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London Morning Post Newspaper Archives Sep 12 1812, Page 1

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London Morning Post (Newspaper) - September 12, 1812, London, Middlesex 10 12p89 a a lug vow pantomime. Inf Khz s Kija this . Sopt 19 in 2 in a it a dance a the c l a Quot Wroth inn will tie anew Sone Rahed the Battle of Sala Afier which in anti Prev new Hiir Lequir p into Init i new Enerva decor a of Quot used a i i a h Lequin 0 1 the hem f of the Oak h Lequin or Penni Ulfo in. Or. Liar nos , or. I Lex More a Lster a Relli mown nor. G Una i Jenie it if i a Rov. A olym Hixie or Wii scenery Ichi Quot Quot Ohk. A Irlo a Fiir exterior ind Iii tier of Iii Holt s no he Brewr re. New Liui dings. Clown outage i Pirai fat Quot Quot it a inc Ley rom Midi. Mimsie ,-. It or Dpi i to Ruple. In re hire a draw a ruins of tint ii Ahev la Quot Quot to coir the i h a of Dork Vaud fro n the sen. I lie a Vileria inf Nis in nolo f Wii i t be Zmij Oviedo Himin Aqua Dru tia my Kilili m Wollf a a a a a a lamp Rit ii it Fyk v Iuchi a Ounh Quot arvo Stron the lust scene on read War r Dimin Wili resin inc dec part of Jancel Kirsty. Or. Lili taif Wadu of the dances Emilio a a Rudnic Tiomi of or. C. A in lib i Jiin. The mind Gay Reive in Quot is of tier in a ie�?�s3. Andreus. Sen. And Sun. I t,.-.is. Fit a Ellery 1= a in Liaf Pic st five Iii at Hii if kept a till seven. R a Jim Dak Corfora. A in re ii of i Erviti rid Lampro ving the port it of a ring a re a by it receive a a her. The River Anna a llu pm a pm a a Kwh Van on a in a a in Quot a by the cont of re sch hot a Dublin we Idica be Quot a. For h u Quot a a no person i in a to con a a a Quot i Quot a Quot a thereof h,.d Smy a further inform Norv i a Quot Quot a of it hip snbic.ct.-sffa� re Quot Ifilio Quot Quot Quot Quot Propas is Tor bin Din Dav it Jim dec ived it a his of he on or before Hluz lib. Day of of Tohir nex a in a order Willi a i bks gift. Serrett re. A Fiuri pal it i a a Quot a Oval my Iii Utkov c live pan of the a a i iraqi pc nine r a a an Cal optic Al in Ruie san Al sir describe lie Iii it Iii in Linier Frisin nent. In the to it mins of a Quot hid applause with which if is inn Onrod every by the Iii Jisc. Wok it Elt died lie limits of Thi a paper wok life it died lie limits of Thi a in Quot s a in if Mitote to witness the 10 aii Vire Llie Niu Elee in or hip a it inc Raul pit Are Nee of is a to Iii Ltd a Iii Sii te�5sioi� m ear. S Yaj a twp to my wet Eliis my la �.s Fri a m the a Tala a Fei t Iii a less. A new co of of tical reflection la fee fraction. 11 at st , Phil i a Iii at la ight a in a. ite Row a adore a Vocea Nav if. A in w n if he th.-ntff�, from ii to 4 Ovnick land a a Quot a of kick Nih a of Thiher 8�2. T . 1-2, 1812i ii court of Nirk tors of the Pori Zofih Brink of Kliff in it Given Ltd to it re. That a Fol a i Ila i. Of Tuil heh old Alt in ii no. next in a Tant if i Leven o Cilz a i k. In the , to consider of Iii land which will be one of Oil i Quot Rev a eneral a a App Iii ted by the charter. Rock tit r st. Her. / Sil a t lit All of Psoas claim no a it to Voth for a county of Midi she. In a a a it of an it up i old Proiti Erly rated within the Parish of x a fire. 1 Aniver i Eliare in the Liberty of . Iii i red to Weir name Are inserted in a Itel Anh. I in so Mit of Iii a a a a a i i r he i Reseau year notice a Rev Given. That the a Iii assessment now of if iced at he it Irli i Ori it of the a Iii or Lii suttion. It re it will a main from Liis 9lh Day of september inclusive for i outre ii us act Sivok Quot Liere he. Nii Aiice will b Piven each fran ten o clock in the Forenoon until to o o clock in v Asri Quot. A by order of the i tax t commissioners edmo. , clerk. Of anal , Battiet �,.vouri, i Quot a Quot nor. Army tier surgeon extra ordinal y to Nib Hoya he by a a a the Duke of Kent tue a \ a a a a Quot a Nencet Hii i inures on of n i Quot Yso of Oliy us s a a Khy a. To a. or theatre will be opened Tor practical ant oms on it of october at nine in 4he mor in t la Adan Al a Lei i Marke in Liall for Laid tag. R Hing Leath or or diff Fri Ulii Duif. A a llu pay opposite Jjo to a to veni i a comp life it a a ouch re a limit i a a via y \ a a spa u a to Irna to Oxar. A a Flor to new the Proi Yerty of a Eints err a Hin uni Ltd with i a Quot a a lira Istir of to Moro vat wirc.bru�n a poetical it Chi dec o a y next the 15tu ins Iuit Ai five u into what Stepa a ire it eff a Star to of the of the afus vip Atar Quot to uie for the purposes fur which i two a to y 1ng i of Sqf Freehold a of Sithat a a Feleni Kitchen far de i fed Ali of tsp re Mcrea in ill perfect repair. And fit of a tieni Leinz irs establish of i who Dpi Eiichi stall stable _ for ptirticutar8<�qu�r strife it of or. Rarden. Focer. Luoin Puli Al Rii Hoyal Ilasz a a jul a to by Lett for such agreed upon the the a Trot Hoya Fco i is we a a Erlb the scenery wardrobe Ai ply to la Dpi ild in P. . Vyr5tersiftfilisff.w,-�fii�akji.�ur 21 my a bin a hot \ Lei , a per known in the staffo Eiviind Leicester a by pop tiv of a it in Mem in who is a expect . Price 9 a Gizin be seen Quot sold at tire a Kings to Ivery Stahl -. Pir Authy. Landar wit ii a by or 1v at t con tract by we i a or. I flute Revi Isjah own it a a a it by und a spec fully Thetie a Affa a 73, in to Over re inks Koi of. Coppell company Fob in that the s re of the Sharks in the above concern a Field acid sind Brooke As ave it de the i5lh infant will not take prime. Paternoster Row. Sept. I t is a. To i very a a of a n ill Fyke place in his Majesie s Ock Vaid at it i u i. I. F i p he 4th in Fin her next to i Isth o cock in Hie i 0 a a a a 1 n s in i a a Ruig it lieu Lait such it Ronns As Mav l e i Sirous of a Iii Olvero to Surv just landed for Ile a Lar be rare of if m my i a in . a Supi ill or of % Ismini Iesta s older in Council dated a it us Epie Iber is 9, a Pleni of i f i Shiri Iofi est Iii hed at the to Al naval Colleira it Perl Iii Atli for a Superior lass of apprentices to ship it Heinl Quot ter i Bat four More a in fit ssh 11 esd melted the principal of Fer it. And commissioners omits Iii Esly s Navy hereby give Noti a lint the candidates i Quot Quot Pom Moush. On Theja going that _ candidates for Adonis Safui Are required to eur i no lire it it a inf nation Quot to the Vavy Board or the co be missioner it the lore Piid Enrri on or before the 1st Duy of that Moniti. The �an4i-Dalwmust be at least til teen not More than stent ten fears oink a. The plan of Edi Ichtman maybe of line l on a i plication at the \?.vy office. Or the office of the coins Mission r of Snyr of his Mijc in Stock Yards where aug information his be obtained As to the nature of the required it flu Canilia ales the documents they Are to produce on the it it Examina Iliou the salaries they will be allowed on being la Mufed slide ifs of the offices to Whitti they will be Eli a Elf Werthey have served the term of apprent it ship. To be Jurn Quot to farm i the i High. I in it a a a As a no driven e Folls arising at the following . On a a to its called or known by the navies. Of Tolfe Haiti Gate Battle Bridee a ale a Tate on the Hack Road on st. John Fate isling Lon cold Rath Fields Youeil Street Gate la Ollo Ivay in ate. Rail s Pond ates Fiat new Raul the West Iaus new r.<�, Bell , be Bridine Side a ale Maiden Lane Side Cate Yves on aii reside Foales Toswell Street in the county of a Liddle he additional i 11 arising at the following weigh Lysines Viz. Re Astle Bridge Islin ton the rack Road ton m the i jul of Fis Bine on the Hampstead Road. A be bet by Public Auci Lon on lease for the no Elliree years to roi Mem e fron the �9ih by or septem put to the big Jer at Olyce of the trustees of the a Mrna. In , Rizw. Near h,.lhorh, on a i v say the 16ih Day s. Tember next Between in o clock in tie Forenoon one o clock in tie after to be disposed of m trip Lea a of Quot flu 1 Louic an is Fei blushed Day school for yours , in a genteel neighbourhood at the Vest pm of the t Van. Possession to be taken at michaelmas a cards of attic ass left at or Cobb s. Carver chd. To. 288, Al Lorii Ali Oussani Pou Nijs will be a a a vhf a a. Gentleman to any Noble Infin person of Forline Nind honour Stu it will Seo re the pay n. It of tue Aio in ate life an Nii Ity of 75 p r a in Iii. A apply to or. Iat the a a Limiti Oiler a no. 4-14, so rapid in Sidon. Letters Muf t be Post paid. Avoid Yak Ora piece of Gik might easily be made . Wanted to rent on lease Itzy where within half a mile letter , addressed o or. Moure Lori iut outer Iso. 14, Bri Nigeb Street coven or Treen. Foa i Xac vv1n1 a by person a iving. A be v Frozen of the Al win is to dispose of please to address Post to. S. L. Joh % Coffee Hou get Cori Iliili. Of , Ai excellent co be Lieut fax i in pm. House with a coach House Stabile to Oil r suitable of res situate in red Tiki a a or a ii Iniez Liziie at a of Nice no. 55, Herncia a stent. _ a Quot . A i Suppo Seil to ill a 1. L it Ujj c t on Quot Cut. Us bet in fat pc in Stii re is James s Park a Bunch of k tvs a a steel a till Liri is Plieni Tel no 67, str Fitzroy sir re. Shau receive h \ of a pc i n e a Reward to few lib. To a. �5uii la lbs la a. A a aites Bunic Recti Una Dom misture a a Rico up Iii. Quot lit a of child Yatin ii Contin Jiing a a ii re h Inott Rcd Pec table a end if. At Low rent i if ice Ilar pm be Guowu on application to Witiaz Iisley autly Swu ruler Osver Row. I Quot a a a j vate Contr it might Ceuz a it la la Iid by i Iti. , with five acres of Laud Siina Keiit by la i in will to Iii a be i air Pienzi it a s in the b Cintli Laflin a a nth a Iliili of a resin Emble of Iiri ily pm a tick stars May be known on ref Rei Wyer tii Vir. Rob in a uni u l mgt la Lorer no. A a. Re a Queen Street la Imi Coln a i a Llott be vein in Giitl chg Fitwi int .11 elegant Cotta a a kill the a in Quot do ii a o knt .11 elegant Cotta a a acres of Garden Tveith Quot do Ify pc we a a two v. I Lehv. Ooink hiding View of a i i it dts it re his to lib y retired. Oil Naii Ltd a di�rui�5e ii by ence Quot if t rpm be sold a we la a map a la avg Al Lisin six years. mind Leigh Good b i Vrr asks pair of or fish. With co Irmann of r three or six North i in Rapij Light Chariot with Ftp Irao Despu also a Mem Tell Ati the pro no Ray of a ? a to be seen at 2�8. A a figh Holborn. The co Chiuan will by leu o clock a Ift live in the . Quot lds no. N v War wanted a Onidi goes yet in either double la a single a irn Eiji a person in want it ii horse to will bargain. Price 5t re Ineas a to by seen lev Quot in it ply it at Mii Towi Send a livery stables near 0ie.stoh� a Eutz a a enters a try be so a it sep ale f9�o11 expel a it ii Ungurs or . Very High -. Safe Wihs it eel a que to the a etl it of Huu ods have la een touted last a a Pasun iut ifs Hershire an Ltd Surrey a harlequin. O it. Of laity inn Quot tax it a in. By air Peler a by punch dam by sire fit a Tiiu Properio of one a oing 11 in Grozoiu Quot attends of o. 7, George leather Lune. Ing the zijo colstion of Nii san with i Zudili pox a in Vid Ful massacre Ami it excesses it a exploits to India Rise Ici it i am a of p Irein an. Ivor Nestic Ikirt Fig the a a he strand air by be n Dot Al Newm Neli. M i of i Ca l work .1 t Pabli hed. Price one Shilli of Quot Sauk do mor visa re a is Dav i i the fifth. No or get a to be co it unused weekly contain Ting Public to impish tort Erv is ii loins pm in phial the p. Be graph no. ,-f.nn ill , nil. he Brothers Ruib of , v Epir in so or. Site rid in Retro pc of Ari Caljo to by. Lorn Cristle tic i Onie Street Haymarket Atuf sold Hyall Bui is Psi &Ltd.3l. Ind 4�h n Umbers if numbers of tiie ii re lit i. And or. . 8-Iluriiiy , a a a it a a in a of Cobeil s Register Quot May by Lead Rai Vilich cont aim Tiu i to be so . Apply in Iii Liv it by a Uit l i lies every ii in Iii the is per Lettious Tor parties or sent to any part of Lovyne or ii Unerv. Prem Lane App Lily tick my the Oil i la.a-, h re he will in treated As one of the a Nily. A uni will by Enji acted. Apply 4o or. Oliue a v t i or tired. Uit i Paiit a llu Heilig tue object the rent will be Iju her a the. Enquire of or. ,. Liui Monger Pariti Thiento Siril it a Stinitis la a n Cir s r k rlj��t��na--1vn��� v it Street cur ,. And Nett red upon it .in.-diajely, u com via loj a a Vel Lilno a Htu a a Pluite no. Lov u the a Iive ��?�sp�ctabl�.- a iry Siena iou. By Iii within i few Yards of tie tire Mes Hie Jln Otise May be viewed on application t the Prtt miss Sij i Aiu ont rent Willi other i Are icy Lars Are to be a of Aless Rii. H in Man. Car drip a upward surveyors vyv Iii Todd Street Broad a treet. To t"0 he let with inn it Edias a or psst ssi to on Model ate terms with or Wight but fit a a to so a Genterl Llvy use consisting of six rooms Atul to it g i0 kitchens wih a Garden most delightfully situated who Bact front views n convenient a Siance front the Road Noi. Iris Rie in three Miles from either of the three Bridges Iii the l Ilia Roady near the Surrey Bridge. For partic Kirs enquire o of. I Sussex place Kent Road fron Treleven Quot Iii ii Row opposite tie Citi it i it Mer. No. 7, Kent Road or it 137, , Fly of -.4fi5<�� the premise the i of \3ri Teri Ace Newe Urslis to by in Untulis two of then m i ters of 16 Stone the other 13 know their by .ines5 perfectly High let Persy a Cool temperate houses with hounds Andgree to spelt one of Vliem won a Tinter s year carrying 1. Stone. They Are Ali , with such shapes �o3.ri/r<-y to he Fot with Tor . Five Maresi Vii led with Good action to Iteld answer for chargers roadsters or llu Niteis living of Good size Ham Lesoine . For very Good in Igor see to it to Bave been Donven in Gettier in tandem Quot Ali ride Well. Have Good action Are quiet Enoi Idit for the nost liquid rider or Driver. A pair of Llie i handsomest Rood by Roucher Chariot horses Ili the Kini dui 1.5 hand three Iii Hes High , with a Lack legs i he above horse 8 Are Ali warranted sound Are in exec Lieut Wor a Cou edition in trial will be granted Ieni Lemen Wili Timi Quot answer the Given Ali presort s i apply Al Elui Ort s Stolfs Duke is meet Manchisi i ii Iii. 10 Nosie is mrs Ai.4 a. I proprietor of a Long Stabli sized Lucre live Donee in in the above Lin a wishes to retire in i wit ii any person in liar a the same. The connections to the Lousene a briefly amongst of the list Conan Deuce in the King Doh is one of the Best in the Quot i necropolis for Trade Beins Iii the Ujj Nir of Ranky ird fashion. To prevent Unne Ces airy trouble it will be useless Fon any one to apply who cannot coiii3i>ind a it it 30i /. one Riih pitied. And wis hug to l e established in a inst , this will assuredly Jirovec an a Poi iut a to rarely to be met it piers put is pts st Liing real name address. Directed for or. Knight to be left at the chapter Coffee House Pierno air now win Bedal answered. Mac Iai v0vv.,0n, a i in War Wir hire a to be sold by auction the Laihr Enid 01 of Tillor a of Noveras. R next it the so Vigle lira 111 a a gov. In the a it of Warwick the Eji n Sive Vianor. A it the a Dvo a son ,lmorto.\. B Pijie Quot Ciui v w a to a Chhet Wiiiam mar.4bio.lltiise Fri la to a co i re of a pwn is Iff 4ti0 acres of afric idea do Lail. The Quot particulars we Creon will appear it fit Ruie . A , with every con i Iii Nice Tiree Miles fro.7> Tyburn Turnpike com Siam Ling an extensive varied Prospect to be be l furnished 01 uii finished with an exec Cleat a alled it Garden Well stocked a Ved Curi Yard , stabling . Pig genies amp a. Tiie Vav a de will Calcii lated for be resilience of a genteel family. Tunis Node role und in Inedia possess Ion. A for cards of ribs apply at or. Spencer a , Cir at Ormond Street. Q Kern Squar. Quot a ii Credi roots Wiio liar proved their Bitsi Tom fort ave Iocono via a a. And a. F i. m a t m my it Iti by a dts Politi a in i Iti �081 a mtg iis4 in. The Fomison ii it r in directions of the act Pas. in the i3th year of irent , for rec lating the turn it Ike roads. I he to Siirid additional bolts Wili be put no at the sunni of Heing the present Aikin in produce thereof to the i rus-1, the Salaris for collecting the paid by present l a inf is thereof. Tiie person be the a Arto to the treasurer of the said trustees the Rei t which Quot be a greed for by equal a monthly payme its first Ito Abiy Page ment of by Imide on the execution of tie lease. And i cominis Ime month s Adame in a Emrid until the Adirent Shull be fully p lid a it Isle Vej. Sec Writy wiil he a with sureties to the it to Isaac to i of the trustees. For the Reni at the limbs in Laviner aforesaid we hedge of the Cov Mats in Hes us lease �?lig.12,1812. By order it it it Eph Burchell clerk. A a posit of info. I Mist be m i Ion i of the m an u fact i n o a n liar. H. Duke of Kent. A air. Ii. Duke of in is x. Ullh. Dike of i i pm Tirtle Diki of Gullane a a Tillon. Laid Lillie. Quot wit lion. Lord c Ili Liori in a in lit Hon. Lord tei Nonio Iiah Taii Fullor of Ilic let i it tier. he Irin Quirt. in Mioma Hete hit. Of Mermini a i. Tov. Bait. A fill. ,ii,, a ill William. It. My ii. 1 a a. , try Liurni a a hair a in Itow h a i a i a in l a Cridis m. M tie Relief a �5ene� 1 labour Lite . Joseph Fox end. Tiliaia Haie Esq. A Lei iry Lolare i it a. W. H. Lolare. A a. Christ. Idle Esq. Z. A carib Al it a. Sam. Mills l so. John Mortlock Esq. Thos. Delbitt Esq. Thos. Peiti Berton Esq. Rich. Phillips a a. Wii. Phillip a Esq. Jost Ali Reynor l i a. T. Koi Scrofi. . D. To lion a Ison . Ill try Trio Riith a Al it a. A. Be Lair Jiin. -.sq. W. Wilberforce a a m. P. M. P. P. Aid a to a in tiie Vici Iii y of Dor it. Tree. Lia. Ker st Reft a the r Evist All st Ai i l i mud co a i 11-�?���outi-. , Post paid to w. E. 10, virus in a hopi ii Street. Of tkac�h�zi15�z-.--a you. May 1 t a h. Amount no is advertised. 15m. O p. P. 111. A Iii inv fim Liidi to by i a Iki pc la Lex u a a pick i Fiji men. In in bat.-. Line i in Al ii Quot Iti Iphi it . I Iti. Mill a . 1 a r. I 111 h a a a. Iii Iuie. \ i Quot i to h a a a i 50b in i 11 c. J Quot la i i o o o r. Tului . F i. Cut it i Al j kit i a Llimos i i i 1 i a. 10 o v 1,. Ward1 .1. , re to. , eq10 la i. Ii.,i� o air. W. Or lke2 i or. Pm . Or. Wn-ut.1 i or. Scott. -.q10 o I. �5 line200. O o so r a. A ii Rise l so. 10 10 ,\1. I o , i so. 5 a a Trade , a a v Iii Bixik a /. Not Iii it toe mistake Ciucki hit be do to v i in. \ i.. Or. in ii ii my. Elt a. 1 a. A a or. I Tirui is. La a 4 i 5 5 i l jilt i. A u10 u a. A. A. La i it i v i it Civ it n Lii Kaiui ii us Jris i j 11 o Rulo ail co. La Iii ill a a Raul c it t in it a Lii oui Honni nations to tie .a.ssociution, a r a Ria Williana a Cut in can 1er, . . E flt ii owing a Ink a i Giitl o. I i Al Miil upon re so the ii. A. e a fun Loo Conics ind .0. Old . . Cockrell Trail Lith. to of Good Mois some experience in Scholastic business ii ear of Yuel guile situs Tiou. Ii a Well Esubi shed a school by applying or Oua Liy or by Letler poit paid to or. Barry no. I a Norige Street Westri Brasier. Wiinie l y a person of , in an airy situation two or three a mily s a Sillavo on reasonable terms either by like week or , Security Given if Liumei i Recife to a. M. 65, retinal ii Cen Road wiil be Iii conally attended to a hell st a st several . Sons who Are going journeys in the above line to transact business upon Commissi in various parts Ottlie United apply Iny morning before us o clock to Vlessis brow ii Mawe no. 149, strand strand. Quot Board lodging wan ted for a single lady in the neighbourhood of Russell Brunswick or , with a single a a Wicio lady where the rare no Young children. Leyte a addressed Wiist paid with Terras to a m. At messes. Fitzer s Arnold a 26, Wilc nol Street Brunswick Square. A it Quot i7 b 7uid7asn.ni a Taille of ii Nily two Miles from London two ladies of Genie Al connections who can have the us of a Harp grand piano with a spare room to see Timeir it Vii drinids in. It is hoped none will apply Efto Are not fond of a Domestic Circle is the Prin civial object of tins to a. Z. Jamaica Coil be House. Cor Nihill. It a Silva lion a twiddle need his w if i Hii it incur Branze to wait on a Shigle l is or g a tar i aii hav it no Obj clion to town or country can have a . D x a a line Post , for a. Al or. Singleton hair Diao a 1 Ichuin r it a Tinlin iroc a coi lit r of i Cen Street Gross Cipior ski lure will be respectfully Allie used to. Quot _ , to be de is an in a \ f l in respectable , where society wiil be Moj Luicir Olneck than e Loument Liis find regular h hits will Render Lii n an acquisition to any funnily of tiie above description. Terms fro is. To Ioor a conling to the Accaoui Madation i afforded. The Neagli Bozir Don of the new squares a Voicul be prel red. A would not be objected to. A address by Lelli a Only Post pail to v. It. C. No. 9. Vere Street Oxford Janosi rept enable references will begin. N hid req w an i i a by a sin Jile a those House is l irge. Find Piirto of it Lett to persons of the first respectability two Fem a Lesi ii v a j a y to to years of age 4 Are inquire to to know Itji Itje of working at to Weir Needle in. Eligest of the to Ltd i to the other Iii i a boy. Food o a it in be Given Iuit hey Aie expected to be i Horous Fly clean in 1 in the i Pei sons. No one need adj Lily Iio cannot give Rej Zience for it in liar clerk to Asp. Octabie i Iii lies in London or its in Vitonis. Tense who aii up. A i Reiichi will be or. , two till live in no. King Street per Tun a l _ n a Ivan Taigeous a / a bed a h a v b or ind s i via 1 1 p Rlou r. Calculated a Peji ii of in a most pleasant ii Althy. And convenient situation Al a Small from town in a resin Octabie House Nav be Hill by a or lady for the loan of four . D of if absent Fiona dinner for the loan of three h pounds. Superior Comfort a Viiu i incs May be obtained for a Penna Nency in the Al it Ove which ran be made suitable for to. Genile Meu or two . If , paid ail dressed to . It Cross keys inn tir ice Hui ii Sirtut will be duly at a elided to. Quota in of Etc o to Iii ills i Linen Tom pan la a i m is Lam m Inci a Ejli two doors from messes. -11, Bridge Rua be respectfully informs the Public lie will in insure . Lite sol links for ready Money Only at tiie Factor s prices himself fro his lot inmate Consec Loiis with the Iris Lii . He will i get in serve the i Niblic fit a rate mucin cheaper Pijie people themselves Irish Linen com Phui a it. To arc. In Tae rely finial drapers. No Liouns hut lion the Inoff ask lined Mear Iweis vill be Imro faced Ano a Jim a ite ii it made Quot Lable liw a it sheeting India Livia. Shawls. Moun Niland every a i. Be i i silk Mercey. None of a i Iii articles Are Kepi hut of the. Best qaaiity.-1 he suit inner Slock of Silks m .i-liw.s, i Ace a hails Are a a a on Sale Ai i one Cobic will not Nii stake the Only Onei Oasa Lettl Prusac Coal. >0 , Ous be Disi used Oil Quot Ivi ties in England a genteel veil Esla Thi Stock new within the last Toni r Veara ii be conducted by a Man his wife a Iii a it. To produce a hair Lesoine return Fot to the is capable of gig enl worthy the attest Ion of any nth to if Perira particulars May be known on Iipp a Yiju tip at a t ref the first a go a in so Ness. wit ii at is ant a a s t j to a Iii p i eyed co i is Well Ijaz to of a rth or vote of be sort by Prev a the con tract an l is to is Piatt in the West of Kingland containing Brusveen i rep for Trio Saml acres of land. ii dds a leases for Nin to nine Yeara lately enclosed divided info l Arras. Boil sided by i f or Nike Road Lett to responsible Tennis a Iii property is very i incl of Abl acid in a Feriv years Hay be est Ima de to be Weir Iii Niobe double the pre Bent rents it i 1 be an extremely Purchase to any one of , Irvine did Fely. Good Inife remit for the Money inf sick. A Ith a certainty of a Laige of income at a fun ire particulars May or Knowis by Marsoli i a i i Iti ii at the Olla be of or. Brace Quot solicitor Symonds Inri. in it re -.iue. A Abanur i per o Tea a the Manston to disc called tean Hall sundry fre Hobi lands in upper Tea ii be sold by auction by or. Shaw in lots on tui Isda a the 2 eth Day it oct Bev next at the White Hart Star inn at Uttoxeter. Sui dry Fri i. 11 old is Iva rims. Situate at upper i Ean Nobut in the per lilies of Checkley Leigh in the county of st Ford admin .Iue the great Road from Utt Ozeit a to Chc Daleand new i Sile in Tjie count of Stas Ord. References for View if Ari May be had of messes Strong Siili ail Sinnig Lincoln s inn London of messes. Pares , Alston pares Leicester or of or. Curzon Derby Parsi Culas May also be had at the bite list Iri Star inn of i Lacier of or. Sling. A Rev. Novin of d�r13y.�?i o be sold by auction by or. Shaw on Friday the Irith Day of october next at the Ell inn in Derby at i Wehe in the Forenoon a Freehold is fati Eon sibling of i very Cap a Quot airily , with a co , five stall stable extensive walled gardens situate at the upper end of nun s Jreeth in tie town of Derby now in the occur i. Lion of or. Tia like As Leila in at will. Als a piece of exc Lent Meao tip l nearly Oliree acres situate near the first Turnpike Icale of the Road leading from Derby to Lurton. Find now in the nici4 action of or. Oak it us As. Tenant at a Civ i refi rent is for viewing ind particulars May be bad of messes. Strong. Still Strong Lincoln s Inos London of messes. Pares Miles Alston Ami pares. Leicester or of or. tron Dei by. May be li. at the Bell inn of or. Shaw Derby. ,. No. .05, st Martin s Lane. Charing Cross stove grate a n fac i u res ironmongers to his Royal highness the Prince re tent a Merit the Pai Ronac of their friends tiie Public , after Cousin durable expense coi amp pleated a Range or Ciao Kink a spa Tattis Liick combines All the Requin its re a cooking roasting hoi big King Titi to the whrite process ii a Piir Formell by aft Small fire. T to thirds less Thabi is a cult in lined. It is also a to infallible cure for Steno any Ciufi Sirej a Messro Are highly mattered try the of such of their Quot Friend Sis a it Irti Teni Drewi. Macii ithe a which uses the finest Yei st to occupy Lettl spate in Are very Poi male Tite Jan our necessary in the Brewin. Can be performed by a Stout lad or a servant Gin. Their Jack which acts vertically horizontally is Well Worth the of the their War Robins Are elegantly supplied with stove rates of air descriptions every Arti it up in the line which they Are determined to sell at very reduced prices Foi ready paint manuf acl Orv Quot 41. . Opposite , Dur blk in pen Etra re a Inta a a Bright Given 74s. Per cwt. Olive ditto 64s. Per cwt. Invisible it itto. 56s, per cwt. Lead Colour 56s. Stone ditto 563. Choco late lbs per cwt. While Oss. Per cwt. Black56j, per cwt. Re ios per cwt. Yellow. 55�. Lilue 1 Liis prepared Oil for the above 5s. Per Eal on. Best White lend 5�<>. Per cwt. Second ditto 4> s. Tii Rheutine 8s. Per gallon Oil. Of. 6 l. Boiled , 6s Pennac Eti Oil is. . A de Seal is. . Coni Inoh lain Oil a i. . Painters brushes a fee. Ii. Upton nost respect Tulfo inform the Public that the above paint Are ground in Oil particular Early prepared for outside work Viz. Park , Livick plaster fronts tiles , weather boat Ding As they pisses great durability Are a cure preve Inive for the worm dry rot in addition to these , they Are very ornamental Hijii cover a surface considerably Gpe Fer Tolan other paints wore than twice As great As Coal tar Over Wirich they have a Ino it decided Superior qty adhering so closely to any surface that the Sun has no elect on them not requiring any extra in using being worked in the a a a aide manner As other paints. Eide colours of every description dry or prepared Quot for us a triese paints Are not prepared from fish Oil or Tai. W a a ices Ersi Tihe. A to sold by aug. J Hon. By or. Farmer on wednesday the 7fh Day of october next at four a the after nmn at the j three crowns inn , in fits any undivided Moiety of i sundry of a a i Mold Esi a r is consisting of a mess age lift Iive acres of Rich t Meadow land situate at ii it he l Almi in the Parish of Broughton of an it Kli yid third part of i i Nessus Ige t Wenty three acres of ii nil at s about thirty acres of Laud in Rothley quo ndon Barrow in the county of. . Fiefe reices for viewing particulars maybe had of Urs sri. Trong. Still .-11111 Strong Lincoln s inn London of messes. Pares Mike a Alston Llred Leicester or of or. Curzon Derby. Particulars to Iii als it be. H. at the three c owns Leicester Bull s head Loti Borough Swan melt Mowbray Market far Borough Denbigh alms late Worth Queen s Leati. A Lilby de la Zoub of or. Farmer. Leite Ier. _ pack of Ai earns Shirick _ Fox hounds to be sold at a qty by Stonehaven n re a on monday the 28ih of september next consist Iii of forty one couples of running above pack have been bred with the greatest Cai let ail attention by the Prii Praetor Tor Soiree Leif los in step Buist of All the Best blood in England Are we if in Blu in the countries they t a Hui ted for Beauty a Quality of size Thi a. Cau Hanifi Tebbit Taid co no. 43, Hay. Hay Narket. John Shepherd co no. 18. Cullum st fret. Fri Churchi Street London respectfully in fibrin wine us Eidi Aires. Inn keepers the Public in general that they have for Sale at their wide spirit com Misiou Wiiri Bouses old Tom Jin. 9, per gallon old Jamaica run i4s. . Ditto very Quot line old a Geniac , Sis ditto very Fine Pirt wide 44s. Per Doxen old Shi Rry of Superior qualify 463. Ditto Fine old dry ,44s. Ditto ten Eris 44s. Ditto Rickii Mountain. Claret of the finest growth 9itei ditto a Ripe smut. To. Ditto Lijie Ripe Burton ale. Is. 6il. Ditto v in curious rum Shrub 4t ii. Ditto red Ai White noyeau�?z50s. Per ditto very curious crusted old Pipit wine is years in bottles 51s. Per ditto curiously Fine. Old Vest India , Sis per ditto very old Conri Willy Fine East India . Per ditto British Hou us Iupe. Nor to some foreign iss . Per gallon Genii Ini Ditis. Of the most curious Qun Lily. Sis. Per ditto which they offer it the above Low prices a Quot quantities of not less than twin g icons or one dozen to be taken away at the exp nce of the buyer paid for at the time Ltd Purchase. Iii spirit Mercanto. Lun Liee pers arid others reside us in the country hav tie in order i executed by remitting the amount the ainu in in but for artied it their sex Pence by any convey Aiice they Viise. And Rise greatest Depe Odiace May be placed on the q Vichy of the in ools a. Tebbitt co. And j., Shepherd co. Pledging Ifie selves Liat the above articles Are All of Bemo to genuine Quality. A Octor Fit egg from Boston be Quot excelled by no puck in the Kin Ddai attention of s five lots fare Well Woith the or. Word so North a Merici acquaints a he nobility Peotry of the Inlet Roposh its Vicinity that he has Joist arrived offering his services As surgeon . F. Cares ulcerated Teeth eases Benj from pain without drawing his ens in Semi stare , mends Teeth with toil or Gold to be Fis in sting Rufii Ful As solid Olej wit smut pain in the oper Trion Nakea artificial Teeth secures them in 511� Independent lasting serviceable Vianner sews up Hare lips _. And fixes Gold roof. And palates Gre july Assi King the Prontip Porasai a. They will be sold in tie we be Orin Chat in the Swallow Regni ate t4irldreh it i it Elb from the Pri Iitto lists of Naif Les Pedigree amp a. Amp a pm a just cutting to it Prev eff tils Teveia extends the jaws with ease lord five their due nip Ohio of Teeth in room tii be inclined to Wieg hilarity extracts to eth roots an Dislow a frat have been despaired a of with>0 Little pain Totle a Atiz Yit that none can w Ait co fid Bce after Anee submitting to a Tria Clits the dec irom Tel to restores Ihen to Vav it iie55 Ai Souhan 98 wit Boiu saw ii Rii erf acids Lod such a a busies As have crept into the profession at which have destroyed the Couf Tidence of the Public Froni to experience Success which i he h a had in Nencka the past ill tie several branches of his profession above nut no Tak a be Hopes to dwell the fur Lidi he patronage of a it seeming pubic As his practice 1ms inti Nunnly Nan i led by tie t Fiul Cir so Tiuis a so Chew stick is. La Slicks a. Stii Lable for every age tend to Iduate with their of. Liar. In cafe Iiara Sucht . Be h by applying to Captain , at Ury for a Eoin Burn by Al. Tati Ersail be sold. T e f rowing nine Well bred Hunters Viz a a Telescope by in lest Itje Olaui by isms nine years old lit to carry fifteen Stone re a it it a by Jave Iii Wii by m i a Brino ten be irs old fit toi if of Weiglin sports iian eight Yesis old fit for ii Wright Hig a to ,.i�.y Stevve Nfn in Eig years a lid. Fit to carry fifteen in one Paddy by Diamond Seea Yearty lid st to carry fourteen Stotz a a scorpion by scorpion in a in years old lit to Caj by fourteen Stone Campbell by icelander seven years it tit Quot to Jirry twelve Stone Bay Yoi Shire Mare six years old a capital Hunt it Paumi ire a son of a out of to Vovou i Breed mar seven years Oidis the hounds horses arc All in High Condilis a to begin the season can be a a it u a ii ill a a a i Jev Iati to a gii6t, l8l�., onders Bank Nitcy. Issued Wal a liar Fis Iier of , dciper., May Ile Quivea fur like Divi Send of his est Ai in a at hits of or. Merdov Scrofi so Ictor Gray s inn on tues fit a if a suture cry to e. C 1 Tver a a. . All persons Viavin any demand to Lite ii wry amp i it of Elizeus by Wiges. Lat of Road Street in the Pri h of Saint Mary a Nisbeth in the county of Surrey Apih Cary dece sed Are i ume Dialeti to Send the Pap ficus Urs thereof to Ziy office to order to their being exa mined Quot discharged. And ill persons standing indebted to uii state Are requested Forth ii i to pay the Sai be to uie. Heni Setree Beli court Wallio a a. Solicitor to the executors. No Itce i hereby Given tat if Elk Aipuu full be in de to in tiie Basuini ses ii it i Sorle. V to bring in a Bill for the Ginipro Vinent . I.?. , �. by her. Regulation of , m the a st. A ill Covert g o Den. In if county of ,v1 . And the places Iii ii a lately adjoining thereto for to re Fie tier Inora summary effect in Idle ii no levying Nind recovering Iron the s Guerand exposer in Sale of goo in in the said Market of the several tolls rates dudes pay.�ie wit.n the stud Dalid ibis huh Day of . P. Abd a. Brown. A n Ottil Jim s la it if. Ii ii Prev its the fleas of fiction a Stevia a Duther tuft incs in Mills a Chintzy ibid carriages a of Overy desc firtion Laybe pure Dan boxes is. . 5s. Los. , Alid two , one of by a a la a i itt Feut , to Chariot of a ii Icatar to Gligic la Jioie i acid Ahkii vote Jet Jed Are by Jym i a tii Quot a by Almig a Liao tre a i s. _ in Quot the same proportion for All of Lvi a kinds a it of Tfir a wholesale a Tail by . Brow Haud a Uwe 143, Stan it ii Somerset uni Ian London. A directions will be Futino Cimott a Ach Box we Iii resigned win. R la i cheap , at on Nul warehouse the Oiden a iil4. Oxford Street be tween Duke Sheet con Tiu. Sto have on Kiaie Large fashion Abl Assort Niels of lanies gentle Iii a b Black White Quot fancy coloured silk Hose curiously line Coit ii a Jerino Wool Angola Hose drawers waistcoats amp a. Like ii ladies elastic petticoats Welsh Lancashire , Baize pc. All sons of coloured drug gets Tor carpels various Colovis a table cloth of the newest pit Terzis. The a Viole Brini entirely a an fac lured of the , at his own iraides Alvirda his a Opportunity of Selling then lower Thau any Osiier Houe in the Metropolis. Letise to observe the Golden leg. 184. Role Stone ail . Perry burgeon soul Lumpton Street Bloo Ensbury Square i it f re 8 the Public that he made Calcii ious Isordi this Peculiar study Durilin the last Twenty years of Bis professional avocation May by consulted at Home on a wednesdays i fridays. Fur the Efficacy of his Medicine Adams s solvent in even the confined Stone in either the bladder or kidneys he can refer to some of the most respectable this kingdom medical her. The of or. Sieve Ison a is also of lord Sackville of sir Edward snatch Bull "b.irt. And a near relative of sir a King liar were perfectly cured of the dope As have been Eliot islands of others by the solvent i to bottles of which never fail to remove the Calculous Diathesis in persons of a sedentary uie Quot thereby preventing lae Lon aution of Stone. Diseases of Gill Loren a genuine Carminative is Superior 10 Ali Rei Pedi s for the wind pm rings convulsions All thas is orders in the slow Macb a Well of a which prov fatal to so Many under the age of two years. It is equally Effie vicious in Holics fluxes Otiis a complaints a the Inteia tines 01 Irown invaluable cordial Medicine is prep red by Frances Iell. Daughter of tie late or. Joseph.niiby, apothecary the inventor who bequeathed to her alone this pro Yerty under Bis wiil As May be seen in the Bill of direct Loiis. Wii i various instances of us Success it s so Only by f. Newbery acid sons at their warehouse in no. 45, st. a Church Marci London no. Dawie Street i us Jiuu Price is. . A bottle. But to prevent impositions of solve that Hie words b. Newbery no 43, is Paul a Quot Are a Naravez in tue Spain is. I. Venel s Anisco Butic Vegera. Ble Piel s Are allowed even by medical men. To be he most cer in Safe a Iii infallible remedy Tor the scurvy., leprosy eruptions the i effects of Mercury All Dis Asa. Proceeding Froia corrupt or vitiated fluids. The torm of this vedic due removes every suspicion of i a containing Mercury a of if any Mineral subs Aiice entered into tiie composition it could be instantly selected by any person a acquainted with the first rudiments of Rheims try tie experience of ii lady of the first families in the kingdom proves it to. Be the Bem perhaps the Only Safe truly vegetable Aotis Corsuti c Alteras Tive Puri fir r of the blood consequently the vet Medicine that can be taken at this season of the red signed by or. Trucl co. And sold by messes Bacon co. 15�, Oxford Street opposite Bond Street or. Richards 193jstrand, near st Clements Church a or. Bolton front of the Royal Exchange messes. Pul is is 166, Fleet Street or. Chrisp Corner of Spring go Den cockspur Street. Prlce4s, , a Bix or is boxes in one for a a. Rio ladies or of the. Al very extensive Stockx-15,� 0/ 7>f elegant fashionable cheap coloured White acid Black 8ilk Mercery of i co fact general Lei known Acko Owlet a by of Purchase they be it be to an Notine thai they Tiave just added greatly to Ali air stot a in the following Artif tet Oli ii same Low Terni Skudy lots of by fit Black Vav life Square veils of All Siz ii a sundry lots of ladies be Tiutin. Ined i Fine silk Cotton lots of All articles a family for 4-4tb8 Black Crape 4s. 6j. Per Ards bomb teens 4s. . Silk velvet lift Yorth a s. Acc. Ftp a Solo tired White i gods As sow in pro portico such per our As become purchasers will not of Totilas usual to rec inn Eji f their friends to Tito not a , Vibat Emerit pm the very Low Price asked Viz. W to 40 per cent und a Trudwig houses. All the Abr be arean object a Ort by of the att Attoa of ladies or Gen Ilii Iii in life who have to p.r�e9n i oods in Large or Small a to Kiuei
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