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London And China Telegraph (Newspaper) - February 17, 1896, London, Middlesex I896j the Condon and China 131 wrongs of the an incident mentioned in the Kobe journals is an example of wilckens2 a German whilst proceeding Home at eleven Oclock in the morn ing saw a coloured Man lying motionless on the and who was being beaten by a japanese with a heavy he interfered to protect the but i was then set upon by the assailant and a number of other knocked and was himself beaten Over the fortunately he was rescued by a Santo who was with and he returned to his he was followed into the compound by his original who was accompanied by a and who then proceeded to use foul language to declining to quit the the arrival of an inspector and a who had been sent Only made matters and eventually Wilckens was forced to accompany them to the from whence he was not released until an official came from the German consulate and procured his considerable Progress has already been made in the establishment of the kure sixty thousand Odd Tsuboi of land have been made Good by Fillingin and three buildings of about Tsuboi each Are already erected in two of these the fittings Are placed and in working these Are for the manufacture of Quick firing and the first orders Are for a number of 13 and 15 weapons of the most approved the third the Iron thereafter there will be added torpedo shops and dynamite to be ready for work by the end of March and still later the government will found other factories and workshops deemed necessary to the perfect equipment of a firs class an application has been sent in to the authorities for per Mission to establish a camphor manufacturing the proposed capital is yen which will be divided into and will be taken up by the the object of the company is to engage in the manufacture and refinement and the Sale and Purchase of the Hyogo Branch of the a Nagafuchi Cotton spinning company of Tokyo has completed the erection of the and the engine is now being put in the Mill is expected to be opened in april or May number of spindles in the Mill is and and 400 or 500 male operatives Are to be Rice Export an extraordinary general meeting of the Hyogo and Osaka chamber of Commerce has been held in consequence of a requisition signed by five raspe said there had been a Good Many complaints last year about the Quality of japanese Rice supplied for it was falling off year by year and the Export Trade must come to a As far at least As foreigners were if something was not done to remedy existing the chief complaint arose in consequence of the practice of mixing the european buyers required Only first rate prime in former years there was a Good but now they mixed Good Rice with bad and the result was general he hoped they would be Able to find a remedy for this perhaps by pointing Cut to the japanese the risk they were Bardens corroborated rapes views there was the greatest difficulty in getting Rice up to the Standard they considered they had bought raspe thought they might write to the Kobe chamber of com better to the minister for agriculture in and Point out the Simon saw Little Hope for Good resulting from official Bardens and raspe the following Resolution committee be appointed to draw up a letter sent to the Kobe chamber of Commerce and to the minister of agriculture calling attention to the falling off in Quality of the Rice sold by japanese merchants for and to see what Steps can be devised to remedy the conditions under which the Export Trade is at present the Resolution was put and carried and Burdeos were then appointed As a committee to give effect to the leading japanese residents of Nagasaki have formed an association with the object of introducing thorough improve ments in the port of according to their the Harbour is to be dredged sufficiently deep to admit Large and a pier 600 feet Long to be the mud obtained by the dredging is to be employed in reclaiming the shallow in the Northern part of the Bay and along the Shore of so As to make about Tsuboi of ground for the altogether the Enterprise is a pretty big from Formosa state that the japanese general Kokuba has completely stamped out the rebellion in that a difference of opinion has Arisen Between the japanese Cabinet and count the Viceroy Tofas to whether the estates of a great formosan land should be Liu Weiyuen is charged by the japanese with treachery in fomenting the rebellion and assisting novae Eremya publishes intelligence from Wlad Wostock that a rising has occurred on the Island of where men have attacked the towns of and and have destroyed the railways and the 7th japanese brigade has arrived at the insurgents Are displaying much Energy and and the situation is regarded As Vic Admiral the japanese governor of the is and is about to be succeeded by Admiral minister of the following Are the particulars of the Telegraph Cable which is to connect Kag Oshina with Vid the Loo Choo and which Are now being finally arranged by the Formosa Telegraph construction recently established in the line will Start from in the province of at the extreme South of Kiu Shiu it branches off in two one Cable going to the Western Shore of Oshima and the other to the Eastern coast of Vid the Branch running to Oshima is again sub one part going to the Village of Okinawa while the other terminates on the North coast of the same the main line connecting with Touchi joins by Means of a land with the chief town of the Loo Choo from this Point the Cable runs to Ishigaki a few Miles beyond the latter the Cable again Forks out into two one of these going to Keelung and the other to eighteen Cable houses will be required for and these have been ordered from the Okura the work on the tanks at nishid Omari is progressing very c peking and a censor has recently memorialized the throne to the effect that the collapse of China in the late War with Japan was mainly due to the a Viceroy i Hung hangs confiding positions of Trust and National importance to unworthy proteges who failed to do their duty to their country at the crucial it was to remedy this that Wang was appointed to succeed i in the Pei Yang of taking the lesson to heart and making a clean sweep of the former viceroys proteges upon being made substantive Viceroy of Wang Wenshao retains under him in tientsin five of the most important men of Tao Tai rank belonging to that class Sheng customs Tao Tai of Huang Chienyuan manager of the China merchants and acting customs to f6ngloh Exna val Secretary of the Pei Yang we Jim pah sex comprador of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank at now manager of the Nort China and we Tingfang no and now assistant manager of the above named these remarks the censor in should have been dismissed Long ago from the Chihli administration for reasons quoted Brenas nomination to the special commissioner ship of Trade has attracted much local while Here Brenan was not specially distinguished for his attention to the commercial Side of his office but he is a very Able Man with great of Clear vision and Clear his reports Are bound to be Good the steamers and a tensing Are fixed like Concrete in the ice bound stoves Are being sent and they Are being matted in for the Protection of the the cargoes were transferred by carts to Tongkum and re shipped by the last we hear of an offer on the part of some speculative chinese to dig the steamers a Large fee reported to be the if nothing if the German Concession is now an accomplished fact Baron von Seckendorff inaugurated it on sunday last in an interesting official it is not coterminous with the British that Tom toddlers ground the abortive american Concession and unless Uncle Sam reverses his present policy and determines to go in for a mild form of commercial there will be no continuity in and no uniformity in and sanitation for a Long time to the new Concession begins some distance on the North Side of Sanko linings and includes the Imperial granaries it remains to be seen what will befall these official structures in the development of the our German friends Start auspiciously a great part of their if not the whole of is already raised ground formed by River Silt and extremely productive there is a great absence of those noisome and brobdingnagian Kitchen middens which were so largely the foundations of the French and English the lot also includes the Large institution known As the tientsin by Joje enjoying a most vigorous educational students can be seen at Drill and at play the latter a unique sight in a chinese Tenney is fitting up a gym and has imported the peking and tientsin times is glad to be Able to report that lieutenant of is making favour

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