire Befu pilfering and damage by sea water. Circular notes Are issued at their head office and Prin Cip branches payable at ail important towns St Road foreign Money supplied and exchanged. L. Amp s. R. Popular a a rail and sea a trips wednesdays. Aug. 31st and sept. 14th, for the Day to 80uthsba, Portsmouth 4/1, byde5/6. I /. Round the Isle of of Wight. Of from Waterloo 6.50 Kensington 6.35, Clapham Junction 7.1. Bookings in connection from other London and suburban stations. See Bills. Chas. J. Of heft general manager. Gatwick race Friday and saturday August 26th and 27th. Race trains -victoriall.50. Ictus 1237 Clapham june. 11.56, 12.18 London b12f2. 12.t30, lt0 i Brighton. 12.28 Kensington add. Re. 12.8 i Lewes. 12.45 a first class Only. T non Stop trains. Return fares not including admission. 1st cd. Is. 3rd cd. 3s. For fares from other stations Bills. Switzerland in the autumn. Even october is not too late for Switzerland. Never is the scenery Moro Lovely the climate More enjoyable. Intending visitors should apply to the London Agency of the Swiss Federal. Rail wave. 11b. Repeat Street. Water Loo Plaza. ., for tickets guides and All information. Fuu particular a free on apply motion also the following pamphlets a a a Lugano. Centre of i italian lakes a a a the Viege Zermatt Quot it ims and waldhau8 Flims. Alpine be30rt,�?� Quot Engelberg climatic health Besolt. 1020m.&Quot h holidays is Weden. Thule line express bout Harwich to Gothe buro. Aad View swedish Royal mail Stenners Sara and Thul every Batu Day. Ftaras from London first. Class focal. 80s. Return 140s. Incl dim prov Sieu. A through tickets to stoc olm and Ciscal Artois in Sweden i asked. For full particular and to Independent Tours a Send postcard to a British Ault Northern ship Hull Agency Ltd., b. Lloyd a Avenne London. £17 r Oyal Ine to Ranada Canadian Northern railway system. Atlantic service. Fastest steamers. I finest in All classes. Record passage i Cabins de Luz. 5 Days. 20 hours. Unrivalled cuisine. Express a Roval Edward sept. Service / Royal George sept. 15. Fortnightly from Bristol. For full information As to sailings freight ., apply to the company s offices. , Walbrook . 65, Ila Market Londro Chapel Street Liverpool 141, Cor ration Street Birmingham ibis Lus scribe Paris 65, Baldwin Street Bristol. A a Merican , Arl Zona. Colorado. Reduced fares till oct. 8th. Atchison Topeka and Santa be railway. Apply h. V. Elkina 2, Panton-St., Haymarket . Banks Loans and Money. The sharing Cross Bank est. 1870. 28, Bedford Street Charing Croaa London and 39. Bishops ate Street within London . Branches inc Chester Liverpool be Bradford Bristol . Assets. £1,607.949 liabilities �1.26,871 surplus �371,078. Loans of �30 to �2000 granted at a be hours notice in town or country on personal Security jewellery precious stones stocks shares and furniture without removal. Stocks and shares bought and sold. Two and a half per cent allowed on current account balances. Deposit k of �10 and upwards received As a subject to 3 months notice of withdrawal. 5 . Per annul. M 6 8 a a a a z 12 7 notice May be Given at time of skip citing. Special terms for longer periods. Interest paid quarterly. Owing to the nature of our investments we Able to pay rates of interest on deposits that will compare favourably with dividends paid on Almo it any class of Stock or shareholding insuring the safety of capital. We have been sub it i shed for 40 years and our position in the banking world to Day testifies to the in comes of our business methods and to the satisfaction of on Cost Mem. Write or Call for prospectus. A. Williams and h. J. Tall. Joint managers. A published Over 50 years. London pc Westminster loan 4 discount co., Ltd., 63, 8t. Martins Lane a no Croas. . 64, Moor Gata tree . Advances made. Repayable Jav easy instalment at Mode site rates of to flac. For pre Psetas b. London and county Advance and Dis. I count company limited Stab. 1869 Advance Money on Dee shares and personal Security at Zodanta latest Bills discounted. Loan so Bills of Sala. Secretary 58, Ghan Oery Lana. companies comm Raul amp a. O us bbl and Lake St. John in Elway bondholders a Protection committee. Oon version scheme. Holders of let yet deposited to i met me and income Bonds who have not yet deposited their ends with the London joint Stock no. Limited 5. , and received in sex of adige the committee a certificate a of Deposit Are reminded that after the 5th september 1910, Bonds will Only be received on such amended terms As the committee May then fix. Forma of Deposit can be of Tainan Fram the undersigned. By order of the committee James Davenport Sec Reury. 75 and 76. Lombard treet. 23rd aug., 1910. Dearson a Magazine. Or August. 1910. Marcus Woodward. Her a Pil Glumsoe. Luns Tatad by b. E. Minns Abana. Urns tested by h w. On t8k Edge of the Tong pwt. Of a so lost rated with it of starts Desmur and the blab. Nias rated the. Author. Bra Moora. The editor. The Tabk-m18tbe88. In slum land. Illustrated of lyse Elsas. William Lunstr Atad by Mabel Attwill. A lion Iota vahbhik0kk01.aj.p. A a a a a a a a up. Bread upon the wat ebb. Illustrated by A Uick Liam. Brr. Mias Amanda 8 leg. Lust rated by Mabel Ince. .0� ��.,4 is by 10s.�?Swiss no night travelling 3b i Tours including eight Days hotel accommodation second class return tickets Short sea route. 17s.-0ber-Ammergau a no night travel Ling tour3, including la bavarian Highlands first class hotels. Continental travel limited. 5. Ead Sleigh gardens. . I . . 25. dec �4b. Pica it Lilly. Oon Necton with the great a. Tern railway via Harwich. By tue general steam company s Faist St canies Shiron Helle , every wed mesday and is angers leave London Liverpool Street station at 8.40 d m. Corridor train. Dining and breakfast cars. First cuss single 37s. 6d. A urn 56 3d. Second class single. 25s. 9d. Return 38s. 9d. Further particulars of the . Co., 15. Trinity sonars. Dec or of the Continental manager. Liverpool Street station. saturday from British and foreign wharf near Tower Bridge by find steamers Quot Grive Quot 2037 tons Register and a ortolan Quot 1717 tons Register electric Lisher bats music and smoking rooms accommodation in state rooms with two. Berths Only on upper deck steam navigation co., Ltd., 15, Trinity Square . Isle of Man for a glorious Holiday. Short sea passage by finest Channel Turbine steamers afloat. Guides hotel boarding and lodging House fists free from a k. Tongue 27, Imperial bldgs., Lydgate circus . O Ford and Kingston twice daily sundays excepted from Mav 11th to october 1st. Both up and Down Stream through 9o Miles of Beautiful thames Salter bros., Oxford and Cooke a tourist offices London Continental hotels Alt tbsp Ctina co Iii real worst and Contin Fiftal in bal should by addbc99id to or. A Boink Alo Babbis . Dopa Bixb for the a stand of in Flost St set Loh Dox e. C. In key. Constantinople. A hotel Tokatlian. Fint it lass Bolsi Aitu ats at the Rapia. On the big Borus. resort. Electricity sad a very latest oort Oil Switzerland. A Del Boden a grand hotel. Leading in Tosh jul Hoose Large Tonnis grounds Tariff Quot stands Gartner or. Bernese visitors obtain pamphlet from Quot Spadard Otica. May hotel Des Bains Laid. Splendid position open All year cent. climate no fog Large . Kohler or. Chateau hotel 1st a class terse from lofts. Hotel Berthod Ooi Atoch aug from 7frs.-pamphlet from a a rens hotel do claben8 first lass fan. Hotel a. Molnar. Prompt. Ras Ecung thu Beautiful v3t City supplied Gratis by official inquiry office Posoa Des a stones. Or a a Standall offices. Las Paa Pust be. Lol. /3b1ndelwald, 5500ft.-Bear botel. 1st Alasa. La tvs Kaat Al the finest at Waif in davits Orlaid. Sommer report of . It Jias coed , took floss Veckey Lavercia Gatard. Or Standard. . Jungfrau and Belvedere Frau. Mod. Terms. Hotels Victoria. Unique sit. Opp. Tha Jang hotel Des Alpes and h. Do nod. On Hob Eweg. Eng. Fam. Htls.�?tar., Quot t Lausanne a Palace a Jess j. Tschumi is niger. Beau Ray age Sosa Elf a Jared a or. Statn., Isact. Fam. Bet., open. Tariff. Swan and Rigi. Is class old reputation Patr. By eng. And Amer. rut i and Rhine vol Al 5 Mina. From station electric Light. A entry eating Good Cutine pension from 7frs�?a. Dealer. Proper. Lucerne information supplied Gratia by pop Al in it Quiry oboe. 8. Kaneii Plau or from Quot sunward office for Booklet a amp 30l hotel and leading hotel in beat petition Lawn Tennis Large Park. Ask prospects. Lifa Loja Engadine a Palace hotel. Nav it heating instal Latina. 19ia hotel lat cd English fam. Hotel a rivalled sit. Elees Kos. Saal Opp. Hatha Fine . Monteux Bernese Oberland railway. A most come. And Piearc shoe rooter a press Traina july september Montreys water Lankaa. Tour Lars Quot Martigny Chamonix route from the Valais to Cuba Aonia Gog wheat railway. Chamonix Mont eavers Mec a Glacel a rivalled View it. hotel unrivalled in Wjk is tation. Appoin�., cuis., sport. . St. Moritz eng Dine a High class summer report. bathing establishment Tion a a sunward. Joa to eng to Switzerland a apply Lor pamphlet no 3.�?officiai inquiry Offida. Than. Seilech and Socin to do a Etsle. Tariff from Ata Adair a Sweden. Ukandu homely a Ort rooms 3 Krona a Sam sans Eeast As a lats France. Centro in the Alps. Grande quintaine do aviation de a baie do Seine. E Havre a a Rouville Joe Auville. The social event of tue year. August it both Bept. 6tn. Fast Steamer servers from Southampton to Havn and tron Lle every night Suu Duya excepted. Daylight Arries three times weekly. Jancy a grand hotel place Stanislas Flat class Hoose every modern Comfort. Montana. Quiet. Refined. Paris. Ceoual�?11. Rue de i Oechslie Lav. Menta Noti St. James and Albany opposite tui eries. Modem. Moderates Queen of Thermal stations. Season 1st May to Soth september. Casino. The str. S a Belgium. of Flowers and ancient Mono air me Ntxo no one should leave be Glam without visiting this Beau Lenl old City Replete with historical relics of the civic and Rell Gioara struggles of the Middle . A Standard Quot or 161 no a Brua aels. T he a a Home filter la the Ideal filter for every Day use. T the a Home filter gives an immediate flow of pure water. The a a Home filter required no fixing by experts or i Umbers. T a Bleb a Home filter can be put on the Kitchen Lup by anyone de hotel. Every modern Comfort. Apartments with Baths.�?�. Michotte. Prop. hotels on Tho front. Con to Weintal splendid and Uutela a be la Laubi rooms from is. A Tosiou 12a. To 80s. Business announcements. Real lace. Dai Meries Petit Jean. Rue h i. Royale fat he a Home filter protects the Home against a water Brae Dii Ihbe a Home filter prevent All Childr a ailments caused by drink is impure Wawior. T Ihbe Home filter win enable Yon to give children their natural drink and Best Stimon Lac pubs water. T he Quot Home filter is of British Maofa on. Isdo by Dolton san co. Ltd., at the Boyal Dolton potteries Rehb a Home filter was been tested at the London nov pita and been proved Abosi Uuie reliable. Italy. hotel s. Marco no. To Date rebuilt lift mod. A Barge swim Scoter bus meets All Traina. prop. position on via Nazionale. Tot. A to Date. Pamphlet buteo dad. hotel reputed first class family hotel splendid in situated loll South every latest Comfort two lifts. Austria. Fulp Mes Tyrol above inn Serflek a grand hotel Stubavi. Very Luck pamphlet a Stendard visitors to London will find an attractive display off Ray autumn novelties a every Departo eat at Shoolbred a Tottenham Coart Road w. E Continental hotel amp continued All by Spetti of hot and co to Suntai it in Oen bal a bold by and obsessed to my. Begin Bald rabbis Contone fatal the ,�?T 154, t uk�1>stb��t, los ooh . Germany a Ati tied. de station to near Aprine i Aad Kura Al Gardea and Ertsos pens from 6s. Frankfort Central. Modern. 80 Baths. Bits restaurant. hotel Senjt first class Pat by English and american society. Goslar air .-h0tel Der acht�rman2 near Eta Tina Iima Ciapas every Kemfort gardens terraces. Royal. Entirely Aei App. Wiki Baths opposite Central aution. Charles on. First Claas hotel on fort of Castle fan Scalar. Mainz Mayence hotel de Hollands Best situate. Apart . With Baths. A mod. Com Arta apart . With Baths. Ail said. Oom Tortike , the hotel a Luia of Munich tha Art City of Oen any. four seasons Hoh do Russie. Leading St Adaid. am Stentor. A Britt ifs Pis. Near station. . Good a airy Boosa booms from 2/a tra3sburg.-grand hotel de the leading hotel of the town. Best to the is thedrol. and Kur hotel Bellvue 1st cd. By. H. Terms from 7a�?psiaphlets a Standard hotel Pai. By j. Tha a Lite of eng. And am. Society. Pamphlets. Standar Ltd Nicolas hotel the we Mal Baths near station modern Ganga furs Tenhof. 1st cl., in exceptional position oppose. Kuxhaus Aad Park Thermal Tziba of floor. Pens from 60s. Per a a cd. London amp country hotels. Biff Hydro. Hol.1, Yorkshire 500ft. Ait., on a Sage of Moor farm bracing air. Lovely s Mccry n a he it e Golf course adjoining Grouls free to visitor Fino Central lounge. hotel. Hijii class hotel. Centrally situated. Telegrams. &Quot.imperia, Telephone 6470. G0rlest0n-0n-sea, hotel finest poem too on East coast Large grounds 120 rooms grand sea views Golf links Virago boating fishing dives. . Terms manageress. Miss amp Cook. health ramp a Hgt a Mineral Springs Lover 80l finest Baths in Europe. Hydrotherapy of every description. Bracing mood and Ai splendid scenery. Varie it i entertainments daily in in Saal. Ulus. Booklet from Uncial it her 8, Weils Island hotel Ivy Linest Poi Icin on the River standing in its own be anti Fol a rounds of nearly 7 sores with Home Comfort newly furnished. A first Clam hotel excellent cuisine and Telep Iione. 380 Maidenhead. Finest wines and cigars. The famous Bromo Lodino. Cir Woodhall spa. Victoria hotel. Pump room in hotel group it ii. Famous Bromo iodine Waters and a i Hsy it it a . G it. Neuritis to. Wonderful Les Ului. Charming . Golf. Tennis. Ivy and largest hotel a the . A. Bari tips piece. Casino. Up to data. T he a a Home filter can be of burned from stores chemist ironmongers. Ate., and free Booklet and report of Tesu from the Home Quot filter company 34-35, Norfolk St. Strand. London . Rapper i Tica is. Act pm m. W it is a a spill Story. And will be a thoroughly Leci ated addition to a very Library of Youthful Lite Sture a the Book that will help you to protect the a a ask by your daughter in Ryphe White slave tray flt. X Dedi ested by Mii Asrob to her exec Uerey the Osa Tass of Aberdeen. Contain a a full exp genre a Joe Awn Saable methods by which the a note of the White slave Taihi Luie their tic unt in their a Oom. A the White slave traffic a is sold at All books Falls a not. Celiea May be obtained Post free Fer 8d. From the a a mjt.p.,&Quot it 8ennettartr�<et, London . 6d. At All Bookstall. A Pra Eueal Book that will Hrop Yoa to Saake tha most dec your Garden. Maia it event arts Tell let Bliss. A Toto Patio of Flower of to Luke and we >6e a Garden. So lib. Sol Quot Ting for boys. By sir r. Baden Powell. Price 1a net. In paper wrapper cloth edition Price 2s. Net. Yarns for boy scouts. Told round the Camp fire. By sir r. Baden Powell. Paper wrapper Price la. Net Coth. Price 2s. Net. Thia volume is a continuation of scouting Fob boy amp _ Mhz boys of the Otter patrol. J. A tale of the boy scout. By e. Be . With foreword by Lient. General sir a Baden Powell. Illustrated . Kinsella. Pictorial Wra a . Net cloth boards. spice cited a evening Standard. Quot the Story is Good in every Way. A imagine a prise that will be More Westminster Gas Etta _ i camping out. By for boy scouts and others. By Vic Iob Bridges. With prefatory note by sir b. Baden to Weiar. Limp cloth Prica a set. Scouting games. By sir b. Baden Powell. Paper wrapper Price is. Net. Aug in cloth Price 2s. Net. A a Ere Are games or the practice of conting. Tracking stalking seamanship first Aid and strength for indoors Camp or teen night and Winter Ganes. The great majority of these Gaines Are Arrao de with a View to serve some useful purport a at the Basme time it is quite evident that . Has never lost sight of the fact that half the Battle is gained if the Soma is made attractive. That the instructor will find scouting games a of much Oas to no doubt a a Field. Things All scouts should know. A fines a i 313 Hub rated paragraphs about the army and no by. Ships and boat. Flags and other signals. Railway. Cycling camping hobbies . Paper wrapper. Pries 1�. Net cloth boards. 2s. Est. Be above May be bal of All boo Seum. Or poet free of receipt of 3d. Extra for Possage. From a f. Soutter 17. Henrietta Reet. Ladoo. A Clarke s b 41 pills Are warranted to Cui in / either sex. All acquired or constitutional discharge from the urinary , grave and pains in the brisk. Free from Mercury. Established Over 40 i. A boxy 4s. So. Each of All chemists and Patent Medicina Lincoln and Midland of panties drug company. Lincoln. chlo Rodenb. Each bottle of this Well known Resari Ziuba. 0y8bxtbby. Of ugh colds. Bears on the stamp the name of the a venom or. A a exists. Is. a hotel Schonbrunn 1st cd but 1908 health pea App. Lap. Hummer a for Phil Krantz 1, Neuer Var i v 6 1st class Cental in or tent Germany. Aix la Chapelle. A hotel Monarch. First it Iasa House. Grand moderate charge. Books magazines amp of. Do you Bathe whether no do or to not Oli will like the Carmino bathing plea his in the Spott Malir Royal Magazine. Special hopi stay numb a Here Are some of the contents modern mermaids. Olimpi of men and Maidens making merry or the Foa. Phyllo puts up be if hair. Tho Story of a a a growing up one summer night. A poem. In love. 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Dasel. Is niger. I Resden. Uni que Posis Bong a a fold. The Tot. Hirsch or. Lah maim so Sadat Oriaku est. Fer us a up lib Tjoa of disuse pm Yglesi few Redisa bosc bees Finai a stood sad India of fir. Wii Iii Nair. Lom a in 2ifh aids it. 1910. By order of the Sebck tar of Sfax far India in Raj Lnell. Wanted Lor service on Indian state rail wave. , Cill Lur for key cd wit Jon departm<i3t. Ca.kiidateft a hopi us it amp bout 30 years of age and Mist hav i a Kii owl tic of a Jln a 1 much Mizii. Pottier no will Iye r . To tra irim i i co it att Hopt. Pp1< at >-1� will Only be in it is Derry Troia those who a t pm la in Lori with i Al lit ult incs of Ltd Riise a id a Ai �.&Quot w,.->rk. Of Spir rally All meet wig Oil in Ltd who pm a is a �>0-1 Kral i of Marhi Ivory Athl work he it a practice to the a i fun it a i us of to e Varion it it tags. Us it i Lars let age. Edn4�ton get vet Al and Terni Cafrier a. And it to it i a in ent esp Rinc with dat., must be niger. I application. yours engagement in first in nce. Which May be prolong a Ltd if a haired by love Root at Iree a re cum passage to indu. 500, rising to rupees 600 per Calendar a Nowith. The so felted candidate will be examined by the medical Board India office and wid Only be appointed if Rioin cd by Tho Board to be pm usually fit for serried to India. Leuers of application wit i copies of testis Tomalak. Shoo i be sent to the dire tar general of stores. India a War. Whita Bali London 8.w., net later than 7th Sra tember 1910. G. Bun. Let Lect of suet Al of stores

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