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London Pues Occurrences (Newspaper) - January 2, 1847, London, Middlesex r�. XLVII. PUE Numb. 1 Occurrences. From SATURDAY January the ad, to TV ESP A Y January the 5th, .747-8. grrived 3 Britift Packets, which brought 1 Holland Mails. From the London-Gazettes. Drefden, Dec. 15. TH E Reduction of the Sarofi Army is now refoived upon in the following Manner. The fecond Regiment of Guards, the Regiment of Jafinont, Pxliegarde, Allembeck, Iafantry. Sun-derbaufen, Minkuiz, Ronoff, Tallwit, r/Bani Cavalry : Are all to be broke, and the eight Ccmracies of Grenadiers of the four Regiments of Foot sre to he formed into a Regiment for Major taeral Belief arde- The reft of the Men are ro ferve fcrRaruits to the reft of the Army; and when all Ljjjj done, the Saxon Armv will confift of 3 ',300 \m, befides the 8000 Militia that are all well kept ft and upon a good footing. Carles, Dec 5. #n the z?th pair anchored at the PbrtofBaja, from Malta, the Maltefe Ship of War ct Aodwoy, to conduct die Marquis de I'Hopital, rhe Frach AmbafTadoT at this Court, to Toulon. The |id Slip of War has landed the Bali de Tencin, the ufafe Ambaflfedor to the Pope, who is come to this cno fee the Ceremony of the C ri'tening of the pL prince of Calabria. The Ame Dav the Mer-Sanc of this City received the dilagrecable .\ews of fire more Veflels leaden with Corn for this Place, bete aft away in the Gulph of Venice.  Hague, An Exprefi arrived here laft Satur- dayfrom Switzerland, with Advice, that the Canton of Bern had contented to M. V?.n Ha-en's Propofals.for rofing Twelve new Companies of two hundred Men lidi; and that Miniver was to fat out immediately for Wick. This Day their High Mightinei&s have refolded a Promotion of General Officers; by which all the lieutenant Generals are made Generals, and the Major SSttals and Brigadiers Lieutenant Generals the Rank (/Brigadier being totally fupprefied. All the Colonels, whofeCommilfions are dated in the Year 174?, and #e preceding Years, are promoted to the Rank of l&jer General; and their Cbcnrnirirons, with all thoie Ha bare been given to other General Officers fince fte PrfBce of Orange's Aeceuron to the Stadtholder-p, lie to bear Date from the 16th of May laS ; ex-! &ptfa| M. Bunmnia, who is now promoted to the I Jtanfcof General, Lieutenant General la Rocque, and 1 A Van Echten, who commanded at Meuin, are left *t of this Promotion i and none of the other Generals whole Conduct is to be enquired into, are to re-'ttive their CaranifTions, not being admitted to take fie Oaths, till their part Qonducr is fully cleared 5 and Names of fuch Generals as are to be examined or calk�! to Account, are marked in the Lift of Promotions. Count d'Fnvie- is included among the Lieutenant Gnerals, and Meflb. Cornabe, Steuart and la Riviere �e made Maors Gcnerah The States publilhed iaft fetarday another Placart, whereby the Crews of all Itench armed Veflcis, or Letter of Marque Ships, that be taken fifteen Days after Publication thereof, within the Creeks, Buoys* or at the mouths of any of tkeRepublicks Rivers, or found any where on Land �b* the Sea4hore, fhouid be punithod with Death, "raWs it be evidently made appear, that they were aft away, or driven in by rtrefs of Weather, and bad .swttndered tbanfflVPs Prifoners, and given up their Arms to the firft Veflfel they law within tht Buoys, or ,&thefirft Perfons thev met 00 more. ' this terfcfifly eify, thefc Conferences witt be very tele more than Matters of Forol, We^ftattev �^ tires that there will be no Occafion to increafe tte Number of thofe Auxiliaries, at kaft in the placej � their Deftination j but as it is forefeen that there may be good Ground; for keeping certain re/Uel's and mutable powersjn Order, a very wiie proviiion has been made for this-purpofe, by renewing the Treaty with the Court of London for continuing the Troops, or which is the tiame thing, the like Number of Troops that are encampec on the Frontiers Of Livonia, to protect the liberties of Europe, by watching the Motions of thofe who are fufpecled to have but too do;e Engagement' with fuch as have been long labouring to lubvert them. Lisbon, Nov. 14- Mr. Keene, Envoy Extraordinary from the King of Great Britain, has not yet received the Anfwer he eicpefts from London, about accepting, in Form, the King's Mediation. The Deparrure of the two Mini iters nominated by his Ma/elly to refide at the Britifli Court and the Hague, depends on the Mature of that Anl wer. _ Savona, Dec. 7. We hear from the Ilk of Corlica, that Geneial Madrafs, who commands there tor the King in the Abfence of Oxint RJvaroia, is let down again before Baflia, and hath lb blocked up that Capital by Land, that nothing cm get into it but what is brought b/Sea from T-iicany. The and People in the Town have made an Attempt to re-trieve themfeives by a ialiy, but were routed and o-bliged to retire within their Works. There have been lbme petty Aflairs In the We.lern Riviera and the County of Nice, in which the Germans and Piedmorr tefc have generally ha' the Advantage. Savona, Dec. ?. The Duke of Richlieu, is expected back from the Vifk he made in the Eatem Riviera, where he has eftablifljed ftrong French Garri-fons in every place : fd that thefe fame Aiies, who fo.ineen Months ago abandoned as to the Mercy of oar Enemies, are at prclent the Maters both of our Capira], and all-oar other Fortrelfes. The French have iately had a Reinforcement of betwixt 15 or l $00 Recruits. An Orfxccr was here a few Days ago rroTi Couat Brown ;, chough the Government has not yet publilbed the lubjefi of his Canmiaion, we know he h s not fiicceeded. Genoa, Dec 11. The Gulph of Sperzia is in as go?d a polure of Defence as we can wife, both on &ie Sea and Land-fide and fo is Sarzaoe and the Hills of Cento-Croci. The FortiScations added to this Capital are quite finifeed, and the new Works making in the Values of Bt&gno and Pol (even will be perfected be) ore the Enemy can pay as another Virtt, which we are in no great pain about at prefent, as this City is well provided with Neceflaries for a liege i nay, Ships from divers parts arrive fo fa.l in our Harbour, that we begin to have plenty of the Conveniences, as weU as Nece&ries of Life. The Auxiliary Troops are considerably reinforced. One of our Galiies has juft brought in four Pinks, laden with Corn for the Aulrian and Piedmonteie Troops. Bologna, Dec. n. The Au!$ has lately made a conijd-.rabie Detachment towards Monte-Altonib, and are thought to luve 18 Btccalliom, with lone Regiments of r-.orfe, in the Dutch y of Modem, and not lels than 14 Battatlions in the Dutchie* of Parma and Pia-ccntia. rf we may for�d a Judgment bv ail the Di lpo-fitions that are made, tne Winter will not pafs without tome attempt on the State of Genoa on the Eaftem fide, which we are ��ired will he ieconded by the Englife. Milan, Dec. u. Orders have been given for n BattaiiJons of In^erial Troops in Lonbirdy, together witft �o�o Horfe, and jtxo Warafdins, to hold the n-fcrves in readinefs to march oa the iirft Nocice, and the common Opinion is, due they are to fo.ui Iotic i'ecrec Expedition. In order tht mote fodd nly to co npleat the Regiments, they are permitted to take in ail De-lerters that oh%r themielves. .Hamburgh, Dec. 6. The levies hereabouts go on fuoelsfully fbr the Allies. There is a Talk of a Negotiation between the Courts of London and Copen-nagen fbr a Body of Troops > but the truth or this is hitherto doubted. Several fehitary Ordonances will loon appear hi the Duchf of Mecklenberg, particularly one for creating a large Body of Militia on the roofing of regutef Troops, to be let to the Emprefs and her Allies, if the War continues. tis faid there is a Projecl likewife formed for paying the 800,000 Crowns, which the Duchy of Meek* lenberg owes to the Electorate of Hanover, and for which eight BaJlrw'idrs are mortgaged. Letters trom HanOver mention, the letting out of isoo more Recruits fbr Brabant, and af&re us, the Negotiation for the Troops of Wolfenbuttle is very much-advanced. New Hanoverian^ Regiments are rarfmg, wbieh are Aid to be intended for the fcrvice oa the Rhine. DuftWorp, Dee. 1?. According ro the bft Advkes frorrt Manheiro, the Coat has taken the flecefiry MeAfures, not only for competing all the Regiments already on Foot, bst for raifmg new ones ki Cafe of need? We me a^ired, that dhmv Princes Of the Empire are likewife muring Difpofrfions foe qrtifaiting ajJipa^riie^TroopK The BifflOf of Wort^ .. mrahicuiar has agreed to add anotherBwt* to the two he has already hired to the Stntt �3t* meal of tie t^ited Provinces,: And from Bern we fattTi.ttat the Dutch Mroifter has torpriogreS � in his Negotiation for a Body of SHWlSmops tor the fervicc of their High Mjghtiaftfi* I Bruucls, Dec. 14; IheMarqui? de Coatades �om� mands in this City, in the Abknre of Marfljal _e Saxe^ and caiTies on the Pieparacions for the intended Expedition, with ail imagirubk vigour. It � expect thac Marflal Loweadahi will Ipecdiiy fet out tor Sas Var� Ghent, in order to take a view of the flat Galiies of at new invention, which go by his Name- The Body of forty thou land Men, that was to auemble in the NcighboUihood of Dendermonde, is almoft compleati We have no diilincl Idea of the Nature of this De-Sgn ; but it is reported, that nothing can be under-* taken till the Weather is tc3erabjy fettled, Marfeal Lowendahl having taken the nece.lary precautions to� be able to acl, in cafe of a hard Frdft, Or H"the Rivers continue open ; ib that he apprehends no Di&p* pointment bat from the uncertainty of the Seafon* which has been hkhertd very great. Antwerp, Dec 19. We learn from O^ead, thar one of our Privateers (the French; carried into thac Poa a Dutch Ship laden with Herrings for Naples. Hague. Dec. 11. A Courier is jufl arrived from W� Van Haren, with News, that his Negotiation widi the Swedilh Cantons, is in a very favourable Wayi and which he believes will he concluded immediately, to che kcisraction of both the Republicks- Pans, Dec. 15. At prefent the Court is entirely occupied with Devotion, lo that Bufinels is at a ftand for a few Days. The Marihal Count de Saxe will remain here for three Weeks or a Month, in order to> concert with MarfhaJ Belkille, and the Prince of Coati* the Military Operations for the next Campaign j foe as to the Winter Expeditions, Marihal Lowendahi,, with the confent of Mounfieur de Saxe, has taken then entirely under bis own Dire&ioo. The Plenipo'eo-i tiaries to the Congrels are not named, or rather puh-' ikkiy declared, becaufe the King thinks it decent n* wait the return of the Courier dispatched to Madrid^ who is expected Tomorrow or next Day. The Coarr having coatracled with a Company of Jews to farnititt the Money requifice fbr building twelve Men of ' "af> of the Line, a Report has been railed from thence,, that they have ofcred to build a hundred Men of War of che like Size if leave was given them to erecz a Synagogue hi this City, which we conclude to be altogether gmmdleis, becau.e, as yet, we do not hear where this Synagogue is to be bulfe. the Foundation of whidx had mreiy been laid by this Time had Inch an offer been really made, Thefe Rumours ierve only- to fhew that the very Populace can djfcern how much out Naval Power is decayed. The Comptroller General of the Finances fenc noc long ago for the Farmers General, and toki them his MajeAy expeded they would pay the Prizes of the pretent Lottery as faft as they were drawn. Ui on this they expreifed fane Reb$ance� and defired to have fame Time to draw up their Re* monlrxance*. The Comptrolfer told them, that as tor Time it was precious, and as for Renvtolrrances they would be vain, The King had already cOafidered the Point, and would be obeyed, btit added� that he,did not delire to con{lrain them, finee there were othert concenr to rake their Farm upon themliives, and who. to obtain it, would da this and more. It is expected an Edict will fhortly appear; granting co the Snbje&S of hisPruilian Majefty Tradiug in our Potts* ail the Priviliges of the mod favoured Nation, in conference of a Treaty of Commerce that is already, fsMim flf feme ;