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London Pilot (Newspaper) - September 12, 1812, London, Middlesex A a my a a 1785. i saturday september 12, 1812. A pro a a a 6�<i. Contract for tallow candles. Navy office sept. To ibis. Ryphe prits Cipal officers a wry com 1 mass loners. His majesty a Navy do Here get e Noi Iccy that on thursday the 24ia int rent at one Solock then Ioviti be rend / to treat Iwuh Nuru Tonnas Nau he fouling to Contout for supplying us majesty a Vii ports Maui h Loim tallow candles. A Sample Oft in candles Anil a form of the tender May be seen i t this office. No tender will he received after one o clock on the Day of treaty nor any noticed unless the party Ora i agent a fire him attends. Fivery tender must be accompanied by a letter addressed to the avy Hoard and signed by e responsible person engaging to become bound with the person tendering in the sum of Luu for the due performance of the contract. Victualling office sept. Ii 1819. I Rise co missioners for Victual a Ling his Majes rvs a Navy do hereby give Hio ice that on Flold ,i/ie2.></ a instant the Wui he ready to Recette tenders in Fitins up and treat far Soufl a thousand bolts flags iria a Era a co per age to lie Anzio Emile to samples to he pro Ucci with the ten a hrs to he delivered As Deriv nailed into his Majesz fyn a Victualling stores a Deptford and to be paid for by Luis payable with interest ninety Days after Date. The conditions if the contract May be seen at the Secretary s no regard will he had to any under in which the Price shall Slot be inserted in at length or that shall not be delivered to the Hoard before one o clock on the said Friday the a the instal nor . The person who makes the tender or some perion on his behalf attends to answer when called for. Con i for Camp equipage. Cd emissary it chiefs office sept. 11, 18i2. Such persons Are Desi oils of Milr Asthig with i in commissary in chief to erns Haversack. Camp kettles a Arf Blan Ketsy Way receive particulars of the contracts at this office attire an the eleven and fire and deliver their tenders seated up and direct Edo the commissary in chief marking thereon a Teri fun a forc nip ,"o7� Ort before tuesday fhe22 d sept but none w do be received after to calve o clock on that Day a nor will any proposal he noticed unless tirade on or a Ncneil to a printed particular and the i ices inserted in at length nor unless a letter be subjoined to such proposal signed by two Fer Sims of known property engaging to become bound with the arty tendering in the sum expressed in the particulars for the 4ucpe Mormance if the contract. Office of ordnance sept. I Isia. Pile Pill Cipal officers a ordnance do hereby give notice a hat be received at their office in pall mall an or be Bre , lae 2jrf instant front such persons in Ai be willing to undertake the so ply Orage Bihe Olidean. Horses Anfione one fora ing disc ulpts to be delivered Utthi of the contractor Cia Nuriu a ii Iii no Sherii Yor Shifo Eastern exclusive a Woiln a outlier ii of Cha Ham South West in Clud Iob prism St islet of Wight Jantel Chrisi Churchi j Vevee a Jon Western Woolwich with its do Puiul bricies Warley and Chath Iii. For a period of six font Lanfrom the 1st october next. I he fits to be Good Sweet dry and clean without any mixture of foxy or mow Burnt , and mus Tuot the go less than ,3/ pounds per Ivolu Chusler Bushel. The Hay to be Sweet and dry and delivered in tru ads of �6j Sounde weight. I the Strabo to , clean and dry wheat pro be Straw mini to be Del prof in Juji is if impounds weight. The prices to Beznic Tfir Theresa Ecaire Oman ties y f each arti., a be whih May be delivered to be at the following rates vis a for i he Oats at per Loo lbs. Avoirdupois weight. For t he hav at per sibs for to per Lis lbs Tae is Altay be delivered separately oreo null year two or Tiore f the said districts and it is expected that the contractor Hall receive the stable dung a which during the period of i contract May accumulate making an allowance for the same after the rate of per horse per week. Farther particulars Way be known upon App cation to the officers commanding the Royal or fiery in each District and also int the secret Aries office in pall mall aforesaid any Day Between he hours of ten and four o clock where the must be a delivered sealed up and endorsed a a proposals for forage hut re proposals can be admitted after -23d , at to Werc n clock at noon of the a ame Day neither will any tender be noticed unless the party making it it ran a ent in his behalf shall Xiu Ead. By order of the Board. U. H. Crew. Secretary. This Day Quot was published in 0vo. Price a fourth edition of observations on the Iii it und administration of purgative medicines in several diseases. Fourth edition with additional observations and cases. By James Hamilton . Printed for a Constable and co. Edinburgh and Thomas Underwood 3-2, feel Street London. A re a on the 1st of october will be Public slide in 8vo. Price i3.s, a edition of first cd nes of the practice of surgery Ife signed As an introduction for students and a concise Book of reference for practitioners. With plates. Samuel Cooper member of the to Tiff i allege of surgeons in London author of the a a Dittli Onafay of practical surgery a for to Lignian and co. Paternoster Row .1. Callow Crown Couri of incas Street Thomas Underwood 32 Fleet a treet and e. Cox Borough. This Day was published Price a. In boards a new and groats improved edition of physics an a x a a Hutiu Iii , diagnosis prot Isis Andt i Nijiu of Pliz ass accompanied Basel eur Quot a vase Mecum Quot a Nosis pro Gobsis a select Culle Cilton 6f Mortti Oliff ind cig Isif of terms by Robert Hooper . Licentiate in it if Oxford and Thor Byrol a Dunn Dou. Physician to the St. Mary be Bone infirmary Iii no lecturer on . Printed Mirny and sold by Thomas Underwood 32, Fleet Street lond Oil w. Blackwood Edinburgh John Cumming Dublin also by every bookseller in town and Cou airy. A of Jfe had lately published Hoover s in sur serv jbc.3i.6d. A Sunweon s a Abe Mecit a is. 3 Quot Anat most it Vade it Locum 9s. 4 a Quot a a. s diminish in de 7-. A 5 a plates of viscera is 6. Cooper s Dicy Ionar of surgery 18s. 7. Tromas s practice i f physic i4s. Every evening till further notice the popular Battle of Salamanca also a new harlequin Patu mime a. Roy al amphitheatre Astley West my nil Eri Bridge. Under the of hair Roval Hii one it ses the Prince Regent and the Duke of York. On monday next sep Temler 14. We a be presented exp ready prepared for the stage a grand military Soe Teacle in two .acl.s, called the by Rio be of Salamanca the town major and the Spanish heroine founded on the glorious and Complete defeat of general mar Mont arid the Wii Ole French army by the heroic and Gallant Field marshal the Marquis of Wellington and the Brave Allied army. Ill the Iii Ervau of it stage entertainment a will be a Ven a i Cori ii Anil succession of Evv istrian and o her performances j the whole to conclude with an Enid re a Tiew comic in Anta anime with extensive new scenery machine a Dre ses de i a Tor Lions music me clinical changes amp a called the persian festival or harlequin emperor doors open at half past six o Clicks boxes 4s.�?ph a a Cid Lyciy second Price invariably com Mertes at half past a n b. The Gravid russian horse stage spectacle called Iii al Vovk co sack is inactive prepare Ioir arts will he brought flu vat As soon As the Altera Roizis and adult ious Are comic Likely fetish a when it will be Auerr lately performed with the Glo Fioros Battle of a . I his Ever Fri Reg Battle of Salamanca with harlequin pm be or and divers Ernert ailments. Duty on . Or. Sell Souliv Lieg a to in room the up Otic that from the amazing and Rose in the article of Glass he himself compar Llew to Advance like Price of his .Cine from 5s t d. To t s. 1 to double b Itle will also be advanced 61 per bottle but the largest size will remain at the Origi ital Price. _ ,.ma ills nov a Peri Ira of ten years since this Vcrne has been increased in Price a a Hough every article Correri eucled a with in h i Quot made a inns Advance. Under these Sircum Uncas or. Sign Lisbury respectfully informs the Public Thal on the loth of August 1812, tie Ato Oves prices took place. Dispensary Soho Square practice of physic. This Day was published in one neat and very closely printed Octavo volume Price us. In boards a Fli ird edition of Lodelin Liniai 1 ice of physic a Eli biting Ilie characters causes symptoms drug bios tie. Morbid , and improved method of . By Robert Thomas . This work has been again careful la revised and a Large portion of new find matter iras be ii added. A a this is a Judi cities of facts Frd it the Best writers which May Bri Pir raised with great advantage because lie different subjects Are Irea Ledwith Brevity and Perspicuity. Dry i Homas has abridged with Jody meet has added i Ludern updo Irons and discoveries has freq trently Iri trounced the result of his own exper Verice and his performance thus becomes an useful compendium of the pc ent slate of medical a a monthly review. A p lived Murray and sold by Thomas Underwood 32, Fleet Street London w Blackwood Edinburgh Johni Cumming Dublin and also by every bookseller in i Udnani Melv be Hal lately published 1. To Oseuk Spur sic Ian a Vape Mecom 6s. 2. So Inge on a a Adt .vltcp.m, of a 3. Aka of Iii a Vauk Melcum 9� 4 examinations in sorcery 3s.6d, 5. A a a a , 7�. 6.a it plates of viscera 5.s. A 7 coot Eitts dictionary or suhgers jobs a a. .�4 to. A surgery. A i Fariajr in Toisto Berwill be published in one neat and very closely a a. Armed a Tavo i8s. In boards a new and greatly lid tin of Dir i of . Gery collected from the be get and most original j Juci is of . Including observations on the most ant remedies a implications Onsiri Mients amp a. And a copious Pharis Copacia Clair Grgica the whole forming a Complete Pompeii Ditino of Mileni clip surgical knowledge for the Ltd of students private practitioners and naval and military surgeons by Samuel Cowper member of lip Royal College of surgeons in London. A a the style of his work to Clear and Perspicuous tie observations Are confined to practical Points references Are made to the a Kliors and the quotations from them Are selected Mic i judge Tiu. We know of no publication in which of much practical instruction and so Large a share of the Docili ties of the Best writers Are so judiciously compressed within such a narrow Compa s to the student therefore who requites a system Tevlo Biol believe that ii can provide himself Voith any that will prove More to useful to Liim than or. Cooper s medical review and Register. Printer a for John Murray and sold by Thomas Underwood 32, flee Street London w Blackwood Edinburgh John Cumming Dublin and also by every bookseller in town and country. Of whom May be had lately , 1 Moore us a anatomists Vade Mecum is. 2. A in ,3s.6d. 3. A. Suk Gehne Svade Mecum 6s. 4 diminished 7s 5. Plates of viscera 5s. 6 Svade Mecum 6s. 7. Thomas a practice of physic 14s. Military Panorama. On the 1st of october will be published no i of a new and elegant i itary Pei Iudica work emitted a a 11 e m i la a i v y in a Nokia m a a a recess. A dedicated to of ricers of the by Irish army contain ing sketch a. Of officers reviews of military works on die an of War journals of the campaigns Milita a move mems details of military t in Raxiotis Clarono but by in up or air by. Iii Ary o auduary births and marriages , , Diapa iches amp i Correct insertion of in extra Linary gazettes general orders and army regulations each number will be illustrated with a portrait and military plan engraved by the Best Nurnberg and a sep Lem Init will can Stith a a latter will Roii Lailia list of the officers of the army of those holding military appointments and the exchanges removals resignations suspense oils deaths amp a. Amp a. During the period of Lite volume s Public Aiton. Published by p. Martin late of the firm of Catt hell and Marti Corner of or Liard Sii Oei prospectus Titan lie had either there or of Inosia booksellers in the United kingdom. A due Lyral. Japan Beac icing Uncle by d a and m a l in 97, High Holborn. Many of the counterfeits Sav a a As made by Dav and Martin a others have a 97, 1 Holborn a Leavis to out the word a a High a and some have a Small or before Ile original Lui Tibor. A also observe that the whole address is Clear and distinct. New invention. And Sanders. of the urethra. Or. Due ran a cel. Organ and Sanders Patent sofa bed and Chait bed manufacturers to their majesties i and to the Royal family have the honour of informing ladies and they have Iii veiled a Nio it Complete and ele do Foiter sole ,.rietor a rated medicated bogies 1 of dal a tiny curious writing , itt he shape of a Globe sin ifs i Gul Ariy novel and most exceedingly or quid and handsome and a a a of five Mora la attn years ,0 Tom cure of Thev beg leave to Call cab met Globe anti Reg a strictures obstructions debility gon Oncea and every o tier disease of the urethra Fla Ter himself Lutat extensive practice joined to the Mil mrss of the remedies he exclusive to qua Ables him to offer a Safe permanent Cue not subject to the dancer and Inefficacy Titei Kliing the use o Cau tic or the cont a a Loti Boncie. Persons in the country stating to Lime cases fully �1 a letter enclosing a one or two Pound note will have proper remedies sent to the the Var Oiw snip towns see or. Dulfour s iral Liea treatise on diseases the urethra it pc. Price is. Lieh cd Siori. To let Chad of the Aud at Ilia Houe , Fuu Sumaj Soho. Blk out of respect g Lylial Ever to be lamented great and Good statesmen 8. Have made several improvements on their Patent Iii trial Iii Iii tables which Are now allowed to exceed All others in every resin act likewise the inventors of the Mudi Dart Nirei Patent Ivan Cigar sideboards and dining tables so approved .-.f, and of the Patent brass screw Beils cads. Wotli essential Imp Ove Menis Reci Nelv added at their up Biety and Cabinet Manu-�?�001ns, 16 and 17, , strand a Ndu a. Ameer Khan. Factory and Ware to the new invented it Antler vow Gaa and Sanders Nve View invented Globe writing table was absolutely first i under i Huff Imon Detato i Wuoti and order of from the monthly journal Calcutta j an. 20.�?-the Hindo Ostun newspapers received since our last Puld Calion exhibit a strik Iii of picture of the wretched condition to which the Goven Metil of holkar�?T8 aug Ceazor a a now reduced and of the new difficulties which Are daily accumulating a round him. To appease the Clamour of the troops who Hud come in from All quarters to to demand their i rears of pay the exhausted resources of the Treasury had been found wholly inadequate. Tie Brae had been compelled to remove her a nor Tefs to Rampooran arid a Force of four Bettu Lions of infantry and 5000 he a so a a ii lib Sfer Trice of the Rajah of Kotah Imd been culled in to quell the insurrection. Balaram set Hud proceeded to Bunp Obrn where he had recourse to the of Vijarn Xiii acid Lisba Hding the inuit Iiona corps balt Aliou after bal Tuou. Try this measure he lid succeeded in averting the immediate danger but much discontent and commotion continued still to prevail and the very remedy adopted by strip Ptg the Iboya Ruf ment at once of al its military strength i was Likely to prove even fatal than the disease. Meanwhile the investiture of Mulhear Rao with the Khe Tuut of sovereignty was delayed by tie Fei Shwa until the bile should re nit to poof cd a sum of Money under the Ienz my nation of a a Muzzu Rueh a a which the finance s of the Yozing Prince a cry altogether incapable of Supply tag. Under these circumstances the Bhae overpowered and Aldr Nied by the sense of lips own weakness is said to have so far Fargo ten Lier former jealousies and present dangers As to Hae recourse to the interference of Ameer kiji.\n, if we May Trust the a Khz by is she i id re written to that chieftain urging him in the strongest Tenne hts intended journey to Jou pore and to proceed immediately to the Camp of Bhan Pooran for the purpose of suppressing the commotions among Flie Sirdar and their , and of devising Metis for paying tie arrears due to the troops aptly Trail sinining Llie sum required b3 a Nuzz Uranah by the court of in. Ivs Zounah. It did not suit the Khan a views however to interpose on the occasion. Policy perhaps suggested that by Leavis in these distractions to themselves his ultimate aggrandizement Touhl he More effectually secured to Iii by any Winnie Tiute interference. Perhaps he was Embur Rossei by the greater urgency of his Ufi airs in another Quarter. But however this May be the us bars positively state that he had declined the Bhaer a invitation alleging that his presence was absolutely required at Jou pore to adjust the Long subsisting difference Between the Rajah of that principality and tie Rajah of Jay Ore list that on Ilie return from thence he we Ulm visit loll Kauz a court. On receiving the above ans yer the Bhae is stated to have again addressed Ameer Khan urging him if he would not come to Bra Noorah at least to afford some Relief to her present pieces. Sites by sending what Money he Cotile spare. With this request however it is not probable fat the Patun chief even supposing Linin to be willing was very Able to comply for if we May believe Llie accounts from juy pore Ameer Khan himself and his great coadjutor Ivi Ohamm of Shah Khan Hud but just been released from confinement by their own followers Olio had refused to March until All their arrears should be Jaid up and who were ultimately brought Back to Shtir duty not by payment but by promises. In consequence of the Bhaer a in ability to collect the sum required by the Phish was a government the the failure of her Wakeel for Poona had been postponed. Meanwhile As the Only practicable measure of Relief and one still More strongly eve flying the deplorable stale to which the resources of this Branch of the Marhatta Empire were reduced it was resolved to detach a Force to a place called , for the purpose of endeavouring to collect Lite paltry sum of 25,00 i rupees and with this View Balaram set was sent .1 second to bhang Beruh to use his influence in Persu Riding the troops there to undertake the sex pet Ilion. The ministers of the Bhae had begun to Levy new troops to Supply the place of the battalions which Balaram set Hud disbanded. Guf Pooe had arrived at Bhan Pooran and the Liuti �., a a by being m some measure que tilt a it Srp Puey that the i lab would re Tutu thither he Hub indeed Hoyed her Camp from the neighb��rh��4 of Ham Oor amp a hut Liete of seemed reason to by a Kiev that it was Rashev with Fate intention of Moi try Ting allow elder that it Arl of the Conjury. To he. Pirir direction of the aft Iris of Mut Taft Kao a Wolkar continued lobe Vvs fed in the it Odic off he her ministers the Prinice him a a it not being of sufficient age to Asi aume the teens osiris government. A a the principal authors Attl of the Inis Fec lion at had been seized Aii to re a of the number beet put to death by the Shabus order and five banished. Toliese he Ivy to Ever were Only i its the Trivic in Pul parties dec Beth we Rekte Oion la Olee a a Ancl so of Ftp id spice a chirp a tip jars also to have fax leu on one Dithy wive ii of life a al a jes vaunt Rao 1iie\ife of i i it Joo pundit �9said to have be ii a pm red Ond i punish men comm Ted. To imprison invent for ii few at the intercession Balaram set in c�ii8�derii> Tina of Iris being a Granvin a a v Aam orig other recent occurrence a the to report that a party of a co afghans Belo Gitig to Mareb cd Lan a re a Vii �9e, Yonne their a plea Aiice in the of poor i rom Virence the jute tied issued devs to expel them by Force. To of Bengal cd vhf a Folk Tim Ntow. A w Efi Erton Esq re elected to of president of t a of Ilie Bank of Bensal for the end Uii a a Bat. Or j f. Latkins or rep i l Warehi use key pm. Or j.,, of the m.trin�. Or al Chippy and my i he a a is Vistani Tda a a a Ualle actor of Joyei Pippet customs . Or. C in Attori Jude of the Dewar by a bawls tax Dale i str be Belit. Or a ring Oak 5m>�rinl�i Hon. W. Ii. Ii via evil to s eco id As of a Jinq aah a it Gil ital on m r Lewin a Sis re a a a a Nerval la acid her Imus. M r Lewin assistant to the Gimme racial resident of Coho a a ritual la i in a a a of or e. I hey Mai Ai t. Brown Aiassi Siewt to. Ii collector of tin a . J. No say commercial reside Iai ave ubi Ibre. A fair. G Wel telc first the resident a Viritha Dow hit Rao . J. Itic bards. A members of the . A or. E. S. Waring collector of Jjo silk by. . Lating collector a Quot Quot. A old Rtia Jpn pm . Cdv tapis. In . R a Dicks second i Ridge of the provincial courts of Appeal and circuit for the univ a Short of Dacca. A or r. F Grindall magistrate of the Northern division of g Stockwell Register of the pro Vional Cost at Bari i in. ,. Made a ditto of the Zillah court of c. R. Boswell ditto of jes Soto. For. C. Smith ditto of Tipper Ali. Or. G. , ditto at googly. Or Harrington Dato at hit a Noor f. Maniac ditto at Agra pm. T j a shroud assist Iii up lha magistrate of Porguen Siahs. I i.,<or. A Trow a Chi Lecle rof cot Aelic for. H Middleton. Assistant to the collector of Sarun. Or. J. Garter assistant to the collector of Shah Ahad. Lieut. T. Rise Bucic assistant Uttie assay master and also to the mint master. A. T or. T. Ingots subbed Tetory to the Board Ott Raje. Or. G. Siddens assistant to the import warehouse keeper Ivor. A Bruce of . Or. I rickets Deputy cd a Lect i of gtd to i Ament Custy Ali and town Duies at . Or. A w. Laiing Secretary to the Board of Comly Issis he re ill the ceded arts conquer e d Prover tics. Or. 1�T Batson collector of Eta Valier Ila yes judge Anil m Llvy District of sylect. Or. J. B Elliott assistant at nud . A. Lambert Register of the Zilla c Hurt at Tirom. Benoal births mrs. M. De Rozario of a mrs. Cd w. Trice of a lady of san at the lady of Lieut a. Gowan la the n Lof a bin Surah the lately of lie it c. Hown Illig of it daughter i at the House the Hudy of the .1. Elliot of a or at Dum dual the lady of 3apt. Mac Divall of artillery of f a to tie lady of Lieut u. Roche 25th n. Reg. Of a Haugli Etc to tie lady of H Fergusson . Of 9 lady of major men. Blair of a Furru chabad the lady . Donni Thonis Esq of Ason a the lady of major to. L Hilliard son of a twins a boy and a girl. The lady it if Bro Troci Esq of a . The lady of r. Anderson of a Sylbie the lady of French Esq. Of a sons at Agra the Ladr of w. Campbell Esq. Of a daughter Benares the Latfy of major Genii. Wood of a daughter.-t�-mr8. A Sny it it of a lady of h. Young. A a. Of a re. U. R Iii Ishii Ofa Weller of Den the lady of i g. Blagrave Esq. Of a Doagh Ler. A it by Hal marriages or. W. A. Swainey assistant to the Sec rotary of the Marine b Tard to . D. ,w. Sanders to miss f . A mends to miss m. l. Peretta to mrs. L. a Inbi a Quot Diemund Wauchope Esq to miss e. Macau daughter of r. Macan Esq Cali Fri Armagh a my re , clerk to the court of requests to miss e. . J. to miss a . A. Ca com tube to miss Chatoor or. Higgens to miss e Danielt Lieut. T. Gamon 23d Reg. N. 1. To miss e Rutlege second can uglier of . Rutlege commanding a Dollart 24tli 10 miss a. in. J a a less e. Wade i a or. J. Bais Tki to miss a. I Latina a a colomb a j of to a Beanie Esq. Of Zinaty civil service to mrs. S go Donby Noah. Eta Ftak the instant son of major i col Good major. Anderson european regiment the infant Dali enter of Wood or w. Williams or. T. Kerr or. by Pelrah the infant daughter of w. Braddon Esq., the upper state is. Ensign w. Consoli 161i1 n. 1. Seramore Robert the son of or. Wheatly at Caunar John the son of major Heizler of artillery a at Hir a it use near the old fort i mrs. France Johnson in the pc arc tier age the oldest British resident in Asia Tutti Elizur mrs. A. Chater wife i of .mr.p. A. Chater major w. Welley Kitchen 5ih regi or. R. Grieff at Seramore Mary the daughter of the Rev. I. W-ird. Baia iia capt. Mawe of the ship Eliza capt Goodwin Wanier. 22d it it. . Or w. St George master of the com s Cruiser Malabar major Vui a. Luh regt. The infant son of capt. La Btry h m. 67th regt. Mrs. M. Michael mis. A. mrw Smyth mrs. E Green wife of Captain Green country service or. L. ego Christophe n Cholas an eminent a a for of Mershall Agad a g. M. Arake Listle
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