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London And China Telegraph (Newspaper) - October 28, 1895, London, Middlesex 8 supplement to the London and China 1895 already in the the Quality of the first part of the crop is generally but the later especially in lower has generally suffered from the Good Quality is Light of weight and Fine in about the Quantity the reports the estates in Benagie have about 10 Piculas per and in Deli it is about the same ser Dang will probably produce 9 which will scarcely be obtained in very Little is heard of disease in the on Many undertakings sorting has the reports about the health of the european and native staff Are not in All respects and in upper and lower Lang Kat much fever the second chamber of the states general has adopted the budget of the dutch East indies for but has by 58 against 14 the Bill increasing by 2 per the duty on manufactured Mineral and pottery imported into the the outrages in telegrams received since our last Issue report that fourteen prisoners found guilty of participation in the Kuching Mas including the assailant of miss Mabel were executed on 21st four of the condemned leaders were to be executed at but they Are to be tried afresh in consequence of the stratagem of the Tao Tai whose duplicity has become it is expected that these executions will be the last of the capital and that those persons hereafter to be convicted will be the representatives of the British government announce that the measures hitherto taken Are preliminary to definite missionaries Are again visiting stations in the the members of the commission of inquiry into the Kun Cheng massacre were to return to Soochow on 25th by the mail it is reported that the inquiry at Kuching was dragging along so slowly that the main object is already other news is a triad society rebellion in North East not far from and a miniature rebellion is in full blast in Northwest the chinese Empire is in a state of anarchy and even in Canton respectable citizens Are not and an Appeal has been made to the higher authorities for a larger the triad rioters in Northwest Kiangtung have wrecked the Basel Mission property at fortunately the majority of the German missionaries in this acting under instructions from Hong had come Down to this Colony with their wives and otherwise More massacres might have been the rebel forces Are estimated at about and they Are All dressed in red and Are reputed to be very in the Kobe Down the the peking administration have been Quick to discern and take advantage of Western respect for a Central and of a purpose to exalt its autonomy by submitting All questions to its the provincial and local authorities take advantage of our Western ideas of judicial and of our conscientious solicitude lest any but the most unequivocally guilty be affected by our the common Are led to take a certain advantage of some of our and to take a false View of the whole situation immensely to our a naval officers the chief item of interest on this station recently writes a naval correspondent to the army and Navy the murder of missionaries families at the English papers out notably the Shanghai Clamour for what they would wish is perhaps not quite known to but to one viewing their utterances calmly it looks As if hostile operations against the chinese alone would suffice of course the european residents in China get alarmed such grievous it is a direct menace to them and they and not without that they Are standing Over a the chinese system of government is the weakest and most corrupt professedly the governors and magistrates inflict punishment on offenders and prevent harm from coming the foreigners settled amongst but though obliged to do so their hearts Are in entire Accord with the secret and who seek to drive out the foreign when forced to act against their and by foreign it becomes naturally displeasing to the and every such occasion cannot but strengthen the Universal hatred of English and other european settlers being in the and having been there and their presence confirmed by whether forced or there is no one who would suggest that they must look after themselves and expect no help from their on the the fullest Protection must be Given seeing that the government under which they temporarily reside is unable to give them the Security that International Law no european is Safe out of Range of the guns of one of his country no one who has lived securely in England All his life can imagine the absence of anxiety and feeling of rest that comes Over the isolated Small Colony of englishmen when a vessel flying the White Ensign anchors off the their isolation and and the length of time that has elapsed since a Manofar was last has Given the natives courage and raised their insolence to an unbounded and no one feels but Mark the difference when a gunboat carrying a few Small guns and seventy men All told can it be possible that that civility is a mushroom like growth it is it started when the White Ensign Hove in sight Down the and will vanish again As soon As that same Flap disappears to the most possible is done with the ships on the China station in distributing them so that they May give the amp est Protection to the numerous scattered colonies of it scarcely practicable that every such Community can have a Manofar k protect it All the year round and maintain if a Man for his own convenience puts himself in such position of danger he must expect to be menaced by that and should not look to his country to expend Large sums of the taxpayers Money to guard to come Back to the Kuching that place is removed from the possible proximity of a and hence there was no Protection for the who were foully the Chin japanese the Liao Tuno Hanciaux communicated to the French Cabinet Council on 19th a Telegram from received at the ministry of foreign affairs that announcing that notes terminating the negotiations collectively entered into with Japan by and and constituting the final act in the intervention of those Powers Between Japan and would be exchanged Between the japanese government and the ministers of the three Powers at Tokyo on 19th at the Council meeting on 24th Hanotiaux communicated on the information of the French minister in Tokyo that the final have been exchanged at Tokyo ratifying the acceptance by the japanese government of the conditions resulting from the intervention of and and subsequently of Japan reduces the indemnity demanded by her from China As compensation for the evacuation of the Liao Tung Peninsula to be she also consents not to make the conclusion of a commercial treaty with China one of the conditions of the which will be effected within three months after the payment of the indemnity in is to at the end of with regard to Formosa and the the japanese government Recognises that the Formosa As a great International is out Side its control and exclusive and it undertakes not to cede Formosa or the Pescadore to any this undertaking has been supplemented by an agreement come to Between Japan and under the auspices of the three according to which the parallel passing through the Centre of the Banshee Channel Between Formosa and the Spanish Island of is fixed As the Boundary Between the Spanish possessions in the Philippines and the Formosa the supplementary indemnity of thirty million for which Japan agreed to relinquish the Liao Tung will be paid by China on the German Vos Sische Zeitung condoles with the japanese on the loss of the whole fruits of their splendid they will practically receive nothing but which it May take years to the japanese in Brent and of write to us it May be reassuring to people having relatives and friends in Taiwan fun and the neighbourhood to know that we have just received a private dated today to the effect that All danger is absolutely and that no further apprehension As to the safety of people in Taiwan fun need be so we presume the japanese have taken pos session of that part of despatch from Formosa brings the intelligence of the surrender of the whole of Liu Yungfu rebel forces to the having occupied the and its shipping port of Are now in undisputed Possession of the entire japanese headed by the general staff of the army of occupation in entered Tain Anfu on 2lst perfect order and Tranquillity having now been restored throughout the Island the govern ment has issued orders for the return of the bulk of the troops and will leave in Formosa Only a Force sufficient for Garriso Ning the principal it is said that Liu Yungfu offered peace on payment of for himself and for each of his soldiers with guarantee of free passage to chinese the japanese Admiral refused these and general Nogi to whom they were also through two likewise refused to accept news by the mail reports that the japanese have completed a scheme for the opening of modern schools in Keelung and the chinese Decimal coins made in the Formosa mint of the sex governor Shao Yulien Are being called in by the japanese authorities who recon them into japanese Money without extra charge to the

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