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London Observer Newspaper Archives Jan 16 1870, Page 1

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London Observer (Newspaper) - January 16, 1870, London, Middlesex No. 4.104.London. Sunday january 16, 1870. Price 3d.�?sta� 4d. A Liestal i Alai kith let ant Imam lug intr m k. T n it 1. .-.�Ell, % a it i i i ii iii i a lilt. T v. I r ii Eil f v ii Curtij ii pkg ii Inbur will i Quot i l be i iii it �?�111 Mali i Nicias Pic i Salvo shill iii let a a. I his a. It i. Ill for. Lit. Of taif a Usif r Quot Quot re Volt he us a t Aivil in the a auf Rit Hnin tei it a tit let in a it. \ \ Rotl re Luc Quot hot a i Xii a writ a 10 Nutt. Alibi list j i l i i ii iii h Arlo it i a a tax i i i the a a a Atli n he ii it. R Post if it Nier in Hajlo f. M Gurr it to a k-ifj., at 1 in j a Val Ala Vitich i. Be a it iii it Crystal pantomime in ring Quot a Ami it at. 1>a�1>-ati . A iru Ari if i rtt i with Quot Fth ref Traci Quot is. A in it is h a a nil Goiri h in the it Rizui i Quot till 7 a. It Miv Hlll Lisier. Ii a tickets f i i ii half i set a h ili a r wii. I Liestal pantomime Trif it is it is. In i it k sent Isidron Ani his air Tului eel with at a Ali Quot ii a iii if. T. Sinit h. Lufi in Eroi Lutts a. Mariwill Dit Exior it t it . A. Ken foil assistants. No a i1i1u to Kri Lav invt Wei Ash i 11 a in i>a\-.-, m ii Lay i . That Khz it Liik it also i let ii without Fira i Haiyim. I i if Ris poultry Ca a it if Ink e i i v ili -crlpii.m. In i iii Uiha it tilt Luicir Stitik Oiw. Tsatur Lav malt a Ltd Row icon it a ii iri Ltd Fine it uru i k lure fall-., a. I Quot a it it i . Petorah at Kiili iii Fri ii Arnii ii Lurk Khit it it ii. Ltd let ii free. Titi i in Aux Alian filly Aii l tho Phliip i in \ i Willy. N it nut thu shirt a i Winro Arr-.\li1y al by h . t Luu Iliia i even Inife. I Man a a trip ii i if. Ati no Crystal a i poll Tryand show 111 it , i m it it la. In Tiff Lay Fillnow Licitr. V by Chow thi Titi iii i wanly entries for i a iii a Quot fur l Ikiz a it in. 111 Sitj-fl.i\, al a i Day. Tho h a sat Niay Roji Rrt monday Ini Ruf Eliav tilt Paiit in Lino in i other . No extra Park t l p Ulley slow. A iii a Pali in ail the al 1. Kynski it i n a will Takk l Laoo at . Huh a s . I n i fit Kasday. Tho a Tutti in to. Adamss hand kirov . Pi-1tkh�l m it in. I Fhy Mas . My. To , Nhill t a cd al it it a. Od., to Quot include u-fre5hintmit>, U.A.Tarih at the ili it a it Nii Iitto Quot tiny Oft Rirs til. St Wann that Rit it anniversary Din dior at Listi ticket i it in. A it iii. Aut i it Fth a sign tary at 1 l it if roi t. in t�?T,, an.1 ?.-ti he , the up pkg al our Lark h i i Hgt a p it v in t he Rand re it ii it mating four re Kins Woli hot hts a a vont Iati a. Apply at to strand. in Rahi i House to i he let contain it re it Lenl air drawing Holt a , . Hath Rik it in Coli it Dolu Stic Oto Cik. A i>1 v at i Oxford . As Niox to k , by a Young in in Anth Star a i i to ton As at Xiv. Jim i hitch a ooi pct As a Home. to Travon Tai . Tho instr ii cos can let a i . Apply by Lett Ltd a Only to. K. A i strand 1,. Non Rupo printers r anted by a lady Quot aged 2f,. A situation Ilok to two the Kkt Hilda in ii Ulm lib. A 1re�� . X., Wall it res la Harv kill Uris In d re a t i i mkt for l.\thks, let a mrs. tin misses 1� a Whert a my Stem a Piir Jorod which \. A i paid a it Lvang it Ini it Juii Illi. Only a Milt i Nui Nhor is h in i inc Ltd Irato i is ious i in music slug -1, Sitwell roil , W Foch no . I to Urne Park Willesden a Oll Wjk for Voi Ladin it Ltd Xidon non a to done stud onto 32, Wigt Riuz Lunk Park \ ii,, 1 Reno Jiral win h. The , �?�1 Shourne Park Villas w., for Yorn it Orentl Kikm Litas a it a Rov. f Lford ., 1�?~nrabrnke Olla to al it in. A8�jit�i by a Lane staff piuif�->80ps. Princ ii Mina Winch. Tto Fujiu aria pro Anjil for tho Public set wii to tho i Farr tho any nay it ill Sonvico for Trio Oxford find Tani in der local Kanj nation. For ill Dot alls prospects. . Bland Dau ichters Fol to los list i in �11 tho fashionable Danco a. Tho Alaji a Feii at their a it Lori Anhly room to oliday Friday . Pro it a Cluj Applice Tsiou Hyk it it. Quot the mall not la c, for ibo a by . Hand ls.,i Virs Strin it a it to be had at his to Sidoro it old in Fiji Faro a. A a out tho bust Little ares it i Ilanon a Tail i if the in is. , Mason jo., b a to recommend their exp Lent Kord Aux Ami Hur Grundy Ines at i it fat a do Marsala . And dinner Sherry 24n., Ikirt i Chani in no for Nion intr even Lair Imp Loii 42s., tho do . It Tai 101 Vitaliz us ruin . A queues Solon Reijm Jiri it due Applina tiiu. Foreign , 1h�?~>, Piccadilly Ii e r r i e . O. L a z e n b a w a amp Tepetl Jadoa No. 1. Good Leary Kherry try Rich. A a 3. Sound imn it Sherry dry Rte. A a Fine de Wert Henry dry Rich. Ais. To a. 48�. Neu a Hatel Swiss Champagne a Ondler in re cph7.fi medal Quartz 4is. Pinto �4.h. I do in net. Lara us All liar it winos a it i it it it Ltd Herrin a Brandie ail Ilu curve uii a fail skim pm at a it West Rath. Price list ao., at i it la i Loii a a. And 11. Melt Salt Ken wine Moich auts ac., 3�, a vein bit Cannor Murf to . H Eikes butlers dinner skier Hix at 24�. And ,30. Or . I lie gent Stre it i Ondon a Quot it i King , it Gliton. Hedges Aryl butlers pure clarets at i4r., lr&., �4.s. It dozen Choice , 42,s., 4�s., 609., Butler sparked eng c inks at 4�s. I it dozen Choice c hat Ian Nir ., r6s., 7ha. Edco yes butlers Choice old ports at 4-�?Ts., in., ��os., 72s., 84s. Put dozen port from tho womb 2ts., h>s., a a . H heist is Butler la a repent Street i Sidon Anda Ign a i ii Imp Porter bottlers the Quot Piir. A Tiki a i France Ieni any sign Aln Portu it Rai Fri the Kiwi to iii i with a Nond nets to tho most re to Deguili Eil to null Vinta few a. Or log a All Wineg Applyn Tjon. Orig finally l not. C "1 h a r l k de c a z a n 0 v e a Medaille do , 4m�, tip 7�s. I it dozen. Kasha is clarets 411�. To h4j�. I it . no. 1 Randy a to Celt brat a in India in one do in Cash at How. P it a Down. W. H. Moxon co., acrobat . Hoh u i. Lith Oppatt it Roet . B. Moxon Iio great . Helen u in h 0 i fat Trec to k. C. Pom Rich. For fwd botue.1 .ms., 42�, fin it vat it al cru.st�1 4 it .\4s., fws., 72b. So kick. A a it pole dinner l�?T4.s., 3fis. Very ii Rico Jimale 4l s., 4�s., ,v4s. Anon Tellado 4h<<., 54 to Maji Ranilla. F,.\ , Tai Fri but a v a Latour la-i., l�?~4f�., slip pm Lor irowtli.4ss. To . no. A pure k<k�1 la it Quot vis. 4l>s. Superior. Rich fld i y4�s. To lock. A Ltd it Good Tiht Vino 4�?o�., Quot tyls. Vorva choic�4ks. T>>9f . So Rehag still to �3s. Othor Noju us Nevirs at met a crate iric it Arria to to tho no Are to Itoi Way station. pc e a p e r r i n a the a top if re Quot pronounce al by Iii. Let a. Urs a a tho. Only it f.�1 said re Quot to Provas the App tit aids digest Lon. Onri al a i for v Soiu iii v Ila it it u. Ask for Lka Perrins c k. l the Namo it per , ail hotel is und . Agent a it Rossk Weix a a i il Hgt ail Delorn a auces Lirou Kocmit the world. Lazenb Yand songs pickles sauce Sand dim . Be. Lazenby son sole proper motors tii it I la aft no Itji manufacturers 1 f the pickles a Nice Ltd an 1 i a Limo tifi i Long Farou Ramy by their Nanie an r uii a Vit. Ltd \ re Lon the Quot i Public aka filst who a put Nii shh a a in Cloo imitation Thor a \ a. U ,i the pm i a hut her Ltd get Cav Ondish Sinare late Xii t. acid Nurt it London e Aveys sau Tiff is this Flo Ratcil cd Aro a to f that Quot arh Holtso in it i it a cd by k. in bears tho la it into inane . A Ikney i i a Fth Loten ii. Wynock Cha., Liand picked deep Quot Alk Nike the hottest res vory let to Ash de no p�1 to ii be corids 2n. A Kors Sealii Lex. Re. Boht Wigan 24�. Silk Stone a Rhy , i a A Send Quot Rdv a a i 1. A Kunfi 46�, Oxford Street . Ii have not yet tried the m it Len fill it starch Aro res a it fully Sollic Stosl to Ghe ita trial Ari Fol in follow out the Dinc tif it is print i ii every Jia Kago. A i l t Intro diff onit to make than other starches but when thl.is nil. To like will qty Liko Thinoi a h Lini dress that it is the f1n1->1 i a a 1 Hoy Ever . R a g n t a p. H a a i United ser Kcf a ,.\p t.\i5lvri 4d. And the each. t in in Granco guaranty a a order your Chi Nigist lir Ocer , too Liat . C. And j. Field is Tarot. Vvhs Olcsan. I per Marsh. Lamski h. 8.f. Meld pure a a sperm Ett a soap.  1 in a l is it a Tablet in let delicately Wiinie Ltd this Betiru Trifill tir Ticle it a i a i it a it thi it Pur a let soap with Nna Coti the it Kitt nug ,11 Ipoh i.Well known it is Esh Chauy recon to Quot ,d., r Childr. I invalid A name each Tablet Laho. Peu , Lall Lith e. In Onax the Elower King. The nio. sex pus to lasting a a a Wiinie Ever Nia in is. Dist Neil Only by Hin Hond Street set a i by a i �?T."iiiis-, Xvi Liunoras everywhere. Ii Sta Halo nut toilet powder i i 1- Riun a iii Rrt a natural whiteness month Cit a ii ii y let i the skin by no Othor mean. 1 n Mixos los. 6d., a a a a a for. I3y for .36 Jenny Stampi. 2, mond Street let in a i. a you iii Best All i safest remly for coi Cills . In a i i n r. h Jyh Loz enties which Are Dally recommended Falt a pity ii Oid in in xes is. Id. And tins 4s. Od., al Ali Kratin chomp to. To it it. Rain la a churchyard London. Veld retail by All diff go a to a. I\innef0rd8 fluid Magne 8ia.�? 1 r Lemki Gay for acidity the stomach heart ,1, a a a. Crolli Indi ii ton the Best mild Ai it Beriont for i 1 Volt in Quot it Rio. by for Lialiou cd Illren i. A Din Kford o., 17, Bond Hortet la it not Lou. Aud Cut Ali cd Eiilwn thru about the Wurz a the Pana it la South Pacific Tele graph company limited. In corporate Ltd under the comic Anieas 1862 Sifft. Altal a 520,. In .32,Noo share �10 each. I it a it a it i share allotment �1 10�. Share tie remainder at 1 it reals Ivo months by t2 los. Each. Part the capital to the pm tobit a to Ofifi in reserved by tho a once Sion from the peruvian subscription in Peru dir terror a. Pii , f4q., l Lyndon Lite messes. W. Graham co., Manhin stat l Ira actor the West India Panama Telegraph Quot in any. Hughes. Ks&., m.p., London. Maj a it general . F. Smith president the International Ocean l ele Ltd Raph , director the West India fair Teitz Grafi con any. For Lerick , Esq., . I Park House Twickenham Park. Carlol sold a managing director the National Teleg Raiffa Omi Jany Peru Lima. A Smider , ksrj., mesh rel. Also pand co., Lima. Alexander f. Low Esq., late Mexico 84, Westbo Iirene Terrace With to �4d to their number run Nekr. Sir Charles Lirly it. Bakk Jim. To in Mon county Bank Lombard Street Branchle. The National Bank Scotland Nicholas Lane . The Mani Hester Liverpool District Bank manc beater liver to it ool a nuke iian. I5a.vker<� in Pec. Indoo Bank mix a South America. So licit tra. Messes. Mackenzie trinder i 1, Crown court old Broad Street. Secretary prot a. Or. William Walsh. Owns Gresham House 25, old Broad Street . Pr08p1�ctcs. To com it any is form d for the Pur Joae extending i to the Whiten coast fit out Amerlia. My tho Sykta in the West India Panani tel>�gr8 h Coral rapidly App Chang Toni petion the whole the continent a Eun it to North America will be Laceil in connection with Central Atner Kra whence this Comitia in will carry it lines to Tubez one the incl al jux in the not i Peru tout Hong at such intermediate stations in i4rana<laa8 May be found desirable. This vim any has obtained a valuable Concession from the peruvian ooh Ern Jii ent a copy a which As publish in Quot al Peru anon the off Iclal it Vul with nov Kuiber l�09,can be seen at the offices uie Solli Tom the co Fiany. From Tubez tails Imp any a lines will be connected with Lima Callao tho Osiier princ ii al towns Peru by the wires tiie National Taclet graph comic by Peru with whom an exclusive arrangement for the Bange traffic has been entered into who will hold a considerable interest in tiie capital this company. The National Telegraph Jodi any Peru ii the Only undertaking the kind in that country. It ha.a Ca Wiital �400,000, has already establish communication Between Moe the chief Towi i Peru. It is also rapidly pushing lines South Wani towards chill which country will shortly be United with the telegraphic system the it Erat Lou Uruguay ,by lines in i coarse construction Between Valparaiso . Lao me Udo i Cordora Rosario Buenos Ayres. Orrun Bueno Ayr a a Hunt Narline Cable in al restly in Oigt Erat Lou to month i dwt a it Ayling 17 per cout. Dir lend the bin Lllan Ltd Erin nent has completed a land line Luo Janeiro to port al Lejarre which will shortly to finished to Monte Vidor it. Nearly All tho most Imi it Octant towns districts South America will thus tie brought into Oon inv ton this com any�?T8 lines actln�ra8 the main trunk line through which Texeir Ophic a Unamun Lauon will be effected with the Contino Witk North Merlc Europe. A exclusive Adlanta Reous agreement for the note Chan a traffic also been a it Refl into with tho West India part my Telegraph company an i a similar arrangement exists Between that com tiny the International Telp Raph a Omi by connect Lair the i United states with Cuba. This Compaq Iyo a lines will thus be worked Luct it my that i with the whole the lines Between the i Niton states South America As that use a it might hold valuable exclusive Xun a Cessions for a term forty years for laying cables Between the Spanish West Indian colonies the i United states Central South Amer i ii All mix tuition will practically be excluded to the North a Well a to the South this company a line. From an official statement drawn up by Don Mariano f. Paz Holdan late dir tor no Norrlof Pii Kllc Wicks in Peru minister Justice it api it i it if that the comi it any a system exclusive any connection with Era an1 �19. Trade that age Stine Republic a Rana it la. Takii teas a basis to lib a it dual result the Cuba line a mini after two years working at the rate Over a a a 00 i it Annuli a Esu Matzl that the Gross Revenue this Cut it i any a lines will Exoree Ltd. £100,000 from which de it Luct working Ejiri it end essay. £12, 00 Reserve fund. 12,5o0 to i too i Irr Attiat Theca Misiany a Siom exclusive any Conne cuon win Azil will sum try an aggregate Impala ton 12,000,000, 1 a rapidly in creasing f Ommi rce. Amounting at present to ?,30o, per Ai Iutin without taking into Cah Ula Tjon the Atlantic there will remain a net annual income upwards . £75,000 the lines about 1,100 mile submarine Cable 30 Miles a tel line will be the Best it Tilitz the same class the cables the West India Panama tho item Atlois no Manles. Male by the India Publ it gut Fca Percha telex graph works company a jolted with whom a contract has been entered into for the manuf hire laying this Otnie nys cables for the al Oil sum ��>��,000. The balance remaining �30,000, will be amply sufi client for the in Cioti that Linos stations All outer exl it Eiiseo completing the edit ii undertaking until the company is in receipt reve Iuit Froim traffic. The lines will be completed in the course the present yer. If no allotment is Ziade tho Deposit will be returned in full. January into. _ the following , which have been in Kenvl into the Artie les association can also a seen at theofice the solicitors to the it nyx Auy Rajz. 1870, Januar it a Between i it rofl Par sold a Lima Peru the one part the Painia acid South a Rifle Telegraph company limited tie other part. 1870, Jao Arr 12.�?agreement Between the Loim balms. A Etta Percha tel ample work Crapa timed the one part the Panama South pact Fly Telegraph company limited the other part. 1s70, january 12.�?agreement Between the National a Elev an company Peru the one part the Panama i Ltd uth Pacific tel Raphol omit by limited the other pert. 1870, january 12.�?agreement Between the West India Panama Telegraph company limited the one a it the Panama South Pacific Telegraph comi Auy limited the other ii ort. The Panama Soith Pacific Telegraph company limited. No. Form application. To be retained by the hankers to the directors the Panama South Pacific Tele Raph company limited. Havlin Jirld to it it your Bankers the sum a being a Dejk tit �1 i it share i request that you will allot me shares a in each in four company upon to Ltd terms the prospectus the memorandum association i hereby agree to accept the said shares any smaller null Star which Vou May allot to me i agree to Rake the payments thereon at the Timon spelt Flod in the to it by come Amoul prof the comic by ail i request you to place a my name the a it it Ulster members in respect the shares iii May be allotted to me. I am gentlemen y our obedient Serrant name in full. Address in fall. Date. Couy memorandum association the tii Pacific tfx graph company limited. 1st.�?the name the a Omro by is a a the Panama Soutth pact tic Telegraph limited. 2d.�?the registered Roe the comic will be situate in England object tit for which the a Obj deny is established Are the effecting telegraphic communication let tween Panama some other part Central America n.�?T Granada Ecuador Peni Chili other a Marta the world by making laying working submarine other Telegraph lines i rum to such Points As May be determined with Power to Purchase existing line i Telegraph lease uie lines a Roj it ted to be to Purchase Lea. land lines enter into All such contracts make do execute All such works matter document a May be Nessary expedient for the purpose aforesaid in Diudina uie entering into working other mrs Omeus a Ltd Adilon ing Otner al a the econ Anict ing. Incorporating registering the company in according to the i,aw8 any foreign country As a Socin to Anonym otherwise a a Mav from time to it i time be Doemelt expedient the applying for obtaining Pur Cha Slurf any acts Lallament concessions subsidies similar privileges in Conne Lytton with the company a to Antiss in any country colons state the establishing Reg dating Gentles inthe Cut ted kingdom elsewhere for telegraphic Puri a ses generally the Ostal dashing carrying the business a Telegraph company the doing All such other than Gas Aro incl rental conducive to the attainment the above objects. Tho subscription li. will let a Cix san for Fri Lay the 21st, for the it it entry saturday the instant. I sea Tewfig Rlaph construct tion Limite Ltd a capital �.500,Ono, in 100,000 shares a Oai h. £1 in share application al los it in allotment. The remaining t 3 los to be i filled up in two sums a i .5s i it share at intervals not less than three months leaving no further liability. Dlr Tori. Rear Admiral Long Frederick h. Kerr 42, tre Gunter To iii Ford Onslow e�., m.p., Llie a Rove Ropley Hants. Atkinson Langdale Esq., Bedford Row ., Holm bus i Hen Vui. Henry Salusbury Mil san f-�a., 11, Square Late Bailey co., Bankers i ii Nouth a. Thomas Pago Fesij. Ms., Mem. Inst. C.e., f.ii.s., f.r.g.s., a Royal Terrace Delphi F. Do pro Thornton ki., Union club to Falgar Square 8.w., the Heath Hertford. Wit i in wer to to their number Eno Neeb. George Fenwick fxij., , Bankers. Batik eng did. Solicitors mos Brady War it a Talon Bank Chambers Carey Street in Colnes inn A Ecru tart. Andrew Stein. Tempo Abt offic a. 3 4, a Incha�ter-8tr it buildings. City . All lulled Prospe Carrub. This come any has been Formali for the Jiu Rix constructing a l.iin.1 sea Telegraph unos. It will tarl unfettered t v the Enow us annual ther encumbrances unproductive capital which have prevented existing comic nil i from supplying Elk Clent lines telegraphy except to very High prices. The works for the insulation if the conducting wires will embrace All the most recent improvements will be carried out by Walter Hancock teq., c.e., whose experience serv ices Luthus department telegraphy Are Well known with whom the com Wuy pro >>,�0 to enter into a contract for the Nec Essary machinery. A Concession has been obtained an agreement has been entered into by tills it it Many for the manufacture 01 upwards 3,000 milf try . The director a Are therefore Prev cared to receive apply can ours for 40,000 shares. The apply a Alion Money will be returned in full in the event no allotment Bing malt be. In it is a causes form Quot Ai plication i for shares May be obtained from the solicitors it the laces the company. Nevada Freehold properties tri . Subscription �540,000. In certificates �2 each. Al apply Caicki arid al Issue certify Cates. No further liability whatever. Chairman. The Hon. Jam it i Tobin. Bankers. National provincial Bank England branches. Brokers. Roe Ley in a. And co., 3, Royal Exchange Hull legs. Eil h Cert Tecate has 34 coupons attached for inter Utah the rate 12� Jet cent per annul in payable half yearly to bearer for 17 years Ana Partick votes in the annual drawings for re it in Mutton at Par by which All will be extinguished within the term. A Furtow Coupon Rerer Sion entitle the Holder to share pro rata realisation the Freehold Peri parties at the conclusion the Trust by which time the developments Ami improvements will have Grutly increased their present value. The properties which consist 22 selected Silver mines in All nearly 10 mile to length two estates Pine Woodland six Miles in area in Nevada u.a., have been duly taken phase won by one the trustees who Han teen to Nevada for the a mirth it be the titles registered la the name the Trust. A fund is specially reserved for two years interest. The prot Rettos Are let leases at rentals amount big io�,000, who a with it Yal les calculated at a minimum will Raj a a yearly income nearly co too. Samples a re together with Barf Bullion the produce the mines can be seen at the office Fuu iraqi mama . Ac., tro Steie report can be obtained at the Bankers broke at the Oft Ca also apply Catlin for certlflcates.�?, Moor Gate Street . Reat Northern Telegraph China Japan Extension company Lucot porn ted Lenair danish Law with limited liability. A in to capital �600,000, 000 Sham �10 a at a. Messes. C. I. Hambro hot in Are authorised to offer in Lundon 45, Sham flu East in the Ahova to i Maunder having been subscribed in Copenhagen. Payment to be As follows �1 application. Al 10s. On allotment. Al 108. On the 1st March to. £3 a a May. 1870. £2 a a 1st August 1870. £2 ,. L8t october 1870. Instalments will be received in Advance at any Date under dim Niit 5 per cent per Damium. will be received until tuesday the 18th january at 1 clock . Dia Ccroba. C. A. Broberg Esq., firm Chr. Broberg son l. P. Holni Blad Esq. M. Levy Esq., Secretary to the minister it finance. J. For. Ski k�q., formerly Minista at the Hague Brunei. O. B. Suhr Esq., firm j. P. 8uhrand8 a i. C. F. Tietgen Esq., director the private Bank . A mrss in Luke . Messes. C. I. Hambro Ait son. Bankers in Corky have a. The private Bank Copenhagen. Solicitors in London. Mettra. Parker Starke . My champs Alley. Ita Okuri in la no . Mes amp is. We Alker Lunsden 15, Austin friars . Orvices the compant in London. 7, great \m11chest�r-Street-Buiklings, . Pas paltus. Thu come a no constituted under danish Law has been formed fax a Arry Teg out a Cono Sakhi granted by tho Riu Aiau nov Arment cd 11-88 october 1m�, for connecting Cyloa Japan with Berdofe Thror Tygh Russia. The Peculiar command Long advantage this troyite consists to m Sherpa was. Any other route a May be Mai from to Aano Sedov the prospectus must make a Large Detour whilst the route by Bur id direct from England to China at the same time the land i this route have their maintenance guaranteed by a a Trong Kur Peao Power through whole territory alone they have to plus. Thia route to a Rouly recognised As the shortest Means Telegram Pink com Bunick to i with the Northern port. China As Many Asao to 40 Massage to lt�t�8 each have been sent through it from China to England lug a der. The Concession for which there were several applicants was. After Long investigation Graut ii by the Buss an love moment to Juanm parties connected a Ruth the great Thani Telegraph company. Of the terms the Concession the bus Staa love moment has granted m company besides other special privileges the exclusive right nut thirty years connecting a Ina Jaun with Marope to my High Tbs cover Ament wires Russia territory. Tie Pooce Paioa proves Foci renewal these exclusive privileges preferential terms at the exp ration the thirty years in any Case tires to this company a continuance the right tranium torsion Thror messages to rough the russian land lines. The caution Money sol. 150,000 has in accordance with 8�f the Concession been duly de pelted with the Russlan nov Emmeott the Concession Viires revert to thai. The Potisk Leniun for us Transfer the Concession to this company by the concessionaires is fixed agreed at ��5,. The russian love moment further und takes to a land lines with the lauding pc ots the company a Oah tos my increase their number wires As the requirements the Towry my demand. A working agreement Between this company to be Wraa Telegraph comic by try l open Hagen by Whone lines the trafic will a conducted from Russia to Fingland has been concluded with a four rebate the Tartt that company. _ the first Cabin will be Laid from Loeletta to he Roghai either dir aet if deemed advisable touching at Nagasaki other conv meat Point in Japan. The next Section will extend from Shansi to Nom Kong. A to lately the other mix rant ports in Japan Chatan be included in the system the company to too sect to further lines the a sary Extension the company i capital will it a Allied for under the regulations the statute. preliminary contract have teen entered into with a Wpm Hooper for the manufacture the cables the Ina Laton Teing a Hooi it Eros India rubber a similar to that employed by the Grain Northern Telegraph a Manv in their cables i tween pc Efland let atmark Ana Scotland Norway say for 1,808 Nau goal Mues tem Loeletta Bay to Shanghai for 1,100 nautical Miles from Sha nimm to Hong Kong the Oost try these two sections is <888,000. For the laying the cables the directors have due in att no contracts. The danish love moment will aks the exp Edmon Wiki a steam frigate which will take out a Large portion the table assist in Chimp Letang the necessary soundly. For tie transport the remainder Tow cables the la same the directors will take measures to ensure Belne Donna to to lowest possible Cost whereby a great saving cd the Ordinary eos off laying cables at Remote distances will be acted. I he russian Glt a Hemment provides a War Etaamer to to expedition to assist Convoy the ships laying the maximum Tariff for message from any Tjie stations Japan to the Western Frontier Quatia has been Tad by tact soft cession at Loo francs per single message 80 words at which non acre to this company . 40 francs to the Buss ten oven Milo consequently the for me images Between China Sandji Avnaim England including transit rates can never exceed �4 to. Per message 20 words. The contracts with the manufacturer stipulate that tie Cable t e ready for shipment within three six mob Tbs . Who Ever Otner Telegraph lines May ulu mately be a a tab Lahet. Simmi Europe Aiki China Tipiere Oan to no doubt that this cum can with n excl dive privileges Omni the russian got emment will �m8 log maintain position make a Good Proult the la Tiara it to tie Enterprise. _ in he shares this company will be issued to bearer pm bar livery unless any Shar order Ould specially require to Kiml shares registered pm Transfer which. In such care can in am my a al Jirdon Copenhagen. The Lia Hullity is by the Danalah Law Albouy limited to the amount the shares. A translation the Concession copts tha Prada Allanr Coli tract for the manufacture the Cable May be Sam at the Cwm the company. Prospectuses with printed translations the statutes fwd application for shares May be obtained at the cd Cerf ,ue8m.ci i. Lambro son 70, old Broad Street Messert. A flt Kod Lumsden 25, Austin Frlajs It Sidoo 14th january u70. No. London Jan thu a 1870. To the great Northern table graph Chima Japan roil ion. Compamo. Incorporated under danish Law with limited liability care messes. I. Hambro son 7 1, old Bond a treet. request you to insert name in your list applications for great Northern Telegraph China Japan Extension company Sharm to the extent share. Enclose Check for pounds being an instalment �1 iwo share shares hereby wage to accept the same any smaller Imber you May allot pay the remaining inst agents la accordance a tab the terms the Prosi it ectus statutes. Gentlemen your obedient servant. Name. Address. Great Northern telbg1l\ph, China Japan Extension company. Incorporated under Danl Lew with limited liability receipt for Deposit. Received the sum pounds being u Deposit �1 per share upon an a up Licatino for shares the great Northern Telegraph Tiina Japan Extension comic by incorporated under danish taw with limited liability. For I. Hambro in. E English scottish Aust Allan j chartered Bank. Paid up capital ,00�. Letters credit the branches Are granted the most favourable terms. Bills the aunt Allan colonies negotiated sent for collection. Deimos recent Cpd at rates for periods Wahidi May be Loa Raed inquiry at the office. Letters credit May al be obtained the unit the Bank Viz. A . Grindlay co., parliament treet. Hampshire banking Jan Spany sont Hamida. Messes. Harris Bulteel co. Plymouth. A a a. Heywood sons . Heywood Brothers co., Man<9ester. I to banking company Burmin Glumb. Natl nal provi U.A. Bank England. West England South Wales Bank Bristol. Mej . Williams co., Truro. Linen coins not Bank. North Scotland Bank Aberdeen. Abs Rdeen town county Bank. Ireland. B v order the court 73, co Hlll London. . Henry Moi lbs Secretary. K ock Lif e Assurance established . 180�. No. 15, Bridge a treet Blac friars lond Ltd . Directors. G. P. Bidder a a. . Dodson Esq. . D. A. Freemark Esq. G. A. Fuller Iski. J. Goddard. R. Hudson Esq., . T. Kelk eat. S. Laurence Esq. T. H. Lim Den my. The Rock it Assurance company which has been established upwards half a Century has an acct unrated fund More than three millions Sterling. Invested in mortgages land other first class securities vii., both August 1868sum assured inclusive Bonus additions at that Date. Estimate liability thereon Northampton Vible mortality 3 per cent. Interest. That is less than one half the fund invested. Total amount Bonus additions to poll tel amount profits divided for the seven years ending 80th August 1868 Abruzi income. Total claims said inclusive Bonus additions. Copies the annual reports Atzl balance Sheet As Well As the periodical valuation accounts tables rates every information to be obtained application. Lieut general sir g. St. P. Law Deooe .i., . C. T. Lucas Esq. J. D. Magens Esq. C. ,13b&. W. B. Towage by. H. Trotton pm. S. H. Twining Esq. ,uv�4 is 8 �,880,760 t 11 1,4s1,m8 0 4 g,m/ui9 m 9 s3s,9$9 7 814,8�r 14 8,687,044 r John Rayden actuary. H. W. Porter sub uary. Phoenix fire office. Lombard Street c Haring Cross. Rita bushed 1782. Insurances de in All parts the world. Prompt Liberal loss settlem�it8. _ the whole fire insurance duty is remt step. Gbo. W. Lovell Secretary. Imperial fire insurance company. No. 1, old Broad Stre . And Noe. 1� 17, pall Nam . Instituted 1803. Capital �1,800,000 paid Tyvand in Vestal �700,080. Insurances against fire can be effected with this c amp airy every description property at moderate rates Premium. The recent abolition i the do fire insurance should induce policy holders All intending insurers to protect then elves fully Froid loss by Are which Cau be done at a net Annial from is. He. I cent upwards. Sep Tennial prudes changed Only six years Premium. Prompt ill it eral settlement Daliss. The usual commission Allowe Ltd foreign ship insurance. James Holland Superat Eageat. Elican Quot life insurance compari e�tio�h3hed in 1797. 70,1.,Orabanl-8treet, City 57, charting Cross Westel stir. Dib Octoaf. Kirkman Hodgson Esq. Henry Lancelot Holland Esq. Sir Xhon Lubbock bart., . John Stewart Oxley. Esq. Benjamin Shaw Esq. Mami Aduke Wyvill jun., Esq. Henry r. Brand eeq., 31.p. Of tall us e. Cooj Esq. John get Davis e 8q. Henry Farquhar Esq. Charles Emanuel g do fort Esq. Jas. A. Gordon Esq., .,. Financial porn non. Total amount insured with Bonus addtttoo��3,807/481 liability a a the same at 3 per sent. Interest. 846,718 accumulate re funds. L,,898 annual Revenue from premiums. .�98,787 a a from merest. S7,l�8 140,860 other first Law a a eco cities in Tiou to which the assured have Tom gun mate a Laife wealthy proprietary. For proposal apply at the offices u above to the agents the Cut Many. Bobi amp a amp Secretary actuary. B half a million Bas been paid it the Ailway passent first Assurance co Pant As Conn Sander ror accidents All kjnd8. Am Ajo cat raiment a a �3 to a Iva crap �1,089 at drat. A my pm al Mamsa a a a rate a orca Wax taa a Pri. Of cd a 84, cock Bnita i ��qk�cr-�?T4tr�i._ Rill am i. Vlf a amx a Btry Erie shareholders com mime. By to Gore notice that a meeting the share the Abie railway company a he held at he terms hotel a taboo a tree Friday the 8l�t i Patant at Protection try req timed to it a Taal. By order Walter a. Michael Secretary. K Jie chants ironmongers other. Mars. Barton Hon. Pewter Era 61 London respectfully beg to their customer to pma1�e�, a move being re Olbort Vau fit they m Elm Ino their old est hed manufactory Reaux that after the 18th january 1870, All letters to prevent delay ensure Attenson should be divested to Means. Harton son manufacturing Pewter Era it Hitti Holmbom London E apparel Oft proclaims the Best material Best styles Best workmanship lowest pric ii at e. Moses songs. Every description clothing ready to measure for All Ages All occasions All classes at e. Moses no san immense assortment Winter clothing in All the newest designs materials at e. Moses songs. Overcoats from 19�. To to. Boys oveecoat8 trom 10�. 6d. To 45fc for the convenience tedley Aotoa playing their to a a Epatow 4partaml�tf a boys a Lothing it is furnished with a splendid a a ort Mitrof suite overt Satin clothing for All Oom ions incl iding All the Favourite designs the most fascia liable Teri ais. Order by Post Are attended to with care punctuality. Vol the easy accurate system self measure introduced by e. Cities son enable them to guarantee a fault fit. Any article not worn injured will be sex dinged if desired tie Money flu be Refair Ned. All goods Are marked in Plain figures from which no abatement can be . I by Velcof Loetery drapery Caps Boot shoes is unequalled for nun tue variety Chi Apner a. A very Claiire assortment blankets from is. 4d. The pair. Complete outfits for All climates with every Requil a ite for the Voyie. List Price with rules fer self measure Patten fax his a Sheet Gratis Post free. And songs Are closed very Fri at Sunset a very Friday evening at Sunset till saturday evening t. When business 1� resumed Vatu 11 clock. E. Moses son ready bespoke tailors habit makers Woollen drapers halters hosiery Boot shoe general outfitters for All cd Aaste. The follow Long Are the Only address is e. Moses son al xxx i jobs coif Minorics bldg at. A cur Obi tweet air nor Hart Floreet. Corner Tottenham tot it Boad Euston . Country Branch. Bradford Yorkshire. Or. Miles 6 8, Bond Street i a attention Genu emen to his extensive Wixie a spa Ink for nil celebrated 16 shilling trousers. Also to All the dk8i0its in coatings for morning frock Coats from �8 10�. W overcoats from �8 9$. Miles has no other establishment in London 1� not Onecia with any person advertising in his name. K v e r b a e r double xxx k Elas Tkv stitch sewing Ai Chimes Are the Best in the world have taken a me medals everywhere. . Instruction Gratis Mitat pet samples work Gratis Post free. Rover Baker a Ewing machine co 150, a int Street London A Beki Street Liverpool. Sunday lecture society to provide for the do Lutery sundays in the metco Potla to ounce the delivery Elk Ewhen. Of lectures science physical intellect tue Motalo history literature Artz eap Dally in their bearing upon the impel seaport Foolai hag Ofrim Nind. Tum flu a Given at .Oeobtigh commencing Sajida a the 16th j precisely. Stand in a. A Carp Knob ek., m in Fulai f.l.s.,. A dip sea physical conditions ii animal to be follow a i a a a a a a feb iary 1 spent milf bold Esq., ., ., a foal a their Tcachm a a Berniot a h. Horeb Chi. Author a Orton a engl mys Miracle Moraty amp Irmyr r March 8-j. M. Capfe4,k4q., Oxon the Fine Aru in their relation to natural Beauty moral Anu into dec tual perfect Loilo lecture also drum used by Protey a Huxley ll.d., . Norman Lockyer Esq., B. Hodge . Esq. Old a. H. Green i. Lewis Campbeli .. Of Xii. By a. Allend. Graham Oxon. Honi Abellon her6ekt, m . Members tickets Forth current year admitting the bearer to reserved a a at at All i.,, ate ready. Annual a subscript Lou �1. Tickets for this series 13 lectures Park get in. �d., admitting to reserved a a at for other sort Lodi the >�11 Price To be had re Vilt Tahoe by Check poet Offlee order tie Hon. Traa auror Henry Dom Vule Esq., 15, Gloucester Crescent Hyde Park Loudon Or the Hon. Secretary. Shortt Esq., 4, oar Dencourt Temple . Also at the Hall every Day except sundays Between 10 6 ?Tclock., pm the Days in Ture after 4 clock at messes. Trubner 80, Patemoster Row . Annatk Emiyo a printing Bce 2�jcbmd�n-, . Dyment at the door is. Reserved seats8d., 3d. Instruction in natural science for women. Nil Corpse Oeub Trees Bypro Leeara Huxley out Hrib Iube re muted onto Oaklay Jan. 18, atthe South a sett Atli a.�., cont used a Susoe Eliu for Niky tuesday. Tickets pm the remaining lecturer Ofat it amp a a la i govt me a end Pupul Riss ,i3. Of. Thell uii. And Rev. F. F tickets May be rev7 f. To assurer South Ilen Sington museum Liere free for women children lot it a Seymour Ettelt Portman Square. Pan Ltd res . Tie Duchess camb Allm a. This Hospital represents the female surgical department a Large to Altal. Let Aily average number patients 140, subscript him which Are needed will be received by messes. Hatchard Piccadilly sir Samuel scout bart., co. Messes. Barclay Coutts Lyu Ransom by the Secretary. G tit Anzer lock stitch sewing May a Chine company. Theolu Ecey a the alive machines has been unprecedented that the company have been obliged to Rebuia a Ieler works f to apply the Axtner Haarr Hundred agent from what i they receive daily proofs that tny to nor Titiwa Are a in supers no All others. Pm lists is Post a at 4, great Portland Street recent Clr cne. Quot parquet solitaires for floor Ling. Howard a Patent no. 1,548, the Only kind guaranteed to stand. 6 amp , Bemm Street Oxford Street w., Cleveland works. O Slert a Crystal Glass chandeliers li�?T8trhs Kller chandeliers in Bronze ormolu. Moderator lamps lamps for ind i. Glass an kinds. Of mental Glass Engual Vontin. Mess Export pm meshing orders prot a aptly executed. All articles Markka in Plain figures. A a a own Don How ,45, Oxford Street Birmingham manuf to tory show . Bit Ablahed 1807. C Harles Pizzala Carver Gilder looking Glass manufacturer 19, Hatton Garden Holborn . Gilt Chimney console glasses. Gilt console tables Cabin fax. Gilt window cornices Gira Doles. Picture Oil plan tiny frames in every 8ttle, ac., pc. Re gilding in the Best manner at lowest prices. Estimated forwarded by poet. M aple co.�?T illustrated catalogue cont aim the Price every arts be required in full a Hong Post free. This is the largest Ana most Complete furnishing establishment in the weird. A House nearly any magnitude furnished Couplet la three day�.-1 45, 146, 147, Tottenham your 1 to 14, Tottenham place also Plaes in Grafton Street. Established m years. Ryphe Only stove without a Nash Joyce i Patent for drying warming rooms Halls shops All out place. Price from . 6d. To six guineas. Patent fuel for Joyce a stove. Hot plates. Plate winners an Ltd oooklngjrirpo�e8, 4s.6d. Per bag quite free from Smol dust effluvium.�?8. Nash Ironmonger oxfords vet 119, Newgate Street Leinster Terrace Bay Swater. Prospectus Witt piece free application. Of sufi perfect us Bottume Forsh al the Beal Nickel Silver introduced More than thirty years Igo by William 8. Burton when plated by the Patent process messes. Elkington co., is beyond All doubt the Best article next to to Teiling a Orr that can be used As such either usefully ornament ally As by no Poe Sibla test can it be distinguished Fri Irrol Silver. . D. Nicoll co., mer chants wholesale clothiers Comer fell m0nkwki.l4rabbti, near Wood a Greet Lemdon Luire to announce that they do not in any Way sell goods retail tit will Forward tha addresses their agents who do. Quot the Rug pal tot varying from half a a tune to a it Utica place it flu the reach . Quot anything better Loonay kind has never been . A a the Fame this firm a patentees up tved garments la Well known. The Rug pal tot la formed to tit anybody either As a cloak for the shoulder a a railway my for the time a Quot it cannot is Nanae full a Coati big Hidad Nosuch go to dinner wrap Over eve eng dry a a has Ever before Beau a Lara. All messes. D. Lcou co.�?Tfashion ate garments sustain a mph Talon More than a Quarter a sea tory a standing in retiring tron the Steil adhering to the wholesale the Opportunity Nas been enlarged for the Public to obtain messes. D. Nicoll co. S manufacture i through More than 800 agendas. Quot Wartnaby Hall. Cappeln Bingham find the Rug a tot very useful for All tut ended it purposes. It turns keeps out the cold fits any it Ody also t is a capital driving Rug. A a to . W. Co Agea tat Melton Mowbray to Mes Ira. In. It icon 1 several noblemen gentlemen also write As follows i find it a most comfortable convenient garment for travel to throw Over evening dress. A few words about a into a Tighue Flat dog Topcoat 1� to my mind extremely Diss Grable at any time but Espe by when you have evening clothes jacket a Rou woolly surfaced material. Getting a tight grip the cuff your jacket you make a Titrent thrust with extended Arm your hold a ups you find your curl up to your Tebow come a the top coat this time you by i qom a warily by dint hoax ii the right Arm l8 through All right for the left to the Arm Hole is everywhere Bat in the proper place yes that it a dexterous push no both ration i the inside pocket try again. This time you hit it .Aiml pop a ably contrive to Foroe your Arm half Way in there it frequently Aldu fast until the a Ervant somebody else comes to the Rescue literally stakes you into the Obj to Date overcoat then mined in temper Flotum U.A.by a making. Nabed All a you take yourself off about your by Ulsem. A nil 1 m often happened to me that i cont plated with a grim sati Smeton the appearance the hoardings a gentle Only looking India Klubal Over whose shoulders Hung a kind Loose Rug that gave me the idea being thing Between a mexican Pond to an Laverne a a Wrappe. The figure looked a Leek urn bled pm Kelly comfortable i knew at once he must les Snible a Man who had not be a compelled to wrestle himself into a t Hgt coat my mind was up to go to the advert at once try one these outer garments . Wending my Way to one the agents messes. D. Nicoll co., fell Street Wood a ferret. I tried the a a Rug pal tot a was not a Little elated at finding what 1 had Long been wishing for in the shape a wrapper i Cotus put take off without any Annible awl that would keep me at the Sadie time warm dry. It has also this Rioual advantage. In a milwa7 a Arriage it serves the full iri poas a Rug for the knee ii feet i Nave no interest in anything messes. Nicoll sell but Shiply state my experiences for the not Felt others who mar like sen have been both ted with a 1 Ifon Eoa Foi hate Punneo Essav to remit a 1 this Tiow kind cover ii most convenient. I Nave frequently to Call at several places perhaps. In the ourself an hour two must Estber a it indy top a at if i Wear love the Good it going out Taki Glt must undergo the a i must dislike putt ii it a Gam. The a mtg pal tot a up from my skiers in a to male is As easily Tiro a Tom blk to Ward Sara. Hiya Toovy u copied bom a a land he stationery com it Pant catalogue specimens monograms cheap stationery Post Aiki foreign stationery company 8,10, 19, a suck a tweet overt Garden London. W edding presents birthday gifts in great variety. Visiting cards 100 ladies 4s.0d.,100 gentle Maui a 3s.6d., grave in any style the Best Ivory cards. Purses the largest variety to it be seen for Low rides Quality. Tourist writing dressing Cas a in great variety courier bags flask it c., a. At a. Palt Kek a 171,, Sangster a umbrellas a four prize medals foxes Paragon framb4.�?All frames Fox co.�?Tcelebrated make bar their Trade Mark. To prevent mistakes the Public Are respectfully informed that said Ster ugh Retlaw have their name attached that their Only Stab Jig Hmenia am 140, Regent Street 94. Fleet Street the cheap8ide 10, Royal Exchange. N. the name addresses. Regent House 238, 240, 242, Regent Street annual Sale. Allison co. Beg respectfully to announce their annual Sale Light dark fancy Stock is taken to place the whole which has been consumer ably reduced in Price. �8, �40, 42,, 88 27, Argyle Street M Snelgrove. Arshall _ the usual Sale at this period the year by Marshall Snelgrove a fancy stot a at reduced wines has commenced will to continued until the close the first week in february. In addition to the great variety fancy Artl Cly submitted a Quantity Plain Black coloured Silks Irith May other Plain fabrics for dress purposes have been added the prices Tilch in every instance cult get found desirable to pure teasers. A visit Lump econ to All the departments is respectfully solicited. Vere Street Oxford Street. Jantry 1870. De f Ries fiddle Silver Benil 1 Patton. 1 Kings Ell. A A A C 11� 8 1 2 8 2 3 1 2 17 1 10 1 11 .14 .19 1 1 12 table spoons Oer Doz. Dessert do. Do. Do. Teaspoons. Other articles Are to prop Ortii it a. These Are All As strongly plated Are in every respect at least equal to what other House Are Selling As their first Quality at very Mach higher prices. A second Quality fiddle pattern. Table spoons . £1 2 per Doz. Dessert a a 1� a a Tea spoons to a a Tea Cooee sets. Dish car res Comer dishes Craft liqueur frames ac., at prices. The largest Stock in existence it plated dessert knives air i Flash eating a Nivea Carvers. All kinds reply Tiitu done by the Patent process. Willuam Burton. Furnishing urfi Monger by a Point bunt to . The Prince Wales sends a catalogue containing up wait 700 illustrations his unrivalled Stock with lists a times plans the 2o Lari re show rooms Post free 39, Oxford Street 1, 1a, 8, 8, 4, Newman Street 4. 5, 8, a Rye a place 1, Newman Yard. With the present railway fad Litis the eos to delivering goods to them it it Distant parts the United kingdom is trifling. Wllliam 8. Burton will always when desired undertake delivery at a Small fixed rate. Sons Foj. 147, hounds ditch City. Manufacturers to her majesty the Queen . The Prince walk Ali contractors to Ltd Hemment ri\u3le Glass Cut a engraved al jewelled. Club me a Funi Lubing enters executed. J. Defries a sons 147, hound switch London. I it dividends to to 20 per cent. For Safe pro table investments Bead Sharps investment circular Post free. The january number in it a ready. It contains the Best is Yang safest Stock share investments. Capitalists Shar Holdi los. Investors Trust Ksil Grill find the above circular a Safe valuable reliable guide. Messes. Sharp a Sharer okwu53, poultry London dec. Inner dessert Tea breakfast serves i great variety. The Alexandra dinner service al 18s. 8d. Gilt dinner services for twelve persons �8 ., the Silver Shait Oval j. Defies it sons 147, Ivorn Duditch. Chandeliers in Crystal Bronze orm la. Vestibule la Harry Lami in variety. The latest most a la Gant my bin dining i it raw lug rooms for Gas c candles. Lamps for India. J. Defries a Nous show rooms 147, hol switch Londom. C show rooms have just been opened containing every variety Clax is for the dining drawing room Vestibule Library Carriage a. Comprising the largest Best assortment in England from two to one Hundred guineas upwards. J. Defries a sons 147, Holti Duditch London. T be singing Bird clock quite . Musical boxes mechanical pm tubes to great variety at j. Dbfr1e8 a 80n.s, 147, h0und8d1tch, London. B military discount Bank a Dike treat . James a w., 9<ake Cash advances to noblemen to fakers in the army gentlemen property at usual rates marketable other securities Freehold a a howls Lead a a life interest. A. Bills it Wuu ted. Account opened with regiments individual. All a it poll cations to he pile by by letter As above. . M. Williams 22, conduit a treet Regent Street w., takes leave to inform noblemen officer in the army other gentlemen Poa Tiou that be is pre Pond Toome Ait an is non a my upwards their note it it hand Unm Edmey in strict conf Deuce. Liviu f a can Tsao to a to too May be effected the mortgage f refold estates reversions annuities Legate a a. Advances pending the negotiation it i teide trans Letichia. Of Bce hours from ii till 5. All rooms fetes rejoicings put i private. Gardens a. Estimates contract prepared for ii urinating Dix Orat Inci the above upon the latest met iet approved a Rindles. Prot clinic displays undertaken. Menu temporary rooms ac., kled. Lamps for India. Crystal bronzed Changli eylers. The latest Moet elegant designs for Gas Candle. J. Defries a sons 147, hound ditch London. B Bohemian English , Lustres ornaments. The exhibition Flower stand Somite with Flowers from 80s. Each for the dining i it Rawung Roopi. Llie latest must Recherche assortment at j. Defries a it Nso show rooms 147, hounds ditch Lildon. Mutual loan fund association incorporated by pall Anent 18��14, Bush do Ltd treet Lovent Garden Londau 88, Queens Britton. Advances moment ipod personal a a purity Blu Sale Freehold leasehold property Fco one twa three yews repayable weekly monthly quarterly. Bills pro aptly discounted. Forms fuss re osipts years gifts. A nor Elope. Edward Harper Secretary. The show rooms Meears. J. Defies a sons 147, horse hitch London. Flu be found to Contala every Novelty the season from one to five Hundred Guimas the greatest variety la Law kilo in All the most elegant Recherche a in tent gw-1s. Five mint to walk from All the City railway stations. Established 1808. . Robinson 22, air a treat Regent Street a makes immediate advances to a Elfr a Tlemcen prof Sriv a Costa la Tkv Anay. And heirs to entailed upon her notes hand Only also upon lenses Rev Statons. M men go it la nen 0 Utt Tialii m 6 per a Eli. Taters to by tet tar. Folke Hoo from 11 Aasu to a . A a r i t i h c l l e be Ian pm eu8ton-lioali�. Van Cikk. The report for 1870. ,aadai�7bebada�above, All theh Gdan agent Medicine throng Trout the world. A ure yourself by the electric sell a Kyj adjust my Etic curative the following a us stats Olnfy Drew excesses �?sent for one stamp by London London. A a the remedy to to is ww5 Ai cure. A test foe Delalli. To nerve my #er�r�.�?rmmi judge for yourself. By. Barn has just Puhl Isid 20,000 it Tea me Taal Frimml a a a0o�tnaaabl� Book Kojra to attn Ca the treatment cure to in robs Oriya a Isis a memory dimness it if sight lassitude Patay in to a suits ac., Wotli plate Alrec Tkv a for psf metre Tutor Alicei to in Seth Vifor. Sent memory dhaness it sight lassitude pm in the Back to it lots. Ac., Wotli plate r Vigour. Senta Ost Stamps. Address . J. A. Barnes 30,,, Loo Don n. Free Label it two h . 1 Grem Marlborough Sta urst Blackett Wor a Book about the cd Ebay. By j. C. Jeaffre80n a Quot a Book about lawyers a a Book about Docu a a. $90. Majesty a Tower. Vol. A by a Hepworth Del dedicated by a Ixia rss Pemp Picq to tha a. Fourth Bdl sto., lamp a. Robert Lee d.d., Man inter old c friars. By . Story Man la ter neat. . Tory a fax How by mrs. Uli Pilan r. 8 Vola �vw., with i it Ornu. Francis the first Sod other Butoric studio by Baillie Cochrane. A a vol ais. Fairy fan Hes. By Lizzie Selina Eden. Ill Siratt the Marci Ltd a is Hatt tinos. 1 vol., 10�. 6d. The popular novel ii. Annal8 an eventful life. 3 vols. Tie Dukes honour. By Wilby Forck. J Quot a decidedly Clever . The unkind word other set Ries. By the a i a. Joriu 2 void. Forgotten by the world. 8 void. A i has novel is written . Sir lock e.istlak�, . Now ready 8�o., us. Anew series contributions the Fine arts. By sir Lock Eastla .,late president the to to May. With a Memoir author a selection from his lemurs. By lady e.4stlake. John Murray Albemarle Arcet t he Rob Hoy the Jorda with 70 8vo., . Now ready the fifth thousand . Macgregor Canoe Crisc ancient Rivers lakes Soas in Bible lands. John Murray Albemarle Cstreet. Just a bushed Flowers from fatherland in in translations from the German. By John i n a Trotter Adam And George Coli m. . Handsomely bound in Gilt cloth Price 6s. William Blackwood sons Edinburgh ind in if . The smiles those love by F. Taylor. 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