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London And China Telegraph (Newspaper) - June 4, 1895, London, Middlesex 474 the London a1s1d China june 1895 May emperor of who for Many months has been at today made his triumphal return to the the inhabitants of Tokyo had decorated the streets and houses and received his majesty with intense Yokohama is also in fete in honour of the May was received Here today from Japan that torpedoes Are being repaid at the Western Entrance to the japanese Inland it is also reported that the japanese govern ment intends to prohibit the Export of Coal from the Dalziel Hong May petition has been peking from South China praying the emperor to introduce constitutional to remove incapable to abolish the Pigtail and foot and to allow Freedom of speech and of the the petition advocates Reform on Western May japanese Are rapidly evacuating the Liao Tung the movement will be Complete in ten mat is again affirmed that count the japanese minister is about to leave his approaching departure is believed to be due to a change of policy on the part of the japanese news by concerning Formosa the present mail brings confirmation of wires As to the alarming position in North where the chinese soldiers and roughs have been one general is reported to have been Cut to and the governors Yamen and the foreign songs were at one time in German Blu jackets were but the governors body guard had suppressed the riot before their much discontent exists amongst All the soldiers in Formosa because of their pay being 11 the position was considered so serious that the foreign consuls and the commissioner of customs have consulted with the governor with regard to the safety of Fie breast and and German and French cruisers Are in the neighbourhood of formosan a correspondent of a Hong Kong writing from april states the news reached Here that Formosa was to be handed Over to the japanese great indignation expressed by All from the governor Down to the ubiquitous Rickshaw coolie in the flourishing Torii of the governor wired to peking to obtain definite and received an answer to the effect that All the officials in the Island would be Given two months Grace wherein to Settle up and while the people settlers would be allowed two years wherein to decide whether they would become japanese subjects or leave the Beautiful Isle for at the present time there is practically no government in the and the consequence is that bands of armed soldiers Are roaming about pillaging and committing All sorts of a few Days ago when the governors were being shipped away to Canton by the Steamer Arthur late the troops created a serious disturbance and alleged that the governor was about to Clear leave them to their worse would not pay up their arrears of from words with their officers the men quickly came to and in next to no time a terrific Melee was full swing and before order was restored a chinese general and seventeen other chinese were a number of onlookers were seriously wounded by bullets from the rifles of the infuriated All the foreign songs at Twat Tia near Tams i have been supplied with arms and the foreigners chiefly mean to sell their lives dearly if attacked by the disbanded intelligent chinese residents say that the English would have been welcomed but they wont a Cotoio to the japanese under any the governor is in dread of the disbanded Black who Are now marching on the capital from Tatkow and the All the wealthy traders Are in a state of great excitement and Are shipping their families and treasure off to Amoy As pastas possible the new teas Are coming in very what May now be described As the native population of Formosa writes a mail of no fewer than four classes of the aborigines of the Island who have been driven Inland by the emigrants from and who now occupy the wooded Hills and mountains of the also the Eastern sea or Savages of those aborigines who originally occupied the tablelands adjacent to the and by Contact with the have now adopted to a More or less extent their manners or and who further own allegiance to chivas the a Peculiar race of chinese who were in their turn emigrants from the More Northern to the Southern provinces of the chinese from the opposite coast of and chiefly natives of the full keen As to the peculiarities of these four it May be that the aborigines in appearance resemble the natives of the malay like Are inclined to Slothful and indifferent they appear to be split up into several As to the numerical strength and Power of which no reliable so have been feuds Are common amongst and one and All Are bitter enemies to the chinese whom they Only tolerate by Means of a barter Trade with they obtain articles of and that greatest of they pay but Little attention to Agri being Content to subsist on Mountain Sweet and the products of the the women among them Are expected to perform the chief Drudgery whilst their lords and masters make raids on opposition follow the prowl along the Border line of their or loll about at the or tame As they Are now Are certainly improved by their intermarriage and general Intercourse with the both As regards physique and industrious they retain their aboriginal simplicity of Dis and on this account Are often the victims of chinese the hakka i May style the scotch of the chinese Emigrant most keen in daring in they Are Ever to the front when a new tract of land is being or by running More than Ordinary they May succeed in establishing a new Border their dialect being entirely distinct from that of the other chinese causes them to Herd consequently whole villages Are found peopled with none but hakka their women do not cramp the and they Are indefatigable farm the amongst whom Are included the mercantile and manufacturing Are As industrious and As keenly alive to their own interests As their Brethren of the owing to the manufacture of Formosa Tea being mostly in the hands of the who come Over from the Mainland in but who have been greatly reduced this year by the fear of japanese it is thought the Export of japanese Tea will now that a Republic has been declared in Formosa the following message from a special correspondent of the mail is interesting chinese governor in Formosa commands about of them being Well equipped armed with Mauser some with the other Are local and nearly All the and even some beggars have been enlisted to make up this the enlisting goes on every and the Only requirement seems to be that the recruit is Able to hold a there is no doubt but that Many of the soldiers Are far ahead of the Mainland and at least their equipment is much so the correspondent has every reason to believe that the when they do will see the severest fighting that they have had yet since the War the russian commandant at doubtless in View of possible difficulties with has commissioned the steel twin screw cruisers a Kreetz and the gunboats and tenders and and the torpedo boats and Continental facts and Berlin local a Zeiger publishes an interview with a who must be regarded As Well informed on the state of affairs in the far he said that he had not yet received direct confirmation of the statement that russian troops had entered but As Early As May 2 the japanese Consul at Wladi Wostock had received a note informing him that he and his country men must prepare to leave the town at a moments this note had not yet been As regards Formosa he said it was simply ridiculous to believe that the chinese governor should of himself have had the idea of proclaiming a the thought was so alien to the chinese that they had not even a word for Republic in their and Germany intended exercising a per manent control Over chinese and especially chinese similar to that in the Case of Egypt and japanese difficulties at Formosa Are hailed by the chief organs of the russian press As a sure test of the present real condition of the armies of if the Republic should be recognised by any great it will be the interest of Russia to join i the recognition before the japanese actually take in any Case she say the russian seize the moment of delay in the japanese settlement of the Island to demand an immediate and com plete evacuation of the Liao Tung and press Forward the negotiations respecting the novae urges the strengthening of the armed observation of Korea and a course which has apparently been the government having despatched two batteries of artillery to the frontiers of the same paper argues that China is under no compulsion to pay an increased seeing that the evacuation since demanded was not required by but by the three it is reported that the russian government has asked permission at peking to Cross the chinese Frontier any time that chinese or tartars molest the russian workmen employed upon the siberian the chinese government consented it possible that a russian while pursuing such May have crossed the chinese Frontier and Given Rise to the report that they have occupied the manchurian town of the latest intelligence received in Petersburg regarding the Settle ment of the japanese question is very it is expected that a satisfactory arrangement will shortly be arrived and that Japan will prove very moderate in her demands regarding the pecuniary indemnity for the retrocession of the Liao Tung some the Japan correspondent of the in a Telegram that seems to have been delayed no less than eleven Days in trans states the promulgation of the Imperial Prescript explaining the reasons for evacuating Liao there is a Complete absence of rejoicings at the conclusion of in some towns the inhabitants displayed Only by order of the authorities and others refused to join in the proposed Public political parties of All shades express unqualified disapproval of the action of the the government keeps a tight hand on the vernacular fifty or sixty of which have been suspended within the last week or including several leading Tokyo increasing hostility and bitterness Are displayed in the comments of the ministers Are advised t6 proceed to China to learn the Art of and Are charged with misleading the emperor and deceiving the it is asked How they can meet the soldiers on

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