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London And China Telegraph (Newspaper) - August 19, 1878, London, Middlesex 700 and Shusta August 1s7s Hong our advices by this mail extend to the 6th july the f and mail from May was received on the 30th the following items of news Are from the Hong Kong daily the petition of certain merchants in this Colony engaged in the Gunpowder Trade in reference to the interference of the can ton customs authorities with the Junks Laden with Gunpowder for Macao has elicited a rather startling reply from the govern it seems that his excellency the governor has been in correspondence with the British consulate at and finds that it is impossible to interfere respecting the import of gun powder to inasmuch As the Canton authorities consider Macao to be a part of and the import of munitions of War into China is subject to stringent the colonial government has always been accustomed to Grant clearances to the Junks carrying gun to Macao As to any other foreign and the British government has again and again by its acts and in Public documents recognised Macao As a Portu Guese other governments have repeatedly done the the settlement was founded by the and has been in their hands for More than two their title to its somewhat doubtful until they ejected the chinese and made it theirs by right of the claim put Forward by the chinese government to the holy City at this juncture is exceedingly annoying to some of the Hong Kong is calculated to Stop a considerable Branch of it is a Nice As it seems to As to How far the local government can be expected to go in the by admitting the chinese the Hong Keno government in a manner Stul tidies since it has recognised Macao As a portuguese Colony and granted clearances thither As native female education in Hong Kong is at almost the lowest possible Eitel called the governors attention to this fact at the last distribution of prizes at the Central and the subject is one which has frequently been commented on both before and since that hitherto go in the matter of confined its Atten Tion exclusively to except in so far As the Grant Naid scheme applies to girls it is High time that this state of things should be the promotion of education is one of the duties of government in All civilised and although the education of the sterner sex naturally stands first in that of the other ought by no Means to be much Good is done in Hong Kong by the educational agencies of the woman Catholic and protestant missions whose operations include girls As Well As but the ground covered by them sinks into insignificance when compared with the vast extent of that which remains to be the com Mission which recently sat to investigate the working of the contagious diseases ordinance we Are from most reliable the startling fact that not More than Twentyfive per of the female population in Hon Okono Are on the 29th july the British and american Meno War in Harbour flew the Spanish Ensign at the main half Mast hitch out of respect for the memory of the Queen of whose death had been announced by the Spanish troop ship Marques de la Victoria fired guns at intervals of every Quarter of an hour until at noon Twenty one minute guns were fired from the flagship Victor at the termination of which a similar Salute was fired from the United states gunboat the Spanish merchant vessels in port also had their flags on the 4th july the Harbour presented a Gay at Daylight the United states gunboat commander Manley dressed As did All the american merchant vessels at Oclock her Britannic majesty vessels All dressed with the United states Ensign flying at the at noon a Salute was fared from the flagship Victor the United states consulate was very prettily dressed with As were several stores along the Prinya we noticed that the commodores Bungalow at the Gap was also decorated with dvrs and the american Flag flying from the the United states con sul kept open and received a Large number of visitors the the officers of the gunboat Ranger also held a reception on Veley has been appointed vice Consul for Spain at Hong Konov l o we notice the by the German Steamer Captain of Bloomfield and the Bonanza rubber stamp these gentlemen have been in Blia Ghai for the past four months doing a Good business in Linen Iuit als names Markins paper the British barque Kate Captain reports vomit ule traits Sunda tie British three misted Schooner Ocean from port Natal to Hong thirty five Days out also 011 the same Day the British from i London to eight five Days in the Straits of Sunda were thirty vessels All coming a letter from Canton says the Viceroy was taken ill on the 20th and on the 27th his indisposition had become so serious that he was compelled to hand Over his official duties to the provincial he also sent a petition to peking for a months his excellency is now confined to his and frequent inquiries As to his condition Are made by his subordinate the Man who claimed to be the emperor of and who was brought from Chew Chow a few weeks ago to be dealt with by the authorities has been the Lowling parts of the City Are still though not to a very serious but in the surrounding villages have suffered and the crops have been much fortunately there has been no Rise in the Price of which is owing to the Large importation of the Grain from other nine notorious female kidnappers were brought Back to can ton from shun Tak the other and have been handed Over to the philippine the daily press correspondent writes is not much of interest to communicate in regard to the Gunge the Cousin nees have been formally advised of a True Bill having been found against the and the opium has been duly confiscated and the Fine of according to local property thus confiscated is put up to auction within a certain fixed sold and the proceeds distributed Between the Customhouse officials provided the owner of same does not protest what amounts to the same thing ask for copies of All the documents relating to the when these Are demanded or rather asked for it is very impolite and extremely impolitic to demand anything it is taken for granted that the owner has something to say in his and the auction is suspended until he has had his copies have been asked and the matter therefore remains in but the Fine is As far As Manila is i look upon the matter As settled for the the opium will in All probability be sold and the spoils and the question must finally be decided at London and the Spanish officials have gained the Day without any real and we must now wait quietly to see what comes of it from Senor one of the tobacco superintendents in the left by the Mariveles on the 27th june for Singapore in route to having been specially engaged by the Indian government to go to that country to establish and superintend plantations of tobacco Al Comerio says the English government have for some time wished to establish the of tobacco 111 and records with satisfaction the selection of a Spanish official of Large experience to inaugurate the work the Comerio at the same time Points out that India May be come a powerful rival of the Philippines in the Market and urges More scientific cultivation and greater care in the prepare the Leaf in the it would double the result of the and strengthen the hold of the philippine sort on the so that no other growth of the far East could compete with the Diario states that the heat at Manila was so great and prolonged that old and even natives of the country Donot remember having experienced the like of it june being usually a Rainy the water of the River Pasionas become a circumstance which the oldest inhabitants declare had never happened within their recollection much fever was prevailing in consequence of the a notorious criminal named Imo has been captured by the police m after a desperate in which he wounded fourteen he himself afterwards died of the wounds he received on the a correspondent of the Diario de writing from under Date the 8th states that the new settlement there had made notable Progress Many line buildings a Vino been stat i 2fhealth that the death Roj remo of healthy Many be occasionally there is business done in sea so and esp la i i vv1 o f 1 Jyl i i l v to ii t f fortifications Are to be so extended int i1 july future attack the Moros should they become inclined to resume their old 3 quintals of tobacco offered for Sale by auction at is to of 9lliutals Weie sold for As quintals at per 200 quintals at per quintals at per p the loss of the Knight of Snow clan the ind of f that t1le certificate of the and of the chief mate be suspended for three

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