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London And China Telegraph (Newspaper) - September 4, 1882, London, Middlesex 1882 the London and China 761 grind Down All other denominations of As the correspondent of the quoted in our last very rightly no foreign missionaries Are allowed to and even the consular departments Are deprived of the services of a it follows As a natural sequence that religious services other than that of the roman Catholic Church Are and to such an extent is this carried that those desirous of Pray ing in the manner to which they Are if not members of that Are obliged to do so with absolute this reminds one of the Early history of the and to those who Are unacquainted with what goes on in Manila this assertion will seem hardly this state of things does and that it does so in the present age we freely admit is most religious tolerance has become an article of Faith in All civilised adm Nistra and a nonparticipation in it can Only be the result of absurd or of sheer ignorance As to the requirements of the persecution of other religions never yet indefinitely sustained the Power of and the history of the past ought to have taught even the priest Hood of the Philippines that this is far More Good can be done by tolerating and if that is pos the superiority of that which is it is not our province to enter into a religious but it is our duty to Point out for consideration the Universal custom which exists in All countries to Grant to foreign residents the right to exercise the observances of their own it is certainly a disgrace to any civilised government that no Church May be no priest allowed in the or no service be unless the religious views Are the same As those of the it is provided for in All and we can hardly believe that our govern ment is aware of the restrictions which prevail in we would go and say that we Are convinced the Spanish authorities Are not aware of the extent to which it is carried and that it Only needs a representation to cause a the As a Are men of culture and and while following out a line of conduct which has existed for so Many cannot but be aware that they Are in a false More danger to their influence lies in their antagonism to other religions than the greatest and if they see an Opportunity they should seize they perhaps feel they ought not to make the first but if our government represents the matter urg3ntly at from there it is forwarded to we much question whether the old condition of things will not quietly we say As we believe that some Steps have been taken from time to but that they have not been followed up is it is a subject for and diplomacy can effect All that is we that our foreign office will take it and obtain for our countrymen that religious Freedom which we Grant to every one who puts foot on our education in Hong the official report on education for the year 1881 in Hong Kong is an interesting and certainly shows that the number of scholars in the Colony has increased very in the year dealt with the total number of scholars who were subject to supervision and annual examination by the government amounted to this includes the attendances at the secular schools established by the As Well As the Grant Naid or religious denominational in the former the attendance but increased in the thus raising a question As to the two As to gaining a number of the Grant Naid scheme naturally is the More for As Eitel Points the teachers do All they can to get so that there will be More to pick from to Send up for Examina lessens the value of the Quality of the because too Many pupils Are brought into the and it is impossible to give the proper Atten Tion to the same no occurs in other schools wherever a mercenary spirit is and the dullest scholars go to the on the other if no inducement is held out the teacher feels he can earn his salary whether the school is full or and naturally takes no particular interest in increasing his the which is made in the report deserves unless a Way is seen to considerably increase the staff so As to ensure sufficient with regard to the number in a class there ought to be some and Here the government supervision could come the question of education is a very difficult especially in a Colony like Hong Kong but there is no reason Why the problem should not be in a Case like that mentioned in the of the Grant exceeding the it is not absolutely necessary to decrease the could not pro vision be made for More or better Why should not the plan adopted in England be introduced the system of Board schools established in this country is simply that of Gran Sinaid in a Dif Ferent having the advantage of compelling from what Eitel it is evident some plan like this will have to be so As to meet his com plaint with regard to the want of education amongst the Domestic servant it appears there is some reluctance amongst the we can quite understand that there should educate these but As there has been such an outcry on the alleged slavery in the such a measure As the one we suggest ought to be heartily As further disproving the Allega besides As the girls Are Apt their educational advancement would be a great Benefit in Many for it would be sure to increase their value As too High a Standard should not be of but we Are sure the sending them to school at cer Tain times a most beneficial we Are glad to see that the knowledge of English is making steady and feel sure no obstacles will be thrown in the was of further spreading notwithstanding the Many insinuations that the mercantile Community is opposed to As a the education of Hong Kong is but there is still much to be no doubt full will be Given to the and the suggestions in the report will meet with France in the a contribution towards the consideration of the Eastern by Frank Ives London Allen and original articles forming the basis of the present work were contributed to the pages of time when the French government commenced its operations against the authors experience with the subject is a sufficient guarantee that the Book is Worth it can also be said that the style in which it is written is particularly and the manner of recounting the events Lead up to the cause for the present activity in the East is never a great Deal of ancient history is but that is Neces sary to denote the various stages of French policy and Many will be surprised to read that centuries ago treaties existed be tween France and and the former were suppliants for things changed As years went and the turks in their turn sued for what is most interesting just is to find so far Back As the philosopher Leibnitz advised Louis to seize the Conques of he would decide the Fate of the turkish Empire and that the Possession of it would open the Road to the richest countries of the and unite the Commerce of India with that of How this advice was acted on by but frustrated by the everyone now France holds aloof from but seizes it is a noteworthy fact that the speech of the emperor Napoleon to the soldiers about to depart for Syria in 1860 exactly represents the policy of England in Egypt and the publishing of a fact like this is of great the integrity of the ottoman As alleged to have been maintained by the european Scudamore has resulted m almost its and he thinks that the time has in the interests of humanity and in the cause of a race which once had a great governing that the old diplomatic farce should be he looks Forward to a Happy future for the provinces of the turkish not in the calculated action of but rather from the generous instincts of France in the recent events May have changed Scudamore he is right in saying France has absolute Power in and could at any if not cause a diversion the Book is Worth and we advise those who want a Fuller idea of the authors to read it for j we have to acknowledge from the Tokio Daigaku three More numbers of that very instructive the memoirs of the

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