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  • Publication Name: London Pues Occurrences
  • Location: London, Middlesex
  • Pages Available: 834
  • Years Available: 1746 - 1848
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London Pues Occurrences (Newspaper) - October 13, 1847, London, Middlesex -* 1m PUE URRENCEa Ikgp ttiMSbAr08HM fe*g&* tbt the LONDONMSA2ETTE. lift:4: Jews *e/$fd;here4 few Days face of tf^i^feehch retaking the ->fo�* of' Sttfta ^ Corfica", and that Cojlttt Rinri>!a Had been o-Tgfci tcWfb�pe to Pfrenzo. and sjjAdheTcms'Md been rfifpeifed, is We baA?e afftvlsarnt that Count _' Mtif jot the Chief MaJecontems bifoged JO SfiBJ&icrao, and M; Mari, jofCorfica, we'#jiLi>trfon with the' i^theJE Trbops> ^-'encamped at a 5&nW*Maif�> frc� whencfc a French u been Tent to Sf. Fher&6 to demand tbe Sorremis. '0*7 that CafHfc > rd whom Count Riys* rill hid afffwered, That iFHe would receive it in fteN�m* of the French King, he would furrender }tBggintth � 'he French 'Oflficer replied, That he dMtndfd the VUrt rbr the Rc|rablick of Genoa ; to wjiich C�imt Riv^tola anfwered, That hi and ill his Friends wete determined 5rr that Gafeto Jicrifice their Li vis j upon which the Parley Whitehall,08.10. His Majefly has be?n plr-afed toconftimtc arwi jbpoJnt-John La fore y-, Elq; to be Sift Ma/or no the Regiment or Foor Guards, and .Vnar.der Dury, E'q-, to be fccoh-J Major to the ftidRcf irr-enr. And, Rkbard Field,.Elq;to bt M�jor to Lieutenant General 1 fall ip Bragg's Regiment of Foot. The End 0� the LQNDON*G AZETTE. ' Dficer Sarretffc PtKTjJarjkStyt. it. At pfeferjr toe hear no note of the March of the Auxiliary Troops, but a the Minifter$*of the Marjtim* Powers are not f0 frequency at Court as they we*e, we loolr upon jt n i Proof that the grear Pipint is fettled, ana tint they art under no fcrthir Apprehenfions bbttt Hi Weare confirmed in this by theCon-fo&oi the French Minifler Mdnfient; D'Aflion who wis to iff* his Audience of Leave on the iwb, but h� of  fudden changed his Mind and declared tha**�Jt ^Arrival of fome frefli Difpatohe*, In #hich he pretends to expect tome extraotdlirtry Proofs ofhfe Matter's Inclination to Peat*. btRew *re perfysded that ihe true Secret of his potttog elf btt Departure, con-fids rnhJs ttefiretd fte andcOnRr w}th M. Wol-fenftiernaj tht ne* Sw^iflh Mitiiftet that is daily expeaei hire. Our Hft Advice* frb* Perfia ftyi thit there are diree or four Competitors for the Empire, that �3�oft ^very Governor cf a Province fe't up fibr 'WiuErlf* To that: they have a ?ery di'fbilr Prdfpe�-of Tranquillity i*" CTfirt Coun�rjr� txtkk tf* ttfttr froto Gentvti ftp. ip. By Letters teSeived �ft Poft from Lyons we have moil bitter Lamentations on thfc wtetched ConJHiort of the Combined Army in the County of Nice, both as to TJiinnefs 61 Numbers, Sick-nefs, ahd Want of PrOviftons. According to theft Aeco&nts the coarTeft fort of Bread fells at five SftWper PouUdi the mod otdinary Meat at eight i Wmtawi otijer NoceflnieriB Propertiorn The ' Regiment of SpanJ&.WaJ^n Guards has loft *j% Men fioceits lift �dC3flftM>eat> and the others' lofe to or jfia^Dfcy* 1ff we have Worthy of Notice, fain Account Wo* the^jrltontiers of Dauphiny Of a (harp En� counter fctw&n a Free Company of Vairdois, who hid Penetrated 10 Miles up into the Country *od a party of i?o French and Spaniards. The Vaudoii%v\tworfted at firfh andfuffained fome tofsboth in killed and taken Prifonersj the latter of which: were cruelly of�d, addafter wards hanged ap by the spatikrds. with Labels on their Breaftj, importing 71^41 tbiy wtre aer ihnfjpd Hp ti commtn t*mifi,jki 45 Htrtrich. Dcgi. BMt the Viudois fe* turning in the Night furprHoNhe whole Detach-�ent, ihd after totapy routing thecn> repaid tf-e ConpUment on 17 Sbaoifh Priloners, whom they hanged up in their OOnrpanlorts ftead, with this Infcriptiort on each of them, At* f,\ SftnUrii, but a Btoeitbitfir mhnti tfad Mmtbtrm. Htmhirti), off. 6. We hear from , Hanover", �at *Pftft^ has been forflied fctf- enlarging that Captul, and prefeOted-to his Britanmck Majefty, who approved it, and that the1 Execution of it wiO very foon t,e begpn. General Keith arriyM Jvre we from, Copenhagen, tn3" propofiis to Riy tlB tse 9*^wbephc wiUcontioue bis Jour-Bey by the Wit of Berliri bur whether for Eng* la ad oriredi�n of Affairs in Silent, to pat the Conjudtor Count de Scha/gotch, in Pofleflion of the Epffcopil Pi!*ce orJBrtflau, and reftorfe to him the remforalitics of that See. We are mfehtiiy furpr&�d here, at the ftrange Defigns which fome News Writers take theiibtrty erf imputing to this Court; and tbe more, becaufe the Kina has declared in the mdft loJemn Manner, and m the mod pofftlVc Tfrmr. that he wiD take no Pare in the prefent War, un-Jefs jtfftould break out again fn the Empire* bde will oblerve the molt ffrict Neutrality towards the Powers that are engaged therein, to long as it Jhall continue, His Mtjefty however has figmfkd to the moft Chriftian King, that it will give him verr great Sitklaclioo to find, that no Contributions are levied on tbe Lands that belong immediately to his Serene Highnefs the Prince Ssadi* holder, for whole Concerns he has the fame Attention as for his own, and cannot ice them injured but with fonlible Dilpleafurc. frineifm. 08. The Imperial Recruits intended lor the Army in the Low Countries, pafs through our Neighbourhood daily ingreater Nun-� bets than ufual > and t\\ the Troops in the Dutch Pay, by this-Time, arrived in the Dominions or the States, it is believed, that in cafe the War ifcould continue, the next, wifl be rhe Warmeft Campaign that his been feen in Europe, fmce the tteglnning.of prefenrCintury ; for it appeirs trom a very Authentick Pl^n, th�t the Army of the Allies will be extremely numerous in the Sl^irig.and will confi't of �0,000 Anurians, 50,000 RuifianS, so,ooo �ngiiih, Hsnoverians* ^.000 H'ffisn, tf,oao B=tv-i> jans, jo,o�o Dutch, and 10,000 of the Munfter Troops, thar. art actually taken into the Pay wf the Maritime- Powers. From hence it appears,>that notwithitanding all the ^�hemes of M� Six* aod- Lo>tnd. hi, France wiB have enough to and before the'PrincefsCaroline comes of Age, the Princefs Royal of Gieat Britain, Conibrt of his Highnefs, fhall be declued Gowerntft of thofe Provinces during the Minority of her Daughter. ESUrttt ofs,-ivjtt Lttttr from Am&ritm, 0$. II. The Memorial prefented by-Mr. Ch�juet has cei-tainly made a great deal of Noite, and I wit) not diffembielo far as to fay that it has made no Im-preffioh. The Scope a ad Dcfign of it is perfectly well underftood* France* after treating us long as Enemies, is now deftrour of leaving us1 without a Friend* In order to this, the Abbe de la Villa's firft Memorial was prefented St a very critical Juncture, and that not taking' Effect, this Memorial has been fen* tta Jun#ure itiD more critical, But it may be depended upon, lhat notwithfttnding the) diftrefled Condition pi the Republic^ fhe will nr^ ver do any thing mconftltent trith her Dignity, or incompatible with her Independency, both which tftould be for ever facraficed by failrng off from her AUiet. It may %e# indeed I believe it is truaj that there are fome Stateimen am�ngft u$> or at leaft fome who affume that Characlerj who have ftlH thoughts of a Neutrality, but they have neither Power norOedm On the other Hahd.^here {� wants not thofe, who, jealous of the Glory of the State, are for giving the proper Anfaver to this Memorial, by declaring War againft the Ptwcr which offered this Infultj and if there btfcny ah-* * worthy Members who would put a Negative upon thisMeafurc, to out them off at once, and It a ye j them to that fervile Dependancy, whi^h by cakiog fuch aa Step they would declare to be their choi:e. Sutbas entertain thrfe genef^us Sentimin^s his SanAr of the Brit, fh N*ti--n to as high a IXrgreeas the D.'rijculties we labour under does demind, It woa!d cerciinly chir�ge he Facc of our Af&irr, it tfocrld oblige crcry Nhtf who his -�-=----r^t"-% i true Affection for his Gountry to exert Sja&lf to the utmoft in it* Cinfr; h.would dlfliels the tcommon Baemy in a Vai iny oi CircumSenc s it would free us from that Kind of Intercourfewitft our Enemies, that is equally ute rul to them'and f*nl to us: and it would put thisg* on a right IrTaei we fhould then know that we ire fighting for our Liberties!, and {hat not tfe Welfare cnty� but the very Being of (he Repuhlick depends upon our.Succels. As itia, this � ccrfcfinJy rhe Gate, but fome Peopfc do not fee it, and there are mar.y more who pretend not to tee it, whereas it would be then viable to the whole WorM* There H a great Probability* thac this will (tori; come to be theCale, notwiihltandrog the In- trigues of Tome,Courts abroad, and the Pafiflsnii mity of fome People at borne, m, Chlquet f�4 demanded Reftitation of the Frigate which Ad* mkai Sthryver carried into the TexeU but he i* not like to obtain it. Such a Couipfaifiwe, at fuch a Time as th'Sj and to ftrch % Nariion rhe French, wbo have Ipread fMobtirm and Bidod^ fhed through the Heart of our Counrry, could on->Y contribute to fink us Lower, X potfiblr, their Hleeta, than weftand alieady. Every Compliance hitherto has h^d this tnrcl, and therefore it is lurely high Time to try wfut may be done by a contrary Conduct, and there is no doubt that it wifl he tried ; the Prudence and Firmnet* of ourSxadthoider having not only in a frcat Mea-inre rdloted,the publKk TranquUity, batreyivtd aifo the Courage of the Nation.* The Troops of the Smc win take thfir Winter Quarters in Zealand, and it is propofed that \$ or 17 Regiments of Imperial Troops AmU h&e l^farters afljgned them m the other Provintes.- By this Means we frwil he covered from our Enemies, and taved frOm thofe that hate us. It % very poffible that this may be attended with Tom* Inconveniences; when p�t'm the Balance with total Deirrudxon? The Catoof Holiand, 1 meati M. Van Haaren, has* propoied the defhying their Expences* fb that private PeopfefiialJ benoLolers by themi Thft may potfibly amount t Peace augment dai-* ]y, and the pTehipotemiaro are confidently talked or': But at the lame Time, the Miniftersare bufy abotft the funds tor continuing the Wir. 'Trs thought the King will be able to borrow if lions�upOn the new T�x on Provifioo, which, it is computed, will taring in ^ Millions a Year. 'T'n laid, thi- VT.Six� will bTirrack lome othis Tioops darinp, the VVinttr, �irlch m^kesit thought, tnat he has t'on-.e FnttfprJzi! in Vfrw. Lord Stafijrd, wbo h>s '. m '<:* m 'he SiujU i'ot, is out of Dinner. VV: krum ooc whitii ui.ome or -V ;