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London St James Chronicle And Evening Post (Newspaper) - September 12, 1812, London, Middlesex The a i and lond h b w a a a Price Sik Pence Halfpenny monday sept. A -. From the London Gazette 0/ saturday a sep. 12. Downing Street sept. 12. Letters of which the fou owing Are extracts have i Fri received by Earl Bathurst from col. Sir How a Douglas dated 22d, rid As Ubea the Earl of Wellington transferred his of a quarters from Morados to in Elk the garlic Ian Iii inn. Then la Nava and. Polios. Re my from .sajijrda�,.september. Jts so by september a a vision occupying fios to Al Douro again Aud Gen. Hanto Pildes his head of Uarte is in Valladolid. Of . H us. Tor be Villcis capitulated j and fhe siege of Xor was undertaken but Arith Means Tery Insu is Iehl. Oil the 12tb the enemy advanced Vith Faaoi infantry and 15�0 Cavarly Ira a. Iii cd towards Valladolid up Mph was Only of tried. Jav one battalion. Gen. Santocildes retired to kill a the Road by Torre Lobatan i cards , the Jemy now advanced Tow Aidis Xora and it a a Cert that t heir objects were to relieve Toro a 1 7amora, and then to March to Astorga Quot to Ujj Isophe siege and having withdrawn the Garri on to destroy the works. The spin wish troops were a Ildra in from before Toro which the enemy in mediately abandoned a and Gen. Santocildes Bav collected Ali ills Force at Reiver Ltd the Eto �0, comia fenced his Retreat on lieu Evette near such Pince the enemy a cavalry came in a it with the it sch army Abonit 400, and in the affair which Fol 5vvetl re sustained some loss. On the a Tii inst. Stoi a surrendered when the enemy had already a Chc a la b1 Nuneza fro n which place they have a Cimic tired on head ing of the loss of ant Garrison Iii Irh was of Sincli importance As to Lead them into Lisi operations. I have no doubt from the direct ii they have taken that they withdraw fit a Avrist a of Zamora and entirely Al Ndon the. Koi the was conic aided by a Donera of brigade was defended i Gay a Lieut. Col. A engineers and the Garrison was composed of two it talons of the 3d, and one of the 1st in Ury of timeline a in All 1200 effective at the time of the i Orrender. Astorga . The enemy retired from la Llaneza ii nearing a Ifal luf Astorga and took the direction of Zath a evacuated the latter place of the Nikorn i Heights of Bluet in to those of Olavia a w4iich Suji sorted oaf left a Bye ring the Bridges of St. Anton,-v.the Wio Odleiv Bridge and the Bridge of boats. At it la break on the i Horting of the 22d, general a with it Ait of theve a guard proceeded to attack this Cpl Iani directing that the division of Iberia show meet us of Arri go fit a. Bis positions were made which i Seeni de. To ensure Ujiie destruction of this 1 he Energy on finding that Vve vere to it of a a Bridge of Ivri Orriaga and roads leading to Bilbao Changet the ii Iii Tiou and by a most rapid Kiar he. I Avo rid by the thickness of the Wootys effected their Junction with tie second column which avas death used to make a Alt ick upon the Bridge of Boi Uetz. Rei la a v it a >1, a be >111 Vil the h t i a i Era l k. Oses a a Liillie of Obj do it 0l/ Tel 7 in Orni Isle ii d 56 i of run a to a us Ora. In a of the 27th, retiring by Valladolid. The Gulli-�11 army has again moved Forward and now occupies cantons pets on the Esla in the Tov Vns and villages near Vilu Manan. Dov Nix a Street sept. 12 letters of which the following Are extracts be been received by Earl Bathurst from Lientje rant col. W. Farker t Arrol dated Zornoza aug. 2i, Natl off Portugalete aug. 26 Zornoza. Aug. 24. 1 in we the honour to acquaint you that on the i Iii Iii St. Gen. Rouget with a Force of nearly Sahwn advanced fron it Durango to attack Bilaoen. Renovales took up a position on the if a a of the River having his right on the to Gupta and of Lorgan defending the new Brill e of Bolota his restive at Castriana. As y u us try it Quot i Jenny s Force was ascertained Gen. donned his plan of attack part of the a i Uhr and i Ampelio s regiment were to pass the few at to tug Alette Wiiri a it proceed to the Heights of Sirilo do Liuio to attack the enemy a right at a i Veak on the 1-uh whilst Gen. Porlier with a a a Vanguard attacked the enemy who were in pos a Ision of the Tuo Bridges in the town and the Tiki s at the Bridge of to inca and the Heights of cd run were to attack the Energy a a left which was a in in posted on the Heights of Begona and Al Wro. At three of clock on the morning of the nil the attack Widi great Vigour it i a after a heavy Are of a Bur hours the enemy was Iron the Iiri Dires of the town and from the 1 a of Begona and Morro and at nine of clock commenced a Preci state Retreat Tov cards Zor pursued y Gen. Be Novalesi a division and Vanguard headed by porlicr., had the troops hic i were to have attacked the enemy a right ared at i he no pointed time the Victory would have most Complete and probably Gen. Rouget the greater part of his troo4 a would have been i Toh h Oil Durango. Their loss on this occasion a of exceeded our a which was Twenty killed and wounded. It was highly Gratifying to see the Alness of the newly raised troops of Gen. Reno s division. Too much Praise cannot be be on their chief in whom they place the Nteso Confidence and who is indefatigable in Bis a rations to Ron Pele and organize his a �?~�?~"6 the 5fb we occupied Gald Acano and or our Advance close to Durango strengthened having two guns on the of Yii Rreta and occupying several houses in a a a Nown they have also an Encampment on their that town on the Heights of Santa Lucia and a Hano. A a. A to be night of the 20ih, we received intelligence a it Ilie enemy were moving to attack us and that column Bud marched to Orduna the High ill it Bilbao about a mile from the latter Gen. Mendizabol determined to fall Back Vait the enemy on the left Bank of the River in i a the same position As that occupied by Gen. A a a Vales on the 1.4th inst. 0 n the night of the i the inc my advanced from Durango in three foil inns a a Ith Riv a Ili it a tic or tar t i \ m c Tvr Csc ii Fhi of or so a two by Zornosa the i ther by Villaro a View of possessing ther selves of. The Heights led from Avri Orriaga and flanked thos6 of a hich was the right and the key of our Ile Novalesi a division occur Jed Ivora the Pitiot. Gen. Mend a a by a the Inguard it Aad Longan arrived it time to to set the eneiwy�?T4 attack principal efforts were a to ice tiie of a Bra a to of Quot a a i it Lfering co Sirmier Brefo is witly Mit Gaiti k Root of j to Weir efforts on the left of . Proved e qualy unsuccessful. A a Gen. Renovales at the Bead of Bis Piave peas int soldiers most Timeir attack at the ene Niy attempted in vain to Forcie the two Bridges of the town Aud that of boats j night coming on tiie enemy retired to his position or the Heights of St. Domingo Al Slorra and 3ego a. Arrangements made for a combined attack upon the enemy a pics Ilion by finding that he had upon being attacked l j Renovales who crossed the River in front of the he i gets of Kunderas Early in the night his Retreat no Tinie was lost m pour us. Ing him Ai gtd Bot with amp Tai Dirig the great advantage he had in Point of time from the a Jii Dity by Fth which tie division of Iberia mapohed., ave Cariie up Witler him near the town of sure Ozan arid at tacked Bis rear witly sult h Vigour Itiat his Retreat became a confused and disorderly flight inso Mocini that they did not Avail , As they , have Dame of several Strong Pflugk tons which tie. Road from to Durango presents. Atone Polhe Strong est of these Poi irions they nude Aii Eji Ort to stand but the gallantry of the Comman it want leu. Pirga. Who at the hea�i5� his troops led the attack Ani mating to eur by his Eji ample Avo charged the enemy with a few cavalry and a Small body of infantry of died Bini to abandon this position Rand a by for safety to the town of a Irango. Then Emyss loss has been very Cor id Erable we have taken some horses and. I is Oneriv As yet i Amanaide to give you a i email of this Victory As Ray attention was Occa tied in our right t and in the purse to of the of be Iii with the division of Iberia. The to ral in chief has not As vet received the details Iron tiie cot Manders of Drori git oils. This Victory Lias been highly creditable i amp the Spanis h army. The advantages which will result and the Confidence it inspires in this newly raised army will i have no doubt produce the very Best effects. The enemy a Force appears to have been from 5 to 6000.> we under staid from prisoners and deserters that rom get Duvernett and another general lately from France commanded in this action. On Board is Mejest a ship Vimr Heht it i Tny a Autte. Aug. 2i>\ i have the Hob Bur to acquaint your lordship that we hate just received info nation that Gaia Reili who is much exasperated at the failure and defeat of Rouget has marched a Force of from 2,500 to �j000 men to Durango to reinforce Rouget and that they purpose a Kinig another attack upon Biu Bao. Lam returning to join Gen. Mendizabol. The troops Are in to in highest spirits. 4dmihalty office sept. 12. Extract letters Fri in the a upturns of uis my Jeffy s so Iris named in tie Viu ./4 a a air it set Zoyer conman Der in chief of Ais ship ii and vessels at Malijao and trans matted to John Ivi Hori crofter Esq. He a pc Ecsi s sup. Acasia at sea july i beg to acquaint you that his majesty s slip Acasta under my command fell in with and captured this Day in lat. J4. 15. N. 62. 30, w. After a Short Chase the american Privateer Brig Curie pierced for 20 guns but have cd Only la. On Board with a complement of 172 men. A Acasta Olibri Emulous. His majc6f/s Doop. Olibri Cape Sable Mearing Ivest \2 k Xigues july a i beg leave to acquaint you that on sinday at eight a. M. We descried two ships to the Lior toward and a Schooner to the s. A. The former apparently Stee Riig a course for Halifax hauled no in Chace of the Sci sooner at noon exchanged numbers with his majesty a Schooner Bream wore in Chace of the Shi in to the northward which found had hauled Ujj for is the head most evidently a Man of War with an a american Ensign and Pendant flying she soon tacked and tirade us with a bark her Price we continued closing a it Ler and a a Quarter before three a a clock we came alongside and the action Decanie general and at three Illey called out for Quarter brought to and took Possession of the american slip Privateer Catherine from Boston out eight Days and Jinai taken nothing but the said hark she is a Beautiful and Wal equipped ship pierced for i6 guns mounting 14 Long sx-i0un<jers, Aud a Cobi a lenient of is men Corrai ded Fry f. A. Burnham she had one Man killed Andone wounded her men ran below which account. For their suffering so Small a majesty s Sloop Emulous at Seo Tity Zvy. His majesty a Sloop us de r Ray command Feii a with yesterday evening the Rae rican Privateer Brig Gossamer of 14 Carriage guns with too the ii and after a Short Chace came up with Atid Cap tits her she left Boston Oil the 2ivu inst. Ha4inat one i eap Turi the ship Mary anus a in greek from Jaina Ica bound to a Vankru Ercles enlarged. A a. Davi Laton j Bedfordshire tailor. From september 26 to october to. Let. Vipo douse Whf i Butcher from septet Ber i5 to is rember 19/a a to no Ruff Rosure Ridera Guild Atu of l. Had soon and w. Ring Iun Strood common brews. O. Up Timber -22, october 2�, and �?~�4 aug ties . 4vibrey a Diarus. To oks court Cori Tor Street. A i a Kia is to surrender in the counter. J Hawkins a adipose Dort it share Brewer to appear september ii of Jan a Clinouth find a Vale Combe it gis and of ii it �24, at the Antelope Juo Dorchester. Atty vies is. Pearson acid , Nuddie . I. My lie Jun r�n5t�ad, Van Shire merchant. To a Pear Sepicmbtr-2j.october .�?~�4, at the Bridgewater aril\3,�?T Maikhoi beef. Auf Roies Weiss is Dacita Vogtli Chippi Dalli and de Iii not a artches or put late term on Lymari resident in the go in try and a m a be now of a College in the a Jaiver Shiv of Oxford if intends so Cutty to of the education of two Pipits from Nipe to fourteen years old who will form part of Hia object wiil be to instruct then ii Liugi Turc to endeavour to give them a taste for. Belles lures Aud to pret them generally Euber for the Trigher classes of Quot a Public school or for . A a a _ Ai it Pica on upon the subject May be Trade w letter to the Fitu pose paid to a Vir Robert Buss took Seuer Lii Gfa Street Oxford. Leasehold Estay Ken r 0/ Sooki Cre Parish of Quot Alk Sfa re Coo tax Ning upwards r,-3tewart,.iior4b Sieds ship owner. Tio appear septet Neif a 44, october s i acid -4, at a the George dts a Tay Suu in Isis us Shields. Atio inies messes. Robinson a aids a Arnond Pushp friars London. R a t. J.sirapsqn, Cal Dujeck Cuni Berlund up per to manufacturer. To apace a sept tuber 18, 19, 24, at the George inn. Perin the. /,, messes. acid cd Dyson Staple inn lbs Sidn. ,. A dividends. ,. It oct. La a. And e. L. Lye Bari common carriers. Oct 3,g. Sizer qxfoid-8tet,silk . Oct. In a it Bella tiny great a Grimsby Lincoln i tailor. Qet-., 3, Smith Rathbone place. Upholsterer. Nov.-14, to. And g. Mai by size Iau meichanis., oct. 3, a am liar to Market Streat a Iii Interj Brewer get. 14, i mixer Harston Yot Krand i it it i Hester Cotton . A i Berthy Telston car Newrall Mercer. Oct. 9, 3. , S. Wilkes and j., b. Cd ugh Liverpool merchants. Of to Lily e. Gone co Chater grocer oct. .8, r. Ranch Ftp Sivore Durgana ship Bash eur oct. 6.,. A. Jackson Sherborne Lake Rne chant. Oct.  2f, m. Cassel. Sun Street shop deeper. Oit. Lovell by trip Nib am pin manuf Acier. Oct. 0, Boo ibid Broad St tet Metchan. A. A ,., a a certificates oct. 3. P. N. Barker and H. Peacock Bur yell Cambri Gemer chants., c. And e. A Bolero sir h. Lush Brigton Bart. Atigh Toldero , Bankers t. Johs b9ston, is Asbird a Ebuen Draper. W. Tolley the younger Rich Ion Sadler Fisher Liverpool Boot and shoe maker. W. Weaver Edwardine Worcester m<r.er. and w. Sloan Mariche amp ter Mill a nights. T. Barn Acutt Plymouth Carpenter. E. Perry White Uvea. Ironmonger. H. , cat Atou. Warehouse Nan. W. Piant chancery Yanev Maurasse Roaker. R. Merryw Cater and r. Brain Ardwick Lanca Ster Brewers Irlam Manchester innkeeper. It Bovine Beesie Monger. R. A jeer. Crick Lead Wilts Deal Erin cattle. J. Rosseter Bristol �dealer.,it / Quot a. A Suzaki the a rage. Or Ioe t town or Musco Vado. Suar so i suited it to it to the returns made ii. He v7eek cad Iii the i the a it of is ii is -4>s6,. Iier Hundred Vevi tit. Enciu Nve tip i do tie of a Tivas a it Aid m payable theim Poi tation thereof into Geart it a n. A arranged Dpi Restic otes double,c5achhs���?~sbling for seven pc All eat repair extent Gard Niv stocked Choice fruit Trees conservatory pleasure and a. In it part i Ai and pc Ai in or re try food Street Black friars and to or. Wakeman. 43i upper Tod Cef Street London a v a a St affix it a Shire. Value Elk Freehold Tate and my Noh near a a Ueck a a a x o be sold by Tom Root a a very valuable for neat modern Volt Ivi mansion Quot a acid. Up sods of two he a is Dall in close i a a Tisse n a tends Over a pm Ard of �0oq acres and is Well supplied a a for printed particulars a ply to or. Wakeman. 43, upper bake Street Tendon. A a v / Ted Day . In one volume a Octavo Price 12s. In boards Ilij started with 18 maps accurately engraved compendious system of modern geography historical physical political and do a script Ives acc by a pained with Many interesting notes. Being adapted to the use of the higher glasses of pups und both Public and private tuition. A it by Thomas Mvi hrs. _0f the Royal military Academy Woolrich. A primed for g. Wiite and , 57, pit Ernster Rover. J Ais Day , Iti a neat and closely a jilted volume Small Qatato Price is. A a new and much it proved edition of he London practice of i dw�zpery5 in isl do if i sept. 13i-yesterday est Nin the Queen and princesses a Rajih Tea and s ent tie evening , gardens and ret fixed to the Castle at Eglit a clock. At nine of clock the Prince Regent and Duke of Cumberland arrived. A no my a . Stir a. L o n d o n. The Prince Regent was expected at Carlton House last night from Windsor the r to. G. Vanbrug la. B. Has been appointed to the office of one of the Kings in Lancashire Voi i by the death of the late Rev. , m. A. During the last week 50,000 stand of arms have been shipped of rope the Tower for the were sent off in great haste. We have a it Learnt whether they Are destined for Sweden or Russia. 0 fice of ordnance 18 2. Fri to Cipy i of ricers of his is ordnance �0 x hereby i a riot ice that Ropo fals Izill he Recei Ved at Al. To which arc added instr actions of the tree to visit of .lving4n women and of the principal diseases pm ch1ldr.i�on for Thomas Underwood 3-�?T, Fleet Streel it Callow Crown cup Ftp princes Street and e. Cox Borough. Of Whon May be had the London dissector so edition i2mn, 6s boat Dpi Liis i it Zuikis Pii Tii had in 8vo. Price 12s. A new edition of a practical synopsis of the Materia Alimentario and Materia medic. Comprise tto i it pall Mali on or before wed it Fay Tbs i ill it from Jach persons As tray be neuling to under a the Supply of forage far the Ordna it be horses Iii the Folt uni Jig to to he delivered a the cd Littfe of the contras or a a a a. And Christ of of Wight Church Weedon Northampton a Shire Western. Woo Iwick Tvito its dependencies we Are by and Chatham. North bit am Northern Yorkshire Eastern exclusive Worley. Southern exclusive Chathan Smiith West including Isle of for a period months from the in a of per neat 7�?~be Oats Idhe get inv a Eti dry., and Al Cutny fun without any mixture of foxy or to Hurnt Oali and a not it Iveigh left than 37 pounds per but Tel the Hay to he of pet and dry and delivered in tribes of lbs Wei it. Be Straw to be Good Aleph and dry wheat or Rye std Law and to he delivered in Trues of 36 lbs. A eight. The prices up be paid far the ref Vii let a que Nitiss of each article Hubich May be Deli Jerid to he at the Folly Nrang rates i. For the Oats at per kurir expounds Avoir Dupois no weight. Eor the Hay a Ieper Hundred find pounds. \. For the Stra it per Elve pounds. A a Ahe proposals Mav he deliver Edge stately cry Dontly for tvo or Nore of the Faid a and it i Eek a a that the contras Orf Ballree Febi Jbf during the. Period of Bis cantral to May act a Mulstey Ming an aunt the fun per horse per ick. A mfr particulars my khow Upari Appici amp titty a to 6 7� pc i. A a Fri Powals a by do mired few led up Quot and endorsed from Fais for of tort a a a hat no proposals can be and muted after the fat a in want a a it to clock at no Moi nhe fms Day neither Wilt any tender be of amp Ted party Makin Gitt orm agent in his behalf a Ball attend by Dir of the Board , ins the latest improvements in the London. Edin bunk hand Dublin pharmacopoeia i. A by Richard Pearson %1d. Member of the Royal College of plan simians and formerly physician to the Genera Hospital near Binning am. We recommend this work of or. Pearson As a synopsis of the most useful and masterly kind a a British critic. Printed for Robert Baidwin Sod Thomas Underwood 32, Fleet Sheet. A a this Dav was pub hed in so. Price is. A a _ a fourth edition of or Esau us Medlar Monum a new col Al Lection of medical Plesci in Tio Jis distributed into twelve classes and accompanied with pharmaceutical and Pratti cat remarks exhibit eng a View of the present state 0/ the Materia Medica and practice of physio in this and other countries. By Richard Fearson . This work or Esters e collection of for muss takers Fern the most eminent medical and and compiled with equal Fidelity and judgment it contains be sides Many valuable remarks with respect to the use and cd Jabir Biff on of Medicine and tray safely be praised for it5 a and British critic and Mont Biyu Hevin a a fainted for Robert Baldwin Patern Pstir now and thai Underwood,.3-2, fleece Street. A the Day it Jas published. I t. In a neat and closely printed volume mall Octavo Price is. A in boards. Pile surgeons Vade menu of con it Jling the ?,. Causes dragon basis prognosis and treatment of surgical diseases accompanied by the my dem a and approved methods of operating a Quot select formula of prescriptions and glossary of terms. /. By Robert Hooper Tild. Fire. It 32, Cummi country. Of whom May be had lately published 1. Hooper a physician s v Ade-1v3ecum, 7s. 2 anatomists Valie Mecum is. 3. Examinations in s0rger\v�s. Cut 4 Albinus 7s. 5. A plates if Aspera 5s. 6. Coopers dictionary of surgery iss. 7. Thomas a practice <5f physic us. The real blacking me % Day Aud Artin 1?, Hygh Hal born. Of the counterfeits say�?c5 made by Day and m?3vf�otinirbi��rs have 97, ,h0lb0rn, leaving out the High a some a als Dobs a fac Tfir a e a Ismall or before the original i Jim or. A that the we of a add ii is is Cigar att dist a the amp genome medic a a. Spilsbury a Patent iras Gorbutt a has the words by the amp kit is fatten to �3sprc? Ties Bill of direct ipod Aid outs Ifer it a Ber and to duty is printed in Black Babii fact of Sik shill a a do Irole Teh shifting avid and Large so a Phi two shilling duty irk Luded-r60mp0uis%isipms to or. Spin Cybur a in a uary London. Sir. A a Crau wok july i8,381?. Haying experienced so itis cd Irene it Fruin your Palm ent i Oiada Rati tude i Caria Objet ii Rera Aib. A ski Foyn to a urst =ap4 fat piomc., i wins sadly a eted with the scurvy in my legs which for two years Grade a a Ziy Becane worse till had above 400 Hes in Ihen above Wanty of a hich Vire my Ubibi Cadet Iliili a Illin / my Pikec Lieng known a1�utnane"� nil Etna be it info i e of a Cash a very of Rhular to Moriei the pc tsp had Ben Ltd a me fined tolled the, part of two years and by waiting few Small by to is of your drop was a a a a Cut do _ by Bis Tecton mentation a induced to give them a trial Ndu it my eat Comfort -1 soon found my sores healed Anil after taking three Smau Bohles i could do my work without i Iii ii the Nie Ince. L apr eve it a the return of the disease i to a a also at the Fry. -3
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