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London Evening News (Newspaper) - September 29, 1914, London, Middlesex The evening news. Tites Dat september 29. 1914. th6 60wa1en. By Arthur Machen. Notice to the general Public messes. H. L Savory amp co., 47, Piccadilly London w., have made arrangements whereby the general Public can order from themselves from any tobacconists their cigarettes from any number Down to 200 for the expeditionary Force abroad messes Savory amp co. Will allow a reduction 1/ per 100, and will undertake to pay All expenses connected with the forwarding Etc. Half pounds and upwards their tobaccos can also be sent free duty. Port Unity How to a be Victory permanent. By 0. F. Maclalan. ?.crci ing. Inner Nat a scheme. Of National interest. Q a ill Anil . In Elisho i a e. K. Dike o., it a a�?T5. Mon Ezrd. Lot Don n. E bottle in the Blue tartan wrap 0 our customers. V ir.-. No fill the utmost con Idera. Unable to Quot v cleaning at the usual Cen the custom this it a a Iii Ilov the l \rge5t number a Re�Ei-v0 men Ita id. L sequently its losses n 1e.r.er> called to the colours Vepr than those All the i. companies London Bave Dalp lost 152 experienced Lin Causo about 2o per i Cue to Moyees and Are replacing t. The i our ability. Re it r c\3r.rime we Are sure now a act Are brought to your notice a Quot. Or ild not Knottingly Penalise r a r. R r Tsofi with in to a a that i r inattention Ai sink from such a j Runy feel a5.- Rcd shall make 9t\ Rel it to catch up All arrears v s at the earliest to Ible moment. Your Faithie ill. Of it. Sixte National Platt 5 in seance and cleaning c i. Ltd. Edwin Boam general manager. P a a Nav in erect you to know to. A bc4ienni, we could rely the support our customers we undertaken to pay. Ans Are at Ming allowances to soldiers i dependents at the rate per annul. The Small advertisements Are published in Page 6 10-Day and will appear tuesdays and thursdays until further notice. The rates Are a readers bargains. Retailers bargains and Genera Trade announce meet All other . Apr i be 1 2 a Ali = fert Ine should comp i Tolian 7 1/6 be Renitta Cei and ail enquiries to the eve am news Small office Iso. Fleet Street London . Leir v r thu redo j i Hou la us a a. It was during the Retreat the eighty thousand and the authority the censorship is sufficient excuse for not being More explicit. But it was the most awful Day that awful time the Day when ruin and disaster came so near that their Shadow fell Over London far away and without any certain news tie hearts men failed within them and grew faint As if the agony their Brothers in the Battlefield had entered into their souls. Of this dreadful Day then when three Hundred thousand men in arms with All their artill3ry swelled like a flood against the Little English army there was one Point above All other Points la our Battle line that was for a time in awful danger not merely defeat out utter Anni elation. Wiki the Penn Sion the censors ii and the Mui iary Lipoi to tuis Corner May perhaps be described As a salient and ii this Angle were Crusoe a and broken then tue ii aug Lish Force As a whole would be shattered to to i died Iii would turned Ana Beau Wuria Mevi Tadly i Olius. 11 Tjie Monug the German guns had Thun Leiea and Ai Hieken a tins cml Cut it Reni Ana Adamso Rise to uus Aud so men Wiio Neid u. men joke it i at like Atoe is aau loud funny names Lor them Ana Nad bets about them Ana greeted chem Vitu scraps music Nail songs list the Sineus came Anu a urst Ana lore Good �ingii8umen limb irom no and Tore Orother Iroini brother and As the Lieut the Day inc Reeg so Dia tue Lury i Fiat Tern a cannonade la Ere was no Neil it seemed Ine a Ngi ish Arni Iery was Good Dut there was not nearly enough it was being sea Dikiy Dat Terea into crap Iron. There comes a moment in a storm at sea when people say to one another a a it is at 115 la Fust it can blow no Namer and then there is a last ten times More Herce than any before it. To it was in triese Untisz trendiest. There were no stouter hearts in the whole than the hearts those men but even they were appalled As this seven Rimes heated Neli the German cannonade Neil upon. Them and rent them and destroyed them. And at to is very moment they saw from their trenches that a tremendous Host moving against their lines. Live Hundred the thousand remained and As far As they could see the German infantry was pressing against them column upon column a Grey world men ten thousand them As it appeared afterwards. There was no ii Ope at All. They Shook hands some them one Maun improvised a new \ version the Battle song a goodbye goodbye to tipperary ending with a a and we Shan t get there a and by All went firing steadily. The officers pointed out that such an Opportunity for fancy shooting might never occur again the germans dropped line after line the tipperary humorist asked Quot what Price and the few machine guns did to Weir Best. But everybody knew it was no use. The dead Grey bodies Lay in companies and battalions but others came and and and they a warmed and stirred and advanced from beyond and beyond a a world without end. Amen Quot a Aid one the British soldiers with some irrelevance As he took and fired. And then he remembered a queer vegetarian restaurant in London where he had once twice eaten queer dishes cutlets made lentils and nuts that pretended to be 3te>aks. On All the plates in this restaurant there was printed a figure St. George in Blue with the motto and it Anglis Sanctus grow Giust May Saint George be a present help to the Iio Glish. This Soldier happened to know Vatin and other useless things and now As he fired at his Man in the Grey Adan ii mass 00 Yards away he. Uttered the pious vegetarian motto. He went firing to the end. And at Las Bill his right had to clout him cheerfully Over the head to make him Stop pointing out As he did to that the King s ammunition Cost Money and was not lightly to be wasted in drilling funny patterns Quot into dead germans. For a the latin scholar uttered his invocation he Felt something Between a shudder and an electric Shock pass through Bis body. The the Battle died Down in his ears to a gentle murmur instead it he says he heard a at voice and a shout louder than a Thunder peal crying a array array array a his heart grew hot As a burning Coal it grew cold As ice within him As it seemed to him that a tumult voices answered to this summons. He heard seemed to hear thousands shouting St. George St George Quot a Messier a Sweet Saint Grant is Good delivers Tico a St. Giorge for merry England Harow Harow monseigneur St Georgre Succour a Cha St. George Hast George a Ong Bow and a Strong a a Knight heaven Aid and a.=? the Soldier heard these voices he saw before him beyond the Trench a Long line shapes with a shining about them. They were like men who Drew the Bow and with another shout their Cloud arrows flew singing and tingling through tie air towards the German Host. The and Winters App coach. To the Empire fund More much Good work to do. Still 5 Post free. Tor this sum a copy the Over wis Daj in Quot a a digest All tie i f to b ton abroad will t we pal v for t we be n a nth to an s a a s3 1 n be us orld. It a ?.yocicnen Roplo chief it. House. To Dou dec. R the other men in the Trench were firing All the whole. They had no Hope but Thev aimed just As if they had been shooting at Bisley. Suddenly one them lifted up his voice n Plain English. Gawd help us a he bellowed to the Man next to him. But we re a booming marry is look at those look at them Dye see them re not going Down in dozen a nor in lnded5 it s thousand it. It look look there a a re Jairn it gone while in a talking to Ash it it Quot the other Soldier bellowed taking . A a what Are be talking about but he gulped with astonishment even As spoke Rcv. Indeed the Grev men were fall intr by the thousand. The English could ear the guttural scream the German offers the crackle their revolvers As they hot the rely rant and still line after line Rashed to the Earth. A my the while the latin bred Soldier heard. The cry Harow Harow Veur dear aint. Quick to our Aid St. Geo Fie help us the singing darkened the air the Heathen horde melted from before them. Quot More machine guns Quot Bill yelled to Torii. A Don t he do Rhem a Toni yelled Back Quot but thank go Ltd. Anyway they be got it in the neck in act the a were ten thousand dead Gennan soldiers left before that salient the English army and there a no Sedan. In Germany a country role re by Rienti if principles the great Genera staff decided that the contemptible Ingli in have employed Turpi Nite Khz Cuil. As no wounds were discernible the the dead Gernian soldiers. But the maa what Kne nuts tasted like a Beu Thev Calle a them sol is Steak knew a a hats. George a i l brought his Agincourt bowmen to help the English. The Good work done by evening news readers Aupp Ortii a the Queens feedlot Vork goes and should Continere to go . The evening sexes special line help in the sending clothes for a Omeo and c a Dren. W e shall see bitter War Polt Vert and distress when Winter sets in. But All Soris garments for the men at the front and in Hospital can also be purchased in the shops and forwarded to for the at present there is an extra demand for menus shirts. May we plead once More for something for the womenfolk to Wearp w Hen Money is Short clothes have to be gone to without. Yet work has to be got and How much a decent tidy appearance helps. We should be glad to think that owing to the garment Lent through our scheme poor willing women were Ablo to get and retain work when i he most needed it lord Kitchener a Appeal lord Kitchener s Appeal made specially to the Queen for socks and cholera belts had at once enlisted the sympathies Many our . Workers who Are adding article this nature to the a parcels. With Winter in front us wily too surely does one Realise the a uth the proverb. A a he gives twice who gives quickly. E must again remind generous readers who Send worn new garments for the belgians that those wishing to help the refugees in particular should apply to general buildings Aldwyck . Lady clan Wil Liams parcel we have to thank various donors for big parcels received at the week end. The countess clan William has collected in the neighbourhood Ballynahinch co. Down a most useful and Welcome gift which we have just received. It includes 37 pairs socks 9 Day shirts 4 night shirts 6 pyjamas 4 bed jackets 3 petticoats 1 Cotton shirt 1 Jersey 1 Cardigan 4 scarves 2 night dresses 13 pairs cuffs and 1 pair mittens. Another Large parcel comes from mrs. J. Walker Fox come Hill. It numbers 57 articles and includes 5 dresses 4 Pinafore 3 pairs children s socks 2 pairs men s socks 2 boys shirts 2 pairs knickers 1 Jersey 2 pairs girls combinations 4 Petticoat 2 night dresses 1 baby a Bonnet 1 baby a coat 18 handkerchiefs 6 towels braces and 3 garments. The us intend East the All saints band Hope Buff House Banstead sends a parcel for children and miss Porterfield behalf the women a voluntary Aid Section the Camden Road presbyterian Church contributes 3 pyjamas 2 shirts 3 scarves. 2 children s peacoat a frocks Coats and bonnets and promises to Send a further . From mrs. Fleming Ealing we have received a Large Box clothing chiefly for children and a similar gift from miss Vine Eastbourne while miss Wright Tunbridge Wells sends a length non Flam to make up. Quot from some he Atli workers Quot is the inscription a parcel forwarded from mrs. Davidson Huntly 2fi articles while mrs. Fitzroy the wife colonel Fitzroy Farnham sends 12 Flat shirts supplied with handkerchiefs la order bags studs and cigarette. To Garden lovers. We have had a packing Case filled with cushions from the children the Margaret Road infants school new Barnet . Each Cushion bearing the inscription a god bless you and make you a trite Well. Rag dolls for the Little belgian girls have 1/eeu the Loving thought at the heart the sick in the Union Institute. Minster near Ramsgate. They Are sent by the superintendent nurse who writes a they were very pleased to help to brighten the Little belgian refugees and we Hope to make More for another an old lady eighty two sends a Woollen Scarf. The old ladies have set a wonderful helpfulness my Industry and the number octogenarians who have supplied socks put Many the youngsters to shame a lady writes from Wokingham with her parcel and says a my Little girl ten wanted to do something but with a Wimily one can to do much. I picked the Flowers in my Garden and sold them to a few friends and gave half to the Prince Wales a Relief fund and the rest went to buy material for your in the theatre Section miss Georgette de Serville sends twelve helpless ease shirts each bearing the inscription a please do not give this to a and bears. Quotation from a Richard let the blows doubly redoubled. Fall like amazing Thunder the Casque thy Adverse pernicious enemy. Rouse up thy blood be valiant and blankets for the troops we have had a goodly gift blankets from different quarters. Two come from an Anonymous donor in Craven Terrace Hyde Park while mrs. G. H. Smith and daughters Herne Hill Send eight splendid blankets and a handsome gift stockings and mufflers As Well. From mrs. Fairbrass Chiswick we have had five blankets and two from miss Patching to no two from mrs. Wallace Spiers with other articles and a thick Blanket from Phyllis and Jack Trace Southwark bears the inscription. A two Little children want to keep a poor Soldier from mrs. Mackey Clapton we have received eighteen cards pyjama flannel and from Grays Essex per miss pathless Gilbert we have had Twenty four pillowcases five nightshirts two pairs , and two pairs be socks. With seven pairs socks in answer to lord Kitchener a Appeal. A second parcel from miss Mclaughlin we northing contains a thermos flask among other articles and an original gift is a kit Brig in Holland. Embroidered with . In Blue and fully packed with pyjamas slip cars cigarettes soap notepaper Etc. Mrs. Johnson Rickmansworth has sent two men s shirts four children a petticoats two night it dresses and Hopes to Send More. Those Fri Jinp to tend material might Hrar in mind that woo Mould be acceptable it the i7iomcnt. And that garments for not non Are Baduj needed the Kangaroo contribute a new Guinea lord Cromer a War prophecy. New books which relate to the european struggle it was Cowley the seventeenth Century poem who said that a a a various and tragical age was Good to write but bad to write in a the dictum was not wholly True his own age. Herrick i think published his a a hesperides Quot and a a Noble numbers a within a Lew months the Date which King Charles was martyred but it seems to be justifying itself in this present dreadful time Battle. Few books Are being published few none these books Are High consequence. Here now is an instance How the splendour and terror the great War have the a hold failed to make splendid verse. A a songs and sonnets for England Ini War time Lane is a collection lyrics inspired by Thi War. With two exception Tenee verses have already appealed in the columns the times and other papers and readies the War poetry Over in bulk simply confirms me in the impression that i had. Gathered from seeing them in detail. With rare exceptions our poets have hot risen to the height their terrific subject Thev do not glow wit a the awful Battle fires Thev have not heard the bugles blow. Thev Are too much occupied with the ethics the situation with proving that the Kaiser is a bad Man and that the belgians Are very much to be pitied. It is . William Watson it seems to me who comes nearest to the True Mark in his a a Battle the had i the jailed Herb that brought to life the dead. Whom would i dare disturb in his eternal bed great Grenville would i and with glad tidings make i the soul mighty Drake Reave up a glorying head. Sleep . O Oralce sleep u u ill Days not wholly dire Grenville whom naught could quell Vav quenched is still thy fire. And thou that Hadst no peer s Nelsonl thou need St not fear thy sons and heirs Are Here nor shall they shame their tire. Special constables and Winter. Some useful hints keeping a i f. V 10 Trade n re preserves your boots. A a cd ii Ost reliable Oil for preserving and nourishing All classes sporting boots. A Marleo is a i a Recide in the Possession an pm leather merchants and inc St a shed in London k a,0-1 All British. The soldiers feet dry the new badge Thoft who Ute up the Coupon Plenc ins Thomy Elvoy to male Monts far distressed women and children to Supply material those who Forward shop bought article arts desire a bad should also Forward a Spence for the bad a which Vili be sent them poet free. Non Helene who with to Purchase a Baffe should Send not less turn a shilling a the Money obtained in tills Way foes to the Pur Hae material for helpers unable to afford to buy it themselves. Latest subscriptions. A Urbam the it Lautt 8> by Ripe lot towards Tiiu a ? and to in Ludo a a. 0 14 0 11 0 10 0 10 ov3r mrs Pirino. Hudgin Rio a mrs i blink n. Mass Daball. Mus Ven Hill. A. A. E. L smoke nun Park. Anont noun. Merton iia i re. W Don a. 0 10 u mrs. Secor i. Sal i Puppy. 0 10 0 �8. From m s. La Ltd blk. Curham re. . Is. A i. N from Misa d. Bielli a. To edit Oiin . in. Baves Sluard and friends. m is in woj my. M. Kli it it i flip Ord mlis Mabo Pither. Port Roap so. Act. To iut to Berieth . L. Canby. A Rne it i. . Mrs. By Tbs Rford. P�5kham Mew mar it , Biack a Ater 4� trim my Inu . J each Frim m is churl rtt 1res. Mufee l Hill. V. Mis3 6ti�r4>ri-ii. Soi Irh Kena not Mars hum Herr. a. K. Maynard. W 3 and r and Shortb. . Staft Asburr. Mrs. A. 6d. A Ach Froit let Orot Liy Burt. Norse to them a aet riclia.-d�, brocki�7 i in re. Stepney r Mim f. Be Nkani n . B. Buca. W. Ealing my ��n��tr3n. Thornton Heath miss e. Sioufy mrs. Tomlin san. Manor Park Sheppard brr Coley. 8.e. Or. A. M. By a to a. Henfield. Spam mar. S. Clifford. Wall Fostos a Hack to w Ectyl Bur. Mls a. A unscrupulous Germany. The Earl Cromer mus get be placed in the rank the True prophets. Many us must now be remembering with some Tange shame and confusion the nonsense that we spoke and wrote that dear Friendly Germany that never had any sex ence out our own befuddled brains. Those who talked this nonsense did so it is True a the face All warnings and All omens a dread Marie had Long shone red upon the Wall. But it is to be feared that a vast majority us listened to the false prophets who i Aid peace when there was no peace it is to lord Cromer a credit that he was not beguiled. A a a the second series his Phi Tacal Ana literary essays Macmillan contains three papers Germany. One these is a review Prince by lows Imp it Ial go Many which appeared in the Spectator in february 14tli the present year. It is at All events abundantly Clear writes lord Cromer that whenever any German interest is involved no moral obstacles will be allowed to stand in the Way furthering German views by All the resources a diplomacy which is not Over scrupulous supported by prodigious Force in the background. There is no Nee Ltd to comme it this pronouncement the Only possible commentary is written in blood and fire in Belgium and in France. All As bad As Ono another. Another Point made by the author deserves attention. Even after the tre Cheries and inf amies the past two months there Are still a few people who try to make a distinction Between the cruel and the kind germans Between the Savage German army and the Friendly German people. Each these distinctions is nonsensical. If the Bav mans say Are helping the prussians willingly Thev Are dete. Able assassins it they Are helping the prussians unwillingly they Are detestable Coward As Well in either Case Thev Are detestable. As for distinguishing Between the German army and the German people that also is nonsense. The German army is the German people women children and the infirm excepted. So most . Lord Cromer Points out the absolute Solidarity the whole race. It May confidently be asserted that Prince Bulow expresses the opinions the vast major ii his own countrymen and that should any occasion for action Anse they will move to the orders his official in support those opinions with the precision and regularity a prussian battalion the Parade ground. Or lesser books More less related to the War 1 note lord Kitchener by the author King Edward the i Venth Nisbet. This is a pleasantly written biography the a necrotic kind. Good advice. I Ive minutes to one Bell a by a watch keep it Giove Porti Mutli has As sub title a a few hints to Junior watch keepers it is full sound advice. Don t allow Quot Ang a a aul tight tie up a a Ang your hammocks up. It possible to snout without talking be an errand boy. And All slackness even in diction is the Devil. The Oxford Chi varsity press has published three a a Oxford these Are a Russi Quot by Paul Vinogradoff a re print from the Tomc Quot the War and the British Dominion Quot by h. G. Egerton and India and the Var. By sir Ernest j. Trevelyan. One cannot read this last pamphlet without ret rising the immense the unimagined and till now in imaginable benefits which the Kaiser has co Ferrod upon the British Empire. For the first time in their history hindus to a and deccan and All their Isles Are United and have one heart and soul and mind and their heart is with As and for As. The special Constable is becoming somewhat an institution. He has been thanked by King George he is to be found night and Day in the vulnerable Points in and round London and he is working three Searchlight nations in the Metropolis. But the Winter is coming when men stationed railway Bridges reservoirs canal Banks and other exposed positions will have to withstand not Only the Monotony four hours duty but the vagaries the British climate. How can they make themselves most comfortable under the most uncomfortable this is the question hundreds special constables Are asking themselves to Day. Bain and wind with mud Sodden grass under foot is Likely to test the stamina eve i the strongest a representative the prening Neils has gleaned some useful hints from an official source. Special might with advantage read these hints care fury and remember j them after they have read them. Keep the feet dry. In the first place every Man should make a Point bang Wal shod with a thick pair boots and socks. With the feet a farm and dry the risk taking cold is reduced to a minimum and the whole the body is rendered comfortable. Warm Wadw clothing should is worn and a Slouch hat Cap is better than a hard Felt a Cap with flaps which can be drawn Down Over the ears is very useful and gloves should also be worn. In it Ose Leallie gloves with a lining Are the most useful if these Are impossible Woollen gloves pm could be worn. Out fort not appearance should be studied. In this respect it the evening a Etc learns that a number policemen s capes Are Abo it to be issued by the metropolitan police authorities. These will by handed to the men who Are duty the most exposed beats. With a Cape overcoat and Good boots the amp cer will be Able to def chills and colds. The value chocolate. A cup hot Cocoa taken just before going duty is an excellent preventative cold and it is also sustaining. A Good meal is also a Uggam Tod and if this is at times impossible a Little dry chocolate shod be carried in the pocket this is very sustaining As Well As satisfying. In some cases boxes have been erected by private firms at various exposed Points for the use specials while duty and at Wimbledon Kanji Coffee is sent round to the men by a local firm. This is thoroughly appreciated by the men who Are giving up their time to the service their country without any idea Reward. It is Felt that an experience As a special Constable will Render a Man sympathetic to members the regular Force. He will have had practical experience the Monotony a constables dirty and he will recognise what it Means. The authorities fully recognise the Good work which is being done by the special constables. They Are working hand in hand with the uniform men and they Are admittedly a very Fine body men. Books received a naval officer. By l. M. Quot the Alcott Quot by is. Net a a Good wives. . 1?. Net Quot by p. N. Carey. A a Esther Cameron s by a n. Carey. A a aunt by r. N. Carey a a girls own is. Net each Quot wheat and by Paul Trent Ward lock. 6s. A a Germany and England Quot by j. A. Cramb. John Murray. 2s. 6d. Net a a naval by a a Blackwood. Is. Net a a by Coralie Stanton and Heath Hosken. Stan lev Paul. 6s. Quot lady by Derek vane. Stanley Paul. 3r. Wall by Florence l. Barclay. Putnam. Is lure by h. F. Prevost Battersby. John Lane a is a Sam Darling s Mills and Boon. 23s. Net the a Winder a by Ethel m. Dell. Fisher Unwin. 6s. Quot fighting spirit by e. J. Harrison. Fisher Unwin. 5.�. Net Quot by h. A. Vachell. Murray. 2s. Net Perch the by Gertrude a to it Erton. Murrne. Is Queen a a a. M. N. Mary a needlework Guild i a a cloak so. For amp que a a Guild a bade which dead its a to Mak do strand Vckov a and cell Dpi s for a a the Ranly in no it mention number and kind Carmenta. Or to Cue material for that Purdom. Nara Addran enter full mme and a do ret tie but it Nat. An4 font try to Tiiu a a Carmi Utt in a . Re Iua at. It Mon . Mark tnttlow9$ a Ron the inf is coming the outbreak Luar the in iss Anny Ivas immediately mobilised and Anocibar placed upon the exp it Ort All food. As a a Sidt the sup plies site hard s chocolate for great Britain i Jere stopped. Ive hcs Enow received per fission Froin the Swiss government to reco7 Mience shipping to England Overland routes Are closed but tajiks to the British Fleet Verna is co Jiing by sea. The firm suchard the sole makers Velma was founded in Neuchatel Switzerland i i 1826 by Philippe suchard a Swiss citizen French descent As the name implies. It is a limited liability company registered in Switzerland and controlled by the family his descendants. Avo change in the prices Velma suchard 88 year reputation special constables a unaccustomed to the physical Strain Long standing and exposure to cold dampness and the cruel night airs the Winter months Are strongly advised to fortify themselves by taking a course Scott a emulsion which strengthens the system and acts As an efficient protector against lung trouble and Winter illnesses. Every bottle Scott a emulsion contains the same forceful ingredients the same magnificent Quality cod liver Oil and tonic hypo phosphates rare value a made perfectly digestible and palatable by the unique Scott process. Your own doctor will Tell you there is no cod liver Oil preparation so Healing nourishing and pure As genuine Scott s emulsion ,special oms Tabus. Who Art Euso fathers Young children growing boys and girls Tiu scarcely need reminding that now is the time to Siren Tom and build up the Little ones with a course the same Standard strength maker. For Economy no other form Cocoa goes so far does so much g a gtd As this wonderful combination pure Cocoa with malt hops and Kola. It is unquestionably the finest food beverage for the body brain and nerves that Money can buy and its regular adoption for breakfast and Bupper is one the greatest Safe Guardis bodily health and welfare. The portable electric ought co., Ltd., he to an Nobce that their we known torches Sod pocket lamps Are being almost exclusive la recommended morose by naval and military ofic Aad special constables the Kif class Quity Aad Zimak a specialities a a. Sure hard Aad efficient ser tics second to none. We Cor diary an i Aspectia air Large Range models m ear a How room 120, Shaftesbury Avenue. London Home defence training. Driu., Rifle and revolver instr non. If for any reason Yea Are no Abie to Joia the army you can rec Ehra efficient inst action by joining the Vojan Teer Cru Force Qatabi bed a 1912. Drill every afternoon and met emf to sait Tow Coave Simca a Tabers Rifle Reafes Are open every Day Hwn 10 . To 9 pm. Instruction Unvala Abl to special constables in boxing in Jitsu first Aid �tc., dtc., is also gits. Two speral ranges Are set apart All Day for ladies. Far full particular write the Secretary run pm houm9, Rochester Row we St mind Imp tel. No. Victoria Isle. Special boots for special constables Waterproof Chrome leather and Damp resisting. Post free 16/9. Write stating size to wholesaledopt., messes. A. Salomon so co., army contractors and Whol Mala a manufacturers As. High St. Whitechapel. E. The most stimulating drink for Early morning and night duty is Bra sors Coffee always ready. Mada in a moment

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