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London And China Telegraph (Newspaper) - May 14, 1866, London, Middlesex 260 the London and China May mediate As they Are quite unfit for the custody of and it will be necessary to make provision for erecting new cells in the yearly the Gas company of the French for the Success of whose projects the municipal Hall was hypothecated to share holders by the disrupted municipality last have Laid the foundations of their Laboratory and Promise to put Gas into either settlement within six they propose to Supply Gas to applicants at a rate equivalent to three dollars per thou Sand cubic on third less than is now charged by the company in is called the in As Coal can be procured at cheaper the Price will be even the capital of the concern being so limited that a Small amount of profit on Gas will yield a fair dividend to the last Call of ten tales per fifty Tael share is now being and with this there will be quite enough it is to do All that is requisite without an increase in the number of or by raising Money on Bank the concurrence of the French Consul general to the new land regulations has not yet been there appears to witnessed journalistic undertakings of a More extensive nature than those now put the difference in and Quantity of matter in american As Well As in the effects produced by using a different description of Type to that commonly made use of by the printers of English is very and it Seldom happens that an american will condescend to bring out so Small a specimen of the journal class As that which the last Steamer has brought from Foo Chow but As we May presume that its size is adapted to the wants of the Soochow we Welcome the Little stranger in All a government notification issued on the 22nd March announces owing to the no arrival of the necessary Dies from the opening of the mint was deferred until further As the left Here some time the delay would not be of Long the committee of the diocesan female school have issued a in which it appears that after an experience of four years it is found that the institution has not fulfilled All the objects for which it was formed with a View of giving a a w v w w w i v t t 1 i have been some misunderstanding As to his not having been More extended effect to the benevolent design of the 1 n i i vt4 la w m i i 4k but it is supposed that matters will now be satisfactorily at a meeting of land renters on the French held at consulate on the 10th de Montmoran announced that the land regulations which have hitherto been believed common to the three Settle ments have no Force in the French not having met the approval of the French the Shanghai papers announce that the return of the Trade at the port of Ningpo during 18656 shows that there has been a decrease in the total As compared with the preceding of tales this appears principally attributable to a falling off in foreign the Foutain of the Che Keang province has been appointed to the governorship of Hong the following items Are from the China mail of March 31 a meeting of the captains of the French ships now present in Harbour has been assembled by do Consul for at which they were informed that in compliance with an International convention or code of regulations signed at peking on the 5th Between the Prince of Kung on the part of sir Rutherford Alcock on the part of great and Henri de Bellone on the part of it is absolutely forbidden that French agents or French captains of vessels take part in any scheme having for its object the enlistment of chinese coolies at there has been some talk of a sanitary commission having been formed by sir Richard for the purpose of re porting thoroughly on the sanitary condition of the Island generally and the City of Victoria More especially such an idea would naturally form one of the first which a new governor for this Colony would wish to carry considering the unenviable Light in which the climate of Hong Kong must have been represented to him in we hear that the officers of the 9th and Royal artillery now stationed at Canton to instruct the chinese Are to be withdrawn at we have not been informed of the reasons which have led to this on the night of the 26th instant a fire broke out in some mat Sheds and wooden buildings at the end of Queens but was extinguished without material damage having been what most surprises us is that so few fires considering the careless Way in which the chinese use but probably the crowded state of their dwelling houses is their Best Protection against a fire gathering any head before being an luckily unattended by loss of has occurred at part of the Earth dam at the Entrance of the new Dock now building giving having caused the Dock to be none of the very were but the pecuniary loss to the proprietors of the Dock be As the Dock has to be pumped dry before the works can be proceeded the publication of a sem weekly paper at of which the first number was issued on the Speaks Well for the increasing importance of the foreign Community at that our fellow countrymen do not usually come up to the Mark of american communities in respect to and it can be safely asserted that had Hong Kong been an ame instead of an English it would Long since have the which comprises some of the most useful people in the have decided upon admitting children of every race and nationality to the benefits of the this is acting on the Broad a sectarian principle which True christianity and in a Small Community like Hong Kong it is very Gratifying to see such Liberal views the advantages of the school will be specially appreciated by the married men amongst the troops in the Garrison the difficulty of giving their children even the Mere outline of an Ordinary education in this country on their meagre pay being apparent to a Brig called the Mary Jane has been plundered by pirates on her Way from Ningpo to Hong a Pas Senger on reports As Mary Jane left Ningpo on the 10th bound for Hong with a general cargo whilst beating through the Lema and when abreast of about 7 Oclock on the evening of the 25th the Brig was attacked by two piratical which ran alongside and threw a number of stink pots on and then boarded the plundering her of every article of including spy leaving the vessel and sailing away after having done after the pirates had the Captain and two of the Crew were found and it is supposed that they were killed and thrown Tookey states that he would be unable to identify the or any of the As the night was so but that he would know the property missing from the the gunboat Janus had left the Harbour in search of the the educational report by Stewart for the year 1865 has been and the daily press says gives a very Clear explanation of the effects produced by the government about appear each year on the colonial Esti mates As an education and for this sum twelve native schools Are kept on the Central school has almost As Many scholars As All the Village schools put the maximum enrolment during the past year was the minimum the total maximum enrolment in All the schools together was and the total minimum but the attendances were not so Good in the outlying districts As at the Central where they were nearly equal to the enrol Stewart has endeavoured to obtain statistics which embrace All the schools in the the government schools and and he comes to the conclusion that the total number of children receiving instruction is of the total number of children in the according to the computation of the registrar he assumes that May be too Young to be but this leaves children of an age to receive All of whom the at school excepted Are growing up in training to be the pirates and Street thieves of the next the deliberate recommendation of Stewart is that there should be an education and that All the native children should be compelled to attend the up to a certain period Stewart says that the chinese children make a rapid but after this the Progress is not so and out of a class of not More than five or six attain any degree of proficiency in subjects which Call for anything like an exercise of their own the that is to is but All the More important mental Powers this fact illustrates the worthlessness that

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